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The night of Christmas day


“Do you miss sex?” Beth asked.

“WHAT?” I asked incredulously.

“I dunno, I’m just askin’.” Beth said quietly.

“Bethany, that’s a little out of line.” I said, and jerked the steering wheel to the left. Damn near drove off the road when she said that.

I noticed her fingering her necklace. The necklace her mother and I had given her years ago when she graduated from High School. She always had it on, and long ago we’d noticed that if she was anxious or nervous about something, she’d play with it as she was doing now.

It was the Christmas Day, well, the night of Christmas day, and fairly late. We had just spent the day with family and it had snowed the whole time. Beth had had a few glasses of wine, and felt she shouldn’t be driving by herself, so I was taking her home.

The first Christmas without her mother, my wife of thirty five years, and it had gone much smoother than I thought it would. They say the year of firsts is the toughest, and to be honest Christmas was something I dreaded. Each birthday, anniversary, the various holidays throughout the year, all of it was bad, and I was relieved to realize that I was almost at the end of the first year. I must be honest though, each day was no better or worse than the last, and I was beginning to question if there was some magic feeling that would overtake me as the first anniversary of her death came and went. Maybe the people that had coined the phrase “the year of firsts” knew something I didn’t, and I was anxious about the date coming up because I was cautiously optimistic that my life would change for the better. As it was; my life seemed pretty dull, and dreary.

There’s something else you need to know too. When Polly died in a car wreck I was instantly aware of people’s well intentioned stupidity. Don’t really know how else to put it other than that. My own mother, a day after the funeral, told me how young and good looking I was and I’d find another soon enough. To be honest, I’ve not had three words with her since then. Most people want to make you feel better, find something profound to say in the hope that it will lift your spirits. Most of them fail miserably. Even the grief counselors, who worked with us didn’t seem to get a handle on the depth of our pain, and would go off into “idle speak” where words are coming out of their mouths and jumping into our ears with no affect what-so-ever in easing the pain. My son, my daughter, and myself, all had had those moments with well intentioned “friends.”

The best thing anyone said to me was a neighbor, “Phil, I don’t know what to say, I can’t relate to your loss, but know this: I’m right there (as he pointed to his house), and if you need anything, you just ask.” Funny, he’s the first one I got really drunk with about a month later. I cried for hours and he just sat there with his arm around me, silently, dutifully, and let me have my moment. Now there’s my kind of guy.

So I’m driving my slightly tipsy daughter home, who’s obviously had just enough to drink to loosen her tongue. She just spoke of what most people only think about, and I’m absolutely dumbfounded. Oh well I thought, chalk it up to the booze.

“Dad, I’m not trying to hurt you, but as a divorcee, I’m just saying, I miss the sex. Don’t miss the hassle and the fights, but I miss the sex.” Apparently she wasn’t going to drop the subject.

“That’s more information than I need.” I said a little testily.

We rode in silence for a bit and felt relief as we pulled onto her street and slowed down for her driveway.

“You know what else?” She asked.

“Probably not.” I said, now getting a little more than pissed.

“I think a woman invented the vibrator. Men couldn’t be that kind.”

“God-damn it Beth, that’s enough, that’s certainly a visual I didn’t need. You got your keys?” I glared at her.

She smiled, held up her keys, and opened the door. Leaning across the seat she kissed me on the cheek and said: “Thanks for the lift dad, I’ll see ya later.”

Relieved when she slammed the door, I waited to make sure she got into the house okay, backed out of the driveway, and headed the seven miles back home. Good God what was she thinking I wondered.

By the time I got home it was pretty quiet. My son and his wife had left with their little girl, and my brother and his wife were just heading to bed. I was so glad they had decided to come and spend the holiday with us. They’d arrived a week before Christmas and it had been nice to have the house full of noise, the smell of baking cookies and all the hustle and bustle that went along with getting ready for Christmas. Their three children were so full of life and I loved the noisy racket they brought with them.

Tom and Sherry would fly home in the morning, and I’d be back to an empty house, which I dreaded.

“Want one more drink?” Tom asked as he poured himself one.

“Sure, why not.” I replied.

We sat down in the living room in front of the fire, neither saying a word, but just stared into the fire place for a bit.

“I’m glad we came out Phil.” My brother said.

“Me too, and I’ll admit that while it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I can’t imagine how it would have been without you guys here. Thanks again for coming.”

“Not a problem.” Tom said and we both got quiet again.

A few moments later Tom’s wife Sarah came into the room carrying her own drink, and quietly sat next to me on the couch. Putting her arm around me she squeezed my shoulder, smiled, and said; “Merry Christmas Phil, you doing okay?”

“Yeah I guess. I mean what can I say? I’m just glad it’s over. Kids seem okay, and I was worried about them. I’m so grateful you guys were here.”

Sarah leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and smiled.

“We were glad to do it hon.” She said, and then looking at my brother finished, “I’m going to bed Tom; I’m beat and tomorrow will be a long day for all of us. Damn I wish we didn’t have a six hour layover in Chicago.” She finished, got up, gave Tom a kiss, and headed down the hallway to bed.

I glanced after her walking down the hallway and caught myself looking at her ass as she glided away from us. Good Lord, Beth’s right, I do miss the sex I thought, and then glanced back at Tom who thankfully didn’t notice me eyeballing his wife.

We finished our drinks, said goodnight to one another and after a brotherly hug went to bed. The next morning things got a little hectic. We were about a block from home when their youngest daughter realized her doll was missing, and after retrieving it got back on the road to the airport. I wanted to go into the terminal with them but Tom reminded me that with all the security it would be a mad house anyway, so I dropped them at the curb and headed back home.

My cell phone rang and it was Beth wanting to know if we’d made it on time and after I told her we had, she went on:

“Dad, I know the house is a mess, and I’m pretty much off until after the first of the year, so you want some help cleaning up?” She asked.

“You bet,” I replied, relieved that she was willing to help out. The last ten days had created quite a mess around the place, plus I wanted the decorations down, bedding washed and all the other thousand things that needed to get straightened away now that Christmas was over.

“You wanna pick me up on your way by here?” She asked. “My car is still at your place.”

“Sure, I should be there in about twenty-five minutes.” I said and after our good byes, hung up.

Arriving at her house I gave a quick toot on the horn and Beth bounded out looking much better than when I had seen her last. She wasn’t a morning person, so I was pleased to see she was bright eyed and bushy tailed as she opened the door and climbed in.

“Mornin’,” she said, and leaned over to kiss me.

“Mornin’ hon,” I replied.

“So is it going to snow more?” She asked and then said, “I’m sick of shoveling this crap already, I sure don’t want any more.”

“According to the weather, we’ll get a couple days break, and maybe more snow on the weekend.”

“Great, the boys will be back then, and I’ll have some help.” She started, and then finished with, “You hungry?”

“Yeah, I’ll fix something when we get home.”

“Good, I’m starved.”

We rode in silence then, driving through the subdivisions, tires squeaking on the new snow, and shading our eyes from the bright light of the sun glaring off the surrounding areas. Occasionally someone would be out in their driveway shoveling and wave as we went by. It was one of those peaceful days, full of promise and energy that if you worked it right, by night fall you’d be exhausted and more than ready to sleep. God knows I needed to sleep better than I had been; maybe tonight would be that night.

When we got home Beth went back to the bedrooms and began stripping the beds while I went into the kitchen, fixed bacon and eggs and called to her as the toast popped up.

“It’s ready,” I hollered down the hallway.

“Okay, be right there,” she responded.

We sat and ate, made small talk and decided that we should stick to it all day and get everything done. I was pleased she’d decided to stay and said so.

“That’s okay, I guess after running my mouth last night, I owe ya.” Beth said.

“Let’s not go there again, K?” I asked.

“Whatever,” she said and not too sweetly.

She picked up her dishes, put them in the sink, and then headed back down the hallway to continue the cleaning.

The day went quickly enough. All the decorations came down, the living room and family rooms were put back together with their normal things, and soon enough it was late afternoon.

“I’m famished,” Beth said coming into the living room where I was vacuuming.

I shut the machine off and asked her if she’d like to have pizza brought in. Beth said yes and within the hour the pizza was delivered to the door.

We both decided to have beer with the pizza, and after some more small talk Beth looked straight at me with a serious look on her face.

“You’re still pissed about last night aren’t you?” She asked.

“Not really mad,” I said, “but a little embarrassed about it I suppose.”

“Can I press this?” She was staring at me with an expressionless face, but her eyes bore into me with a hint of anger.

“I’d prefer you didn’t.” I replied.

“What you prefer and what you’ll tolerate are two different things.” She observed.

Well, that was true enough. Our children had always been told that no subject was taboo, or couldn’t be discussed when they wanted to talk about something, and this was obviously something she wanted to talk about.

“So why do you want to know that?” I asked quietly.

“I guess you need to answer the question.” She replied.

“Do I miss sex? Yes, I suppose I do, but more than that, I miss holding her. I dunno Beth, I go to sleep in a cold bed, in the middle of the night I roll over and find the spot where your mother slept cold and that wakes me up. The alarm goes off in the morning and I shake a cold pillow awake instead of her. I miss the cuddling ya know? I never realized how much I’d miss wrapping my arms around her just for the sense of belonging. The world was a better place with her here and I’m not so sure if I’ll ever get used to this.”

“So you do miss it, is that right?” Beth asked.

“Well of course I do, but it’s the afterwards part that I really miss. So why do you need to know this?” I looked directly at her as I asked.

“Well, don’t get pissed, but the other day you were the subject of a talk I had with my girlfriends.”

“Really?” I asked quite incredulously.

“Remember last week when my friends and I went out for dinner?” She asked, and I nodded my head.

“Well, we were talking about what we missed most of all by not being married.” She started.

“Wait a minute, of the five of you, two are still married.” I reminded her.

“Yes, but… well okay it was Tiffany, Becky and I that really talked it over, the others listened to us. Well, at the end they joined in ‘cause, well shit dad, I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“Tell me what?” I’m concerned now. I’m getting this feeling of impending doom but don’t quite know which direction the disaster is coming from.

“Wait a minute,” Beth started, “I don’t want to screw this up.”

She took the last bit of pizza, chewed slowly, and then chased it down with a swallow of beer.

“Can we have a smoke?” She asked.

“Sure,” I said, and slid the pack to her.

She lit a cigarette, took a deep drag, lifted her beer, and after swallowing it, slowly exhaled.

“Okay, here’s how it went, and please don’t interrupt me.”

“We’re sitting there and someone, it might have been Beck, started bitching about men and sex. I mean we’re all playing this dating game, and none of us is thrilled about it. So we were talking about the things we missed, and what we really didn’t miss at all.”

“Things we don’t miss are picking up after our husbands, doing all the cooking when we work too, always doing the laundry, that kind of thing. It was getting pretty nasty and bitchy when Tiff said that there was one good thing she missed, and we all looked at her.”

“I miss getting laid,” Tiff said, and then went on with, “I miss not having to get out of bed, get dressed and then drive home, or worse getting laid and not having to walk the guy to the door because he’s nervous as hell wanting to get away from me ‘cause he’s just popped his nuts, and wants to get as far away from me as he can. With my husband, sex was great, and when it was done we both got to go to sleep in the bed we’d just made love in. Now I’ll grant ya, he’s an asshole about everything else, but the concept of getting fucked and then going to sleep in the same bed is nice.”

“We all laughed about that, and talked a little more when someone asked me how you were doing. I said fine for the most part, but you have your bad days too, and she says; ‘No, no, I mean about sex, is he getting any?’

“I was a little surprised, but said I’d never thought about it and she said, “Well, I’ve thought about it, and I’ve thought about it with him, and I’d do him in a heartbeat.”

“Who said that?” I asked.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you.” Beth said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well, I’m getting to that, please don’t interrupt, this is harder than I thought it would be.” Beth paused for a moment.

“Can I have another beer?” She asked.

I got up to get another beer and grabbed one for myself too. I shouldn’t be even thinking about this much less talking about it, but the subject was intriguing to say the least. I returned to the table and handed Beth her beer.

“Okay, so the ice was broken, and we’d probably had enough to drink to loosen our tongues, but the conversation finally ended up with we’re pretty sure that you’re not having sex and there are three women that want to have it with you.” Beth said evenly, and then added, “But not all at the same time.”

I stared at my daughter, but said nothing.

“So we came up with a plan and while all of us agreed on how to go about it, there are only three women who will do it. Actually the fourth one wants to, but doesn’t think she could live with the guilt.” Beth paused, staring at me, and then shrugged her shoulders.

“Interesting.” I observed.

“What is?” Beth asked.

“You’ve just told me that I know four women who want to have sex with me, for sex’s sake only, and that two of them are married.” I looked steadily at Beth.

“Not really dad, there are five women that want to but only three have the guts.” She said and dropped her eyes.

“Beth?” I asked gently, “Explain that.”

“Shit dad, you’re a good looking guy, I told you last night I miss sex, so I’ve thought about it, so what? I mean don’t be mad, I know you’d never be able to do anything about me, but I’m being honest here that’s all.”

“And the married women? You think I should do that?” I asked.

“Dad, you need to do what you need to do, but I think you’ll understand when I tell you that you’ll never know who it is, even after you’ve done it, or her or them, or… Never mind.”

“Are you trying to tell me that I can have sex with a woman and never know who it is? I think that’s a bit of a stretch don’t you?”

“Not at all dad. Look, you’re room is dark as pitch. You couldn’t find the floor in there unless you fell on it. I’ve never understood how you and mom found your way around when it was dark and all the blinds and curtains were closed. It would be easy for a woman to slip in there, have sex, and leave without you ever knowing who it was.”

“Well, there are a few body differences between these women. I think I could tell.” I said.

“Not really. Tiff and Becky are built alike, while Nancy, Kelly, and I are all the same size. In fact think about it. Tiff and Beck both have the same hair style. Nancy, Kel, and I do too. You have one out of two women one way and one out of three women the other.”

“You’re included?” I asked.

“Oh no, sorry. I guess its one out of two either way isn’t it. But you’d never know who, and she’d never tell a soul.”

“Too late for that.” I said.

“What do you mean?” Beth asked

“I know who they all are, and they all know who’s willing to do it, so how could any of it be a secret?”

“Good point I guess. Well, does it matter? I mean Dad, you’d get laid.”

“Is that the point? I need to get laid? Come on Beth, this is too ridiculous to imagine in the first place. I’ve known all these girls since they were little, which, come to think of it, isn’t that long ago. I don’t know how you could even go there with them, in the conversation I mean.”

“Dad, I love you. I told you, it’s a dating bitch out there. You’re the kind of guy women look for and most importantly you’re safe.” Beth finished.

“Safe?” He inquired.

“Yes, God dad, AIDS, HIV, whatever, you’re as safe as they get.”

“Well, your two married friends are safe too if they’re not fucking around on their husbands.” I was a little testy now, but held back what I really wanted to say.

“You’re right, but think about it okay? I’m only asking that you think about it, because there are some women who really want an answer, and they’re just as adamant.”

“I think we can change the subject now,” I said, and got up, headed to the kitchen, downing my beer as I went. “You ready to go home?” I asked.

“Sure.” Beth said as she got up and retrieved her coat.

I drove her home then and very little was said. Beth felt she’d ruined everything, but I was beginning to wonder silently if maybe what had been proposed could actually happen.

For two days nothing really did occur. Beth’s boys got home from their Christmas stay with their father, and life seemed to drift back to normal, if there was any such thing as normal I thought.

We talked twice on the phone and both times Beth brought the subject up. At first I feigned anger, but did admit to her that the thought was intriguing. I’d never tell her that masturbation was filling me with more guilt than the thought of fucking her friends, but that’s where I was headed. I’d actually started to fantasize about it. Nancy specifically I guess. She was a knock out, and her body was one nice piece of work, well actually she and Kelly both had the same bodies, but they were the ones I liked. Large breasts, small waists and just right legs. It was just that Nancy had a way to look at you with those sultry eyes and that “Fuck me” look on her face as she glanced at you which very few women could pull off. I was already secretly hoping it would be her. Problem was; she came with a husband.

The following Friday afternoon the phone rang just as I came through the door.

“Dad?” It was Beth.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked.

“Wanna go get some beer and pizza?” She asked.

“What about the boys?”

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“They’re spending the night with friends, so it’s cool.”

“Sure, you driving or am I?” I asked.

“Why don’t I pick you up this time?”

“Fine, see you when?” I’m looking at my watch and noticing it’s already 5:45 PM.

“Twenty minutes okay with you?”

“Sure, see you then.” I answered and hung up.

Beth was there a few minutes later and within a half hour we were drinking beer and waiting for the pizza. Beth asked me point blank if I was ready for what she’d proposed, and going directly to the point I said yes, I was. I’d thought it over and decided that if these women were willing to do it, I was too.

“Shit honey, I miss the physical connection.” I said, and Beth nodded. Then Nancy and Becky appeared out of nowhere and I went nervous. Nancy looked at me and asked how I was, and while I wanted to say “hard,” I refrained and said – “Okay.”

After a few hesitant starts at conversation, I settled down, drifted into some easy talk about the weather, work, and life in general and before I knew it the pizza was gone, the beer pitcher about empty and I felt a slight glow as we got up to go. Nancy and Beck had left a few minutes before and while it was nice to see them I was relieved to have them gone. I do remember watching Becky walk away from me and glancing at her ass. Nice ass too I might add. It was one of those heart shaped numbers that she could move and yours would race.

“So, you okay?” Beth asked as we got into the car

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Oh, I dunno, but you seemed awful nervous while they were here.” Beth said, but was smiling as she did, and looked at me with a twinkle in her eye.

“So if the deck door was unlocked tonight, you suppose that would be a problem?” She inquired.

“Not from where I’m sitting,” I answered, and suddenly I was mellow and a bit excited.

“Just a couple of things you need to know though, and I hope you’re okay with this.” She paused, and then went on, “Whoever comes in tonight will do so after you’re asleep, and she’ll bring a blind fold. Is that okay?”

“God Beth, this makes me nervous, I really don’t want to talk about this ya know?” I started. “I’ve had a few beers, I’m mellow, and I guess I know where this is going, but to be honest… well, talking about it doesn’t make it any better okay?”

“Sure, anything else?” She asked.

“Yeah just one, let’s just drop it.”

“Okay,” she said, “But sleeping and the blind fold, is that okay?”

I nodded yes, and within a couple of minutes, Beth dropped me at home. I went into the house, poured myself a straight whiskey, unlocked the deck door, and went to the bedroom. I sat there for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes, sipped some of the whiskey, pulled back the covers, and fell into bed. Sleep didn’t come, I passed out. Tired, beer and the whiskey had accomplished it, but not any one over the others, just the combination.

From way off in the gray fog of sleep, I felt the bed move and groggily crawled out of the dream I was having. The sweet scent of unfamiliar perfume drifted to me as I felt a soft band of cloth come over my eyes, and a soft shushing to me as I lifted my head for her to tie it. Then she pulled the covers back and slipped in with me; to my amazement, she was naked.

The kiss was first. She started at my forehead, moved over my nose, and finally descended on my lips. Arriving there, it got intense instantly. She kissed, I kissed back, and tongues were touching in a heartbeat. My hands found her breasts at the same time hers found my cock and both were busy stirring things to new levels. The pierced nipples surprised me. I had no idea any of these women had nipple rings and this woman had one in each breast. I found that extremely erotic, not finding out, but knowing whoever it was had hidden it so well.

Now let’s be honest for a moment. I’ve got a pool, hell I’ve got a great pool and I couldn’t count the number of times these women friends of Beth’s had come over in the past summer to hang around and relax. I’m a tit guy and yes, as often as my sunglasses were on, they were looking at boobs. Never saw a nipple ring through those pasty thin bikini’s though, not once.

It was then I realized it was Nancy or Kelly. Tiffany and Beck were petite small breasted women. This girl had tits, and they were magnificent. I ached suddenly in ways I never had. I wanted in, I wanted to come, and I wanted to do it immediately. To hell with the fanfare, foreplay, or tenderness, I wanted to finish the race with this little filly and do it now.

I rolled her over on her back, she spread her legs, and I was home in one swift thrust. Soft, wet, intensely hot, and within seconds I did exactly what I was in there for. I blew a load like I’d never done before. It stung, and burned and continued to spew until I was laying prone on her like a marathon runner who hadn’t quite gotten into shape and was lying stunned at the finish line. She pulled me closer as I lay on top of her, and kissed my temple, then my face, then my neck, and back to my temple again. Over and over and over she repeated that pattern while I caught my breath.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“Its okay, it’s okay,” she replied in the same soft whisper. Her words had an almost motherly calming effect on me; I could fall in love with this I thought.

I sat up and reached over to grab the whiskey glass that sat unfinished on the bedside table. Taking a drink, I offered her the glass, but she whispered no. I fumbled for my cigarettes, drew one out of the pack and after finding the lighter stroked it to life.

I actually saw her then. Well, not her face, but I was looking down and the small gap between my eyes and cheek allowed a brief glimpse of her hip and womanhood. The dark hair didn’t register, what registered was the tattoo. It was a rose, small and petite, curved toward the center of her, and a brilliant red like I’d never seen before. Granted it was only a glimpse, but it settled into my mind with a firmness that I recognized as something I would never forget. I thought back to the pool and again couldn’t remember any tattoos on any of the women. I will admit though that this one was so close to her pubic hair that I doubt it would have shown above a bikini line.

She sat up next to me and whispered, wondering if I liked what I saw, and when I denied I’d seen anything, her finger came up between my cheek and the blindfold and she caressed my eye lid. Busted, oh well, I thought, might as well say it.

“That’s a beautiful tattoo.” I said.

She leaned into me, breasts against my back and whispered. “Thanks,” then proceeded to tighten the band over my eyes.

We sipped the whiskey and kissed for a bit. Not spit swapping, tongue down your throat kisses, but nice little pecks until I turned and laying her down began the ever slow journey to the center of her womanhood. I remained there through a least one of her orgasms, and then as I began to come back up,

she rolled over and gained her knees. I knew what that meant and smiled at the thought.

I knee walked to her backside and began to rub my cock around her cunt. She reached between her legs and grasped me so I placed both hands on her hips and prepared to push into her when she changed her position. Her butt came down slightly and she placed me dead center over her ass. For a moment I thought there must be some mistake, but there wasn’t. When I was against her opening, she thrust back so quickly I popped into the tightest opening I’d ever been in. She’d impaled herself on me and seemed happy doing so. Taking a moment to adjust, I slowly thrust forward and the magic began. Smooth as butter and tight as a vice, I could not believe we were doing this, and her groan was of a pleasure I’d never heard of. She not only wanted this, she loved it, and managed to begin a rocking motion that I was sure would tear my dick off, yet thrilled that I was keeping pace.

For a fleeting moment I went back to when I met Nancy. She was probably ten at the time, and cute as a pin. As she and Beth had gone to school over the years I’ll admit I’d wondered about her as they entered their late teens, early twenties. What would her tits feel like? What lucky son-of-a-bitch got to put his dick in that? The kind of thoughts men have about their daughters friends, yet would deny on their own death beds that they’d ever had them. The down side of all of this was that this girl’s married now. Shit, I’m committing adultery, loving the feeling and hating the thought. Why couldn’t it have been Becky? Same yummy body, but not the same guilt. I was going to hell for this, but at the very moment I thought that I also thought, who gives a shit? This is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to my fifty six year old ass and they’re gonna have to pry me off this piece of work with crow bars before they throw me to the fires of hell.

I reach under her and gently grasp the nipple rings and begin to work them. Now I know nothing about nipple rings, what they do, or how they stimulate a person, but that didn’t matter. I took one in each hand and gently pulled while rotating her breasts with them at the same time. It was like putting a quarter in a mechanical bull. She started bucking and moaning and slamming her ass into me like there was no tomorrow. I’m beginning to wonder if the neighbor’s will hear the racket and call the police, (which freaks me out for a minute) and then realize I’m about to go off again and I have no idea if this mysterious figure below me is close or not. I concentrate on not popping off by pretending my dick is not getting the work out of his life and for a moment I win the battle. I win it just long enough for her to propel her voice through the super sonic range and at the very peak of her scream, she collapsed. I fall with her landing squarely on her back and worry for a moment that I’ve knocked her out. Her ass squeezes me, pulls me, and quickly sucks another load from me. I’m squirming atop this magnificent woman trying to get my dick out and slide off her but her ass is not letting that happen. Seconds later it does, and I do and gently pull up along side her.

My face is in her hair right by her ear, and I’m wondering if she’s died or something, when she gently turns her face to me and kisses me on the lips.

“Thanks, that was magnificent.” She whispers and rolls on her side to face me. One quick kiss, one sweet wonderful kiss, a slight hug and then she says. “I gotta go.”

Now there’s reality. I’m already lonesome and she’s still laying here. I’m feeling guilty about her husband and what we’ve just done, and she’s facing the reality of life and getting ready to go back to it. I lean to her, take her face in both of my hands, and gently kiss her lips.

“I understand,” I say and follow her body with my hand as she slides over me and gains her feet. She leans down and whispers, “My clothes are in the dining room, you stay in bed.”

I don’t argue, I pull up the covers and slowly close my eyes. I’m gonna pay for this in the morning I know. My conscience is gonna kick in and I’ll have a hard time dealing with anything then, but now, right now, I bask in the thought that I’ve just had the best sex I’ve had in years. I pull the blind fold off and let it drop to the floor as I drop off to a sleep I’ve not known in months.

A ringing phone brings me back to life. God, I’d fallen asleep and didn’t even realize it. Groggily I pick it up, as my mind begins to kick the shit out of my principles, but before I have time to go too far with that I hear.

“How ya doing dad?”

I’m not prepared for this; in fact it’s the worst thing I can think of. Okay, okay, my own daughter set up the encounter, she knows; she knows I know; and she knows I know she knows. Crap, I don’t want to talk to her, I don’t want to talk to anyone, but I answered the damn phone so what the hell.

“Okay.” I reply.

“Want to do breakfast?” She’s talking like nothing’s happened, and I’m thinking I should get a gun, shoot Nancy’s husband and drag her back here for more. That weird thought woke me up.

“Sure, here or do you want to meet?” I ask.

“I’ll come over there, say noon or so?”

“Sure, that’ll be good.” I’m wondering how much time I have to clean up and clear my head when Beth says; “Cool, I’ll see ya in thirty minutes.”

Okay, now I’m awake; wide awake. I’ve not slept this late in months, but kind of smile at myself. Careful what you ask for I thought. Just yesterday I was lamenting my lack of sleep, so I sure wasn’t going to complain because I’d actually gotten some now.

Thirty minutes later Beth comes through the door, but my moods gone south. I’m pissed and as she walks toward me sitting in the kitchen, she senses something is really wrong, but says nothing.

“Butt a little sore this morning?” I ask staring at her.

“How did you know?” She asks turning white and slumping down in a chair.

“You left this on the carpet in the bedroom.” I said, as I held up the necklace her mother and I had given her all those years ago.

Posted : 28/04/2011 6:57 am