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Adorable Housewife Sneha

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Praveen (Sneha's Husband working in a private company)
Dinesh (the teenage neighbourhood boy)
Sita (dinesh's Mom)
Karti (Dinesh Best friend)

The scene took place in the early 90's in Tamil nadu. During that time in India, we saw the emergence of the middle class families. An new era has begun for India as people get more and more richer, Dinesh Belongs to that category of people (his father is working in Foreign, his mum as a housewife & he is the only child in his family), thus Dinesh is all happy with his things such as video games, bicycle, dresses bought by his dad. We can simply describe him as a free bird coz he is the only child and pampered from his whole family. Also, Dinesh faces some major problem in his youthful life. To say, he is very bad at studies as he failed his +1 twice. Even though, he doesn't bother about it and he enjoys his life. 
Year 1992, Dinesh is still young & he doesn't even imagine that in few weeks he's gonna experience his first sexual encounter with an lady older than him....
Dinesh lives in a huge house with the first floor being left for rent. Dinesh lives with his mom on the ground floor with 2 rooms, a big living room, kitchen, bathroom and a beautiful lawn where u can even play a street cricket. Whereas the first floor has the same facility as the ground one but instead of the lawn , u got a nice terasse which leads to the last floor where almost of indians keep as a drying area for dresses etc...
One day, Disnesh father called from foreign & told his family that he will soon return to india due to several attacks from Iran on Kuwait. So he asked his wife to rent the top portion in order to compensate & increase their income. Dinesh doesn't like this idea at all, because he used to spend lots of his time with his buddies on top by playing & peeping around from the terrasse. He refused categorically to lease the portion for some one. Monthly exams arrived & once again, he failed 2 , 3 subjects, and its the disaster. Sita's friends , families adviced her to be more harsh with dinesh & his attitude toward studies. After an arguement with the whole family,Sita gave him a last chance & decided to force Dinesh to attend a tution. Dinesh Promised to pass the exams if not he ll be not able to meet his friends & mainly the top floor will be rented to a family, but he once again failed to succeed & he has to accept his mom decision. 
Out of anger, he moved to his grandpa place for a time, he does'nt know at the moment that the top floor has be rented to a family.

Its a hindu couple with one child (around 1year). The guy name is praveen working in a private company & his gorgeous wife Sneha. praveen previously worked in Chennai & now got tranferred to Salem. Sneha's aunty is a well know friend of sita, so she suggested her this place which is near the town bustand & well connected to the railyway station. So even though, the rental & the advance is high, Praveen decided to take this place, because it's very difficult to find a calm aera in a growing city. To describe about praveen, he is a well built person around 5'10 & a very smart guy. Coming to Sneha, she is on her 25, got married to praveen 2 years back. We can describe as a homely beauty. Every time to watch her u surely get a hard on. Beautiful smiling face , very chubby. Her height is around 5"3, wear only sarees as her native is a small village, she is very respectfull about traditions, wearing a "thaali" and a reddish bindhi on her forehead. But the most desirable assest is not her face, but her big mangoes. Praveen is the lucky one who got through this maami. As she wears only tight blouses, Her boobs r very huge that blouse can't hold the whole weight & gonna explode all over the place. After her melons, her curly waist is so tempting & cute, i think u can stare at her navel for a long time as its depth is around 1 inch. Then, u cant think a day about her fat & soft butt, oh lord think about it, every man wish i to use her bump as a pillow.
Week 1

The introduction

Dinesh at this mean time is still with his grandpa, he does'nt want to be back home as every one around make fun of him about his knowledge & studies. He seems to be very upset. Whereas his friend karthi urges him to come back that some interesting things r happening in their area. One day, sita called Dinesh & asked him to take the next bus to back home, informing that his dad will be there within one week.Sita told him that is too late now, come tomorrow morning.... but Dinesh hadn't hear the rest of the conversation, Sweet memories filled his mind (dad will bring me that, bring me this etc...) as he caught the next bus to salem. Its around 11pm there & no auto rickshaw at this time. So he made a quick walk and came to his place; When he rang the bell "ding dong" no one opened the door. He thought himself that mom should be asleep. so Rang again "Ding Dong" several times.... He saw someone nearing the main door to open him, so he hide behind the gate to give a sweet shock to his mom. The area was in total blackout that the current cut is usual in salem. When the person opened the door he jumped, and closed the mouth of the lady & hugged with his hands then gave a long kiss on the cheeks whispering "i'm sorry mommy"; he didn't release the pressure he lifted the person but he realized that the person is not her mom. he suddenly released her as the power is back. He know saw the beautiful face of sneha in tears & not understanding at all this situation. As she is conservative, she began to run upstairs whereas at the same time Praveen came downstairs and sita opened the front door to see that his son is back home. Before Praveen came down, sita told them that dinesh is his son & she is sorry about the incident. As a gentleman, he understood & brought back sneha to upstairs.

Dinesh call him & say "sorry sir, i thought it was my mom" 
praveen : "its okay, lets forget it, we ll see tomorrow" 

TO be Continued........

Week 1 Day 1


First Treat

It's 6 à clock in the morning, Sita gets up early to prepare breakfast for his son. even thought they r a wealthy family, there is no servant working for them. So she needs to do all the stuff from cooking, cleaing, washing... as she used to do it for her early age, sita is still good looking, & she is very down to earth person & everyone look as a mother. It's around 6:30 now, Dinesh is still sleeping in room, whereas his mom is preparing some stuffs, Meanwhile someone knocked the door. The sound comes more and more louder as no one opened the door..dinesh can't sleep more anyway as the sound seem to distrub him (his room is nearby the main entrance). out of anger, he get up & called his mom to open the door.

Dinesh : Amma Kaathaavaa Thooraamaa (mom, plz open the door)
Sita: Dey, naa enggaa tiffin prepare pannarutha illa doora opnaa panaarutha (hey, should i prepare ur breakfast or open the door, do it it urself i'm busy)
Dinesh: poiyee neeneeh thorraamma , enna disturbpannaatha ( open it urself, don't bother me)
Sita: Please daa kaanaa, paalkaaranatha irrupaan (please dear, that should be the milk man)
Dinesh: Enna ippadiyee vellavaangu... idhoo pooran (make me always doing work... okay , i'll open) 
Itha paaalkaaraneku veerra veedhe therivadhta, rascal, enngayyaa than first vaaruvan ( the milkman hasn't any work or what, he always came here at first)

Dinesh is on his way as he is still asleep & yells loudly: Rendu paal packetpaa, seekaarum naan thouganooom... (2 milk packet man, hurry up i need to sleep)
With out no response from the other end, he opens the door harshly in order to thwart the poor man... instead of the milkman, he saw a lady (he doesn't know who she is), probably the girl, he hugged last night... He was astonished to see a beautiful lady that he widely opened his eyes & gaped for a pretty moment:

Sneha : thambi, amma illayaa paa ? ( hey, is ur mother there ?)
Dinesh was out of this world, he keeps watching the cute face whispering something...and suddely he began to admire the whole structure of the body.
Sneha again raised her voice : Thambi...
Dinesh: hein, ouullavaanga, naa aammaavaa koupitheran.. (please come in, i'll ask mom to come)
Dinesh yells from there to her mom as she asks her to enter the home...

Sita: Sneha vaandhu oullai ookaaruummaa , idho naa 5 mintueslla vaaraain...
Sneha entered with a soombu in her hand, Dinesh noticed that she is here for some milk...After watching her milk tankers, he tought himself that she doesn't need to look for milk somewhere else as she got already 2 liters under her saarri.
Dinesh responded: please, come inside..
Sneha without seeing his face, entered & wait on the living room...Dinesh, who is behinds her now realized & have a quick look on her wide and soft buttocks.
Dinesh talking to him self: aiyyyooo immaa perriyaa suuthu, naa edhuvaaraikum paarthathilaa, naalla superra irkugaanka. (oh my, i've never seen a such a huge butt, she is super hot)
Sita rushed to place: Ennamaa veeidhuulaam pidichurukaa? (Do u like the place?)
Sneha: Naalla vaasaathiya irkumaa (nice & very spacious), ammaa, paalla endhe kidaikum ? (where is the milk stall)
Sita: Daily, paalkaaran varuvan, avaankitta vaanghikha vendiathuthan (milkman will come, u can buy to him)
Dinesh in the meanwhile, keep watching to the conversation and focused on her full assests.
Sita: You can wait here, he ll be here within minutes...
Sneha: OK, i'll go upstairs and wait there..
Dinesh: Paalkaaran vanthavenee, naa uungaalaa kuppitdhuren.. (when he arrives, i'll inform u)
Sneha left the place & begun to go upstairs, dinesh slowly followed her and tried to have an another glimpse at her fat ass. His dick aroused as he saw the jiggling butt moving left, right, left right & left right....

What will be the next move from our boy to handle Sneha ?

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Week 1 Day 1

First floor incident

After the milk meeting, Dinesh went to bathroom & have a warm bath, while taking it, he tought about Sneha's body. How should it be when she was young in half saree ? And after marriage, how did praveen fucked on their first night ?... too many unanswered questions went trough his minds. At this time, he decieded to slowly enjoy his ritual masturbation session. He tought himself, why should i always fantasize abt the girls around ? today i'll enjoy in my imagination the divine beauty sneha. He masturbated so hard that it's the first time he leaked so much sperms...
Dinesh: neenaichee paarthathekee ivvaalavu vaaruthu, aavaalla neraa aaammamanmaa ootha eepadhi irrukuum ? (while thinking abt here, i got the best masturbation in my life, what should it be while enjoying her for real ?)
Sitaa from the kithcen: Dinesh, tiffin ready... schoolukuu seekaaraamaa readyaavu ? (brkfast ready, get ready to school)
Appadhiyee mottai maadhilyepoi uniforma edhuthekoo (get to upstairs, to pick ur uniform)

With an inner brief and a towel up to his waist, dinesh began to go upstairs, incidentally Sneha and praveen are on the way down, as sneha's husband is moving to his office.
Praveen: Ennapaa schoolkku lateaa ? ( are you in a hurry to go school?)
Dinesh: aammaa sir..
Praveen: paathupoopaa ipoothan snehaa mottai maadiyilee thounni kaayaaa poottaa .. (go slowly, sneha has just put some wet clothes on the top floor).
Dinesh: ok sir...
As the steps are very narrow, Praveen got down stairs easier whereas Dinesh has to pass sneha to go up. While crossing her, he is so close to sneha as he can feel sneha respiration. They were packed together as sneha's tanker slightly brushed dinesh chest. He can smell the freshness of odour. Instantly, a wild feeling raised on him. He noticed that sneha wears a black bra and just got her bath. he then gone to upstairs to pick his uniform.
On the top, he saw some wet clothes hanging around nearby his dry uniform. there are some lungis (probably praveen ones) some shirts, pants, towel and their baby's dresses. One particular thing attracted dinesh's attention. there you are, u got some washed clothes of sneha.
Dinesh approached those hanged ones, and stared at them. Many colors sarees, nothing special & new to him, then suddenly he pointed out some thing hanging inside on saree; To his surprise, it was a bra, to be precise, it was was a white , and he doesn't know the measurement as he is still young, but he imagined himself that the boobs should look like a big mango, as salem in famous for it. He looked around and began to smell it deeply. he got a instant hard on... he heard some noices around like someone coming upstairs...its sneha
He put the bra at it place and looked after his clothes...

Sneha: Soory, naathaa uunnoodaa dressa verra idhathella veechaan ... (Soory, i put your clotes besides)
Dinesh: paaraavaaillai, (its ok)
Then Dinesh forced himself to chat with sneha...
Dinesh: Paal kuudhuthiingaalaa? (do u gave milk?)
Sneha had'nt clearly heard him as its windy..: ennathu ? (what ?)
Dinesh : Paalkaaran vaathaanaa ? (did the milkman passed or Not ?)
Sneha: Vaathaan, (he came).. as she responded her baby who was sleeping began to cry, sneha turned and began to go down. As she rushes , dinesh bulged , & he really wanted to suck those boobs till to empty it... 
Dinesh to himself: Dey, aavaallodaa boobsa parruda, naallaa kudikalam polla iruku , avalodha sootha paaruda, appadiya kaadithe saapidallam. (Damn, look at those mamouth boobies, want to drink it out, & what a butt, can eat it nicely)

Sneha rushed down and now is on the cooridoor, she then step slowly to her portion, dinesh stayed on the top and have a clear top view over sneha. He saw a small clevage as she is very conservative, she showed nothing interesting , however he thought that it should do his day & he utter a sigh...

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Week 1 Day 1


A Friendship plan

Karti (remember its dinesh best firend), & Dinesh studied together since they were young. They were in the same class since UKG.. Karti is from a poor family, his dad is a car mechanic & his mom sells street foods (idhli, dosa etc..). Even though he is from a poor background, Dinesh & karti are like twins. They roam always together, play cricket, have fun, u know all the things that each and every one have done when u was young. 
Karti lives in the next street , so when dinesh goes to school, he picks him on the way & go together to school.

Dinesh rang the cycle bell: "dring dring", Karti seekaaram vaadaa, yeerkaanaavee naaam roomba late (Make it fast, we r already late)
Karti mom: Karti, unnodaa friend vaanthutandaa... (ur friend is here)
Karti: thooo vaaryeemaa, ennoda maths bookka pathiyaa (i'm coming, did u saw my math book?)
karti mom: eevvan ooruthaan, ippodha ellathayum theeduvan, tablemella paaruu (gosh, only now he look after it, its on the table),

Karti comes outside & sat behind dinesh cycle. they leave the place in a hurry.
Dinesh: Dey maachan, naa sonna naambaamaataa.. (hey pal, u wont believe me)
Karti eagerly : yennada , bayagaramaa buildup panuuranna ( whats up ? , why so much build up)
Dinesh: dey, soumma kelludaa, ennnodaa vittuke pudhusa oru kudumbam vaadakaike vanthirruku (listen to me, a new family has come to my home for rent)
Karti: aavaalauthanaa matter, naan ennavoo ninaichada... (thats the matter, i though for something else)
Dinesh: Puudiighli, firt, enna mudikka vidudha (Sucker, let me finish the story)
Seemmathiyaanaa oru akkaa, chiii auntytha ennoda vituku rentke vanthirukanga (an awesome sister, chiche... an aunty lives now in my house), Avanga peeruuu perru.... (her name is...)
Karti cuts him and syas: Sneha da...
Dinesh is startled by this....
Karti: Ennaku ella matterum theerium, Ennodaa appaa, sneha pourcha companylatha work panuraru (i know every thing, my dad works with praveen)
Dinesh: Nee snehaava paarthiyya da ? (did u already see sneha ?)
Karti: paarthiyaavaa, aavangaa kaaiyaaathoothu thanni koudichuruken... (Met her lready, got a nice drink from her hand)
Dinesh: maavaane, eppodaa, nee sollaveeilla (u, how, when, u never told me)
Karti: naanum, engga apppavoudhada vaandhu veetu poorutkal ellam thoukikithu poonom (myself & my dad help them to change the house)
Appo mani 3pm irrukum, Ella saamaankaalaium unn veetu maadiyle yeethivaachu, Clean paaruthukaaga naa poiirunthen... Praveen vaanthu sonnaru

Praveen: Karti, koomjaam shleffa cleanpannupaa, akkakitaa thunni vaanghikoo (please clean the shelf, get the sweeper from sister)
Praveen goes to outside to help workers to carry bureau and much more weighter things....
Sneha: Thambi, idhhapaa thoodapam, naalla clean paanu (here is the sweeper, clean it well)
Karti: Akka, kojjam chairaa pidhuygaa , naa ungaam mella eeranoum ( please hold the chair, i'll climb on you)
Sneha: ennathu ?
Karti got disturbed & blaberred: illa shelfmela yeerri cleanpannatha (huh, no just climb on the shlef to clean)
Once he was up, he began to clean... Meanwhile, sneha turned her back and bend in order to pick some things... at this time karti peeked at the big butt of sneha
Karthi heart poundered very hard & his heartbeat become more and more heavier, he said himself
Karthi : Dinesh rombaa lucky, daily auntyoodha soouthaayum, mollaium parthu kaaiappidpan (dinesh is lucky, daily he can masturbate after seeing this fat ass & big tanks)
Karti can admire the whole structure and he wanted to touch here before dinesh so he put a masterplan within minutes & executed in few mins...

Karti began to vanish slowly so sneha can pick him up from there, so he can slightly touch atleast her hands...

Sneha saw him & noticed that he is not well, she suddenly rushed somewhere, Karti thought at the moment that she will climb the stool and pick him up. So, he can hold on her and fold her around him and ofcourse pose his head on the soft ballons...
But Karti didn't expected the thing happend to him...

Sneha arrives as he wished, put up the stool...Even though he closed his eyes karti knew that someone in picking him up..it was praveen.

Praveen: kaarti, kaarti, enna ayyche paa (kaarti, kaarti what happend)
praveen & some labours get him out from the shelf and put him on the bed, karti slowly played out of his game & get consiousness...

Karti: taani, tanii ... (water, water)
praveen: Snehaa kojam tannikonthu vaa.. (sneha please, bring some water)
Sneha came with a mug of pot water and gave it to karti, at this time, he slightly touched her hand and drank the water.
Karti's dad: evva ippadhithaan paa , edhukedhuthalum payathuduvan (he is like that, get scary for every thing)
naa ivvanaa vithullavittutu vaaren (i'll be back after leaving him at home)

Dinesh interrupted: dey, Snehaa aunty ennodhaa vittulaa irrukaangaa, naan first, aavaala saapidhren, apporam nee... (hey; she lives in my house, so first priority to me to taste her, then it ll be work time)
Karti: saari,nee first snehaavaa oookaamoodhu naa athai paakanum (ok, but i ll watch the thing u do to sneha)

Karti & dinesh arrived at the school, as the bell rang, they parked the cycle & get to attend the class...


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Week 1 day 2

After a hetic schedule, Dinesh came back home after the school so tired, he even thought abt sneha..nothing special happend with the few days following...
He only needed some rest

Week 1 day 5

The breakthrough.

Quarterlyexams approaches and will start within 10 days... Sita feels sad that his son is not able to pass those exams. Dinesh is gone to school & Sita is buying some vegetables outside. At that time, sneha also proceeded to the place...

Sneha: ennamaa, enna vaaginigha ? (whats up, what r u buying)
Sita: Carrot, apporam muruganka vaagaalaam neenaikeeran... (carrot, some drumsticks)
the seller: Amma carrot, 5rs oru kilo...
Sneha: Enna paa ,roomba athikaamaa iruku.. (whats this, its too much)
The seller to himself: OOnnodha moolaikooudha peerusaa irruku, naa ounnai keetenaa ? (ur boobs r so big, if u asked u abt it?)
Sneha: ennakuu 1/2 kilo moottaa cooss veenum (i want 500grms of cabbage)
the seller: idhoo, 6 rps thaangaamaa (here it is, give me 6 rps)
Sneha & sita settled their respective amounts and gets back to the pavillion...

Sita: Naalpooraa ennamaaa paanuraa, boreadichichenaa keeelai vandhudu (wat doing the whole day, if u get bored come down)...
Sneha: thooo, kolanthayaa thooukikutu varen (yep, i just take the baby & come)
Afterwards, sneha came with her baby and start talking abt usual things about where is husband working etc... interestingly sita talked abt his son

Sita: enn paayaan, ozhugaavee paadikaamaatan, examsvera varthu (my son, is not gud at studies, exams is approaching fastly)
Sneha: Thambi, enna class... (in which class..)
sita: +1 paadikeran, aanna suteepootaalum maandailye yeeramathudu... (+1, cant even concentrate on studies)
Sneha: Tutionekke annupaa vendiathethan (must send him to tution)
Sita: erekanavee tutionanipiyum failaaithaa (already sent to tutution, however he failed)
Sneha: Naa onnu sonna thappa edhuthekaamaathigale (i might ask u one thing, u should not be angry..)
naa veenaa tution sollikudekaatha... (shall i give some special lessons to him)
Sita face became dazzling but at the same time worried: eppadi, neeya? (how, u, how can u?)
Sneha: naa BA varaikum paadichekiran ( i completed BA).
Sita: appadiyya, seerye dinesh vaandhadhum naa avvankitta solluran... (is it, i'll tell abt this matter to dinesh)

Evening 5'30 pm...
Dinesh arrived at home, & he usually rushes to take a quick bath to refresh himself...
Sita: dinesh, tea velliyee irrku, kulichadum kudichededaa... apporam oru vishayam, nee tirupie tutionekke porra (tea is ready, drink it after the bath..another important news, u r going to attend tution)
Dinesh yells from the shower: yeemaa, naathaa vennaaane sonnene (whyma, i told i dont need to attend..)
Sita: Melvittalla irrukaa sneha akkathanda tution edhkaa poranga ( sneha is going to take the tution, follow ur studies)
Dinesh rivorged himself, but he didn't let his joy exploded , he simply said: serri paapom (ok, let see...)

Dinesh never expected to get a chance so early, now how will he tackle & keep the momentum to satisfy his desire ?

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Week 1 Day 6

Expect to Unexpected 

Its Saturday, as the school closes at 1Pm. Dinesh & karti are on the way home...

Dinesh: karti, enniku evening naa tutuion pooporan (karti, i'll attend tuition from today)
Karti: dey, pleasedaa naanum vaaren (please dude, shall i come to)
Dinesh: chanceeeilla, firstnaa apouram nee (no chance, first me than u ll have ur time)
Karti: naaveenaa soumma vaarataa (may i just pass there?)
Dinesh: illa, naalaiku meetpannavum, cricket match irrukudaa maarandhudatha (nope, we ll meet tomorrow, we got a cricket match dont forget it)
Dinesh drops karti at his home & rushes back to home to have his lunch.

evening 4'O Clock :
Sita: dey, note bookaalam edhuthkittu melai poodha... (u, take u notes & go upstairs...)
Dinesh: seerimaa (ok, maa)
meanwhile, praveen get down from the stairs and says:
praveen: ennappaa tutionaa, nee melaipoo, naa veliyee poithuvaran (whats up, ready for tution, i'll be back in few mins, i'got some appointement outside)
Praveen: Sneha, dinesh thambi tutionneke vaaruthupaar (sneha, dinesh is coming to attend the tuition)

Once arrived to the corridor, dinesh waited for sneha...but she doesnt arrived ! lately she responded
Sneha: waitpannupaa, idhooo varen... (wait, i'll come within mins)
She came with the baby in hands and told dinesh to take his seat...
Sneha: ennaa exmas varuthu (wat exmas do u got ?)
Dinesh blabbered coz he is still admiring the curves of sneha : maa..maths
Sneha: unnodhu bookaa kodhu (give me ur book)
and then she gave him a problem to slove, meanwhile the baby urined on sneha saari...

Sneha: ayyaiyyoo, ippothane naa kulichan, dressverra maathannoumpolirruke (gosh, just got my bath, need to
change the saree)
Dinesh laughed but continued to do his exercice...

Sneha: nee exercice solvepannu, naa idhoo varen (continue the problem, i'll be back)
Dinesh knew at this moment that sneha is going to change her dress & he got excited... he wanted to watch her palluless
suddenly, he remembered that the bedroom has a peephole... so he decided to watch the full scene...

Dinesh to himself: aavaalaa dressillaamaa paakaapooren, ippoovee ennodaa pool yeegherudhu...
Sneha slowly entered the bedroom with her kid, she kept him on the stroller and opened her wardrobe, meanwhile dinesh slowly climbed on the stool in order
to peep at sneha...he breathes heavier & heavier as sneha is still looking for a dress.
Dinesh already watched some "A" films but never had a chance to see a lady changing for real..
Sneha needs to completely change her dress, she picks a saree randomly...
Sneha began to remove her saree , and now standing paluless with only bra and paavaadai arouund her waist,
Dinesh can cleary see the shape & the structure of sneha body. 
Dinesh to himself: aaahhhh, semmaa luckdaa , avvallodaa moolaai thengaaa sizela irruku, appadiye pidchu kadikalam (oh my, what a luck, her boobies r like a coconut, i wish tho bite them hard...)
Then he focused on her navel, its the first time he has a full view on her belly... at this time a famous scene revolutionned tamil cinema industry
remember the scene in "chinna caauounder" starring Vijatkanth & Suganya with the "baambaaram", Dinesh imagined himself as the hero of that incredible scene...
At that time, the baby began to cry, sneha without putting on the saree moved to her child, she thought that its the time for baby daily feeding time.
Sneha put the rubber nipple &nd quickly changed her dress to come & see Dinesh...

Dinesh as a skilful as a cat, get to place to continue his studies..
Sneha: enniyke tution poodhum paa, naalaaikuvaa (its ok for today, we ll continue tomorrow)
Dinesh: seeri (ok)

Dinesh arranged his things & moved back to his place...but he noticed at that time the cry of the baby..so he knew that the infant need a gud drink from her mother chest...he get quickly to his room and threw his notes, meanwhile
sneha rushed back to her infant thinking that no one is at her portion and can give milk.

Dinesh as an unnoticed feline, got to the upstairs and hide behind the cooridor to watch the scene.
He is getting more and more tensed & he began to shiver, sneha back from the kitchen, watched once again around , & then locked herself with her kid in a room to breast-feed..

Dinesh can't stand by himself, he is now experiencing his first boob show from an alluring lady, sneha sat on the bed & cross legged as its common around indian women to sit like that.
She slowly take of her saree, and began to unhook the buttons. As she unhooks the first button, her boobs are becoming much more bigger than in her blouse.
Now, she completely remove her bra as she thought..
Sneha: yaarumee thaanee veetulaailla, freeyaave paal koodupom (no one at home, i can give freely give some milk)
Dinesh never expected this chance from the beauty, and now sneha in only with her black bra !!! She lays her kid on the lap & began to remove the bra...
Dinesh can't handle it any more, he is so terrified & astonished,he can"t control his emotions...he swallows an huge amount of his saliva.

Sneha is completely topless, she is now exposing her full boobs to an teenage boy without her knowledge. Dinesh widely open his eyes to watch the divine gift,
his hearts pounds more faster than ever..
Dinesh already get a glimpse at sneha boobs in a tight blouse, but he never thought that it would be so great to see. Even though sneha is little bit white, her boobs are brown and her nipples are reddish. She has cute nipples with big boobs. She appoached her nipple into the infant mouth, & slowly the baby began to suck, watching this moment, dinesh emulates the scene and keep sucking nothing...

He stares at the boobs & also notes the expression & the relief from sneha faces as she talks to her infant

Sneha: ennaadaa chellaam, paassikudhahdaa, paal naallam kudikunum, ellam paalum unnakudhada chellam (how sweety, got hungry, should drink all the milk)
Dinesh can't believe at what sneha is saying, she whispers and plays at the same time. sudennly, a bell sound rang..

"Dring dring", sneha knew that is should be his hubby. She quickly put off here bra and blouse and get outside the room to open... dinesh jumped from the stool 
and get to the "mottai maadi" (top floor) until praveen entered the room...

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Week 2, Day 3

Rain to gain...

Its wednesday and Dinesh loves to spend time on upstairs with his friend Karti playing games...

Karti: dey, enna velladullam ? (hey, what game should we play)
Dinesh: carrom board...
Karti: poodhaa seemaa bore (get away, it sucks)
Dinesh: appoo paattam viidallam (let play with kite)
Karti: wastede da, mazha vaarumpolla irruku.. (waste buddy, its surely gonna rain today)

So they started chatting about everthing passed on their minds as heavy rains built the place...
an huge amount of rain poured as all the place r wet around...

Karti: dey, roombaa mazha peiyudu , naa killaamburan (hey, it shores heavily, i would better leave)
Dinesh: seeridaa, meedhuvaa poo, roomba maazhiyaa irrukuu, naa veenaa cyclelaa ..
(ok man, go slowly, do u want me to leave by cycle...)
Karti: illaa veenaam (no, its ok)

Meanwhile Karti leaves the place, dinesh stood near the balcony waving hands to his pal, at that moment
he saw sneha in a grocery shop expecting for the rain to stop...

Sita from downstairs: dinesh, roombaa mazhai peeydhu, minnal aadhikuthu, keeley vaaa. (it pours heavily,
stroms are frigthening , come back form there)

Dinesh: idhoo vaaren, (yes, i'm coming)

Rain starts slowly to calm as sneha rushes back with bags loaded with grocery items...while back home 
a bike passed near by and drenched the mid section of our beauty... as no one in place, sneha ran quickly to enter home...

Sita is holding sneha kid: ennamaa ...(what's this)
Sneha: rommba mazhamaa, bikekaaran naanaachithaa (heavy rain, the biker drenched while passing)
Sita: sari sari, nee meelaa poo (fine, fine, go upstairs and change)

Dinesh heard the conversation and he knew that sneha will surely change her clothes quickly... At that time sneha get back to her portion slowly as dinesh hide behind a window to watch the scene...

Dinesh had a instant hard-on, and he wished to see nher changing saree..

Sita : Dinesh, koozhadaikuu paal koudhukaanum, melepoiy feeding bottel koonduvaa ( dinesh, we need to feed the infant, go and bring the feeding bottle )

Dinesh felt so happy, as he ran to bring the bottle but at the same time his main focus in on the fleshy body...

Will he get a chance to see sneha nude ?

To be continued shortly.....

New update 
Dinesh slowly followed sneha to the upper portion, she already closed the maindoor to change herself...

Dinesh knocked the door as sneha responded:

Sneha: yaaru ? (who is there)
Dinesh: dineshkkaa, feeding bottleveenum (its dinesh, need feeding bottle )
Sneha: iddho vaaren (here i come)>...
she opened the door and asked dinesh to enter... then both began to search the bottle, dinesh saw the thing under the dining table but he seemed to search in other places and watched at the same time sneha looking fot it.
as she moves faster and faster, dinesh can suerly measure and appreciate the body movement of sneha...
Her voluptous body and especially her milk tankers bounces slowly. Dinesh can't bear it any more, he wanted to empty the whole milk from her boobies....but he needs to wait for his time to satisty his envy and hungry for this young mummy.

Sneha doesnt notice at all dinesh as she considers him as a teen... finally she looked under some places and noticed that the bottle is under the table. she went to th area and bend on her knees to search the bottle. Dinesh watched the ultimate scene seeing sneha on her knees. He can clearly admire the body structure of sneha and her big booty. 

Dinesh to himself: endhaa soouthaa kaadhichi saapiidaalam, pillowaa usepaanaalaam ( i wish to bite this fine ass, wish to use as my pillow)

He carefully watched the hanging boobs to the homely darling, as he mouthwatered... he suddenly get back to the search as sneha picked the bottle.
Sneha cleaned it and gave him the bottle... 

Sneha : kozhaandhaa paalukoudichudum vandhu naanee koupidhukeeren, konjam timeaavum, nee keelee pooo ( i'll pick up the child later, i'll take some time therefore, 
u can go down to give the bottle.
Dinesh to himself: its fine for today, it ll do my day.... he left the place as sneha closed the door behind but luckily she doesn't locked correctly the door and dinesh knew that....

he rushed quickly down and gave the bottle to her mom...as she is busy with the infant, dinesh roamed around to get upstairs quickly, coz he knew that sneha is going to take a shower and he may get a chance to watch the drenched beauty nude !!!!

He get back to the place, he knew that sneha is already in the bathroom, he knew aslo that he drilled a hole near his secret place sevral moths ago to watch someone taking bath but he needs first to enter the portion to appoarch the secret hole.
he waited for a while and heard some noices from the bathroom...its kind of water filling up the bucket. he slowly opened the door and entered the place...
Even though its raining and dazilling outside, he shivers and he sweats alot. he never expericed it before...

The batharea was located at the back side of the portion after sneha's bedroom and the storeroom where the hole is created.....

he moved inch by inch in odrer to reduce the noice and paved his way to the storage area, his heart is pounding wildly. as the room is unlighted, he slowly waved with his hands to located to hole which is bwhind the an isolated wall.... he cleared the place and found the hole.
its little bit tiny but huge enough to see the otherside of the bathroom.

Dinesh placed his eye and saw sneha at the other side of the wall, shena was alreay in blouse and "paavaadai"... she wears a yellow petticoat and black bra which was visible due to the drenching.... he slowly get attention to her belly as it's very felshy.....

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As sneha was completely soaked, i began to admire her whole structure. She removed her petticoat and was standing with her bra. I can't believe at what i'm seeing right now. Her bra is holding a big milktanker. I knew that even in saree, her boobies are big, but i've not expected to see them in a bra. Her inner is so thigh that i can admire a sweet and hot clevage of sneha. In a quick movement, she untied her "paavadai" and hold the inner skirt on her mouth. There after, she slowly, guided her hands to her back and began to unhook the precious "bra". even though, the weather is warmish, i began to shiver all over the place as i cant feel anymore my legs and they become so light.. 
I'm still at the place without moving my eyes wide opened, except to have a small glare at her tankers. Finally, she took off her bra and at the same time began to tie her inner skirt around her cheast as it common among South Indian ladies to do it so. She put her bra on the floor, to wash it, she then began to fill up the water. As the sounds on the filling sound raised, she slightly turned around and began to remove her panty. Sneha rose up her paavaadai upto her tights and then slipped her hands into the skirt and removed her panty. As i expected, its also black. She threw it down and feels more comfortable and free...

Then, she began to pour water on her body only, leaving her hair. As the water splashed over her fat body, i can see her fully drenched and showing her structure in a different manner. As she pours more & more water, i noticed that he boobs are erected and can wisely percieve her nipples. I'm not still satisfied with this present show, i wished her to remove her inner skirt and see her totally nude... after 1 to 2 minutes, she took her bath soap and applied all over the body, right from her hands, then creamed up to ther knee... i still feel hungry about her and expecting the best moment to see her naked. After all, she poured water again after playing with the soap. 
At my great pleasure, i noticed that she doesn't brought a towel as she hanged only a saree.... she also noticed that the towel wasn't at it place. She finished her bath and doesn't want to wear that saree without cleaning and being dry.
she knew that no one is at her place and she took the precaution by closing the main door so she can get the towel...
she stood there for a while until the rest of the drops of water skidded from her body and she took the saree, to put over her shoulder. She noticed that her "paavdaai" is wet she couldn't go with that one to her room. she unhooked it slowly. 

This was the most precious moment ever in my life. I'm a staring at a young naked lady within some feets. I first thing i saw, was her biggies. Damn, look at those jugs, there are huge. so beautiful, so hot and tender as her boobs are not so tight and not so loose. A perfect pair of milky boobs. Her nipples are not so big as i expected but huge enough for a young lad like me for a first encounter. i couldn't have a sight on her lower body as she covered it with her dress. even tough, i can see her beautiful and curved waist.. as she is still wet, her saree stuck on her, so u can admire her sweety fat ass. She opened the bathroom door and began to move to her room. At that time, i wanted to follow her to see her fully naked.. i slowly moved from the hidden spot without making noise.
I really wanted to exploit the situation to see her naked. As a small cat, i moved gently to the veranda which give me a loophole show to her room.

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sneha is in her room looking for a sari in her dresser. I held my breath knowing that sneha is going to change shortly
I started getting a slight erection watching that sublime scene.I begin to sweat from head to toe. 
I can not stand to see this cute young woman in this shape. I would absolutely get my tool in the beauty of such rare.
I look forward to my time to show my true desire to sneha. I thought of her husband, a real lucky guy who must have enjoyed her everytimes he get attracted
to her.
She took off her "paavaadai" before the mirror and actively sought to put a garment. I was there like a little kid who discovered something magical, intense feeling in his body. 
I did not leave her from my eyes for a long time.
I'm really beginning to feel the excitement up on me. Meanwhile, sneha picked a colorful sari and put on his bed. She also took off his wet towel and began drying her hair. 
When she rubbed her hair and her large breasts swayed to one side to another like a clock. I heaved a big sigh when he saw this beautiful doll naked and all fresh.
For me, this memory will be etched in my memory lifetime. But I do not expect to stop such a good way. How to approach this girl of such exquisite and refined?

Both solutions presented themselves to me:
Either,I is flowing gently with her to his friend and confidant to remain a good friend but betrayed by the small moments of happiness as the shower scene. ie watch sneha far without touching or ....
Do it dirty which implies so dirty tricks & games to satisfy this voluptous & gorgeous wife...

So which game do u want to play ?
Admire her from away, that's enough for ur imagination or switch to the darkest ideas to fuck this bubbly & cute wifey

Choose ur path
1. Soft & gentle only
2. From soft to extreme

PS : The thread depends of u guys...tell me all ur fantasy (in few lines) abt sneha so i can inspire from ur lust to entertain all of the members

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Back to Business

After the bath, sneha finished herself dressing & begun to take her dirty clothes to the laundry.
Meanwhile, i jumped quietly from the stool and rushed back to the down floor.

i can't sustain anymore, i went directly to the bathroom & masturbated as well for a long time.
I think this masturbation was my best & hottest ever as i discharged too much sperms out of 
my lovely tool. Wow what a day buddies !

I've already, many times leaked out sperms but this one occured today was the best ever since
i begun to do it. i tought myself:
dey kaarthi, eevaalaa paarthathuke, imma vaaruudhe, snehaava enjoypanna, superra irrukum da!
(oh gosh ! I get so excited after only watching this gal, what would it be if i had an encounter
with this sweety) 

As i finished cleaning myself, i quickly get out of the bathroom & came to my room. Meanwhile, Sita my mom
is taking care of sneha's baby. I get closer to the baby to play. 
Seetha: dey,koozyadha baathiram (hey, be careful with the child)
Dinesh: seerimaa naa paathukuren (don't worry, i can handle)
Seetha: seeri, snehaa vaathaa koozhadhayaa kooodhu (ok, if sneha arrives, gave back the baby)
Dinesh: Naaneepooiye koodhukeren (i'll giive to her directly)
Seetha: seeri, ennaku koochaam vellai irruku, veedhaa paathukoo, oru arraimaani neirathulaa
vaaren (ok, i got some work outside, i'll be back within 30-40mins)

As seetha finished her lines, sneha entered the house with her new saree and a piece of clothe on her head
to dry her hair.

Sneha: Ammaa, kozhadhaa enna pannuran, disturbpannalaayee (what my child doing, hope he doesn't bother u ?)
Seeta: aathalaam onnuillye, naaa veeliyee poren, naan vaara vaaraikum nee kizhayee irrukiriyamaa 
(i'm going outside, shall u stay her for that time?)
Sneha: seri maa, yaavrum illaya (ok ma, is anyone at home now?)
As sneha said those words, i came from the room with the infant.... Sneha looked at her kid and i handovered to
While holding the baby, i hinted myself to touvh atleast her hand while giving the baby.
Her hands r so soft & i can't believe that she gonna stay in my portion for atleast 30 mins
, i tought myself as its god's gift today. Not only , i had a chance to peek her nude but now i got a real chance to
chat & try to seduce the chubby in a same day.

My mom picked her bag & wen t outside...

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TV connection part 1

As said beafore, sita went outside to purchase stuffs for home. Dinesh Sat on the sofa
and asked sneha to sit also...

Dinesh: yhen nikkurigan, enn mheelaa ookhaarugaa ! (why are you standin ? sit on me !)
Sneha doesn't heard what dinesh blabered : enna ? (what ?)
Dinesh: sofaa meelaa ookaarungaa ( please sit on the sofa)
Sneha: Illaa, kozhanthaa ippooo thoougiduvaan, naan mhele porren. (huh noo, baby is asleep, i'd
rather go upstairs)
Dinesh: appoo TV paakiliyaa ? (so, don't want to watch TV ?)
Sneha: Illa , mella TV irrukuu aannaa, aavuru innom adha setpaanaalaa (no, our TV is there but my
hubby doesn't have time to set it)
Dinesh: ennaku koochaam set paanaatheriyum, naaa veenaa vaanthu seiyaa thaaa (i know to
handle it, can i fix it)
Sneha: saari vaa , meelaa poiypaarpom (ok, lets go & see if u can handle it)
Meanwhile, dinesh switched off his tv set with his remote control & waited eagerly to go upstairs with
homely beauty.

Sneha began to go upstairs followed by dinesh. he checked that the main gate is locked thus no one will interrupt dinesh. he took a slow_paced steps behind sneha.At every step, his desire deepened. It is 

almost certain that this moment will be one of the highlights of hislife. Put yourself in his place, there is nobody at home for a while and he is in the right moment to execute his plan.

while he followed sneha, he peeked at her soft buttocks. He thought that it is right time to enjoy the bitchy. Once in his room, sneha put the child in the 

cradle and the child began to sleep. sneha urged dinesh to come in to help her. 

Sneha: Ullaavaapaa , tv oru peeriyaa aathaapaatiyulaa irruku. aadhaa kizhle irrakaanum (come in,
the tv is set is packed in a big box, need to get it down, come & please help to set it)

Dinesh approached slowly the place and asked for the tv box, sneha showed him the area where the tv was... they have placed it on an upper shelf, meanwhile sneha brought a stool...

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