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As the soon crept through the window, I arose and walked through the house, I picked up the phone to call a friend of mine who worked in construction. He had also, been on of those particular friends who had introduced my wife and I to the world of D/s. I slowly dialed his number fully aware that it was only 7 A.M. I knew him to always arrive on his work sites early and was hoping to catch him and see if he could do a small project for Me in the next upcoming few days. I heard his voice pick up on the first ring and after exchanging a few pleasantries, I inquired if he could fit my little job into his scheduled. I told him money was no object as usual and I would more than happily help him, but I needed the usual scrutiny and expediency I had come to expect with him. He agreed to come over in a little while seeing as how his crew and he had just finished a job a bit early and they happened to have a week or so before beginning their next project. I thanked him and hung up. I made breakfast and went upstairs to dress and awaken My little rose. I walked in and kissed her little forehead and brushed the hair away from her face. "Good morning My pet", I spoke softly to her. Rose opened her pretty eyes and smiled "Good morning Daddy Sir". I undid her cuffs and led her to the bathroom standing there waiting as she released her morning urination. I wanted to make sure she didn't take this time to quickly finger herself and gain the release she still was desperate to have. I helped her up and ran the water for the shower and let her in. I stood outside the shower watching her through the opaque sliding shower door. Her form so perfect I could see the silhouette of her breasts and could hear her softly singing to herself. She washed quickly and then turned off the water before pushing the door open and stepping into the towel I held for her. I attached the leash to her collar and led her out into the bedroom. I had decided that for today she would dress casually while we had company but also loose fitting clothing to allow for the freedom of her clamps beneath her top and no panties below in her little running shorts. I would see just how observant my friend still was towards a young beautiful woman.

After allowing her to get dressed and reaffixing the nipple clamps I sat Rose down and gave her the instructions for the day. "When we have a guest today and from now on you will wear your collar and clamps, no panties ever unless it is that time of the month and you will act and behave normally. You will still address Me as Sir, and the guests as Sir or Madam. When I tell you to do something it will be done quickly, and with grace. Should you disobey your little ass will be Blood Red when I finish spanking you." I asked her if she understood all of this and she nodded yes My Master. I looked into her sparkling eyes and wondered just what she was feeling now. Was it lust or anticipation or just what was driving her to comply with all My wishes. I reached under her T-shirt and pulled hard on the chain. I took the leash to her collar and led her down the steps to the living room. You will sit at the computer after My friend and I descend to the basement and you will do a homework assignment for Me. You will go find as many sites about incest and D/s as possible. The ones that arouse you you are to bookmark and then show Me later. You are under no circumstances to touch yourself today. Is that understood I asked her. "Yes, My Master,Sir", she stated. Now go and fix yourself something to eat and then when Charlie arrives I want you to answer the door and show him in. Then resume your homework. She had nodded and given the appropriate agreement using Sir and Master. I smiled she was going to make one hell of a good submissive when all of this was done. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and I heard her footsteps in her rush to get to the door. "Hello, Mr. Charlie,Sir". I knew right then My old friend would be onto My new secret. He greeted her and entered behind her, if I know the old retch he was checking out her fine backside as well. I walked out from the kitchen to join him. "Hello old friend," I started " I really appreciate this favor. You are the only one I know and trust with handling this." I turned to see Rose peeking out from the living room. I just made a mental note of this and ushered Charlie down stairs. I pointed to the room which had been barren for so long. I told him exactly what I wanted in every detail. "Charlie, I want to have a makeshift dungeon of sorts down here. It is My belief that if we widen the space a little by knocking out the wall over here, and put in a little weight bench and such that no one would be suspicious. I want to add a few ceiling links and I would like you to custom make a bench for certain um tortures. You see I have found a new sub recently and I think that with a little work she could be the best I have ever enjoyed." He paused before speaking, " So you old dog, you have managed to find a reason to enslave your daughter and you want my help in creating devices to tease and torture her?" I grinned, I never could get one past this guy. "Yes, you are correct, but tell Me how did you catch on so quick?" His simple response to this question was to smartly say "I have seen enough teenage girls to know they don't show the kind of respect and wording Rose gave me upstairs. And also she had let the little chain slip out from beneath her T-shit." I just grinned. Well I had told her not to touch herself but not her jewelry. Sneaky little girl.

SO after about ten minutes of talking and shooting the proverbial shit he agreed to help me. He said he didn't think it would take to long and that the only stipulation was that someday soon I would have to let him enjoy the fruits of our labor. "I can agree to that, Charlie although it may take a few weeks. I am not saying you can fuck her but, definitely you can help with some of the torture and I believe at least a blowjob would be in order." He just grinned and agreed and said that he would bring a two man crew by in a few hours and they could more than likely finish everything in a day or so. I couldn't help but be surprised, I didn't think it would be that quick. "I think the sooner its finished the sooner I get those sweet lips around my cock my friend" he chuckled. Charlie said a couple of the guys on his crew were into the lifestyle as well and it would be no problem keeping them quiet. We worked out a monetary amount of payment I went to the safe in my bedroom and pulled out the cash. Charlie left to get the materials and crew he would need and said he would be back right after lunchtime to get started. I told him dinner was on Me and I would provide the beer as well.

Walking into the livingroom I knew Rose was deeply engrossed in one sight or another. I found as I stood silently behind her that she had downloaded a clip of a girl sucking on an older mans cock. I watched the screen as she played the clip over and over again. The man told the girl in the video to suck all of daddy's cock and to get that yummy cum out. I decided now was the time to move up My little Rose's training. She needed some form of sexual beginnings and right now would be perfect for I had a raging hard-on in My pants. I spun the desk chair around and yanked up her shirt before she knew what was going on. My hands took her chain and I tugged hard. "MMM oh yes My big Daddy, pull that chain for your little rose." Obviously she had been completely aroused by the movie, her shorts were damp in the crotch and her nipples were rock hard. I didn't waste time with words, I just pulled her out of her chair by the chain and forced her to her knees. Her hands couldn't wait to get to My belt. She undid the hook and then unbuttoned My jeans and unzipped Me. Her hand reached in as her other pushed shorts and jeans down to My feet. My cock surged forth and she just licked her lips and stared at it. "Daddy, Sir, I have never seen, touched, or sucked a cock before." she whispered. All the while her hands were stroking up and down My shaft and the slit was dripping precum. She rubbed the head with her fingers and smeared the precum around before licking her fingers daintily. "Oh god, Sir , I want more of this." and with that she drove her mouth down over the head of My cock and sucked hard. Her tongue swirled around and around. She pushed her little pink tongue into the slit and teased it. She pulled off just long enough to hold My cock in her hand and run her tongue down the shaft to My balls and then she sucked my sack into her mouth. Her tongue nestled and lifted each nut as she worked her hand up and down My cock. I was dying to just hold her head down and mouthfuck her but I wanted her to find her own way.

Training a girl to suck your cock is great, but for those few to whom it comes naturally you just let them go to work and adjust things if you need to. She let My balls slip from her mouth and then worked her tongue around My shaft. Snakelike almost I though as she licked up and down. And then with no warning she moved all the way back up to the head and shoved it in her mouth as far as it would go. I knew she could feel every ridge and vein with her mouth and tongue and she definitely loved it. I pulled out of her mouth long enough to sit in the chair that she had vacated and then let her go back to work. She let her mouth fill up with spit and precum and then let it slide down My cock as I watched. She turned her little face up to Me and stared at Me with those piercing blue eyes and smiled as she sucked My cock. I was soon to find out My little princess had no gag reflex. I am not a big cocked man. Simple enough I have 8 inches at best and a couple inches around but I felt like I was in command of the largest cock of all times as My daughter was knelt between My legs and her mouth slurped noisily at My cock. She took it into her throat and pumped her mouth up and down. I could feel her throat muscles contract and massage My cock and I knew this was about to end. I figured the first time,My little girl deserved a reward so I would alert her to My cumming and see if she would swallow it or spit it out. There would be time enough to get her swallowing and to spray those big tits and her sweet face whenever I choose. I nudged her head down again all the way to My pubes and felt her lips tighten if that was even possible as she sucked so hard. I told her I was about to cum and she came up off her knees and stood with her face down still and facefucked herself trying desperately to get a mouthful of her daddy's yummy cum. I felt My balls tighten and then it happen...The first splash had to slide right down her throat but she pulled back so that only an inch or so was in her mouth and she jacked My cock with her hand into her mouth. letting her mouth fill up with My cum. Some dribbled out and down her chest, but I didn't mind as I finished she pulled Me from her mouth and opened it wide enough to show Me she had collected all she could in her mouth. Then she tilted her head back and swallowed. Rose then took her fingers and wiped up the cum from her chest and licked it off her fingers before sliding back to her knees and sucking My cock clean.

Now I tell you I have had many fine blowjobs in My day but this one from a complete cocksucking virgin had to be the best. Perhaps it was the taboo of the situation or it was the fact that she had gone about it with such fierce conviction but no matter the reason. That had to be the best blowjob ever. I was drained and felt like a nap would have been great but I had to readminster My teachings right away or Rose would think anytime she wanted she could just drop to her knees. I smiled thinking well later on she can but for now I must keep a strict regimen and only teach her one day at a time. I smiled down and rubbed her cheeks and then lifted her up onto My lap. I quickly flipped her onto her tummy across the chair arms and pulled off her shorts. My bare hand swatted hard and fast at her ass. "Tug the chains yourself My little cocksucking beauty." With that permission she whimpered as she tugged and pulled trying to inch her way to that climax that I refused to allow her yet. I spanked her until I couldn't lift My arm anymore. Her ass a deep red, looking sunburnt nearly. I pulled her back to My lap not thinking about My naked cock swinging between My legs and how her naked little pussy was going to center immediately upon it. She turned her head and smiled and spoke in a little girl voice, " Thank you My Master for filling My mouth with yummy cum and for spanking your little girls ass for her bad behavior." She had known why I spanked her and for that I was proud. She had given Me a reason to spank her, obviously because she loved and needed it. I allowed her to sit down and reach between My legs toand take My semi-erect cock in her hand. I wondered just what she would do next, and with no hesitation she started rubbing My manhood up and down her bald slit. I knew now exactly what she wanted and that anytime I decided to take her she would willingly give herself over to Me.

I lifted her off quickly, "Now, Rose, we must not let this get out of hand. I am training you to be a good slut, which you so far are taking marvelously too but I will not continue further today. We shall work on your expertise in cocksucking and then move on further from there." I saw her scowl and new that she was not pleased she had wanted to work Me into that frenzy where I had to fuck her but I had slightly anticipated this and was not giving in so easily. "But Daddy, Sir, don't you want to feel my sweet babydoll virgin pussy milking your cock inside out?" she inquired. As much as I did I couldn't let her know this for that was still a few days away and I had felt that she had much more to learn first. I pulled her to Me as I stood up and kissed her lips, I noticed there was still a cum lingering taste on her lips but I didn't mind that much for it was My cum I had put there. "My sweet little darling pet Rose, I do want to push those thighs apart and tear into you. But, alas I won't until I have trained you in the fullest and you have become the wanton slut I desire you to be." "Daddy, Sir, I am already your wanton little fucktoy, I will do any and everything you ache for Me to do, but I want to wait I suppose." I had noticed her kicking her little feet and her lips curled into a small pout. I instructed her to redress and prepare lunch. I told her there would be men in and out working on the basement for the next couple of days and that anything that was requested of her she should comply with. Her eyes lit up and I could see she was having wicked slutty little thoughts. "No, not those wishes My pet unless the instructions come from Me." She grinned and said "Yes, Sir". I sent her off after dressing and watched her through the hallway saunter back and forth across the kitchen making lunch. Now was the proper time to teach the sweet lil one to serve Me.

As she walked towards Me carrying the tray with food upon it I stopped her. "Go back into the kitchen My pet." I got up and walked in to the kitchen and sat her on the counter. "Now, My lil Rose, you shall learn the correct way to serve Me. When you bring the food to Me, you shall kneel down and offer up the tray. Making sure to keep it balanced and you will lift it high. Your head shall be tilted down but your eyes cast up to watch for any actions I have. As you offer the tray you shall simply say. Here is your food, My Master. Then as I take it from you I will allow you to return to the kitchen and get your own meal and My beverage. For now meal first. Eventually you shall learn to bring beverage and food both at once. But I don't want any mishaps for now. I will allow you to kneel next to My chair and eat if I am dining in the living room. Or if it should be in the kitchen you shall be allowed to sit at the table next to Me. Is this understood My pet?" "Yes, Master, I understand your wishes" she softly replied. I went back to sit down and in she came kneeling down offering perfectly as I had instructed. Then she inquired what I would be having to drink with My meal. After requesting a simple glass of water she went to the kitchen and returned with her own food and our drinks. She knelt down and offered the glass up in the same manner as the tray. Amazing I thought she must have done much reading prior to tempting Me into forcing her submission for this all came so naturally to her.

We ate quickly and quietly while watching TV. When the doorbell rang she hopped up and went to greet whomever was there. "Hello again, Mr. Charlie Sir, and um other Sirs." She faltered not knowing their names. I would allow this for she had recovered nicely. "My, Daddy is in the living room follow Me please Sirs and I will show you in." I stood up and greeted them and led the way down to the basement. The men had brought there tools with them and were going back upstairs to bring down wood and plastic to protectively cover the area when they knocked out the one wall. I watched waiting for them to set up before calling to Rose. She came halfway down the steps and said, "Yes, Daddy Sir, What may I bring you?" I told her to bring down four beers and to be quick about it. I heard her feet above scurrying to get the beers quickly and then she came down the steps bouncing two at a time. She looked around seeming unsure of how to offer the beers. I know she was wondering if she was to kneel and offer or if this was one of the times she should just hand us all a beer and flee the room. I nodded to her to see what she would do. I heard Charlie snicker behind Me and he knew the same thoughts as well as the other men would. She knelt down in front of each of us offering a beer before quickly getting up and sliding to the next one. Finally when she got to Me she knelt down and presented perfectly before saying, "Here is your requested beer, Master Sir." She winked at Me and through it all I couldn't help but give a laugh Myself. She had known Charlie for a long time and perhaps she saw the same qualities in him as she did Me and knew that he was Dom as well. She stood up turned and walked up the stairs, sauntering her shapely ass with the slow swish women must be born knowing how to drive men wild with.

Charlie walked over to me and started to speak," You know that little girl worships you and she is already one of the best subs I have ever seen. How long have you been training her?" Thinking slowly, " well this is actually day two of her training but I believe she was born to do so. She has taken to everything like a sub who has been doing it all her life." He just smiled and shook his head before getting to work. We worked for two hours straight. The crewmen he had brought knocking out the wall and putting down foundation and insulation in the back of the room. Then they applied the soundproofing material I had inquired about before continuing any further. I had been helping Charlie work on the bench and torture table we had come to agree would work best down here. A long table split in the middle and the split would open on hinges. This so ones legs could be spread wide while laying face down or on her back. The flat surface that wouldn't split had two levels one on top that was just that flat for when the person was on ones back. The other when you slid out the flat leaf part would allow for a face down position upon the table with openings circular and about a foot wide. This was easy to see its purpose for a girls breasts could hang down unobstructed. We sanded each part and then finished it with a light coat of wood sealant. While the top dried we attached straps to the split ends. Strong leather binding straps so that Rose would be immobilized when the time came. Finally we worked in splits of wood for arms on the table. The hinges would move freely so that if this were to be used the arms could be held out in one of three positions. The first being a simple lying flat and loosely down. The second arms wide as if prepared for a embrace, and third and final being high above the head. We worked hard on this making sure that for the final position the table could adjust enough so that the splits could be held either high above the head or arms splayed out above the head. SO in reality there were four positions but the fourth was just a variation of the third. Impressed as We were none of us realized how late it had become until, we stopped and sat down and I had gone upstairs to get another round of beers.

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Rose, could have been summoned to do this but I wanted everything completed before I brought her down here. She was busily looking through websites looking for more information. I also looked over her shoulder long enough to see she had bookmarked literotica a site for stories and chat and a few other options. I remembered to review that one later I like the clever wordplay of the sites name. Combining Literature and erotica. Clever indeed. I went back downstairs not even bother Rose for now time for that later. I had glanced upon the wall clock and had seen we had been at work for 6 hours already. I used the phone downstairs and called for some pizza. We all sat down and talked briefly. The other two on Charlies crew happened to be subs as well. I looked at Charlie inquisitively, "Charlie are they yours?" Charlie allowed a small smile to creep across his lips before looking at the two men, "Yes, old friend they are. Melissa (His wife) has become a switch in the last few years and she has started to be a Mistress as well as My sub. These two strapping young ones are actually both of ours. I was against it at first but she begged Me to try them out. And I will just leave it at that, but should you want some help with Rose, these two can be yours for oh the price of a pizza for a few days." He just grinned. I may actually find some work for these tow big men before tom morrow was over I thought. Perhaps see just how well My daughter reacted to being forced to be a cumslut for a group of Men.

After the pizza arrived and we ate I decided to issue a friendly offer to the men. " I want to see just how much of a cockloving little wench My daughter is. Now My only stipulation is that you may only tug on her nipple chains and there is to be no touching of her fine little ass or pussy. I want her to only suck you all off and swallow one of your loads but wear the other two." Charlie stood I could see the outline of his cock already, " Well, Tyler that seems fine enough for Me and seeing as how I own these two Mine will be the cock her mouth drains, Master, Sir." He grinned. I led them upstairs and told rose to kneel. Her eyes went wide with what I thought was shock, but as I looked harder and watched her lick her lips I knew it was truly just lust. She removed her shirt without instruction and came to Me. The others were standing around us watching as she started to unbuckled My belt. "No My pet you will service our guests now." She looked up and gave a small whimper but said Yes, Master. She moved between the three of them unbuttoning the two men that work for Charlie on each side of him and as she did so she leaned forward and pulled charlies zipper down with her teeth. She opened his pants with her hands and pulled out his big hard cock. I would have to say i believe his is just larger than Mine but she took it to the base in one jawdropping move. Her hands were deftly removing the other men's cocks from there trousers as she frantically facefucked her own mouth on charlies cock. I wanted to taste this fine piece of ass right then. I couldn't wait I could see her opening and closing her legs as she knelt there sucking and jacking all three cocks. She bobbed back and forth on all three. Charlie reached down and tugged her chain as she hoovered him. His cock pistoning back and forth between her lips. I got out the video camera and sat it on the couch and focused it before turning it on I wanted to capture this all on tape to play back to her later. Perhaps even show her mother that she had more fierce competition than she would ever believe. Each man took his turn fucking My baby's mouth. She was loving it, as one cock was pulled from her mouth she would turn and dive back onto the next one. On and on it went I zoomed in and watched her lips purse over each cock her tongue slide out proceeding her lips before she would drop her mouth down over each one. She turned and smiled to Me just once as I zoomed in and mouthed the words I love you daddy sir.

After about twenty minutes of her bobbing around I heard Charlies' groan and watch My slutty little daughters mouth bulge with the copious amounts of cum that were being shot into her mouth. She didn't miss a drop and her hands were busy still jacking off the other two men. She swallowed finally and I watched her throat muscles contract as she gulped down what Charlie had given her. She licked his cock quickly before sliding to the next guy. I told her to lie down and push her big tits together and get ready for a cum bath. The two men were near orgasm already I could tell. She slid flat on her back and jacked of one while sucking the other. Seems like she couldn't get enough manflesh into her mouth. I waited until they were both starting to jerk and then zoomed just enough to see the cum shooting out of both cock tips and spraying My angel's face and tits. Big long roping strands of cum landing all over her. Just abruptly as it had started it finished and the men fixed themselves up and Charlie said they would return in the next morning. He shook my hand and said anytime I needed help he would always be here. I picked up Rose and took her to the shower and allowed her to wash off what she hadn't already scooped off and sucked into her hungry little mouth. She was bound to the bed and kissed goodnight before I went downstairs to do some searching of My own.

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I went down the steps and looked at the website cache that had been saved while Rose had been on the computer. I viewed each and every site and perused as many of the pictures as I could. I looked at the clock on the computer and saw that it was still relatively early so I decided to go downtown and do a bit of shopping. I went up stairs to make sure Rose was bound and secured and then I slipped into the car and headed off. I parked in the parking lot next to our local "Adult" shop.

I went in and recognized the clerk as the owner of the store. She had been there for a long time and was very knowledgeable and discreet. I walked along the aisles and looked at the items with some interest. Now here I found a pair of vibrating panties. I picked them up and held onto them these would be useful very soon. I then looked up and down the aisles with clamps and other novelties before settling on three clamps that had little sensors attached to them. I turned the package over and saw that a chain could be affixed through their loops also but that this special package had a remote control with it that would allow small vibrations as well. Now I thought only one more area of interest to pursue. I walked down the next aisle that had anal toys. I picked out a few small anal plugs and an enema tool. A small bag with a nozzle and tube that could be inserted to cleanse my darling rose and tease her even greater.

I walked to the counter and put my purchases on the counter. The woman smiled and asked sweetly if I was training someone new or were these toys for my wife. I slowly shook my head and told her that my wife had left me but I was training someone new. She then looked through the purchases and walked out from around the counter sliding up to me. She gazed into my eyes and told me that should I need any further help training be it by toys or a helping hand she would be very willing to offer her services. Pausing to look her body up and down, "Ma'am, I may just take you up on that offer very soon." She spun around and I caught site of her shapely ass, I took the time to appraise her once more. She was probably 35, she had a slender body, not a large chest but my best guestimate would be around 32B, her waist appeared to be fairly thin, and she had those womanly hips that just called out to be grabbed and held onto while taking her from behind. Her face was near angelic, a child's face almost, it bore no lines of a harsh life, smooth high cheekbones, and a button cute little nose. Her lips were not nearly as full as Rose's but thin and very seductive when she smiled. Her eyes were a radiant green, taking on an almost glowing neon quality, I wondered if they were contacts or just seeming more vivid to me now. Her hair was curled and full and a brilliant shade of red. I had frequented this store many times during the years but never really taken the time to look this woman over. As most men are I had been slightly embarrassed over some of my purchases. Although she had never looked at me as though I were some sort of sicko. I chuckled to myself and thought why the hell would she, she is the one selling the items.

I had pulled out my wallet and was removing money as she rang up the items. She looked at saw a picture of my babydoll Rose. "Oh My, she is quite beautiful,Sir." I thanked her telling her this was my daughter Rose. Then handed her the money as she told me the total. "Would this be the little one you are training now?" she inquired. I hesitated not sure how much I cared to reveal to this woman. Oh I thought what the hell she is not likely to think anything of this, and anyway Rose is 18 now. So I told her "Yes, this is my daughter, and My freshly budding submissive pet Rose." The woman allowed a humorous gasp escape her lips. "My name is Annie, and as I told you before any further help I may give you Sir, I would be more than obliged to do so. I would gladly deliver any toys to your home should you need them and not be able to come in yourself." I knew I wasn't imagining this seductive woman's subtle hints that she wanted and was more than willing to participate in any task I had for her. "Well Annie, if you would be so kind as to write down the number where I can reach you I would appreciate it." She leaned forward over the counter and pulled out a notepad scrawling numbers down next to her name. Looking up into my eyes catching there glance down her blouse at the exposed tops of her breasts she just cooed softly "Call me anytime Sir, I am always available to your needs."

I thanked Annie and walked out. My lord I thought, I have an array of offers of playmates building and I have only begun training Rose. I figured it was perhaps the way I carried Myself, feeling slightly more self confident that I had before. I knew it was probably due to the fact that one of the most gorgeous women in my life had decided to submit to my every desires and that she would gladly become anything I wanted her to. Realizing I had forgotten to mention the collar to Annie, I picked up my cell phone and withdrew the paper she had written her number down on from the bag she had placed the items in. I pulled over in the fast food parking lot and flipped on the dome light inside the car. I dialed the number and heard that sultry voice," What do you desire Sir?". I thought to myself that this woman must surely be confident in her charms. I described the problem and how I wanted the collar custom made for Rose. I described in detail every design that should be embedded and I wanted it to fit perfectly but was unsure how to do this for rose was going to be remaining in the house for a few more days. Annie told me to use the collar that rose already had on and to mark the leather where I wanted it to fit. She explained that it would be rather simple to take the measurement and then she would call the person whom she had custom make the collars for her shop. I assured her price was no issue. I thanked her again and told her I would be calling in the morning with the details so that the project could be started as soon as possible.

I walked into the house and lay out the items I had purchased taking them out of their respective packages and examining them. I would learn to love using them upon my sweet lil Rose I thought. The only of these items I was unsure of using so far was the enema bag. My wife had only tried this once and it had been long ago and although I knew I could do it I was just figuring I would be unsteady about it at first. I thought Charlie, would know just how to explain and refresh my memory although there wasn't much to it. How hard could it be to figure out a long tube that would be inserted into her little back opening and then the bag filled with water and massaged to push the water in. Then after draining the bag, remove the tube and wait for the desired effect to happen. I grinned to myself I knew that rose's sexy little ass would be bouncing off the bed with the pressure and once she was cleansed I would be taking her virgin asshole and fucking it until she cried out. I put the bag and tube down and started playing with the remote control clamps...I removed My shirt and sat down and applied the clamps. I had been a firm believer that if it required any pain at all I would experience it first and then subject my wife to it. Now I supposed the same would be in effect for Rose. I would not give her undo pain and shock. I affixed the two nipple clamps and turned the knob feeling the slight electric jolt. "Holy shit", I cried out. Whew what a feeling. I did feel a little pain from the pressure of the clamps but nothing I could not endure. I also knew the pleasure was somewhat comforting for it was just a hint of pain but the tingling already had My cock rising. I turned the knob creating a bit more electric charge. My cock lurched in my pants again. I thought I could really get used to this and if I liked it then surely that little slut upstairs would love her sensitive nipples being shocked, after all she was my daughter. I turned it all the way up now skipping the intermediate shocks jumping all the way to high. My cock jumped and stirred and came up hard and fast. Oh this was delicious. I turned the voltage back down and then all the way on high again. I was damn near cumming without so much as freeing my cock from my pants. I would have to be careful with this little toy for rose had already proven she liked the pressure of the clamps without little jolts of electricity. I also figured it may be more intense for her once I applied the clit clamp.

I pulled off the clamps with some reluctance and then took the toys to my little office off the living room placing them inside my desk. I had rampaging thoughts of lust of going upstairs now and pushing rose's legs apart and stuffing her hot little cunt full of her daddy's big hard cock. No, I must wait... I want her, as the English say, gagging for it. I want her to be so on the verge of orgasm that the first time I take her, as I break her hymen, I want her to flood with orgasm. I turned my chair around and flicked on the computer. I signed onto the Internet and went through reading email and then checking through that Literotica site Rose had told me she found. I sat there reading all the incest stories. Sticking to the daddy daughter ones, soon my cock was throbbing in its need again. I freed it from its confines and pushed my pants to the floor. I signed into the instant messengers I use and was hoping one of the little sluts I use online would be on to help their Master release this building pressure. Just then a little message box popped up. The name was one I hadn't seen before , slut wife. I clicked on the info button and brought up her profile. The information provided was brief and enticing. I responded to her hello. Her reply was, Tyler, I am so horny right now. My god I thought this person knows Me. I pulled back up the profile and looked to see that the date this had last been modified was a few days after Rose had turned 18. It didn't take much guess work from there to figure out it was My soon to be ex-wife. I felt that sensation again, the lust I had always had for her. I longed to tell her that I had taken a new sub and see how she reacted but instead I decided to up the ante. I really don't have to much time to talk honey, I replied. She came back with can I come over and see you Tyler? I need your big cock stuffed in my sluttish little mouth and pussy. I backed away from the computer would I give in now and let her find out that I was Doming her daughter.Or should I make her wait just as I was doing with Rose. IF I could tease and play this out just long enough perhaps both would be easy prey. My response was simple to the point. NO! I don't have times to play with a little slut like you. I need a whore that won't disobey and run off from Me. If I want you ever again then you will come when I command is that understood? I could see she was typing, My mind was racing and my heart pulsing. I was playing a dangerous game here and this could backfire but of course I would still have Rose. I watched her message pop up and read it slowly. Yes, my Master, I will wait until you call for me, your ever loving slutty whore. You must know Master, that your refusing me now is making my pussy drip with desire. You have never refuted my attempts to seduce you and it makes me want you more. How long will you make me wait? I sent one small message. Until I need a cunt to fuck! Then just as quickly I signed out of the messenger services. I should go get some sleep for Charlie would be here early again tomorrow and there was much work to finish.

DAY 3.

I had set the alarm for 5:30 am. I rolled over turning it off and looked at Rose. Her wolf like blue eyes were watching Me. The lust filled need to be allowed to cum and to find a way to drive me past the breaking point to do this was obvious. She gave me a mischievous grin and parted her legs, licking her lips, she whispered "Daddy,Sir, take me claim me as Your own now." It was a pathetic plea and an erotic one. I could see the moisture between her parted thighs. I smelled the scent as if I were heightening my own senses by depraving myself of taking her as much as I was depriving her of orgasm and the fulfillment she craved.

I stretched out and reached for her arms. Unbinding them I allowed her to slip down next to me. Rose was glancing down at the morning erection that I was sporting beneath the covers. She slipped her hand down beneath the cloth separating her from her object of desire and grabbed it with force. My cock jerked and swelled more if that were possible. I allowed her to lay there and stroke me for a few minutes before I grabbed her head and lifted the covers off and shoved her down for a closer view of my cock. I immediately felt the warm pink little tongue dip into the piss slit and she lapped at the precum as if it were her favorite flavor of sucker. I loved this, who could tire of a beautiful little teenager bouncing her lips up and down over his cock. I could feel her big hard nipples sliding up and down my thigh and then she engulfed my shaft with her mouth completely. She let her mouth fill with saliva and then pulled back from my cock. Rose then looked up into my eyes and opened her mouth. Holding my cock in one hand, rubbing my balls with the other as her mouth opened saliva poured out and down my shaft making it even more slick. She never looked away from my eyes as she jacked my cock in her little hand. "Master, feed me," she said in her little girl voice acting innocent.

She had managed to draw my attention to her face and oral administrations, causing me to fail to notice she had slid her lower half to my hand. She nudged her pussy against my hand, her eyes pleading for just a touch. I pulled her hips over my face and drove My tongue against her clit. I pushed my tongue against it and held it there allowing her wiggling hips to cause the friction. Her young little virginal pussy juices flowing freely now, I lapped them up. I started to jerk and cum in her mouth this was too much for me. She drank down all I offered her, her hips shaking and wiggling I knew she was nearing orgasm. I broke from the daze I was in and lifted her off of me.

"Daddy, Sir, please let me cum," she begged. "Not yet, My sweet little pet," I replied simply, " the time will come soon enough and you will be allowed to cum." I rolled her up to me and kissed her lips not caring that I was also tasting the remnants of my own semen coating the insides of her hungry little mouth. I wanted to take her then but I would wait. It was going to be a delicious experience when it finally happened. An all day affair. I told her to go do the morning release. I walked to the door and stood there once again making sure she didn't take it upon herself to find release. "Master, I will not cum until you allow it. You need not guard me all the time, I don't want to ruin this feeling. I am always on the verge of orgasm as it is Sir. I want to be Daddy Sir's little cum loving slut and I am willing to await orgasm because I know when you finally let me have one it is going to be so intense I will probably pass out, Sir." I smiled, I knew she was being honest for she had thought all of this out before she gave me a reason to take this gift of submission she offered. She had to have been prepared for anything and this perhaps was to her just a test to see if I would give in like I always had. I admit she had me wrapped around her pretty little finger before but now things were different.

"Charlie will be here soon My pet", I told her. I motioned her to the shower and got in behind her. I allowed her to soap me up. She tried to not linger soaping but she did wash my cock a little extra. I then did the same for her. Careful to not give her more than little stimulation as I lathered her up and washed her. I saved the special places for last. I slowly washed her nipples and rubbed them just until they hardened then I worked down her tummy and spread her open with my fingers before rubbing the washcloth over her clit and pushing it just barely inside her. I spun Rose around before washing her pretty ass. I took the bar of soap and ran it up and down the crack of her ass before pushing it against her puckered little anus. I slipped my hands in with it and nudged. Rose's body pushed back quickly and I knew this was the stopping point. I pulled away and turned her around rinsing her off. Then I turned off the water and stepped out handing her her own towel. Testing her resolve to not making herself cum. I watched out of the corner of My eye as she patted dry her pubic area and just patted her nipples dry as well. She was being so good that it was going to be hard to not just give in and fuck her simply because she was trying so hard to please me.

We went downstairs and I went out to get the paper as she prepared breakfast. I hadn't allowed her to dress yet for I wanted to be able to look at her glorious little naked body as long as I could this morning. I knew that once Charlie arrived it would be all work. Just then the phone rang and it was Charlie. He explained that since I had compensated him so well with money and other gracious offering that he was going to bring over three of his own special designs he had finished recently. He just wanted to make sure that I didn't mind. He knew how I was when I had decided I wanted things a certain way. I had proven to be bullheaded and not see anyone else's perspective. Normally I just went with instincts on everything. It had allowed me to earn a very early retirement after buying a certain stock and spending what had resulted in almost all of our lifesavings. This had come on a hunch I had had. I had been reading about a small company that was located near us and they were branching out and getting bigger quickly. So once they opened on the stock market I had found a broker and bought a huge amount of stock. Within two months we had twice over quadrupled our money. I figured once more and I would never have to work again. Well it did so twice more within two weeks. I sold all of the shares and got out. All said and done I had made a nice chunk of change, $64 million to be exact. What had started out as $250 thousand dollars had ended up a security my family had never known. The friends I had always kept close had never once ask me for money as of yet but they had asked for tips if I ever had a hunch again. Charlie had been one of the few that I had managed to stay in touch with always. The others had slowly dwindled away as though they expected this new found wealth to change my attitude.

I am pleased to say that it did not affect my overall attitude whatsoever. It had allowed me to shed myself of the everyday humdrum 9-5 job I had been working. Although I had loved my job I knew I would enjoy doing whatever I wished having no boss for the rest of my days. I had bought a local gym and completely revamped it. I had managed to make it into a booming business and hired an excellent staff so my presence was barely required. I thought all of this over as Rose finished toweling off. Now would be the time to redden that tight little bum again I figured. She hadn't had a good spanking since earlier the day before and I wanted to keep her well accustomed to getting a warm bottom at least once if not more times a day. I walked behind her and lifted her up dropping her face down on the bed. I quickly slipped to my knees and reached beneath the bed pulling out the toy box there. I withdrew the paddle and stood. Rose lay the over the edge of the bed her tight little asscheeks raised with her legs splayed open and her feet firmly planted on the floor. I didn't utter a word I just let my arm swing. Snapping my wrist just before the paddle was to touch her flesh and heard the THWACK! of the leather on her ass. It sent her squirming. "ONE, Daddy, Sir." I worked my way up to thirty this morning as she cried, wiggled and raised her ass up to meet the paddle. If I wasn't mistaken my little daughter loved the paddle. I left her lying across the bed and grab a bottle of her body lotion from her bedroom. I came back in and poured a generous amount into my palm and spread it over her ass. It wouldn't do to have her too sore and leave the marks without some soothing.

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She kept her body limp as possible as I rubbed in the lotion. Her hips would occasionally rise to meet my hands and draw them in closer to her pussy, but she neither overly tried this nor whimpered when I would not give in. She did moan quietly though. I admired her ass as I did this feeling the taunt flesh beneath my fingers. Knowing that soon I would have tasted all of her flesh and been inside the other two openings I had yet to explore. Rose spoke slowly, "Master, I love You and am Yours as You desire me. I will be a good slut for You when You finally take me." I patted her bottom and rolled her over. I reach for her hand and pulled her up sitting. I reached inside my robe pocket and withdrew the clamps I had purchased last night. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and brought them to quick hard little nubs, she watched my eyes as I did this. I was concentrating, waiting until the nipples harden and would erect themselves no further. Then I slid one of the clamps over her left nipple, hearing the sharp intake of breath as I eased it on and resumed teasing the right until its hardness matched the other. I eased the clamp down over her nipple and let it shut. Rose gave a slight moan and arched her breast forward wanting to be touched more. I cupped them fully and pushed them together dropping my tongue in that sweet valley they formed.

Now would be the best time to measure the collar around her neck and I pulled it tight leaving my finger just where the collar should close. Not too tight but at the same time preventing it from sliding up and down on her, chaffing her neck. I pulled it off and lay it on a piece of paper and marked the length. I drew a second line indicating the width. I would call Annie as soon as I could and give her the measurements and see just how fast the designer could fashion the collar to my given specifications. I replaced the collar about Rose's neck and kissed her lips, sucking her lower lip into my mouth running my tongue over it. I brought her up to a standing position and pulled the panties from my pocket. They were a nice pair of thong panties. I looked and noticed there were little flowers on them. I had failed to notice last night but they seemed to be daisies and roses. How rather appropriate I thought. Then I told her that for today she would be wearing these, I gave the explanation that I loved the thong look on her for they just kept her little treasure hidden and all the more enticing. I brought from her bedroom a little sundress that she had worn a few years ago before developing the chest she now was in possession of. She slipped the dress over her head and tugged it down. It gave a nice view of her cleavage and accentuated the breasts gloriously I thought. Pushing them together and pulling them up, making them a feast for any man's eyes. I looked at her lower half. The dress was loose enough that it didn't quite hug her womanly hips and ass, it flowed out about five inches above her knees. I knew any movement would expose that lycra strip covered ass and expose her naked pussy if it were not for the panties. I wanted her to feel as sexy as she looked and I knew well that when a woman feels sexy she is more than likely to spend her day horny and aroused.

We went downstairs to wait on Charlie and his crew. I took her to the computer and had her show me some of the sites she had seen yesterday that had turned her on so much. I reached down inside my overalls and inside each pocket was one remote control. One for the panties and one for the clamps. I turned the clamps on low for a moment and watched Rose tilt back in the chair and close her eyes. I turned the thing off just as quickly. Not wanting to over do it yet and give away the toys surprise. "Anything wrong princess?" "No Daddy, Sir, I just got a nice tingly feeling in my nipples", she responded. I would have much fun with this over the day I thought. I flicked the other remote on and watched her squirm in her chair and moan. "Daddy, the panties are doing it too. My pussy is on fire, Sir." I turned it off, thinking ok, all initial test show she loves the vibrations. Just then the doorbell rang and I went to get the door. I noticed Charlie had brought the big truck today and as the back door rolled opened I saw his gifts and smiled to myself.

"Charlie, old man, you have outdone yourself." I walked out and looked over the devices as the men were removing them from the truck. One was a simple contraption. It would spit open and Rose could be put bending over in it. The half would come down and her neck and hands would be locked in. She would be bent over and could be mounted from behind or spanked and have a cock stuffed into her waiting mouth. The second device was quite ingenious, it was made of oak and was heavy enough it took all three to lower it from the truck. It was a big wooden cross. Leather restraints adorned the outer wooden arms of the cross and one long leather strap could be wound around the feet, and buckled. A notch was made waist high almost and was on a rail so it could slide up and down. The rail was worked well into the wood so it wouldn't harm the person on the cross. I asked Charlie what the rail was for. His response was that it would be easy to fit a dildo or two on there inside the little cups he would install later today. Then the mounted person could be lowered onto the dildos and impaled in both orifices. I smiled, I knew he was a kinky son of bitch but this outdid my expectations. I then glimpsed the third and final of his gifts. It had been a dentists chair. The electric foot controls still attached though the chair had been modified. It now represented a gynecologists table. It had foot stirrups and would lie flat. Charlie said he thought it would be fun to play with and perhaps would have many uses. He said he and Melissa had found plenty on there own.

I helped them carry each item in and down to the basement. Once everything was positioned we all went to work. Music blaring and a round of beers every so often. It was nearly noon we stopped and sat down just talking. I found out that the men had loved their extra payment yesterday and were hoping for another crack at it today. I told them it wouldn't happen today but soon the three would be invited back for more than just a blowjob. Well after some hoots and hollers they agreed it would be worth the wait then. Charlie and I had added a full layer of padding to the table today that would allow for some comfort. The room would be finished soon and I had a few items I still wanted to go out and get to add down here. I wanted to add some shelving and hooks for toys and a refrigerator for food and drinks. Charlie said he could manage the shelves with only about an hours work seeing that they had some leftover wood and that it would be his pleasure.

I went upstairs and pulled out a little stack of hundreds and went back down handing him ten thousand and offering each of the other two a couple thousand apiece. They looked to Charlie who nodded. I knew he didn't expect this but,I didn't mind he had gone above and beyond the call here and helped me out and the discretion would pay for itself here. I looked at the room which had been cleaned now, and I was impressed it had only taken two days to turn this room into a very nice dungeon of pleasure. Or I chuckled to Myself one of pain and pleasure. Well boys lets see how this works. Their eyes lit up as I called Rose downstairs.

As she came down I turned on the clamps and panties, both at the same time. She walked slowly down the stairs as I watched her legs wobble slightly. She was nearing orgasm right now. I clicked off the devices and allowed her to continue down the steps undisturbed. As she stepped down the last step I turned both on high again. Her hips wiggled and she dropped to her knees as she moaned and whimpered. Charlie was quick to catch on and looked to see that I held both controls in my hands now. I nodded to the two men to go help her up. She was escorted over to me and put on her knees. I turned off the devices and gave her a moment to compose herself. I looked to Charlie. "Shall we try out the table first?" . He grinned and mouthed the words yes and the two submales immediately scooped up Rose and held her near the table. "I think face down would be good the first time Tyler," Charlie added. I reached for her and stripped her dress off of her. Her breasts heaving as she was recovered from her near orgasm before, her panties soaked. I would leave them on for now. She was placed face down as the table was opened. The leaf pulled away so that her more than ample bust would fit through the slots. I then took over. I instructed the two subs to kneel beneath the table and to suckle her breasts. To rub her nipples and tug the clamps surrounding them. I handed Charlie the paddle I had brought downstairs and I took up another. We had done this before, not so long ago on my wife. I turned Rose's panties on low and gave the go command. Charlie lowered his paddle with speed and proficiency stinging the right cheek.

Just as his paddle connected mine did as well. Rose lifted her hips and writhed with passion. I increased the vibration in her panties to medium and then I went back to paddle her along with Charlie. The two men beneath the table were licking and sucking her nipples as her ass was being paddled without mercy. I wanted her complete submission soon and this would only prepare her further. I withdrew the panties pulling them down slowly. They were wet and slid from her body easily. I tossed them to Charlie and let him catch the scent of a hungry teenage soaked virgin pussy. I turned the panties on high while he clutched them and he laughed and tossed them back. I motioned for him to continue the spanking now. We assaulted her ass for a good twenty minutes. Her cries had turned to moans, her moans into racking sobs. Then the cycle would start again.

She was still raised her hips after every spank. Moisture was growing between her thighs and there was no way she was leaving here tonight without cumming I thought. I dropped the paddle beside her face and asked her if she could still endure more tonight. I may be her Master now as well as her father but I didn't want tonight to curtail any further upcoming plans in her training and punishment. "Yes, Daddy, Sir, I will endure all you can dish out. Mmmmmpfff," she let out a stifling moan as Charlie whacked her tender little ass again. I looked at him and mouthed "no more." I tapped the two men beneath the table on the shoulder and told them thanks but they were done for the evening. I told Rose to lie there and Daddy would be right back. I walked the men up the stairs and into the foyer and thanked them. I told Charlie I would be calling him soon for some more fun and that these two strapping young subs should come as well. I led them out, once more thanking them for all their help and discretion. I turned locking the door and went downstairs to Rose. Then lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were wide and the smile that crept over her lips betrayed any hint of pain she had felt. For this little saucy slut was alive and craving more. I turned her clamps on high and dropped down between her spread legs in the back of the table. Never saying a word I spread her little pouting puffy pink pussy lips open and slipped My tongue deep inside her. My fingers deftly stroked her clit and I tongue fucked her and rubbed her as best I could. She was wiggling and squirming as uncontrollably as any girl I had ever seen. I sunk two fingers deep inside as I could go pressing against her hymen before pumping in and out of her to that depth repeatedly. I rested My thumb on her clit and pulled back the hood as I lick and teased it. I pulled away long enough to flip her over on her back and usher these words in a barking command. "Lift your head and look into My eyes and CUM for your Daddy, My fucktoy daughter." .......

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