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She was my Niece Afterall


It was two days after my arrival and we were having supper and my sister offered me to go with her and her husband to the PC Bhurban for a get together brunch. I readily agreed since I really wanted to see as many places as possible during my visit here. Plan was to leave around 9:00 in the morning expected to be back late afternoon. Sumaira wasn't going since she wanted to be with her friends on the Sunday. In the morning wasn't feeling very well and when my sister came to wake me up I told her that wouldn't be going since got headache and went back to sleep. Woke up after 11:00 and came out of my room and headed for the kitchen to make coffee, on the way heard muffled sounds coming out of Sumaira's room. Went to her room, the door wasn't fully closed and scene I saw just blew me away.

She was completely naked sitting in front of the computer, on the monitor two guys ( cocks )were jerking off, webcam was pointed towards her crotch and she was rubbing it with her right hand. Threesome cyber masturbation was in full swing; her eyes were fixed on jerking cocks on screen she didn't realize I was there. She was doing it so openly because she thought no one was home and my change of plan now is much more fruitful then I could have imagined. My cock was hard and was aching after seeing all these, niece or no niece she was going to be fucked by me. So I just took my t-shirt and shorts off went straight to her side and put my hand on her shoulder. She shrieked but didn't get up, gathered her legs up and put her arms around the knees. She tried to cover maximum of her front but in this way her pussy and asshole was fully exposed as her legs were now in the air instead of ground. I turned off the CPU and went in front of her and very close to her so she couldn't run any where. Her eyes were now fixed on my raging hard cock and were still in great shock as she never had imagined a situation like this to happen to her. As I moved my hand toward her face to caress she mumbled “Uncle, please don't”, she calls me Uncle. I said “I have to dear" because I was too horny and wasn't thinking anything beyond her pussy - that's all I wanted no matter what's the consequences. “Please don't do this... I am getting married after six months" she now pleaded louder.

Oh she had to stay virgin till the marriage and I sympathize that since she was my niece after all. I slowly gazed her full body and thought about this new situation and then said to her " it's obvious that you know all about sex so here is my proposition - you willingly surrender your two other holes to me and I promise that I won't fuck your pussy and you'll stay virgin". It took her less than 10 seconds to asses my proposition and calculated the benefits and she responded by removing her arms, putting her legs down and sitting up straight. I was so happy that my cock starts to twitch. Sumaira is really beautiful, her figures measured 32C-23-31 with slender legs and firm breasts with medium size pink nipples. I lowered my head and start kissing her on the lips and start rubbing her tits with right hand. I knew that we both were horny and not much of foreplay is required. I stood up and said “dear now lets your mouth do the magic on this" and after saying this I trusted my cock towards her face.

She took it in her right hand and then start caressing it and then gripped it more tightly and starts jerking it. I put my hand on her head and tried to guide her face towards the cock, she gently pushed my hand away and looked up and said " don't worry, let me do it my way and you'll be happy". Then she lowers her face over the cock, took the head in her mouth and licks all the precum oozing out. Then she took it out for a second and takes it back again and this time half the cock slid in her mouth. She put her left hand over my buttocks and right hand at the base of my shaft and with this she proceeds to move her mouth back and fro over my cock. Now both of her hands started to work also, with left hand she started to caress my ass and with right hand she started to jerk base of the cock. She had learned a lot from the porn on internet, blowing me just like a pro - was in heaven. It took only couple of minutes her mouth dancing on my rod and was ready to shoot my load. Was tempted to fill her mouth but being the first time for her I didn't want to impose, so when I became ready to cum took my cock out and start spewing hot lava over her tits and neck. Her hands kept milking my cock now on the full length, she didn't miss a beat and I kept pouring my hot sperm all over her body. After my orgasm subsides a little she took the half cock in mouth and started to suck and lick the remaining of the cum and kept licking till cum stopped oozing. This made my cock rock hard and was ready for more action.

Told her " You are great.... amazing ... and I love you honey”. I got her up from the chair and start kissing her lips and then my probing tongue entered her mouth, was tasting my own cum in her mouth but it was fantastic, exciting and sexy thing to do. My hands were now all over her body and was getting myself familiarize with her curves and mounds. When my hand reached to her pussy she shivered a little but I kept my hand there and caressed her puffy pussy lips, she was very wet and her juices were all over my fingers and palm. I whispered " want to lick you down there" , she looked at me deeply and I added " trust me I will not do anything you don't want me to and I will stick to our agreement", she sighed ( with relief ) and nod her head in yes. Took her to the bed and made her lay down on her back, she spreaded her legs as moved between them, it was wonderful sight. There is no sight more beautiful and intoxicating then the view of spread, hot and wet young virgin pussy.

Licked my tongue and then lowered my face over her pussy and started to lap all over outer lips and then proceeded to lap the inner folds of her pink steamy cunt. She started to whimper confirming that she was enjoying these new sensations, with my thumb and forefinger I parted the hood and exposed her tiny crimson love button. My tongue darted over her clit and then started flicking on it, now she really started making loud noise and her breathing was getting faster and heavier. I wanted to tongue fuck her pink velvet tunnel but had to restrain myself so just kept my mouth over her upper half of the cunt. Juices were flowing out and I kept lapping the nectar, within 5/6 minutes her body twitched and the orgasm hits her. Her both hands suddenly moved over my head, she pushed her crotch up and started to rub her pussy over my face and smearing her juices all over on it. After she calmed down then I raised myself up and parted her thighs further apart to see her beautiful cunt and then also saw her light brown tiny asshole. My cock just got stiffer on the prospect of being in her virgin tight back hole. I pressed her anal opening with my thumb and asked “are you ready to give me this way dear? " and she nodded in affirmative.

I looked around and the best thing as lubricant available was Johnson's baby lotion, she uses it as face cleanser. With my hands I helped her to get on all fours and I knelt on her left side next to her shoulder. Intention was that she sucks me while I prepare her
Bung hole to receive this cock, didn't have to tell her when she found cock so close to her mouth she just reached out and started to lick and suck it. Took some lotion on my two fingers and put it on the opening of her anus and with index finger started to spread
some of it around the ring and then pushing in the hole, my finger ( up to two digits ) slid in easily and then pushed all of it in. Started to move finger in circle while was fully buried in her tight anal passage and then in and out motion alternately. She started to suck with fervor and her hips started to move also with my fingers. Boy what a slut - she loved it and I was so happy that I was going to be popping her ass cherry, an honor for me. Took more lotion and put in her now slightly gaping hole and now started to insert two fingers, pumping fingers in and out slowly till was able to get 3/4th in and then just fucking her hole first slowly and then slightly faster. She was feeling slight uncomfort but didn't stop licking ( mostly ) and sucking my cock , guess she knew that this discomfort was nothing as compare to what about to come. After fucking her both fingers for couple of minutes I decided now is the time to give her the real thing.

Took the fingers out and pulled the cock away from her - lowered my face and kissed her lips and said “love you honey... now it's the time..." and with that I moved behind her and positioned myself between her legs. Took a big glob of lotion, put some on her hole and coated my cock with the rest, I wanted it be as less painful as it could be. Told her" spread your legs widest" and with my hand helped her to raise her hind higher, she grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it --- damn, she knew what to expect and was getting all ready for it!!!! It's just great, what more a man wants then a very willing slut to do to her anyway you want. Her ass cheeks were fully parted and the ass hole was fully exposed and ready to be taken, moved my left hand under her belly and took cock in my right hand and placed the tip on the opening. With one hard and short thrust buried the head completely in her tight rectum, she shrieked and jerked her ass as to move away from me but with my hand under her belly hold her tightly and didn't allow her to move. Said “dear it's pains initially bear it and it will get lesser and lesser , try to relax your body" and with that started to caress her thighs and ass to soothe her - Waited for more than two minute as she got accustomed to this intrusion and her whimpering to died away.

Still holding her waist tightly pushed cock further and it went in another 1/2" and stopped, this time she only showed some discomfort but didn't try to move away - a very good sign!!! But I didn't loosen my grip on her waist and now pulled cock about 1/2" out and then pushed back in slightly harder and this time it went in little more than before. It took 5 minutes of this slow pumping action and my 7" shaft jammed to the hilt in her rectum, she also had to endure a lot of discomforts which showed as sweat droplets appeared on her back. Stayed motionless because came very close to cum due to the sensations from the last five minutes of slow fucking her tight ass hole and understandably I didn't want that also wanted her to get relax before actual fucking. She seemed to be calming down as her breathing was now getting rhythmic and her tense body started to relax, I said " that's it dear... hardest part is over and now we'll have fun - you are so great". After hearing this she raised her head from the pillow and looked back at me for the first time and gave a timid smile, nodded her head up and down but her face had "am not so sure but if you say so" look.

Now was ready to fuck her so put my both hands on her waist, pulled cock out an inch and pushed back in and then start to pump her ass hole first slow and short strokes and then with half cock length strokes. After couples of minutes her anal passage got accustomed to the fucking motion and she started to get some enjoyable sensations as she started to push her ass back when drew cock halfway out for shoving back in her rectum this made me very excited and started to pant loudly wwooohh aaahhhhaa. Moved both hands from her waist and put them on her shoulder and hovered over her back completely, while pumping got faster and faster. Cock was now moving almost completely out of her ass hole and then ramming back in to the hilt, she started to breath heavily and was now definitely enjoying the forbidden pleasures - She truly was a slut in making and the guy she is getting married to is a very lucky bastard, I felt jealous but also very happy since was the one giving her the taste of her first live cock - she started to breath heavily too along with my loud panting.

Now was very close to shoot my hot wads in her rectum, all I could say cummmming and jammed the cock fully in her hole and started shooting hot sperm in her bowel. As soon as the cumming subsided a little I re-started the pumping slowly - almost till half the head was out and then pushed back all the way in - this continued for another minute till the last drop was out and it started to get soft so pulled cock out of her. She straightened her legs and lay down on her belly while I lay down besides her. Started to caress her hair as she was now looking deeply at me - she looked flushed and some what happy - guess she was happy to that she had done it. We talked about the gravity of the situation and decided we would continue and would take extreme cautions to keep our relation wrapped in secrecy.

Stayed there one month and we didn't let go any chance we got to be alone and enjoy ourselves. We did lot of orals and I received tons of blowjobs, hand jobs, boob jobs and feet jobs. Fucked her ass almost every other day and she started to loving them, she promised to let me fuck her pussy after the marriage

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