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The road east from the Village skirts the Canyon


We were ready for the road around nine and it was my turn to drive. I pulled out of the parking area and we followed the road that runs close to the South rim of the canyon. The sun hadn't had a chance to burn off the haze as of yet and it was sort an eerie rim sight to see the haze down low in the canyon and in some spots it begun to disappear. The road east from the Village skirts the Canyon and we stopped a number of the scenic overlooks hoping to get a glimpse of the River far below; in some places it is almost a mile down. No luck in spotting the river but the rest of the views of the Canyon walls were beautiful.

The TV is very sporadic when the coach is moving but it was on the weather channel and we could hear there was a front moving in and rain was forecast for that afternoon. Aw shit.

When we got near the eastern edge of the Canyon the clouds were moving towards us very quickly and I made the decision to bypass the Grand Canyon National Park and head directly to the Bryce Canyon, roughly two hundred miles away. We had seen a lot of the Canyon and were happy the weather held off until after we had our helicopter flight and seen many of the spectacular views of the place.

We were about a hundred miles from Lake Powell and I remember reading there were a good few restaurants in the area. Might be a good place to stop for lunch. I had no idea of the availability of eating-places in Bryce National Park. We had plenty of food aboard the coach be we do prefer to get out into civilization to eat every now and then.

We arrived in Lake Powell at noon and found a delightful little Italian restaurant where we ate far more that we should. We had planned to take a little walk afterwards around the town to see it and the marina at the end of the Lake. But, with all we ate we would be walking for hours to burn off the calories. Not a chance, the rain clouds were getting closer and I wanted to be on our way before they unloaded on us.

Sue had gotten up from the co-pilots seat and went back to join Marianne who was supposedly watching the poor TV. I adjusted the interior mirror to see what was going on with them and they had disappeared. Huh! I physically turned to look for them and there they were ... They had pulled the sofa bed out and all I could see were tits and asses; the girls were enjoying each other. I was torn as to whether I should stop and join in the fun or simply keep driving and leave them be. I decided to keep motoring unless the moans got so loud I couldn't handle it. They must have been at it for almost an hour when it got very quiet behind me. There was a large wide spot in the shoulder a little ways up and I pulled in to see what was happening. I left the engine running and climbed out of the driver's seat and went back to the coach. There they were, each of them nude and spread out on the sofa and sound asleep. What a pretty picture they made. Lovely faces atop gorgeous tits and leading down to magnificent mounds. Both of them had shaved their pubic hair on our last coach trip and they hadn't let it grow back. I didn't want to shut off the engine for fear the silence would awaken them so I just sat there for awhile enjoying the sight before me. As pretty as it was I knew that I had to get the coach moving to run before the storm that was sure to overtake us if I stayed where I was.

Back on the road again it was another hour before I heard any stirring behind me. It was Marianne climbing into the co-pilots seat without saying a word. She was as nude as the day she was born and it was going to take all the self control I could muster to keep my eyes on the road and off of her. "Have a nice sleep?" I asked with a little smile on my face. She just grunted in response.

A few minutes more I could hear Sue rustling around and she soon followed her mom forward. She stood behind her mom's chair and dangled her arms over her mom's shoulders to drape her hands down over her tits. One look at them and I could feel the stirring in my crotch. Watching me get turned on seems to give Sue one of her biggest kicks and she moved sideways to get nearer me and then started to run one finger up and down my neck and around my right ear. "Sue, stop that shit. I'm driving."

"But you don't have to be. Why don't you pull this thing over someplace safe and come back for a 'cup of coffee'." That was one of her euphemisms for sex. Marianne looked at me and just nodded 'yes.'

A 'cup of coffee' it will be. I had just passed a great parking spot and I turned and went back a half-mile to it. "Marianne, you really ought to get out of that seat without any clothes on. Any Highway Patrol going by will be forced to come take a look." I advised.

She got up and wiggled her ass at me in passing. I laughed at her antics. The sofa was still out and my cock was rising to the occasion. Two beautiful nude women within an arms length of me and my dick getting harder by the minute; what more could any red blooded guy ask for? I stripped off my shirt and dropped my pants to see which of them would respond. It was Sue. She came over and put one hand on my upper chest and pushed me back. When I was completely flat she dropped to her hands and knees by the foot of the bed and pried my legs open. She then crawled between them letting one of her hands gently cuddle my scrotum and the other reaching up to trace the veins on my cock.

I put one hand behind Sue's head and pushed her down to let her know what I then wanted. I was hoping she would bury my cock in her throat. Oh did she ever bury it. I could feel her lips getting entangled in my pubic hair ad she began her deep pumping. Sue, get up on your hands and knees. I want to fuck you the way I did your mom yesterday.

She got up from my cock and licked it off as she rose up in the sofa. I soon had the purplish head of my cock lined up with her bulging pussy lips. The hornier she gets the more they bulge. I entered her very slowly and gently and was able to bury it in one smooth move. She gasped and let out a whooshing sound before she threw her hips back to me. I was busy pumping away when I looked over at Marianne to see her making some signs to me. She was pointing at Sue's ass and making the universal sign for fucking...she had made a circle of her thumb and index finger on one hand and then had the index finger of the other hand going in and out of the circle. Hmmmmmmm.

I kept up my slow and deep thrusting into Sue's warm pussy. My cock was throbbing and I could feel the muscles in her vagina holding me tight. I was holding her hips with each hand and gently pulling her back to me with each forward thrust. She loved it. Her moans were long and deep and she was reaching back through her legs to lightly massage my balls. That I loved. Marianne had retrieved a tube of KY from the nightstand in the back cabin and carried it back to me. I squeezed a huge gob of it on my hand and slid my dick almost out of Sue's pussy and smeared the KY on the shaft of it. I got another gob and just touched her puckered red asshole with it when Sue let out a, "Oh no you don't, get away from my ass."

With that I pulled out of her pussy and pressed the head of my cock against her ass and it slid in an inch or two. "Goddamn it, I said NO", she screamed and threw herself forward and down on the sofa bed to escape my cock. I stayed right with her following her down so that when she hit the bed I was still there with my cock in her ass even a little deeper.

I was hushing her, "Sue, you know you love this after we get by the initial part of me getting in your ass. Trust me, I'll go very easy and if you still say stop, I will"

"Ed, it hurts so much at the beginning." She whimpered

"I know honey. I am going to go very slow." I answered

I then started a slow movement going in a little bit more with each thrust. She was whimpering a lot more now and I asked, "Honey, do you want me to stop?" She shook her head a silent 'NO.'

It wasn't long before I was buried. We were still lying with me on top of her while flat on the bed when I suggested we get back up on her hands and knees position. She raised up instantly so I could drive into her more easily.

My iron hard cock was now penetrating her tight ass as far as it could go. She had stopped her whimpering and had started the same kind of moaning that escapes her mouth when I am fucking her pussy. She started to throw herself back at me to match each of my thrusts and reached between her legs to gently cup my balls. God, that felt terrific. Her ass is so tight I can feel her sphincter muscle grab every ridge in my cock as I thrust in and out of it. I leaned forward to get a hand in position to hold a tit. As soon as I did and started to tweak the nipple her moaning increased and her thrusts back at me became louder and harder. I minute of that and I was lubricating her anal canal with my white-hot juices. For some reason my cock didn't go soft right away and I kept thrusting much more slowly and not quite as hard and deep. My hand was still tweaking her nipple and she threw herself back at me with one gigantic push and let out a yell of pleasure as she had her orgasm. Once again, we both fell forward on the bed and just lay there somewhat exhausted.

Well, after cleaning up we were back on the road. Marianne was in the co-pilots seat and Sue was lying on the sofa listening to some CD's; her butt was probably a little too sore to sit upright just yet.

The visit to Bryce Canyon was worth the drive. We saw the sandstone spires from the road rather than go for the long long walk down to the base of them with a tour guide but they were breathtaking.

Marianne cooked us a great meal after our visit to Bryce. We found a nice parking spot for the coach in among a half down others. After dinner we took our usual walk around the parking lot talking to everyone in sight. One coach in particular held two women in their thirties and they really put on the dumb act with their flirting with me. Marianne didn't help any when the conversation got a little more risqué and she announced to the two of them that we had to get back to our coach. She pointed at me saying. "Ed has a twelve inch dick and we need to give it the attention it requires. The two women damn near attacked me but 'I knew where my bread was buttered' and got up to follow Sue and her mom out of their coach. Sue was damn near exploding with her stifled laughter and Marianne wasn't much different. All I said was "Don't you wish it were true?" They both let go with the laughter they were covering up and roared.

It is only a couple of hundred miles from Bryce to Vegas so we arrived in the fastest growing city in the country in late morning. I once again had made reservations at the Aladdin and knew we would undoubtedly be having our dinners in the same restaurants we did on our last visit. I loved Le Cirque at Bellagio's and knew we would have a feast there and the veal dishes we had at Tremezzo's in the Aladdin were unforgettable. . But first things first. Once again I had to park the coach myself while Marianne was taking care of checking in. By the type I got back to the lobby area they were already going up to the suite. Not the same one as last time but still a KING sized bed.

OK ladies, if you are going to change for some serious gambling ...now's the time. They stripped and jumped into the shower and were out again and redressed in a matter of moments. Marianne was going to play the super- provider for her and her daughter and announced that they wouldn't be taking any money from me for their gambling. I answered with, "HORSESHIT. It was my idea to come here and it will be my money you will play with. I don't want to hear any more about it." Marianne gave me a somewhat angry but appreciative look. She was upset I hadn't let her take care of her daughter's needs but was appreciative she wasn't going to have to dig into her savings.

This time I staked each of them five hundred and told them to have fun. Sue's eyes bugged out as I peeled off the bills. "Ed, you don't need to do that. That is way too much."

"Well, that's easy to remedy. Just give me back what you have left when we turn for home OK?" I said.

She answered me with, "That is fine but if you remember right, the last time we were here I lost everything and mom won almost two thousand dollars. I won't be returning much to you if my luck is the same this time."

"Sue, go and enjoy. It is now 2:30 PM and dinner is for 7:30. We will need some time to get changed and over to Le Cirque so let's plan on going up to the room around 6. Will that be enough time for you ladies?"

Marianne said "No problem."

"Well, considering how bad you two look I wasn't sure if an hour was enough time for you to do your make- up and stuff." I joked.

The both screeched and I laughed. Marianne gave me a more than playful punch on the arm as we parted to go into the casino and said, "You'll get yours."

I responded with the natural, "I sure hope so."

It was their turn to laugh and we parted to clean out Las Vegas.

At 5:30 I began my search for them. I found Sue at her favorite haunt, the slot machines. She saw me coming and had a huge smile from ear to ear. "What is prompting that shit eating grin?" I asked

"Look at this." She had one of those coin cups they provide and it was full to the brim. "And this," as she reached into her pocket and brought out a stack of bills.

"Wow, what did you win - the progressive?" I asked.

"Nope, not a progressive. I won two of them." She bubbled and then shrieked. "I won three thousand dollars."

"Good God, the woman is dangerous." I laughed.

"C'mon honey, let's go tell your mom and see if she has done as well."

We found Marianne at a nearby table and Sue ran up behind her and almost blew her eardrums in when she yelled, "Mom, I won three thousand dollars." The whole Blackjack table gave her a round of applause.

Marianne looked at me and I nodded 'yes.'

"Baby, that is terrific. You can buy the drinks tonight for I am just about even with what I started with."

"You bet I'll buy the drinks. Ed I have you to thank for this." And reached up and three her arms around my neck and had her tongue deeply in my mouth and searching all of the spots she knows arouses me. This girl doesn't know how to give a plain kiss. The rest of the male players at the table looked at me with envy.

"C'mon girls, we'll go and have a drink or two in our favorite lounge now before going up to change." It's just after 5 PM and if you guys are able to get ready by 7PM we will make our dinner reservations.

"As bad as you two look that will be quite the challenge." I joked. Sue damn near threw her beer at me!

We had our drink and they surprised me by being ready on time. They were absolutely beautiful. Their cocktail dresses clung to them like glue and they each did a magnificent job of filling them out. "Ladies, I am going to be the most envied man in Las Vegas accompanying two beauties like you. If I didn't think you would take it wrong I would say you look good enough to eat." They each smiled demurely.

It did surprise me to look at my watch as we were walking in the front door of Le Cirque at 7:28PM. Talk about being on time. The maítre d gave us his normal big smile and bright ' Hello' and gave the usual "If you will please follow me." (The girls didn't know it but I had asked for the same table that we had the last time we were here. It is a round table perfect for four enabling each to easily see the other's face as we sat there. It was also off in a corner with no other tables even near it and provided the privacy we enjoyed.)

Sue was directly behind him with Marianne behind her with me taking up the rear. As Marianne stared to walk she turned and looked back at me over her shoulder and with an unbelievably devilish and inviting look said, "Neither Sue or I are wearing panties or bras tonight."

"What" I stuttered. I reached for her and pulled her arm to stop her and said in my most hostile manner, "You are full of shit."

She just smirked and smiled coyly and said, "Nope, we are nude under these dresses."

Oh my God. How am I ever going to keep my mind away from the visions that were now starting to dance around my head while trying to enjoy my dinner?

The maítre d had stopped at our table and both of the girls cooed at once "You arranged for the same table...how sweet." It was my turn to just nod. Their smiles went from ear to ear and my cock had just started its rise.

As soon as we were seated I said, "What the hell am I going to do with you two? Marianne, you knew as soon as you told me about the bra and panties gambit my mind would go crazy with my imagination running wild. Didn't you?"

She had one of her coquettish and coy looks on her face when she nodded 'yes'.

Sue put a finger under her chin in another flirtatious pose and said, " Well big boy. What are you going to do about it?" as they both laughed. Right then I felt something touching my groin. Marianne had removed her shoe and had her foot up under the table and almost in my lap. Oh God, what I night this is going to be.

I looked over at Marianne and just shook my head. My mind was picturing her puffy pussy lips with my face buried deep within it. I could see her cleavage in the lovely dress she was wearing and now realized there was more cleavage there than the eye could see. It went all the way down to her waist. My mind was doing flips thinking about how much I would rather be holding one of her nipples in my lips than eating any kind of dinner anywhere in the world. Sue then leaned much further forward than necessary to saying something to me and making absolutely certain I would get a clear and unobstructed view of her own lovely globes. "Girls, how about if we go up to the room for a little while and come down for dinner later?" I asked.

They responded in unison. "Nah, Ed. Let's enjoy a nice dinner with some good conversation first."

Good conversation. I damn near couldn't think straight never mind carry on any kind of intelligent conversation. Oh boy, this was going to be a real test.

"OK, you smart asses. I am going to get each of you so damn hot verbally you will be soaking those lovely dresses you have on. Then I am going to shit laughing when you walk out of here with huge wet spots in your dresses right opposite your ass." I threatened.

"Have no fear. We anticipated that and have small hand towels tucked into the belts of these dresses under this lovely material." Marianne said as she stroked the cloth.

"Well, how about that. The connivers were at work. What do you think we do about all of this." I said with a huge gleam in my eyes.

Sue jumped in with, "Let's have our pre dinner cocktails, eat a wonderful dinner and finish it off with some cognac. Isn't that what we did here last time?"

"Yeah but last time I wasn't sitting across the table from two gaping pussies. And Sue, please close your legs a little, I think yours is winking at me." I asked.

Sue roared and Marianne was doing all she could from letting out one of her loud howls of laughter.

It was Sue's turn to try and massage my cock with her toes. She had slid down in her chair a bit and her foot was buried in my crotch. Just then the waiter came up to the table!

"May I take you drink orders?" He asked.

"Sure, This woman, pointing at Marianne, and I will each have a double scotch on the rocks and this lovely piece of femininity almost falling off her chair will have a very dry Beefeaters martini." I replied.

"Yes Sir" and he left.

"Now sweet lips, I want to see you handle that martini the way you are handling me tonight ... with ease" I smirked.

Marianne just looked at both of us and laughed. "Sue, if you can't drink it I will."

"Oh sure, mom to the rescue." I said

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The waiter was back very quickly with our drinks and I couldn't take my eyes off the breasts of the girls as they reached for them. Their nipples were making little peaks in their dresses and my mind was going nuts. I could just picture those nipples I had kissed a thousand times and that picture was getting my cock as hard as a steel rod. I was going to be in deep trouble if I had the need to use the toilet with this tent protruding in front of me. I motioned for the waiter to return to the table. When he did I told him to bring me a beer and a tall glass. He was back in a flash with Sue's real drink. Either Marianne or I were going to be doing some serious mixing in a bit.

Dinner was fabulous even though I was in a daze throughout it. At one point I slipped off my loafer and pushed my foot up under Marianne's dress only to see her eyes get big and dreamy and hear her say, "I'll give you a couple of hours to stop that Tiger." Sue saw what I had done and we each laughed so hard some people at a table at least twenty feet away from us looked to see if anything was wrong.

This interplay went on back and forth through the whole dinner. The food was wonderful but the verbal exchanges were even better. It was undoubtedly the most enjoyable dinner I could remember. Oh, the sex side of it was great but the joking we were doing about it was even better.

Sure enough when we were ready to leave the girls each reached up under their dress and pulled out very wet cloth towels and put them on the table at their place. If I had a good time, I could imagine what the guy who cleared the table thought when he smelled those towels. Whew!

I headed for the elevator when Sue said, "Oh no, I promised to buy the drinks. Let's go in the lounge."

The rest of the evening was calm by comparison. We had our drinks in the lounge and retired to our room. We undressed and tapped into the mini bar for final- finals and sat in the living room area of the suite just shooting the breeze when Sue unloaded on us:

"Mom, Ed, I want to quit college and find one closer to you guys. I love the school I am going to but I miss you both too much. It is pure torture for me when I leave Santa Barbara on Monday morning knowing I won't see you guys until the next Saturday. It tears me apart and I really don't get my mind focusing on school work until later in the week."

Marianne and I just sat there looking from her to each other when Sue continued with, "Ed, please don't think I am unappreciative for all you've done getting me the scholarship. I am somewhat hopeful that if I can work out a transfer to a school to which I can commute you might be able to work out some financial aid with the school for me."

"C'mere honey," and I held out my arms to her. She slid from her chair to sit on the arm of mine and I pulled over to my shoulder. "Sue, it is the most natural thing in the world for a person, I wont use the word child, to be homesick and blue when they go off to college. You have had a tough life so far and it has only been since we three got together that you have had much fun in your life. Right?"

The tears were rolling down her cheeks as she nodded affirmatively. "Ed, I don't want to be a big baby. I just miss you guys too much. It's not just the sex. We have so much fun in addition to that just sitting around talking."

Marianne looked at me and asked, "Ed, are there any schools to which she could commute?"

"Honey, I know a little about the local colleges but I don't know if they offer courses for her interests but I will find out as son as we get back."

"Feel better sweet lips?" I asked her.

She threw herself off the arm of the chair into my lap with her arms around my neck and gave me a very nice sweet kiss ... not one of her usual deep throat specials. "Oh, God, I was so frightened about telling you guys this I have been on pins and needles for this whole trip." Marianne came over and took her by the hand and had her stand.

The two of them held each other so tenderly I was almost in tears watching them. Marianne whispered, "Sue, honey. Never ever be afraid to tell me anything that is on your mind, OK?"

"OK, Mom." She said with the tears now flowing as if the floodgates had opened.

I walked between them and put an arm around each of them to lead them to bed.

Our lovemaking that night was as tender as is it could ever be. None of us were simply looking for sexual release or self-gratification; we care deeply about each other and the warmth and tenderness we feel for one another surely showed that night. With all the sex we have had between us over the time we have been together I can't ever remember seeing Marianne perform the way she did on Sue. Her tongue never seemed to stop moving on her from her tits to her anus. At one point she had her tongue as far as it could reach up Sue's ass and a few fingers playing around on her clit with those on her other hand gently rolling her nipples. Sue was in pure ecstasy and had her fingers tightly intertwined in her mom's hair as she threw her pussy as hard against Marianne's face as she could. Even Marianne gasped a little with the surprised increase in pressure on her mouth. Sue's orgasm was huge. She threw her hips high against Marianne while throwing her feet high in the air with her inner thighs clamping on to her mom's head. The juices poured out of her pussy unlike any flow I had ever seen out of her before and Marianne stayed right there lapping it up. I was just lying there watching all of this time not wanting to interrupt it, it was too sensual and deserved to be played out to completion.

Sue lay there for a few minutes before reaching out a hand towards me beckoning me over. I slid over and she bent at the waist to get her face near my now steel hard cock. I had been hard for so long watching them going at it the pre cum was pouring out of me. She took care of that licking up every drop before she leaned back to just gaze at my cock. She let a couple of her fingernails slide very tenderly up and down my shaft. They were barely touching me but I could feel them tracing the veins ever so lightly. She moved her mouth over the bulbous purplish head of my cock and opened her mouth just a little to let her tongue flick softly against it. She then opened up all the way and lightly held my shaft between a few fingers before lowering her mouth slowly around my cock. She let her tongue slide up and down the underside of my shaft and using it to massage that part of me. My cock was pulsing and throbbing harder than I could ever remember when she started to move up and down. It seemed that she was pulling all of the way off of it before driving her mouth back down deep while she was holding my scrotum lightly with her other hand. When she felt my breathing increase and at the very start of the vibrations in my balls she pulled her mouth half way up my shaft so when I had my orgasm I would be shooting in her mouth rather than down her throat. As I have said before, Sue doesn't just suck my cock. She makes love to it.

We all drifted back to the mini bar and I poured us each a drink. For once, Sue was going to have something other than beer and she opted for the same as her mother and I always have. Scotch on the rocks. I handed Sue hers but when I got over to Marianne I sat on the floor next to her chair. We were all still nude and I love to be this near her like this when we are. We sat like that for a while sipping and chatting about what we had seen and done so far. From the magnificent scenery at Bryce and Grand Canyon and some of the interesting people we met along the way. We wrestled over whether or not that one couple who had us in their coach for drinks really figured out that we enjoyed sex together. Sue got up and poured us another round of those miniature mini bar bottles and we just continued our conversation. Which then ranged from Sue's announcement about wanting to change colleges to her experience with the jock she creamed with her book bag.

I felt a light touch on the back of my neck and turned to see Marianne looking deeply into my eyes. I leaned my face over onto her upper thigh and reached up with one hand to touch her nipple while she was tracing her fingers around my ear. She had closed her eyes and was licking her lips at the same time and had had tossed her head off to one side and started to breathe a good bit heavier and faster. I moved in front of the chair and separated her legs and moved between them. The way she was sitting blocked a good view of her pussy but I could see the top her pussy lips and could easily imagine what joy lay beneath them. I reached under her thighs with each arm and pulled her to me so that the chair was supporting her ass with her legs resting on my shoulders. Her beautiful pussy was now right in front of me. I moved a little further towards her and started to kiss her inner thighs. First up one side and then jumping over to do the same on the other leg. Her juices were starting to flow and my nostrils were filled with her aroma and I knew the taste of her would soon be covering my tongue.

I let each hand wander slowly up to her breasts and had my fingers take each nipple and roll it around between them. I stopped kissing her thighs and let my tongue separate those lovely puffy lips of her pussy. My tongue knew where her clit was hiding and was soon able to suck it out of its hiding place so I could let my lips close on it. I took one hand from her breast and let my fingers take the place my lips had occupied in holding her clit. My tongue would be able to continue working it over while it was being held steady while her hips were thrashing around. I moved my other hand down and wet some fingers with my saliva and her juices before I moved them under her pussy and to her rear. I could feel her sudden intake of air as she was assuming I was going to insert them in her ass. She was right but I was going to do it very slowly and carefully. I moved one finger to the rim of her ass and inserted it up to the first joint. She gasped a little but didn't stop me. My tongue was still busy working her clit up one side and down the other and again flicking the very tip of it. She started to moan with the passion that was building inside of her when I inserted the second finger in her ass. She gasped and said, "Ed. please go easy."

"Hush honey, I will. You just relax and enjoy the feeling." My mouth was now working her clit a lot faster and I had let my fingers in her ass penetrate most of the way in and then pumped them a little. Her reaction was exactly as I knew it would be. She lurched her hips forward to press her pussy even harder against my face and I could feel her sphincter muscle closing tighter around my fingers. She started a low moan and then suddenly reached down to pull my head closer to her pussy to get my tongue even further inside of her. Her orgasm was beginning and she was breathing faster and her hip thrusting was getting even harder. I looked up at her face from her crotch and could see that her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip when she let out a little yelp she clamped my head between her thighs and squeezed them tightly. She then let out a low howl I had heard from her before and started a very fast back and forth thrusting of her hips to and from my face. I could then feel her juices flow and knew her orgasm was giving her the thrill I had hoped for. I let my tongue stay busy licking up her juices but she pulled away from me a little. "Ed, I am too sensitive there right now. That was unbelievable. You have never done it to me like that before."

"Honey, just lean back and rest" I said. Sue had gotten us a couple of towels and I wiped my face and put one in her hand for her to do herself when the feeling of sensitivity passed. Sleep came quickly that night.

The next morning room service did a magnificent job. Sue called our order down at 8:30 and the food was there at 8:50. That is hard to beat. There was a big plate of scrambled eggs and another of waffles with a nice bowl of fresh fruit with a very large pitcher of coffee to top it all off.

"Gals, I had planned on staying here in Vegas for 3 nights but I am sure that I don't want it to be at yesterdays pace. How about if we go down to the shops and get some bathing suits. We can lay around the pool a good part of the day, have lunch down at the pool, come back up to the room for a nap or whatever and then go down for dinner and then top it off with three of four hours at the casino. "How does that sound?" OR, "we could spend a few hours of one of the days taking the coach and driving out to see Hoover Dam if that is of interest to you. It is only about forty miles away. Think about it."

We spent the morning going down to the hotel shops and getting bathing suits. I have to say that these two gals are stunning. Every male eye around the pool will be aimed at them and there will be some very jealous wives and girlfriends. We went back to the room, changed into the suits and made our way back down to the pool area around noon. After staking our claim to poolside chairs we were ready for a swim. I went in over the side but Sue went to the board and WOW, can she ever dive. Marianne had come into the water along side of me and when she heard my breath go out when I saw Sue's absolutely perfect jackknife, she told me that she had won a ton of diving trophies in high school. That struck me as odd since they came from a cooler part of the country. Cool hell, cold is more like it. Anyway, she is one neat water nymph.

We quickly got a pool boy to move us to a table with an umbrella. We were going to have our lunch there and it would be suicidal to sit out in that sun for very long. It would bake you in a very short time. Our pool-side lunch was nice and we each enjoyed a few Pina Coladas. The combination of the booze and the coldness of the drinks get to you very quickly and we thought it best if we retired to the suite without further ado.

The suite has a very large walk-in shower in addition to a nice Jacuzzi tub. I just wanted to wash off the pool chlorine so I planned to be in and out quickly. The girls joined me in another of those, Sue, you wash my back and I'll wash your mom's while she is doing you and then we will all turn and do each other's front. We had one of these sessions on our last trip and there was a good bit of groping going on before it was over.

The king-size bed was beckoning and we rushed to the call for our afternoon delights.

We had dinner that night at Tremezzo's and, once again, enjoyed some of the various veal dishes in which they specialize. The only problem I can see in sticking with the same couple of restaurants in a town is you are in a rut if you are failing to explore some of the other great establishments in an area. However, we enjoy these two so much we hate to run the risk of picking a bad one.

We did take a side trip out to see Hoover Dam the next day. For some reason, I never realized that Hoover Dam and Boulder Dam were one and the same. It seems that it was first named Boulder Dam because of its location and then given the name of Hoover Dam because of Herbert Hoover's involvement in getting Federal Funds freed up for its construction. Whatever, the name bounced between the two for some time before President Truman settled it once and for all by declaring that henceforth it was to be called Hoover Dam and that was that. Whatever the name, it is a very impressive and worth the short drive from Vegas to see.

The girls did add to their winnings the next night in the Casino. Sue was going to be leaving Vegas up over four thousand with her mom only ahead about half of that amount. Both of them insisted I accept their return of the stake money I had advanced them. I refused telling them, "Ladies if I am successful in arranging a college near to us for Sue, she is going to need transportation to and from the place. If the two of you put the six thousand you won towards a half way decent older car she will be all set."

That last night in town was one of the most memorable sexual encounters of the trip. We hadn't had very much to drink that night so we were each in good shape for the evening's activities.

It started with me, once again, having room service deliver strawberries, whipped cream and champagne to the suite. After gorging ourselves on the sweets, we headed for the showers and when we were dried off were sitting in the living room of the suite in the nude simply talking and still enjoying the delicacies. Sue went over to Marianne's chair and knelt before her during one part of our conversation and let her fingers trace her mom's pussy lips finally searching out her clit. I was still in my chair a good fifteen feet away but could see the goings -on clearly and my cock rose to the occasion. Marianne had opened her legs to allow Sue an easier access to her which Sue quickly took advantage. A few minutes later she was kneeling in front of her mom's chair and had the face buried in her pussy. I was presented with a wonderful sight; Sue's pussy lips swollen with desire with her breasts jutting between Marianne's legs with her fingers rolling around Marianne's nipples. Marianne had her fingers entwined in Sue's long locks and pulling her in to her pussy. That was it. While I was hotter than a two-dollar pistol and was thinking of entering Sue's pussy from the rear while she worked on her mom. I wanted to try something Marianne had told me about some weeks earlier ... She promised to fuck me to orgasm without me ever moving a muscle.

As soon as Marianne exploded from Sue's activities in her crotch I went over and took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom and pulled her onto the bed. I reminded her of her promise and she told me to lie up on the bed. I did and she climbed on top of my shaft and positioned the purplish head of my cock in line with her pussy lips and then slid down on my cock until it was in to the hilt.

She said, "Ed, please just lay there without moving. You are going to feel the urge to respond to my fucking but restrain yourself and let me do the work."

She then sat there and rocked her hips back and forth while looking down at me with a very sensual smile on her face. She was biting her lower lip slightly and tossing her head from side to side. I could feel the head of my dick being squeezed by the walls of her vagina every time she rocked forward. It felt terrific. Her thrusting was slow and measured until she heard me breathe a little faster and deeper when she then increased her pace. It wasn't long before she too was breathing faster but with her it was from the exertion rather than arousal. Mine was from sheer ecstasy. Damn, it was hard to refrain from lifting my hips to meet her motions but she kept telling me to just lie still. I did and then one of her forward motions had the pulsing in her vagina walls caress the head of my cock even more sensually. She had her arms locked behind her head and I reached up to just play with her nipples when I could feel that old familiar warmth build in my balls. I must have groaned a little with that feeling and she must have taken my sounds to trigger her movement of her hips at an even more frenzied pace. I lasted about ten seconds of that before I was filling her pussy with white hot cum. She leaned back with her hips now deathly still saying, "How was that?"

"God, it was fabulous." I replied breathlessly. I hadn't moved my body during that entire time but my orgasm was so intense I was exhausted.

Sue came over and sat on the side of the bed. "Mom, that was unbelievable. I don't think that we are ever going to be able to have Ed fuck us again. He is going to want to play Sultan and have us do the work." Marianne laughed.

"Sue baby, let me catch my breath and recharge and I will fuck that love box of yours so hard, deep and fast you will be begging for mercy."

Posted : 01/05/2011 6:20 pm

"You're right sweet lips. That orgasm drained me. You are going to have to wait until we get back home for my 'fuck of a lifetime' I joked.

"Damnit Ed, I am going to hold you to that." She replied.

"Baby, just hold me to that lovely body of yours and that will get me started." I laughed. Marianne was listening to all of this and just laughed with us.

We were up at 7 AM and had our normal room-service breakfast and then had the bellboy come up with a luggage cart for our stuff. The girls accompanied him down and I gave Marianne my credit card for her to settle the bill while I went around the back to bring the coach up front. I was very appreciate when the parking lot attendant admitted to me he really didn't have much experience in handling a big coach. I tipped him well for his honesty.

We were on the road around 8:30 and the ride back to Santa Barbara was uneventful. No sex but just some very nice conversation.

Posted : 01/05/2011 6:20 pm