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The receptionist


I had hired an office and by the time I got done with the furniture. It was mid October. Once the office was done, I was very busy with interviews etc. Naturally, I did not have any staff at office but was in the process of selecting the same. Sometime then I started to notice that the office opposite mine (a pathology clinic), a female, the receptionist used to always stare angrily at me. At first, I thought perhaps I must have looked at her in odd places and hence her re-action, but I gathered some courage to stare at her whenever we crossed each other’s path.

We never spoke to each other till recently. I happen to see her when I was driving to the Bank and out of courtesy I asked her whether I cold reach her anywhere. She declined the offe! r shyly but smiled at me. This was the first time that we ever communicated with each other and the smile re-assured me that she isn’t upset with me after all. I started to smile back at her and tried to converse with her whenever w crossed each other. I would occasionally stare at her breast (Medium built) definitely my intentions were not going passed un-noticed. I decided that I needed to start getting a bit more friendly with her but how? I decided that I would approach her with the pretext whether my blood group could be ascertained. I entered the clinic by the door and no one was there. I definitely knew she was there since the clinic closes at 8.30 pm and it was only 7.00 pm. I was about to sit on the sofa at the reception when I realized she was in the laboratory inside. I could barely see her movement from outside.

I got a bit cold and decided that I should go back to my office un noticed. Just then, I realized that her movement was a bit different. So I slowly tip to! ! ed to the laboratory to see through the glass and I seen her sitting on a chair (like the one doctors sit on) and looking out of the window. Her hand was inside her kameez and she was fingering her private part. I got so cold that I just turned back to leave the clinic. I walked out of the office into my office. I could not stop thinking about her and decided that I would creep back into the clinic to catch a glimpse of her masturbating. I was feeling very horny and set out. As I opened my office door, she was standing in front of me and asked me whether I came over to her clinic. I did not know whether to say yes or now but invited her in to my office.

She asked me again the same, and I said infact I did but since I did not find her at the reception I turned back. She then told me that she saw me walk out from the laboratory passage. I told her that I was sorry to entering the area without any permission. “Oh Shit” was her reply to which I had no reply. She was embarrassed an! ! d told me that I should not tell anyone about it. Surely I told her. She further tried to justify why she indulges in masturbating etc. I told her it was perfectly natural as I also indulge in the same occasionally.

Infact that evening we spoke a little openly. Since she was speaking about reaching climax, I asked her with my intervention, whether she was able to reach it. She said no. I was so horny at that time; I just wanted to fuck her but no guts to ask the golden question. She told me that she needed to go back to the clinic since it was nearing 8.15 pm. I tried to fool her saying whether she is really going to close the clinic or whether she is going to complete her unfinished task. She smiled widely saying that she is definitely going to close the clinic and move home. She asked me whether I was leaving as well. I told her maybe by 9.30 pm. I wanted to have sex with her really bad but just did not know how. While she was locking the clinic door I went out and asked he! r if she was not doing anything she can pass some time with me till 9.30 pm. She said it was fine but only till 9.00 pm as it would get late for her.

She locked her door and came in. I reckon, she has a bright sparkle on her face and asked me whether I was busy. I told her a little bit. She sat down and asked me whether it was the best time for her to disturb me since I was busy. I said no. I then abruptly asked her about her unfinished job (masturbation) and she said she would complete it later. I asked her whether I could help her finish it now. She smiled and said what if someone just walks in? I told her I could close the internal door from inside itself. She nodded her head with an embarrassed smile and I proceeded to close the same. When I was approaching her, she asked me how I was going to help her complete the same. I did not have any answer but I pretended to be really smooth. I held her hand and brought her close to my body. While we hugged each other, I felt how hot her body was. It was quite a wonderful exchange.

I began to move my hand on her back while she preferred to rest her head on my shoulder. I started to descend my hand towards her buttocks and she then started to lift her face with her eyes closed telling me that she wanted me to kiss her. I started to kiss her lips slowly and passionately while I began to now move my hands inside her kameez onto her salwar pants. I began to feel her thighs and her buttocks, She is medium built. As we started to kiss passionately, I would occasionally open my eyes to see her. She was totally engrossed with her eyes closed all the time. I then tried to pull down her salwar pants but the same as fastened. I slowly unfastened her pants and slowly pull it down. She now was only with her kameez. I began to move my palms on her vagina.

She was totally aroused and started to make some sounds. She asked me to t! ! ake out my clothes while she did the same. I was totally embarrassed but did the same. She then stood with her bra and panty while I stood only with my underwear on. I began to passionately kiss her and gently caress her breast. Her nipples were erect and I started to lick the nipples. I carried her while she locked her legs behind my waist and I gently put her on my staff’s desk. I removed her panty and low bestowed was her vagina, which I cannot explain. She told me that she did not want to have intercourse and I did respect what she wanted. I began to lick her naval cavity and proceeded below. I licked her vagina. It was a bit salty but was okay as well. As I went on her groans got a little louder and she kept pulling me upwards. I turned her and started to stroke her buttocks. We made love then standing… me behind her.

I kept fingering her gently with my right hand while I gently caressed her breast with my left. She was approaching her climax as I could feel the same from! ! her emotions. While seeing her react even I started to reach my climax and we both were able to reach out climax and nearly the same time. I remember she shivering on reaching her climax. It was definitely wonderful. The only bad thing was that I cummed on her backside which was not a pretty sight. Anyways, we hugged each other naked for sometime and then realized it was 9.15 pm. She said she must be on her way now. I thanked her for the opportunity to which she thanked me too most embarrassed.

Seeing her put her clothes on was such an arousing sight I must say. We are good friends today and have sex occasionally. Till date, she maintains that she will not have intercourse and I respect that till today. We have sex at least twice a month mostly in the evenings at my office. It is wonderful to have a female friend who shares intimately with me and most importantly remaining discreet about our relationship.

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:51 am