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The Kidnapping


Barbara was really excited about being in a pornographic movie. She liked having sex with different guys and enjoyed having a cock just about anywhere. It seemed like a good time to purchase a new wardrobe, now that she was going to star in some movies. So off she went to the mall the next evening. She spent all evening shopping and bought a lot of different styles for herself to wear. She bought some of the sexiest and skimpiest skirts, extremely revealing blouses and a variety of high heels and different colored stockings. She had a terrific time trying on and deciding what to buy. By the time the mall closed she decided on what she wanted and had her arms filled with all her purchases.

The mall was about to close, it was nearly 10 P.M. It was time to head home after an exhausting night of shopping. Barbara left the stores heading to her car in the mall parking lot. She got all her purchases into the trunk and was ready to hop in her car to head for home. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind around the waist and neck and held tightly. She was startled at first and then struggled to get away yelling at her attacker. The parking lot was nearly empty, only a few cars left and no one was in sight. She was all alone and defenseless. Then she felt another pair of hands grab her feet picking her up off the pavement.

They carried her across the lot to a van parked nearby as she struggled and screamed to get away. They opened the back of the van and both pushed her inside where she got her first look at her assailants. She sat on the floor of the van looking at two black men eyeing her up. She still had on her short skirt and low cut blouse from earlier in the day and they certainly liked what they saw. Their eyes literally devoured her body. Then one of them went up to the front seat and started the van.

Barbara found herself in a terrible predicament. She was somewhat excited at the prospect of having sex with black men. She had fucked a black cock before. But she was a bit apprehensive that they might really hurt her. She had no idea where they were taking her or whether she should try to reason with them and let them fuck her. Perhaps that way she wouldn't get hurt.

When the one drove off the other handcuffed her to the back of the front seat. "C'mon Jake, find a spot to park." "This bitch is hot, I wanna start fuckin' her."

"Alright, alright." I'll be right there." Jake parked the van in a secluded spot along a back road and joined his friend back with Barbara.

"You won't hurt me will you? Barbara asked. "Just shut up you white bitch." "I wouldn't worry about getting hurt, I'd worry about how many times you're gonna get fucked." With that they both began ripping her clothes off. Her halter top ripped down the middle and they yanked her bra up over her head leaving it dangling next to her handcuffs. Then they both grabbed her skirt pulling it off her legs along with her panties. She was naked in front of them as they gazed at her beautiful body.

"Fuck me, man." "What a good looking white cunt." They both hurried to undress and Barbara stared at two of the biggest black cocks she's ever seen. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat knowing that soon enough she probably would be forced to take those black shafts in every hole. They stroked themselves while staring at Barbara. Jake's cock was getting larger and larger until finally it grew to over a foot long. His friend's cock was nearly the same size as he yanked on it moving closer to Barbara. There was no point in fighting them, Barbara thought. I may as well let them have their fun and I'll be out of here soon enough with out getting hurt.

"Okay, babe. Open up. Feeding time." The black man held his big black cock in front of Barbara's face waiting for her to open her mouth. He put it against her lips and she could feel the warm hardness of his black shaft. She parted her lips slightly and he pushed in. "Oh, yes baby, eat it." He pushed in her mouth more. "What a hot mouth, Jake." And in further he went until he hit the back of Barbara's throat. Then he grabbed her head roughly in his hands with his fingers entwined in her beautiful blonde hair holding her still. Barbara knew what he was going to do and she prepared herself for it. He pushed in more forcing his black cockhead past the entrance of her throat as it started its' way down. He kept an even forward thrust feeding Barbara inch by inch his hard black meat. Barbara had deep throated before, but it was somehow different this time because she had no control of the situation. He was forcing himself on her with whatever he wanted. She was handcuffed and couldn't do anything to help herself. She was at his mercy while he force fed her his cock and prepared to fuck her throat.

He pushed further down until all of his nearly footlong cock was buried in the depths of her tight throat. He stayed there enjoying the feel of Barbara's throat gripping his big black cock. He gave her head little pumping motions fucking himself with her face as he told Jake how good it felt. "Man, this bitch is good." "What a tight fuckin' throat." Still he danced around with her mouth plastered into his groin. Barbara was running out of breath and was afraid of passing out as the fear displayed on her face. But he didn't pull out. He stayed in her throat longer, still fucking her face until Barbara moaned and whined making him look down at her to see her near fainting. He pulled out of her throat and Barbara gasped for air, coughing and choking. They both laughed at her remarking, "you'd better get used to it, we aren't near finished with you yet."

Jake, turned her over on her knees putting his hard foot long cock on her slit. In it went, penetrating her cunt as far as he could go. Barbara let out a loud moan from the rapid insertion that caught her off guard. Then Jake pumped her, ramroding her hard, making her grunt with every penetration as he hit bottom inside her wet cunt. "C'mon Jake, let me see you fuck her in the ass while I make her swallow me again." Jake pulled out and moved up to Barbara's asshole. All he had was the cunt juices on his cock when he pushed on her backdoor swiftly, opening her asshole up and slipping inside. Barbara let out a yell from the pain of her anal hole being forced open so abruptly. Jake didn't let her get used to his massive tool either. Immediately upon entering her anus he pushed hard forcing his hard black cock all the way in her ass. Barbara screamed in pain. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" Her asshole was still too dry and unlubricated to take anything so large inside. But Jake didn't care. He started fucking her ass right away, removing his cock almost all the way and ramming back in. And not just once or twice, but kept on going over and over as Barbara screamed and screamed.

She had always like it in the ass, but not this way. Once she got used to a cock inside her rectum it felt so good. Sometimes she would even orgasm from a good anal fuck. But now, she couldn't relax enough, her asshole was too dry, it hurt. She could feel every inch of Jake's hard meat slide in and then out, then back in and back out. The pain rippled through her entire body starting at her asshole and traveling all the way up until it registered in her brain.

Jake's friend moved in front of Barbara and when she opened her mouth to let out another scream he stuffed her mouth with his cock again. Barbara had no choice but to take him in her throat again. They both started fucking her one in and one out. Jake would slam her asshole as his friend pulled from her throat. Then her throat would get stuffed as Jake withdrew from her ass. For ten minutes they put Barbara through the double fucking torture. She had to quickly take a breath when her throat was clear for that fraction of a second. Her throat was getting sore and her asshole felt raw. Finally Jake's friend announced he was cumming. Thank God Barbara thought. He pulled back slightly and flooded her mouth with his sperm. He gave Barbara a tremendous load that filled her mouth. It was a heavy and thick load that felt like big globs in Barbara's mouth. When he finished he pulled out ordering her to swallow it down.

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"You'd better swallow it.".....................C'mon bitch, swallow." Barbara looked at him and gulped it down. It felt like one big glob in her throat as she felt it slide all the way down.

Meanwhile, Jake was ready to blow in her ass. He was still slamming into her pretty hard. Her asshole was red from taking twelve inches in so many times. "Make her eat yours too." Jake liked that idea. "Yeah, okay." "I'd like that. I fuck her in the ass and make her eat it." Jake withdrew and quickly came around in front of her making her take his black cock in her mouth. He pumped his cock a couple times and began unloading in Barbara's mouth. She opened wide letting it drain in her mouth all over her tongue covering it completely. When Jake finished he stared at her waiting. Barbara closed her mouth and swallowed his load too. Then he smeared his cock around her face making Barbara lick the remaining sperm from his cock. "Oh, man, she's a good cum eater." "You like it, huh baby?" Barbara didn't reply, hoping they now would let her go.

"You are a hot little thing," Jake commented to Barbara and his friend. "You know,................. I know a bunch of guys who'd love to have some fun with you." "What you say, want some more black cock?" "I can get you cock for every hole and keep you busy all night."

"Please let me go," Barbara begged. "You had your fun, now let me go, please!!!"

"No way, baby." "We ain't done with you yet." "We're gonna get you more black meat than you've ever seen." "And they're gonna love fuckin' a good looking white cunt like you." "And you know, they ain't had no lovin' for a long time."

"Where are you going to take me?" Barbara asked.

"We're going up to the prison work farm." There's about 20 brothers ain't had no pussy for a long time. They're sure gonna like a nice white one like yours."

"No, come on, please!! let me go." "Please!!!" Barbara begged again.

"No way, bitch." Jake replied.

"Stop calling me bitch, you bastards." "And let me go, Barbara yelled at them.

"Shut up you fuckin' little whore." "You'll do exactly what we say." Jake got real mad at Barbara for swearing and yelling them. "I'll teach this little white cunt a lesson," Jake commented to his friend. "This fuckin' white bitch talks too much." "I'll give her something to keep her busy."

With that Jake reached under the front seat and pulled out an empty beer bottle. He held it up showing Barbara. "What's biggest thing you've ever had up that pearly white cunt of yours." "You've got to be kidding," Barbara replied to Jake. "You white bitches don't know what a good fucking is." Jake held the bottle by the neck and put the wide end down to Barbara's slit. "Hold on, here it goes." He jammed the bottle onto her cunt lips and pushed. Harder and harder he applied pressure against her pussy. Barbara screamed as the discomfort grew and the pain began to register in her brain. Her cunt lips spread and then her tight fuckhole opened letting the bottle inside. Her stretched cunt hugged the bottle as Jake forced it in. The bottom of the bottle disappeared inside her hole. Jake pushed more as Barbara screamed at the top of her lungs. When half the bottle was buried inside her cunt, Jake stopped leaving it implanted inside her hole. Barbara gasped and groaned trying to expel the bottle from the clutches of her cunt, but it was lodged in there.

Jake then flipped her over with the bottle still buried in her cunt hole and started fingering her ass. First he pushed one finger in her asshole inserting it all the way. Barbara's anal hole was a bit dry so Jake spit a couple times on her ass and smeared his saliva around her anus until he could easily fuck her asshole with his long black finger. Barbara felt one finger probing around her rectum, then a second one and a third. Jake was stretching her asshole pretty wide once her got his fourth finger in. He wasn't too easy about it either. He fucked in and out of her anus fast and hard making Barbara grunt from the force and pressure each time he jammed his fingers in. Then he pulled out and began twisted his fingers in her asshole trying to penetrate her ass with his whole hand. Barbara was letting out a continuous loud groan and grunt as she knew he wasn't going to stop until his whole fist was inside her ass. He pushed harder and harder and harder until finally Barbara's asshole stretched wide, almost feeling like it would rip right open. Jake's fist entered Barbara's ass. The pain was excruciating when his hand passed through her anal opening. Her cunt was already forced open, occupied by a beer bottle and now her asshole was full too with a black man's fist.

Barbara felt Jake probing around in her ass and could feel his hand touching and bumping the bottle that was in her other hole just on the other side of the thin membrane separating her ass and cunt. Jake thought it was cute when he tried to push the bottle thinking he might force it out of her cunt from inside her ass. But every time he tried Barbara screamed as it hurt the inside of her delicate rectum walls. Jake laughed at her, "what's a matter, bitch?" "Can't handle a fist up your ass?" And he laughed at her again.

Jake's friend was going nuts watching Barbara in her discomfort. He obviously wanted in on the fun too. He reached down grabbing the beer bottle by its neck and pulled it from her stretched out cunt. Barbara twitched when her yanked it out. The other black man then reached up between Barbara's legs and started inserting his hand up her cunt. Barbara tightened up trying to keep him out but in it went. His hand disappeared inside her fuckhole. She was impaled on both ends, a fist in her asshole and a fist in her cunt. "Hey man, I can feel you in there," Jake remarked. "God, I like this bitch. What a fuckin' whore." "Let's give her a real fist fuckin'"

Jake began pulling his fist from her asshole and then plunging it back in. All Barbara could do was let out loud groaning sounds as Jake pistoned his fist in and out of her tight asshole. Her anal hole opened and closed repeatedly to accommodate Jake's fist. A couple times Jake pulled his fist out leaving a giant gaping hole where his fist had been. "Look at this fuckin asshole, man." And they both stared into Barbara's wide open rectum. "Nice ass, baby," he would remark. Then he would plow his fist back in before Barbara's asshole closed up.

Then Jake's friend started doing her cunt the same way. His fist emerged from her slit then got swallowed up again as he rammed it back in. He continued in and out of her hole while Jake did the same in her ass. Then they began ramming her holes together, both forcing their fists in at the same time making Barbara take a pounding like she's never had before. It hurt at first, it felt like they were ripping her apart. But then, crazy as it seems, Barbara became aroused as the movement of his fist kept going across her clit. The excitement built and became unbearable. Barbara was being raped. She already had had black cocks in her mouth and her ass. Now she was being brutally fisted and she was getting turned on. What was happening to her. Why was she feeling so aroused. It happened all so fast, but she was almost there. Barbara was near an orgasm while being fisted by two black men at the same time. Then it happened, she gripped their fists while inside her and convulsed in a violent orgasm. "The bitch, is cummin' Jake." "She likes it." "What a slut, what a fuckin' slut."

Barbara's orgasm lasted a full minute before subsiding. When it did the black fists were pulled from her soaked holes. She looked up and stared at her rapists. "You're a hot one, aren't you?" Jake asked. Barbara just continued to stare at them saying nothing and was on the verge of falling asleep from her exhaustion. Jake and his friend moved to the front seats and drove off leaving her in the back as they traveled toward the prison farm. "The boys are really gonna like her," Jake remarked.

Barbara thought to herself, "Jake mentioned twenty black men, in prison. Who knows how long it's been since they've had a woman. Would they hurt me? How rough would they be with me?" The prospects didn't seem pleasant. Barbara was going get fucked like she's never dreamed of. Actually, this was going to be a brutal gang rape and no one would be able to help her or stop it. But still there was an excitement to it. "What is wrong with me," Barbara thought. "I've just been raped and I had an orgasm." "My pussy hurts and my asshole is so sore, yet it was so exciting. What's wrong with me?" Barbara fell asleep.

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