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Aunty Kavita gives the young college man some important lessons about sex n practical


I experienced with six different women and I will share all with you in my
coming stories. First, I want to share with you my experience with my
neighbor when I am young.

At that time I was living in a colony, where houses are of joined type.
Here each unit consists of two houses attached with a common bathroom
and toilet at backyard. I am the only son to my parents. We have
neighbors, who stay in our next house for almost 10 years. We are also
staying there for almost 9 years. My neighbor family is of a couple and
two daughters. The age of the couple is 60 years old retired post master
and his wife 45 years old lady. They are very sweet and very close to my
family. The name of the lady is kavita and she is very close to my
mother. She like me very much and talks to me nicely as she has seen me
from my child hood. She has two daughters, one is Priya aged 22 doing
her graduation in Chennai and other is Ramya aged 17 doing her bachelors
in Coimbatore.

My parents very often go to Chennai because my grandmother and all other
relative are in Chennai. Whenever they go, they will leave me alone in
my house because of my studies and my neighbor kavita aunty will take
care of my food. It was during my half yearly exam vacation and my
parents went to Chennai to attend a marriage function. They left me in
my house because of my college classes. I was staying all alone in my
house and attending my college classes. kavita aunty use to give me the
food. She wakes me up for break fast and gives me a pack of lunch which
I will take during my classes and I will take dinner in her house. She
takes care of me well and treats me as her kid. I respect her lot and
never had any wrong intentions towards her. One day, around 7 p.m I went
to my backyard to pass urine. I went towards the bathroom. There I heard
water sound (Since its common bathroom for us and my neighbors) and I
noticed from my side that kavita aunty was inside and taking bath with
out locking the door. First time I have seen her in that style with the
petticoat rolled over her body. She has finished taking bath and coming
out of the bathroom. She has seen me standing outside and said that I
can use the bathroom. I felt some electric shock in me after seeing her
in a sexy style. She is sexy even in her 45 with 36-30-36. She is short,
little bit fair and with big boobs, sexy hip and round ass. I am
disappointed that I am not able to see her nude.

I am not able to concentrate on my studies, since my mind is towards
kavita aunty. I use to masturbate atleast 5 timer per day on thinking
her. Sometime I will smell her petticoat and blouse which she hangs in
bathroom. I will get erosed when I see her bra hanging in bathroom. I
made a plan to watch her nude when she takes bath. Now I understood that
she will not lock the door when she takes bath in the night. I am
waiting for the chance to see her nude. Whenever she comes to wake me in
the morning for breakfast, I feel to grab her and fuck her ass. But I
will feel fear that she will tell to my parents and to her husband.

One day around 8.30 pm, I went to my bathroom. I am waiting for her. But
she was not taking bath. I waited for almost 20 mins, and then I decided
to masturbate. I was masturbating in the bathroom and suddenly I felt
that someone is opening the bathroom door. I for got to lock the door.
It was kavita aunty with dress and towel in her hand. She came to take
bath and she caught me when I am shaking my 7 inches rod. She was
shocked after seeing me and went from that place. I felt bad and ashamed
from that time and i don’t know how to face her. Next day morning I was
sleeping and it’s around 7.00 am in the morning. I heard kavita
auntie’s voice and she tries to wake me up. I was tensed to face her and
she came near to me. My rod got erected after seeing her and I ant
control my erection. There was no change in her attitude towards me and
she wakes me up for breakfast. I use to sleep in shots with out brief
when I am alone. She pulled my bed sheet to wake me up and got shock
after seeing my erected rod. She smiled towards and asked me to take
breakfast. She asked me when my parents are coming from Chennai. I said
that they will be coming to after 2 days. She smiled and kissed on my
forehead and went to carry out her work. I was shocked and can’t
understand her mind.

I masturbated twice on that day. It was around 7Pm and kavita aunty
came to my house and said that she will bring the dinner for me and no
need for me to go to her house. She said that she will sleep in my house
for next two days as her relatives have occupied the place in her house.
I was happy that she is going to stay with me and I have to plan to fuck
her that night. I don’t know how to proceed towards the good chance. She
got the dinner for me and said that she will come to sleep after one
hour. Its almost 9 pm, I took bath and I am wearing a shots and baniyan.
She came in a blue saree seemed tired after her work. We chatted for
some time. She asked my interest and about my studies and special
classes. I was nervous while talking to her and she can see my eyes
which are staring at her big boobs. She asked to me what I am doing in
the bathroom and why he was masturbating. I can’t say anything to her
and kept silent. She smiled and said good night to me. I said good night
and went to my room to sleep and she was about to sleep in my parents
room. She said that she doesn’t want to sleep alone and she wants to
sleep in my room. I said ok and she was sleeping on my bed and I was
about to sleep down. She asked me why I am sleeping down and said that I
can sleep with her. We both lied down on the bed and we switched off the
light. She started to talk about her husband who is 60 years old. I can
t understand why she is sharing her personal things with me. She said
that her husband is not interested in her and he got too old. He is 25
yrs elder than her and there sexual life stopped 10 years ago. Then she
said good night to me. She was sleeping on my sides and her cleavages
were well exposed. Her saree was almost down; I can see her boobs in the
moon light in my room. I am facing her and she was facing me and
sleeping. I don’t know how to proceed my plan. I am not getting sleep
and I want to fuck her nicely. I was in total erection after seeing her
bib boobs, cleavages, her sexy hip and her smooth legs with less hairs.
I can’t control myself and started to shake my rod. Its almost 12 in the
night and I thought of going to the bathroom and masturbate. I want to
take a glance of her whole body once, so I started to watch her cleaves
closely and her hip through which I can see her sexy belly. I can see
her thyes as her saree was pulled upwards. She looks gorgeous and sexy
even in her 45. I got bold and started to put my hand on her shoulders
and acted as if I am sleeping. No response from her and I started to
move my hand on cleaves. I can fell the softness and almost sweating in

Then I touched her hip and started to rub it and I put my leg on her
leg. She rolled her body and I was acting as if I am sleeping. She had
removed my hand from her body and went to bathroom. I went back of her
to watch her in bathroom. She has not locked her door and its was small
opening in the door. I am shocked seeing her rubbing her hairy pussy.
She put her fingers and shaking her finger. I can see her face
expressions and she in want of a nice fuck. She is horny after my touch
and I am happy that I got a signal for my fuck. Immediately I rushed to
my bed and acted as I am sleeping. I have pulled my shorts little bit
down and baniyan up and shoeing small portion of my rod. It is erected
and pointing towards like an arrow. Its almost five mins and I are
waiting for her return. She came to the bed and lied on the bed. She
made a glance of my body and seen my erected rod. I watched her that she
is watching my 7 inches penis. I acted as if am rubbing my penis in
sleep. She got excited and I can see her noticing my penis. I waited for
her approach. After some time she came close to me and hugged me
thinking that I am in sleep. She unhooked her blouse and removed her
saree. She removed her bra and squeezing her boobs. I was excited after
seeing it and my rod was moving. She then brought her nipples towards my
lips. I have not reacted to it, even it is touching my lips. I am acting
as if I am in sleep. She was rubbing her wet pussy with her fingers and
started to moan. Then she slowly touched my face and started to press my
head towards her nipples. I turned my face as if I am sleeping. She
became careful and slowly started to touch my chest. As my baniyan is up
I can feel her touch and I felt excited. She slowly moved her hand
towards my rod and holded my penis. I felt as if in heaven and first
time a woman touching my private part. I got more excited and my rod
increased in size. She can feel my movement and I started to move my
body. She understood that I am awake and started to move my penis to and
fro. She holed it tight and squeezed it. Then she kissed it and started
to suck it. I felt good and removed my shorts completely. She smile at
me and said that she needs me. I said that I am waiting for her touch.
She removed my baniyan and I am naked before her. She said that she will
teach me about sex. She mad me nude and started to kiss my lips and took
my saliva in her mouth. She bit my ears and nipples. She licked my whole
body and moaning. She started to suck my rod and doing it fast. I am
holding her head and pressing towards me. She sucked for about 5 mins
and I cummed in her mouth. I said sorry, she smiled and said that she is
tasting after years and she wants more. She laid down and pulled me on
her. She kissed my lips and asked to remove her saree. I made her nude.
I am waiting for this day to see her nude and became a animal. i kissed
her lips and tasting her saliva. Its so sweet and bit her ears and
cheeks. I came towards her hube bobs. I touched and made massage for
her. She started to moan and I squeezed it hard. I started to kiss one
of her boobs and one boob I am squeezing. She was moaning in my ears
saying “kumar please don’t stop it…ur uncle has done this before 10
years..i need you…come on kumar..dont stop”..i started to suck her boos
and sucking as if I am drinking her milk. I squeezed it hard and bit
hard. Her nipples are black round and hard. I bit hard and then moved to
her hip. Its so sexy, started to lick her belly button.

She was moving her body and pushed my head towards her pussy. First I
touched her pussy and rubbed it. She asked me to lick it. I was rubbing
her pussy and can feel her wet. Its fluid coming out and I put my
fingers inside and started to move my fingers. She stared to shout loud
and begged me to lick it. Then I started to lick her outer pussy and
deep inside,. She was shouting too loud and moving her body. I kept my
hand on her mouth and she bit it hard in excitement. Then she pulled me
down and she came on me. She holded my penis and started to suck it and
then we were in 69 position and finally she sat on me and inserted my
penis in to her pussy. I can feel the move and enjoyed it. She started
to move she hip and she was moving fast. I can see her face and she is
shouting in excitement. Its almost 7-8 mins and I cummed inside her
pussy, she also reached organsm. She lied on bed and smiled at me. We
fucked more than five times. Next day morning she said that she really
enjoyed and never had fuck like this. She said that she will teach me
more and asked me not to say this any one. We enjoyed for the next two
days night. Then my parents came. We use to enjoy whenever they go out
of town and also I use to kiss her and press her boos near our bath room
during our regular days. Sometime we use to have sex whenever we get a
chance. She is not an old aunty, she is my sex teacher. She certified
that I am expert.

Posted : 25/09/2010 4:00 pm