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Vacation Night out


Feeling the soft blonde hair falling around my manhood and the lightness of my slim 5'2" partner laying on top of me, I remembered how this night started. The memories of the evening and the natural high of the great sex were blending as my recollections came back flowing into my mind. As they did, I continued to let my tongue swirl around her puckered butt hole occasionally pushing it inside the warm hole. The cock that was just at the tip of my nose was pumping in and out giving her a good ride.

We had gotten off the cruise ship that morning and checked into the hotel before flying back home from this vacation. Through the day, Vancouver became more impressive, the beautiful gardens, the lovely old hotel, and the dinner fondue - Death by Chocolate - the perfect start to a perfect night.

After dinner, we took a taxi to one of the strip clubs in the area. The girls were very friendly and the men were well mannered. We were at a table along the dance runway. The dancer was about 5'11", large boned, and very sensual as she stripped off her top revealing breasts that would have been large on normal size woman, but normal or slightly small on this amazon.

Oh, my girlfriend, Debbie, was wearing a light green, nearly see-through blouse that was unbuttoned to the level of her bra. It was a front attacher, so the clip would occasionally come into view. Her green eyes were highlighted just slightly and she wore no other makeup, but was a gorgeous view. She was wearing a black flare skirt and with her boyish, but curvy build, she filled it out perfectly so that it swirled as she walked. This was her first time in such a club even though we had been swinging for about three years at the time. We were holding hands and watching with her sitting on my right.

The dancer pulled off her bottoms and had shaved her pubic hairs in the shape of a heart with the dip in the middle just at the top of her natural indentation. Her light brown hair was closely trimmed so that everything would be visible. Then something happened that I had never seen happen in that type of place before. The dancer's eyes locked onto us from the far end of the ramp. She danced and sashayed her way across the floor and came up to our table. She reached out and touched Debbie's hand and Debbie smiled and blushed. Then she leaned over and planted a kiss right on my lips. I was blown away. I kept both hands down, the one holding Debbie's hand and the other in my lap. I was afraid a bouncer was coming over. The kiss lasted for at least 30 seconds and then she let go of Debbie's hand and danced away. I reached into my pocket and fished out a $5 bill placing it on the rail as a tip for the dancer.

To Debbie's right, I noticed a nice looking young Canadian military officer. He reached over and whispered something in Debbie's ear. She turned to me and whispered it directly to me. He had asked if she enjoyed another woman planting a kiss of that type on her man. Debbie told me she loved me and that she would tell the man that we were swingers, but she mostly enjoyed the feeling of kissing another man herself rather than just watching.

As I gave her a positive nod and smile, she turned to the officer and whispered softly into his ear. The look on his face was at least as good as the one I must have shown when the dancer kissed me. He pulled his chair away from the table where he had been sitting by himself and was now sitting close to Debbie. His name was John and he was from Eastern Canada, a small town about 100 miles north of Toronto. This was his first weekend off since arriving in Vancouver on his new assignment. He had been serving in the Canadian Armed Forces for three years now.

We talked and got to know each other just a little bit and he seemed as nice as he had appeared at the onset. When he had something to say to Debbie, he would whisper in her ear and when he was talking to me, he would lean across her so that his head was almost directly above her breasts. I was pretty sure he had seen the bra clip.

Debbie turned to me and whispered that she liked him and wondered if we could bring him back to the hotel for a while. Since I particularly liked threesomes with two men, I nodded my approval. She turned to whisper to him and this time put her right hand on his thigh to keep her balance. Right.

His face lit up and he said that he did not have a car in which to drive us, but that he was taking taxis until he was able to purchase a new vehicle now that he was transferred. As we finished our drinks, I noticed that Debbie had not pulled her hand from his left thigh, but was just letting it reside there without movement.

When we finished our drinks, we stood, grabbed our coats and headed to the front door where they would call a taxi for us. It was early fall and the coats were necessary. I helped Debbie with hers and in the process of stretching her arms back for the coat, another button on her blouse came undone. That was not lost on John.

It was a 20 minute drive to the hotel and as we started the drive, Debbie leaned back in the middle and just totally relaxed with her left hand on my thigh and her right hand on John's. I unbuttoned her coat and then the other two buttons on her blouse before putting my hand on her knee. I let my hand slowly slide up her leg dragging her skirt with it, so that the bottom hem of the skirt was just where her panties started. John had not caught on that it was alright yet, but the taxi driver was sure getting an eyeful and seemed to be aware of what to do even though he could not participate while driving. I twisted a bit in the seat so that my shoulders were square with Debbie and leaned into her giving her a full kiss on the lips, lingering as it went. My right hand was on her shoulder and my left hand was now on her thigh. John still did not pick up on what was OK, so I reached over and took his left hand, placing it on her thigh so that the edge of his palm was resting against the bottom of her skirt.

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I broke the kiss and she turned her head to John mouthing the words, "Kiss me." As he leaned in to the kiss, I reached down and undid the snap on her bra pushing the coat, blouse and bra to the sides so that her breasts were clearly visible. As I placed my left hand under her left breast, I looked to the front of the taxi and made sure that the scene was not lost on the driver. It was not.

With just a nudge from me, John moved his hand to where it was under and around her right breast. With my left hand, I reached behind Debbie's waist pulling her skirt up so that I had a hold of her panties. With my right hand, I grabbed the waistband from the front right side and she pressed her back against the seat so that I could slide her panties off. I put them in my coat pocket and made sure that the driver was driving carefully. He was driving as carefully as he could with one eye on the road and one on the rearview mirror. I placed my hand on Debbie's crotch and with my fingers on either side of her pussy, I spread it and put my index finger in. It was wetter than I expected, so John was having an effect on her. I pulled my finger out and licked it. You should have seen the smile on the cabdriver.

John was kissing Debbie's breasts and must have noticed that she was bare below, but he had not touched her yet. We pulled into the hotel parking lot and I pulled her skirt back down and the jacket together so that no one other than us in the taxi would know what had taken place. Funny, the cab driver did not want to accept my tip and I had to convince him to take it. Oh well.

In the hotel, we walked directly to the elevator and were lucky to have one by ourselves. John was about 5'10" and I am 6'. We escorted Debbie with one of us on each side of her. She was holding hands with both of us.

When the elevator door closed, Debbie turned to John and put her arms around his neck pulling him down into another kiss. I reached under her coat and undid her skirt in the back letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. As I reached down to pick it up, I gently kissed her buns and noticed that John reached down and had his hand on her crotch with two fingers inside her. Since her coat came down to her mid-thigh, I figured no one would see that she was without a skirt just walking down the hall to our room, but Debbie had undone the front of her coat. When the elevator door opened she turned and led the way out of the elevator without pulling the coat together in the front. Fortunately no one was in the hallway. I do not know how I would have explained that to hotel security.

I opened the room and we shuffled in. Debbie sat on the bed and John stood. He asked if he could shower first as it would relax him a bit. We looked at one another and shrugged.

When he returned from a brief shower, we were all undressed. Debbie was in the middle of the bed laying face down and I was sitting next to her rubbing her back. John came and sat on the other side and started rubbing her back too. I moved down and started giving her a foot rub. I know that it is a secret of hers that is very erotic. I moved between her legs, which spread them. John was slowly moving down on her back and finally put his hands on her butt. I spread her legs more so that he could reach, but Debbie had something else in mind.

She rolled over so that she was on her back and pulled John down into a kiss. I spread her legs and immediately dove in. I licked my way up her thighs and finally found the magic triangle. John moved down to her breasts and Debbie was moaning. She tapped me on the shoulder and rolled her finger for me to move up. John took my place and she took me by my manhood pulling it into her mouth. John was trying to get into a 69 position, but Debbie did not let him get his leg over her. She alternated between cocks for a few minutes, then stopped. "I want something else, if you two gentlemen will oblige."

She moved on the bed signaling me to lie on my back with my head at the foot of the bed. She stood with her crotch over me facing away from the bed and slowly let herself lie back so she was laying directly on top of me and her anus was right against my lips. That was when I felt her hair flow softly into my crotch. She beckoned John and he got between her legs so that he was aimed to put his cock inside her. When she signaled him, he slowly pushed his cock against her and it slid in easily a bit at a time. She turned her head and was able to lick me a bit at a time as he fucked her. I guess you could say that I had a ring-side seat. As I started licking, John started fucking her.

I was still licking and sucking, back in the present. John had been fucking her for more than 20 minutes and was getting close to coming. I could tell by the way he was tensing and his balls were tightening. My hands, which had been on Debbie's hips, brushed closer to her pussy, playing with the hair just above it, right on the hairline. I know this arouses her and in this case, she started to orgasm. Debbie typically squirts a small amount or has vaginal farts. In this case both occurred and I could feel it flow onto my face smelling her femaleness even more so than I had.

This was all too much for John and he came deep inside her. I kept licking, knowing it was driving her crazy with passion. As John finished coming, his balls finally loosened up and because he was short on energy, they descended right on my nose. I do not think he could feel it, though. He stayed in that position for a few minutes and then slowly started to withdraw. As he did, juices were flowing out of Debbie and I was licking them up. I reached up to make sure I did not miss any and his cock touched the tip of my nose bridging it perfectly into my mouth. He was surprised and I had not really expected Debbie to let me have it that way, but I cleaned their juices off of him before letting him go and returning to clean Debbie up. He immediately turned hard again and tried to push back in. I relaxed back down and let him, which caused even more juices to flow out of her. When the juices stopped flowing, I licked his balls before returning to Debbie's anus.

By the time Debbie was recovered, she wanted another change of position and had John lay on his back while she sucked on him with me behind her pounding her. I was not going to last long and after about 10 minutes, I came inside her. At that point, she crawled up on top of John and rode him to orgasm having two of her own along the way. John indicated that he was done for the night and dressed, after which he left.

Debbie and I had a relaxed lovemaking session after that before falling asleep in each other's arms.

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