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The Retreat

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The retreat was a very large house in the country side nobody knew much about it except that it was a home for the young trouble makers of society. Nobody who had been there would talk about it or what happened there but it was still known as a very hard place. Sixteen year old Tina was sitting in the cells of the towns magistrate court knowing that she was going to find out all about the retreat, after causing so much trouble in the town over the last two years she had been sentenced to six months at the retreat much to the great joy of the local people who knew that for the next six months they would be free of Tina and her racist drunken violent behaviour, as she sat in her cell Tina saw Colin who was two years younger than what she was who she had beat up a couple of times, Tina knew Colin had also got six months at the retreat for flashing and being court spying on girls. Tina and Colin were taken out to a vehicle and after a two hour drive arrived at a big house in the country which was the treat, in the reception area the rules of the place were read out Tina thought this is going to be easy it is a holiday camp apart from gym in the morning we have got to do anything, then the head of the retreat said " that at all times you are to be naked" Tina looked at the head warden and when she said ok" strip naked" Tina said " but he is here" the head replied everybody is treated the same you will all be naked together, Tina looked at Colin and saw that he was already naked, Tina slowly started to undress and after a few minutes was standing with her arms over her naked boobs and a hand over her love tube, Tina saw that Colin now had a full erection of about eight inches, Tina was told hands by your side, Colin was smiling broadly he could now see Tina's ample boobs and hairless love tube and loved what he was seeing, after a few minutes Tina was taken through to the main part of the retreat where she met up with Sara a friend who like Tina was naked, Sara told Tina that you can do what you want in here and there are no complaints as she walked away Sara said if anyone wants to they can fuck you and get away with it, Tina then saw that it was mixed there were naked boys walking around with full erections she saw the Bengali girl who was four years younger than her and had been nicknamed mule because she kicked and headbutted people, Tina saw mule stop and speak with Colin then to her surprise mule started to jerk Colin who after five minutes squirted four spurts of cum, Tina found her room and saw there were three other beds in it then discovered she was sharing the room with mule her cousin Palash who was her age and Colin, twenty minutes later the rooms were locked for the night and the lights dimmed, Tina saw Palash standing in the middle of the room his dick fully erect standing up about eight inches, she then saw mule at the foot of her bed, Palash then moved to the top of her bed and before she could react the two Bengali's were holding her down mule holding her by her ankles and Palash by her shoulders, despite struggling hard Tina could not get free, Colin then appeared and pulled the covers off Tina and started to rub her boobs, Tina could not stop him and after a few minutes Colin stopped rubbing Tina's boobs, Tina felt her ankles being tied to the bed with her legs open and her wrists got the same treatment, Tina could still not get free, mule walked round beside the bed and said " yeah white tits" and started to lick Tina's nipples, Tina saw Colin getting on the bed between her legs, he started to rub her love tube, Tina could not break free, mule started to gently squeeze Tina's nipples and soon noticed they had become erect and after five minutes when Colin pushed his dick into Tina's love tube he found it moist as he started to thrust in and out Palash swopped places with mule and after looking at her very erect nipples started to massage the racist girls boobs, Colin was thrusting in and out of Tina's love tube as deep and hard as he could and after five minutes felt her cum, Colin smiled with drew his dick from Tina's love tube and got off the bed, with in a couple of minutes Palash was thrusting in and out of Tina's love tube and after he had made Tina cum he swopped places with Colin again, after a hour Tina had cum a total of six times before both boys squirted their cum over her body, then mule pushed her fingers into Tina's love tube and started pushing them in and out making her cum again before removing her fingers and getting into bed with Colin, The next day as Tina left her room Sara approached her and asked her which had fucked her and when Tina told her both Sara smiled and said " cool" then walked away, after breakfast Tina was sitting on her bed when Sara walked in, Tina asked her what she had meant by saying cool earlier, Sara smiled and said " when I saw you in showers at school it was a turn on" then reached out and grabbed both of Tina's boobs and started to massage them forcing her back onto the bed as she did and said " I have always fancied you bitch" Tina was taken by surprise and before she could react Sara had slid one hand down Tina's body between her legs and was rubbing her love tube then slid fingers inside while she sucked her nipples and after twenty minutes Sara felt Tina cum, Later Tina was in the shower when Colin appeared with a full erection, Tina got out the shower and as she bent to pick up her towel Colin grabbed her round the waist and as Colin's dick slid up her tight bum Tina cried out Palash then appeared and pushed his dick into Tina's mouth and after five minutes Tina gagged as Palash squirted his cum into her mouth, then two other boys forced their dicks into Tina's mouth making her gag when they squirted cum into her mouth, that night after the lights had been dimmed and the doors shut Tina realised that Palash and mule were not there and learnt from Colin that they had both been released, Tina got out of her bed went to Colin and stood by his bed, she then pulled the covers off him knelt down on the floor and to Colin's surprise she started to suck his dick and after five minutes when Colin squirted his cum into her mouth Tina swallowed it all, after she stood up Tina looked down at Colin and said to him " in future if you want me to suck your cock you ask first, if you want to fuck me you ask first that includes fucking my bum you got it" Colin smiled and said " yes" half way through the night Tina woke Colin and said to him " come and fuck me" and a few minutes later Colin was thrusting in and out of Tina's love tube making her cum three times before he was finished, by the time Tina was released she had lost count of how many times Colin had screwed her or how many times Sara had done her but after being released Tina never spoke about the retreat, the day after her release Tina walked into the bedroom she shared with Cindy her fourteen year step sister and saw her sat talking with her best mate Carol, both girls were lesbians and had received verbal abuse from Tina before she had gone to the retreat, Cindy and her mate were about to leave the room to avoid any abuse but when Tina pulled her tee shirt over her head and off revealing her naked boobs that Cindy and Carol had never seen before they stayed both girls saw that Tina's nipples were erect they looked at each other and smiled and when Tina took her jeans off and stood naked both girls smiled as they looked at her hairless love tube, Tina lay on her bed flat on her back and when she parted her legs both Cindy and Carol were looking at her love tube and thinking is this some sort of invite and when Tina said " well for fuck sake do not just sit there looking at my tits and cunt do something" both girls moved as if one, twenty minutes later as Tina's mum passed the bedroom door and heard bed springs squeaking and the moans coming from the room she thought the girls are having fun tonight I thought I saw Tina come in earlier but I must be wrong. Later as Carol walked home still hardly believing what had happened she thought Cindy is lucky she has Tina to herself all night, but I will be there again tomorrow night and will have my share of fun and Cindy was thinking what a change but I like it.

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