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Baarish Ki Fiza Office Mein Maza


Jagat – today I like to let you know my real life story at my office in Patna . One day I was busy with my work in my office when the peon came and informed me that a lady is waiting me outside the room. I told him to sent her inside. she was about 25 yrs and 5ft 3” tall with very sexy personality. She was the wife of one of my client. She said main yaha aaee hoon chuki mere pati bahar tour par gaye hue hain aur unka kam apke yaha pending hai so unhone kaha hai ki main apse mil kar aur documents apko de doo taki aap kam age barda sake.

But right from beginning she used look at me a lot and also toward my dick. She thought that I’m not aware of all these. She given me all papers of her husband and I asked her to come in on coming Friday so that I complete my paper works and given her my mobile no., On that day I had lot of office work to be done as for that we have to prepare lot of documents. She ringed me in evening of Friday I planned to work till late that day. As that was a festival time almost all staff of office was on leave.

I asked her can she come in a hour in my office so that I may complete her husband work. So that day me and pretty were alone in the office and we were busy working. As I was asking some explanation from her and to reply that she came very close to me and normally a lady keeps distance she was observing me in a different angle. In between the work she took advantage and was touching my hands and also some time I was feeling her beautiful firm boobs which she did intentionally and pretended as if it was accident.

By this time even I started feeling bit hot also enjoying this and also I think she observed the bulge in my pant. I also started taking advantage of this and started touching her parts as if by accident and she used to smile while I did so. The fragrance of her was intoxicating me. I saw she is wearing a saree with low cut blouse and from which I can see her curves without bending her. at around 8.30 I asked her to get some coffee from the nearby restaurant as I was very tired doing work all the day and said her we re-start our work thereafter.

She agreed we come out side of my office and I started my bike and asked her kaya apko koi pareshani hogi peechhe baithne me. Pahle to wo thoda sakuchai phir boli nahi bagal me hi to jana hai. Wo mere peechhe baith gayee hum dono restaurant me aye maine puchha kaya aap kuchh lengi to usne inkar me sir heelay par jab maine kaha ki eke k dosa ho jaye kayonki mujhe bhook lagi hai aur agar aap nahi lengi to phir mujhe bhi sirf coffee hi peena parenga. To who muskrat ke boli jaisee aap ki iksha ab to apke karan main inkar bhi nahi kar sakti nahi to aap kahenge mere karan apko bhooka rahna para.

Maine baire ko do masala dosa aur baad me coffee lane ko kaha. Restaurant se niklne ke baad wo phir mere peechhe waith gayee aur hum wapis office ki taraf lotne lage. Is baar uske peechhe baithne me duri thodi kam thi aur mujhe ushke right boobs ka sparsh apne peeth mar mahsoos ho raha tha. Mere sareer me kampan sa lag raha tha. Rasta kafi jam tha isbar. Isliya bara ruk ruk kar bike chal raha tha ek jagah achanak age car wale ne break lagee jis karan mujhe bhi achanak break lagana par gaya aur preeti peechhe mujhe se ekdam chipak si gayee aur uska ek hath

Achanak saferty ke liye mere kamar ki taraf bada par phisal kar mere paint ke age aakar mere land par para mere to waise hi uski chuchi ke sparsh se thoda tana hua tha aur isbar uski chuchi ka kaske para dabab aur uska land par para hath mere land me sargarmee paida kar diya. Itne me hi baris bhi hone lagee achanak bahut tej log idhar udhar bhagne lage par chuki main beech me that to bhagna bhi muskil tha. Thodi der me hi baris ruk bhi gayee par hame bhingane ko kafi tha.

Ham office pahuche wo jab bike se utar kar samne aye to main bhouchak rah gaya. Sari uske blouse se chipki hui thi aur uska ubhar aur dudhiya chuchi kafi kasa hua lag raha tha. Main to aankh jhapkana hi bhul gaya aur ek tak uske chuchi ko nihar raha tha. Itne me uski nazar mujh par pari ayur mujhe ghurte dekh kar uski nazar apne boobs par dali to dekh kar muskurane lagi aur apna anchal thik karne lagi par chuk saree pani se bhinga hua tha to uske oopar se bhi ubhar kafi deekh raha tha aur mere sher ko jagane ke liye kafi that.

Phir hum office me aye aur preeti se puchh kar maine apna shirt nikal diya jo ki kafi bhinga hua tha. Usne bath room me jakar apni saree se jitna pani nichor sakti thi nichora par saree bhinga hua hi ta jo uske boobs se chipak kar uske bra ke ubhar kao darsha raha tha. Maine use apna towel diya taki who baki bhinge hue jagah ko sukha sake. Use is haal me dekh kar mera to man aur land dono ka halat kharab hone laga tha. she came and sat very next my chair and started rubbing her boobs in-between as accident while asking something.

She kept her head on my arms and did not get up by this I can feel her boobs on my bare arms and she purposely put her hand on my pant bulge. By this I took some courage and put my hand from keyboard to her back by this she said northing and slowly on her one of the boobs and started pressing it by this she moaned a bit but suddenly she got up and started kissing me on my lips and this continued for about 10 min or so. I was not able to control myself and put my hand on her left boobs inside her saree and on top of her blouse and pressed hard very shortly

I cupped her boobs inside her blouse but on bra since it was very low neck and I don’t find any difficulty and her moaning was high now. And now I started to remove the saree from her kandha and kissed her on her shoulder and opened the hook of her blouse on back of her but she told it’s wrong. So I asked her are you sure and she smiled for this and told ok you remove but let us be careful and I promised her this and removed her blouse. I saw her pink lace bra and she looked so sexy

I put my head in-between her asset and started to lick it and she was rubbing my bulge over my pants.Then I took off her bra and started to suck her left boobs by this her moaning was more now she unzipped my pant and started to rub my cock you know I don’t wear undergarment inside pant, by this time my hands were on her petticoat and untied the nara of that. Now she is in pink lace panty which hardly covered her ass and it’s string was deep inside her arse cheek. I caressed her arse one by one while we still kissing each other. She was rubbing my land.

I started to rub her petals lips over her panty which was already wet. Now I took her left erect nipples in my mouth and started to bite it slowly and in one hand on her right boobs and the other now started to enter inside her panty and felt her pubic hairs by this she was dropping her pre cum and started to spread her legs a bit for my comfort. Now she made my pant down. When I undid her panty she opened her eyes and told not to do so. I saw some smile on her lips. What a flowery mound she has.

Her chut looked like pink and competing with the color of her pink panty. I touched her pussy lips she screamed and whisper oooohhhhh and rubbed and circled her pussy mound. She was moaning I was kissing her lips and sucking and licking her tongue inside my mouth. All of sudden her mobile rang it was her husband there. She was screaming seeing it was her husband call to receive this call I left her tongue and she started talking her husband as I was aroused I bent down on my knee and kept my mouth on her pussy lips

And kissed there she moaned but she quickly covered the mouth piece of mobile so that her husband not hear her moan. She looked below and requested me to leave her to complete her talk. She said it will take further half an hour to complete the works. In between her talk I licked her chut she was trying hard to control her moan. She said my husband want to talk to me she lowered her mobile and place them to my ear. Her husband was asking me is there any problem or further requirement to complete his work and excuses to send his file in pick hour of time.

While hearing her husband I was continued to lick and slurp her chut. He heard that sound and asked what happened I said nothing I am sipping the juice he excused me again for disturbing me in my work and asked to give the phone to pretty. I said wo apse baat karna chate hai as the mobile in her hand she started talking to her husband again. I heard her saying there are too many people sitting here for their work to finish.

After keeping her mobile on my office table she said u r so naughty kayon aap bat karte samay mereko chat rahe the kitna muskil ho raha tha control karna agar moaning unke kano me par jati to? Main muskura diya aur kaha janti hain aap jab apko chatne ki awaj unke kano me apri to usne puchha kaya hua to maine kaha juice peer raha hu to usne sorry kahke baat band kardi use kaya pata ki main kaun sa aur kitna tasty juice pee raha hoon bechara preeti ne halka sa hath

Mere kandhe pe mara aur kaha ki ek to aap unka khajana loot rahe hai aur unhe hi bechara bhi kah rahe hai aap bahut natkhat hai. Itne me uski nazar mere 6 ½” cock par pari jo khada ho kar dance kar raha tha, she did not take eyes from it. I asked her sit on the corner of table and I bent to per pussy and started to kiss her pussy lips and slowly my tongue stated to play and my this she was pushing my head towards her pussy more and more and now her 1st lot of love juice had come

I drank it all what a lovely taste it was. now she said it’s her turn to pay she came to me and stated giving blow job which so nice and kept pressing her boobs after some time I was about to cum I told her meri to ab niklne wali hai to usne kaha ki tumne mera juice peeya hai ab main tera juice peeungi and she drunk every drop of my cum. As we were totally in birth dress she moved and spread our clothes on some chairs and table to get that dry. I appreciated her presence of mind as after our work we have to move from our office and all our dress were drenched in rain.

She come again near me I hugged her tightly in my arms and French kissed her lips and squeezing her chuchi one by one and now shifted my kissing from lips to her neck, earlobes, belly button and finally bent down to triangle of all heavenly pleasure. I slurped her pussy bit her clit sucked there she was in heaven and moaned loudly after 8 to 10 min of doing that she again flushed out her juice this time it was heavier than earlier now she within pleasure and said now it is un bearable so plz fuck me meri chut faar do aaj isme gajab tarah ki aag lagi hai ab apne land

Ke phaubare ke cream se ise bhuja do nahi to main yahi mar jaungi. I was in heaven I asked again to sit on my table and asked her to spread her legs and slowly I was just rubbing my hard tool over her pussy lips but she asked not tease her like that and wants to taste the meat of my cock today I slowly inserted my tool head and it was very tight with one more jerk it went half but she started to cry in pain and asked me to do slowly as it hurt her

I slowly with one more jerk it went full inside her she moaned loudly I quickly locked her lips with my lips to subsidies her loud moan hugged her tightly and started kissing her lips very hard and while kissing her slowly I started small jerks. enjoying the fuck after few strokes she cum again and now she asked me to give hard , I started to fuck her very hard she stated to respond very well by lifting her hips.

And about 20 min I fucked her and said I’m Cumming but she told let cum inside her pussy as her husband just yesterday fucked her so if anything happened by u it will go to my husband name so do not to worry about it. we both of us cum together and laid there for about 10 min on table then when I saw time it was 10 pm only then I came to know our play was for about 1.30 hrs. When we went clean ourselves I found some blood on office floors but she cleaned it all.

After that I completed her work which was almost on completion before starting of our lovely session. Later we had our dinner together when I was to drop her to her house her husband rang again she said she came almost 30to 45 min back at home though she was with me in hotel for dinner. Before she go to her house I hugged her tightly and kissed her there on road though she was afraid of to be seen by some one kissed me and thanked me for that heavenly pleasure and entered in her house. How you liked it make your comment to know more about what happened next.

Posted : 28/09/2010 5:35 pm