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His touch a powerful one. He can use it to guild me and protect me.
He can also use it to please me... And that he did. We sat on the
couch at his house to watch movies. I was nervous because I wanted his
touch and didn't at the same time. He was always so patient. Every now
and then his patients would pay off, but there was one thing. I needed
him to guild me. Guild me with that powerful touch. He held he but not
to tight. He smelled wonderful. I leaned in and held him close, tight.
He looked at me with those kind eyes of his. Smiled at me with that
kind mouth of his. Then spoke to me with that kind voice of his.
"Thank you for sharing yourself with me." I could not help but smile
back. I remembered how good it felt to play with his cock. Taking a
bold step, and completely out of character I ask, " Would you like to
share with me now?" I look down at the bulge in his pants that had
been growing sense I had arrived. It was sweet of him to try to ignore
it but I can't. He sees me looking and I know he likes it. He gently
takes my hand and places it on the now throbbing bulge, giving me
permission to play. I start by rubbing and stroking through the fabric
until I could feel a wetness begin to build. I wanted to see it for
myself. I start to unzip his pants but look up to him to be sure it is
ok. His smile spurs me to continue. It was a beautiful sight to see,
his hard, moist, throbbing cock slowly spilled out as his pants
opened. I just looked for a while. So beautiful. I could feel my body
rushing for him but I have self control. I hold back. I take my time
so I can enjoy each moment. A moan escapes my lips at the sight of it
throb from my first touch, almost leaping into my hand. I lick my lips
in anticipation. I love to kiss him there but I want to take my time.
I lean over to put my face closer as I stroke him, I grip tight but
move slow. He begins to moan and groan. I love the sounds he makes. He
throbs, he moans. I stroke, I... I... I want to taste him. I move
closer. My hand moves up and down the hard shaft. He is very hard so
this skin is tight. It moves through my fingers so easily. I become
fascinated, fixated imagining the taste and texture of him. Locked in
a rhythmic daydream of stroking and moaning. I feel his hand on the
back of my head. Such a gentle nudge. He gives me permission to kiss
him there. I lean even closer and place my lips on the tip. So hot, so
thick, so good as he sticks to me. That luscious liquid staining my
lips. I lick them hard to absorb the whole of his flavor and then go
in for another kiss. Then another and another. He goes deeper and
deeper with each kiss. He jumps and groans at the touch of my tong.
Then another kiss and another. His hips begin to swirl. His moans are
almost continuos. Each thrust of his hips sends his cock through my
fingers and into my mouth now open and ready, Ready and waiting. He
nudges me further down. I wrap my lips tightly around him and begin to
suck. Hard at first until I regained control over myself. Then deep
slow gentle penetration. Deep slow gentle moans, and I am suddenly in
need of touch. I was so enjoying myself and did not want to stop. I
slide my hand between my legs and start to touch myself. Each time he
penetrated me, I penetrated myself. Our moans and groans are like
music. I feel his hand on my chin and he lifts my eyes to his. "Can I
play?" He asks. My hand is still moving up and down. The other, in and
out. My tong is still trying to lick as I say, "Yes Please!" He grabs
my hips and possessions me over him. He slowly works my panties off
under my. skirt then sits me in his lap. He let me play with him for a
while. Until he knows I am comfortable. My hand moves up and down
faster and faster as I become more comfortable. I listen to this moans
and groans. I watch him leap and throb in my hand. I watch his face
change color and expression. My hips begin to move back and forth. I
can feel his balls filling under me as I twist and turn and rock back
and forth. His hands are just under my skirt now, deeply gripping and
stroking my thighs. He move slowly, gently upwards. His thumbs are now
rubbing my cilt. My hand rubbing against his cock and his hand. His
hand rubbing against my hand and my clit. The heat was building
between the two of us as we played with each other, looking at each
others faces. I lean back a bit to expose myself. He penetrates me
with one thumb and then the other. I grip him tighter and tighter as I
get closer and closer. Our moans are now screams of passion. All of
this from a touch. His touch that so gently guilds me and protects me.
He grips my waste with one hand and leans me back even further. With
the other he guides himself in. I take a deep breath and welcome him
into me. We rock back and forth, gently at first. He supports me with
one hand and touched me, plays with me using the other. Each time I
muster the strength to open my eyes, I see his face locked in
pleasure. I did that. I get closer. His hands skillfully work to send
me over the edge. My hands are gripping his shoulders to make sure I
don't fall and I surrender to him. He explodes inside of me just as I
finish. He wraps his arms around me and holds he tight as his body
goes into orgasmic fits. He moans and groans in my ear and I know I
did a good job. I sink into his arms and he knows I have surrendered
to his touch.

I wanted it to be longer but I have a lot of things to work on

Posted : 20/09/2010 7:15 am