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This story is a total work of fiction


This story is a total work of fiction and bares not resemblance to anyone I
know or have known. This is not about me either. So, enjoy and feel free to
send comments. Especially if you think you'd like to see stuff added to the

I was twelve and on the verge of being a teenager however my body was
already there. My cock, which seemed to me to be hard all the time,
measured about five and a quarter inches long and I was growin hairs around
it. Not lots but, together, I was more developed down there than any of my
friends or other boys I had seen in the school showers. And the big one...I
could make sperm. Naturally, all of that made me a little special, although
only my best friend Jimmy knew about the sperm part. My balls were still
hairless but they had dropped into a loose bag that pretty much filled my
small hand.

My sister Tara was had just turned nine and we got along ok. I wouldn't
want to hang out with her or anything but around the house we friendly to
each other. Of course when we were little we used to take baths together
and as we got a little older, like most kids, we played "house" or "doctor"
but that had not happened for at least 2 years. That was why she was amazed
when she saw my hard boy cock, which started this story.

It wasn't unusual for me to sleep naked. It was summer, it was hot and we
didn't have air con. Besides, I was feelin sexy hot a lot and often fell
into sexual fantasies alone in the darkness of my room. I would undress
slowly, play with dick and balls until I was young boy hard then jack off,
squirting my young watery sperms onto my firm little tummy.

It was a Saturday morning, we were going to go upstate to the fair and as
usual Tara was up early and rarin to go. She had come into my room and said

"Get up sleepy head, we want to go early" and she yanked my sheet back
revealing my young, but big, cock in all it's ram rod morning hard glory.
Since I was still mostly asleep I didn't react nearly as fast I would have
normally. "My gosh Derek", she exclaimed, "Your thing is so big" and she
grasped onto my cock.

"And it's hard like a piece of wood" she said squeezing it. Now I was
awake. I reached down and grabbed the sheet and pulled it over my body.

"Shit Tara what the fuck do you think you're doing get out of here." I
said, angry and embarrassed.

"You said the "F" word, I'm gonna tell mom" which meant I would get in tons
of trouble which meant lots of chores and restriction for a week and it
wouldn't matter why I had said it.

"Come on Tara", I pleaded , "please don't tell it'll ruin my whole darn

"Then let me see your thingy again and I won't tell" she said. I had a
choice but the options weren't great but on the other hand, it felt pretty
good having her warm hand squeezing on my cock like that. I sighed and
pushed the sheets down, exposing my growing young body to my sister. My
dick has softened somewhat during the exchange but was still semi hard.
Tara sat on the edge of my bed and took my young prick in her hand again
and was totally amazed as it grew to its full size right before her eyes.

"Gosh Derek, that is neat, how does it do that" she asked, as she squeezed
on it. I told her it was because she was touchin it is why. She let go and
cupped my balls but was careful with them, having learned that a few years
ago, and she commented on how big my balls had gotten too. The feelings
were tearing through my horny young body at the hand feeling me up. My
rigid boy cock was throbbing and I am not sure it had ever been as hard as
it was now. Tara noticed the bead of clear liquid at the slit on the head
of my dick and asked if it was pee. I told her no, it was the beginning of
making sperms, which you put in a girl to make babies. That got her
attention, and she asked how. I told her that a man puts his thing inside
of the girl and the sperms come out and mix with girls things inside to
make a baby. She wanted to know all about that but I heard my mom in the
kitchen starting breakfast so said we could talk about it later and she
needed to leave my room. She said ok and headed toward the door but turned
and said, "I won't tell mom about anything Derek", and closed the door.

I was fucking hot as hell and grabbed onto my steel hard cock and stroked
it. I only got about four strokes in before my dick swelled and I
squirted. It was the most powerful cum I ever had and the feelings seemed
to go on forever as I felt the first drop hit my upper chest and another on
my belly. I had never shot that far before. As I laid back, my dribbling
cock still in my hand, I thought, this could be pretty interesting.

Chapter 2

A few weeks later my parents were going to go out for dinner and a movie
for a special occasion. They were thinking of getting a sitter but figured
I was legally old enough to watch the house and decided to give me the
chance. They gave me directions, which I didn't really need, which included
Tara having her bath before bed, which she did within ten minutes of them
leaving the house.

I was in my room when she finished so she came in there, wearing her night
gown. Right off she asked to see my thingy again so I dropped my cargo's
and boxers right on the spot. My cock was about half hard and Tara latched
onto it with her little hand and gave it a couple of squeezes and soon it
was a piece of steel. She got on her knees for a closer inspection of the
goods and cupped my balls again, and stroked my cock a little bit and of
course I had some precum leaking out. My young body was raging from the
feelings, my breath was coming faster, my heart felt like it would rip a
whole in my chest and I knew that I was not far from squirting. I told Tara
to stop a second and took off all my clothes and laid on my bed and told
Tara to sit next to me.

"If you want Tara I'll let you see sperms, that what makes babies." She was
excited about that and so was I. The feeling of her warm little hand on my
boy cock was incredible so I told her how to hold onto it and stroke
it. She did as I told her and when I felt the tingly feeling of a cum I
told her to do it faster and watch the top of my cock, my thingy. I moaned
"oooohhhhhhhhh", and thrust my hips in the air as my cock shot out three
globs of white cum onto my heaving chest. Tara let go to see it and I
grabbed onto my dick and keep stroking some more, causing more sperm to
dribble out onto my trembling hand. Tara wanted to know all about that
whole deal and put her finger in my cum to feel it and smell it. I
explained what it was and how it worked, at least how I thought it worked.
She wanted to know if girls did that and I said I didn't think so which she
felt was unfair. I got up and grabbed a dirty shirt and cleaned myself up
as my cock softened a little bit. I was still hot as hell, wondering around
totally naked with my young dick and balls being viewed by my little

I wanted to see her naked too so I told her so and she didn't say a word
but lifted her night gown up and took it off, revealing a totally naked
smooth young girl body. I told her to lie on the bed, which she did, then
spread her legs. I sat next to her and leaned it for a close look at her
smooth white skin. I was quite interested in her pussy, having heard so
many stories from other boys. He little slit was interesting and I put my
fingers to it, feeling up and down it's length before opening the lips. I
got between her legs, placing my head close in as I opened her lips and
investigated the inner workings. I rubbed on the inner part softly and Tara
said that it felt really good what I was doing. I discovered her other
hole, her cunt hole and looked closely at that too wondering how a cock
would fit inside of it, specifically my cock, which was now very hard
again. I put my face real close to sniff at her sex parts then put my lips
to it. I liked the smells and the feeling and, wondering what it might
taste like, started licking on the inner part of her smooth soft pussy.
Tara squirmed as I licked on her cunt.

"Ohhhh Derek that feels so good, don't stop doing that, oooohhhhh." She
wiggled her little bottom as I licked at her and I was so hot as I pressed
my rock hard cock into my mattress. I tried to put my tongue into her
little hole and then she really squirmed and moaned. I stopped licking and
slipped my finger into her cunt all the way till I couldn't go anymore.
She moaned again and I told her that is where a cock would go to make
babies, or just for fun as I slid my finger in and out of her while my
other hand played with her other lips. Leaving my finger in place, I leaned
way forward and sucked and licked on her inner parts while my finger still
fucked her hole. She was moaning really loud now and pushing her bottom up
and down, helping my finger fucking motion. All of a sudden she groaned and
shook like mad and thrashed her head back and forth on my pillow as she
breathed like she just ran a race or something. I stopped what I was doing
and she yelled to not stop, to keep on going so I licked and sucked and
finger fucked her for a few minutes till she said to stop. She sat up and
threw herself into my arms hugging me,

"Oh Derek that was the best feeling I have ever had I can't believe it." I
told her I liked it a lot too. She asked if she could suck on my cock and
lick it and things. Oh fuck yes I'm thinkin. I said sure and laid down with
my legs spread wide open. Tara laid close to me and gripped my pulsing boy
dick and put the head of it to her small lips and kissed it, then licked on
it. She put the head into her mouth and a small amount of the shaft before
she choked. She stopped sucking and licked on my hairs, commenting on how
soft they were then she started in on my hairless balls. She sniffed them
then licked at them once as if tasting them the started licking on the like
a dog washing. Oh god it felt so good having her do that, I was in heaven
and wanted to squirt so bad. I had heard about sixty nine from other boys
and decided I wanted to try it with Tara so I told her to stop and lie next
to me, which she did. He smooth little pussy was right in my face and my
swollen young cock was in hers. I put my lips to her skin then opened one
side of her lips with one hand and started licking inside. She was licking
on the head of my dick and stroking it when I came, my sperms going in her
mouth. The feelings of that sperming were intensified by the fact that my
mouth was buried in my sisters' pussy at the same time. Fuck it was so
hot. When I finally died down she said it didn't taste to bad but there
wasn't as much of it as the first time and it wasn't white either. I told
her it takes time for a boy's balls to make more sperm, it wasn't like a
water hose where you could just turn it on. I didn't want to take a chance
on our parents coming home so told Tara that maybe we should stop for that
night. She didn't really want to but said ok.

Chapter 3

A few mornings later she came into my room to get me up and of course she
yanked the sheets off me and of course my young dick was standing proudly
at attention. Tara loved looking at my cock and touchin it so I was a
little surprised that she wasn't in there every chance she could get. She
leaned right in and started sucking on the chubby head and about 2 inches
of my shaft, bobbing her head up and down. Since she was facing toward me,
I reached over and put my hand up her nightie and started feeling up her
smooth little pussy. She turned a little more and spread her legs open for
me so I could rub and feel on the parts inside her lips. Both of us were
panting in no time and I felt the tickle begin and told her I was gonna cum
soon. She took her mouth away and jacked me of using both of her small
hands and within seconds my boy boner was blasting squirts of white cum up
onto my firm smooth belly as I thrust my hips in the air. My fingers never
left Tara's pussy, one of them finding her cunt hole and slipping inside
her finger fucking her while I shot. She was moaning with pleasure and
soon let go of my dick and laid back on my bed and let me work her. I
slipped another finger inside and she moaned with pleasure, as my fingers
stretched her tight little hole farther than it ever had been before.

"Faster Derek", she whispered, "do it faster, oooohhhhh oooohhhhh" and soon
her little body was shaking like mad. I figured that she must be having a
cum too even though nothing came out of her cunt. She finally died down
and sat up and hugged me like before saying it felt so good what I did for
her. She stood up and pulled her nightie down then said "I can hardly wait
till you put your big hard cock inside me Derek" and she turned and left.
The thought of that caused my dick to go hard instantly and I jacked off
thinking about how soon I would be able to fuck my little sister.

That afternoon I was at Jimmy's house and we had just gone up into his tree
fort. He said he had something awesome to show me and when we got there he
pulled out a magazine from under some stuff. It was in color and was men
and women fucking and sucking and everything. Very soon we were both
clutching the front of our pants, trying to find a comfortable position for
our hard cocks. I finally decided to hell with it and rolled onto my back,
unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees along with my underwear.
My hard young cock popped out and smacked my belly. Jimmy was staring at my
cock and I said to him,

"What are you waiting for, drag it out." he smiled at me and began doing
what I had done. Despite my being sexy with my little sister, I loved being
with Jimmy. I had dreamed about sucking on his hard little dick but had
never really done anything about it. I kicked off my shoes and stripped all
my clothes off, loving the feeling of being naked outside, and having my
best friend see my body. I slowly stroked on my cock as I watched my friend
pull down his pants, allowing his hard four inch cock free. Jimmy's body
was smooth as an apple, his balls still kind of tight to his body in a
crinkled little bag. God I wanted to lick and suck his balls.

We laid close together, the magazine between us, lovingly playing with our
cocks and balls, rubbing, stroking and feeling all of our sex stuff,
glancing at each other from time to time. We were staring at a picture of a
guy getting his cock sucked and Jimmy asked I had ever done that. I said no
and he said neither had he but he wanted to try it really bad. I said I did
too and without further thought, I reached over, his hand away and began
stroking on his boy dick. He just lay back and let me do it. I loved the
feel of his hard little cock, it's soft yet hardness. I moved closer to him
and asked how it felt. He said it was great, as I well knew from Tara
playing with mine. I leaned down and licked at his small head then put it
in my mouth. Jimmy moaned and put his hand on the back of my head,
encouraging me onward. I sucked his cock into my mouth, taking almost the
while thing in then slid it back out. I let my mouth control it while my
hand cupped and fondled his boy bag, and he spread his thin legs to give me
plenty of room. I finally stopped and he said that was the most fucking
awesome thing he ever felt and could he do that to me. I just rolled onto
my back.

Jimmy reached over and grabbed onto my bigger cock and squeezed it, got
close and looked at it, put his fingers into my hairs before stroking on
the firm flesh in his hand. "I have always wanted to look closer at your
cock and feel it and stuff Derek" he said candidly. "Does that make me gay
you think?"

"Well," I replied as he stroked on me, "if it does then it means I am gay
too cause I have wanted to touch and suck on your cock for a long time".
Jimmy smiled at me and without another word, my best friend leaned down and
took my hard cock into his warm young mouth and began sucking on it. He
didn't do it too badly neither. He took a lot of it into his mouth and kept
sliding his hand on it as he sucked me. After a few minutes he stopped and
got back to facing me.

"That was cool Derek, I like tasting your cock and feeling on it and
stuff. Did I do it ok". I said that he did great and would he like to do
some more to which he nodded his pretty blonde head vigorously. I moved
into a sixty nine with him and said this way we could suck and lick on each
other at the same time. And that is just what we did. Once his stuff was in
my face I took to it like a dog to water. I licked and suckled on his
balls, taking the whole little bag into my mouth and sucking on his marble
sized balls. I licked under his tight little bag , which drove him crazy
with feelings. I wondered what his butt hole would taste like and planned
on finding out some day soon after I knew he had washed it. Meanwhile,
Jimmy was doing to me what I was doing to him so I found out things that
made me feel pretty good too, like having the underside of my balls
licked. I must have been leaking precum cause Jimmy said he tasted it and
it wasn't bad. I was getting way hot and told him I needed to cum real bad
so I stopped on him and laid back and let him jack me off. He had never
done it to me before, only watched, so he was excited and jacked my hard
boy cock until I moaned out loud and thrust my hips in the air as a large
white glob shot out the slit and up into the air, falling onto my belly.
God how I loved that feeling. I dropped my butt back to the floor of the
tree house, panting, my heart thumping rapidly.

"That is so way cool awesome to see you do that Derek," Jimmy said smiling,
"I can hardly wait till I can make some sperms and squirt em out like
that." I told him I bet he could cum now without sperms and I pushed him on
his back and began sucking on his cocklet and jacking it while I sucked on
it. Soon jimmy was moaning and wiggling his little ass then he thrust his
hips up and down, like he was trying to fuck my mouth. "Oh God Derek my
cock tickles oh man stop Derek it tickles so much and then he started to
shake and I felt his little dick get harder and both hands grabbed the
sides of my head as his cock pulsed in my mouth. It went on, just like
Tara, for about fifteen seconds before he slowed and stopped moving, his
breath coming almost in gasps. I let go of him and moved back to laying
beside him. Finally his eyes opened and he turned to me then threw himself
in my arms, kissing my lips then hugging me.

"Oh Derek that was incredible feelings oh man I thought I was going die of
it. My cock tickled so much and then it was just, oh shit, I don't know how
to tell it," and he kissed me again, this time I kissed him back. I ran my
hand up and down his back, feeling his small firm boy ass and rubbing on
it. I had no explanation about how this felt to me. I loved holding Jimmy,
I loved him holding me, and kissing him was just, so, I dunno, right
feeling. My little heart was thumping away and I could feel his too.

"I think I love you Jimmy," I whispered to him.

"I know" he whispered back, " I think I love you too Derek" and we kissed
again, a long deep movie kind of thing before dozing off in each other's
arms, two naked young boys discovering life and love together.

Chapter 4

About a week later our parents decided they were going to go out again, the
first time leaving us alone seeming to have gone off just fine. They were
going to go out with another couple and didn't expect to be back until
after midnight, we were to be in bed by eleven. Little did they know that
we were in bed by seven thirty, naked together.

Tara had taken her shower before they left and as soon as they went out the
front door, I was in the shower washing all my parts, my young cock hard as
a rock in anticipation of the night's activities. After what Tara had said
the last time we were together I was planning on fucking her and my belly
was a jumble of feelings thinking about it. I wanted to jack off so so bad
but I also wanted to wait, to have Tara do it for me. I figured that I
would have her make me cum once, then we could play around and get me hard
again and then I would fuck her. I figured that as horny as I got, if it
didn't do it that way, I would probly squirt my sperms out before I even
got the head of my cock inside her cunt.

I came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist and went into
my room to find my little sister laying on my bed, totally naked, her
slender legs opened up to expose her smooth little crack, her fingers
rubbing in there.

"Hurry up Derek, she said, "take the towel off, I want to see your hard
cock." I dropped the towel as I walked toward my bed, my boy boner bouncing
in front of me. Tara rolled on to her side so when I got to the edge of the
bed, my cock was sticking straight at her face. She reached out and
tenderly gripped it sending electric shocks through my slim young body. God
I loved that feeling. She stroked on it then licked the precum off the head
before putting the whole head inside her warm mouth. She stroked it with
one hand and cupped my balls with the other, squeezing then gently. I
reached down toward her pussy but couldn't make it but she sensed what I
needed so moved her lower body for me. I placed my fingers on her crack,
feeling up and down it, letting one finger glide inside to touch her parts
then used two fingers to spread her pussy lips open so my whole middle
finger rubbed on her inner parts. She loved that and moaned as she sucked
on my cock. Like I said, my whole body was in a flurry of emotion and
feelings in anticipation of finally fucking her, of stuffing my almost
teenage cock inside her tight smooth little body. As I predicted, I didn't
take long.

"Tara I'm gonna squirt my sperms, oh god," I said as she took her mouth
away and jacked me off. My cum shot out onto her cheek, the feelings so
powerful that my knees got weak and I had to work at staying standing up
while she stroked on my dick. Finally she stopped and I did sink to the
floor and sat there a moment catching my breath. Tara wiped my cum from her
face and wiped her fingers on the sheet while her other hand took over the
job that I had been doing, rubbing her cunt.

My breathing finally returned to almost normal but my belly was still full
of butterflies. I told her to turn sideways and let her legs drape over the
side of the bed. Once there, I spread he legs open, exposing her smooth
firm little pussy fully. I put my face in there, sniffing up the girl
smells then flicked my tongue out and licked at it before just stuffing my
face in and licking and sucking for all I was worth. I loved the feeling of
her soft skin and I licked on her bigger cunt lips as well as the smaller,
cock like ones. I put my tongue to her cunt hole and licked at it, trying
to get my tongue inside. Tara was moaning and panting, her hand held my
head, not tightly, but just enough to help direct my attentions. I slipped
a finger insider her hole and slid it in and out a little bit before
inserting another one, stretching her cunt, getting it ready for the
invasion of my now throbbing, ready to go, fuck stick. My cock was as hard
as steel, precum bubbling out of my slit and I couldn't help but move one
hand to it and squeeze and stroke it before putting it back to my little
sisters' waiting pussy.

"Oooohhhh, oooohhhhh Derek," she moaned almost like she was in pain,
"ooohhh that feels so good your licking on my pussy and putting your
fingers in there." Tara was learning the words and liked to use them. "oh
god, Derek, I think I want you to try and put your big fat cock in there
Derek, can you try Derek, please fuck me with your cock."

I didn't need any prodding. I had heard enough from the older guys to know
that I needed something slippery to put on my cock in order to get it
inside cunt that didn't have lots of experience so, I grabbed a bottle of
intensive care and got my throbbing young cock all slathered up with it. I
put some all around Taras' hole and inside it as well. My bed was the
perfect height for us so I pulled her down farther to the edge. Tara helped
by holding her legs up and open for me and, standing in front of her cunt,
I guided the head of my ready cock to her little hole.

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"Oh god," thought to myself, "I'm really gonna do it, I'm gonna put my cock
in her cunt and fuck her" my belly was jumble of feelings, my heart
hammering in my chest, as my skin touched hers for the first time and I
pushed, then I pushed harder and the side of her hole opened and the head
slipped inside. Tara cried out a little bit and said to stop. We stayed
like that for a moment, our young bodies connected by the swollen head of
my penis. It was so so hot for me, looking down and seeing that, seeing her
little cunt spread open, her inner parts open and exposed. I reached down
with a finger and began rubbing on her inner lips. That did it. Tara moaned
and said to go ahead and put my whole cock in her.

I held her legs open and slowly pushed forward, and watched, amazed, as
inch by inch of my boy cock was eaten up by her tight young hole until I
was all the way inside of her, my hairs against her skin. The feeling was
indescribable. The pressure on my hard boy cock was unlike anything I had
ever felt or imagined. It was so tight, so warm. I slid my cock back out a
little ways then pushed it back in. then again, and again. "god, I was
fucking. I was actually fucking, a boy's dream come true, my hard cock was
inside a cunt and doing what it was meant to do. Soon I was sliding almost
all the way out then driving back inside that tight warm place.

"oooooohhh oooooohhhhh," Tara was moaning as I fucked her little pussy.
"push it in all the way Derek," she moaned, "ooohhhh push your cock in me"
and I drove in, holding my body tight to hers, my few pubic hairs crushed
to her cunt, my balls hanging against her ass as I ground my ass, pushing,
leaning in till there was no more cock to give and I came. Hard. I pulled
out, shoved in and pulled out and shoved in again. I could feel my young
prick blasting my juice into her and Tara moaned loudly telling me not to
stop as she came too, her little body shaking.

Things finally slowed down and I slowly slipped my softening cock out and
when if came free, I noticed her hole was a lot bigger and wondered if it
would stay that way or what. We talked about the experience and she said
that it hurt quite a bit at first but as she got used to my cock being
inside her it began to feel good and then I started rubbing on her pussy
parts and it got real good. My cock got hard again and Tara noticed it and
asked if I wanted to fuck her again. I said I did, so, this time we did it
on the bed and I remembered some of the pictures from Jimmy's tree house so
put a pillow under Tara's butt raising her up. I got on my knees and put my
cock to her hole and pushed right on in. It was still way tight to me, but
didn't hurt her. I leaned forward with her lags draped across my arms and
put my hands on the bed by her. It rolled her up and back so my throbbing
hard cock could drive in and out of her cunt really good. And I fucked her
again, longer and harder, my balls banging against her ass as I drove my
young cock into her. Tara was moaning like crazy, her eyes closed, her
hands on my forearms then almost screamed from the feelings as she finally
came. Although I lasted longer this time, my young hairless sperm filled
balls needed to be emptied again and her cunt gripping onto my cock as she
came took me over the edge. As I came this time I wiggled my ass back and
forth and really had leverage to plow into her little body, getting in
further than I did the last time. Tara was going crazy as my cumming helped
her cum even more it seemed like.

After we came, we just laid like that for awhile, my cock still buried
inside her. It seemed like it never got soft this time so soon I was moving
again, fucking her for the third time. Tara didn't seem to mind and was
soon moaning again. I got on my knees and held her legs wide open and
watched as my rigid dick slid in and out of her cunt. Tara moved her hand
between her legs and her fingers began rubbing on her little cock part and
he moans got louder. She came pretty fast this time , her body shaking and
her little pussy hole constricting on my cock each time she convulsed. God
that felt so good but I kept going. I stopped and took my cock out of her
and told her to get on her hands and knees in front of me. she did as I
asked and I got behind her and poked till I found her cunt hole and shoved
my cock all the way inside. I gripped on her little hips with both hands
and proceeded to fuck like crazy, driving into her. I could feel my balls
swinging back and forth with each thrust and I think that Tara had her hand
inside her legs and was rubbing her parts again because soon she was
moaning like before. Fucking her from behind put a different kind of angle
and pressure on my boy cock, something new. It felt awesome cool and I felt
the familiar tingle as the sperms left my swinging hairless nuts, ran like
marathon runners and escaped out the end of my swollen cock head only to be
trapped inside Tara's hot wet cunt. I gripped her hips and pulled her tight
to me, once again, grinding my ass in circles and trying to crawl up inside
me little sister's cunt, cock first. She screamed and shook, cumming again.
This time my cock got soft and it plopped out of her hole and she rolled
over onto her side, quiet, as her breathing subsided.

"Oh man Derek, I love feeling your cock inside of me like. It feels so
good," she said quietly. "Does it feel good to you to Derek, having your
hard cock inside of me and fucking me like that." I told her it was the
greatest feeling of the world and when I squirted my sperms it was even
greater. "I can feel your cock get fatter when you squirt em Derek. I can
feel your sperms going inside my cunt you know." She said this with a
certain amount of pride. I looked over at my clock, and although it wasn't
time to be in bed, I was exhausted. Not only had I made sperm four times in
the past two hours causing my young boy balls to be a little sore, I had
also fucked my little sister three times, a good workout I thought for any
twelve year old boy. I asked her how her cunt felt and she said it was a
little sore and we both noticed that it was some what red. Not too
surprising, I thought, considering the beating it had just taken. I asked
if she would be ok and she said she thought so but would take a bubble bath
and soak it a little bit.

Tara climbed off the bed, grabbed her nightie and headed out. She turned
and came back to my bed and leaned down and kissed my cheek. "Thank you
Derek, that was so much fun," she said and left. I got up and wiped my cock
off then pulled on my boxers. I didn't feel the least bit sexy, just fuckin
tired and I laid down and fell promptly asleep.

Chapter 5

I don't know why, but Tara and I didn't get sexy for a few weeks. It just
didn't seem possible, no time. On the other hand, Jimmy and I was found
plenty of opportunity to explore each other's young bodies, spending plenty
of time sucking each other's cocks and licking on balls and even getting
better at kissing. Once at his house, we took a shower together then went
to his bedroom where I licked and sucked on his little pink butt hole. God
I loved doing that, stuffing my tongue all over the tight muscle and
licking all around it. Jimmy was begging for mercy and I finally stopped
and he rolled onto his back. Then I tackled his cock and sucked on it until
he came, shaking like a leaf on a tree. Jimmy really went kinda crazy after
I taught him he could cum and he told me he did it almost every day but
doing it with me was the very best.

One afternoon we were at my house when my mom called to say that she and
dad would be much later getting home than planned and to go ahead and fix
something from the freezer that we kept in case of such emergencies. Tara
was still at her sitters and was supposed to stay there until my parents
came to get her.

Jimmy and I were naked on my bed, side my side and just playing with each
other's hard boy dicks when Tara came through the door. Jimmy almost shit
his pants, but so did I although for a different reason. "Oh boy Derek",
she said, "can I see Jimmy's cock too" which of course Jimmy covered up
with a pillow. I started to yell at her when the phone rang so I threw on
my boxers just in case, and went down the hall to answer it.

It was mom, a little frantic wondering if Tara was there. I said that she
was and my mother said she wanted to talk to her. I don't know why, but I
told mom she was in the bathroom, so she asked if it was ok for Tara to be
there and could I watch her till they got home about eight. I said yes but
made sure that my voice let her know I wasn't pleased. Mom said she would
make it up to me then said to take care and she would see me later. I hung
up the phone then went to lock the front door, just in case.

I pulled my boxers off and went into my room to find Tara, completely
naked, laying on my bed and playing with Jimmy's rock hard cock and just
getting ready to slide it into her mouth. Jimmy seemed to be in heaven so I
just went over and put my cock next to his mouth and he grabbed it and
began sucking on it. Tara was quite surprised at seeing that but went
after Jimmy's cock with a vengeance, just as he went after mine. I really
wanted to suck Tara's pussy so moved down and got between her legs and
began licking on her smooth cunt then licking on the inside of it. She
began moaning and stopped sucking on Jimmy. I told her to just lay on her
back and she did, with he legs spread wide open. I told Jimmy to come down
so he could see what a girl looked like up close.

Soon we were both playing with my little sisters pussy, looking at it,
licking on the outside of it and the inside, putting our tongues inside her
fuck hole. Tara was moaning like mad and said she wanted one of us to fuck
her right away. I figured it would be hot to see some other boy with his
hard cock inside my little sisters tight cunt so told Jimmy he could do
it. I got the slippery stuff all over his raging little cocklet and on
Tara's pussy and then helped guide his cock into her. Tara was ready for a
cock, her legs spread wide open, as Jimmy got the head of his prick next to
little hole. I held onto his prick and he pushed, the head going in easily
followed by the rest of his four inch shaft. Tara gasped a little bit but
mostly moaned. I had Tara put her feet flat on Jimmy's chest so he could
fuck her but not be in my way as I straddled her face and put my cock in
front of her lips. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked on it, both
hands on my firm twelve year old boys ass, guiding my cock in and out of
her warm mouth. Jimmy began fucking her, pushing and pulling his hard
little cock in and out of her cunt as he was supposed to do. Tara couldn't
moan and suck so she moaned. I turned around and began kissing a jimmy's
lips, deep throating him while he fucked. It didn't take long before jimmy
came, his body convulsing as he had a dry cum. I thought he was gonna faint
from it all.

Tara was hot as all hell and had not cum. She said. "Derek, put your big
cock in me, hurry please I want you to fuck Derek" so Jimmy moved away and
I got between her legs and pushed my cock right on in her cunt. She moaned
loudly, as my cock filled her up. I fucked her this time with her legs
across my arms and my hands on the bed beside her. I liked this position
cause it opend her cunt up but also gave me more room to get inside her.
Besides this way, jimmy could get down there and actually see my hard boy
cock slide in and out of her hairless tight pussy. I fucked Tara slowly,
pulling almost all the way out then driving back in as far as it could
go. Jimmy was playing with my hairless balls while I fucked her and would
also put his fingers around my cock right where it was going inside Tara's
hole. Fuck it was so hot. I was fucking my little sister and my best friend
was there with me, fucking, playing, sucking. Tara started moaning loudly
and began to convulse, her body experiencing an orgasm. "fuck me fast
Derek, fuck me faster" she moaned and I did, hammering my young body into
hers as she shook and moaned.

Amazingly I still hadn't cum so I told Jimmy that I wanted to fuck him. We
had talked about it, both wanted to do it and right now we were both as hot
as young boys can get. Jimmy said ok, and I pulled my raging hard prick
from Tara's cunt and she moved out of the way to let Jimmy get on his knees
in front of me. He did so and after putting the slippery stuff all over in
his ass I got between his smooth legs and got my cock head right to his
hole. My hands held his slender little hips as I put my skin on his and
pushed. Fuck it was so tight, way tighter that Tara's cunt then all of a
sudden the head of my cock slipped inside Jimmy's incredibly tight asshole.
He yelped and said to stop cause it hurt like hell so I didn't move. I told
Tara to get under him and suck on his cock, thinking that might distract
him a little bit. Tara did just that and soon was sucking like mad on
Jimmy's dick and soon my best friend was moaning from the feelings. I
slowly moved my cock inside of him and then I felt fingers on my cock. Tara
had put her hand back there and was feeling up Jimmy's balls, then she
moved to my cock and balls, feeling my cock as it moved into Jimmy's little
garage. Soon I was as far as I could go, my hairs were touchin his skin.
Tara had a handful of boy balls since both my and Jimmy's sac's were right
there together. I slipped my hard cock almost all the way out and moved
back in. Jimmy began really moaning loud cause Tara was still sucking on
his little cock as I fucked him. the friction on my dick was so incredible,
the tight feeling surrounding my young cock as just the most awesome

"Oohhh god Derek, this feels so good, oh man wait till I fuck you, you
won't believe how fucking good it feels to have a hard cock in your
asshole." Once that was said he started shaking again. "Ooohhh god I'm
cumming again oh man Derek fuck me harder fuck me harder oooooohhhhhhhhhhh
gooooooooodddddd." I began ramming into him but the feelings were so hot
and I could feel his asshole clamp on my cock as he came and I shot
violently, driving my sperms deep into Jimmy's bottom. I almost fell over
from the feeling of squirting in such a place and I knew then that, while
fucking Tara was fun and everything, fucking Jimmy was the most absolute
best in the world. The feelings finally died away and I gently pulled out
of my best friends asshole and we fell on the bed side by side. He rolled
to face me and we kissed, long and deep.

Tara looked on then asked, "Does that mean you guys are gay or something, I
mean kissing and fucking and sucking each other and everything?" Jimmy and
I looked at each other, staring into each other's eyes before I answered.

"Jimmy and I love each other Tara, we just kinda figured that out and so I
guess that means we're gay and I guess I don't care what I am really, as
long as Jimmy and me can be together." Tara asked what that meant then
said that as far as she was concerned, would I still be sexy with her. Both
Jimmy and I hugged her and said that we would find time to be sexy with
her, sometimes just me, sometimes both of us, if that was ok with her. She
said she liked Jimmy so that was fine.

It was getting late and out parents would be getting home sometime so we
got up and all took showers then Jimmy went home and Tara and I talked a
little bit. She asked me about being gay, and how fucking Jimmy was
different from fucking her. I told her I didn't really know how to explain
it, that it was just different. It's like maybe having ice cream. Most of
it's pretty good but one kind is great. If you think for a minute about the
things that you like about boys, well I like em too. It isn't like I have a
choice about it really, I just know in my heart that I like boys better
than girls and I love Jimmy. She seemed to think on that a little bit then

"Well Derek, you're my brother and I love you and so if you're happy then
I'm happy and I hope that we can still be sexy, even with Jimmy."

We did end up having some fun adventures together. Once I fucked Tara from
behind while Jimmy laid in front of her and she sucked on his cock, I tried
it that way too, and in fact we all did some variations of it. Jimmy
fucked me while I licked and sucked on my little sisters smooth soft cunt.
And he was right, I loved having his cock in my ass. Once I lay on my back
and Tara sat on my cock facing away from me then she laid back on my body
and Jimmy got between our legs and licked on my cock where it went into her
cunt. He licked on my balls and he licked all over her pussy too. That
felt pretty hot. Jimmy ate out my asshole, which I loved, and we tried
that on Tara but some things just taste better with a cute young boy. A
couple of times we both fucked her, with Jimmy up her ass and me in her
tight pussy. That felt really strange and it was kinda hard to actually
fuck her that way. We all got pretty good and sucking cocks, and going for
a longer time before we came. Jimmy started growin hairs and actually had
his first real sperm with Tara and me and that was fun. Tara didn't mind
Jimmy and me being together and she said it was kinda hot watching two boys
suck and fuck each other.

The three of us didn't carry on all that much longer though, six months at
the most. My little sister found some boys of her own to play with and a
few times I caught her with them and of course I would do the, "I won't
tell anybody if you let me.." which of course had the boy terrified but
Tara loved. My little sister loved my cock cause it was always bigger than
the little boys she found so she went long with the whole thing. Once or
twice we even conspired together for me to catch her with a particularly
cute young boy so I could have sex with him, and I even had a shot with
Tara and another girl once. And of course Jimmy and I found other boys to
be sexy with too.

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