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The Prison Farm


When Barbara awoke she looked out the front window to see where she was. The van was parked at what looked like a farm. There was a barn off in the distance and from the van Barbara could see plenty of open fields, some planted and some not. There wasn't a house as far as she could see. This place was in the middle of nowhere. This must be the prison farm Jake spoke of where all the inmates worked. Jake and his friend weren't around, she figured they must be off getting their friends for the good time he bragged about. Still Barbara was handcuffed to the van seat and still naked from the night before. There wasn't much to do but wait. The clock on the dashboard read 8:00 am and Barbara was getting uncomfortable from being restrained all night.

About an hour passed when she heard some voices approaching. Gradually they became louder and louder and sounded like quite a few people. Finally she could tell they were directly behind the van and Barbara could see the rear door lock being opened. It was Jake opening the door and behind him stood five black men staring into the van at Barbara's beautiful nude handcuffed body.

"Fuck," "where'd you get her," one of the men yelled out. "Nice piece of ass," another added.

None of them could take their eyes off Barbara's gorgeous nude body. Even after being raped last night and handcuffed since yesterday she still looked great with her 38" inch breasts jutting firmly from her chest and her nipples large and soft waiting for a warm mouth. She had her shapely legs crossed and she knew how much they wanted to see her blonde slit. And Barbara's hair had become a little disheveled from sleeping in such awkward positions last night, but it only made her blonde appearance that much more sexy and slutty.

"Now listen up," Jake told them. "Everybody will get a turn with her. We have to go in shifts so the guards don't see us. So you guys are first then we'll get the next group until everyone gets a turn with her.

Jake jumped up in the van and unlocked Barbara's handcuffs. He led her out of the van around to the side where there was a row of trees. The location was perfect for being secluded as the trees blocked the view on nearly all three sides and the van blocked the view from the front. Jake laid out a blanket on the ground putting Barbara on it.

"I'm not putting the cuffs back on you," Jake told Barbara. "If you try to run or get away, it'll be the sorriest thing you every did. We're parked out in the country near the prison work farm. There's about twenty friends of mine that work here everyday on the prison work program. They all get here around 9:00 and have to go back to their cells by 5:00. The guard always stays up by the farmhouse so you'll get five guys at time, this way everyone's not missing at once. They won't even notice. Now you'd better be good to my boys. They ain't had no loving for a long time."

"Listen Jake," Barbara said. "If you promise to let me go when we're finished, I'll see to it all your friends have the best time they've ever imagined. And you can have seconds with me too. What do you say? You and you friends want a willing white pussy to fuck? You want me to gobble your cock down my throat without forcing me? You want me beg your friends to fuck me up the ass? How about it? Just promise to let me go afterwards."

It didn't take long for Jake to make up his mind. The thought of a willing white piece of ass that looked like Barbara was more than slightly appealing. "You got it, baby. It's a deal," Jake replied with a tremendous smile on his face. "Here that guys, this gorgeous white cunt wants our black cocks real bad. Are you ready to give it to her?" Everyone cheered and yelled their approval and started pulling their clothes off.

Barbara already naked waited for them to undress. All five finished about them same time and headed to Barbara stroking their cocks preparing themselves for the first fuck they've had in a long time. Barbara knelt up on the blanket grabbing the first black cock that neared her. He was about ten inches long and rock hard. She jerked him a couple times with her hand as he moaned in pleasure with the touch of a woman's hand for the first in a long time. Barbara guided his cock to her mouth and took him in. She sucked on the big head of his cock, then slowly took him deeper inside her wet mouth. His cock hit the back of her throat and Barbara wasted no time as she pushed her mouth further on to his cock taking him in her throat. He let out long loud moan to the others. "Fuck, she's great. What a hot mouth."

Two others joined the first with their cocks at full attention and nearly the same size. Barbara began sucking on all three taking turns swallowing their hard black shafts. Meanwhile another slid his body between Barbara's legs. When Barbara saw his cock align up with her cunt she lowered herself taking his black meat up her waiting slit. She sat completely down on him impaling herself fully with his hard eleven inches. Barbara let out a moan herself feeling her hole fill up, but she quickly returned to deep throating the three cocks in front of her.

As Barbara sucked on three black pieces of meat and rode a fourth, the fifth was eyeing up the only hole Barbara had open. He stood there stroking his foot long cock. Barbara looked over her shoulder at him, "Go ahead,......shove that big black cock up my ass." He didn't need a second invitation. He positioned himself over Barbara's ass and put his cock on her back entrance. He pushed on her back door and his cock head slipped in. Barbara let out a moan of pleasure, "oh yes, fuck my ass." "Deeper, deeper." He pushed into Barbara's bottom until he buried his twelve inch meat inside. Then he began riding her asshole, pistoning in and out in unison with his buddy fucking her cunt. "This bitch loves it in the ass man," as he spoke his enjoyment to the others.

The pounding continued, but only a short time before one of the cocks erupted in Barbara's mouth. She backed off his throbbing member letting him milked it into her mouth. It was a tremendous load that kept spurting from his cock. This black prisoner was in heaven as he filled Barbara's mouth with his thick load. When he finished he watched her opened mouth, overflowing with his fresh hot sperm. Her mouth closed and she gulped it down. "Fuck, man, she ate it." "She swallowed it all." The other two in front of Barbara seeing what she just did, that was all they needed to blow their loads. Almost simultaneously they began cumming.. Barbara held her mouth open so they could empty their cocks into her mouth too. The cum spewed like crazy from their black cocks all over Barbara's face and in her mouth. She swallowed once to make room for more as her mouth filled up again. They jerked every drop they could on her face and mouth and then Barbara gave them a last suck and deep throat to get the last drop clinging to the end of their cocks. And their black shafts glided down so easy from the cum coating stuck to her throat.

As soon as Barbara finished her snack, she realized the cocks in her cunt and ass were about ready to go too. They were still double teaming her hard when both buried their cocks, one deep in her cunt and the other deep in her ass. They both yelled out "I'm cumming," at the same time. Barbara could feel two cocks begin spasming deep in her body. She was getting filled with black cum. Her cunt walls felt blast after blast of hot gooey sperm hit and send a wave through Barbara nearly making her orgasm. And the same time she felt streams of hot jism squirt in torrents into her bowels. Barbara let them fill her holes with their pent up cream until finally they were both spent and pulled from Barbara's lovely body. Barbara just rested there on the blanket enjoying the warm feeling that came over her from being filled with all the black juice. "That's was great," one replied. "Yeah, what a hot bitch," another joined in as they got dressed.

"Hurry up," Barbara told them. "Go get the next group, I'm still horny for more."

The next group showed up five minutes later and Barbara did her swallowing and fucking routine again. She received three more massive loads of sperm in her mouth and greedily gulped them all down. And again she took loads in her cunt and in her ass. She was getting pretty full and sperm was beginning to ooze from everywhere, especially her cunt. Her asscrack was getting pretty slimy too from the overflow of sperm in her rectum and from the excess that dripped from her slit and ran down through her crack. Nevertheless, Barbara was becoming excited at being the cum receptacle for all these black prisoners. Now that group two was finished she could hardly wait for the next five black cocks.

Only minutes passed and Barbara had five more fresh hard black pieces of cock to service. A soon as the first undressed and she saw another foot of black meat, she laid down on her back with part of the blanket folded under her head and she beckoned him to straddled her face. "Fuck my throat with that big thing," she ordered. His massive tool parted Barbara's lips and pushed down penetrating her throat as he sat on her face. Barbara kept her mouth open wide so he could fuck her face with his full length. And that's what he did. He began sliding his hard black tool slowly in and out of Barbara's throat and then started picking up the pace. He was fucking her throat like it was her cunt, while Barbara laid with her head tilted back allowing her gullet to be continually stuffed. Finally he just buried it deep, all twelve inches down her throat, and pumped his jizz directly into Barbara's belly. When he finished he withdrew and Barbara just licked her lips.

The second man replaced the first in Barbara's throat, but he pulled Barbara's legs up high holding them so he could access her cunt and ass too. He began fingering her pussy while he fucked Barbara's throat. He started with a couple fingers in her hole which easily slipped in from all the slippery sperm still inside Barbara. Then he stuffed in four fingers and they went in easily too. "Hey, honey," "Jake tells us you can take a whole fist." "I gotta see you take me." Barbara was to busy swallowing his cock to reply, but it was fine by her. He pulled his fingers out and proceeded to shove his whole hand inside Barbara's sperm lubricated gash. Barbara's cunt stretched and opened for him as he pushed on her hole. Barbara groaned with his cock deep in her throat as his black hand penetrated her pussy. He was in. "Fuck, man." "The bitch did it." "What a fuckin' hot cunt." He made a fist inside her and started fucking her cunt on the inside. Barbara gasped for air every time his cock slipped out, but she keep on sucking him while he fist fucked her.

The third one of this group now came up to Barbara's wide open legs to get a better look at this delicious white woman getting fisted. The other two still watched stroking themselves waiting a turn. He started playing and fingering Barbara's asshole. He poked a couple fingers in her butt and found how juicy she was from his earlier buddies dumping their loads in her. Barbara didn't even realize the entry in her ass as she was on the verge of cumming from the cunt fisting. She swallowed the cock in her mouth and tightened her cunt on his fist going into a shuddering orgasm. Before her climax ended she had received a mouthful of his sperm. That was her twelfth load so far. He pulled from her mouth and backed his fist from her sloppy cum oozing cunt. That left just the one working on her asshole.

The other two now joined in holding her legs apart while watching her asshole get fingered. "Hey man," "think she can take a fist in her ass?" Her asshole was certainly slimy enough from all the sperm, so the third black man's hand began pushing on her anal hole. It stretched,... she moaned,.... it widened more,....all fingers were in up to his knuckles. He pushed harder,...Barbara whined,....he pushed still harder,... it stretched,....and he was in. Her asshole wrapped around his wrist as he implanted his fist in Barbara's rectum. "This is one motherfuckin' slut," he commented to the others. He began working his hand inside her moving it, twisting it, pulling and pushing. Barbara just moaned and groaned nearly ready to have another orgasm. Then he backed his fist out until it was positioned right in her anal entrance, stretching her hole wide open. He twisted his fist back and forth rimming Barbara's anal ring. Barbara grunted out as he kept her hole stretched causing her to feel ripples of pain. Then he sunk his fist back in. He tried pushing deeper into Barbara's lovely body and his wrist inched in further. How much could she take? How deep into her ass could she handle? It didn't look like she wanted him to stop, in fact it looked like she wanted more. He pushed in deeper, inserting more, until half of his foreman disappeared into Barbara's stretched open asshole. He could feel the bottom of her rectum with his fingers. Barbara was nearly insane with her moaning,..... "oh God,... oh, God.....yes,....yes, fuck my ass."

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Then he closed his hand making a fist inside her giving him a little more room to make an even deeper entry. Again he pushed and another three inches of arm entered Barbara's ass. It almost looked like he had his whole arm inside Barbara. Her asshole had to be stretched four inches across to accommodate the thick fleshy part of his arm that approached his elbow. Then with his other hand he flicked Barbara's clit a couple times and she went wild into an earthshattering orgasm that nearly ripped her body apart. She screamed at him to fuck her asshole harder while her body twitched and rocked while impaled on his arm.

"FUCK MY ASSHOLE."........ "Ram it in my ass, harder,.... harder." He pulled back out of her ass a little and rammed it home up her anal chute until he hit bottom again. Then again he pumped his arm up her butt bottoming out deep in her ass. He repeated his anal fist fuck into Barbara's ass over and over slamming his fist as far as it would go, forcing it until he hit the soft flesh in the deepest part of her rectum. Ramming her asshole like this was so arousing he was in a frenzy too and ready to cum. He ripped his arm out of Barbara's ass. Barbara screamed from the instant surge of pain as his fist passed through her sphincter so abruptly. He grabbed his cock quickly moving to her head and dumped his load all over her face. What a load it was too? She was drenched in thick sperm. She actually had to wipe some from around her nose in order to breath without sniffing the gooey stuff in.

Meanwhile her asshole was still wide open staring at the other two black men. It looked so inviting that they both went up to her ass and both shoved their ten inch cocks in at the same time. Barbara was getting double teamed. Two black cocks anally fucking her at the same time. They pumped her as best they could with both inside. But it was only seconds and they began creaming inside her asshole. When they finished and pulled out her anal hole had a reservoir of cum contained inside. One of them stuffed his fingers in scooping out a few fingersful of the combined cum load. Then he offered it Barbara. "Like to have a taste of us, honey," he asked extending his fingers dripping with cum. Barbara opened her mouth and accepted his offering of the several varieties of sperm enhanced with the taste of her own ass.

She had finished with the third group. There was only one more group to go, plus she promised Jake and his friend another fuck too. She couldn't wait for the next group even though her cunt and ass were full of jizz and she'd lost track of how much cum she had eaten. Only her ass hurt a little. Actually, her ass hurt on the inside. The one black man really had fucked her hard and deep with his fist. She really didn't want to be anally fucked anymore today. Hopefully she could just suck the rest of them off or let them cunt fuck her.

Awhile went by and no one else was showing up. Barbara was wondering what the delay was. Jake poked his head from around the rear of the van telling her it was lunch time and the last group would be here once the guards let the inmates go back to work. Barbara stretched out on the blanket relaxing. Her insides were beginning to hurt a little more. But as she rested she began feeling a little better.

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The next group finally arrived and they stripped down right away. Barbara surveyed what they to offer as they all stroked themselves eyeing up Barbara's body. And she still looked great even after having serviced fifteen cocks already. Four of this group seemed to have average size cocks about eight ten inches, if that could be considered average. But the last one had the longest piece of meat she's ever seen hanging down in front of him. It was so long and big that it couldn't possibly stand out straight and erect. From his groin it hung down almost to his knee. Barbara couldn't take her eyes off it and he noticed her eyeing it up. "What's a matter, there, cutie?" "Ain't never seen anything that big, huh?"

Barbara looked away and grabbed two of the other cocks and started sucking. She did her normal swallowing routine which drove them wild and soon she had two more mouthfuls of hot black sperm. Then she started on the third one engulfing his shaft deep into her throat. While she sucked his meat the fourth went behind Barbara placing his cock in her crack. Barbara stopped her sucking asking the other not to fuck her in the ass as she already was quite sore. That didn't make him too happy. "Hey, bitch." "I wanna fuck your ass too, like the others did."

Barbara had to do some fast thinking because he was ready to drive his tool up her ass regardless of what she wanted. "Listen, I'll tell you what." Barbara said. "Let me just suck you off. Then when were all done, you know what I'll let you do?"

"What's that," he replied in a very unhappy tone.

"Ever piss in anyone's mouth?" "You can piss in mine, and I'll swallow it." "I'll do it for all five of you." "I just just don't want it in the ass anymore today." "Okay?"

"You got a deal, honey," he replied coming around front to let Barbara started sucking him to. Fives minutes later Barbara had two more loads of sperm flying into her face and in her mouth. She swallowed what she could, but alot wound up on her face and in her hair.

Now there was just one left to go. But what a one it was. Barbara stared at this black cock hanging so massive in front of this inmate. How would she ever handle this cock. Surely he wouldn't be expecting her to take it down her throat. It couldn't possibly fit. It might rip her throat open. If he fucked in the cunt, how much would fit? Certainly not all of it. For the first time Barbara was actually nervous and a little frightened.

The big black man walked up to Barbara and to her surprise turned around sticking his ass into her face. "Go ahead, you sweet little thing." "If you're gonna drink piss, you must lick assholes too." "Lemme feel that hot young tongue in my ass." It kind of caught Barbara off guard. She was only thinking about how she would handle sucking his big cock. But she did his bidding. She spread his black ass cheeks exposing his crack and anus. She stared at his ass. He wasn't very clean back there. She hesitated and that brought a response from the big guy.

"C'mon cunt, you expect I'd take a shower before I come out here." "Now dig in, give you something to taste anyways."

Barbara leaned forward and shoved her tongue in his crack. She started licking and tonguing his asshole giving him a rimming while cleaning his ass of the dried caked residue stuck all over his crack and buried deep in his hidden crevice. When the taste settled in her brain, she realized what a gross thing she was doing and Barbara thought she'd puke all over his ass. But she controlled herself and continued rimming him until he pulled away from her face.

Then he turned around and offered his prize piece of meat to her. Barbara took hold of his giant black cock using two hands to hold it and work the skin back and forth keeping him hard. Then she took the head in her mouth. It was gigantic. The head alone nearly filled her mouth and she had to stretch her lips wide open to accomodate its size. She had two inches in her mouth and already she felt full and that no more would fit. She sucked on the head and licked it hoping her efforts would make him cum right away. But that was not going to be sufficient for this big black man.

"C,mon there honey, you can do better than that."

Barbara told him, " It's so big, that's all I can do."

"Bullshit," he yelled. "I've seen you in action and your a pretty damn hot cunt. I've never had my cock down anyone's throat and you're probably my best chance to have it done. And you're gonna do it or I'll do it to you."

Before Barbara could respond he he told the others, "hold her for me." The other four held Barbara as she knelt. Two took her by the shoulders while the other two pulled her head back. Then the big black man straddled her head with his cock hanging over Barbara's mouth. For the first time she was scared of a cock. It was tremendous hanging over her mouth and she was frightened at what he was going to do to her. He yelled at Barbara to open up....... and she did. His big black tool entered Barbara's quivering frightened mouth and hit the back of her throat as he pushed it in. Perhaps three inches were in her mouth with more than a foot of meat to go and the biggest thickest part still was outside her mouth. This was not going to be pleasant.

He began lowering himself pushing into Barbara's throat. She was being held tight by the others so she couldn't back away. The head of his cock began forcing open her gullet. It stretched wider than ever before. Barbara was becoming afraid he might split her throat open, but somehow it stretched and stretched and she could feel the big head of his cock squeezing in and moving down. He pushed on and went deeper. His cock was extremely hot squeezing down the tight walls of her throat and despite its length it was incredibly hard and rigid. Still he pushed downward except now she no longer felt the engorged head of his massive tool. It must have passed beyond her tight entrance and now she just felt the giant shaft pushing and penetrating deeper and deeper as it slid through the tight confines of her throat.

Barbara opened her eyes hoping to see he was in all the way, but still there had to another six or seven inches to go. She thought for sure his cock would reach her stomach it was so long. He pushed more again and Barbara's gag reflex tighted on his cock, but she was unable to expel the massive intrusion in her. Barbara wasn't going to make it this time. She was ready to pass out. She wanted to gag but couldn't and she needed air real soon. He pushed down more and Barbara felt his balls on her chin. He did it, she did it. He stuffed all of his fifteen inch cock down her throat. "Oh, fuckin' A," he yelled out. "This bitch's got a deeeeep throat." Barbara was getting dizzy and her throat felt like it would burst apart. She was becoming frantic trying to push him out of her mouth, but he was locked in her throat tight and loved it. It was the greatest feeling he ever had. He had his fifteen inch black cock in a beautiful white cunts' throat. Even his black girlfriends couldn't do that.

He felt Barbara begin to go limp and he pulled his cock out. It slipped from deep with in Barbara like a giant snake emerging from her throat. She gasped for air sucking a huge quantity to stem her from passing out. But, no sooner had he cleared her lips and cum started gushing from him. There was more cum than Barbara could handle. She was still recovering, gasping for air and still half gagging from her throat being so severely stretched and stuffed. But the cum flowed and flowed fast, before Barbara could react. Her mouth filled almost instantly with sticky cream and her gasping sucked it down her throat making her choke on it. Trying to clear her throat, the jism sprayed from her mouth onto her face as she coughed. Still he was cumming, giant streams pouring from his black throbbing meat. Barbara's face was becoming saturated as cum collected in her hair, her eyes and across her forehead. He moved his cock to her cheeks and deposited heavy amounts there until it began dripping down towards her chin. Barbara opened her mouth again to breath and he sunk his cock in spasming the remaining sperm left in him. He pulled out and Barbara swallowed, but her face was covered in jizz. He stood up and stepped back from Barbara. "Great throat, honey." "Knew you could do it."

Barbara was exhausted and covered in sperm. She lay there awhile trying to regain her composure. Her throat felt like it was on fire. It felt like she still had his meat stuck in her. Then she remembered what promise she had made earlier. She wasn't done yet by a long shot. And the five inmates didn't forget either. She had to rest for a little while longer. But a minute is all she got. They stood there waiting for Barbara to live up to her end of the bargain. She was going to have to drink their piss. That was what she offered them. She motioned for them to move closer and they walked back over toward her. When all five approached her, she looked up at then and opened her mouth offering herself, her face, her mouth as their urinal.

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One at time they took their turn standing over Barbara's open mouth and urinated in it. By the time the fourth one finished pissing in her mouth, her face was pretty drenched. Their aim wasn't the best. Barbara's stomach was a bit upset too. She had swallowed alot of cum and now four bladders of piss with one still to go. That one left was the guy with the big cock too. Well it was his turn now and he walked up to Barbara. She open her mouth for him and he placed his long but flacid tool just in her mouth with the head resting on her tongue. "Wanna make sure you get all of it." "Don't wanna waste any." "Ain't that right, honey?" His piss stream started and flowed right across Barbara's tongue to the back of her throat. She swallowed as her mouth filled and the warm flow of urine continued. She swallowed and swallowed keeping up with his piss as he emptied his full bladder in her eager piss drinkin' mouth. Finally drained, he removed his cock. "You ARE good, honey pie." "Never met a piss drinkin' slut before." Then they all dressed and were gone. Only Jake and his friend remained behind.

Barbara, Jake and his friend sat there a bit. Then she looked toward them seeing they were waiting for more.

"Listen guys," Barbara said. "I know I promised you guys some more, but I'm really not up to it right now. How about a raincheck."

"No way," Jake said. "No way." "But I'll tell you what. We'll settle for a simple blow job, if you'll do one more thing so we can watch."

"What's that," Barbara asked.

"See that horse over there in the field. I wanna see you suck it off."

"Are you serious??????" Barbara replied.

"Fuck yeah," Jake answered back. "The way I figure, you'd suck anybody or anything." "I think you'd suck off that horse rather than let us fuck you in the ass again."

There was silence for awhile. Her ass was sore and especially her insides. She was going to remember that anal fisting for a long time. Then Barbara answered Jake. "Go get the horse."

"Son of a bitch." "She's gonna do it."

Jakes friend returned a couple minutes later with the horse and brought him behind the van. Barbara reluctantly knelt down alongside the animal and reached for the horse's cock. She grabbed it with one hand and began pulling on it. After about a minute it started to grow. And it kept on growing until Barbara needed two hands to hold it. The horsecock grew to over three feet long. Using both hands she massaged its' cock and Barbara could feel it stiffen and become rock hard.

"Don't be afraid of it," Jake commented. "Lick it. Put it in your mouth."

Barbara whispered to herself, "I don't believe I'm doing this."

Barbara brought the horse cock to her mouth and licked the head. It smelled terrible and tasted just as bad. Nonetheless, she licked across the top portion of the big thick shaft. The end of the horse cock had to be nearly four inches thick and got thicker further down the shaft. She kept licking it and then took the head to her lips and pushed it against her mouth tonguing it some more. When she removed it, it glistened from her saliva and she wasn't so sure she like the idea of sucking on this horse's dick.

"Rub it on your cunt, Barbara." Jake demanded.

At this point Barbara really didn't care what she did anymore. She had degraded herself even beyond her own imagination. She had just put a horse cock in her mouth for the entertainment of her kidnappers. She stood up and put the hard horse cock between her legs rubbing it across her wet gash. She pushed her slit back and forth across the hard shaft. The roughness of its' cock was making her pussy tingle. She continued stroking the hard meat on her slit until eventually Barbara was getting excited. The hard meat scraping on her clit was turning her on. It was so large and hard, it felt so good. She closed her eyes and started to forget what she was really doing. Then in her frenzy of playing with her cunt using this beasts' hard meat she pushed hard and the horse cock slipped into her cunt hole. She let out moan, "oh, God it feels good." She humped the end of the fat cock a couple times in and out of her cunt and then fell to her knees in orgasm while stuffing the horse cock in her mouth. Her eyes were still closed as she held the animal's shaft between her lips and kneeded it, stroked it and massaged the long shaft with both hands. For five minutes she worked hard and fast, then harder and faster continually increasing the pace. She was determined to make the horse cum.. She sucked hard slurping the horse's meat in her mouth. Then a tremendous gush of white thick cream emerged from around the horse's cock through Barbara's lips. The horse was cumming, blasting her mouth with an ocean of horse sperm. It flew all over Barbara as she couldn't handle the huge quantity of cum. She back off in reflex and got drenched in the next spasm as it hit her in the face covering her instantly. Horse sperm was running off her face and down her chest. She opened her mouth and caught some of the next huge spurt. That mouthful she swallowed gulping it down. Jake went wild seeing that. "Fuck, she's eating it. She swallowed the fuckin' horse's cum." "Fuck."

The animal's orgasm stopped, but Barbara was covered in horse jizz that it just ejaculated. The two black men were so turned on they were jerking themselves off and eventually they starting cumming. They shot their cream at Barbara's face. Their sperm spurted out joining the cum from the horse that already covered her body. Barbara was some sight. Sperm covered her body from her beautiful face down her breasts and chest, her legs were splattered with the white stuff and cum oozed from from her cunt and asshole. Her whole body reaked from the smell of dried piss and her hair was straggly and matted from the combination of sperm and urine. She was a slut in every respect.

She was supposed to star in a porno movie. She wondered what they would think of her if they knew what she did today. Swallowing sperm and anal sex was standard in the porno field. But what about drinking urine and actually liking piss flowing down her throat. And what about sucking off a horse. She really did swallow its' sperm. And she fucked the horse's cock too and enjoyed it. If they found out they certainly would see her as the lowliest whore and slut ever. Barbara dressed and Jake drove back to where they first picked her up. Barbara headed home.

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