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Sleeping around with girls in college


Sleeping around with girls in college is far out of scope if you a part of bully group. Same was the case with me. We were a group of 18 guys known to be one of the fierce groups. Girls used to stay away from us including juniors. Within 3 months I realized there is no scope of making love to anybody. Life was going on when I got introduced to one of the far cousins of my Dad. He appeared one day in my hostel and introduced himself as my Dad’s brother. We spoke for a while before he left and not to forget he invited to dinner the coming Saturday. I almost jumped as I was badly choked with hostel food and small restaurants around. I was asked to land up at 7:30 to 8. I landed up at 7pm. I entered the house and food just went off my mind. The reason was Anu, my uncle’s daughter. I was spell bound.

She was in jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket on. Damn I forgot to say hello for a minute I believe. She could notice that. There was a smile on her face and the smile was like “don’t worry kid, it happens with everybody”. I couldn’t notice the assets properly because of her jacket. She had great ass though and was little plump. During the evening I consciously succeeded in not staring at her while Uncle, aunty and his brother were around. Uncle did a great job in introducing me, starting with my Dad, my excellent career background. I could smell that Anu was impressed a little with me. My sheets were wet the next day because of Anu. For next couple of days I kept on thinking about her. I planned to hit her house again. I called up uncle once and the signs of another invite dint seem to be happening in next 15 days. Lady luck was happy with me and I bumped into Anu in a week’s time in a local market. She was with a friend of her and I had a tail (friend) too. She invited me for a golgoppa session. To spend little more time with her I accepted that and in return invited her an ice cream session. It was a good time between 4 of us. But my tail was panting like a dog seeing Anu and she was not very comfortable. Seeing that I asked my friend to go into the market and buy the chart sheets (was required for engineering drawing). Anu’s friend said she is going to take the scooty out from the paid parking. That was 5 minutes for both of us. Anu broke the ice again by saying “your friend seems to know me. He was staring at me all the time”. I replied saying that “you might not be aware but every other guy around stares you…you know you are so b.”… She replied “Got it”. We had to part there with little conversation about computer classes, movies, etc. Before leaving she said she goes to NIIT computer class every alternate day to a place which is about 8 kilometers from my college. I can meet her there if I am on that side of the city in evening hours.

After a weeks time not with any physical intention I landed up in her institute and our meeting continued for about 3 weeks. One day she asked me why do you come here twice every week. I replied in a joking manner that “you are too beautiful to attract me here”. She asked “how do you find in me attractive” to which I replied again jokingly “I don’t know as you are covered all the time”. She gave me a naughty smile. During those weeks most of the time I used to be in a flat where my friends stay. One day on a Sunday afternoon I was in flat and none of my friends were at home as it was Sunday. The reason I was at home because the cook was supposed to come in and it was my turn that day to stay back for the cook. I heard a scooty got parked outside. I came out balcony and saw that Anu was outside. She asked me to come down. She had met with an accident and wanted me to drive her home. There was nothing serious except some bruises on her right leg. She was wearing a long skirt. It was torn towards the lower side. I suggested to take some primary medication at the flat and then I will drop her home. We went inside the flat. I took some cotton and spirit and cleaned her leg. She was worried about her torn skirt. She asked me if I have a needle and thread for some temporary arrangement. I could find one. She started stitching her skirt and was facing difficulty with the part backside.

After some time I suggested her to stitch it on back side. While I was stitching it on the back side. I got a good view of her ass. I said “Anu do you remember you had asked me what do I like in you?, if I have to give a reply now I would say your ass and slim waist.”. She didn’t say anything at all. I asked her if I can touch her ass. She dint say anything either. I was afraid is she goes back and informs her bulky brother or moustache uncle, but then I gathered courage I touched her bums. I started feeling it and moved my hands to the inner side of the legs. She immediately turned towards me and before she could say anything my hands were on her boobs. I lifted her top and from top of her bra started caressing her boobs. She pushed me off and said that it’s not good for her to be making love with me in a private apartment where bachelors stay and moreover the cook can come anytime. I said that I am going to make some arrangements. I left home with the lock and key took her scooty keys. Locked the home from outside. Took her scooty, bought a pack of Kamasutra dotted condom and came back. I intentionally parked the scooty a little off from the house and entered the house from backside using the grill keys. Now we were safe. If cook comes he will think nobody is at home and will go off. If my friends come they will think that I have gone to hostel and they will also go for the hostel as the only key was with me. She was not very convinced but then I had already started my work on her boobs. I was in a hurry and just lowered her bra. I was licking the lower side of her boobs. While I was sucking her boobs, she asked me if I have ever slept with anybody before and I honestly told about Sumi (my last posting). She said that she had a boyfriend in her school days who has fucked her in all the holes.

That left me happy because I became sure that she is going to allow me entering from the backside also. I don’t know how much time I was playing with her boobs as it was big and firm. She had very big nipples. She asked me if I would want to go for a blow job and condition was I am not going to cum in her mouth. Damn it, I failed to control myself and came in her mouth. Well thanks Anu you dint make a scene out of it. She quietly drank everything and took all her clothes off and asked me to lick her off. I started my mouth work. She was moaning like a virgin being torn on back side. Damn in I don’t know how many times I cum while I was licking her. I could very well feel 2 of her orgasms as she was almost making my face wet with liquid flowing out. She immediately sat down and said she will only allow me ass fucking unless I have condoms. [Past experience helped here]. I wanted to spend more time on her ass as that was my first time on an ass and hence said I don’t have condom. With saying a single word she was in doggie position and said she will prefer some Vaseline if I have. I found a lip guard and applied it on her ass hole. It was a great pain for me getting into her ass. I don’t know how she managed. [For everybody who haven’t taken a chance on backside, let me tell you, its one of the greatest experiences] I was humping her quite some time. It took a while for me get my third orgasm. Anu got up headed for bathroom as she was getting late. I dint want to loose the chance of fucking her.

I immediately ran for my pant took the condom out and joined her in bathroom. It was a small place to do anything and hence we moved back to place where we had out love making session. Anu suggested that I should put a pillow below her ass and then enter her, as that allows complete penetration. She herself took a condom out, licked my rod for 2 minutes and put the condom on. As suggested I put the pillow on her backside and entered her. She was definitely not virgin but quite tight for me. The best part was she was she was lifting her hips up on every thrust. I could continue only for 3 minutes or so and went limp. She dint had her orgasm and was quite demanding. She licked me off and made me hard again. This time I was conscious and the strokes continued till she came with her liquids flowing out. I won’t be boosting, I was totally worn out. I was just laying there for how much time I don’t know with my eyes closed. Anu came back after taking bath and stitched her skirt, got ready and then woke me up. I cleaned myself and wore my dress and fondled her gloves from top of her dress. (I like boobs a lot J ). I opened the grill from backside, and came to the front, opened the door. Walked with her till her scooty. Anu called up her friend in a ladies hostel and told her that she was with her boyfriend for a while and asked her to say that Anu was with her if being enquired.

That was our last love making episode expect for some fondling and hand job in some dark gardens.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:12 pm