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Aunty Swapna Showed Me Heaven


Hi all, This is Manoj from Bangalore. I want to narrate my life sex experience here when I was studying in Bangalore. I was 20 at that time and I stayed in my uncle’s house in Bangalore. My uncle’s family consists of 3 members. my uncle my aunt (heroine of this story, to explain her stats, she is fair , 5 feet 4 inches tall with firm boobs little bigger than a cricket ball, and a heavy ass) and my grandma.

My uncle was working in a Mnc and he was out of country once during my stay it was for 2 months so he asked me to take care of aunt n grandma, I was normal and agreed to take care of everything. few days – myself and aunt were very normal one day, early morning around 4 am I felt like urinating, so i got up from my bedroom and went to the common toilet which is near kitchen. my aunt was sleeping with grandma in other room.

Their room door was closed and I thought – no one will come or wake up at this time. So removed my shorts and walked naked to the toilet. When I went to the toilet I felt that my stomach was heavy and thought of shitting get relieved. So I kept the door open and was shitting suddenly heard someone open the door of the bedroom and don’t know what to do. I immediately switched off the light and sat silently it was my aunt who came inside the bathroom for urinating she raised her saree removed her panties without switching the light on.

I was damn shock and don’t know what to do suddenly I heard a hissing sound and came to know that she is urinating on the floor right in front of me the bathroom was big and the WC was on one corner so I was not caught. She washed her private areas with water and she hanged the panty on the backside of the door and she went back to sleep. I got a relief and once she close the bedroom door, I switched on the light and saw her panty. I smelled it and got erection. I started masturbating immediately and my semen splashed on the floor. I cleaned everything and went back to my bed.

From that day on wards, my look towards my aunty has changed. I used to stare her cleavage and ass and little stomach every now and then. i thought of various ways to seduce her. but I don’t know how to seduce her. so one day she was arranging some things on the rack she want to take something from the top, she is unable to climb on that, so she called me saying…Manoj..pls come here and take this for me. I was studying at my room. Suddenly some idea came to my mind and I removed my shorts and wore a towel pretending as if i am going for a bath. I entered her room and asked “what aunty,

I am going for bath”. She said.. “Just take this and go for bath”. I acted as if I will get dirt, but was thinking that i am going to seduce her. I climbed the rack to the top and sat there. She was standing down and directing me to check a vessel inside a box. I sat in such a way that if I part my leg, she should see my cock and hairy balls. i pretended as if I am unable to find it and asked her – where is that. Accidentally she saw my cock and suddenly here voice begin to shiver she said here and then there.

I clearly understood that she has seen my cock and was feeling shy. I was just wasting time there and I came to know that she was enjoying that. Suddenly she said that no one is there at the front hall, so she will close and come. This gave me confidence. I used this opportunity to raise my towel further more to make it clearly visible for her. I moved the foreskin back to show her my pink strawberry tip.

When she came back after closing the door, she took a stool and stood on that and she is now very close to my cock. She was directing me to search inside another box. After some time she said it is there and took the vessel she was searching for. She said thanks and came down. Everything was normal, and I came back to my room. I was feeling sad that nothing happened, but my heart was pumping like anything. I was thinking how to get her to my bed.

I went back to her room and asked for some hair oil. When I return she said.. Manoj stop there is too much dirt on your back. Sorry it is all because of me. I will help u remove them when you take bath. I was feeling happy and said its ok aunty. She said no problem at all and she entered with me in the toilet. She asked me to sit down and she poured water on me. I was in heaven that my aunt is bathing me after few seconds she took the soap and asked me to get up I was facing the wall and she started rubbing my back and said,..

That I am very nice helping her and she is helping now in return. then she asked me to turn her side, I did – and she noticed that my cock has made a small tent over the towel. she might have noticed that she started applying soap on my chest and said that I have lot of hair on the chest and smiled. I smiled in return she then applied some soap on my face so I closed my eyes, she then started applying soap on my legs and slowly moved to my knees, I don’t know what to do.

So I was just rubbing the soap foams around my chest and around my waist, to my surprise my towel came off. I was shy and said “aunty pls go out. Sorry I will take care of the rest” she said it is ok.. no problem and she started applying soap on my groin area. my cock was burning like anything, I got confident now and was happy. She moved her hand to my stomach. Suddenly I caught her hand and moved it back to my cock. ?she said “naughty and moved my foreskin back and applied soap on my tip. I was in heaven and within seconds splashed my cum on her hands”. She started laughing and said your battery is down now”

I was damn shame and slowly said that – give me another chance, she smiled and went away. That night when everyone went to bed, she came out as if to drink water and came to my bedroom and asked me “what can u do even if she give another chance – small boy” . Suddenly i got up and hugged her. I removed her saree and petticoat and started massaging her vagina. she said no.. no..and moved my hands to her breast. I massaged her breast for some time over her blouse and she lost patience and removed her blouse and bra. she forced me to massage her boobs.

I enjoyed it and started sucking it .. she left a big mourn and said , come close. i made her to lie on the bed and rubbed my cock over her pussy. it was hairy and slippery. she took my cock and rubbed on the outside of her pussy. i was n heaven and don’t know – where to start . she pulled my cock like anything as if she is going to detach it from my body. I pleaded her “slowly aunty…slowly…she was not ready to listen, she rubbed it fast against her pussy and closed her eyes and as if she is deaf she didn’t listen anything I told in pain. She asked me to put it inside …

I was like about to cum and don’t know what to do. She took my cock and suddenly inserted into her pussy and i cum inside her in seconds. she got angry and slapped my ass very forcefully. I was shocked to see her action. Suddenly she said what bloody you can do if i give u a second chance. i said this is my first time. then she came to her senses and said sorry Manoj. I couldn’t control. She pushed my head towards her pussy and ordered me to lick there. I have no energy to lick there as I have cum twice the same day. but i did it slowly and she was moarning…ahhh….ahhhhh…..hzzzz…

After few minutes, she stood and then lied down in 69 position and asked me to suck her. I did and she took my cock and started sucking. My cock was again erected in few minutes now she sat on me and inserted herself and started moving. This time I was little more confident and was enjoying and she was shaking her hip like anything up and down moaning loudly.. I was in heaven and she kept both her hands on my chest and started pinching my nipples. I was holding her boobs and was massaging she want me to hit her heavily.

But as I was lying down she started her speed too much . my cock was in pain and pleasure and i lost my senses and was enjoying the whole play and suddenly her fingers started playing on my balls and she squeezed one of my balls and I shouted in pain and my cock become instantly small. I was in severe pain and asked her.. Why did u do like this aunty”,, she said are u feeling like cum now? I said no …all my mood was gone”,she smiled and said this is a treatment for u to withstand more time and asked sorry for her actions and started licking my balls.

Her warm saliva and mouth was like soothing massage for my squeezed balls. I thought she is a devil…but I enjoyed her. Within few minutes she made my cock back in shaped. I was shocked to see her experience in sex she again asked me to go her top and she lied on her back. And asked me to fuck her. Now I was in full control and fucked her like anything, I was taking revenge on her for squeezing my balls.

I hit very hard, but she was enjoying it rather suffering after few minutes , she got her orgasm and she wrapped her legs around my waist and pushed me deep inside her and with nails she scraped my back. it was a great experience, we both reached climax and I released all my cum inside her.

She was very happy and kissed me everywhere on my face and smiled at me. We both got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned you. I saw my cock and it was bulged and was in pain I showed her the nail scratches on my skin she said sorry and kissed everywhere and said … she will make me more happy for her actions by giving herself to me permanently from that day onwards we enjoy whenever we like at home.

Posted : 27/09/2010 5:46 pm