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achanak mulaqat


hi to all u O9L readers,i don’t know if most of the stories in here r real or not,but some of them r really well written,this is my first time in here so guys do mail me ur response .
first of all about myself i am raj(name changed),30 years residing in lovely city of hyderabad,nice athelete body and averagely good looking ,al most all the times gals and aunties do give me a second look so,i like partyin and i like to drive my bike and i have a great liking o have sex with strangers,so my story too starts with the same liking, usually i have time to go for a long drive on sundays that is from hitech city and begumpet area becoz i feel that is the best place to have a long drive with wide roads and u get to see many beautiful gals .
now towards the story i know there r many ladies and gals in hyderabad who like to have discreet sex.u will find many beautiful gals and ladies driving around the city .i was on my routine for a long drive and there was music running down my ears ,and then i was about to take a turn suddenly a auto bumped into me from no where and i was about to fall to the ground but some how i managed but then when i peeped through the auto i sawa lovely gal(nikitha) she was one heck of a beauty ,lovely big eyes and nice shaded hair ,awesome lips and her figure was just smashing hot i guess 34 28 36 my eyes just stuck to her,i was not payin attention to the fight with taht auto fellow and let him go but all this while i was just staring at her ,she too was responding me .when the things settled,i just followed the auto rickshaw i don’t know why i was so aroused watching that sex bomb at time i was overtakng the auto and was giving her looks she too replied with a smile.at some distance i crossed the auto and i stopped.the auto rickshaw came to a halt in front of me and nikitha got off the auto and just walked straight to me and she shook hands with me and introduced herself as nikitha .i was happy that i got a chance with this lucky gal.she then without wasting time she just got back of me and asked me if we can go for along drive ,actually it was too late around 11 pm ,i was worried but still i said yes and i drove like victorious king and i made an attempt to apply braked every now often so that i could feel her boobs they were damn soft and beleive me that was one of the best feeling i cud have because that was the first time i was feeling the boobs on my back and instantly i got a hard on,we were talking about different things and then i asked if she wanted to eat some thing ,then i stopped at the coffee day at madhapur and the i had coffee and she had pizza all this while her legs were touching mine and believe me i cud not reat myself in peace even for second and after having the coffee we again drove and as it was late she told me to dropp her home.this time around she was so close to me i cud actually feel her crotch touching my virgin ass i was rock hard and while she was so close she put one of her hands on my hips and the second on almost my meat and shiver ran through me,she saw that and she knew well how to play ,her boobs were so close to me i cud almost feel her nipples touching me i guess she was not wearing any bra under her top.she guided me to her place and reaching there she asked me my mobile number,i was bit scared to give a mobile number to a unknown gal but still gave her my number 9849001613 and then she gave me a missed call and said that was her number and call her the next day .
main itna kush hua ki pucho math ,main ghar aaya till then i did not loose my hard on as i was just thinkin about nikitha and her hand on my 6″ dick and i was so full that i needed to blow my cum out,main staright bathroom main gaya aur jhordor muth maari and beleive me that was one of the best jerks.
i did not call her the next day and later when i called her she asked me when can i meet her and i told her that sunday wud be fine .she said ok and she told me to pick her up around 11 am from one location that she wud tell later.
sunday came and i got ready and zoomed to her location
she was in pink jacket and black top with same color jeans and picked her up and asked where does she wanna go,main tho man hi man use wahi chodana chatha but i cud not gather courage because i was not sure what her intentions r and i did not wanted to loose her company so i told her we can go for a long drive on the medchal road she said ok ,as we were driving we were listening to music froma a singler earphone so we were quite closerand at many times i cud feel her boobs crushing my back but still i cud not make out that even she was feeling hot,i told her that while driving if i turn around to talk to u there is a chance that i might kiss u she kept quiet.after some good one hour i stopped at a resort and just checked in i told her we can rest here for some time,she said ok,we had food.then i made arrangements for the room and then we entered the room and she just took off her jacket and she lied on the bed exhausted and i did not make any moves as i wanted to enjoy every bit of it.i was just standing beside the bed and then sat on the chair she invite me to rest on the bed ,i siad is it ok with u she said that ‘s ok.phir main uske paass late gaya and aur hum aise hi idhar udhar ki baatein karne lage then the topic on mobiles came and i had lots off stuff in my mobile she said she wanted to see the stuff ,muje mauka mil gaya aur phir maine us mobile main se ek film laga di and she was watching it and she was lying on my hand,achanak uska ek haath mere pet par pherne lagi and i too was moving my hand onher back casually and she in mean while got so aroused aur usne meri taraf muh kiya aur muje kiss karna suru kar diya ,and muje aisa laga jaise main janath main hun and then i put my hand in her top and started to massage her back and in while she started removin my t shirt and she removed it very quicky and she was licking my nipples and it was one of the best feelings and then i removed her top and her bra and i saw her lovely boobs kya lag rahe the and main pagalo ki tarah unhe chus raha tha and nipples i was just about to pluck them,she was kissing me so hard i was almost choked and i was moving my hads in her crotch to which she pulled my pants down and she saw my bulge in my under wear with one action she removed it and she was already stroking my dick and i was making all sounds and then main bhi thoda juka aur uski jeans kholli thos dekha usne panty nahi pehni aur uski chut ko shalena laga woh ek dam garam ho chuki thi,woh mere lund ko muh main liya anur jhor jhor se chusrahi thi ,ab thak maine apni do ungli uski chut main dal diya aur use finger fuck kar raha ,uski chuth ek dam gili ho gayi main uski chut ki taraf mud gaya and uski chuth chaatne laga woh tho ek madhosh ho gayi and muje kas ke pakad liya and mere baal kheetchne lagi aur mere sar ko aur andhar kar rahi this main uske daane ko apne jeeb so jaise hi chua woh jhad gayi aur uske muah se awaaz aa rahi thi..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh fuck me aaaaaaaaahhhhh yes….
phir usne kaha main aur nahi ruk sakthi phir woh mere upr chad gayi aur mere tane hue lund ko apne chut pe rakh aur upar niche karne lagi do teen baar karne ke baad mere pura lund uski chut main ghus gaya and aur woh dard se chilla rahi thi main bhi dhire dhire usko jhatke maar raha tha phir kuch time ke baad main uske upar aa gya a and i started pressing her boobs viloently and i was fucking her very hard and she cummed massively and i was about to cum maine pucha main jhadne wala hun thos usne kaha pura andhar hi chodna maine kaha tyheek hai aur kuch aur jhatko ke saath maine apni puri lucd ki garmi uski chut main chod diya i kept lying in that position for some time and then i kissed her very passionatley and then later in the day i fucked her more and i had a lovely good time,when everi feel like i call her and have a great fucking experience .

Posted : 27/05/2011 10:11 am