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World class cocksucker


Hi, it's me again.

I guess I can write to you about almost anything. You've read some of my stories, so you have certainly learned some extremely personal things about me. I've shared some of my most intimate thoughts and experiences, and you seem to like that. If what I share with you becomes too graphic and descriptive for your taste, I apologize. I certainly have never meant to offend you. I always assume that you read my little stories and letters because you like the sexy details, and I will continue to write that way until you tell me differently.

I was thinking about playing with myself the other day, and that's why I wrote you that little letter about it. That was fun to write, and it sure got me in the mood to do what I was writing about. I could hardly finish the letter, because I wanted to get upstairs. Well, I did finish it, then I did exactly what I wrote in the letter. Telling you about it first made it even more exciting.

When I was putting on my lipstick this morning, it got me thinking about my mouth. The next thing I knew I was thinking about oral sex. More specifically, giving oral sex. I've been thinking about it ever since, and that's what I'll write to you about today. Maybe I'll write about the receiving part in another letter. That would be fun, because I love receiving.

What do I call it? Well, we both know all the names used for it, so I won't bother to list them. I must confess, though, that I don't really like any of them. None of the terms is comfortable for me, but I can't come up with anything better. I just use the name that seems to fit my mood or what I'm doing. I never use "fellatio," though. That just sounds silly.

Please don't think that I'm claiming to be an expert on the subject, because I'm not. I've only done it to one penis, so I can't claim that what works for one is right for all. I would just like to tell you what I've found best for me and most pleasurable for my lover.

It sounds terribly smutty, but my lover says that I'm a "world class cocksucker." I wish there was a more ....... tasteful way to put it, but that's what he says. It means that I'm very good at giving him loving pleasure, and that's what it's all about. Isn't it?

Okay, we'll call it "cocksucking." Not a nice term, but it is certainly descriptive. There are a number of different kinds of cocksucking. Sometimes it's a part of foreplay. It can be a mutual sharing in a '69' position. It's sometimes nice to kneel down in front of my lover while he's standing, take his penis out of his pants, and take it in my mouth for a while just to tell him I love him.

What I'd like to tell you about today, though, is the kind of cocksucking that's an end in itself. It's not a part of something else, and it doesn't lead to another kind of lovemaking. I devote myself entirely to my lover's pleasure, and it begins and ends with ..... well ...... cocksucking. Some people use the term "blowjob" to describe it, but I don't like that. In the first place, there's no blowing, and it certainly isn't a job. If you like the term, though, that's fine. I'm going to tell you about giving my lover a ......... blowjob.

Position is very important. My lover and I should both be comfortable so we can concentrate on pleasure without distraction. My favorite way is to have him sit in his big chair and scoot down so his bottom is right at the front edge of the cushion. I kneel between his parted legs and put a pillow on the floor so my knees don't get chafed. This position puts the ultrasensitive part of his penis, just under the head, right on my tongue when he's in my mouth. That spot is also convenient for licking. This position also puts his testicles in a perfect position for my attentions. We've tried lots of positions, but this is by far the best for comfortable, prolonged, pleasurable, and satisfying ........ cocksucking.

I like there to be light while I do it. There shouldn't be lights shining in anyone's eyes as a distraction, but there should be enough light so see what's going on. Dim and romantic is nice. My lover tells me that he loves to watch me suck his penis, and watching me adds greatly to the pleasure he feels. I also like to look up occasionally to see the expression on his face when I'm making love to him. The position I described is perfect for watching.

When is the best time? Well, any time is just fine, but I think during the day is best. My lover and I always make love when we go to bed for the night, so I don't want anything to interfere with that. We're not together very often, so we make love two or three times a day when we are. I usually seem to be in the mood to give him a nice sucking in the afternoon.

Often we go to lunch, then shopping or for a drive, and we get home at about three o'clock. That's perfect timing for a shower together, some lovemaking, and a nice nap before dinner and the evening. Sometimes, after our shower, I'll tell him to go get comfy in his chair, because he's going to get his penis sucked whether he likes it or not. He must like it, because I've never been refused.

Okay, we're both comfy with him in his chair, me kneeling between his legs, and I open his robe to find a nice clean penis lying up on his stomach. It's already about halfway erect from anticipation, and his testicles are hanging down loosely in their bag. Everything looks so yummy that I hardly know whare to start.

I start by holding his penis upright in my hand and gently kissing around the head. My lover has told me that the process of getting a hardon feels very good, so I try to prolong this pleasure by bringing him slowly to a nice full erection. The soft kisses and gentle licks on the most sensitive areas slowly, teasingly make him grow until he's fully hard and hot. I love the feeling of him growing and heating in response to my kisses and licks. What he says to me while I'm doing this lets me know that he likes it a lot.

When I have him nice and hard, I keep him that way until ........ well, until I'm finished. My lover's penis is happiest when it's fully erect, and I make sure he stays that way. I have the most fun when he's erect, too.

While I slowly bring him to full erection with my lips and tongue, I gently fondle his testicles with my fingers. This is the best time for that, because they get drawn up when he gets more excited, and they're not easy to handle when when that happens. He likes me to play with his testicles, but it's always best if his penis is getting attention at the same time.

I continue my licking and kissing after he gets fully hard because I like to tease him a little. I think a bit of teasing makes it just that much better for him when he finally gets what he wants. I know it sure works like that for me. He wants me to take it in my mouth, but I tease him by not doing that right away.

After my lover has been nice and hard for a while, a clear, very slippery fluid starts flowing from his little slit. I don't know if there's a proper term for it; I just think of it as "slippery stuff." It's tasteless, much thinner than the semen that comes later, and extremely slippery.

I like the feeling of this fluid making things all slick, so as it starts to flow I lick it all over the entire length of his penis. I milk him with my hand to get more of the fluid and lick this down onto his scrotum until he's completely covered with a nice slippery film of that sexy stuff. I like the feel of my lips and tongue gliding on him with that lubrication to make everything smooth. I know it's messy, but I like it that way. I'll tell you more about that in a little while.

By now, my lover is really wanting me to take him into my mouth, and I'm ready, too. Teasing is fun and sexy, but what we both really like is having that hard, hot, slippery penis in my mouth.

When I first started sucking my lover's penis, I had a hard time keeping my mouth open long enough to give him a long and pleasurable sucking. My jaw would get sore from being open so wide and so long, and the muscles I used to keep my lips in an "O" around him would get really tired. I had to stop and rest a lot, and I sometimes had to finish before I really wanted to. Once I even had to use my hand to finish, and I don't think that's very erotic.

I decided I needed to train my mouth to suck a penis just like I trained my body for gymnastics. Practice. Obviously, the best way to practice would be to do the real thing. This isn't possible, though, because sometimes months go by when I don't see him.

I found a round piece of wood a little bigger around than his penis, sanded it smooth, and I use it to train my jaws and lips for penis sucking. At least twice a week, when I'm reading or studying (alone, of course) I hold my piece of wood with my lips in an "O" for as long as I can. If I really try hard, I can do that for an hour without closing my mouth. Now when I'm with my lover, I can suck him for as long as I want without being distracted by my lips or jaws becoming tired. Practice makes perfect.

Now that I have him fully erect, nice and slippery, hot, and throbbing, I start the part we both love so much. I part my lips slightly and place them just at the tip of his penis where the little slit is. Then I very slowly lower my head and slide my mouth down over him, opening my lips and sealing them in a gentle "O" as I take him into my mouth. I take him until I can feel his tip just touch the back of my throat, and my lover always moans with pleasure and tells me how hot my mouth is.

This is what all the teasing has been leading up to, and I hold my head still for a moment to prolong that first feel of my hot mouth for him. Then I slowly raise my head, keeping a gentle seal around his shaft as he glides over my lips. I raise my head until only about half the head is in my mouth, pause for a moment, then slide my lips back down over him until I have as much in my mouth as I can comfortably take.

Sliding my lips and tongue over his hardness as he slips in and out of my mouth is a very erotic feeling for me. I know what it does to my lover, but I really like it, too. He's warm, wonderfully hard, and the slippery lubrication makes him feel very, very sexy. His penis is like a hard piece of wood that's thinly upholstered in warm satin.

I slide him in and out of my mouth with my lips gently caressing as they glide over him. A little tickling from my tongue on that ultrasensitive place adds to his pleasure. Of course I open my mouth far enough so that my teeth never, ever scrape him. I learned as a beginner that teeth are a definite no-no.

My lover likes me to suck him very gently, and I like to think I've become an expert at doing it that way. I only use my hand when I need to hold him in a certain position. A hand is too rough, and stroking him with my hand is too much stimulation. I learned that it's hard to keep him from coming if I use my hand. Oh, fingers are nice for fondling his testicles while I suck him, but we both prefer mouth only for his penis.

It would be easy to make him come right away, but that's not the point. It's all about giving him long, loving pleasure. I try to make it last for as long as I can, so I suck him in and out of my mouth for short periods of time. After a few strokes, I feel him start throbbing strongly, and I know where that's going to lead. I continue until I can tell he's about to get to the point of no return, then I take him out of my mouth and smile up at him. There's often a drool of slippery stuff from my lip to his penis when I do thiis, and I take it on my finger and suck it off.

He sometimes calls me a, "sloppy, teasing bitch," when I stop, and I like that. It makes me giggle. I use the little intermission to rest my jaws, allow him to cool off, and swallow the slippery stuff that has accumulated in my mouth.

I sure don't need any encouragement, but I love the way he responds to me as I suck him. His penis is very expressive, but my lover also talks to me. He will whisper words of love, tell me what he's feeling, make little gasps and sounds as I do something unexpected or particularly exciting, and tell me any little thing he would like me to do. Of course, I do it immediately. I love it when he strokes my cheek, runs his fingers through my hair, or uses his fingers to smear the slippery stuff around on my chin.

Sometimes he puts his hand on my head and gently pushes me down as far as I can go on his penis. I don't mind this at all, but there's only so much penis I can take into my mouth. I'm a very small person, and I guess my mouth is proportional. I can take about four inches of his penis comfortably into my mouth. When the tip reaches the back of my throat, it just won't go any farther. I don't gag, I just can't take any more.

I know that some women can take the entire length of a penis into their throats, but I just can't do it. I've tried and tried in all sorts of different positions, and it just won't go. I would love to be able to do it for him, but I don't seem to be able to. If there's some sort of secret to that, I'd sure love to know about it.

These little intermissions are also good times to play with my lover's testicles. They're very sensitive to both pleasure and pain, so I'm extremely careful. I've learned just how far I can go in giving them pleasure without hurting. The thing he likes best is for me to gently suck one of them in and out of my mouth. I always get a groan of appreciation when I do this. Sometimes I do both during one of the intermissions, and sometimes I do one and save the other for the next rest period. He seems to like it either way.

Sucking his testicles really makes his juices flow, too. I clean his penis and my hand by licking and sucking the slippery stuff into my mouth. I usually look up at him and smile as I swallow it. He often calles me "lewd" and I think that's a compliment.

After quite a few cycles of sucking and cooling off, he gets to the point where my gentle pleasuring and not letting him come have gone on long enough. He will say something like, "Baby, I feel like I'm going to explode." I know he really isn't, but I'm glad I can make him feel that way.

When he gets about to that point, the flow from his little slit changes. Instead of clear and slippery, it becomes thicker, opaque, whitish, and sticky. I know that this is the "real thing," the semen that has all those little sperms. When that happens I know that my lover has had enough gentle, loving sucking. He's almost ready to come, and I want to do everything to make sure it's as intense, pleasurable, and complete as I possibly can.

The first thing I do is to make him wait. That sounds mean, but it really isn't. I know that being close to orgasm feels wonderful. Like it's driving you crazy, but it feels good, really good. I try to hold my lover there for just a little while. We both know that it will make him come more strongly when I finally let him do it.

The thick, white semen is really flowing by now, and I like to stop and milk some out of him. Then I suck it up and let it dribble out of my mouth as I suck him. It makes a little white goatee on my chin. He calls me a "lewd slut" when I do that, and I love it.

His testicles are drawn up tight, but I give them each a little suck. That really seems to get him ready. I smile up at him, semen dribbling off my chin and say innocently, "Would you like to come, Lover?"

Of course he does, and he lets me know it.

His penis is so totally excited and anxious by this time, that it almost has a life of its own. It's huge, the head is the color of a ripe plum, it throbs and jerks, and a big blue vein is swollen and throbbing on the side. Semen flows continually from his little slit, and I lick it up and swallow, teasingly. I can feel his heart beat with my lips as I kiss his head.

After a final swirl of my gooey tongue around his head, I get ready to take him into my mouth. My lover knows I'm not going to stop this time. I whisper, "I'm going to make you come, Lover. Are you ready?"

He groans, "Oh, Diane, make me come."

I keep my lips in a gentle "O" on him as I slide him deep into my mouth. I slide slowly up and down, concentrating on keeping my lips on or near that supersensitive area just beneath and below his head. I'm gentle, because I don't want to make him come. I want to let him come. I'm very gentle so he can slowly build until he finally goes over. Then I do everything I can to make it good for him.

I take my time, my touch is soft, the only thing I do differently is that I don't stop. He knows he's going to come, but it takes him a while to actually get there, and I think that makes it more powerful when he finally does. I make him build up to it slowly, but he knows I'm not going to stop. It's almost like he's in agony, but I know he isn't.

I can tell when he finally gets there, because he suddenly gets huge. There's a hard jerk, then he's still for a moment. I know the next jerk is going to be the start of his orgasm, and the time for being gentle is past.

I raise up until only about half his head is between my lips. I suck hard until my cheeks are sucked in. Then I hold that suction, put my lips around him in a tight "O" and slide him into my mouth until I just can't take any more.

That does it. He's coming! I hold his base in my hand so he doesn't get away from me, and massage his testicles with the fingers of the other hand. As he groans, his penis gives a very hard jerk, and my hand on his base feels the first rush of semen surge through him. Almost immediately I feel that first gusher of come shoot out of him into my mouth.

I make a humming noise to further increase the stimulation and bob my head up and down to slide my lips and tongue firmly over his most sensitive area. I continue this as he ejaculates to give him the most intense orgasm I possibly can. If I can time it just right, I hold him deep in my mouth for a moment and allow one of the gushers to go right down my throat.

It seems that the longer I give him gentle, pleasurable, teasing sucking before he comes, the more intense the orgasm and the greater the volume of semen. If I've been a really good girl, I'm rewarded with what seems like about a quart. I know is isn't nearly that much, but it's a lot more than my mouth can hold when it's already full of spurting penis.

I've heard and read that some women don't like a man to come in their mouth. Some women don't mind the ejaculation, but they spit out the semen. Well, I got all that settled the first time I ever sucked my lover's penis. I had no experience at all, but I sort of knew what was going to happen when he ejaculated. I simply asked him what I should do with it when it happened.

He said, "I believe the polite thing is for the lady to swallow it." Oh, okay. Even that first time, I thought it was extremely sexy to feel my lover come in my mouth. I wasn't too neat, and I sort of got a faceful that first time, but he did mostly come in my mouth. He had suggested that I swallow it, so I did. It never occurred to me that I might not want to do it.

It was fine. Not up there with Heath bars, blueberry pie, and pizza on my list of favorite tastes, but definitely the sexiest thing I ever swallowed. I guess you know about that, though, because I wrote about it in one of those naughty little stories of mine. It was only after I'd become an experienced come swallower that I found out that not all women do it.

I guess it's a personal thing, and women are different, but I would hate to miss out on my lover coming in my mouth. Swallowing his semen, too. I think it has a lot to do with a woman's first experience. Mine was so loving and sensuous that it's always been one of my favorite things. I've even heard that some women don't like to suck their lover's penis at all. I really can't understand that.

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Sorry I got sidetracked. It's just that I feel sorry for a woman who doesn't give herself the pleasure of having her lover come in her mouth and swallowing his semen. I think she and her lover are both missing out on something wonderful.

Now where was I? Oh...... Once my lover starts to come, there's really nothing I can do except make it as good for him as possible. I bob my head, suck hard, lick that sensitive spot, hum, and fondle his testicles. I let a couple of gushers of semen accumulate, then I pause a moment at the top of my head bob to have a quick swallow. I'm careful to keep his tip between my lips, because I want to swallow his come, not wear it.

Oh, having him come all over me ..... in my face, in my hair, on my breasts ....... is fun sometimes, especially if we want to take some sexy pictures, and I don't mind it at all. I think it's erotic, and I'm washable. I don't want him to squirt me in the eye, though. That happened once, and it really stings.

What gives my lover the best climax and me the most satisfaction is for him to come in my mouth, start to finish. I like to feel it from the first hard gusher to the last little drop I milk out of him with my hand. I love to feel him come in my mouth, knowing that I've made love to him well enough to give him a really good orgasm.

I like to swallow his semen for several reasons. First, it makes me feel very lewd, naughty, and sexy, and I love that feeling. It also shows him that I love him and like taking a part of him into my own body. Those little wiggly sperms are a living part of my lover, and I like knowing that they're going to become a part of me. I'll digest them, and the little components that start out as part of him eventually become part of me.

Once when I sucked him, his semen was extremely thick. I don't know why, but it was so thick I could almost chew it. I didn't mind that, in fact I thought it was sexy. There was a little problem, though, because a thick spurt got into my throat and stayed there. I could feel part of it go down, but a stringy wad of come was sort of stuck there. A couple of swallows took care of it, but for a moment I thought I was going to gag. I have never figured out what might have made his come so thick that time, but it's never happened again.

Oh, I digressed again. ....... His orgasm. Well, I suck, lick, and bob for all I'm worth, and he moans with pleasure and spurts gusher after gusher. I must admit that I get very excited while he's coming. I really put everything I have into making love to him, and I get very caught up in his passion and pleasure. By the time he comes, my pussy is wet and I'm very aroused. I concentrate on him, though, because his pleasure is all that counts right then.

I love those strong jerks and big gushes of come as he goes over. It's like I've been working hard for something, I've achieved my goal, and I'm getting my reward. Mmmmm

I continue to bob, suck, lick, and hum until he has stopped gushing, has started to shrink, and he tells me he can't take anymore. Then I keep him in my mouth while I milk him with my hand to get everything out of him down to the last little drop and final little sperm. I like knowing that my lover is completely empty when I'm finished making love to him. Then he can concentrate on making a new supply to give me the next time we make love.

I usually save a nice mouthful of come to play with after my lover has finished. I feel lewd and naughty, and I do things like gargle with it, blow bubbles, swish it loudly between my teeth, open wide and stick out my tongue to show him that I have a mouthful of semen. I know I'm being a bad girl and it's kind of gross, but it's fun, and he likes it too. He calls me a "obscene cocksucker," and that makes me giggle.

One of my favorite pictures is one he took of me just after he had come in my mouth. I'm giving him a huge open mouthed grin, and thick ropes of white come are connecting my upper and lower teeth and lips. I know it's pornographic and sort of gross, but I think it's sexy. I should probably be ashamed of my self, but I'm not. Not at all.

When he's completely finished and I'm through playing, I swallow several times. This gets most of it down, but the gooey semen has completely coated the inside of my mouth, tongue, teeth, and lips. It has also dripped down onto my breasts and thighs. That's okay. Like I told you before, I'm washable. My lover is also a nice and messy from all the slippery stuff, semen, and saliva that I've left on him.

I think it's a mistake to be too neat about cocksucking. For me, getting a little semen spread around is a sexy part of the experience. I don't know, maybe I'm some kind of pervert. I like it, though, and isn't that all that matters?

I know this is probably getting too long for you, but let me tell you a little story. Then I'll quit, I promise.

Once I was feeling especially naughty, and I wanted to give my lover a special treat. Me, too. In the morning I told him that I was going to come over for something special. I asked him to be in his big chair, wearing nothing but a robe at three that afternoon.

I went out and got my hair styled, my face professionally made up, and my nails done. Then I bought a new black cocktail dress. I put on the dress with sexy black underwear, black thigh high nylons with the seam in the back, and black stiletto heeled shoes. I was about as stylish, chic, and attractive as I could possibly be. I was looking good, and I was dressed up for a special night on the town at three in the afternoon.

I let myself into his house, and he was waiting for me in his chair. Neither of us said anything. I took off my coat, twirled around so he could see how I looked, knelt down between his legs, and gave him the longest, most loving and passionate ....... cocksucking either of us had ever experienced.

By the time it was over, I had a mouthful of come, streaks of semen on my perfectly made up face, gobs of it in my freshly styled hair, and all over my fancy new cocktail dress. A stream had even run off my chin and down inside my dress to get all over my lacy strapless bra. Most of my professionally applied lipstick was on his penis. It was a real mess, and just about the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. My lover really responded to the naughtly little show I put on for him.

That was just the start of a very erotic and loving experience for us. When we finally went to sleep that night, we were both pretty sore. I wonder what they thought at the place where I took that little dress to be dry cleaned and mended where he had torn it off me?

Okay, I promise to get this finished without any more sidetracks. I did want to share that little story with you, and I hope you didn't mind too much.

Let's see .... Oh ...... I go to the bathroom and use a washcloth to clean my face and other areas where semen has accumulated on me. Then I rinse my mouth with water. I want my mouth to be kissable, but I like the taste and feel of semen, so I don't brush my teeth or use Scope yet. If I don't brush, I can keep a nice coating of come in my mouth. .

I go back to my lover with a warm, wet washcloth and towel, and I very gently clean and dry him. After a kiss he sometimes calls me "sperm breath," and that always makes me giggle.

After that, I like to snuggle myself into his lap for some nice holding, kissing, and cuddling. He knows I love him, but I tell him for about the hundredth time that day.

Later, when we're in bed for our nap, I snuggle myself tightly to his warm body. I'm very satisfied with myself for having given my lover such a sexy expression of the love I feel for him. I'm also looking forward to an evening of more wonderful lovemaking. Just before I drift off into a sweet sleep, he whispers that he loves me, and that I'm his own little "world class cocksucker."

Posted : 07/05/2011 12:05 pm