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The Earthquake


The earthquake lasted several minutes. That was all the time that was needed to bring down most of the houses in the neighborhood. Almost every other home was reduced to ruble.

When the shaking started, Frank was up on a ladder painting his house. The vibrations almost knocked him over. He was a very muscular man and was able to hold himself in place against the house as the ladder teetered and swayed along the gutters of the roof. Being a fireman had its advantages and staying steady on a ladder during duress was more of an instinct than anything else. He simply put the insides of his soles against the rails of the ladder and loosened his grip. He slid down the ladder in one quick swoosh and landed on his feet. As he ran for the door of his house, the ladder crashed to the ground.

Normally, running into a house during an earthquake was a bad idea, and Frank knew it. But his daughter Mia was inside. She was up on the second floor with her best friend Chyler. Chyler had spent the night with Mia, as she did every Friday night. It was still pretty early in the morning and they were both most likely still asleep. Luckily Frank's wife was out of town on business, so he didn't have to worry about her.

Frank tried to open the door, but the earthquake wedged the door in its frame. He kicked it and it flew off its hinges into the living room. Quickly he bounded up the two flights of stairs and ran down the hallway to Mia's bedroom.

"Mia!" Frank shouted.

The floor vibrated under his feet as he neared her door. Suddenly her door swung open and Frank skidded to a halt. His breath caught in his throat as he saw Mia standing in the doorway. Mia's big blue eyes were as wide as they could get. Her mouth was agape and she just stood there staring at her Dad staring back at her.

Frank's stomach churned uncontrollably and he became light headed. Mia was still wearing her nighttime apparel. First off, Mia's body had hardly any body fat. She had a petite little figure for an eighteen-year-old senior in high school. Her attire was obviously something that her and Chyler had designed together. Her firm, tiny legs were covered in a white see-through fishnet stocking with tiny flower designs. She wore low riding, pink, and cotton panties over the stockings. Her entire smooth and flat stomach was completely bare all the way up to the bottom of her pointy breasts. They peeked out the bottom of a roughly cut matching pink baby-tee that displayed her little nipples for Frank to see. Frank was speechless as his eyes came up from the bottom of her small tits to her long black hair.

"Daddy?" Mia said in a babyish voice. The fright from the earthquake was evident in here baby blue eyes.

Finally the words came back to him. "Mia, it's an earthquake. Where's Chyler? We have to get out of the house!"

"Oh God," she said startled. Mia swerved around to her bedroom, giving Frank a sideways view of Mia's tight little stomach. Her hands were holding the sides of the doorframe and her back was now to her Dad. Frank's breathing was becoming unbearably heavy as his eyes glued to MIAs round heart-shaped ass clad in those pink cotton panties.

Mia shouted down to the floor, "Chyler! Wake up! It's an earthquake!"

Frank ran up and stood behind his daughter. Unconsciously his hands clasped the sides of Mia's quivering stomach and he pressed his body up against hers. The earth shook again and her hands slid up the doorframe and her feet slid apart. Frank accidentally pressed his tightening groin into Mia's panty covered ass.

Mia gasped at the earth shaking and didn't notice her Dad's closeness, "Uhhh--Chyler, Wake up!"

Frank's heart beat fast as he looked over Mia's shoulder onto the floor. Again his heart skipped a beat at what he saw. Rousing from sleep, Chyler's equally stunning body rolled out of the sleeping bag and stretched out her arms and legs. She yawned and brushed her long brunette hair out of her face. Frank's grip on Mia's sides tensed. His fingers pressed into hw. Rousing from sleep, Chyler's equally stunning body rolled out of the sleeping bag and stretched out her arms and legs. She yawne and brushed her long brunette hair out of her face. Frank's grip on Mia's sides tensed. His fingers pressed into hw. Rousing from sleep, Chyler's equally stunning body rolled out of the sleeping bag and stretched out her arms and legs. She yawneand brushed her long brunette hair out of her face. Frank's grip on Mia's sides tensed. His fingers pressed into hw. Rousing from sleep, Chyler's equally stunning body rolled out of the sleeping bag and stretched out her arms and legs. She yawneer head back to the door. Her long brown hair whipped around her shoulders and her suddenly frightened eyes locked on her friend Mia and her father in the doorway. She also just noticed the floor beneath her was not entirely stable. In a blink of an eye, Chyler was utterly awake and scared to death.

"Oh fuck me!" Chyler shouted at the predicament.

Frank squeezed Mia's sides again and dug his tented jeans into his daughters behind at Chyler's loud and sudden statement.

Chyler stood up and started running towards Mia and Frank. Her attire was no better than Mia's when it came to content. Her long tanned legs were bare. She wore white boxer briefs that wrapped deliciously around her upper thighs. Her stomach was also bare all the way up to the bottom of her handful-sized tits. She wore a see-through white tank top that was cut just below her firm mounds. They jiggled slightly as she ran smack dab into Mia. She wrapped her arms around both Mia and Frank and pulled herself into them, inadvertently pressing Mia's ass and Frank's jeans together. Chyler's head went over Mia's shoulder and she cried out into Frank's shoulder. Frank's eyes rolled into the back of his head as the sensations from Mia's ass and Chyler's hands pulling on his back. Her fingernails digging through his tee shirt.

Chyler was crying, "Oh God, oh God, we're gonna die..."

Mia was balling through her chattering teeth. She was moaning and whining incoherently, not able to say anything.

Frank's hands slipped from Mia's sides onto Chyler. He gripped the sides of her stomach the same as he did to Mia. He jolted slightly as the cold of her skin shot through his palms and into his nervous system.

Chyler's tear streaked face looked up at Frank, "I don't wanna die Mr. Pearce!"

"I know," Frank said reassuringly. "Let’s get out of the house--quick!"

Arguing with his own head, Frank let go of Chyler's tight belly and slipped his hands across Mia's and down to his sides. He tore himself away from his position behind his daughter and pulled the girls arms down the hallway. When he got to the first flight of stairs, he forced Chyler to take the lead. She started down in front of him and Frank lightly patted her on her bottom to let her know he was right behind her. Then he looked back up to Mia.

Mia just stood there helplessly. Her arms down at her sides and eyes in a trance due to the fright she was experiencing.

"Mia, come on!" Frank shouted. The pictures on the walls began falling off crashing to the ground. The pictures on the staircase crashed sending shards of glass all over the carpet.

Frank tugged on Mia's arm, but she just stood there.


Mia tugged back then pointed to her feet.

"Daddy, the glass! I'm barefoot. I'll cut myself!" She pleaded as tears dripped from her cheeks onto her pink baby-tee. The moisture matted her shirt to her skin.

Frank didn't want his daughter's feet to get cut to shreds, so he did the first thing he could think of. He was a few steps down, while Mia was on the top step. He turned to face her. He placed her arms around his shoulders and she leaned over placing her head over his shoulder. He reached behind her, running his hands up along her fishnet legs. Gripping the back of her thighs he lifted Mia up into his arms, her legs wrapping around his torso. Quickly he turned and bounded down the stairs, his hands clasped to each cheek of her spread and clenching ass. He turned to the second flight of stairs. Chyler was at the bottom looking up with a look of terror on her face.

Frank bounded down to the scantily clad brunette teen.

"What is it Chyler?!"

She pointed to the doorway to which Frank had kicked in the door. A portion of the ceiling had caved in over it, blocking the entrance. There was no way any of them were going to make it out that way.

Suddenly the floor shook again.

"Ekkk!" Chyler squeaked stumbled forward into a wall. Frank also lost balance. He squeezed harder on Mia's bottom and tried desperately to regain his footing. Mia's grip on her Dad's shoulders tightened and she bit into his shoulder.

"Ahh!" Frank shouted at the sudden bite from his daughter. He then fell forward into the wall next to Chyler, pressing Mia into it. His knees were slightly bent, so he pressed upwards with his legs. This action put pressure on his erection as it moved up into Mia's panty clad pussy. She quivered in his arms as his groin shoved her up along the wall. The movement caused her bare skin to squeak against the paint on the wall.

Frank's head was reeling with all sorts of emotions. Fright, worry, and utter pleasure as he felt Mia's small tits rub into his chest. And also a little bit of guilt for enjoying it so much. He breathed heavy into Mia's neck as the earthquake kept up its constant tremors. He looked over to the side to see Chyler leaned back against the wall next to them. Her eyes were closed and she too was breathing heavily. Her chest heaved up and down exceedingly faster by the second. One of her hands on her belly and the other on her sternum, possibly for yoga-type help.

Chyler whispered to herself, "I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die..."

Frank's hands were massaging Mia's cheeks with each breath from Chyler's lips as he watched her tits move up and down, up and down. He watched her transfixed with urges cascading through his body, like a man possessed. Suddenly he saw something in the corner of his eye. The basement door.

"Chyler, follow me!" Frank yelled to the girl and turned from the wall and carried Mia to the basement stairs. He released one of Mia's ass cheeks, swung the door open, and returned his hand to her firm body.

Chyler followed urgently.

Mia snapped her head up when she saw where they were going, "Wait! Daddy! We can't go into the basement! We need to get out into the open!"

Frank ran a hand up her back; up the back of her cut pink baby-tee and rested it there between her shoulder blades. The warmth from her skin radiated down his forearm, up through his shoulder, and down to his erection.

Mia leaned back against her Dad's hand like the back of a chair and looked into his eyes.

Frank looked at her, "It's okay! The basement's a bomb shelter remember? We can't get out! The best chance we got to survive this is if we go down there! It should stay standing no matter what happens!"

Mia said, "But there's no windows!"

Frank said, "There's food, water, and a bathroom!" We should be okay!"

Without arguing any further, Frank returned his hand back to her ass and bounded down the stairs with Chyler close behind. Just as they made it down to the bottom, the house above them made an awful noise. The sound of wood and plaster breaking apart. The sound of furniture being crushed underneath support beams.

Frank carried his daughter to the corner of the room and sat back against the wall with Mia still in his lap. The door to the basement suddenly filled in with ceiling and walls, dust and mortar filled the opening and it suddenly became dark in the basement. Frank reached for a box next to him and pulled out his shelter kit. He turned on the flashlight and pointed it at the basement doorway. Pieces of ceiling were sliding down the stairs.

He felt something touching his arm and he directed the flashlight to his left. The smoothest, tannest teenage leg came into view only three inches from his eyes. It was Chyler standing up against the wall beside him. His eyes traveled up her thigh, to the boxer briefs, up along the side of her well-defined abs, up her white tank and to her closed eyes. She was still whispering and panting to herself.

Frank released a hand from Mia and gently slid it up the back of Chyler's bare thigh, over her ass, and up to the small of her back. There he left it there until she finally opened her teary eyes and looked down at him.

"Oh God, Mr. Pearce...I don't wanna die..." Chyler trailed off.

Frank rubbed her sweaty back in little circles and shook his head. He looked deep into her large brown eyes and said, "You're gonna be okay. Just sit down beside me. You'll be okay Chyler."

Chyler's legs began to buckle. Her tears were still coming in streams.

"I want my Daddy..." Chyler sobbed down at Frank.

Frank's groin swelled again at the sound of Chyler saying Daddy. His erection swelled up in between Mia's legs, her head buried in her Dad's neck and her knees on either side of her Dad's thighs. Frank's hands were in the most ideal of places. His right hand clasped and massaged his steaming daughter's butt cheek, and his left hand rubbed and massaged the small of Chyler's smoldering back.

Frank stared up at Chyler intently, "Come here."

Her legs finally gave way and Chyler slid against the wall, down next to Frank. His hand following all the way down. He pulled Mia's ass to the right so she only straddled one of his legs. Chyler mirrored her friend and straddled Frank's other leg and scooted up into him. She buried her face into the other side of Frank's neck.

The earthquake trembling was calming down now. It was slight tremor now and the basement was holding underneath the rest of the house that had collapsed on top of them.

As the tremor slowed, Frank slid his left hand down Chyler's sweaty back onto her ass and squeezed her the same as he squeezed Mia. His breaths were staggered as he pulled the two delicious teenage girls into his body. His fingers gripped and squeezed their round asses tightly as their sobbing continued into his neck. Their hands rested against his chest and their knees squeezed his thighs firmly.

"Oooohhhh..." Frank let out as he leaned his head back against the concrete wall of the basement. He felt his cock straining against the confines of jeans as his daughter and her friend's knees occasionally knocked into it.

Soon the tremors had ceased and Frank found that the two girls had fallen asleep in this position, having cried themselves to sleep in his arms. He would've fallen asleep too, but the feeling of these two teenage bombshells' asses in the palms of his hands was driving him insane. Sleep would not come easily, especially when he let his hands roam around their bodies. He couldn't help it. He had to do it. His impulses were getting way too intense to control.

Frank awoke some hours later. He supposed he was more tired than he originally thought, he didn’t remember falling asleep. His eyes opened slowly he glanced around the basement, making a mental checklist of what was there. First thing he noticed was the fact that there was a dim light illuminating the room. Looking up the stairs he saw cracks of daylight shooting through the ruble. He also assessed that there was no way they’d be going out through that way until someone dug them out. Against the wall were boxes of nonperishable foods that he had stored down here several months ago. After the terrorist attacks, he got caught up in the war propaganda and got a little paranoid. It was a good thing he did. There were also twenty gallons of water. He stored a battery-powered radio, five flashlights, candles, and a cell phone. Also there was a tiny bathroom, with only a toilet and a small sink. He doubted that it worked after the earthquake.

“Hmmmm…” Chyler moaned in her sleep. This jolted Frank when he suddenly remembered who was with him. After all three of them had fallen asleep, they had shifted into different positions on the floor. His heart started beating at a furious pace when he realized his position. Chyler was lying on her side facing away from him, and he was spooned right up behind her. Her boxer brief covered butt was snuggled right up against his stirring groin. Frank gulped hard when he realized his free arm was draped over her, his open palm resting on her warm belly.

Frank felt something on his leg. Turning his head he saw that his baby girl, Mia, was spooned up against him, her leg up on top of his thigh. This was what she used to do when she slept in her parents bed when she was a kid. The only difference now was Frank was having lustful feelings for her.

Mia hummed in her sleep as she moved slightly, her leg rubbed up thigh and rested on his hip. Frank felt her face bury itself in his back.

‘Holy shit!’ Frank thought. Here he was, the center of a high school girl sandwich. And the two slices of white bread were his daughter and her best friend. The thought made him salivate. He was hungry now, but not for food. His cock started to swell and it pressed through his jeans into Chyler’s behind.

“Hmmmm…” Chyler moaned softly. Frank’s hand tensed and applied pressure to her soft belly. As gently as he could he pulled her body into his, wincing as her ass pushed against his straining zipper. His hand started to explore her skin, making circles on her stomach, moving up to the bottom of her tits, then sliding down to elastic waist of her boxer briefs.

‘Oh shit…what am I doing?’ Frank thought as his fingers trembled at the waist of her underwear. ‘I should be trying to get us out of here.’ But his urge was winning the debate against his brain. Carefully, his fingers slipped under the waist and moved down between Chyler’s legs. Without thinking about it, his pelvis began to dry hump the girl’s tight little ass. Pushing into her with slow and soft strokes. His jeans hurt the head of his cock as it tried desperately to break free. His fingers pushed down into her skin like molding clay. The sensations of dry humping young Chyler and feeling down the trail to her hole was causing Frank to become light headed. He continued regardless.

His fingers were meticulous. As they rubbed down, Frank expected to encounter her pubic hair, but was pleasantly shocked when suddenly his fingers encountered the smooth lips of her pussy. Frank exhaled deeply. Her tiny lips were as smooth as silk. ‘Oh God, her pussy feels tiny.’ As he thought this he ran a finger from the bottom of her lips up to the top, putting a little pressure so he finger dragged slightly between her lips.

Chyler moaned again silently and Frank froze. After about thirty seconds of staying completely still, Frank was certain she was still out. So he used his whole hand and slowly started to rub the outside of her pussy. He didn’t want to wake her, so he took his time. He took great effort not too be rough in his rubbing, because if Chyler woke to find what he was doing to her…Frank didn’t even want to think about the consequences. He was surprised at himself for doing this anyhow. God knows how Chyler would react. He knew one thing for certain. He wanted this experience to last as long as possible. Who knows how many opportunities like this would come along in his life? Probably none.

As his groin continued it’s slow and deliberate humping of little Chyler’s ass, Frank suddenly noticed that Mia’s leg was rubbing in rhythm with him. He turned his head back slightly. ‘No, still asleep.’ Mia’s head was still shoved into her Dad’s back, but her leg seemed to have a mind of it’s own. The white see-through stocking was sliding up and down Frank’s thigh with each hump of his hips.

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This gave Frank an idea. An extremely devious idea. ‘I can’t do this,’ thought Frank. He looked to the ceiling, fighting a losing battle with sexual urges that were obviously taking over. ‘Oh man, I’ve already gone this far…why not?’ While he was already losing control, he decided to go ahead and raise the bar a little.

Reluctantly, Frank slid his hand from Chyler’s briefs. Reaching back slightly, he lightly grabbed hold of the back of Mia’s thigh. At the contact of her small body, he closed his eyes and held her leg for what seemed like several minutes. Squeezing it, rubbing his hand down into the bend of her knee, then back up to caress her ass cheek. Finally when he had his fill of her ass, he pulled her leg completely over himself. Mia’s heel rested on his zipper and her toes pointed at Chyler’s ass. He then lifted Chyler’s legs and pulled her back slightly. This caused Mia’s toes to rest against Chyler’s pussy. Once he had his daughter’s foot in position he reached over Chyler to rub her stomach. Frank proceeded to pull Chyler’s ass against him, dry humping her again, resulting in Mia’s foot rubbing Frank’s erection and Chyler’s pussy simultaneously.

The stimulation was hurting him so good. Frank clenched his teeth as he felt Mia’s foot begin again to move in rhythm to his humping. He wanted this to last forever. His cock was aching now, desperately trying to stretch out to its full length. His baby daughter’s foot was sliding up and down the length of his cock through his pants. Frank felt he could die a happy man right now. His fingers rubbed and circled Chyler’s belly like he was kneading dough. Then he reached back for Mia’s thigh, again squeezed it as her leg movements increased on his throbbing shaft. Frank breathed heavily as he felt Mia’s thigh muscles flex through the white stockings.

“Uhhhh…” Chyler groaned deeply as Mia’s toes dug into her pussy, restrained be the white boxer briefs. Her groan encouraged Frank to hump a little faster. He looked down at her face. Her eyebrows were slanted downwards in a confused expression. The rapid eye movement showed that Chyler was having a dream and experiencing sensations that obviously didn’t coincide. She groaned again and her lips parted slightly as her breathing intensified.

Back and forth, his hand moved from his daughter’s thigh to Chyler’s belly. He was like a kid in a toy store and he couldn’t decide which toy he wanted to play with. So he took turns playing with both of them. His hand slipped back into Chyler’s underwear and rubbed her smooth pussy lips, all the while Mia’s toes pushing his fingers away. Then he’d reach back for his baby girl, squeezing her firm thigh like a stress ball. His hand roaming up between Mia’s legs and rubbing the outside of her pink panties.

‘Oh shit…oh fuck…’ Frank’s teeth were clenched as he continued to dry hump Chyler with careful precision. Soon his hand routine was five-second intervals of rubbing Chyler’s bare pussy, then rubbing between Mia’s legs. Back and forth his hips went. His cock felt like exploding any second. Soft moans from both girls fueled his passion as every second this session trekked along.

All of a sudden, Mia sneezed, “Ah-choo!” It was a high pitched squeak of a sneeze that is usually associated with very pretty girls. Needless to say, it scared the hell out of Frank. Quietly and with quick little movements, Frank moved Mia’s leg off of him, stood up and walked away from the two high school girls.

He whispered curses to himself, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” His head was pounding and he held his temples. He walked to the opposite wall and leaned his head against it. He winced when his tented jeans bumped the wall. “Ouch!” He backed up and turned around to the girls.

Frank couldn’t believe it. They were both still asleep. Walking over to them he looked down at the scene before him. When he had stood up, Chyler had laid on her back and Mia on her stomach. His heart was knocking against his ribcage when he realized that he wasn’t exposed for the pervert that he was. The girls didn’t know a thing about what happened. He just stood there, his erection still straining against his jeans, staring down at Mia’s lovely ass and the pink panties that covered it. He looked over at Chyler. There between her legs was a small moist spot.

Frank felt faint. He became weak in the knees and decided for his own good to look away from the sleeping beauties. As he turned, he noticed the radio against the wall. Quickly, he kneeled down and started fiddling with the knobs. It crackled and hissed, then the voice of a news anchor filled the small basement.

“-the devastation is tremendous. Entire neighborhoods have been reduced to ruble. Historians are calling it the worst earthquake in California history. We are broadcasting from another building due to our home station building collapsing. Many people are either dead or missing, the numbers are still coming in. We’re not all that certain as to the extent of the damage. The mayor is calling this a national emergency and is urging people to stay in their homes until further notice…”

Frank thought himself, ‘no problem.’ He set sat down against the wall and leaned his head back. It seemed they were going to be stuck down here for a while. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to take it. It’s only been one day and he’s already about lost his mind. With two scantily clad teenage vixens to keep him company, Frank thought about how they’d find him when they finally did dig them up. What condition would his brain be in by the time they uncovered the remains of his house? ‘Damn house,’ he thought, ‘I was just about finished painting it.’

The news anchor continued, “-all schools will be closed on Monday and possibly Tuesday. Please report any missing persons to the proper authorities. Call this number…”

Frank suddenly remembered the cell phone. Quickly he reached over for the box marked ‘survival kit’. Flipped open the lid and found the cell phone. He pulled the antenna out and hit the on button. He placed it to his ear and heard…nothing. Then he looked at the face. It read, ‘no signal.’

“Fuck!” Frank’s head fell back against the wall. He closed his eyes and the hand holding the phone thumped to the ground.


Frank snapped his head in the direction of the voice. Mia was sitting Indian style next to the still sleeping Chyler. Her hands were in her lap and she sat there looking like a lost child. Her eyes still a little red from the crying she did earlier.

“Mia.” Frank said softly. His eyes were darting back and forth between her wide blue eyes and her small, sexy body. He was doing his best to act natural for his daughter, though he wasn’t sure he was doing such a good job.

“Are we trapped?” Mia asked as if she already knew the answer to that question.

“I’m afraid so baby.” He said with a fatherly comfort.

Mia looked around the small concrete room. She looked at the stairway and the debris that filled it. She looked at the boxes marked, ‘food.’ She looked down at Chyler. Then she looked back at Frank.


Frank said, “Yes?”

“I’m embarrassed.”

“Why is that?”

Softly, she said, “I have to pee.”

Frank hesitated as his heart dropped into his stomach. He just stared at her vulnerable body sitting there like a helpless doll. His groin became to stir as it had earlier.

“Well,” he started, “I haven’t checked the bathroom yet. I’m not sure if it’s going to work or not. But…I guess you can try it.”

As she started standing, Frank got a quick view down the front of her pink baby-tee. Her small cleavage was barely visible, but it was enough by Frank’s judgement.

She walked by him towards the bathroom and said, “I don’t know why I have to pee so bad. I didn’t have anything to drink. In fact, I’m thirsty right now.”

Frank’s cock was burning with desire as he watched Mia’s ass walk by in those white stockings and pink panties. As for what she said. She probably had to pee because of the stimulation he was applying to her pussy when she was asleep. His head was spinning out of control. The urges to ravish this girl were getting beyond comprehension.

Mia was almost to the bathroom. She reached the door and barely touched it when she suddenly felt strong hands clasp the sides of the hips.

“Huh?” Mia stated, the bathroom door swinging up. She turned her head back and saw it was her Dad that had grabbed her by the waist. “Daddy? What are you doing?”

Frank didn’t answer. He couldn’t answer. His hearing was impaired by the ultimate desire before him. As he did before, his hands squeezed the sides of her waist and began moving around her front. He caressed her warm belly with his strong hands and pulled her body into his.

“Ahhh!” Mia exclaimed when she felt for the first time, her Dad’s tented jeans press into her ass. Her hands went up to the doorframe to keep balance. She started to become worried when her Dad didn’t answer her. Goosebumps tingled up her arms as her Dad’s hands slid up and down her stomach and then around to her back. His fingernails started to dig into her back, running up under her pink baby-tee, then back down to her ass.

“Daddy! Stop---please!”

But he didn’t listen. He reached around her front and slid his hands up the front of her torn shirt and cupped her pointy tits.

“Ahh! Daddy! Please!” Mia cried.

Frank opened his palms over her tits and allowed her hardened nipples to slip between his fingers. Once they did, he closed his fingers on them, pinching them.

Mia squeaked loudly as her nipples stung between her Dad’s fingers. She twisted her head from one side to the other trying to look her Dad in the eyes, but the stinging from her nipples made it difficult for her to focus her eyes.

Frank pulled back on Mia’s chest and pressed his body hard into hers. His groin pushed into her bottom and her head fell back against his chest. He squeezed her tits with unrelenting pressure and stood up straight, which in effect lifting Mia into the air. Frank leaned backwards with her small body dangling in front of him. Mia’s feet hung a foot from the ground. Her ass resting on her Dad’s straining cock.

This painful pleasure enraged Frank to the point of moaning.

“Oooohh God! MIA!” He moaned as her body hung down on his raging erection.

“Daddy! That’s hurts!” Mia yelled as her Dad’s tented jeans pushed into her panties.

“What hurts baby?” Frank asked with a hint of fatherly concern.

Mia winced, “It hurts! My butt! It hurts my butt Daddy!”

“Oh god Mia!”

Frank walked with his daughter into the bathroom and kicked the door shut behind him. Amazingly, the light worked. He put Mia back on her feet in front of the sink and pushed her forward a little bit. She put her hands up to the mirror and looked back at her Dad in horror.

Frank’s hand was running through her long dark hair and rubbed his jeans into her ass some more. His eyes couldn’t remain still. They were all over the place, like a man who had just snapped. He was eyeing every part of her body. He wanted to devour it all right then and there. His hands wrapped around her front and ripped the pink shirt up the middle.


The pink baby-tee was now a pink vest that hung over her shoulders. Frank began kneading them again and pinching her nipples every so often. All the while dry humping her ass like a madman.

“Daddy! That hurts my butt! Please stop!” Tears were running down her cheeks as her Dad mauled her.

“What hurts Mia?” Frank asked breathlessly.

“My butt Daddy!”

He asked again, “What hurts baby-girl?”

“My butt! It hurts so bad!”

“Oh God Mia, say it again!”

“You’re hurting my butt Daddy!” She said pleadingly, not realizing that her words were fueling his urges.

In one quick motion, Frank grabbed the waist of her panties and yanked them to her ankles. The see-through stockings still covered her bum and Frank delighted himself in dry humping at those too.

“Ahh! Ahh! Daddy!”

“Is that better Mia baby?”

“No! Ahh! No!”

“What hurts Mia! Tell Daddy what hurts!”

Mia was balling now, “My butt Daddy! Oh God, you’re hurting my butt!”

“Oh Mia! Oh baby girl!” Frank stopped dry humping her. He bent over and grabbed one of Mia’s ankles. He pulled up on her leg so hard that her panties ripped. He placed her foot up into the sink. She now stood on one foot. Frank reached in front of her and opened the mirror.

Mia’s mouth dropped open when she saw her Dad pull out a jar of Vaseline.

“No Daddy---please don’t…” Mia softly asked her lust crazed Dad.

Frank put his fingers in elastic of her stockings and yanked them off her ass in one quick motion. Seeing how one of her legs was up in the sink, the stockings couldn’t be pulled down, but that didn’t matter to Frank. Her small round ass was now in plain sight and that was all that mattered.

“Daddy what are you doing?”

Frank put the jar to his mouth and popped the lid off with his teeth. He scooped his fingers into the Vaseline and quickly dropped the jar to the ground. Then he opened up her small ass cheeks with one hand and stared at her pink puckered hole.

“What hurts baby?” Frank asked his daughter with an edge in his voice.

Mia stared forward and cried into the mirror, “No Daddy don’t! My butt hurts too much!”

“Oh Mia! That’s it!”

With that, he applied the Vaseline to her tiny asshole. His fingers rubbed it all around the small opening. Her ass quivered at the touch of his cold, oily fingers.

Frank fumbled with his zipper and finally released the engorged monster that had been begging to get out since he first saw Mia after the earthquake started. It sprung out and pointed to the sky like a rocket ready for take-off. His hands took both of her ass cheeks and massaged them roughly. Her heard her whimpering and squeezed her cheeks harder.

Mia was panicked. She couldn’t believe her Dad was going to do this to her. She thought hard and fast, trying to think of anything that could help her out of this situation. She awkwardly turned her head back to her Dad. Her long black hair flipping around her shoulders.

“Please Daddy…I…I…”

“Does it still hurt baby?”

“Please…I have to…pee.”

“Ooohhh Mia…”

It was the last straw. He pushed forward and the head of his rock hard cock touched Mia’s oily asshole. The touch was electrifying and his fingernails dug into her flesh.

Mia bit her lower lip and flinched as the head of her Dad’s cock crowned her asshole. She’d never had a cock in her ass before and was shocked to feel one.

Slowly but surely, Frank eased his cock inch by glorious inch up into the depths of his little girl.

Mia let out a long whine that sounded like a balloon opening being stretched and the air comes squealing out. She felt her Daddy’s erect penis fill her bottom. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before.

Frank was still pushing into her, loving every second as his foreskin was pushed down his length as it slowly slid up her ass. He grunted and heaved, determined to get as much of himself up her ass as she could take.

“Daddy it hurts! Hurts so bad! Daddy!”

With Mia’s words of encouragement, Frank began to fuck her ass with as much force as he could muster. He pulled out as far as the head (Mia was hoping he was stopping, but was sorely mistaken) then pushed back into her forcefully.

Mia grunted as her Daddy got a rhythm going. It wasn’t a fast rhythm, seeing how her asshole was so tight, but it was enough to send shivers up her spine. She let out moans as his cock sunk in to the hilt and cried when he teased her by pulling out only to shove it back in.

“Daddy please! I have to pee!”

“Uhhhhh!” He shoved in extremely hard.

Frank was fucking Mia’s tiny hole with reckless abandon. Her leg was cramping from being up in this position, so she pulled herself up and put her other leg in the sink. Unfortunately for Mia, this put her in a Froggy like position that only benefited Frank’s pleasure.

“Oh that’s it baby,” he said and pounded into her ass quicker and harsher.

When she realized what she’d done she freaked out. She leaned back against her Daddy and reached her hands back over her head and grabbed hold of his shoulders.

“That’s it Mia! Get into it!” Frank said and was able to stand up straighter and thrust up into her ass, shoving her tits into the mirror.

She was helpless. The pounding of her ass was overwhelming. She clawed at her Daddy’s shoulders hoping he would stop, but this only encouraged him further.

“Daddy! OH fuck Daddy! Stop please!”

“Oh Mia!”

“This hurts so bad!” Mia cried into the mirror. She felt strange looking at herself in the mirror being fucked in the ass by her Dad.

As Mia’s ass reaming continued, the bathroom door slowly creaked open. Standing outside the doorway with her eyes wide open and her mouth agape was Chyler. She stood there in shock watching Mr. Pearce penetrate his daughter’s asshole with his enormous cock. She was stunned to see her best friend squatting in the small bathroom sink, her panties and tee shirt ripped and ass pointed towards the cock that fucked it.

“Oh my God.” Chyler said to herself. The scene before her scared her, but for some unknown reason, excited her at the same time. Like something out of a dream, she felt a strange tingling sensation between her legs. She watched in awe struck confusion and felt her nipples become erect. She couldn’t explain what was happening to her. Without realizing what she was doing, her hand reached down and touched her pussy through her briefs. That’s when she felt the wet spot.

Frank reached around the front of his daughter and placed his fingers underneath the hem of the stockings, rubbing the smooth lips of her pussy. This caused Mia to squeak loudly. Her roaming hands tensed and scratched at her Daddy’s neck and shoulders. She sobbed as his finger slipped inside.

“Oh fuck Mia, you shaved!” Frank stated as the build up in his balls increased.

“Uhhhh…Daddy it hurts…Ohhhh God…” Mia cried in breathless cries.

“Here it comes baby!”

With that, Frank’s cock exploded. With one hand on her pussy and another reached around clutching a tit, Frank pulled his little girl’s body into his, cock buried to the hilt of her tiny asshole. Stream after stream of incestuous cum fired up her ass like a fire hose. Frank grunted and groaned his pleasure as his body rocked against her sweaty body, the remnants of his orgasm shooting its last couple of drops up her bum.

Eyes and teeth clenched, Mia moaned. Her head slumped forward as her Daddy’s thrusting slowed and finally ceased. He still pulled their two bodies together, but now his head fell on it’s side and rested on her sweat soaked baby-tee.

Chyler took a step back as Mr. Pearce’s face turned towards her. She timidly met his eyes, then looked to the floor. She fidgeted uncomfortably in place, not sure of where to look or what to do.

Frank’s cock slowly slid from the tight hole of his daughter’s ass. The effects of the orgasm still were stimulating him. He winced as his foreskin pulled against her little ring. Mia took a deep intake of breath as her void was made vacant. Her hands left her father’s shoulders and fell forward against the mirror. Frank slowly backed away from his squatting daughter and stood facing Chyler in the doorway.

Chyler’s gaze fell down between his legs. She was shocked. His large shaft still stuck out straight as and arrow and as hard as steel. It pointed in her direction. The girl’s nervous eyes traveled up his torso and stopped on his face. She squinted at his eyes trying to read what he was thinking.

Frank breathed hard looking at the young teenager. He didn’t understand the power that built up inside of him, but there was a fire started and he knew there was only one way to put it out.

Chyler took another step backwards. Then another. Her eyes started darting around the room looking for…something. Anything that would help her. She didn’t know what she was looking for. All she knew was that Mr. Pearce’s eyes were not natural right now. Lust had taken control of him and she knew it by the way he was eyeing her body.

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Frank slowly took a step forward. Then another.

“Where are you going Chyler?” Frank asked.

A lump formed in her throat, “I…I…Mr. Pearce…I…”

In the corner of her eye, Chyler spotted the cell phone lying on the ground. Immediately she ran for it and picked it up. As quickly as she could, she dialed the only number she could think of. Her home number.

Frank took another step forward. He watched as the desperate girl punched numbers into his phone, but was not worried considering he didn’t get a signal earlier.

Chyler put the phone up to her ear and waited.

Frank’s breathing was becoming heavy again as the stirring in his groin became unbearable.

Chyler stared back at the man and waited with the phone. Silence.

Frank inched forward.

Mia looked up from her squatting position in the sink. Her eyes gazed through the sweaty locks of black hair that hung down in her face. She was too exhausted to move. Her small body slumped in the sink and she regretfully watched silently as her Daddy walked toward her best friend.


The sound of the cell phone ringing in Chyler’s ear echoed throughout the basement. Frank’s head snapped up and he picked up the pace. He quickly walked over to her.

Chyler backed all the way to the wall, firmly holding the cell phone to her ear. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Mr. Pearce approached her.

Frank’s hands went straight under her cut tank top and covered her small titties. His body pressed up against hers, his exposed cock poked and slid against the skin of her stomach. He pinched and rolled her erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He looked to the ceiling and groaned.

“Mr. Pearce…uhhh…” Chyler grunted as he thrust his rod against her belly. Her body was shoved into the wall with each thrust. Still she held the phone to her ear listening to it ring.

Frank leaned his face down to hers and placed his lips over hers. Chyler pressed her lips together as her best friend’s Dad began to kiss her. Frank pulled on her nipples, causing her to yell in surprise.


And as her lips opened, Frank’s tongue slid into her mouth. He breathed deeply through his nose as mouth devoured hers. Their tongues danced together. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and inserted his. Chyler was helpless. She started to kiss him back. They heatedly made out for several seconds as the phone rang monotonously in her ear.

A man’s voice answered the phone, “Hello?”

Chyler broke the kiss and started yelling, “Daddy! Daddy! Oh God help me!”

Frank’s eyes rolled back into his head when he heard Chyler shout Daddy. His hands slipped from her tits and went around behind her. He slid down the back of her briefs and covered her small ass in his hands. He pulled her forward again and again, his slippery cock from Mia’s juices fucking up and down Chyler’s firm stomach.

On the other end of the phone, Chyler’s Dad said, “Chyler? Are you okay?”

Chyler began crying for her Daddy, “Daddy…oh God please…he’s touching me Daddy…”

Her Dad, John, listened to her cries with concern. His voice firmed, “Is someone hurting you?”

“Yes…his penis is on my bel-“ Chyler started to say but was cut off when Frank again covered her mouth with his. Again then passionately sucked each others mouths together for several seconds. Heavy breathing and humming escaped Chyler’s mouth and nose.

On the other end, the static sounds of his daughter’s humming filled John’s ear.

The kiss broke again and Chyler picked up where she left off, “Belly! Oh God! His penis is on my belly, Daddy!”

Chyler’s Dad said angrily, “What’s he doing to you baby?!”

Chyler said, “He’s…umm…kissing me…” Being thrust against the wall staggered her speech, “he’s groping me.”

“Where is he groping you?”

“Umm…my…my…bottom Daddy.”

On the other end, John’s heart dropped into his feet with a thud. A new feeling started to over take him. As he listened to the tearful and sobbing pleading of his little daughter, something deep inside him was beginning to awaken.

“That bastard!” John yelled, “Where are you?!”

“I’m…ummm…” Again she was interrupted by Frank’s mouth. She kissed him back with as much energy as she could muster. “I’m…at…”

Frank got down on his knees in front of young Chyler and yanked her briefs down to her ankles.

“Oh no Daddy! He took off my undies!” Chyler shouted into the phone.

John’s eyes closed. He wanted to help his daughter, but he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to protect her. As any father would want to protect his child. But this unique situation was having an odd effect on him. John was not blind to his daughter’s beauty. He has seen enough of her over the years to know that she would undoubtedly be a real firecracker in bed one day. On more than one occasion, John has caught himself looking at her body in more than a fatherly way. Especially that perfect ass of hers. Anytime she would sit on his lap, John’s cock would swell against his pants. He loved it when she did that, unknowing to the effect she had on him.

John hesitated, then asked, “What’s he doing now, Chyler?”

Chyler’s sobs were inter-cut with sniffles and hiccups, “He’s putting my leg over his shoulder. Oh Daddy, please help me!”

Frank ran his hands up and down the tan thighs of the young girl and leaned his face in between her legs. He sniffed the lovely fragrance of her sex saw the moisture that gleamed on her pussy lips. Immediately he extended the tip of his tongue and took the first taste.

“OH NO! He’s licking me Daddy! He’s licking my…my…”

John was on the edge of his seat. He had already unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. His hand was inside his boxers and massaging his hardening cock.

“What’s he licking honey?” John asked with the concerned voice of a father.

“My pussy Daddy!” Chyler yelled loudly as Frank’s tongue darted out at a furious pace. Flicking her clit like a baseball card on the spokes of a bicycle.

John pushed his boxers down around his legs and slowly began to stroke himself, listening to the breathless voice of his daughter on the other end.

John said, “Oh baby…that’s awful. What’s he doing now?”

“His tongue is…inside me now…Ohhh! Uhhh!”

“Keep talking to me Chyler! Tell me what you’re going through!” John’s tone was increasingly forceful. Each sentence bolder with every stroke of his long cock.

Chyler’s hands her running through the hair of her best friend’s Dad. She shivered as each flick of her clit rocked her body into ecstasy.

“He put both legs over his shoulders now Daddy! Uhhh!”

John was jacking himself harder now. Every time he heard his little girl gasp, fueled his desire to cum. And he could already tell this would be the best jerking off session he’s ever had.

“I’m sorry I can’t be there to…help you.” John said softly into the phone.

“Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! My pussy…Uhhh!” Chyler yelled into the phone.

Frank was going to town. His tongue licking up and down her slit as if it were a lollipop. She tasted so good that Frank thought he could do this forever. Against her own will, the girl was wet as could be. Frank was harder than ever.

John asked, “What’s he doing now baby?”

“He’s…putting my legs down,” Then she paused. All John could hear was her breathing. Finally she said, “Oh no…please don’t Mr. Pearce.”

John was shocked to hear that it was Frank Pearce who was assaulting his daughter. His daughter’s best friend’s Dad. He was the one who tasted his little girl’s sweet nectar. Now he had two reasons to hate the man. Because he was forcing his daughter into sex, and that he, himself, wasn’t there to indulge. Regardless, John stroked his meat with every breath his daughter exhaled.

Frank lifted John’s daughter off the ground by reaching under her ass. He positioned her pussy above his raging cock. And lowered her down. He would’ve like to have dropped her down in one quick motion, but the tightness of her pussy was too great. He had to push down on her thighs and press up with his hips to force his shaft up inside of her.

Chyler gasped and squealed loudly as the large pole pushed into her small opening and slowly inched its way inside of her. Her eyes stared straight into the face of the man violating her and whimpered like a cat in heat.

Frank sighed as his cock sunk all the way into Chyler’s pussy. Her lips wrapped around him like the tightest glove you could possibly imagine. He called her name several times.

“Chyler! Fuck Chyler! Oh fuck you’re so fucking tight!”

John squeezed harder on his cock and beat it quicker as he listened to the man voice his pleasure of entering his little girl.

“Daddy! Ohhhh Daddy! He’s soooo big inside me! It hurts!” Chyler shouted as Frank began to piston her up against the wall.

“OH! OH! UH! UH!”

Chyler was bounced repeatedly up and down on Frank’s impaling cock. Her cheeks were flushed red due to the embarrassment that came from knowing her juices were lubricating Mr. Pearce’s stiff penis.

John closed his eyes and proceeded to jack himself at a ridiculous pace. The stimulation of hearing his baby girl being royally fucked was causing him to lose control.

John said, “I’m right here Chyler. Uh! I’m right here.” His orgasm was only seconds away.

Chyler’s tears were soaking her torn tank top. Her nipples were clearly visible through the white material.

“UH! He’s fucking so hard Daddy! Oh God! Please Daddy! UH!”

That was all John could take, “Chyler!! Uh…UHHHhhhhh!!” John’s massive orgasm exploded all over his shirt. Some of his cum landed on his shoulder. “Uhhhhh…Daddy’s right here!”

As Chyler’s body was thrust up against the wall, she listened to the unmistakable sounds of her Dad cumming. Over the phone she heard his grunting and heavy breathing, at the same time Frank was squeezing the hot cheeks of her ass. Chyler’s emotions were in turmoil. Her pussy was being stretched to the limit by her best friend’s Dad, and when she expressed to her own Dad her pain and suffering, the sick fuck was getting off on it. She couldn’t believe it. In between moans and gasps for air, her face frowning contempt for her Dad.

“UH! OH!” Chyler dropped the phone to the ground. Her arms dropped to her sides and she leaned her head back and stared at the ceiling. All her resisting ceased and she squeezed her pussy muscles around Frank’s shaft.


Frank felt his orgasm building. He leaned over and extended his tongue. He licked Chyler from the nape in her neck all the way up to her chin.

Chyler brought her head down and locked eyes with Frank. Her eyes were still red from crying, but now her face expressed something that Frank never would’ve expected. It was a look of furious, anger, and uncontrolled lust. Frank was shocked when Chyler wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles.

“Uh! You like that Mr. Pearce?” Chyler asked, not smiling.

Frank groaned as Chyler used her leverage on the wall to help push herself up and down.

“You like fucking your daughter’s best friend? Ah! Do you Mr. Pearce?”

Frank was pounding up into her like jackhammer.

“You like fucking your daughter?”

Frank grunted as his balls slapped up against her ass.

“Mr. Pearce? Uh! You like sticking your cock into tight openings? Huh? UH! Do ya Mr. Pearce? You like your cock in my small pussy?” Chyler was relentless in provoking him.

Frank was losing it. He wasn’t even sure now if it was his thrusting or her movements that jettisoned her up against the wall.

“OH! AH! Oh Mr. Pearce! You sick man.” She was breathless as she spoke, “You like fucking an eighteen year old pussy, don’t you Mr. Pearce?”

“Uh-HUH!” Frank shouted almost incoherently.

“And your little girl’s tight asshole. Ah! Oh God!”

Frank could take it no longer. He covered her mouth with his and shoved his tongue in to the back of her throat. He groaned and sucked her tongue into his mouth. She closed her eyes tightly and hummed, with every pound of her pussy, the humming staggered.

Frank shot a load of cum up inside the girl. Chyler screamed into his face, but did not break the make out session. Not even when Frank jerked and shook against her body. Not even when he pulled the cheeks of her ass open and pushed her against the wall repeatedly, desperate to drain his cock inside her tight pussy.

They made out until he felt spent.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom. Mia was standing in the doorway looking at her Daddy slide down the wall with Chyler in his arms. She watched as he fell to his knees and released her best friend from his grip. Chyler lay on her back with her knees bent and spread. The redness around her smooth pussy was clear from across the room. Mia noticed the red handprints on her ass from her Daddy’s firm grip.

Mia was holding herself up by clutching the wall. Her bottom was sore, as can be expected from what happened earlier. As she stared down at her best friend, she saw the exhaustion in her face.

Chyler was breathing deeply, her eyes closed and her cheeks flushed. She looked as if she could fall asleep at any moment. And who could blame her. Mia had watched in helpless confusion as her Dad fucked her up the wall. And then to her astonishment, it appeared as if Chyler was getting into it. Was Mia mistaken, or did she really hear her best friend egg her Dad on.

Mia’s legs were shaky and her backside hurt. She reached back and rubbed herself as if it was going to help ease the throbbing.

Frank was still kneeling. One hand propped up against the wall to hold himself up. He was spent. He had fucked two of the tightest holes he had ever experienced. The reality of what had happened had not sunk in yet. He was still coming off the high that comes after a good hard fuck fest. He finally felt satisfied. It wasn’t his fault, was it? They were the one’s that were wearing the most revealing of outfits when he found them. After all, he was just a man who had urges. He couldn’t stop those from coming.

He heard a noise behind him.

Turning his head, he saw Mia standing uneasily in the doorframe, her head turned looking behind her, and her hand was rubbing her ass. The stockings she wore were still pulled down around her knees. The pink vest still hung down over his tits. Sweat glistened down her cleavage.

As if the clouds were parting after a storm and the sun started to shine in, so did the guilt that suddenly washed over Frank like a tidal wave in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly, Frank was not looking at his half naked girl like a sex object anymore. Suddenly, he was seeing her as his daughter again. And the hurt bore down on him like a trash compactor.

His eyes shut slowly, “Oh shit,” he said sorrowfully.

Slowly, Frank pushed himself to his feet and cautiously made his way over to his daughter. He didn’t want to scare her, so he lowered his head like a predator submitting to a larger animal.

Mia turned her head and saw her Dad walking toward her. She tensed and quickly took two steps back.

Frank saw her fright, “Wait! Please…Mia. Please don’t be scared.”

Mia stopped and brought her tear stained eyes up to her Dad’s.

Frank walked up to her and stood looking down at her vulnerable body.

“Oh Mia,” Frank’s voice sounded weak and hazy. “I…I don’t know what to say.”

Mia hesitated for a minute. Finally she said, “I don’t know either.”

“I don’t know what came over me,” Frank said.

“I don’t know either,” Mia repeated.

Several minutes passed as Mia and Frank stood together in stark silence. The only sound that filled the room Chyler’s breathing as she rests dazed and used on the floor.

Finally Frank said, “Sometimes…a man’s testosterone takes over his brain. Sometimes…the female body can intoxicate a man. It does something to him that can’t be explained rationally.”

“Uh-huh,” Mia said listening intently.

Frank continued, “It’s just…being in this situation. You and Chyler…dressed in…practically nothing. I…I just don’t know what to say.”

Again there was silence.

Then Mia said, “You frighten me Daddy.”

Frank gulped, “I know I do.”

“I’d never seen you like that before.”

“I know,” he said guiltily.

“When I looked at your face in the mirror…you…you…” Mia stuttered.

Frank’s eyes were tearing up.

Mia said, “When you f-f-fucked my…”

Frank closed his eyes and his head drooped.

“…my bottom Daddy…you…you hurt me.”

“I know I did baby,” Frank said softly.

“I’ve never seen you lose control like that. It’s like…you weren’t my Daddy then,” Mia said.

“I’m sorry baby.”

“I-I-I don’t know how to…” Mia started to whimper. A good sob was again approaching.

Frank took a step in and wrapped his arms around her. He felt her tense up as he proceeded to hug her tight. She did indeed start to cry again. She cried into her Daddy’s chest. Frank embraced her.

“How can I ever make this up to you?” Frank asked his daughter.

Mia stopped crying. She thought about it for several seconds. After a good amount of thinking Mia said, “I don’t know.”

Then there was a pause.

Mia continued, “You could start by letting me go pee.”

To this day, Frank couldn’t explain with words what happened to him at that moment. It was as if he were Dr. David Banner, triggered by science, and began the transformation into the Incredible Hulk. Only in his case it wasn’t science. And his transformation was his entire body. It was the warm body of his barely naked daughter clutched to his body. It was her magic words, ‘by letting me go pee’ that suddenly sent a spark of something primal up inside him. It was the monster that started swelling between his legs. And there was nothing to stop it. Except for the smooth lips of Mia’s pussy that stopped it from pointed to the sky.

Mia threw her arms up against her Daddy’s chest and began to push herself away. She felt her Daddy’s penis harden and start to stand up between them. She was able to push herself back enough that his lengthening cock sprung up and rested on her belly. But Frank held her there. His cock pressed hard into her tight and smooth abs.

Frank’s reasoning and sorrow quickly went out the window. Somehow the guilt had been buried deep in his subconscious and the lust and longing he had felt earlier was flowing through his blood again.

Mia’s head snapped up and looked at his face.

“Daddy,” Mia said with fear in her voice, “You’re gone again.”

“Shhhh…” Frank said and rubbed her face with his palm. “Daddy’s right here baby.”

“No,” Mia’s tears flowed freely again. She pushed herself out of her Daddy’s grip and started backing away. Stumbling on shivering knees all the way back to the toilet.

Frank walked towards her, his eyes burning daggers into her tight little package of body.

“Please don’t do anything Daddy,” Mia said, “I have to pee.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” Frank said.

Mia backed all the way up to the toilet. Her heels stopped at the porcelain.

Frank walked up to her, his toes touching hers. Her reached between the two flaps of her torn pink shirt and tweaked her nipples to little erections.

Mia gasped and fell into a sitting position on the open seat of the toilet, putting her face directly in front of her Daddy’s raging hard cock.

“Please…oh no Daddy…please let me pee…” Mia sobbed.

“By all means Mia baby, pee,” Frank said and put his feet on either side of hers. He ran his hands through her long black hair and gently pulled her head closer to his cock. The head touched Mia’s tightly shut lips.

“Uh-uh,” Mia shook her head.

Frank clasped the sides of her head and started to push his cock harder into her closed lips. Then he backed away.

“I don’t hear any peeing,” Frank said in a concerned voice. “Is there a problem?”

She looked up at him pleadingly, “I-I-I can’t!”

Then he pressed his cock to her closed lips again.

“Maybe you just haven’t had enough to drink,” Frank said as he rubbed her face in little circles. It was difficult for her to wail properly with her lips pressed against one another.

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ce with his palm. “Daddy’s right here baby.”

“No,” Mia’s tears flowed freely again. She pushed herself out of her Daddy’s grip and started backing away. Stumbling on shivering knees all the way back to the toilet.

Frank walked towards her, his eyes burning daggers into her tight little package of body.

“Please don’t do anything Daddy,” Mia said, “I have to pee.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” Frank said.

Mia backed all the way up to the toilet. Her heels stopped at the porcelain.

Frank walked up to her, his toes touching hers. Her reached between the two flaps of her torn pink shirt and tweaked her nipples to little erections.

Mia gasped and fell into a sitting position on the open seat of the toilet, putting her face directly in front of her Daddy’s raging hard cock.

“Please…oh no Daddy…please let me pee…” Mia sobbed.

“By all means Mia baby, pee,” Frank said and put his feet on either side of hers. He ran his hands through her long black hair and gently pulled her head closer to his cock. The head touched Mia’s tightly shut lips.

“Uh-uh,” Mia shook her head.

Frank clasped the sides of her head and started to push his cock harder into her closed lips. Then he backed away.

“I don’t hear any peeing,” Frank said in a concerned voice. “Is there a problem?”

She looked up at him pleadingly, “I-I-I can’t!”

Then he pressed his cock to her closed lips again.

“Maybe you just haven’t had enough to drink,” Frank said as he rubbed her face in little circles. It was difficult for her to wail properly with her lips pressed against one another.

“Go ahead and cry baby, let it out.”

Mia shook her head as tears streaked down her face.

“It’ll make you feel better,” Frank said as he again grabbed the sides of her hair, holding two bundles of hair like ponytails. He pushed his cock to her lips.

Mia finally broke. Letting out a loud sob, her jaw dropped wide open. Frank slipped his cock in slowly past her lips and dipped in to the back of her throat.

Mia’s eyes shot wide open and she almost gagged. She started breathing through her nose as her Daddy began humping her mouth like a wild man.

“Close your lips baby,” Frank instructed.

Not knowing what else to do, Mia did as she was told. Her quivering lips closed around her father’s long stiff cock.

Frank shuddered as the sensation rocked his body. Her lips pulled and pushed on his foreskin as he slid it in and out of her small mouth.

“Feel like peeing yet?” Frank asked as he guided his daughter’s head in a bobbing motion.

She cried, sending vibrations through his shaft. He groaned approvingly.

“That’s it! Oh fuck Mia! Suck me! Suck me now!”

Upon hearing her Daddy’s instructions, she did exactly that. She sucked-hard.

“Uuuhhhhh fuck Mia, that’s it!” Frank shouted.

She sucked and sucked and sucked as hard as she possibly could. Hoping against hope that this is what her Daddy wanted, and that maybe he’d stop if she did as she was told. Her tongue inadvertently slid up and down the bottom of his shaft, the taste of her best friend’s pussy fresh on his skin.

“Still can’t go, sweetie?”

With some difficulty, Mia grunted and shook her head from side to side, sending jolts of electricity through Frank’s cock.

“I think I can help you with that,” he said and pulled his cock from her mouth. Her lips made a slurping sound as it exited. Reaching down he picked Mia up under her arms and eased her backwards. He straddled the toilet and sat. Mia’s legs were on either side of her Daddy’s. His long staff pointed straight up at her pussy.

“Have a seat babe.”

Mia shook her head like a kid who didn’t want to eat her vegetables.

Frank rubbed her thighs and ran his hands up and down her waist, then down to her knees. He loved the feel of her shivering skin. The stockings were stretched apart between her knees. He tore them down the center so she could straddle she could straddle him easier.

“There you go Mia. Better?”

She didn’t respond.

“Now-you can pee. So go ahead. Just sit down here-and pee.”

“I can’t,” Mia said exasperated. “I can’t go with…you here.”

“Come on…let Daddy help. That’s why I’m here,” Frank said and put her hands on his shoulders. Grabbing her ass he kneaded her cheeks soothingly.

“I’m too scared too,” Mia said timidly.

“Maybe this’ll help,” And he reached between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. He started slowly, then began picking up the pace. Open palm with his thumb resting against her waist, two fingers sliding against her baby smooth lips. Frank was aching with desire, absolutely dumbstruck that his hand was there in the first place.

“Uh! Uh! Oh! Oh Daddy!” Mia gasped and couldn’t help but claw at her Daddy’s shoulders. Her hips grinding involuntarily against his hand.

Frank talked as his daughter panted, “That’s it-good. Let it come Mia. You’re doing soooo well.”

“Uhhh!” Mia whined.

Frank leaned over and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked on it generously, then switched to the other nipple. Taking turns between nipples, they soon became tiny red erasers. Frank bit them lightly and flicked them with the tip of his tongue. His fingers were relentlessly stroking her clit.

Mia wailed, “I have to pee so bad!”

Calmly, Frank said, “Then go.”

“Uh-uh! Oh Daddy please! I can’t!”

Once again, Frank grabbed his daughter’s red-hot ass and pulled her forward. He pulled her down until her shaved pussy lips parted on top of his cock head.

They both groaned in unison as her little teenage hard body slid down over his erection. Hot moisture enveloped the entire length of his pole and her shaky legs gave out. Causing her to sit impaled to the core.

Mia’s mouth went agape and her arms wrapped around her Daddy’s neck, hugging his muscular shoulders like a teddy bear. She felt filled to the brim, her tiny hole stretched to the limit. She was shocked into silence. No noise escaped her lips as her head spun out of control. She was on the verge of passing out.

The tips of his fingers touched as he caressed each cheek of her ass. He gasped at her tightness like cold water hitting him in a shower. Staring at her open mouth, Frank could stand it no longer. This was his cue and he took it. He closed his mouth over hers, inserted his tongue, and passionately kissed her for all he was worth.

“Hmmph?!” Mia squealed and inserted her tongue by instinct.

Not having a choice, Mia began to match her Daddy’s intensity and made out with him like she would her high school boyfriend at a party. Her eyes closed and she gave into his devouring mouth. She tilted her head and slowly started to relax, his hands fondling her ass hypnotizing her. Deep down she knew he wasn’t going to stop. All she could do was give in completely and stop fighting. She was helpless. Her emotions ceased and she swallowed her Daddy’s tongue.

Frank moaned and she hummed back. His hands groped her entire body, her tits pressed against his pecks. Their kissing was so erotic, it was as if they were trying to swallow each others faces.

Suddenly, Frank’s cock twitched as a warm liquid washed down his cock and into his lap. The kiss broke and he moaned towards the ceiling. Mia’s eyes were still closed and her mouth still moving in the way of a kiss.

She was peeing. And her tension eased.

Frank’s squeezed her ass like a sponge, as if it would squeeze the last few drops out. His overly sensitive cock throbbed as the gushing liquid subsided.

“Good girl…oh good girl…”

Now with the emotion and fear erased from her brain, Mia transformed herself into a robot. Opening her eyes and staring directly at her Daddy’s face, ironically, she sort of frightened Frank. There was no frown, no smile, nothing. Just a face of contentment. And she proceeded to lift herself up and down on her Daddy’s cock.

“Oh Mia!-Oh Mia!” Frank shouted and held the eighteen-year-old body for dear life. Her body slick from the perspiration.

She used his shoulders for leverage, bouncing up and down faster and faster. The walls of her pussy pulled tightly on his foreskin. Her hips were grinding against his shaft, rubbing her clit against it furiously.

Frank was confused by her look of melancholy. No expression in her face at all, yet she was doing all the work. Fucking him up and down as fast as she could, building him to orgasm.

“Mia! Oh baby girl! You’re liking this aren’t you?”

She didn’t respond. Instead her mouth opened slightly and she made tiny whimpers. Little ‘Eh’s’ as her clit made contact with his prick. Her face however, was still that of a poker player.

“Eh! Eh! Eh!”

Frank said, “I can’t believe this…I’m fucking my little girl…no-she’s fucking me…”

As Mia humped herself on her Daddy, Frank saw that her eyes looked behind him. Glancing over his shoulder he saw Chyler standing in the doorway. Still practically naked. Only her torn white tank clung wetly to her tits.

Mia didn’t stop fucking him. She didn’t stop whimpering.

Chyler’s face was still flushed. Her face was as expressionless as his daughter’s. She too was breathing heavily as she watched the two of them fucking on the toilet.

Chyler said, “You like fucking your daughter Mr. Pearce?”

Frank only groaned and looked at her sexy body. He watched her approach them. She removed Mia’s hands from Frank’s shoulders and stepped between them, her back against Frank’s chest. She straddled their legs and her spread ass cheeks slid down Frank’s abs. Her tits mashed against Mia’s.

Frank inhaled deeply as the long brown hair fell against his face. His hands reached around her, slid up her white tank top and pulled it over her head.

Chyler said, “You want me naked Mr. Pearce?”

He didn’t say anything. He grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged them roughly.

Mia had to push up and down harder thanks to the extra weight of her best friend. Her whimpers became moans as she fucked her Daddy harder.

Chyler looked at Mia’s parted lips. Then Chyler licked her own. She leaned in and kissed Mia’s open mouth. Their tongues exchanging and lips devouring each others. Chyler and Mia made inaudible sounds into each others mouths.

When their kiss broke, Mia slid off her Daddy’s cock. Chyler quickly took her spot and slid her pussy down over it. Frank was yelling at the pleasure.

“Of fuck me Chyler! Oh God fuck me!”

And she did. She bounced up and down with renewed energy.

Chyler shouted over her shoulder, “Ah! Oh! Mr. Pearce! You like teenager pussy don’t you?! Uh! You sick man! Oh! You like my eighteen year old pussy don’t you?! Ahh God!”

Frank clenched his teeth as the hot little body fucked his rod steadily.

Chyler said breathlessly, “Awe, poor little Mia…she looks lonely…Ah! You want to fuck your Daddy Mia? Uh! I know he wants to fuck you…”

New tears formed in Mia’s eyes. Chyler lifted herself off of Frank, and Mia slipped her Daddy into her with one quick swoop. And fucked the shit of him. Her face then contorted to that of ravenous contempt and fucked her Daddy’s cock like she was proving a point.

“Ahhh Daddy! Oh God! Uhhhh!!”

Chyler turned her head and made out with him as Mia fucked him. Then she broke the kiss and stared into his eyes.

“What? Is this it? Is this all you got Mr. Pearce?” Chyler was chiding him.

Frank could only grunt and pant loudly into her face.

Chyler continued, “You got two hot teenage bodies at your disposal…and this is all you got?”

Frank’s eyebrows furrowed as he thought about this. Mia grinding his cock into her body like a freak dance.

Five minutes later, Frank had placed Mia face down on the bathroom floor. He had placed Chyler face down on top of her. Currently, his cock was pounding into Chyler’s asshole like an electric hammer. Squeezing her ass roughly. Chyler sobbed and cried that she wanted her Daddy.

He alternated between hers and Mia’s assholes over a half an hour. Cumming frequently and rejuvenating quickly.

An hour later, Chyler down on her knees in front of Frank. His cock gliding in and out of her lips rapidly.

Two hours after that, Mia was on her back with her knees pressed back to her shoulders. Frank slammed into her with reckless abandon until he emptied that current load.

Several hours later, Chyler was bent over at the waist, knees locked, hands palm down on the ground. Frank pummeled her tight ass again for the umpteenth time that day.

Things went on like this for a while. Any time Frank’s primal urges came spouting to the surface like a geyser, his cock spouted like a geyser into one of the many holes that appealed to him at the time.

Two weeks later, rescue teams that had worked around the clock finally uncovered their house.

When they found Frank, Mia, and Chyler, the girls were busily getting their pussies royally fucked doggie style. Chyler was on her hands and knees. Mia bent over Chyler as Frank fucked his daughter like a mad man. The two naked teenager girls were moaning and crying out ‘Daddy’ as he switched from one to the other.

As a result of the two-week encampment, it was no surprise to anyone reading the headlines that both eighteen-year-olds were pregnant.

It was a surprise to watch on television as Frank Pearce walked out of the courtroom a free man. Both Mia and Chyler had testified to the fact that being stuck in a small basement for two weeks caused him to go temporarily insane. And that they understood with his plight. They were content with the fact that they were both pregnant because of it. They declined counseling, due in part to their being eighteen and legally of age to make that decision.

Frank moved his family into a new house, far away from anyone they knew, however a lot of people recognized them from television and the newspapers. Father and daughter fucked each other like cave people. Only there to satisfy their longing desires to get fucked. It was something they couldn’t control. It was a drug. A primal instinct. And there was no question as to the moral implications ever again. Frank even got his wife into the act; against her will…at first. Once again he had two delicious pussies to take any time he wanted. Mia’s child was raised as her sibling.

As for Chyler, she went home to her parents. For all intents and purposes, she acted like a normal teenager again. Except for the fact that she was now seven months pregnant, every thing seemed the same as it had been before that fateful slumber at the home of her best friend and Mr. Pearce. However, one morning when her Mom got up early to go to work, Chyler snuck into the bathroom where her Daddy was showering. With no warning, she undressed and stepped into the shower with him. He was shocked and all of a sudden lightheaded. She didn’t say anything to him. She just got down on her knees and sucked his cock dry. For the rest of the day, Chyler’s Daddy fucked her in every position possible. She could still maneuver her body pretty well for being seven months pregnant.

That’s how nature works. Always the need to multiply and indulge in pleasurable activities. No matter what the circumstances.

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