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The Lady who live close to my house


It was a rainy Saturday and as the rain relented I went to pay my insurance premium as it was the last day. The Q at the counter was surprisingly long and as I was entering a lady came from the side and stood in the line in front of me. The power was gone and the clerk had to manually issue temporary receipts to the customers and it was really taking time. The lady was reading her premium slip and over her shoulder I could read her name and address. She was a smart female whitish in complexion very attractive figure and bright eyes. Full and medium boobs, I could get a view from her shoulder. She was wearing a green sari with matching blouse and a red border. She was having some difficulty in reading some details provided on her slip and she turned back and looked at me right in the eye and asked me to explain it to her. I was in a collared t shirt with all buttons open, due to the size the buttons were coming off frequently.

The lady looked at my open chest with hair and then sized me up to my flat stomach. She looked interested as I started explaining her details of her slip. She asked about what I did and where I lived. I found out she lived very close to my house, where I went for my jogging and exercises. I told her how close we lived and pat came an invitation to visit her. Giving her number she asked me to give a call before making a visit. As her turn came to pay the premium she was in need of some change which of course I had and did the needful. She waited for me to pay my premium and we both took the stairs down the building. Prima asked me about my routine for training and if I could give her some tips. She was married and husband was a stock broker in Mumbai came to Kerala once in 3 months sometimes not so. Her elder daughter was in the 6th standard and her younger daughter in the 4th STD. As we went down her husband was waiting impatiently and started yelling at her for taking so much time. We wished goodbye and she left in her husband's car.

I saw an oldest looking man; probably her husband was a bit old for her. On Monday I called up her house but there was no response and in the afternoon again I tried and this time Prima picked up the phone and was overjoyed at my call. We exchanged pleasantries and spoke about general things. I asked her when I could come and see her. She said Wednesday she was free and I could come and meet her then. I told if she wanted some fitness lessons, she agreed. On Wednesday I called her up and was ringing the door bell of her apartment. She opened the door to a beautiful and very cool house with marble all over. The white linen and upholstery suggested a very good taste. I was in a black jean and a dark blue t shirt. The t shirt was tight and my body was sizeable in it. The jeans fit were also tight.

Prima looked stunning with her wet loose hair, she was wearing a cotton cream colored sari with matching blouse. She led me into the sitting room and as we sat she excused and came back with a glass of flavored milk with honey. Sipping the energy drink I asked her how she spent her time and she said that life was boring and she was looking for something to do. I asked her if she was interested in getting more fit and keeping fit she was excited at the offer and wanted me to help her. She came and sat on the same sofa as I was sitting and asked me what to do first. I told her she would have to change it would be impossible in a sari and if she had tights or a sports outfit it would help. She sprang up and came back with a purple colored slack and asked me if it was ok I nodded. I watched her walk to her bedroom which was behind me and only a part of it was visible. I turned and kept looking in the direction and I could see her sari being removed, my inquisitiveness led me to get behind the sofa and take a proper look and there she was just about to untie her petticoat she did so and the petticoat fell to the floor.

She had the most amazing shape and her tight panty made her ass come out at the sides she wore the slack and then started unbuttoning her blouse I had only the back view and she quickly got into a t shirt. I returned to my place as she came asking me how she looked in t shirt and slack. I told her that she looked five years younger and stunning. She came blushing and sat close to me. I asked her what kind of bra she was wearing; she had a surprise look on her face and told me it was so and so. I requested her if I could take a look at her bra. She led me to her bedroom and showed me a bra from her cupboard. I explained her I wanted to see the bra on her body, as it was important for a proper exercise. She felt shy but agreed to let me have a look from behind. I nodded and there she was right in her bedroom and out of her t shirt. Her back was really in a good shape and her ass was beautiful oval.

She asked me whether it was ok, I went close to her and held her hand from behind and turned her face towards me. She was feeling shy and looked down in her shyness. I looked at her cleavage, a beautiful and full breast with the dark nipples visible through her loose netted bra. I lifted her face and kissed her on her forehead and could feel a current run through her. I embraced her and this time she reciprocated and held me tight. After a big squeeze I again looked at her face and kissed her lips the lips just opened for me in waiting and she responded with equal zeal. We kissed, kissed and kissed standing in the middle of the room. I lifted her from the floor and led her to the sofa. Making her sit in one corner of the sofa I started pulling out her slack. She had neat legs and her panty was a match with her bra. Her sides had signs of some rest and the flap was beginning to appear. After removing her slack I mounted on top of the sofa and began kissing her again. She slid under me and her legs crossed over my ass.

I kissed and kissed, our mouths were melting and the saliva was one. Kissing her ears with my tongue I reached her cleavage and she reached to pull her bra strap. Stopping her I sucked her tits with the bra on. The netting on her bra gave her added currents and aroused her more and she was squeezing me with her legs and her vagina was leaping towards my hard hot hammer as she leapt in ecstasy. She pulled my t shirt out and wanted to feel my chest to her boobs. I worked on both her tits profusely sucking them and now because of the heat and wetness of my tongue her tits were visible from out. She was clasping me and leaping in joy and urged me to fuck her, she said, you bull please enter me, please give me, please fuck me fuuuuuuucccck me fuuuuuccck me. She kept leaping as I worked furiously on her tits and removing her strap I got hold of both her magnificent boobs and now worked more furiously.

She leapt in joy and pain and screamed for her coming. I went down and pulled her panty out her vegetation was unshaven and her clitoris red as a chili her fleshy cunt was oozing the juice from her fruit and my head got buried into her fruit tasting the nectar. I licked her to and fro and kept entering her cunt with my tongue. Then sucking her clitoris made to and fro movements into her fruit. She kept leaping in ecstasy and was working on her tits herself. Her tongue was out and she was licking her finger tips and even biting them. Mounting her again I unzipped my jeans and out came my hammer red hot and twitching. Prima rose to gulp it and started licking it from all sides. She licked and licked and made moaning sounds as she licked. It was like MMMMMMMhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmhhhhhhh,pathukaeee.kuttaaaa..nalla sugammm. within minutes she was wanting more and more again working on her tits I moved lower to her navel and sucked it dry and licked it. She begged me with her widespread legs to penetrate her. She said, please please rock me,.aaah.. kill me, and kill me. I want to die; I want to die pppppllllllleeeesssssseee fuck me. I went off the sofa and positioning me with my knee grabbed her by her thighs and entered her she gave a jerk towards me and started moving her body to and fro.

I started rocking her and slowly and she urged me to fuck her hard she said. Harder kill I kill me. I gathered pace and fucked her till she cried in pain and wanted more and more I kept fucking her and she kept moaning her hands were holding the sofa from the sides as I was really rocking her hard, the impact was moving the sofa and Prima was in tears. She wanted to drink me and shouted please let me drink you, you are a sex demon and I want to drink you. Please let me have you. as I kept rocking her cunt with thud my hammer wanted to explode and I came out of her fruit and embracing her brought her to the floor, as we lay on the floor Prima came over my head and sat with her cunt on my head and leapt towards my hammer.

She got hold of my hammer and sucked it like you suck marrow out of a bone. And her clitoris was in my mouth and I sucked it like crazy. Prima kept sucking my cock to and fro, her boobs were thudding in my under belly and stomach area, she moaned and made heavenly sounds as she sucked my cock and then there was an explosion in her mouth and she was in ecstasy and screamed oh God Oh God this is heaven this is nirvana. The nirvana was coming from my sucking of her cunt, I was in leaping joy because of her sucking and in my joy I wanted to make her go mad by revering her clitoris, my tongue made crazy movements into her cunt and she came the second time into my mouth we kept sucking every drop of our juices until there was no drop left. Inverting she fell into my arms on the floor and we kissed each other rolling on the floor.

As we slept for a while we got up caressing each other and kissing each other I inverted her into a doggy position and lubricating her with my sputum penetrated her rear she screamed in pain but as I rocked her she began to enjoy it and started working on her right tits herself. I fucked her two more times before 5 pm and Prima said that in her life of 34 years this was the only day worth living for. She begged me to come back soon and fuck her. She wanted me to stay, she even thought of a reason to explain to her kids. I kissed her and told her to relax as I was very close to her house and will return to fuck her again, again, and again.

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:13 am