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bhabhi ki sex bhook


Hi. My name is Girish and I am a Gujarati Male aged 42 years living in Baroda Gujarat. I am writing for the first time .Hope u all like my story.

Rupa,a Gujaurati girl, aged 23 years, had got married only six months back to Manish a hardware engineer.Both living in Ahmedabad. Rupa’s husband Manish ,had very little knowledge about sex.So when at night he would make Rupa naked, he would put his lund into her chut and after rubbing inside for 4 – 5 minutes his juice would come out in Rupa’s chut.Then Manish go to sleep immediately. Rupa was a very good looking fair and sexy girl.She was hungry for sex & fun but was un satisfied with her married life. She had medium size boobs, and a big gaand also.Her figure was 34-29-37.But she had big nipples.
Manish had a married sister,named Bhavna who was 40 years old. In this age also with 2 childred she looked sexy and maintened her figure. She was dark skinned with hot figure size 38-29-40. when she walked her ass cheeks shaked sexily.All men who see her want to touch and pinch her gaand…

Now main story.One day Bhavna came to Rupa’s house in the afternoon. The door was open so she went in and called Rupa…Rupa… where are you ..? No answer.The bedroom door was open so she went and quietly peeped in. My God what is this…? Rupa was sitting on the bed in her blouse and petticoat only.She was looking at sexy naked pictures in a book.Rupa’s one hand she was squeezing and rubbing her boobs and pulling the nipples.Her petticoat was bunched up to her waist & her chaddi was down to her ankles.With right hand fingers she was rubbing on her chut with force and putting her fingers in and out of her chut lips.Bhavna saw that her chut was wet with juices coming out.Her eyes were closed so she did not see Bhavna come in the room. She was moaning with pleasure..unhhhhh…aahhhh and rubbing her clitty also. Slowly she brought herself to climax.When she opened her eyes and shocked to see Bhavna there..”Aa tu su karti hati?”(What were you doing this..?)asked Bhavna…Rupa put her head down and said “kassu nahi” (Nothing).
Bhanvna understood and said.Dont worry,I will do something. Next day she took Rupa to one of her friend’s house.His name was Suresh,a married man of age 42 years.Suresh was aMarketing man & friend of Bhavna’s husband. Bhavna used to get fucked by Suresh whenever her husband was out of station on sales duty. Bhavna told Suresh.This is Rupa my brothers wife.She is not satified with her sex life so I have brought her to you.You have to satisfy her. Suresh looked hungrily at Rupa’s beautiful bubbas. The nipples could be seen through the thin material of her Bra. Her gaand was also big and Suresh’s lund started to get hard inside his pant’s.
Now after dinner at 10.30pm all three of them came to Bhavna’s house.
Her husband was out of station and 2 small kids were sleeping.Bhavna made room romantic with low light and music.Suresh was wearing lungi and T shirt,Bhavna was in gown.But her big boobs were shaking nicely inside her gown as she was not wearing any bra. Suresh pulled her to the bed and started rubbing her boobs and kissing her full on the lips.All were excited to enjoy full sex masti… Rupa was sitting near the bed on a stool and watching Bhavna & Suresh’s masti.Now Suresh pulled the gown over Bhavna’s head and her large tit’s sprang free.The nipples were dark & round like cherries.Suresh started sucking and chewing on her boobs and nipples.With other hand he put inside her panty (Blue colored with small flower design). and rubbing her chut lips. Rupa saw that Suresh’s lund had stood up inside the lungi and looked very big.She started pressing her own tits and rubbing her chut on top of her chaddi only. Now Bhavna was moaning loudly…ohhhh…”ketlu saras laage che” (It feels so nice..), “Suresh mane jaldi chod na.” (Suresh pl fuck me quickly) As Suresh removed Bhavna’s Chaddi also, and made her naked.She had a big swollen chut and lots of dark jhata (Pubic hair) on her chut.Now Bhavna told Rupa “Tu pan nangi thai ja and aav amari paase” (You also become naked & come to us),Accordingly she removed her Punjabi top and salwar and looked beautiful in only Bra & Panty.Her Nipples stood out of the bra and Bhavna saw that her panty,black colored, was wet infront of her choot. Suresh now started kissing Rupa and Bhavna was sucking his 7″ lund like a lollipop. With other hand Suresh was rubbing Rupa’s gaand and putting his finger in her chutand rubbing her clit.Rupa had a clean shaved chut, like a small girl.She was very fair but her chut lips were black with big clitty. Meanwhile Bhavna started kissing Rupa on the lips ans pinching and pressing her boobs.
Suresh removed his lungi, T Shirt and was fully naked.His Lund stood up full 7″ long and was 21/2″ thick.Rupa was excited to see such big lund.Now he put Rupa on her back and removed her panty and bra.She was moaning now…Suresh put his lund on entance to Rupa’s chut and forced it inside,He started fucking her with strong shots in/out… in/out.. Bhavna was sucking Rupa’s boobs and with other hand fingers playing with her own chut. Rupa started screaming..bhosadi bhenchood.. fuck me… fuck mee harder…harder.
Now Suresh was at the end of his climax and with last 4-5 shots he sprayed his cum deep inside Rupa’s chut.Rupa was satisfied and smiling. Now Bhavna was sex hungry.So Suresh asked Rupa to suck his lund.Rupa licked and sucked his lund which again became erectand hard .Bhavna was licking Rupa’s chut and Suresh playing with both the girls balls. Now he told Bhavna to stand on all fours,doggy fashion.He bring his lund from the back and mounted Bhavna, holding her big gaand.He started fucking her with long strokes of his hard lund.Bhavna closed her eyes and rubbing her clitty and other hand pulling her own boobs. Rupa brought her chut near to Bhavna’s face.Bhavna inmmediately started sucking and licking Rupa’s chut.Both the girls started screaming with pleasure. Suresh now started fucking Bhavna fast and hard.In a short while he pulled out his lund and sprayed his white cum on to Bhavna’s face.Bhavna took the cum and rubbed it on her nipples.Then Rupa sucked Bhavna’s boobs clean licking Suresh’s Cum drops from Bhavna’s bubba’s.
In this way,all night Suresh fucked Rupa’s chut twice and Bhavna also got fucked thrice.Twice in her gaand and once in the chut. Rupa sucked Suresh’s lund and sucked his balls.All three enjoyed to full all sex masti. In this manner Rupa got her sex bhook satisfied.
Now every month she goes to Suresh wih Bhavna and they enjoy sex.Suresh’s friends also fuck Rupa & Bhavna sometimes.

If you like my story please send your replies on my E Mail xxxxxxxx.If you like this story, I can write more. All single,divorced or seperated ladies who want to satisfy their sex hunger, in any way ( Licking,69 or fucking)please contact on this E Mail.
Bye Bye – Girish

Posted : 02/07/2011 7:29 pm