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Bhabhi Jee Ne Bulaya Aur Chudwaya


Hello Friends.. This is Raj from Mumbai… I am a big fan of ISS and would like to share my real life story with all the fans. I stay alone in Mumbai and my cousin Bhaiya stays along with his family in Mumbai itself but in a different house. I am 6 feet tall fair n an average looking guy. I work in a company in Mumbai and like to enjoy life very much. My Bhaiya is very serious kind of a guy and is not much involved in fun activities.

Well coming to the story, it is between me and Bhabhi. My bhabhi is 28 years fair good looking charming lady. She has a perfect figure of 34-28-36. I used to always admire her for her looks and how she is well maintained. I always observed a dissatisfaction on her face. I never had any bad feelings for her. But one day when I had a off from office, I decided to go for a movie. Since all of my friends were busy, I called up Bhaiya to join me for the movie.

He said he has some work but allowed me to ask bhabhi to join me. I said ok and then called up bhabhi on her cell phone. She readily agreed and was very happy about the same. I picked her up from her house and took her to the theatre. Before the movie started when we were waiting at the corridor, she started sharing her thoughts about how she miss her life before marriage. And also she started telling me that she has many foundations now before marriage she was free. N also she wanted to say something about Bhaiya, but she stopped n said nothing. I realized that there is something wrong going on.

We completed the movie at 2:30 pm and I asked her will she have lunch with me. She again agreed and we went to a push restaurant to have lunch. She was very excited and it looked that she was going in a restaurant after a long time. Then I asked her is there anything wrong going on at home. She said no nothing. But…. I asked her to be frank and I assured her that I will not tell to bhaiya anything that you will share. She said ok and started sharing her personal things with me and being more frank. Then, she asked me whether I had gf or not.

I said just broke off. She smiled n asked me “What u asked her to do that she broke off”? and continued smiling. Her smile was killing me and this is the first time I started having lusty feelings for her. I was just looking at her sexy lips and I had a hard on. I went to the bathroom and masturbated thinking about her. We left the place after an hour and then I left her to her place. After this day she became very frank with me. She started messaging me veg n also double meaning SMS. I also used to send her many SMS. I used to masturbate everyday 3 to 4 times thinking about her.

One day she gave me a call when she was alone at home. Bhaiya had gone out of station for company work. I asked how is it going? To which she replied “I feel like I’m in prison when at home. Your Bhaiya is out and I was feeling very bored. Can you please join me today for lunch if u r free?” I was not free, I had to go to office, but I decided not to lose this opportunity and instead of going to office I went at her place.

I rang the doorbell and saw an angel standing in front of me. She was wearing a black saree and blouse. Her boobs very looking more bigger then normally how they look. She was looking gorgeous and very sexy. She told me to come in and have a seat. She said she has cooked special dishes for me as I stay alone and do not get home made food very often. We had our lunch and when she was filing my glass of water she had to bent and suddenly her Saree slipped and her boobs became partially visible. Oh my god!!! what a view it was.

I was stunned to see her boobs and she noticed that. I felt annoyed but she smiled and n asked, “what what r u looking at?” I turned away my face and started looking at the TV. She went in the kitchen and came back n sat beside me. She grabbed my hand and said,”Raj, what do u think about me?” I didn’t knew what to reply and started stammerring,”Bhabhi a a , I don’t know.” I was a bit nervous at the start but then I realized that she is helping me to make my dream come true. I told her,

Bhabhi, I think bhaiya is luckier than you.” She said ” Y do u think that Raj”. I told her that bhaiya got a sexy wife as you but did not get what u deserved.”After hearing this she said, “hmmmmm so what I deserve devar saahab?” I said you deserve a fun loving partner who can make u feel good. Like me” She said “then what are you waiting for. Just make me feel good honey.” This sentence made me aroused and my dick was saluting the sky at that moment. It was all happening and both of us were out of senses.

I started kissing her on her neck and then on her cheeks. Slowly slowly I started and then I started rubbing her boobs. She was moaning a bit. I removed her Saree and and started kissing on her blouse. pressing her boobs from outside.. ahha ahhah ahah she was moaning. I started smooching her and my tongue was playing with her tongue. “Ohhh!! Raj fuck me tonight. I m starving from such a long time.” she moaned in pleasure. I took her to the bedroom and now she was lying down on the bed in front of me. I unhooked her blouse and removed it along with the petticoat.

Now she just had bra and panty on her. I was also just in my Jockey. I again went on her and started kissing her everywhere on her body. “Ahhhahhh!! Raj… come on honey.. kiss me more… lick my pussy.. aahhha fuck me honey..” She was feeling in heaven and she started kissing me .. I started sucking her boobs from outside the bra and then I unhooked it and took her left boob in my mouth.. ahhh!!! what a feeling. Please readers,

I will stop here and will narrate the remaining part of this story and my other fantasies with my bhabhi only after getting your comments on this one. My email ID is sex.ail.com. Any gal or bhabhi want to share something with me, I m readily available.

Posted : 01/12/2010 8:29 am