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Aunty was Mine Now


The story is a true one when I was 18 . My name is Ashu I myself am just an average teenager. I’m 5’ 8” with an average build.. I have been measured at 5.5” & it is 2” thick the story happen with my mom’s elder sister at her home on my 9th standard summer vacation. Now let me tell you about my Aunty. She is 5’ 5” quite, with nice large tits for her size. They are 34c with excellent firmness. She is petite in size with dark, dark brown hair and deep brown eyes.

They are large and big, just like a new puppy’s. Her shape is that of an hourglass, with what must be a 32” waist and 36” hips. Her curves turn heads even at her age of 38. I think it is part of her being Italian. It was a nasty, hot summer night., it was unbearably hot. My aunt and I were sitting in the terrace, sipping water, sweating profusely. Uncle has his own business and mostly on tour and her son is married and got settled in a big city, lets com to the topic

The sweat had our clothes sticking to our bodies and showing every contour that the flesh possessed. As we sat there, just chatting as the sun was falling fast and it was going to be dark she just puller her saree little up exposing her milky hairless legs and little part of thighs but I did not mind as she is like mom to me.. Then after some time we went down to watch TV and she was busy in making dinner for us … as she lives in a sub urban area all sleep there early..

By she came in to the TV room and asked me for food.. but she was fully wet because of very hot temperature . we finished dinner she also finished her household work and I was watching TV she said lets sleep but I said u go ill come later and watching TV.. by 11.30 I thought it time to sleep .. When I entered bed room I got shocked wht I saw.. My Aunt was sleeping her saree was moved up to her big fat thighs as the light was on the opposite side of bed I can see some hairs in between….my thoughts started to move toward my

Aunty and her gorgeous body as I went closer to her I found the she was not wearing a bra and I can see her boobs and nipples from her light blue blouse.. I was imagining what her pussy must be like as well as getting confused wht to do I was going mad to touch her ..so I called her twice but she did not show any movement .. I went to her thighs and pulled her saree up till I can see her pussy. I was a very fair pussy with lots of hair on it ,, I was about to touch her pussy but stopped as she may get up..so

I just went to look at it closely but could not see it well as I got closer got the smell of her aromatic cunt. Which just turned me mad and I wanted to get a closer look so got a little courage and tried to spread her legs wide as I spread the legs I saw her thick cunt lips which was light brown in color. So spread her legs properly wide and went between her legs. And moved closer towards her cunt walls. To smell it more. I was fully grown by that time so thought to see inside.

My train of thought was so intense about what I’ll be there in side; I didn’t realize that my cock had stiffened to a very noticeable size. There was my Aunty, sweat dripping from her thigh joints, with that for the 1st time I touched any woman’s cunt with my two fingers and opening her cunt walls I saw some thick white milk cream kind of thing on it and some wet juices making a line between her cunt lips when I spread more I saw very red hole with 2 -3 black dot marks on one side..

All of a sudden aunty got up and got shocked to see me in such position .. and asked me angrily what r you doing there.. I was very afraid wht she will do .. She just slapped me and covered her cunt..i was thinking wht all she ll do now.. and was trying to cover my tent with a pillow.. then she asked me to sleep….I was not getting sleep and thinking what will she do now..After I felt her hand on my arm and asked me to get up and called me to her side of bed ..

When I reached there I was surprised when she put her hand over my penis and then She moved her thumbs inside on both sides of my shorts and began to pull down. As she pulled them down, my cock sprang up in front of her eyes with some little cry in my eyes I said

“ I’m sorry Aunty, did that hurt you ? “

“ Don’t worry baby, Aunty my enjoyed it. She is going to enjoy all the pain you can give her. “

With my shorts at my ankles she reached up and placed a hand on my cock. My cock twitched with the sensation of her touch. Her fingers barely made it halfway around my cock.

She now placed her other hand on my cock, as it seemed to be getting harder. She gently started stroking it with both her hands. She leaned forward and licked the head.

“ Mmmmm… “ She moaned as she continued moving up and down with her tongue. She put her mouth over the top of my head and let a gush of saliva out and down my cock as she worked it in with her hands, massaging it deep and long into the bulging veins.

She looked up at me with her eyes and had a devilish smile on her face. I have never had the pleasure of meeting or seeing a younger cock such as yours ever in my life. I am going to show you just what you can actually do with such a wonderful toy. “

She then tried to put her mouth over my head and her fingers pushing my thick foreskin back ..You could see her straining to stretch her mouth wide enough to put it in her mouth. She moved slowly onto the head, gently pushing it into her mouth and engulfing the head. Her cheeks were bulging from the new treat her mouth was given. Her lips were now locked over my rim as she tried to move her tongue around my head, with little success.

Suddenly her moans and groans grew extremely loud as she popped her mouth off my cock and started convulsing. She was having an orgasm and I hadn’t even touched her. She was wagging my cock wildly as her convulsions started to calm down. Her moans starting to turn into a whimper.

“ Oh my god! I have never had such an orgasm. To think I had it only from getting this prize in my mouth. Oh baby, Aunty is going to give you the best life you have ever had. I am never going to let you get away from me. You are going to be with me until I die. Then she got up and took off all her clothes in 1 min only …“

She pulled me towards her and drove her tongue deep into my mouth and kissed me so passionately. I reached down and grabbed her tits. I squeezed her nipples hard, pulled and twisted them. She squealed, “ oh harder baby! she was on fire and was driving her tongue as deep as she could push it. I continued pulling and twisting her nipples harder and faster.

She pulled back from my mouth and arched her back and came again as I yanked on those massive nipples. There were fluids running down both her legs, As she lay there, purring and cooing on my chest, I petted the back of her head. Her long, silky hair felt good in my hands. I rubbed her back gently and patted her ass. This woman had cum once without me even touching her clit. I knew then that this was going to be a wonderful life.

After she cooed and purred for about five minutes, she looked up at me and said, “ I am so sorry baby. I really wanted to get you going, but Aunty is going much quicker than she had counted on.“ That’s okay Aunty, I am sure you will do better. “

With that she smiled at me and put her arms around me and cuddled, resting her head on my chest and letting a gentle hum drift from her mouth. She gently placed her one hand on my cock and quietly caressed it. Slowly moving her hand up and down, picking the pre cum that had made its way to the top and slowly licking it from her fingers with a soft, gentle moans.

“ God I forgot how delicious young cum was. “

As she went back for some more pre cum with her fingers, I reached down and squeezed her ass.

“ Mmmmm… baby is getting a little frisky I see. Is there something you want? “

With that I pushed her back to the bed and grabbed the sides of her head. I guided her mouth toward my cock. She opened her mouth, but not quite quick enough. I pushed my head into her nose and she squeaked “ ouch “ I took her head back and realigned it and pushed my cock into her waiting mouth. I pushed hard as it drove into her mouth. She gagged and choked, trying to pull away. I just held her in place for a couple of seconds and then let go.

“ What are you trying to do, kill me ? “

I said sorry ; “ I thought you were going to make this a wonderful thing. “

“ I will my dear, but you need to let me work at my own pace. I will take care of my baby boy. Aunty will never let you down. “

With that she went back down in front of me and started to slide her mouth over my cock. She was doing her best to get as much in as she could. The saliva was gushing forth from her mouth, as her glands must have been put on overload from all the meat in he mouth. After about three minutes of her slipping slightly onto my cock I grabbed the back of her head and pushed. Her gag reflex jumped into overdrive as she was gagging profusely from my meat going in and closing off her throat, stopping her breathing. She pulled back, gasping and choking.

“ Oh my!, I guess I can’t handle all that meat. Please don’t do that again baby. “

I just looked at her boobs see saw that looked at me and smiled.

“ They are quite lovely aren’t they ? “

“ Oh yes Aunty,
I said massive tits just stared at me. The nipples stood about half an inch tall and as round as a nickel. Deep, dark brown with matching areolas, whose outer ridge stood about an eighth of an inch tall with those lovely little nibs all the way around. I lunged forward grabbing her tits. One in each hand I massaged them forcefully. She moaned with passion. I latched my mouth onto the left nipple and bit hard into the massive meat.

“Oh yes baby! You’re going to make Aunty cum again! “

I pulled and sucked hard on the left one, her moans growing louder. I moved to the right one and repeated the procedure. She was moving about and screaming with force. I bit on last time on the left nipple as she quivered and shook, convulsing with another orgasm. She collapsed onto the bed. There she finished the convulsions and calmed again. Then I looked down to her hairy pussy To my Her pussy was glistening

There were droplets of fluid just oozing from everywhere. I swear some were even running back up her thighs and belly. I believe my cock grew another half inch looking at her gorgeous pussy. She took very good care of it and had pride in ownership. Half conscious and grinning viciously she looked at me and said, “ Do you like it ? “

“ Aunty it is the only pussy I have ever seen and I love it “

“ It’s all yours baby. “

As I was quite for sometime; she just lay there fearing what was about to happen. I was so hot and horny now it didn’t matter. I grabbed her legs and spread them apart and move in toward her pussy. My cock now doing a little jig in anticipation of what was to come. She grabbed her legs and pulled them for me as I position my cock in front of her flooded cavern. I moved the head up and down her lips. She squealed loudly as more of my pre cum oozed over her lips. The heat of the pre cum against her lips and clit was driving her mad.

I moved toward the opening and slid the head inward. Oh god she was loose. She screamed as I pushed the head in and stretched her walls as far as they could go. I let it rest there for a little time. I could feel her pussy convulsing around my head. She was trying to grabbing it tight, than releasing it. I moved it in a little deeper. She was howling with both pleasure. I pushed a little more and stopped.

I could see the please all over her face. She was grinding her teeth and fighting the need to tell me to fuck. I slowly pulled back with my cock. When the rim was near the opening I pushed forward, this time with more force and a little deeper.

“Oh you fucking bastard, you are so fucking huge. you’re going to tear me apart. “ With that I pulled back to just the head sitting inside. She was pulling her legs as far as she could. Suddenly I rammed my cock as deep as I could go, ear piercing scream came from her mouth.“ ooooowww….. you fucking bastard!! give me that cock hard and give it to me now!

I grabbed her ass and continued pulling back and driving deep until my cock was fully in. Back and forth, back and forth. I was fucking her frantically now. My mind blocked out her screaming and crying as I was abusing her pussy like never before. She was cum and coming, bouncing around like a balloon in a hurricane. She was flopping about like a fish out of water. My cock was bottoming out on every stroke as she screamed, squealed, yelled and howled.

Suddenly my balls tighten and I exploded with such force that the cum squirted out passed my cock with the force of a leaky fire hose.. I was still pumping my cock furiously in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was burning it was so hot. With the mixture of my cum, her juices and both our blood pressure, steam was rising from our bodies.

I fell on top of her. She just continued jerking, involuntarily. Oh Aunty, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You now know I am going to make you my personal sex toy ? Baby you can make me whatever you want. We both lie there and quietly fell asleep in each other’s arms, her legs wrapped around my waist and my cock buried in her sweet pussy. I am 25 now and grown bigger if any aunty looking for fun please mail me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please put feedback which I motivate me for write my future encounters.

Posted : 25/10/2010 5:24 am