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Sex with Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra

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Hi, TitBut, this is sameer again. I am writing my second story now, sorry for being so late after my first one. hope you guys are enjoying my post. Please do reply me on my post if it makes you hard and wet.

Kareena and priyanka are one of the most beautiful sexy babes of bollywood. As I told you in my first story I am working with bollywood movies. we were shooting for a movie in which kareena was actress. she used to be very flirty with her co star, one day when she was going back to home after her shoot, i saw her smooching her co star and she saw me there but we both didnt react on the situation. next morning when she came to shoot, she asked me what u saw last night, i was socked and dont have any words what to do, if I say yes my job might be in trouble so i said nothing mam. she thats better if u had seen nothing there with a naughty smile. After shoot she asked me to drop at her hotel room, i said ok. while driving the car my eyes were always on side watch mirror. she was wearing sexy short skirt till thigs and black t shirt and she was not wering any bra. her naval was clearly visible which making me hard inside my pant. she noticed me and said look ahead otherwise u gonna hit someone on road. i said yes mam and sorry. she said its ok. we reached hotel she said would you mind taking my laggage to my room. I said no problem mam i will bring it. when I reched in her room, she locked the room and said. now tell me what u saw there in parking area. and it should be truth. i was not understndng what shud I say at that time. she said don't worry I will not tell anybody about it. I said ok mam if u making promise to me then; I said I saw u kissing someone there. she came near and asked. tell me how i was kissing him. I was like wow man...kreena is asking me to show her how to kiss......muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I said but mam, she said no mam just show me how i kissed him, i said ok. I pull her towards me take her head in my hands put my lips on her lips and gave her a deep long smooch without any break for 5 mins...our toungue were in each others mouth, while kissing i put my one hand on her Ass and squeeze it like melon.....then I removed button of her skirt and throw it away and removed her t shirt too....wowo man what a boobs and pussy she has...very silky thigs big milky boobs and flat naval......now i take her to wall and facing her back....kissing her hands 
from palm to shoulder ...her neck
caressing her ass while i was kissing her cheecks and neck....I turned her around and star smooching her again....when i was smooching her she take out my dick from my underwear and she thrown away my shirt...she was stroking it hard......wow mam i m having sex with KAREENA...its just awesome. then she pushed me on bed and jumped on me like a hungry cat. she start sucking and palying with my dick. ohhh mannn feeling like in heaven....dooing it for 5 mins she came on me kissed me on my lips my neck my chest and my dick too...and take my dick in her pussy and start jumping on me...suddenly my cell phone rings....there was an emergency call for me from my another movie set... I asked bebo I am really very sorry have to go its very urgent...she siad whattttttttttttttttttttt...she was so upset...and me was like what the helll is this i called my director please give me 30 mins he said if u will not come in hotel oberoi room no 133 in next 5 mins i will throw u from my studio. I said bebo i am really sorry have to go, then i recalled my memory it was hotel oberoi and am already in that hotel and it was room no 133 and I am in 132 wowwwww. I said bebo just hold on I need to got to room no 132 will be back in 5 mins.....she said plz I said plzzz bebo just 5 mins.....she said ok.... i take my shirt on and just in short went to room no 132. I knock the door and door was open... I enter it and hello is anybody in there... suddenly the door get locked from outside. and i went to near sofa and there was a lady sitting in red one piece...she was looking damn hot...in dim light of the room. she was coming to me ...when she came to me I was again socked....Priyanka you ??? she was Priaynka chopra. she called me to come the room. I asked her is everything ok. we both already had sex earliar so I used to call her by her name but only in alone. she said darling I was free tonight so thought lets have some fun with you. and she removed my shirt and start kissing me passinately.... i said yeha thats nice but...before i said anythign else she put her lips on mine and start smooching me....going down to my body...she took out my dick and start sucking it she was good sucker....then my cell again rings..it was kareena she was saying to meet in her room fast.....I asked pc...hey listen I have one of my friend in this hotel she wants to join us she in room no 133 shoudl I call her....lets make a night dazzling hottttt what say...she said wow that nice......i again make the light dim..and called her to come to room no 132...she came in I already blind fold the PC's eyes and on gate I blind fold the Kareena's eyes.. otherwise they both will hit me like anything ... I asked PC to kiss her without removing ur folds from eyes.. i wanna see how good u two are at lesbian....wow man...how lucky i was on that day. I was watching tow hoteest babes of bollywood kissing and each other and soon I will fuck them both....they both removed each others clothes and kissing lips and boobs.....after some time when they done with smooch I said now u open ur folds.....when they opened it...they both said PC you...kareena you...i said girls calm down...u two are to hot too handle why u figting lets enjoy dear...pc was still angry I said bebo make her mouth shut.....she put her lips on her lips again......now I went there and hold PC from behind and palying with her boobs and kissing her sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy backkkk and my one hand were on bebos ass...spanking her hard...then pc turned around me and start smooching me u naughty u know everythign..i said yes it was my plan....i was licking her boobs while bebo were palying with her back...now they both pulled me in bed.....and pc start sucking my dick while i was playing with bebos boobs....now bebo said lick me sameer...so now she was sitting on my face and pc was sucking my dick......after sometime pd took my dick and put inside her pussy and start fucking me...bebo faing pc and kissing while she was fucking my dick....i was licking bebo....after some time pc was lying on bed and bebo was licking her pussy and i was behing bebo and fucking her hard in her pussy and some time in her Ass......they both were moanig with pain and pleasure...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyessssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaah umhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........then while she was licking her I pulled pc near my dick under bebo...and start fucking her pussy and they both were smooching each other...my dick was sometime in pc's pussy and sometimes in bebos.......then we chaneged the position i was lying and bebo was riding me and taking it in and out very fast...and i was licking pc pussy.....then near the corner of bed and take pc near my dick and put my dick in her mouth and fucking her mouth like anything and pulled bebo and start fucking her ass when she was standing besides me..now pc came near me I took one legs up of both and put them on my shoulder and fucking both one by one ..wow man...its just like i in heaven fucking them both at a time....then I again go to bed and make them both doggy and fucked them in doggy style...they were moaning with pain..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...yesssssssssssssssssss..yeha mannnnnnnnnnnnna..fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fuck it hard.................i was spanking bebo's ass...it became red...and biting pc boobs and lips......now i take pc near me and fucking herrrr in ass and bebo was lying under her pussy trying to suck my ballsss.......and pc was liking her pussy ......then i went anoother corner and fucking bebos pussy and pc was trying to suck my balls...this all went for around 45 mins....then i said girls ready to take my cum....they both seated near the bed and start sucking my dick one by one and in count of 5.......yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh4..muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh3..yumhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhh2.........yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh1.........yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss​ssssssss and I cum on there faces...they both kissd eahc other and took all the cum inside their mouth..i kissed both of them and we all slept there that night.......next mornignwe all had great breakfast and went to our respective shooting locations.......

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