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Aarti or sunita ki chudai


Hi, my name is Rupen and I am writing this just to tell you about the greatest week of my life so far. It all started on Monday when I was at work. I work for a fairly large general store near to where I live, and 2 most gorgeous, and sexy women also work in the office of the store. In fact they are sisters. Their names are Sunita and Aarati. Aarati the older of the two sisters aged 22, is about 5′4, black shoulder length hair, with the most gorgeous eyes. She also has a very sexy tight ass and very shapely legs. Her sister Sunita is 20, about 5′3, black shoulder length hair, and black eyes. About midday I was helping sort out some items that had just been delivered, and Sunita too was helping out, she was trying to lift a box off of the floor, she was bending right over and through her salwar I could just make out her panty line, all of a sudden she turned round and caught me staring at her ass, and I started to turn red with embarrassment, but she just smiled at me and licked her lips, I couldn’t believe it, she wasn’t disgusted, she looked turned on by it. That night I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier that day, I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Tuesday went pretty much the same, apart from I was just walking down the narrow corridor about half an hour before closing time, when Sunita appeared. I moved over to one side to let her past, and as she edged past me she smiled at me and brushed her hand against my semi erect penis, her eyes widened when she felt, perhaps she was surprised by its size. Again, I couldn’t believe what had happened, and I proceeded to the rear of the store.

That night I was thinking about what I could have done earlier in the day, things like, should I have tried to kiss?, should I have grabbed her by the ass and groped her back?, I got so carried away with my thoughts I just had to relieve myself, and I had and brilliant evening masturbating. When Wednesday came I told myself that I had to make sure if she was making her move on me, I had decided that if we were alone and she groped me again, or just implied that she wanted to take it further, then I would. I just continued working and occasionally stopped to think about the very gorgeous Sunita. That evening, I was just about to leave when she called me into her office,Today she was wearing a very sexy black skirt and red blouse. I thought to myself, is this it, is it finally going to happen, am I finally going to get to taste her pussy?, will I be able to give her the ****ing of her life?. I went in to her office and sat down, she sat directly across from my and as she sat down her skirt rode up slightly, giving me a better view up her skirt. My eyes must have come out of their sockets when she slowly uncrossed, the crossed her legs, and I got a sight of her white panties. She caught me looking up her skirt, and said “Do you like what you see?”, without even thinking I replied “Oh, yeah!”. All of a sudden she stood up, reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. She wriggled it over her hips and let it drop to the floor, “I have seen you looking at me all week, and yesterday when I stroked your cock it turned me on so much I knew I had to have you”. I stood up and opened her jacket, and slipped it off her shoulders. I stood back and admired her body, I began to stare at her breasts, they weren’t large but they were bigger than her sisters, I knew I had to feel them.

Posted : 10/02/2011 4:37 am

I began to unbutton her blouse, I practically tore it from her body, and released her breasted from their silken cage, she had perfect breasts, they were very firm and soft, and had fairly large nipples. I started to lick her nipples swapping between the two, I was in heaven, I started to nibble on her nipples and Sunita responded with a moan, I knew she liked that, so I began to nibble harder which got an even louder moan. Sunita started to slip down her white panties, I didn’t even need to think I grabbed hold of either side of her panties and ripped them in two, revealing a neatly trimmed mound of hair, and pushed her back onto her desk. She instinctively opened her legs as wide as she could and I knelt down between them. I could see her juices oozing slowly from her pussy, and the smell of the juices was amazing I just had to taste her, I moved even closer to her pussy and gave it a long, slow lick all the way up her cunt, she moaned and lifted her hips towards my face. She was loving it, and so was I, I continued to give her pussy a good licking whilst she stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples, crying out in pleasure. I found her hard, erect clit with two fingers and began to squeeze and rub it, still whilst licking her pussy, her body began to tense as she began to orgasm, and I licked all her juices up, stood up and began to kiss her passionately. She pushed my back and said “now its your turn”, she pulled off my T-shirt and began to rub my chest all over, running her tongue up and down over my nipples and down towards my trousers, she slowly unzipped them and she looked deep into my eyes as she slowly pulled down my boxers.

She slowly shifted her gaze from my eyes down slowly to my straining cock, she took a deep breath and said “wow, that’s huge”, took it in her hands and began to move them slowly up and down my stiff cock. Now, I have been blessed in the trouser department, all 7 and a half inches of it, and quite thick too, a real mouthful for any woman. Sunita began to lick the tip of my cock and moved one of her hands to her juicy pussy and began to masturbate whilst sucking me off, she kept this up until I could feel myself coming, so I grabbed her head and shot my load down her throat, some of it began to trickle out of the side of her mouth and down onto her breasts, at that moment she had her second orgasm of the evening, as she then rubbed both hers and my juices all over hers tits, it was a brilliant sight. I was soon back to full size, and I pulled her up and again began to kiss her passionately, this time I could taste myself in her mouth as I began to rub my hands over her smooth ass, probing her anus and slipping a finger up her tight ass hole, Sunita began to wriggle about, moaning with pleasure, I bent her over the table slipped two fingers up her ass and slid my cock into her juicy pussy really slow, Sunita was screaming with pleasure, as I began to * her harder and harder with both my fingers and my cock.

The door to Sunita’s office flew open and stood in the doorway was Sunita’s sister, Aarati, I pulled my cock and fingers from Sunita and tried to cover myself with my hands, Sunita made no attempt to cover herself, she just lay there exposed with her head spun round looking at Aarati. Aarati began to unbutton her jacket and said “can I join in or is this private”, to which Sunita replied “please join us Aarati, Kamdev is a really good *, I wouldn’t want you to miss out”, I couldn’t believe my ears, a couple of minutes ago I was *ing a beautiful woman and a now I would get to * her AND her sister AT THE SAME TIME. Aarati had stripped in no time and revealed her almost flat chest and she had a much hairier pussy than her sister, I couldn’t wait to taste it. I moved Sunita onto the floor and positioned myself between her legs, and Sunita beckoned Aarati to come over and sit on her face, that was a great sight to behold one sister having her pussy eaten by her sister. As I began to pump away in Sunita, I had to reach round And grab Aarati?S tits, they were great, so soft and creamy, I got Aarati to turn so she was facing me as she was being eaten, so I could stroke her tits easier, and kiss her and her neck, as well as get a great view of Sunita eating Aarati. I couldn’t hold myself back and as I shot my load into Sunita, Aarati exploded onto Sunita’s face. Aarati and Sunita then swapped places with me between Aarati?S legs and Sunita facing me whilst she knelt over Aarati?S face. Again I shot my load into Aarati after about 5 or 10 minutes, I couldn’t go any longer the sight was amazing. I then stood up and sat down in a nearby chair, and Sunita and Aarati then both sucked my off, TWICE, the second time I came all over their tits and they licked the cum off each other’s tits.

Posted : 10/02/2011 4:45 am