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You gonna tell Emily about me


It was hot as hell. Grant set the box of engine parts down next to another box of old, greasy engine parts, and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Owen was in the driveway, pulling the boxes off the back of Principal Breland's pickup truck. He shook his head. How did they get talked into doing this job, anyway?

Grant walked out of the shade of the garage to the back of the pickup. Owen was way ahead of him. He had the easier job. But then, he was in the hot sun the whole time. Even so, he wasn't sweating nearly as much. What was up with that?

Grant peeled his sweaty t-shirt off and threw it on the seat of his bike, which was next to Owen's at the edge of the driveway. It felt good to get that sticky thing off. He wished, though, that he had worn a different pair of shorts. He just grabbed the first pair at the top of the drawer, and they were getting tight, especially around his crotch. It was too bad. A year ago they were his favorite shorts.

"Hey Owen. You wanna take a break?" he said.

The sweat was dripping down his face and he wiped it away with the back of his wrist, trying not to get any grease on his face. Owen stood up and stretched.

"That sounds good. My back is killing me."

"Go in and get a drink. I'll take these boxes off the truck."

Owen hopped down off the back of Principal Breland's truck and went into the house through the garage. Grant climbed onto the truck and pushed the boxes from the front to the back, where he could lift them off.

A lot of the stuff they were unloading was pretty cool, all used engine parts that could be cleaned up. Another time he might like to check them out more closely. Right then, though, all he wanted to do was get his twenty bucks and go home so he and Owen could get something to eat and play video games in the air conditioning.

Principal Breland had been gone a long time. He said he was just going to run up to the store and be right back. That was more than an hour ago. Grant hopped back down and lifted one of the boxes. The garage floor was filling up. He hoped Breland didn't mind if he put the boxes on top of each other.

Owen came out of the house with a tall glass of ice water and a big grin on his face.

"Dude, you should go in there and check it out," he said.

Grant wiped his forehead.


"It's Breland's daughter. I don't know what her name is. She's in there with her girlfriend and they're making out, right there on the couch."

"No way."

"Yeah. Go check it out. You gotta see it."

He didn't want to miss this. He'd heard about hot girls in high school holding hands and making out because it turned guys on. He couldn't wait to find out if it worked on him, too.

He opened the door quietly. Would they get scared and quit if they heard him coming in? He walked lightly, looking around into each room. Already, his penis stirred in his shorts.

He found them, right there on the couch in the back room, facing the sliding glass door where the hot sun was shining in. They were two hot looking girls making out, just like Owen said. However, he didn't say anything about one girl's shirt pulled up and the other girl's hands all over her boobs.

With bodies like they had, they must have been older, maybe eighteen or nineteen. It was a beautiful sight to see. His penis quickly grew hard and strained against the front of his shorts.

The girl with dark hair bent down with her tongue stuck out to lick the blonde girl's bare boobs. She saw him first.

"See anything you like?" she said with a sneer.

The blonde girl sat up and looked in his direction.

"Yeah. You got nice boobs."

"Who are you?" the blonde girl said.

Her nipples got hard. She let her boobs hang out like she didn't mind who saw them. The dark haired girl played with the nipple closest to her.

"I'm Grant."

"You're one of my Dad's kids, aren't you?" the blonde girl said.

He nodded. "Your Dad asked me and Owen to help him unload his truck."

"What did you say about my boobs?"

The blonde girl smiled for just a brief second. Her eyes looked at the front of his shorts and one of her eyebrows arched up.

"How old are you, kid?" the girl with the dark hair said.

"Thirteen. How old are you?"

"Seventeen," the blonde girl said.

"I thought so," Grant said.

The dark haired girl sat back and crossed her arms with a smug look on her face.

"How did you know?" she said.

Grant shrugged, as if the answer was obvious.

"You got nice boobs."

"What about you? You got a nice dick?" she said with a belligerent tone in her voice.

Grant grinned. "Yeah, I got a nice dick. It's long and thick."

The girls looked at each other with a hint of a smile.

"Why don't you show it to us?" the blonde girl said.

"Sure. Where?"

"How about right here?"

"If that's what you want," he said with a shrug.

He walked up to the sofa, pulled own the front of his shorts with one hand, reached in with his other hand and hauled his hard dick out. The girls mouths fell open at the same time, and their eyes bulged out.

"Oh my Lord," the blonde girl said.

The dark haired girl looked too stunned to speak. She had a horrified look in her eyes. The blonde girl, though, must have liked what she saw.

The front door opened. She quickly pulled her t-shirt down over her nice boobs. Grant had a harder time getting his dick back in his shorts, but pulled them back up just as Principal Breland walked into the kitchen.

"Grant, you've met my daughter Patsy, haven't you?" he said.

He was carrying a pair of plastic bags from the car parts shop and set them on the counter.

"Sure, we met," Grant said, looking at her. She smiled at him.

"This is my friend Del," she said.

"What's that short for?" he said.

"Delicious," she said with an angry sneer.

Grant and Principal Breland went out to the garage. Owen was sitting on a stack of boxes with his glass of ice water. Grant only realized then that he had been too interested in the girls to get something to drink.

"You boys have done a lot of work. Here's your money. You can quit now if you want. I'll get the rest," Breland said.

He handed each of them a twenty dollar bill. Owen put his in the pocket of his shorts, but Grant had no pocket in his shorts. He folded it up in his palm.

"We can stay and finish. It's just a few more boxes," he said.

Owen looked at him like he was crazy.

"Sure, if that's what you want. I'll be inside," Breland said, and went back into the house.

Owen punched Grant in the shoulder.

"You stupid. What did you tell him that for?" he said.

"I don't know," Grant said, and rubbed the sore spot on his shoulder.

He looked back to the door to the house. He didn't want to say it, but if there was any chance to see Patsy again, he didn't want to miss it.

Owen sat down on the boxes again.

"Then why don't you just take care of those last three boxes yourself," he said, and picked up his ice water.

"Fine. I'll do it."

Grant grabbed the glass of ice water, took a long drink, and handed it back to Owen. He jumped up on the truck, dragged the last three boxes to the tailgate, and hopped down to carry them one at a time into the garage.

Every time he walked by, Owen would stare at his crotch. He set the last box down and leaned against the stack, panting.

"Dude, why do you keep looking at me like that?" Grant said.

"Because, dude, it looks like you put something in your shorts. Did you steal something when you went in there?"

Grant looked down at the front of his shorts. His dick was making a very obvious bulge.

"Shut up. That's my dick," he said, and grabbed it.

Owen laughed. "That's your dick? You oughta whack that thing off."

"Why don't you whack it off for me?"

Owen picked up a piece of wood.

"Bring it over here. I'll whack it off," he said.

"Shut up. Come on. Let's go to my house. I wanna get something to eat," Grant said.

It was difficult riding home on the bike with a hard on. And it hadn't gone away by the time they got to his house. He kept thinking about Patsy and Del making out, and the way Del's hands with the black nail polish were touching her boobs. He wouldn't mind a chance to put his own hands on her boobs. He also wouldn't mind seeing Del's hands, with the black nail polish, around his dick.

Mom had macaroni and cheese waiting for them. They each had two hot dogs and plowed through the entire pot of macaroni. They took their Mountain Dews and raced upstairs to Grant's room.

"What game do you wanna play?" Owen said.

"I don't know. You pick one."

Grant opened his dresser drawer and picked out a clean shirt and a different pair of shorts. He couldn't wear that sticky shirt and those tight shorts any more.

"How about SOCOM 3?" Owen said.

"Cool. You want a clean shirt?"

"Yeah, ok."

Grant threw the extra shirt to Owen. He took off his own sweaty shirt and threw it in the corner by the bed. He pushed down the tight, uncomfortable shorts and let his dick flop out.

Owen had removed his shirt and stared.

"Dude, why's your dick so big?" he said.

Grant looked at it and shrugged. "I don't know. It just got that way."

"Damn. I wish my dick was that big. What do you eat?"

Grant shrugged again. "Same stuff you eat."

He pulled the new shorts up and Owen hesitated a second before he looked away. Grant got the feeling his friend wanted to say something more.

"Let's play," Owen said, and sat down in front of the television with one of the controllers.

The first game went pretty well. It wasn't until the very end that they won, and Grant came out ahead. Owen was usually much better at these games. He seemed distracted, though, and it wasn't until part way through the second game that Grant noticed him staring at his crotch that he understood. The attention made his dick grow harder.

"What did you think of Breland's daughter?" Grant said.

"Yeah. She was hot. Her friend was cute, too. That's what got you so worked up, isn't it?" Owen said, and pointed to his crotch.

Grant looked down at the bulge sticking up in his shorts and rubbed it.

"Yeah. I wouldn't mind doing either one of them.

Owen was staring at Grant's hand on his crotch. He had a look in his eyes that was familiar. It took him a moment to realize it was the same look of desire he had seen in the eyes of Owen's Mom and his sister when they looked at his cock.

"If you could do it with any girl in school, who would you pick?" Grant said.

Owen finally looked away from his crotch. His face was bright red.

"What? I don't know. Who would you pick?" he said.

"I like that new girl, Adeline Holley. I like the way she talks. She's got that southern accent."

Owen was nodding. "Yeah. She's cute."

"She's in my gym class. She always wears those really tight shorts. I love to look at her ass," Grant said.

He wanted to tell Owen that the girl he wanted to fuck most was his sister, Loren. He probably wouldn't be too happy about that, though. How would it make him feel if he knew that he had already fucked his Mom?

"Who would you pick?"

Owen shrugged. "I don't know. I mean, I kinda like Erin Crosley."

"Yeah. She's pretty cute. I'd do it with her," he said, but she was an odd choice. She was just odd.

"If you think about it, any girl is ok in the dark."

"What?" Grant said.

"You know, when you turn the lights off, it doesn't matter what the girl looks like, right?"

Grant was confused. He wasn't making sense.

"I guess so," he said.

Owen started another game. He was back to his usual sharpness and easily carried Grant to the finish. They started another game.

"Would you let a guy suck you off?" Owen said.

Grant nearly jumped. He lost track of the target he was chasing on the screen. He got shot from another direction and had to wait for his character to re-spawn.

How could he answer a loaded question like that? What could he say that wouldn't make him sound gay? He couldn't tell him that he'd already let a guy suck him off.

"I guess if I kept my eyes closed, or if it was dark, I probably couldn't tell the difference, you know?" he said, and held his breath. Did that sound gay?

"Yeah, I know," Owen said.

They kept playing. The game did not go well. Grant couldn't focus, and it looked like Owen couldn't focus, either. The game beat both of them. Grant went downstairs to get a couple of Mountain Dews. When he got back, they opened their cans and waited for a new game to load.

"Do you think guys suck different from girls?" Owen said.

Grant nearly spit out his pop.

"Suck what?" he said.

"You know. A dick."

"I don't know," Grant said.

But he would have loved to tell him that guys definitely suck different from girls, and that Owen's Mom definitely sucked different from his sister.

The game started, but neither of them did anything. The timer was running down.

"I bet you're right," Grant said.

"About what?"

"I bet I couldn't tell the difference in the dark."

Owen turned to look at him and suddenly it all made sense. Grant was a little unnerved. Why didn't he see it sooner? That was why he was checking out his bulge that whole time. Was he really gay? Did he want to have sex with him, or was he just curious to find out what it was like?

"So?" Grant said.


"You wanna find out?"

Owen's eyes looked terrified.

"Find out what?" he said.

Grant started to speak, but the words wouldn't come out. Had he gone too far, or assumed too much? His cock was too hard and it was telling him to push it, even if it was against his better judgment.

Grant cleared his throat.

"We can experiment. You know, to see if we can tell the difference," he said.

Owen's eyes blinked once. His mouth was hanging open.

"You mean get sucked by a guy?"


"I'm not gay," Owen said.

"Neither am I," Grant said.

As soon as he said it, he had to wonder if it was really true. He had fucked Jon and Ben in the ass. That made him gay, didn't it? But he still wanted to fuck girls, especially Loren, if he ever got the chance. So what did that make him?

"You just want to experiment, right?" Owen said.


Grant leaned back in the chair, which let his constricted cock stretch down the leg of his shorts. About half of it stuck out, resting against his thigh. Owen looked down at it and his eyes got wide. He reached over and let his hand rest on it.

"Ok, but this is just a scientific experiment, right?" he said.


"It doesn't mean we're gay, right?"


Owen emphasized his points with his right hand. His left hand was rubbing slowly along the length of Grant's cock.

"And to be totally fair, we each have to take turns on each other," he said.

"That's cool."


They sat quiet for a minute or two. The timer on the game ran out and they both lost again. Owen's hand had moved down so he was rubbing the exposed half of Grant's cock.

"Who goes first?" Grant said.

"I'll go first. I wanna do it to you first. I always wanted to suck on a real cock." His face turned bright red. "It feels funny to say that. But it's true. I've sucked on things before, like the handle of my sister's hair brush, just pretending that it was a hard cock. I love how it feels in my mouth. But man, I couldn't wait to do it for real, just once. So I mean, like I wanna go first, ok?"

"Yeah, that's cool," Grant said.

He pushed his shorts down to the floor. Owen let go of his cock for a second, then grabbed it again when it was standing straight up.

"Loren's brush was never this big," Owen said. He stroked it a few times. "This is just an experiment, right?"


Owen nodded. "I'm gonna lick it, ok?"


Owen bent forward. His face was only about an inch from the head of his cock. His mouth opened and his tongue stuck out, and he licked the tip.

Grant let his breath out slowly between his lips. This was going to get really good. He could tell that from the way Owen looked at his cock, and the way he held it.

What if Mom walked in and caught him with his cock in a guy's mouth? How mad would she be about that? Would she be more mad than if it was a girl sucking his cock?

Owen kissed the head. Grant wasn't surprised by that. It was what he did next that surprised him. He opened his mouth wide and slipped down over the end of his cock. Grant gasped. He took it deep, deeper than he expected for his first time, as if he had been practicing for that first chance with a real cock for a long time. He tried not to groan out loud, but couldn't help it.

Owen took his cock out of his mouth.

"Does that feel good?" he said.

Grant had closed his eyes, and opened them again.

"Yeah. Sorry. I couldn't help it."

"That's ok. It's just an experiment. It's supposed to feel good."

Grant nodded. "Of course. This is just an experiment," he said.

But what about when it came to his turn? Would it still be just an experiment? Would he be as enthusiastic about sucking on Owen's cock as he was about his?

"Let's move to your bed, ok? I want to get in a more comfortable position," Owen said.

Grant glanced at his bed. That would make it seem much more like they were having sex than just an experiment.

"Ok," he said.

He stood up. Owen's eyes stayed on his cock, which bobbed and swayed heavily in front of him. He left his shoes on and his shorts around one ankle when he sat on his bed. At the moment he felt uncomfortable being completely naked in front of his friend.

Owen didn't seem bothered. He sat down on the bed beside him.

"Are you ok with this?" he said.

"Yeah. You keep sucking me like that and you're gonna make me cum," Grant said.

"Really?" Owen said, with a bit of a smile.

They sat beside each other on the edge of the bed. Owen put his hand around his cock again and pumped slowly.

"Yeah. Is that what you want?"

Owen shrugged. "I guess. Do you want me to make you cum?"

"I guess we better do it like that, you know, just to make it real."

"Yeah, well, we gotta go all the way or it's not a real experiment, is it?"

"No, I guess not," Grant said.

He felt a moment of apprehension, and hoped it didn't show. On one hand it would be pretty cool for Owen to make him cum. On the other hand, though, Owen would expect him to make him cum too, and what if it happened in his mouth? The thought made him shiver.

"I'm just gonna start sucking on it again, ok? When you feel like you're gonna cum just let me know, ok?" Owen said.

"Yeah, sure," Grant said.

Owen bent down and put his mouth over the end of his cock again. Grant groaned and his eyes closed. Ok, so maybe it wasn't going to be so easy when it was his turn to suck on Owen's dick. Until then, he was going to enjoy the blowjob Owen was giving him.

His head moved up and down slowly. Grant scooted back on the bed to lean back on the pillows, and Owen moved with him, in-between his spread legs, never letting his cock leave his mouth.

"Oh man," Grant said with a low groan.

Owen pulled his cock out.

"Am I doing all right?" he said.

"Yeah, you're doing it real good."

"Have you ever had our dick sucked before?" Owen said.


"You have? Who'd you get it from?"

Grant thought for a second. He could list a few, including Owen's Mom, his sister, and his cousin. He probably didn't want to hear about them, though.

"Emily," he said.

Owen's eyes got wide.

"Emily Proctor? No way."

"Yeah, she had it in her mouth," Grant said.

Owen shook his head.

"Man, you are so lucky. Did you fuck her, too?"

"Yeah. Just once."

"Man, I'd love to fuck her. She gets me so hard. You been sucked by anyone else?" Owen said.

"A few."

"Who were they? Anyone I know?"

"I don't think I should talk about them," Grant said.

"That's cool. You gonna tell Emily about me?"

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"I don't know. You want me to?"

Owen frowned and shook his head.

"Hell no. She might think I was gay. Then I'd never have a chance to fuck her."

He lowered his open mouth over the end of Grant's cock and started sucking. Grant watched him with his mouth hanging open. He'd swear this wasn't the first blowjob he'd given.

Owen's head moved up and down. His cheeks were sucked in and he had one hand around the shaft, moving up and down in sync with his head. Grant's breathing got heavier, and he was squirming. Owen's eyes looked up to his face.

"I'm gonna cum," Grant said with a deep groan.

Owen's eyes got wide. He moaned around his cock, and the moment it started to happen, he pulled it out. His hand squeezed tight around the base of the shaft. Grant groaned from deep in his throat and his ass lifted off the bed.

The first shot made his whole body jerk. His eyes were squeezed shut and he didn't see where it went until he opened his eyes after the second shot.

It had hit Owen on his cheek. The second spurt hit his neck and was running down into his shirt. It continued to shoot out, landing on Owen's hand, on Grant's stomach and legs, and the bed. Owen was laughing and still squeezing his cock.

"Man, I never saw so much cum. I don't do it that much when I jerk off. How do you get so much cum? Is it something you eat?" he said.

"I guess I just got big balls. They hold a lot of cum."

Owen sat back on his knees and pushed his shorts down. His short erection stood up.

"I wish I had big balls with a lot of cum like that," he said.

Grant stared at his erection. He had seen Jon's hard cock, and Ben's, but this time it was different. This time he wasn't just there to look at his cock. He was going to touch it, and more. Owen put his fist around it and started pumping.

"So? How was it? Could you tell any difference from the way Emily did it?" he said.

"Yeah, actually, I could."


"Yeah. You were better."

Owen laughed. "No way."

"Yeah. It was her first time, too. She wasn't very good."

Owen grinned. "All right. That's pretty cool. I just hope my dick grows a little bigger, like yours."

"Why?" Grant said.

"So girls will like it more. Like Emily."

"You got a nice looking dick. So what if she doesn't like it? I mean, she's just one girl. Besides, I bet it's gonna get bigger," Grant said.

Owen took his hand away. His dick wasn't even half the size of Grant's.

"You think so?"

"Sure. Maybe I can help it," Grant said.

He crawled toward Owen on his hands and knees as if he was drawn to his short, pink dick. He couldn't believe he was actually doing this. He couldn't believe how he felt anxious to put Owen's dick in his mouth.

He bent forward in front of him and put his hand around it. Owen gasped.

"That feels really good. I never had anyone else touch me like that," he said.

The feel of Owen's dick sent a tingle down Grant's spine. It was very hard, and warm. This might not be so difficult after all. His own dick swung between his legs like a length of steel pipe. If this got him hard again he was going to have to fuck someone to get off real good. How would Owen feel about taking the experiment that far?

He closed his eyes, opened his mouth and used his hand to guide Owen's dick past his lips and teeth. The tip of the head touched his tongue and he closed his lips around the shaft.

"Oh my God," Owen said.

He slumped back against the wall and his dick popped out of Grant's mouth. He opened his jaw quickly before it caught on his teeth.

"That is totally awesome. I've never done that before," he said.

"Neither have I."

Owen's short dick stood straight up. Grant stared at it and took a deep breath. No matter how he felt about sucking it, they had made a agreement, and now it was his turn. He crawled between Owen's spread legs.

"I'm gonna suck you until you cum, all right?"

Owen just nodded. His jaw hung slack and it looked like he wasn't breathing.

Grant stroked his dick a few times. The right thing to do for him was to lick it and kiss it all over, just like his Mom did when she sucked him. He didn't think he could manage all of that, though. That stuff was just too ... intimate. Maybe the next time, if they ever got a chance to do this again.

He bent his head down and let Owen's dick slip into his mouth. Owen groaned. Grant moved his head back and forth, sliding his lips along the length of the shaft, and over his tongue, just the way Owen's Mom did that he enjoyed so much.

He moved his head back and forth a little faster. Owen groaned a little louder. It was easy to take his whole dick all the way into his mouth. It felt good sliding on his tongue and pushing against the roof of his mouth, better than he expected. He just wished it was a little bigger so he could feel it stretching his jaw open, like the way Owen's Mom stretched her mouth so wide to get around his own cock. He'd have to try it with Ben. He had a bigger dick, not as big as his, but big enough to get his mouth around.

He was imagining how he might look kneeling in front of Ben with his cock in his mouth when Owen grunted and a warm, thick fluid quickly filled his mouth.

He jerked his head back and Owen's last spurt landed on the bed. But it was too late. He already had a mouthful of Owen's cum. He turned his head and spit it out on the floor.

Owen had a big grin on his face.

"Man, that was totally awesome. You let me cum in your mouth. I never knew anything could feel so good," he said.

Grant wiped his tongue with the back of his hand.

"Yeah, well, I didn't mean to do that."

It was the nastiest thing he had ever tasted, and the most disgusting thing he could imagine, to have another guy's cum in his mouth. He didn't even want to taste his own cum. How could Ben like it so much?

"Dude, you're all like hard again," Owen said, pointing between Grant's legs.

Grant sat back against his pillow. His cock was stiff, but not completely hard, and its own weight caused it to droop a bit to one side. He stroked it a few times and it quickly stiffened and stood straight up.

"I think I need to fuck someone," he said.

"Really? Who are you gonna fuck?" Owen said.

"I don't know. You wanna let me fuck you?"

Owen sneered.

"No way. I told you, I'm not gay. You're not putting that thing in my ass. I'm outta here."

He hopped off the bed and left without even looking back. Grant tried to think of something to say to make him stay, maybe just an apology, but it was probably best to let him leave.

Posted : 01/05/2011 6:25 pm