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Tonight's Prey


There she was, tonight's prey. She was a pretty thing, to say the least. Blond wavy hair down to her shoulder blades, sparkling green eyes that I could see from across the room, and a smile that told a lifetime of stories. She also had a weathered look about her, like she had partied hard and maybe been put away wet a few times. Girls like that were dangerous to me, it meant they had lived through some shit and come out of it with a better appreciation of life. Good thing I liked to live dangerously.

I watched her from a distance, stalking her like a wolf trying to single an elk from the herd. I prefer to think of it as research though, stalking brings up to many bad images of young women trapped in a pit. Finally she got up to dance from her table. She was there with a few other women, nobody I knew, thankfully. More thankfully there was no man with her. Things were looking promising for me. Never mind the whole getting to know her bit, I figured I would cross that bridge when I got to it.

I headed to the dance floor myself, leaving my beer on the bar. I should explain that I can not dance. Oh, sometimes I try if I am drunk enough, but it is a terrible thing to watch. Nonetheless it appeared that the only chance I had to get her alone was right then and there.

I slipped up behind her, trying foolishly to at least pretend to move to the beat. It was ugly I am sure, but most of the other dancers took it in stride. I was not the only person on the floor with two left legs, something that made me a little less unique. When I was finally there I decided to take a risk. I had watched her long enough to hazard a guess as to what she wanted. Of course what people secretly want and what they will take the risk to get are quite often not the same when a stranger is involved.

Especially when that stranger presses himself up behind her and slips a hand lightly over her eyes, effectively blindfolding her. I did not apply to much pressure and I did not try to make her feel threatened in the least. Still, I am sure it was a very disconcerting surprise for her. She gasped, losing her rhythm for a moment. Rather then lash out or scream though she quickly found the beat again and continued to dance.

"Hi there pretty eyes," I whispered into her ear, making sure my warm breath could be felt. She shivered against me.

"Who are you?" she asked, obviously curious but willing to play the game a little longer.

"Nobody special, just a guy who can give you more pleasure then you've ever had before."

"That's a tall order," she replied, her tone indicating she had just about enough of me. Clearly I was some punk with more balls then brains and no idea how to please a woman.

"Tell you what," I said, switching to her other ear. I moved closer to it and whispered into it, my lips barely grazing her. "I'm going to make you cum in your pants before you leave tonight, then you tell me what you think."

I heard her gasp again when my teeth raked along the outer rim of her ear. I spun her around then, taking my hand off her eyes. She blinked a few times, surprised at the movement, and looked up at my face. Her blank expression turned quickly to a smile when she saw I was not a buck toothed freak of nature. She was apparently pleased... or at least not disgusted. I would take what I could get at that point.

"How are you going to do that?" She asked me, a twinkle in her eye. I realized how dangerous she was then, with eyes that looked like they could swallow me whole. To distract myself I wandered lewdly what else she might be able to swallow.

"Patience, my dear," I admonished her.

Providence was on my side then. A song that even the most tone deaf of people could dance to came on. Thank you Trent Reznor. And thank me for slipping the DJ $10 to play it. The art of seduction may be a game of chance but as any military strategist will say, chance favors the prepared mind.

I pulled her close to me and we started to grind against each other. It was a good song for more then just dancing, Closer could also be used to heighten the mood during sex. There is just something about the words, "I want to fuck you like an animal" that brings out the passion in people already caught up in the mood.

By the time the song had ended she was flushed. I had gone out of my way to tease her as much as possible, stopping only barely short of lewd and indecent behavior. Then again, maybe I crossed that line once or twice. She was a hell of a dancer herself, at least when it came to dancing like you were having sex. I was rock hard myself and she knew it. I made sure she knew it, I let my hardness brush against her a few times, teasing her with the mystery of it. She tried to appear aloof and uninterested, but I could tell it was an act.

"No luck yet, cowboy," she said to me, smiling victoriously.

"Night ain't over yet," I responded with an equal smile.

"Terry," she said, giving me her name.

I nodded and smiled, reaching up to place my palm on her cheek. She looked at me, surprised, but did not stop me from gently running my fingers along her jaw and then lightly across her lips. I drew them straight down from her lips, over her chin and down her throat. Her lips parted at the sensation my fingers left on them. I stopped when my fingers reached the bottom of her throat and pulled them away.

"You have a beautiful mouth Terry, so beautiful that I am going to kiss it now," I warned her, still talking softly but with enough force for my voice to carry over the next song that started up.

I leaned in, half expecting her to turn away, smack me, or do who knows what. Instead I had her under my spell enough to let me get away with it. Our lips touched and parted simultaneously. Our tongues brushed one another and I could taste her mouth, a mix of beer, cigarette smoke, and her natural flavor. Normally I do not care for cigarettes but on her it was intoxicating. The softness and passion contained in the kiss told me that there were surprises hidden deep inside of her. It was a kiss I knew I would be tormented by for years to come, it was the best one I had sampled in years.

Terry melted against me as we kissed and her hand came up to brush my face. Far to quickly though she pushed away, though it was obvious she wanted it to continue. "I um, I need to go back to my friends."

"Mind if I join you?" I asked, fighting to form a sentence after the lightning-strike of the kiss.

She nodded happily and turned to walk off the dance floor. She blushed when she realized that she was facing the wrong direction. We headed back towards her table, both of our heads still spinning a little from the kiss. At the table she introduced me to her friends : Nikki, an attractive enough brunette if you liked trailer trash; Paula, an artificial red head who's chest measurement may have been higher then her IQ; and Denise, a woman who was fairly attractive and genuinely decent, but also very tame.

I hit it off with the women fairly quickly, although I seemed to have the hardest time with Denise. I attributed it to her being less wild then I was, and therefore a little disapproving. She had watched carefully when Terry and I was out on the dance floor with critical eyes.

Terry tried to introduce me then realized she still did not know my name. I smiled and supplied it for her, "David."

We talked and drank, with me unashamedly brushing my leg up against hers repeatedly. She showed no outward sign that I was doing it, so I took that as permission to continue. I even managed to slip my hand below the table at one point and lightly graze my fingertips across the top of her thigh. She was talking at the time to her friends and stuttered in her speech, but then kept going as though nothing was amiss.

We all chatted for several more minutes before the inevitable happened, Terry needed to visit the little girl's room. I was working on my third beer of the evening and could stand a little relief myself, so I used the opportunity to head to the men's room. I hurried as fast as I could, I had a plan.

True to form there was a line at the ladies room. I waited patiently like a shark circling its prey, without the circling. Finally she emerged from it, glancing over at the table. Not seeing me there she looked over towards the men's room. I smiled to myself to know that she had definitely taken the hook. She was so distracted looking for me that she ran right into me when I stepped in front of her.

"Uh, excuse me!" She said quickly, then looked up at me and smiled. "Oh, it's you!"

"Does that mean you're not sorry that you bump into me?" I asked her innocently.

She laughed. "No, I mean, hell. I-"

I took her hand in mine and pulled her through the crowd in a different direction, away from the relative safety of her friends. "Hey, where are we going?"

There were some pool tables that were not being used in a small side room, as well as a few sets of darts. I steered towards them and asked her, "Do you play darts?"

Mollified she relaxed a little. "Not very well, but I can."

I just nodded.

In the room the smoke and the noise was a little bit reduced. I kept her hand in mine all the way up to the dart board, then I released her and turned to face her, standing only a few inches away. We were definitely in each other's personal space but we both appeared to be enjoying the intimacy of such closeness, I know I was. I brought my hand up again and covered her eyes with it.

She gasped again but said, "I can't throw darts if I can't see."

"Who said we were throwing darts?" I answered, my voice timbered low and husky. I heard her breath hiss as she sucked it in, then my mouth was on hers again. She responded instinctively, before she even realized it. The kiss was everything the earlier one had promised, deep and full of sensuality. I moved her gently until her back brushed the wall. We were fairly well hidden in the corner between the far wall of the room and the dart board machine.

By the time her shock wore off her body took over. She was a very hot number, both to look at and to make out with. It was a challenge keeping her back in the corner, not because she was trying to get away but because she let herself go and gave as good as she got. I put my other hand on the back of her head and ran my fingers through her hair while I kissed her.

I took my other hand off of her eyes and let it brush down her face and neck. I felt her tremble against me as I did this. Then it dipped lower, brushing along the outside of her breast. I felt her bra through the thin fabric of her blouse but kept going, sensuously tickling the side of her stomach through her shirt. My hand finally came to rest on her hip, almost but not quite reaching around to cup her ass that I so desperately admired.

I broke the kiss because she needed to breathe, she was panting through her nose and having a hard time of it. She moaned when I dipped my head lower and started planting kisses on her neck. Her eyes remained closed the entire time, even after I had taken my hand away. I slid one leg forward, positioning my thigh between hers, and she pushed herself forward into contact with it. Her hand wrapped around my body and grabbed onto my hair roughly, pulling me back up to kiss her again. I grinned around the kiss, enjoying the delicious wet friction of our tongues tasting each other. She ground herself against my leg, growling and whimpering deep in her throat as she did so.

I slid my hand back then and grabbed her ass. It was everything I hoped it would be. I squeezed and fondled and pulled her harder against me, drawing a gasp from her that sucked the air from my mouth. I would have happily laughed had I not been afraid it would break the mood.

My hand left her hair then and came back around to her front, tracing a line with my fingers from her ear down the other side of her face and throat. I let it fall lower, stopping this time when I encountered her bra. I pressed against it, gently pinching with my palm. She moaned into me and tried to push herself onto me. There was no stopping her now, I knew. She probably would have stripped down and fucked me then and there had I asked.

I let go of her breast and slid my hand down to her butt so that I know had a cheek in each hand. I was no more a butt-man then I was a breast or a pussy man, but I felt every part of the female body deserved an equal amount of attention and pleasure. A few massaging circles with my fingers and I decided to test my theory.

I slid my right hand back up along her side, my hand slipping inside of her shirt and rubbing against her smooth skin. She felt very nice. I felt her tremble against me again then drive herself even harder against my thigh. That was all the encouragement I needed. My hand slid higher and pushed her bra up and over her breast. I wasted no time with massaging or rubbing it, I knew the state she was in, so I went straight for her nipple. I rolled it and pinched it between my fingers, wishing I could have a chance to lick and nibble at it as well.

Apparently it was not needed though, for she gasped and trembled against me again, this time far more violently. Her arms clung to me tightly to hold her up while her muscles spasmed in her body. She was having a first rate orgasm, just as I had promised her. I was pleasantly surprised, it was much quicker then I had expected. This was one hot woman!

"Now what do you think?" I asked her after kissing her a few more times. She breathed heavily and smiled up at me, a hungry look in her eyes. As I had guessed, one orgasm was not going to take the edge off what this beautiful woman was capable of.

"I think you lied to me," she said with a wry smile. "You told me you were going to make me cum once."

"Uh huh," I said, nodding. I was a little confused but did not show it. I knew she had just had an orgasm, did she think she could hide it from me?

"I just got off three times," she said, the twinkle in her eyes that I was beginning to love and fear.

My eyes widened. I grinned happily. Very happily. This woman was a dream come true. "Sorry about that, we can try to take a couple of them back if you like," I teased.

She laughed. "I don't think so."

"So, now what pretty eyes?"

"So now you take me home and you 'fuck me like an animal'!"

"What about your friends?" I asked, motioning with me head towards the other room.

"I want you all to myself, you can't have them."

I laughed. "That wasn't what I had in mind. I was wondering if you can just ditch them like that."

She shrugged. "Nikki drove me, so it's no big deal. Let me go get my purse and we can get out of here."

I nodded and followed her back to the table. On the way there she tried to straighten up her clothes and her hair a little. It was obvious she had been up no good though, and her friends all knew it. Denise was shooting me dangerous looks, but the other two looked envious of her. It stroked my ego, and what more does a guy need? I glanced down at Terry's ass as she gathered her purse and took one last drink of her white Russian. Okay, I needed at least one more thing, I realized, eyeing up her very tasty looking posterior.

Outside she walked beside me and looked around, wondering where my car was. I smiled naively and led her through the parking lot. Finally there we were, at my ride. She looked at it and her jaw dropped, it was not what she had expected. It was a nice and shiny red and black motorcycle.

"You ride a Harley?" she asked me, impressed. Chicks dig bikes, what can I say?

I laughed. "No, this ain't no Harley, this is a Boss Hoss."

She blinked. "Never heard of them, but it's a nice bike!"

I chuckled again. "Thanks, custom bike, cost a lot more then a Harley but rides better and has more power thanks to a bigger engine and better design." I did not want to get into any technical talk on the merits of a 502 big block engine versus a sub 1500 cc engine based on an air cooled v-twin design.

I took the spare helmet I had on my sissy bar off and handed it to her. She put it on readily enough, proving to me that she was no stranger to riding. That was good, I hated breaking in new people, I always felt the need to show off and scare them.

"I have a rule," I said after she had figured out the quick latch on the helmet. "I only let people who don't wear bras ride the bike."

She looked at my grin and smiled right back to show she was up to the challenge. She set her purse on the back seat and proceeded to do some arm twisting and maneuvering that would have made Houdini proud. In under a minute she pulled her bra out from one of her sleeves. I nodded appreciatively and she put it in her purse, then slung her purse back over her shoulder.

I straddled the bike and put my helmet on. I thumbed the starter and listened to all eight cylinders roar to life. Her eyes widened when it woke up. I could tell she was impressed and a little scared. It all added to her arousal though. Fear has that affect on people when they are already excited.

She hopped on behind me, wrapping her legs and her arms around me far more snugly then she needed to. I did not mind, of course! I put it into gear and headed out of the parking lot, heading out of town towards my house. It was a 15 minute drive and by the time we had gotten out of town her hands were beginning to explore.

She dipped them down and rubbed my legs, growing bolder by the second. Soon she was groping my crotch and feeling the swelling that was taking place. I loved it but it was becoming uncomfortable since my dick was not in the best of positions. Before I knew it she was unhitching my belt and then undoing the button on my jeans. My eyes widened in surprise at her audacity. This woman was a piece of work! I could get used to her!

Fortunately it was dark out so any passing motorists in their cages would not see her hands slipping into my pants and repositioning my phallus for me. I bit my lip as she stroked her hand up and down my length. I struggled to concentrate and keep an eye out for any deer that might be feeling suicidal. Fortunately, none were.

At my place I pulled the bike into my garage and killed the power. She pulled her hands out and waited for me to get off the bike. She dismounted and took her helmet off, sitting it back on the backrest where it had been. I shut the garage door and led her into my house. As soon as we were inside I turned to her quickly and pressed myself against her, kissing her deeply. She purred as our tongues once again slid against each other and our lips crushed together.

Our hand were all over each other as well, unbuttoning, unzipping, and unfastening whatever ingenious clasps kept our clothing in the way. It was slightly awkward as we struggled to strip down, but such was our shared need that we did not notice.

Naked at last I led her back through the kitchen to my bedroom. On the way I grabbed a silk scarf that was hanging decoratively from a shelf. In the bedroom I kissed her again, bringing the scarf up behind her and quickly looping it around her head so that she was blindfolded. She moaned at the additional arousal the loss of control caused her. I could smell her sex and it smelled divine. I do not know what it is about a sexually aroused woman but the smell of it can bring just about any man to his knees. Pheromones are dangerous things, apparently!

With her blindfolded she let me lead her back to the bed. I guided her onto it and convinced her with my hands to lay on her stomach. She was so excited she was shivering. I was plenty excited myself, but I had plans for this exquisite creature. I got on the bed and straddled her, letting my turgid cock lay nestled in the top of the crack of her ass. I bent forward and took her right arm, holding it gently. I leaned next to her ear and ran my tongue along the edge, breathing through my nose into it. She whimpered under me at my sexual assault of her.

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"Trust me and I will take you places you have never seen," I said softly into her ear, then did another dance with my tongue along the edges. She nodded her head slightly, so entirely focused on the stimulation I was giving her.

I moved quickly then, repositioning her arm and looping a leather tie around her wrist. I went to her other hand and did the same, as quickly as possible before she had any second thoughts. I hopped off of her and off of the bed, moving to the foot of it so I could secure her legs around her ankles as well. The fun was really about to begin.

I walked around the room then and lit several candles that had been strategically placed. The soft light from the candles and the smells associated with them wafted through the room, relaxing any tensions she might have been feeling at being restrained. Or so I hoped. I returned to the bed with a bottle of strawberry flavored massage oil.

I dribbled a thin line of it down the back of her thigh, surprising her. She jumped a little on the bed, wondering what the hell I was doing. I grinned at the wonderful torture I had planned for her. I set the bottle down and went to work immediately, spreading it around on her legs in broad firm strokes that went with the grain of her muscles and forced them to relax.

I moved down her leg slowly, tickling the back of her knee and discovering that it was a sensitive spot. Women have so many in surprising places, I made it a personal challenge to try and find as many as I could on her. I moved down, spreading the flavored oil into her calf and rubbing my fingers all the way around her leg. Her legs were wonderful, did I mention that? They went on forever and were toned quite nicely. No body builder physique, but instead a very sexy womanly body. I lusted for her and had to fight back an urge to abandon my slow tease and just take her then.

My hands slipped lower, now caressing her ankle in a way that was more then just erotic, it was pornographic. I undid the restraint so I could properly rub her ankle, noting as I did so that I had apparently found another sensitive spot on her based upon how she moaned. I think it took her by surprise as well. I fought the urge to chuckle and instead worked some fresh oil into the bottom of her foot and around the sides.

I found myself fascinated by her feet, something that had never before happened to me. Typically I found feet to be useful purely for utility, i.e. walking on them. For some reason hers seemed quite sexy. Everything about her seemed sexy, I realized, so perhaps there was nothing out of the ordinary about her feet being objects of allure after all.

I moved up the other leg then, starting at her foot and applying an equal amount of attention and devotion to rubbing it down. I moved up her leg agonizingly slowly, working her calve and then her hamstring with a methodical slowness that was driving both of us crazy. The dim light in the room was enough for me to see even in the shadow between her legs, especially the closer I got to it. Her lips had parted and she was leaking onto my comforter. I grinned, resisting the urge to lean in and have a taste. I knew before the night was over I would have to find out.

With her legs finished I applied a liberal amount of the oil to each check and began to work it in with circular motions of my hands. Slow and steady was my style, the heat building up in my hand and in her ass at the repeated contact. I heard her heavy breathing get caught in her throat when I let a small trickle of the strawberry fluid run down the crack of her ass. I followed it with my fingers, spreading it through the valley as it plunged deeper and closer to her most intimate areas.

I was not sure if she realized it or not, but Terry was pushing her ass back up at me a little and rocking it back and forth. I smiled, she was full of pleasant surprises. I let my fingers dip lower, until they brushed against her crinkled rosebud. She gasped at the sensation of my oil covered fingers tickling her back there. Her hips remained motionless. Poised. Waiting. I tickled them around, tapping my short fingernails against her sensitive skin, enjoying the torture and wondering what she was going to do.

She surprised me then, growing tired of my tease she pushed her hip up at my hand, trying to force something to happen or at least send a message to me. Eyes wide open I let my fingers caress her more firmly. I added a few more drops of oil and worked it into her flesh, pushing firmly enough to slip just the tip of my pointer finger inside of her. She moaned beneath me, tempting me to go further. I twisted my finger a little, sending added stimulation flowing through her, then pulled my hand back. She let out a frustrated sigh and I very nearly echoed her. It was too soon, though both of us were clearly in torture from the long build up.

Nevertheless, I slipped a little more oil into my hand and continued to tease her, working it into her perineum and then her lips. I could not tell whether I had enough oil or not though, she was so wet already. I took a deep breath through my nose and smelled her womanly scent again. It drove my wild and spoke to the raging beast inside of me that wanted to mount her and mate with her. The beast's cage door held shut though, leaving her safe for a few moments longer.

I worked on her lower back then, greasing it up with the oil and feeling the intense heat that was radiating off of her. Her skin was flushed with blood from being so aroused for so long. Already the massage had taken over half an hour. I smirked, the next stage after the massage was going to be that much more fun.

From her back I moved up to her shoulders, working out the kinks there and finding that she had reached the point in her arousal that her muscles were tensing up in spite of my attempts to relax her. Oh yes, when I finally made her cum it was going to be a big one. I hoped her biggest ever, but that was the competitor in me talking.

I moved up her arms next, taking care to rub in the oil with just as much attention and devotion as I used everywhere else on her. I took particular care in working the oil into her hands, fingers, and palms as sensuously as possible. She was crazy with desire at this point and ready to kill for some release. And I had not even gotten to her front yet.

But before she turned over there was a couple of things I wanted to do that just could not wait. I picked up the leather wrapped paddle I had and swung it through the air above her a few times for practice. It had multiple holes in it to allow the air through and to prevent it from doing to much damage. Still, it was only two inches wide at he business end and I knew it would definitely get her attention.

What I did not anticipate was the explosive grunt that came out of her the first time it landed on her ass. She trembled and spasmed in her bonds, so overcome by the release of energy the slap had caused that she orgasmed right then and there. Eyes wide I held the paddle up and looked at it. I had never had the sort of response before. I was impressed, this woman was incredible. I let her quiver on the sheets for several seconds before I undid the restraints around her ankles and then moved up to release her hands. She was gasping for air like a fish out of water, so overcome by the sudden release that she was not entirely with it. I grinned and decided that while she had gotten out of a five to ten minute spanking session, it was worth it.

Rolling her over I reattached her arms to the restraints and picked up the massage oil again. This time I started at her shoulders and worked my way down, taking particular delight in rubbing and twisting the oil into her erect and sensitive nipples. My attention to her breasts brought her back around quickly, making her moan at the over-stimulation. Her mouth was open and her tongue would lick her lips fairly frequently, something that was torturing me.

I adapted my plan then, leaning in to cover her mouth with mine while I continued to tease and torment her breasts. She hungrily kissed me back, any sign of inhibition that may have been there earlier was gone now. She kissed up at me forcefully, driving her tongue into my mouth and when I returned the favor she wrapped her lips around it and sucked on it suggestively. It spoke to me on levels deep inside that made the beast smash against the cage door again, trying to get free. I had to pull away even though I wanted to let her continue, lest I lose control of myself. She was a dangerous woman, so sexy and so tempting I did not trust myself entirely with her.

I pulled back both physically and mentally. She continued to search with her mouth open, trying to recapture me. She was hungry for me. I felt my pride swell at being able to incite such wanton behavior in her. Never before had I reduced a woman to this level of raw lust and sexuality.

I poured some more oil on her stomach, working it in to her flesh and marveling at how smooth her skin was. I also noticed then, somehow, incredible, that she was almost completely shaved down below. Only a small patch of hair remained above her steamy slit, accenting it. I loved a shaved pussy above and beyond what was healthy, and her being so close to bald drove me to distraction. Without realizing it I dipped my head down and without preamble licked my tongue up the length of her lips, tasting her womanly nectar. She tasted wonderful. I had to have more. I licked her a few more times, burrowing my tongue into her pussy and barely even registering her hips bucking up at me, trying to force more of my tongue into her. I came to my senses after a minute and stopped. I gave her hard little nub of a clit a teasing kiss and pulled my head away. I licked my lips and sighed.

She groaned in frustration. Her mouth worked a few times as she tried to speak. I moved quickly over to her head and kissed her, silencing any cries with my mouth. She tasted herself on my tongue and lips and did not shirk away. Indeed, she seemed all the more turned on by it. I thought my cock was going to explode it was so hard.

I slipped back down and worked on her legs from the front, trying, and failing, to loosen the corded quadriceps. I moved further down, tickling her knees as I went and working the soleus muscle on the front of her lower leg. Finally I was at her feet again. Feet, the thing I had little interest in. Yet her feet were special. I rubbed the oil into them and went out of my way to make it as appealing to her as possible, massaging each of her toes and running my fingers in between them to touch flesh that was virgin flesh to an erotic intent. She shivered above me. It was new to her as well but she could not deny the feelings it was giving her.

I was done with her feet then. There was nothing left in my bag of tricks that would not instantly throw her over the edge. I walked along the side of the bed and gave her another kiss, not wanting to ever stop but knowing I had to. What was it with this woman? Normally I was not all that interested in kissing, but she had me wrapped around her little, er, tongue? It was not so little though, it was long an sinuous, putting a snake to shame with her ability to do things with it.

I stopped by her breasts next, spending an inordinate amount of time licking, kissing, sucking, nibbling, and otherwise teasing them. Finally, after she was writhing on the bed I pinched one nipple hard with my fingers. The other one I bit down on, not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to hurt. She grunted and began trembling again beneath me, which I know understood to mean she was cumming. Not as hard as before, but it was still an orgasm. I grinned at how multi-orgasmic she seemed to be. I had no intention of letting her go anytime soon either. It would be a night she would never forget. Problem was I had a feeling there was no way I was going to forget it either!

I slid further south, coming at the junction of her hips from above. I always preferred going down on a woman from that angle because it gave me better access to them without forcing my neck into an awkward bend. She purred happily when he felt my upper body sliding across her stomach, then my breath blowing on hot pussy.

My tongue flicked out, tasting her anew. I reveled in her taste, finding myself quite thoroughly addicted to it. She possessed a great many weapons, my only hope was that she did not realize just how devastating she could be to me. In the meantime my tongue was happily exercising itself as I spelled out various words with it on her clit as they popped into my head. She groaned and bucked her hips, entering into another orgasm rapidly. I rode her through three more before I felt her getting weaker and weaker. I grinned around my mouthful of her slick flesh and finally relented my assault on her.

I stood up and released her hands. She lay there breathing heavily, her body to worn out to do anything at the moment. I untied the scarf and pulled it free of her head, seeing her twinkling green eyes smiling at me in the flickering candle-light.

"Wow" she said, her voice cracking from the strain she had put her throat through. I chuckled and walked back to the front room to retrieve her purse. I stopped on the way back and grabbed an ash tray out of one of my cupboards. For anybody else I would never have done this, but she was special, so I was willing to let her light up in my house.

I handed her the things I had brought and she thanked me. She rummaged through her purse and found her cigarettes and lighter. A few minutes later and she was puffing away happily. I did open up a window to let the smoke out, at least.

"You didn't cum yet," she said after a few pulls. She was staring at my semi-rigid cock. I just shrugged.

"Not yet, that was just the warm-up round," I told her with a wink.

Terry's eyes widened. "God, I don't know if I can take anything more like that."

I just smiled. "You've trusted me so far, how about you trust me to know how much you can take."

She looked at me and laughed. "Okay, I guess. Shit, I don't even know your last name and I don't believe I'm doing this!"

"Would it help you if you knew it?"

She pondered it for a moment. "No, not really."

I nodded and moved up closer to her. She stabbed her cigarette out and leaned in to me so we could kiss again. The smoke was fresh on her mouth but again, I found myself not disturbed by it in the least. There was some strange mojo in the air that night.

After several minutes had passed during which the magic of our kiss did not fade in the least she broke it and said to me, with a twinkle in her eye that indicated she was charged back up, "My turn."

"Your turn?" I asked, raising an eyebrow curiously. I thought I was in charge here, I thought to myself.

"Yeah, you lay down and let me tie you up."

"Sorry, that's not my thing," I told her. I was not lying, I was kind of sorry. At any other time with any other person it would have been an instant no way. But she was different. She made me want to experiment. Scary stuff!

She pouted a little but shrugged it off. "What are you afraid of?"

I scowled. Me, afraid? Bah. "Afraid of nothing, I just like to run the show that's all."

"I think you're afraid to lose control," she said, taunting and challenging me.

"That maybe, but I think it is just because I don't like being tied up," I countered, not rising to her thrown gauntlet.

"You have a bad experience?" She asked, her tone taking a different pitch to indicate she might understand.

"Something like that," I admitted. It was something like that, but no matter how special she was I was not ready to let that skeleton out of the closet.

"I promise you that I will only give you pleasure. No pain. No hurt. Let me help heal you, David."

Damn her. There is something powerful in a name. Using it when you're directly confronting somebody takes the conversation to another level. It personalizes it even more. Sure, there was nobody else around and she had to be talking to me, but by using my name she guaranteed that I knew she was focusing on me. It was a trick I used on women from time to time, how dare she turn it around on me!

"I like you, Terry," see, I told you so, "so I'm willing to let you try. I'm stronger then I look though, and I will find a way out of these things if I feel I need to."

She nodded. She understood I was not threatening her, just explaining how I might react. She grinned then and got up from the bed, totally unconcerned about her nudity. I was impressed, not just with how great she looked, but at her confidence and her attitude. She was the type of girl that could make a guy like me very happy.

I took her place and, somewhat nervously, laid back down on the bed. She crawled on top of me and straddled me, sitting down on my abdomen. I could feel the hot wetness of her against my skin. She grinned at me and rubbed herself against me. My cock rose to fullness and pressed up against the crack of her ass. She gave me a naughty wink and leaned forward to secure my first hand.

With my first wrist tied up she sat back down, sitting on my cock and squirming around a little to rub her slit up and down my length. She purred deep in her throat and I agreed with her unspoken sentiment. It was nice. But it was to soon, and she knew that. She leaned forward again and secured my other wrist. The blindfold she left off, something I was grateful for.

She never bothered with my legs either, something in hindsight I was also grateful for. Hands are useful things, but sometimes legs can work just as well, in a pinch. Hopefully I would need neither though.

Terry moved backwards on the bed until she was sitting at the foot of it. Once there she leaned over and grabbed the massage oil. I grinned, a massage would be nice I suppose, though I had met very few women who were any good at it. Well, to be fair they may have been good at it, I just had met very few that knew how to give me a good rubdown.

It turned out she was going to neither prove nor disprove my theory. Instead she poured some of the oil directly on my dick and, using her hands, rubbed it in. It warmed quickly in her hands, spreading the slickness over me and leaving it very well lubricated. I wondered what she had in mind, after all, I certainly needed no lube to slid into her pussy, it was wet enough on its own! I smirked knowingly, she had wanted my fingers in her backdoor, I bet she wanted my dick there as well. It had been a while since I had been blessed with anal sex, I was looking forward to it!

But again, I was wrong. This girl was doing a number on me and strangely enough, I really liked it! She leaned back against the footboard again and positioned herself with her legs spread. Her fingers slithered down to her pussy and she began playing with herself. I admired the view, though I had to lift my head up to see her. She winked at me and then repositioned her legs so that her feet were touching my dick, one on either side.

"You seemed to like my feet a lot, I figured I would try something new," she said to me, smiling mischievously. I smiled back, this was something new for me. Feet... who would have thought?

She slid her feet up and down my cock, easily moving thanks to the lubrication. Her feet were soft, a sign that she was not one of those people who walks around barefoot all the time. I watched her show as best I could past the roadblock of my penis and her feet and enjoyed what she as doing to me.

I was apparently more turned on then I realized. That or the oddity of her jacking me off with her feet pushed me to the edge faster then I expected. I like to think it was the former. Regardless, I felt myself tensing up and groaning. I knew it was over soon and I looked at her face. She smiled knowingly at me. I could tell by her expression that she was incredibly turned on by what was happening.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:57 pm

"That's it baby, cum for me. Cum all over my feet, you deserve it and I want it! Let me feel your hot cum, let me rub it into my skin." She said, her voice low and lusty

Her feet continued to piston, pushing me over the edge. I grunted and felt the cum boiling through my balls. Then it was up and out, firing forcefully into the air to land on my stomach and her feet. I never even noticed that she quit talking, so caught up in the strange but powerful orgasm was I.

When I was done spewing I focused on her and saw that she was coming down from her own orgasm. She smiled at me and continued to rub my cock with her feet. It had lost it rigidity but it was still fighting the good fight. I was proud of the old fella, he made me look good!

"I figured you needed a little relief before we continued," she said with a wink. Then she crawled forward over me, licking along the length of my dick with her tongue and scooping up the residual cum that was still on it. She kept coming, dragging her chest and stomach over mine, smearing my cum on both of us.

Then she was there, at my face. She smiled down at me and kissed me, her lips parting instinctively. Again I was a little surprised there, not only because of what she was doing but because I was responding. Our tongues danced yet again, with me tasting myself on her. I mentally shrugged, figuring it had come from me in the first place, what was the big deal?

Apparently it turned her on a lot. The kiss continued and grew hotter. I felt her panting against me again and realized for the first time that I was doing the same thing. Having my hands restrained from reaching out and touching her was driving me crazy. I was pulling at my bonds, my arms betraying the cords of my muscles. I tried to relax them but it was not an easy thing to do.

"Roll over baby," she whispered, pulling herself away reluctantly. I groaned at the separation, not really hearing her.

"Roll over," she said again, reaching up and releasing my bonds. I blinked stupidly at her.

"Why?" I asked, not understanding. My dick was in the front, what more could she need?

"No questions, baby, just do it. I'm in charge now, remember?" She admonished me.

I scowled but, against my better judgment, rolled over. She secured my wrists again and started working on giving me a back rub. About time, I thought to myself after remembering how I had misjudged her earlier.

She did a good job, I had to admit. Proper pressure up top and she even gasped in surprise at how tight the muscles in my shoulders were. I did not bother explaining the reason why to her. After all, everybody had stress and pressures in their lives, nothing made mine that much more worthy then anybody else's.

From there she worked down, tracing my shoulder blades and the muscles in my back. I worked out and was in decent shape, a fact that she seemed to appreciate both physically and visually. She dipped lower, applying fresh oil when necessary, and began to massage my butt.

My ass is exit only, I should mention. While not homophobic at all I do have some issues when it comes to the old back door. She sensed as much by the tightening of my buttocks as she worked the oil into them. She was diligent and patient though, and eventually I started to relax some. At that point she moved on, working on my hamstrings. She had to pull my legs apart, since my feet were not restrained and were naturally close together. I was tempted to resist but so far this woman had proven herself to be to good to be true, so I let her.

She worked the oil on the inside of my thighs and then followed in my footsteps, dripping some onto that little strip of flesh between my family jewels and my asshole. She rubbed it in, making me squirm a little nervously, even though it did feel quite good. She moved to my nuts then, gently massaging them. I felt her moving a little then and before I knew it I could feel her hot breath blowing on my sack. Instinctively I raised my hips some towards her. Any other woman and with me in any other state of mind there was no way I would be doing this. No way at all.

Her tongue started tracing circles on my sack then, making me shiver in delight. She had distracted me so well I did not even realize it when some more oil fell on my ass, sliding into the valley between my cheeks. I did not even realize at first that she was rubbing it in moving lower and lower and closer to where she was now gently sucking my nuts one at a time into her mouth.

But then I realized how dangerously close her fingers were getting, rubbing insistently towards no man's land. I tried to speak up and stop her, I really did. I was curious though, what was this sexual Goddess going to do? Curiosity is apparently not a trait held alone by cats.

Her other hand reached under me, urging me to lift my hips up further. I did so drawing my legs up some to aid in it. My posture was now truly obscene and very embarrassing, had I realized it. Here I was on my knees with my ass high in the air and my face in the pillows. Extremely non-manly. Unless your definition of manly involved being a pillow biter.

She made me feel a whole lot better about my masculinity when her hand wrapped around my dick and started pumping it back to life. She continued to suck on my testicles, adding a little humming to the pot to make things more interesting.

Her fingers were there then, dancing lightly across my asshole. I sucked in a breath, on the verge of telling her to back the fuck off. I bit it back for one long moment, then another, then let the breath go. More oil dripped on me and she started rubbing it in. In spite of my reservations I felt myself responding to the stimulation. My cock was growing rapidly in her hand.

I groaned when her first finger slipped inside me. It was a release of hidden tension as much as anything. I could not believe what was happening. Even more so, I could not believe I was almost enjoying it.

Terry's tongue danced over my sack and slid up the skin of my perineum, bringing it dangerously close to where her finger had just barely penetrated. My eyes widened at the unseen sensations and, not believe it, I felt my traitorous hips push up at her some more. She took that as an invitation and slipped her finger in a little further.

Before much longer she had worked it in all the way and was pumping it in and out of me in tune with her other hand that slid up and down my cock. Her mouth returned to my sack, nibbling happily away like a little squirrel at my nuts. My hips kept trying to pump my dick into her grasping fist but I would lose the rhythm quickly and just end up stopping and letting her pleasure me.

She added a second finger then, slick with the massage oil, and pushed it gently but insistently into my anus. I shook my head in denial of what was happening but found myself facing the truth of how good what she was doing to me felt. I lifted my chest and head up on my stretched out arms and looked beneath me to see what was going on.

The position I had imagined her in was not correct. She was actually on her back, lifting her head up to suck on my scrotum while one hand reached up and around to plunder my asshole and her other stroked my dick just above her forehead. She glanced up when she felt me move and smiled when her eyes met mine.

Terry let my sack fall out of her mouth and scooted forward a little more. Her tongue licked up the length of my dick again, tasting my skin, the strawberry oil, and finally the pre-cum that was leaking out of the front of it. Satisfied with her position she stopped moving and laid her head back down on the bed, her sexy long tongue sticking out and flicking over the head of my dick. Her hand resumed pumping it, squeezing a little more insistently, and on her other hand her fingers plunged deeper into my ass, stroking up against my prostate.

In spite of myself, I groaned. The massive overdose of erotic stimulation was producing a reaction in me. I fought against it, considering it wrong to derive so much pleasure from being on the receiving end of anal sex, but no matter what I tried to tell myself the obvious fact was that I was about to get off.

I looked at her again, focusing on her. She winked at me, the smile clear to see in her eyes. Her mouth stretched open then and she splayed her tongue out flat in front of my purple dick, bending it enough to capture as much of my seed as I could offer her. My eyes widened and she winked again.

"Cum for me, baby. Cum on my tongue and my face. Let me taste you and drink you dry!" She whispered, her voice husky with desire.

I groaned, unable to form coherent speech, and felt her words combine with everything else she was doing to me to push me over the edge. My balls clenched almost painfully and sent a flow of my sperm coursing through me. For some reason the prostate rub she was giving me caused the force of my ejaculation to be far less explosive then usual. Instead it just sort of flowed out. The orgasm I felt was powerful and different from what I was accustomed to. Instead of the violent rush of sensations it was more mellow. Each spurt of cum was like a gentle wave of ecstatic pleasure, as opposed to a hammer blow of sensation against me.

I watched through it all and saw my cum drip out in thick spurts onto her tongue. They followed the path of least resistance and slid further along her tongue and into her mouth. I had been hoping for a little more power behind them, to make my cum paint her face white, but such was not to be.

After the first few gentle bursts she realized it as well and closed her mouth. She leaned forward and caught the next one on her lips and chin, then opened her mouth and sucked my cock into it. Normally a second cum for me in such a short time frame does not produce much of an offering; however, her stroking my prostate appeared to change that considerably. I kept on cumming, riding the orgasmic surfboard through the waves without falling off. Finally I stopped and realized I had lost track of her. Looking more closely I saw her continuing to suck on my dick, milking me dry. Her finger slipped out of my ass and she pinched me lightly on the cheek.

She extricated herself from beneath me finally and got off the bed. She wandered into the attached bathroom, where I heard water running, then she returned and untied my wrists. My shoulders and elbows aching, I managed to twist around and collapse on the bed. She slipped into it with me and we embraced, hugging and kissing softly and gently. I was more then a little confused. Something that I was certain would not and could not happen to me. She was special all right, maybe special in a bad way though.

"Can you get it up again?" She asked me after our petting and fondling had gone on for several minutes.

"I'm not as young as I used to be," I commented dryly. Truth was she kind of scared me now and I was not sure I wanted to. Still, I was a professional and I had my pride to live up to. "Give me a little more time and some special attention and I bet something good will happen."

She nodded and smiled, leaning back in to kiss me. We continue to make out, me putting my thoughts away as she was now behaving like I expected her to. Things were getting back to normal and Mr. Happy was beginning to respond again. Plenty of exercise and a healthy diet... best ways to fight off aging! Of course a knockout blonde with eyes that sparkled more brightly then most jewels certainly helped as well!

Her hand brushed against it and she cooed excitedly. She reached down and took it in her hand, gently stroking me until I rose all the way. I grinned at her and winked. She kissed me one last time then rolled me over onto my back. She straddled me and slid her still sopping wet snatch up and down my dick, coating me with her juices. I tried to hunch my hips up to thrust into her but she was having none of it.

Then the wait was over. She reached behind her and lifted me up to line up perfectly with her. She sank down on me and took my entire length into her in one thrust. I groaned. She moaned. We made erotic music together. She stayed like that for a long moment, just letting the two of us enjoy the sensations. The art of sex is not still art, however, so before long we both began to move, sliding ourselves against each other and seeking to drive the other person to new heights of pleasure.

I lost count of how many times she shuddered on top of me. Eventually she lost her strength and I had to roll us over and take charge. I plowed into her deeply, my groin smacking into hers each time. She gasped and panted beneath me, urging me on with her wonderfully filth language to fuck her deeper, harder, and faster. I did my best to comply. I was in this one for the duration, I had absolute control over my orgasm this time and it was a long ways off still. I grinned at her and did my best to return her slutty talk, telling her about how I was going to fuck her through the night and tomorrow, not filling her with my cum until she begged me to do it. I told I was going to cum deep inside of her then pull it out and make her clean me off with her mouth, something that seemed to excite her so much she had an orgasm right then and there.

We kept going, promising incredible things to each other, some of them most likely impossible. It was a lot of fun and we were both enjoying ourselves immensely, both for the verbal exchange of trying to out-porn the other person as well as for the world class fucking we were both giving and receiving.

Finally, her being on the verge of what appeared to be a huge orgasm she said to me, "Next time I'm going to bring my strap-on so I can fuck your ass properly!"

It was so crude and so wrong it just caught me off guard. Not only that, but it also made my ass pucker at the thought of it. My concentration was shattered then though, and I felt myself rushing over the edge.

"Here it comes baby, I'm gonna fill you so full of cum it'll be running down your legs for weeks!" I said roughly. I slammed into her a few more times, pushing her into the same red zone, then my aching balls exploded, firing the last of my sperm deeply into her sucking and clutching pussy. I grunted, groaned, and panted as I felt the third powerful orgasm of the night carry me away to a happy place. Below me she was shuddering and making mewling noises to indicate she was heading to that same happy place with me. Her pussy clutched at my dick, milking the last of my seed into her. I gasped a few more times then all but collapsed on top of her.

Terry's arms wrapped around me and hugged me tightly. I felt her lips and her breath against my ear as she struggled to catch her breath. My dick was shrinking slowly but neither of us wanted the inevitable to happen. Not yet. We pushed against each other, keeping me locked inside of her wonderful warmth.

"Did that turn you on, the thought of me using a strap-on next time?" She asked me softly. I could hear the smile in her words now, so used to her was I.

"I'm not gay," I said, defending myself for my own benefit more then hers.

She just laughed lightly. "I know that, silly, that's why you just gave me the fucking of a life. No gay man could do that!"

"All right then, as long as that's clear," I said, feeling better now that she had appealed to my pride.

She smiled and cuddled up against me, enfolding herself within the security and comfort she felt my arms provided. I found myself smiling softly and wondered if, perhaps, my hunts were finally over.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:57 pm