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We are as close as two people can get without making love to each other


My name is Hank. I just turned 43 years old, I’m six feet tall, and weigh 180 pounds. One of my best assets is my long, thick cock. I guess it's about ten inches, I've never measured it. All I know is, when I fuck a woman they know they've been fucked.

I own a large construction company in the town of Savannah Georgia. My company builds homes for the very rich. The kind of homes that you see on T.V.

I'm also the proud father of a wonderful 21 year old daughter. She won every possible award in high school for grades, and being a good student. My daughter Michelle is a beautiful girl. She has natural brown hair, but colors it a light red. Michelle also has very soft hazel eyes that always sparkle with happiness.

She stands five feet five inches tall, and has a very sexy full body. She wears a 38D bra. Her breasts are full with big, thick nipples that are always hard, and she has a very nice trim waist.

Her hips and bottom are a size 36 and they are SO firm. She wears the tightest jeans and shorts I've seen in my life! In the summer, all Michelle wears around the house is very small tee shirts and bikini bottoms or sexy panties. Seeing her sweet ass day, and night kills me!

We are as close as two people can get without making love to each other. It's nothing for her to sit on my lap and give me a long, sexy goodnight kiss. She only wears a small night shirt, and sexy panties to bed. Many times during her goodnight kisses, I get hard as hell feeling her full tight ass on my cock. It was all fairly innocent until one night, we both gave in to our lust for each other.

"MMMMM Daddy, that feels so good," Michelle said, as she pushed harder into my growing cock, "I’m not going to sleep much tonight."

I shifted so my cock was right between Michelle’s legs, "You sure are a sexy woman". I caressed her tender bottom as her breasts crushed into my chest. "I love holding you like this. Even though it just about kills me."

"You can hold me anytime you want, Daddy. I’m embarrassed to say this, but it turns me on SO much."

I pulled her closer to me, my cock slipped from my shorts, and found it’s way to Michelle’s panty covered love mound, "Oh baby, I’m sorry."

"Oh God, Daddy, it’s so big, and hard", she hugged me as tight as she could, pushing into my hardness. "I hope my first man is as big as you."

I squeezed her ass, "Not many men are this big. You might have a hard time finding one like this."

She looked into my eyes, and pleaded, "Daddy, will you please be my first man? I’m 21, I’m a grown woman, and I need you SO bad. I love you so much. All Tina, and I do is talk about what it would be like loving you, having you inside us, filling us with your big cock." Tina is Michelle’s best friend, she just about lives with us.

"You do huh?" I began moving my hard, thick cock over her panty covered pussy, "do you think you could take it? I’m pretty big, it would fill you SO full. It would stretch your hot little body."

"Oh yes, I could, Daddy." She moaned, pushing into my cock.

"As horny as I am, I would really have to do you hard. I’d push into your body nice, and deep," I said, as I moved my cock on her.

"Yes, deep and hard." She moaned again, her head resting on my chest. With her little eyes squeezed shut, and her slender hips trying to ride my cock.

I stood up with Michelle in my arms, "Baby Girl, I’m going to love you all night." I took her to my bed. I laid across her tender young body. Kissing her soft lips, hugging her, holding her. I kissed her lips, her eyes, and all over her pretty face.

As I moved to her neck Michelle began to go wild with lust. Her back arched, her nipples got hard, and her love spot was dripping wet! Her slender legs locked around my hips as she dry humped my body.

"Oh Daddy, love me, take me." Michelle begged me.

"OK, Baby Girl. I was just getting you ready."

"Daddy, trust me, I’m ready!"

I pulled her soaking wet panties down, and spread her legs. I saw her love for the first time. I had helped her masturbate, but I had never seen her. It was so beautiful! Her wetness ran from her body down the crack of her little bottom, and as she opened to me, I could see just how swollen her pussy lips and clit were!

"Hurry Daddy," She cried out as her hips thrust upward, "I’m on fire!" She moved her hands to her wet pussy and began to rub it. "Take me, Daddy, I’m yours!"

As I moved between Michelle’s legs, she grabbed my cock, and began to rub it up and down her hot pussy slit. She guided me to her love tunnel, and with one gentle thrust upward with her hips, my cock went through her virgin bud! My cock was deep inside my Baby Girl.

"OH DADDY, YES… YES!", she screamed with pleasure.

"Baby, you’re so tight, wet, and so hot!", I moaned.

"It’s all for you, my love." Michelle smiled.

I began to pump her wonderful, tight pussy. In all my life I had never been inside a woman as hot as she was. Her pussy was SO hot, and I mean HOT inside! With slow, steady strokes I took my daughter, loving her like no other woman in my life.

"YES, YES, DADDY!", Michelle moaned as I moved inside her young body. Her big, full breasts swayed with each thrust of my engorged cock into her flesh.

I moved inside her faster, deeper...giving her the best ‘first time’ love as I could. My cock filled her young pussy to maximum capacity! As she stretched with ease to take me, like we had loved a hundred times before!

"Oh Baby Girl, I’m ready. I’m going to cum. I’m going fill you with cum," I said, as I pumped her faster. Again her full, wonderful breasts swayed back, and forth, hypnotizing me.

" YES, FILL ME UP, DADDY! FILL MY HOT PUSSY! FILL ME WITH SOME HOT, DADDY CUM!", Michelle screamed, as she thrust her hips to meet the persistent demands of my massive cock slamming into her.

"OH BABY… HERE…IT… CUMS…!", and I started shooting my hot cum into my young daughter's belly! I pumped her deep, and hard as I shot my load into her pussy! I kept cumming and cumming.

"GO, DADDY! FUCK ME! FILL ME UP! FUCK MY PUSSY… HARD!" She screamed as her hips matched my every thrust into her once virgin pussy, "YES! OH GOD, YES! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!!!"

Her tight pussy locked around my hard cock. Michelle’s muscles held me tight as her young body exploded. Her first orgasm with a man, her father.

"OH GOD, YES, YES…! OH, DADDY. FUCK ME, FUCK ME! DADDY, YES, YES...I LOVE YOU!" She hugged me as her first orgasm ran through her body.

I began to thrust deeper into her tender body. I went into her womb, her soul. I kept pumping her fast and deep. Still shooting my hot cum into her essence. Hard, and deep, I used my lovely daughter's pussy. My cock had never felt so good being inside a woman, inside my daughter.

"Oh Daddy, I feel your cum shooting in my belly." Michelle groaned. Her hips still matching my slowing strokes.

I pumped her tight pussy, and said, "I was full of cum, baby. You’ve been making me horny for the last two years."

She just smiled, and replied, "I’ve been trying forever to get you to take me." She kissed me, and thrust her hips against my softening cock. "I know somebody else that wants you, too."

"Tina?" I ask.

"Yes. She’s so crazy in love with you. That’s all she talks about, and dreams about", Michelle said, as she snuggled into me.

"Well, I guess I’ll just have to make her dreams come true. But, don’t you dare tell her. I want to make it special for her, OK?"

"The only thing is, when she sees my face she’ll know you've already had me", Michelle said, with a sexy smile.

"How can I get her, and still keep it a surprise?"

"I know! You’re going to Atlanta for two days- tell her I’m sick, and you have tickets to the Braves game, and two rooms in one of the best hotels in town. You don’t want them to go to waste so, you asked her to go."

I smiled, and said, "You’re a good little liar. I better start watching you."

"Tina is going to be so excited just going that far with you, she might even forget about sex," Michelle thought for a second and giggled, "no… not Tina. She’s one horny girl, Daddy."

"I know that’s true. That first time out by the pool, and I owe it all to you…" I kissed Michelle softly, and we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning, slipped out of bed, and made my way to the kitchen. I made a pot of coffee, and sat thinking about what I had done to my daughter.

I thought to myself, "How could I have done that to her, my flesh and blood, the light of my life, the reason I live?" I poured a cup of coffee, and went on thinking, "She’s so young, so alive! And I took advantage of her, I made love to her."

I thought back to two years ago, that first time by the pool. When I first started thinking of Michelle and Tina as little ‘play things’. They had been running around the house all weekend wearing nothing but small shirts, and panties or very small, sexy string bikinis. I was hard day, and night watching them.

One very nice day, they were sunning themselves by our pool. I decided to take them a cold drink. As I walked up to them, I saw they were only wearing very small panties, and their breasts were exposed for me to see. My cock got hard so fast I almost fainted.

"You two are being really bad teasing me like this", I said looking up, and down their sexy young bodies.

Michelle gave me a sensual smile, and replied, "Is Daddy getting excited?"

"If you two weren’t so young I’d show you", I said, smiling at her.

Tina spoke up, "We’re big girls, you can show us anything you like." She and Michelle giggled.

"Not today. You two better stop before I bust your asses."

"Oh Daddy, spank us, please." Michelle said in a begging little girl voice.

"That’s enough girl," I said in a firm father tone, "you two better get some lotion on before you burn."

"Daddy?" Michelle said, "Will you rub us down? I could use one of your good rubs."

"YES," Tina jumped up, "Oh please, please."

"I guess, but you can’t tell anybody if I do it."

They both said at the same time, "We won’t, we promise."

I picked up the lotion, "Turn over, I’m only going to do your backs."

I moved down on the ground, sitting between the girls. I started rubbing their necks, I used one hand on each girl. Slowly I caressed them, enjoying the feel of their tender flesh.

I moved my hands all around their necks, and down to their shoulders. I could feel their bodies relaxing and getting excited at the same time. Little moans escaped their lips as I caressed them.

Then I started running my hands up, and down the lengths of their backs. Tina looked like a cat. With each rub down her body her back would arch up. Michelle would try to push her sexy ass into my hand.

Then I began to trace their panty lines. They both went wild as I moved my fingers across their hips, and thighs. I thought I would give them a treat, so I slid my hands between their legs, and caressed their thighs. I let my thumbs brush the sides of their virgin pussy’s as I caressed.

"DADDY. OH YES.", Michelle moaned loudly.

Tina just purred, spreading her slender legs, giving me complete access to her pussy. As I moved closer to their love spots, I could feel the heat coming from their young bodies.

"That’s enough," I said jumping up to my feet, "if you two want more we should go inside."

They just turned staring at me with shocked looks one their faces. Then they all but ran inside the house. We made our way to my bedroom. I had them lay beside each other, and I got between them.

"Two beautiful little girls," I reached out, and caressed their wonderful nipples. "What should I do with you two little teasers?" I rolled their nipples between my fingers.

"OH DADDY, YES. DO ANYTHING TO US, PLEASE, PLEASE", Michelle begged, panting for air. She pushed her breasts up into my hands, her nipples were big, and puffy.

Tina looked up at me with her sweet little blue eyes and said, "Please make me cum."

I looked down at her pretty face and, before I knew what I was doing, my hand was between her legs...caressing, and fingering her tender sex. Tina’s legs wrapped around my hand, pushing me into her wet pussy. She was so wet, and hot inside that my fingers glided in and out of her young body with ease.

My other hand found its way to Michelle. She was spread as wide as she could get. Her body humped my hand as I caressed her. She was the wild one, she tried fucking my hand. Her body went wild as my fingers rammed in, and out of her. She came hard that day, her body orgasmed intensely.

"OH DADDY, DADDY," Michelle went wild, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME." She held her nipples...squeezing them, and stretching them so far from body I’m sure it hurt.

My fingers rammed in, and out of her horny little body. I could feel her tight pussy muscles clamping onto my fingers. Her face was filled with joy and lust as she used my hand. After she had calmed down I moved to sweet little Tina.

"How do you want to finish, little girl?", I asked Tina as I caressed her face. I loved tracing her little nose. It had been broken about two years ago, and it wasn’t ever set correctly. But it looked so cute. Her soft, blonde hair was cut to her shoulders. When she smiled, you could also see she had a few crooked teeth. But I still loved her to death.

"MMMMM can you hold me like a baby, and umm… rub me?" she said with a little redness on her face.

"Anything for you, pretty girl." I pulled her into my arms rocking her like a little baby. I caressed her body, and gave her little kisses on her face. Slowly, I started moving my fingers over her hard little nipples, rubbing and pinching them until I was sure she was ready to cum.

My hand found it’s way back to her soft, wet love mound. I gently touched her, then my fingers found their way inside her. I held her close as she moaned and arched her back.

"I want to cum facing you, Hank," Tina shifted her slender body on my lap. Her small teen breasts were pressed into my chest. My cock rested between her legs, "Yes, I want to cum like this. Looking at my favorite man." And she smiled at me.

Her arms wrapped around my neck. She began humping her tiny hips, and pussy against my hard, hurting cock. After a few up, and down strokes, my cock came out of my shorts. It made its way to Tina’s panty cover sex spot.

Big tears filled her eyes as she moaned, "I’m cumming, you made me cum," she hugged me as her orgasm hit her, "Oh, Hank, I love you. I love you so much!"

My cock started shooting cum between us as I hugged her back, "I love you, too."

Our little caressing sessions became a regular Saturday night thing. I would put each of the girls in their bedrooms, and then help them masturbate. I always saved Tina for last, I knew she would help me cum. I loved the feel of her little body against mine.

Just then, Michelle walked into the kitchen breaking up my dream. She was wearing only a smile and the smallest pair of panties I had ever seen. All they covered was about half of her young, little pussy and maybe a third of her tight, round ass.

I looked up at her with a smile of shame on my face, "Oh don’t you dare feel guilty about what we did last night." Michelle had her hands on her hips as she got more furious, "I wanted you to take me, and you did. I want more of you. So, no guilty looks. I’m a grown woman, I know what I want, you. Lots of you."

She dropped to her knees in front of me. Her hands pulled my long cock out of my shorts, and gently held it in her tiny hands, "I think I’m hungry, Daddy. Can I eat this?" Michelle asked with a sexy look on her face.

"You can do anything you want."

Michelle pulled her breasts up, and placed my hard cock between them. She leaned forward taking my cock head in her mouth. Her pretty hazel eyes looked up at me, and after seeing the pleasure on my face, a little smile came across her lips.

She started sucking my cock as gently as possible. Her tongue did a love dance on the head, teasing me as much as she could. Michelle’s head moved up, and down over my big cock as she brought me closer, and closer to filling her mouth with my cum. The same hot cum I had filled her belly with last night.

"Oh, Baby Girl. STOP, I don’t want to cum in your mouth", I begged.

She just smiled at me, and kept on sucking me harder than before. Up and down, her head and breasts moved. She was taking my cock deeper with each down-stroke. Her eyes watched my face taking in the joy she was giving me.

Then...I came. "Baby Girl, oh yes. Suck Daddy. Suck me dry", I moaned as my cock was shooting jet after jet of thick cum in her mouth, down her throat, and any other place it would go.

After I had finished filling her mouth, she licked me clean. She never left a drop of cum anywhere.

"Baby Girl, you’re a born cock pleaser!" I caressed her face, "you can have me for breakfast anytime. I’m glad I’ll have two days to rest up for Tina."

With a sly grin on Michelle’s face, she just giggled, and said, "I've got news for you, Daddy...I’m going to be on you day and night. You'll be dead by Friday from me fucking you to death."

My cock was still very hard from her wonderful blow job. "You think you can? I should lay you over this table", I moved my coffee cup, "and really give you a good hard morning fuck."

A sexy look came over Michelle’s face, "That would be nice. I woke up SO wet and horny." Her fingers went between her legs, and she slid two of her fingers inside herself. A soft moan came from her mouth, then she licked the juices off of her fingers.

I stood up, pulling down my shorts, and Michelle’s panties, "OK, girl," I sat her on the edge of the kitchen table, "I’m going to use you hard, like I wanted to last night."

"YES, use me. I’m ready, Daddy!" Michelle moaned as she pulled one of her big breasts to her lips, and sucked a nipple into her mouth.

I lined up my cock with her pussy, and SLAMMED it inside her with one hard thrust. "How’s that you horny little girl?", I asked, as her pussy spasmed around my cock.

"Daddy. Oh Daddy, yes, I’m a horny little girl, fuck me." Michelle moaned as she pulled her legs high in the air and she continued to suck her nipples.

I stood between her legs driving my long cock in and out of her body as fast I could go. Deep, long strokes, filling her with cock. Her wetness, and my pre-cum mixed to produce the ‘Song of Love’.

I used her hard, and fast! So hard we were moving the big antique dining table across the floor. Our flesh smacked together so hard it almost hurt. The harder I used her, the harder she wanted it.

"GO DADDY. FUCK ME HARD," Michelle screamed, as her hips slammed into mine, "I’M READY. MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM DADDY." Her sexy lips locked back on her nipples.

I reached up to one of her big nipples, and twisted it. I pulled, and stretched it as hard as I could. Michelle started to cum, her pussy muscles locked around my cock. It felt like a thousand fingers squeezing me.

She froze, and a little smile of pleasure and pain came across her face, "Oh yes. Oh yes, Daddy. I love you so much!" Her hips matched my every thrust in and out of her body. We moved together as one. My cock continued to use her, as she used me.

"I’m ready, Baby Girl," I pushed DEEP into her, again entering her womb, "here I come." I shot my load deep into her young body. I had not came like this in years. My cum shot out of my hard cock with the pressure of a fire hose.

"DADDY, FILL ME UP! GIVE ME YOUR BABY. MAKE ME A MOMMY." Michelle screamed, still matching my every move. Jets of my cum shot from my exploding cock filling her young pussy. Swimming its way deep into her womb.

My cock had finally stopped spraying her with cum. I fell across her panting body, "Damn, how was that, Baby?" I gasped for air.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:31 pm

"I was just kidding about you giving me a baby. But it sure made you go. Daddy? Did that idea really turn you on that much? Would you like seeing me carry your baby?" Michelle hugged me.

I held her in my arms, caressing her pretty face. I looked into her loving eyes, "Baby, yes. It turned me on more than anything ever has in my life. Seeing you with my baby, our baby would be the most wonderful thing," I pressed my lips to hers, and I saw little tears form in her eyes. "I don’t think it would happen. If it did, too many things could be wrong with it."

I saw a look of disappointment in her eyes as she replied, "Oh well, it was fun just thinking about it, wasn’t it?" I could see that my poor Michelle was heartbroken. I knew I could never give her a baby, not a healthy one.

We moved from the dining room table to my room. We lay together all day kissing, touching, and making love the rest of the day, and into the next morning.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:31 pm