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Vidya in Bangalore


I had just finshed my studies and was busy with finding a job in Bangalore where I stayed with a relative. It so happened that I had to go to Mysore to attend a wedding and bcoz of my schedule I wanted to return back to Bangalore ASAP for an interview. So I took the early train to go to Mysore and reached there by 5:00 AM. I took an autorickshaw straight to the wedding hall where the wedding party was, only to find everybody was still asleep and no one would open the front gate for me. Well I had travelled for 2 hours and I had to do su-su very desperately. It was still dark and I started looking around and saw only one house lit. I thought I will knock and excuse myself to use the bathroom and come back to try waking somebody later. I went to the door and knocked the door a couple of times. Finally somebody opened the door and in the semi darkness I didn't care much to look at the person and sheepishly excused myself to use the bathroom. He gladly let me in and welcomed me inside to show me the bathroom. The guy was in his early 20s probably of my age and handsomely built 5'6'' dressed in casual shorts and Ts. In my hyper-state I just rushed in and used the toilet and started noticing around to find nude posters of lewd women in the bathroom. A chill ran thro' my spine as I realized that the house I was in was a Bachelor house but strangely I was excited as well.

When I came out of the bathroom I sheepishly apologized for my intrusion and told the guy my plight I said I will have to leave started to pick my luggage. The guy stopped me and introduced himslef and his roommate. "I am Ganesh and this is Srini we are studying BE at NIE what about you?". I said "Hi I am Vidya and I came from Bangalore to attend a wedding here blah blah ...". He said "hey don't be in such a hurry and besides I don't even see any lights on in the wedding hall." and he moved to his small kitchen in the corner and started making coffee. Srini excused himself and went ahead and came back looking fresh and clean. We all sipped thro' our coffee together and tallked this and that. I relaxed a little and wasn't apprehensive about the strangers anymore. They had very limited space and we all had to sit on a cot in the living room and they both were keeping me busy chitchatting.

Ganesh asked to use the shower since it won't be easy to take a shower at the wedding hall. A chill ran thro' my spine imagining the opportunities to quench my long time desires. I agreed and just before I stepped into the bath Ganesh said "Let me know if you need anything." and Srini added "Yeah anything at all". I giggled and went inside and bolted the door and started removing my jeans and my t-shirt. I looked at the poster and smiled to myslef and when I had stripped of my panties and bra I tried to pose myself like the nude lady. Well after a while I got into the shower and with all the excitement going on thro' my mind my hands were involuntarily caressing my boobs which are 34D and my hands ran thro' the folds of my vagina. I left out a small shrill from the shudder that went thro' my body. Suddenly both Ganesh and Srini were inside the bathroom (I don't know how) and asked me if I was OK.

Later I found that they had been peeping in thro' crevices in the door. I was shocked and tried to cover myself with my hands and asked them angrily what were they doing here. Ganesh said "Don't worry we are not going to hurt you. Just wanted to make sure you were Ok". All this time I could see their hungry eyes scanning me helplessly standing under running shower. They came nearer and now I could even see their big bulges inside their shorts. Now srini took a soap and said "Let me rub your back. Don't be scared". Even before I could say anything his hands were on my back and Ganesh was kissing my lips from the front holding me close. An electric spark ran thro' me and I did not and could not resist. Within no time they undid my hands that had made semi-valiant effort to shield my most private parts and 2 sets of hands were roaming freely caressing all my body. Ganesh said "Vidya you are so sexy." and kissed me on my lips and then kissed my two boobs lightly and proceeded to my navel and then to my womanhood itself. Srini had already removed his shorts and was naked himself to give me company and was prodding my behind with his huge dick. He had a 8 inch and very thick dick. I had never seen one until now and the sight of it made me almost passout. They both were now kissing me passionately and then and there I had a orgasm from just the sight of things. I moaned from the pleasure and it made both of them really go berserk.

They decided to carry me to the living room and I held them tightly when they did carry me. They threw me roughly on the cot and now Ganesh stripped his wet clothes to reveal his healthy youthful body and much bigger dick than Srini. All this time I had not even spoken a word and I was now mad with passion myself. I pulled him near me and ran my hand over his strong chest while he kissed me. I kept peeking at his enoromous tool and finally held it nervously to find it warm and pulsating. I moved my hands further down to his soft balls and rubbed them to only find Ganesh bite my lips madly. His dick was erect then ever and he said "I want to F*** U Vidya.". He got up and kissed my vagina like a beast and aligned it with my entry and pushed it. I was all wet inside and still he was only able to get half way and I yelled loudly with pain. Srini came near my head and consoled me and held me pinning down to the bed. Ganesh pulled out and rammed into me with such a force that I almost let out a loud cry. He was completely inside of me now and he started pulling in and out. Instantaneously my pain vanished and there was pure joy and ecstacy instead. Ganesh was ramming my pussy hard in and out and Srini was rubbing my shoulders and traversing his fingers over my boobs and chewing on my nipples. I ran my hand to Srini's dick and started caressing it. He loved it and was absolutely enjoying it. Soon he brought his dick to my mouth and rubbed it over my lips and expected me to put it inside. I tried to resist but then I decided not to have any inhibitions and enjoy the experience. I kissed his 8 inch dick and licked it with passion and started slowly consuming it inch by inch. Srini was moaning crazy and was calling me a whore and that he will really enjoy me as a whore. Amazingly it did not bother me at all. I was orgarsming relentlessly one after the other with Ganesh banging me furiously with his pulsating rock hard dick and the other one in my mouth.Very soon Ganesh couldn't take my hot cunt anymore he let a loud grunt and filled my inner crevice with his warm fluid and we orgasmed in unision. I too let out a loud cry.

I was a little tired and let go Srini's dick from my mouth. He moved over towards my cunt and asked Ganesh to make way for him. He guided his danda into my already wet and oozing pussy and I didn't resist even though I was reeling from my first session with Ganesh. Srini's dick was thicker and his in and out movements tingled my pussy and within minutes I was sucked into the action and I was moaning loudly and pushing myself down towards him to coordinate with his each thrust.He began to grunt slightly as the waves of pleasure began to hit me with full force again.Ganesh's hand moved up slowly and touched the tip of my still extending nipple by now almost full length. He was french kissing me now to subside my loud moans. By this time they both were muttering my name and calling me by all kinds of dirty names and treating me just like an object of pleasure. Surprisingly which I was enjoying myself a lot. Sounds like Oh, Oh, Ungh, Unch,Unnnnnnnnnnnn were coming out of me which I had never ever come out of my mouth before. Suddenly Srini stopped and asked me to turn over and kneel like a dog and I obliged and he continued with the doggie style which was so great I was enjoying and sucking on ganesh's dick. Nearly after half an hour in different positions he came heavily inside me to match my orgasm and Ganesh spilling his jizz on my navel. I felt like such a bitch after it was all over and I wasn't even ashamed.

Later I excused myself and took a real clean bath and left their place promising only to return later whenever I get a chance.

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:21 am