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Should This Really Happen??? Answer Me!!!


You have been dating this man off and on for several years. Thoughts of him would creep into your day to day activities. Commitment was mentioned several times but youth and the excitement of other conquest interfered with a one man/woman relationship.

Both of you knew each other bodies by heart. This knowledge gained through the years, in the bed of your truck, in the backseat of his car, at the movie theater, in the park, where ever the animal urges had arisen and you had both achieved pleasure beyond believe.

He had been hinting at something special for the past two weeks. Tonight could be the best sex ever achieved by womankind. You firmly believed he was the best in and out of bed. All other women should be jealous of your relationship with him.

Surprising tonight, he had not wanted you to meet him at the door in a Teddy. Instead tonight he treated you like a debutant. Me met you at the door with roses, treated you to dinner at the finest restaurant in town, a movie and excellent conversation about everything except sex. You started to wonder if an alien and abducted his body.

Returning late to your house, you were afraid this night would end without and pleasure. As you entered your door you thought be was turning to leave. Instead he grabs you from behind and pops a please toy in your mouth. You can barely get oxygen into your lungs.

He carries you over to your bed. He drops you on the bed and orders you to remove your clothes as he walks over to your pleasure chest and starts to remove various toys. He sits in the chair and smiles as your slowly remove you blouse. Your red bra is slowly exposed. He orders you to continue to strip. He has been in charge before but never like this. His voice is so commanding like Patton at the battle of the bulge.

Your mind races. Should you try to resist his commands. NO, you body is already responding to his voice. Your nipples have started to stiffen. You know your panties will moisten shortly. Your hands reach behind you and unhook your bra. If falls silently to the floor. Your 44DD breast are exposed to the cold air.

He orders you to play with your tits as he unbuckles his belt. Your squeeze you breast, you pinch your nipples to even greater heights. He orders you to lick you nipples as he strokes his cock through his pants. You obey his ever work. Can you feel your tongue on your nipples. Can you feel your nipples responding to you tongue.

He orders you to remove the rest of your clothes. He walks over and ties your legs to the bed. He hands you a dildo and orders your to play with yourself until you climax. Can you see him sitting there playing with his cock. His shirt is off and his fly is unzipped to exposed his cock. His hand slowly stroking. UP and down his shaft goes his hand.

Your inserting the dildo. Can you feel it at it enters your pussy. Can you feel the wetness. UP and DOWN you push the dildo, your moves matching the stroking of his cock. UP. DOWN, FASTER and FASTER. Pleasure is coming. He orders you to stop. You cannot control your urges, He walks over and takes the dildo from your hands. He straps you hands to the bed.

What is he doing. He is inserting a tape and turning the TV on. YOUR very hot and Horny, you don't need an XXX tape to excite you and more. You need his cock in you.

Suddenly on the TV is a woman be pleasured by a man. Something is familiar about the woman. He walks over and attaches nipple clamps just as the woman on TV is beng clamped. Her voice sounds familiar. Your nipple stiffen at the vibration of the clamps. Who is the woman why is her voice and body so Familiar. You groan with pleasure. The same groan escapes the lips of the woman on TV. You scream. The woman on TV is YOU.

He is licking your pussy, Can you feel his tongue. Can you feel your wetness. Can you see the various action on the TV screen. There you are in the bed of your truck. You remember that night. There you are in the park. In the back seat of his car. The TV goes plank buy you hear the sounds you made in the movie theater.

You grow wetter and wetter as you listen and watch all your previous sex with him. Can you his cock entering you pussy. Can you feel it going deeper and deeper or are your ears tuned to the sounds on the TV.

The voices in your head begin to ask how he could have taped all of this even as your body grows hotter and hotter. FASTER HARDER DEEP. WETTER. WETTER. Your nipples are being driven wild by the vibration of the clams.

All the best scenes are on TV, All your best sex is being re lived tonight, on TV and as he pumps his manhood deeper and deeper. Wider and Wider. Longer and Hotter his manhood grows. His juices and yours start to mingle.

The tape has reached its end. The credits start to roll. You and him as the stars. Your brother as the director your sisters as producers. 5 of your best friends as camera people. Its as if the whole world had been there each and every time you hand climaxed. Humiliation turns your face beet red. But your body continues to respond to his thrust, his sperm flows into your pussy and juices mingle as the final humiliation is done. siblings and friends walk in with the cameras rolling. They are clapping.

Posted : 17/03/2011 4:19 am