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Zero Privacy


I woke up horny. Not an unusual situation really, considering for the past 2 months I had been allowed zero privacy and no opportunity to take care of myself. Of course after last night's depravity with my brother Mike I had hoped that my itch had been scratched. No such luck, if anything, it was worse.

Groaning and stretching I turned and looked at my alarm clock. 05:45. I was used to reveille at 06:00 and had trained myself to wake up early. I was proud to see the training was still working, even though I was on leave. I threw my covers back and slid out of bed, surprised at how big the bed was. I laughed at myself, remembering that my bed was a queen sized one, unlike the cot I had in the barracks down at Lackland Air Force Base.

Standing up I stretched again with my arms over my head. My t-shirt displayed my flat tummy, something I was proud of. BASIC training had been good for me, first taking off weight then later putting some on. Good weight though, not the bad stuff. I had always been athletic but there is a difference between playing high school sports and being a trained soldier. Then again, to be fair, there was a difference between being a soldier in the Air Force and a soldier in the Marines. Still, I was proud of myself and if my brother was any indication, I had every justification in doing so.

Speaking of Mike, what happened to him? I had only been gone two months but the little snot was really looking good! He had been working out for a few months now but I never expected him to stick with it, he was to into his computers and books. For once I did not mind being proved wrong; I was proud of him.

Then there was what had happened last night. I shook my head and sat down on the edge of my bed, amazed. I remembered then and looked down, realizing I till had the same pair of panties on. I laughed at myself and reached into them to rub my mound.

Before the Air Force I kept it trimmed and nice, but still fairly bushy. It took a stray pubic hair in my foot locker that brought down the wrath of my TI. She recycled me back two weeks, making BASIC training take a total of eight weeks for me instead of six. It was humiliating for me, but I had learned from it. In addition to having learned the lesson the Air Force wanted me to learn about attention to detail and discipline, I also learned to shave my pussy religiously.

I felt Mike's dried cum on my lips and had to shake my head again. What had I been thinking? He was my brother! Horny little bastard too, I had to admit. I saw what affect I had on home the second I got home and I admit I teased him a little. It was fun and it made me feel good after being in such a sexless environment for so long. One thing had turned into another and then I had watched him through the cracked open bathroom door as he started checking out my panties. When he suspected I might be watching him I had to hurry and leap onto the counter in the bathroom so he would not see me. The shadow had disappeared and I hopped down, my heart hammered in my chest at how close I had come to getting caught. Peering through the crack again I watched him resume beating off and then finally explode into my panties.

I shook my head and laughed softly again at the memories. Reliving the moment in my mind in my current condition was not good, it only made my hand start rubbing my insistently, sliding into my growing wetness and teasing myself. I stopped myself, feeling my full bladder, and realized how crazy I was acting.

After relieving myself I flushed the toilet and stared at his door for a long minute. My condition had gotten steadily worse. So bad that I threw common sense and propriety to the wind and crept over to his door, opening it slowly and quietly. Mike was asleep in his bed, oblivious to the world. I smiled, remembering what a heavy sleeper he was. We both used to be able to sleep through a jackhammer right outside our bedrooms, but the Air Force had driven that bad habit from me.

I shut the door behind me and waited for my eyes to adjust to the ambient light in the room. After a few moments I walked over to his bed and stared down at him, marveling again at how much baby fat he had burned off and how much stronger he looked. Sure, he was in no danger of ever being a professional bodybuilder, but he was still my little brother and I was damn proud of him. I would never admit that to him, of course, but a girl has to have some secrets!

He was laying partially on his side and partially on his stomach. I stood there silently for a moment, getting used to his breathing and making sure he was still asleep. I jumped a little when he moaned and moved a little. My eyes widened as I saw the movements he was making, he was hunching his hips against his mattress, humping it! I leaned closer to him, trying to figure out what he was saying. He had to moan it a few times for me to figure out what he was saying. I straightened up, stunned to the very core. He had moaned my name!

Once I got over my shock I had to admit that my pussy was gushing. I shook my head, not believing myself. How sick was I? And why was I smiling? I fought the urge to laugh and just accepted that I was a horny bitch that needed some relief. I did draw the line though, there was no way I was going to fuck him. Even if it was not wrong, I wanted his first time to be with someone special. Or, well, someone not related to him!

I went to the other side of his bed and took a deep breath, still not believing what I was about to do. I slipped my t-shirt off my head and let my panties fall to the floor. Another deep breath and I very slowly and carefully crawled into his bed, doing it so gradually that I knew he would not awaken. Once in the bed and under the sheets I kept going, crawling down headfirst until my head was at the level of his hips. I reached around him very carefully and slid my hand along the sheets until I felt the heat of his rock hard penis. I gasped, surprised at how hot it felt in my hands, then held my breath to make sure he did not wake up.

After a few breathless moments I slowly rubbed my fingertips up and down the side of his dick. He moaned and moved, twisting his body and trying to push his dick more into contact with my hand. I pulled away, keeping my touch only feather-light against him. Soon enough he did as I had hoped, he rolled over so that he was on his other side, now facing me. I grinned and licked my lips, still not believing what I was about to do.

But I did it. I opened wide and slid my mouth over his dick, my tongue guiding him in. He moaned above me, making me fight back a laugh. I knew he was still asleep by the way his hips lurched up at me, driving more of his dick into my mouth. I obliged, letting him hump my face but backing off before he could hit my throat and gag me. I never did figure out how to keep that gag reflex down.

I slurped and sucked as best I could as he pumped himself into me. Eventually I had to wrap my fist around the base of his cock to keep him from driving harder and harder up at me. I tasted his pre-cum as it leaked out of him and felt a charge of electricity go straight to my pussy. Damn I was hot! I could feel my juices running down my thighs. I needed to do something about it but damnit, I was not going to fuck him!

"Mmm, Krys," I heard him moan. I stopped, letting him fuck himself into my mouth without any action on my part. This time his moan was clear enough to indicate he had woken up.

"Krys! What the hell?" He stammered, jumping under me. He had realized fully what was happening.

I grinned around suddenly motionless dick and started slurping my way up and down it, showing him that I knew how he needed to be treated even if he did not. He moaned again, falling back on the mattress and letting me have my way with him. I pushed against him and forced him onto his back, crawling up on top of him and continuing to slide my mouth up and down his saliva covered cock. He was tasting better and better by the minute.

But as much as I loved sucking him off I was not doing this for charity. I was a needy bitch myself, and I showed him when I slipped one leg over his chest, setting my knee right next to his head. I moved my other leg and leaned back, putting my pussy right in his face. I heard him gasp as he stared at parted lips, shocked at having a pussy so close to him.

"Lick me please, Mike, I need it so bad," I said, taking my mouth off his dick and pumping it with my hand. I turned my attention back to him, licking the slit at the end of his dick before sliding my tongue around the sensitive crown. He gasped again beneath me.

I felt a hesitant lick as his tongue darted out to taste me. Then he did it again, a little more insistently. I sucked the head of his dick into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, sucking hard while I pumped my hand up and down his shaft. I started twisting my head back and forth, driving him crazy and pushing him closer to the edge. Thus distracted it was easy for me to push my pussy back against his face, dropping it right on his mouth.

His moans were muffled now by my sex. He tried to use his tongue to probe into my pussy, which was quite amateurish but it worked fine since I rode his face and rubbed my clit against his chin. He was going to be sore when I was done with him, but for the world class blow job I was giving him he would deserve it!

Speaking of the blow job, I could tell he was getting close. His body was tightening up and his hips were lunging up towards me again. I reached down with my other hand and started fondling his sack, feeling how tense his nuts were. I stuck my tongue into the hole in the end of his dick and reached behind his sack, tickling the sensitive skin back there. He moaned into me and exploded, his hot cum forcing my tongue away from his dick.

I moaned around him, tightening my seal with my lips and swallowing as fast as I could. My hand continued to pump him rapidly, giving him no rest. I lost count of the number of spurts he filled my mouth with, something about an eighteen year old boy being in his sexual prime, no doubt.

As soon as his orgasm subsided I felt his hands grab on to my ass, one for each cheek. He licked lustily up at me, still probing into me. I ground my pussy against his chin and felt my own orgasm flare to life, roaring through me in pulsing waves that made me tense and relax with each beat of my heart. Not knowing what to do he kept licking at me, which served me fine until my passion subsided and I became too sensitive. I collapsed on him, slowly crawling off.

"Krys..." he said again, trailing off. His voice was soft and uncertain. I found it cute.

"I crawled up next to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Thanks little bro, I needed that!"

"Uh, um, uh... you're welcome?" He stammered back at me.

I laughed. "I can tell though, I'm going to have to teach you how to please a woman."

It was to dark to tell but I knew he was blushing bright red. I grinned and gave him another kiss, this one on his lips. It was just a peck again and very sisterly. No sense in confusing the poor boy any more then he already was!

"I've gotta take a shower," I told him. "Thanks again stud!"

He mumbled something but I was already out of his bed and heading for the shower. I laughed as quietly as I could once I was inside. The evil older sister thing would never end, apparently. Oh sure I loved him as only a sister could and I wanted the best for him, but I just had to mess with him a little too.

I soaped myself up in the shower, running my hands over my body sensuously and reveling in my post-orgasmic bliss. Mike definitely needed someone to teach him how it was done. He had enthusiasm, but was short on skill and experience. Natural talent only went so far, after all. But was I really going to be the one to teach him? Sure, I could give him tips and pointers but that would only go so far. What he really needed was someone to practice on... was I willing to do that? I only had a week off before I had to go to Alabama for my job training.

I shook my head and smirked. Who was I kidding? I had already sucked his dick and let him eat me. That was proof enough to me that I did not have the strength to fight my hormones. But no fucking! No matter how nice I bet his dick would feel buried inside of me, there was no way I was going to let him do that... right?

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:45 pm