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Stacey's Nasty Neighbor


He used to just bounce her on his lap?now he's banging her, too! Stacey lay sprawled out on the big, leather couch in the rec room, pouting. She was in a semi-funk. She could hear her mom and Mrs. Fox upstairs in the kitchen finishing the dishes, which probably meant that her dad and Mr. Fox were already in their easy chairs watching football.

"Boring!" she mumbled to the empty room. Stacey was bored all the time lately. Normally, she would have been excited about spending the afternoon with her wonderful neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Fox had lived next door since she was a little girl and had always treated her like their own daughter. But, today, she could care less. Chewing thoughtfully on her thumbnail, she brushed her satiny yellow bangs away from her forehead and concluded that there was more to it than simple boredom. Stacey had felt uncomfortable since right before her 18th birthday a month ago. Besides being restless, her puffy, pink nipples were always swollen, and her pubic area tingled constantly. Sometimes she'd wake up in the middle of the night with an itch in her pussy that could only be satisfied by masturbating, and that worried her.

Stacey was kind of stupid about sex things. Because of her strict upbringing, she'd never, ever been alone with a boy-other than that one time when Bobby Miller had stole a couple of quick kisses and put her hand on the front of his pants behind the bleachers on prom night. If Becky Farren hadn't told her stuff, Stacey wouldn't have known anything. Becky had snuck a lot of peeks at her father's porno tapes and had been more than willing to share what she had learned. Of course, Stacey pretended to understand more than she actually did, and there were some things she didn't agree with at all. Like Becky had used the word "cock" when talking about a guy's thing, but after touching Bobby's, Stacey decided that "peenie" was more appropriate. Whatever it was called, the memory of that night was making her hornier and hornier.

Stacey crunched up into a ball, placed her small hand over her crotch, and squeezed her long, coltish legs together, hoping that she could have a quick cum without having to run to her room. She knew she was being terrible, but she couldn't help it. The urge always came over her whenever she remembered Bobby's small boner.

"Hi, Stacey!" she heard a deep voice say. "How's my girl?" Looking up, she let out a feeble yip of surprise and immediately brought her frigging hand up to scratch her cute, button nose. Mr. Fox stood at the end of the couch, his broad shoulders blocking the doorway.

"Fine," she replied in a sulky voice.

"Hey, you must be excited now that you're out of school and all grown up," he said, crossing over to plop down in the ratty, old recliner on the other side of the room.

Mr. Fox was a big man-probably close to 200 pounds-and the floor actually vibrated from the impact of his big ass meeting the seat cushion.

"Yeah, I suppose," she mumbled.

For a little while after that they didn't say anything. Stacey watched TV and Mr. Fox watched Stacey?she could sense his eyes roving all over her body. She had her red halter and short shorts on and she was certain that he was looking at her legs. Finally, he shifted around in the chair, and out of the blue said something that made no sense at all.

"Stacey, you know what I miss? I miss your not sitting on my lap like you used to when you were little."

"Really?" she said, unconcerned.

"Yeah, so would you do me a favor and come sit on my lap again for old time's sake?" he asked. That got her attention. Peering up, she saw that he had leaned back in the recliner with a broad smile and was patting the tops of his hefty thighs.

"Aw, I don't know. I'm?I'm too old for that stuff," she told him, wishing he'd leave her alone.

"Oh, come on, Stacey. Please?"

Stacey thought it was weird that he should ask her to do that, but he was her second daddy, and he looked so sincere sitting there that she didn't think it would do any harm.

"You're such a pretty girl, Stacey," he murmured, kissing the top of her blonde head as she curled up in his lap, and he put his arms around her to hug her close.

"Thanks," she murmured, snuggling into his embrace.

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At first, it was just like when she was a kid. Then Mr. Fox did something that he'd never done before. He dropped one large hand down to her knee and began rubbing her thigh. Stacey thought maybe it was his way of being affectionate, until his fingers crept further and further up under the legband of her shorts.

It made Stacey somewhat uncomfortable. The more he rubbed, the more she shimmied around on his lap and, eventually, she felt something poking her rear-end. It was his peenie, that much she knew, but she couldn't figure out what he was doing. He was kind of panting and rocking his hips while his thing kept growing bigger beneath her wiggling backside. In fact, the end of it was poking into her buttcrack!

Burrowing her face into his massive chest, Stacey sheepishly waited for something to happen. A short time later he moved his belly up against her tush, let out a low moan and hugged her so tight that the air rushed out of her lungs with a sharp woosh. Stacey was worried that he was maybe having a seizure because, after a few moments, he stopped moving altogether and the room became silent except for the muffled sound of his ragged breathing.

"I enjoyed that, honey," he gasped, abruptly pushing her off, "but I?have to use the bathroom now!" As she slid from his lap, Stacey noticed a huge wet spot on the front of his chinos, and when he saw her looking he leapt from the chair, put both hands over his crotch and ran upstairs.

Stacey sat there in the middle of the floor giggling hysterically, confused and embarrassed. Several hours later, however, as she lay quietly in her bed recalling the strange incident, her inexperienced pussy started leaking something fierce. She had to diddle her tiny marble three times before she was satisfied. Despite the guilt she was experiencing, she secretly wished that Mr. Fox would give her another lap ride soon. A week later she got her wish.

Mr. and Mrs. Fox were at a clambake her folks put on and, once again, he ended up in the rec room with Stacey on his lap, only this time she was eager to be there. Stacey had decided that she liked this new game very much. That's why she'd worn her tiniest crop-top and shortest denim cutoffs. His thing got hard fast and the steadily increasing pressure of his rising member against her squirming fanny made Stacey's fragile pussy spurt a river of juice into the crotch of her cotton undies.

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After feeling her thighs and buttocks, he reached up under her thin arm to gently squeeze her titty.

"Stacey, you've turned into a beautiful young woman," he crooned, dancing his thumb over her protruding nipple. Stacey shuddered uncontrollably. By the time his blubbery lips brushed across her cheek and neck, she was ready to cum right there on his leg-until he let her go.

"Jeez, honey! I?I have to use the bathroom," he hissed, practically tossing her to the floor.

Squatting there in a heap, her cunt doing backflips, Stacey watched Mr. Fox stagger upstairs in a mad rush. She felt cheated in a way. She hadn't cum, and that made her so angry that she crept up the steps after him. She knelt down in front of the closed bathroom door, peeked through the keyhole and nearly fainted. Mr. Fox was sitting on the john with his pants down, fisting the fattest, longest peenie she'd ever seen!

Studying his manhood, all Stacey could imagine was how it would feel inside her. Suddenly, he tensed up, groaned loudly, and all this white stuff shot out of the end of his peenie. He was cumming all over the bathroom floor!

Once again Stacey felt cheated, but this time she was too horny to be angry. Trotting down to her room, she locked the door and flopped onto the bed in such a tizzy that she had to wrench her shorts and panties down to her knees and frig off right away. After she'd exploded all over her probing fingers, Stacey began to wonder if Mr. Fox would be willing to give her another funky ride, only the next time she wouldn't let him escape. She'd hang on tight, like a monkey clinging to a big tree, and she'd make it easy for him by doing it in his own house instead of hers.

That's why she was lying out in her backyard three days later in her tiny string bikini after her parents and Mrs. Fox had gone to the flea market. The top barely covered her teeny boobies, while the bottom part didn't even hide her lean asscheeks.

She sensed a pair of eyes watching her and glanced up to see him standing there in a pair of ratty old shorts, pressed against the glass of the patio doors with an expression on his face that told her how aroused he was. Before she could chicken out, she was on her feet and sauntering over, putting an extra bit of swing in her hips to appear more confident.

"Good good afternoon, Stacey," Mr. Fox stammered, slowly sliding the door open. "How are you?"

"Super, Mr. Fox! Can I come in and sit on your lap?" she replied boldly.

To be honest, she was just as shocked at having said it as he was hearing it, but knowing it was too late to turn back, she rushed past him and headed straight for the couch. Silently, he trailed in behind her. She'd obviously caught him offguard because he dropped onto the sofa like a robot, his swollen penis ready to punch a hole through his shorts. Seeing him in that condition, Stacey stopped being nervous and eagerly parked her sassy bubble butt directly above his privates.

"You know, Mr. Fox," she cooed, wrapping her arms around his bullish neck, "I really enjoy sitting on your lap. It makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. And I don't mind it when you touch me either." "You?you don't?"

"Uh huh. Do it all you want," she purred. Her approval must have been all he was waiting for. Pulling her against him, Mr. Fox jammed his tongue into Stacey's mouth, deftly removed her minuscule swimsuit, and began crudely groping her bared titties. At one point, he broke away to suckle on her right nipple, making Stacey shiver wildly in his strong embrace.

"Oh, Mr. Fox," she moaned, slipping her hand down between them. "Doesn't this hurt you?"

"Yeah?yeah, it does," he croaked.

"Oooooo! That's not good," she cooed, fumbling with his zipper. "Maybe I can make it feel better!"

Mr. Fox gaped at her tongue-tied as she worked his rigid staff out into the open. Stacey let out a delightful shriek the instant it sprang up into her small fist. His thing was so thick that she could hardly get her fingers around it, and there was a lot of stuff oozing from the slit on the end. Fascinated, she started jerking it like she'd seen him do in the bathroom, until he was groaning in her ear and crudely humping his broad rump off the cushions.

"Am I doing it right?" she asked Mr. Fox over and over, "because I've never done this before."

"You're doing fine, honey," he growled. She must have been, because a few seconds later, he spit wad after wad of his milky white goo all over her sleek tummy and willowy legs.

"Oh, my God, Stacey! I'm sorry!"

"Don't be," she cooed, scooping up a glob of his discharge to examine the stuff more closely. The gunk puddling in her palm reminded her of shiny vanilla pudding, and she automatically shot her tongue out to sample the slimy mixture. "Mmmmm! Your stuff tastes good, Mr. Fox! I'd like some more sometime!"

Almost too late, Stacey realized the mistake she'd made in saying those words. The terrible glint in the older man's steel blue eyes told her how foolish she'd been.

"Oh, yeah?" he growled. "Well, how about right now?"

Grabbing Stacey by her supple shoulders, he shoved her to her knees between his chubby legs and smacked his bulbous crown against her downy cheek.

"Gee, Mr. Fox! I don't?I mean, I've never ever? ."

"Suck it, Stacey!" he panted, entwining his stubby meathooks in her long, golden waves. "Be a good girl and suck my cock!" There was that word again, and Stacey had to admit that it seemed to describe the dimensions of his monster perfectly. There was nothing boyish about this enormous slab of veiny, pulsating flesh resting on her upper lip.

Not knowing what else to do, Stacey swept her tongue over his gaping piss slit to sample the glistening bubbles of goop that pooled there. That, she quickly discovered, was mistake number two. Mr. Fox bucked his ass the moment she made contact, and the next thing she knew, his whole thing was down her throat! Stacey started gagging all over the place. He yanked her head up a little, but not much, and just long enough to let the backwash of spit and precum that had collected around her tonsils spew out past her stretched lips and spatter her upturned, teenage tits.

"I?I can't stop, sweetie," he husked. "Suck it, Stacey! Suck my big, fat cock!"

Stacey was dizzy and frightened. When he began jacking her head up and down on his pole, she thought she was going to suffocate. He wouldn't let up. Somehow she managed to gain control by telling herself that she was all grown-up now and should be able to handle an old guy like him. Then she discovered that if she breathed through her nose she could gulp his steely length without choking. She didn't have much time to practice, however, because after he told her to fondle his hairy, wrinkled balls, he shot another load. The only thing Stacey learned how to do was swallow fast. Once he released her, she toppled backwards, coughing up spunk. She was fairly certain that big girls didn't act this uncool after giving their boyfriends bj's, so she bolted upright and smiled seductively.

"That?that was fun, Mr. Fox!" she wheezed, massaging his discharge into her mini-mounds. "It made me awful horny!" She wasn't exactly lying. Now that she'd regained her composure, her pussy was aching.

"Good!" he said, hastily removing his clothes. "Let's play some more!"

He towered above her for several long, agonizing moments, a great pillar of gristle, flab and muscle with a rising hard-on and a lewd scowl, then swiftly flipped her onto her back, spread her long, thin legs, and dropped to his knees. But instead of putting his thing in her like she expected, the perverted lech kissed down her trembling tummy to peel her precious labes apart and jostle his tongue into her moist slit.

"Oh, God, Mr. Fox!" Stacey mewled. "What are you doing?"

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Mr. Fox was far too busy munching on her succulent muff to answer. If anything, he wormed his searching tongue in even deeper, making her writhe all over the carpet. She couldn't decide whether to grab her jiggling breasts or the top of his balding head. Then his lips found her clit and she saw stars.

"Ohhh! Mr. Fox! Something's happening! Ahhh! Yes!" Stacey had the most fantastic climax of her young life. Her nasty neighbor feasted upon her tangy juices for quite awhile, keeping Stacey at a fever pitch before kneeling up to hook her ankles over his broad shoulders and nudge the end of his swollen shaft against her delicate opening.

"You ready, Stacey?" he grumbled.

Was she? Stacey wasn't exactly sure. "This?this is my first time, Mr. Fox!" she mewled, shaking her hips. "Please be gentle!"

"No way, honey," he wheezed, inching his prong into her slot. "I can't hold back!" His words scared the hell out of Stacey, but watching Mr. Fox's gigantic poker disappear inside her honeypot got her so excited that she dug her heels into his upper back and braced herself. It was a good thing she did because when his knob bumped the barrier of her hymen, he sank his fingers into her quivering haunches, and pulled her up at the same time he thrust forward. Suddenly, Stacey's entire body was racked with pain.

"Mr. Fox! It hurts!" she screamed, thrashing around in agony.

"Sorry, Stacey," he gasped, rearing back, "but you're too damn tight!"

Upon uttering the last word, he slammed his meat all the way up her virginal snatch. Stacey cried out again and went numb from the waist down. The next thing she knew, he had bent her knees back so far that they were touching her shoulders and was pumping her at top speed. His driving hips and lustful stare quickly snapped her out of her fog as the numbness gradually faded from her pelvis. Now that Stacey could feel his man-sized penis filling her nubile quim, she went ballistic.

"Awwwww, Mr. Fox! Oh, God!" she hissed. "Show me how a man fucks a woman!"

He did too, banging her tight twat with such force that she was getting a brush burn on her back from the rug. But as his big, floppy beer belly slapped against her lurching pubes, and his jism-filled nuts bounced off her flexing assglobes, Stacey felt another orgasm building in her pussy and didn't want him to stop fucking her until he fired his stuff up her tight cunny.

"Sweet Jesus!" he huffed in her ear. "You're so damn tight, Stacey! Yeah! Tell me what you want! Say the word! Tell me what I want to hear! Say the words, you little slut!"

Instinctively, she knew exactly what he meant, and it made her feel dirty and sexy at the same time. "Come on, Mr. Fox," she groaned, frantically churning her lithe hips. "Give it to me! Give your little girl all of your big, fat cock! Fuck me, you dirty old man! Fuck me!"

Her filthy pleas did the trick. Showing her no mercy, he rammed his bloated prick into her tender, pink love tunnel over and over. Just when she didn't think she could take it anymore, Stacey felt his dick tip prod what must have been her cervix, and he started making all sorts of weird noises.

"Oh, Stacey! I'm gonna shoot!" he grunted. "You're making me cum!"

"Let me have it, Mr. Fox!" she yelled, writhing spasticly. "Cream my virgin cunny! Oh, Mr. Fox!"

The eruption of semen that sprayed her unused vagina sent Stacey through the roof. It was like a thousand brilliant fireworks went off in her quaking loins. Gripping his burly arms, Stacey sailed from one orgasm to another as she gyrated wantonly on his mature meatslab. She wanted it to go on forever.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fox had exhausted himself and rolled off, while Stacey felt like she was sinking through the floor.

"Gee, Mr. Fox! That was fantastic! Thank you!" she sighed breathlessly.

"No! Thank you!" he murmured in a deep voice, shifting over to kiss her cheek. "You're a great lay for being a newcomer!"

"My, you're such a charmer, Mr. Fox!" Stacey giggled. "Do you think you can get Mrs. Fox out of the house tomorrow? I'd like to come over and sit on your lap some more. You know?for old time's sake?"

Mr. Fox laughed in a nasty sort of way, and somehow Stacey knew that the wily old coot was already working on a new plan.

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