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Rod Picked me up


Rod picked me up the next day around four in the afternoon in front of my hotel. He was driving a stylish new red Toyota pickup with air, power windows, bench seat and automatic transmission. I was feeling pretty good since I had lunched with my IT contact and the Director of the Library and was pretty sure that once I had run up a full proposal for them that we would be able to do a deal.

After lunch I had gone and bought some summer clothes for the weekend, not wanting to rely on Rod completely for all my needs, and so met him wearing shorts, a tank top and sandals. As we drove off I asked Rod how far the farm was and what crops they grew on it.

"It's not far Rocket," he started, "About forty miles from here but the last ten or so are on back roads so it takes about an hour. But first we've got to go and to pick up Clara at the library. The other girls are driving up with Soo Ying."


"She works for us; she's our maid, keeps the house's clean and tidy and does most of the cooking. Without her I think we'd starve to death. The girls and I aren't cooks I'm afraid," he said laughing, and then went on, "As to the farm, it was Granddads, Dad's father, and we've being going to it all our lives. It's in a small secluded little valley, 110 acres, with a nice old farm house and small barn. It's got a little creek that runs through the property and a swimming pond as well as a fishing hole."

"Sounds nice. Do you farm it at all?"

"Yeah, a bit. We have a small apple orchard, and grow strawberries and raspberries, and have an acre of corn and a good sized vegetable garden. We have a neighbor's girl come over and take care of it during the week and then weekends we all chip in. Chrissie really enjoys the garden so she does most of the work. We also have left about half the property in a natural state, mainly forested in maple, birch, elm and oak, but also some pine and cedar."

"Sounds like heaven."

"Oh, there's my big sis now," he interrupted, and I could hear the happiness in his voice as he said it.

She was waiting on the curb as we pulled up in front of the William T. Jerome Library on the campus and I immediately saw what a beautiful woman I was about to meet. She looked exactly like you'd expect a successful, young 1990's manager to look. Blond and blue eyed, tall and slim, she was wearing a designer beige jacket and skirt ensemble over an ivory top and carried a stylish brown leather attaché case. She had the look of someone who would be comfortable in any setting, someone you'd see in a law firm, in a boardroom or in the state legislature.

Opening the door and jumping out, I approached her, a broad smile on my face. "Ms. Monroe," I asked.

"Mr. Scouries, the famous author and computer expert I presume?" she replied, grinning. After giving me the once over she said, "Hmmm, Rod certainly didn't lie when he described you."

"Is that good or bad?" I asked as I took her hand and gave her a quick European kiss on her cheek.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be good," she answered smiling, giving my hand an extra squeeze before releasing it.

Escorting her to the truck, I hesitated and asked, "Would you prefer the window or the middle?"

"You've got to be kidding! An opportunity to sit between two such handsome men, gosh, a chance like that doesn't come along very often," she said grinning, and after taking off her suit jacket and folding it over her arm, climbed into the pickup, making sure she gave me a good view of a great deal of her long, silky thigh. It was tight fit with the three of us sharing the bench seat and I soon stopped trying not to touch her as she was clearly comfortable with me and seemed to enjoy each time our legs or arms met. Five minutes later I moved my left arm behind her back, ostensibly to give us more room, but really so that I could increase the contact between us. Seconds later her right hand dropped onto my thigh and she left it there, moving gently just inches from my penis, as we drove.

The conversation between us was easy, the first half of the trip we talked of her job at the library and the system I was proposing. "I told your boss at lunch that I knew your brother and was going to meet you this weekend," I told her. "He seems like a pretty good guy."

"Yeah, he's a really great guy and a fair boss. Did he like your ideas?"

"Yes, I think I'll be able to convince him and the University when I come back with the finished proposal." I then gave her an overview of my system and how it would increase efficiency while reducing costs. "I'll e-mail you some stuff on it next week so you're up to date on what's going on," I promised, as I let my hand lightly move on her shoulder.

"Thanks. Listen what do you want me to call you anyway, I think Rod will be too confusing and I not so sure about Rocket?"

"Most people just call me Scouries, that'd be fine."

"OK, now Scouries, tell me about the important stuff – your sexy stories."

"Oh, they're just amateur scribbling, but I have fun with them. Did you like them?"

"Yes, they made me hot. Did my brother tell you what we were all doing when we read them in our big bed? We read some more last night after Rod came home you know. He also told us about your sister, how she seduced you when you were in high school, how she let you suck her milky breasts."

As she talked I could see she was getting more excited by the second, and soon felt her hand inching towards my now hard penis. We had just turned onto a rough gravel road, and after the first large bump we landed with her grasping my shaft firmly while my hand had slipped off her shoulder and onto her ripe breast.

"Yes, I'm like poor Rod, he told me last night how his eldest sister had seduced him into a life of sin and depravity," I said laughing.

"Oh did you, my darling brother?" she started while listening to Rod's loud chuckle, "So it was poor little Rod, was it?" she said, and then grabbed him with her free hand and squeezed him while grinning wickedly.

"Christ Clara, I'm driving," Rod shrieked, as the truck skewed on the road. Quickly this seemingly respectable woman had both our zippers down and after extracting our cocks, commenced stroking them.

"Pull over Rod!" I insisted. "We don't want to crash, besides I think your big sister needs a good fucking." After quickly pulling over, almost putting us in a ditch in his rush, Rod, after grabbing a blanket from behind his seat, jumped out on the road, his big cock flapping happily. After stepping down from the cab, I turned and lifted the bemused librarian from the truck and started to carry her toward a grassy field on the other side of the fence.

Giggling, and then laughing madly, the beautiful siren finally protested, "Are you guys crazy, we can't do this here, we in the middle of nowhere, anyone could see us."

"Well Rod, which would you prefer, the front or the back?" I offered him gallantly, ignoring Clara's protest.

"Oh Rocket, you're my guest today, you get first choice." Rapidly Rod and I disrobed and then bared our lovely prize to the sun and wind, and then closed on her, letting her feel our erections, crowding her both front and back.

"Then I think I'll take her pussy first my friend, and leave her sweet ass to you."

While still pretending to protest our rough handling of her, I could see the shiny twinkling of excitement in her eyes. "Well Clara, it's up to you now," Rod offered. "Would you like to feel our two big cocks in you or do you want to rush home for dinner?" he asked as he rubbed his straining penis between her cheeks while I let my cock pulsate against her stomach.

"Well brother, I guess since we've come this far,...and seeing Scouries is our guest,... maybe just this once it would be alright," she said laughing, just a second before I lifted her up and dropped her on my fullness. "Oh Gaaawd yes," she moaned as her channel opened for me, lubricating me as I penetrated.

Still embedded in her fully, taking her with me I dropped to my knees and then onto my back, and as I saw Rod approach Clara, his prick in his hand, I pulled her cheeks wide apart and lightly stroked her anal hole before Rod positioned himself behind. I both heard and felt his deep anal penetration as Clara was forced even harder onto my shaft and her guttural groan rent the air.

It's a pleasure for a large man to make love to a big, strong woman, to be able to feel her strength and her passion as she struggles to meet your penetrations. Clara had clearly taken Rod in her back door before and I could see the joy in her eyes each time he slammed deeply into her. If you are a confident enough man, a man with no worry about your masculinity, it's a delight to share a woman, to feel her writhe and respond to two hungry cocks as they match thrusts.

As her orgasm washed through her body, Rod and I both exploded in unison, repeatedly depositing strings of cum in her ass and pussy. Once the three of us had detached and rolled apart, and were lying panting on our backs on the grass, I could see the white liquid dripping onto the ground below Clara, a satisfied smile on her face. After milking a last few drops of cum onto my finger, I slowly inserted it between her lips and let her taste me, let her savor my maleness.

"Fuck, you even taste good Scouries," she whispered, "God; I thought the two of you were going to split me in two. Oh Roddy, thanks, you're such a sweet brother, I love you so much," she finished and then embraced and kissed her smiling brother. "I think I'd like to stay here all night with you two, what do you say?"

"If we don't get back soon, Cathy and Chris are going to kick our butts. They're all set up for a fancy meal; they're dying to meet Rocket," he answered.

"Christ, after that I don't think I'll be able to move for a week," I said, "Besides, a night in the meadow with Clara sounds just fine."

"Oh thank you very much Mr. Scouries, but my guess is you'll be able to entertain my little sisters. I must say though, I like the bald look you have. You're so smooth down there," she finished as she ran her fingers across my shaven skin and balls. As she lowered her head towards my again risen cock, I could see a last drop of my cum still unswallowed on her tongue as she went to lick my straining cockhead.

"Clara!" insisted Rod, "C'mon, we've got to go."

After quickly popping my fat prick in and out of her mouth and lapping around its head with her wet tongue, she pulled back, regret in her eyes and voice as she said, "Well, I guess we do have all weekend..."

Soon we were back in the truck, a little ruffled looking but almost presentable, and five minutes later we pulled up in front of a lovely stone and wood farm house. As we rolled to a stop and were getting out of the truck, the front door opened and two magnificent women came out to greet us. From Rods earlier descriptions I recognized Cathy and Chris and couldn't help smiling at my luck, the opportunity to spend a weekend with these truly luscious females.

"You're late, you guys," said the lighter haired one, the one I knew was Chris, "You almost missed dinner. It's going to be ready in five minutes." And turning to me she said, "You must be the renowned Rocket Scouries, I'm Chris, this is Cathy."

"It's a delight to finally meet you, I've been looking forward to this since Rod told me about you all," I said, and gave each of the girls a kiss on the cheeks.

Looking us over suspiciously, Cathy finally said, "Why do you three all have grass and dirt on your clothes? Clara! Clara, Rod, what did you get up to anyway?"

Mumbling, Rod quickly intervened, saying, "It's a long story Cath, we'll tell you after dinner. We better get cleaned up, c'mon Rocket; I'll show you the way." As we rushed inside leaving Clara to her sisters, he said, "That's one of the problems of living with three women Scouries, you're always outnumbered."

As we rushed inside and started up the stairs I all of a sudden heard a scream of 'Daaaaddy'. Turning I was met by a bizarre and unexpected sight, a small Chinese woman holding two small babies in her arms while another small girl held her onto her skirt and a larger girl ran towards Rod, her arms outstretched. Stunned, I watched as she flew into his arms and was lifted squealing towards the ceiling.

Laughing, I said, "I think you left something out of your story last night Rod."

"I did tell you I had a small surprise."

"Or four surprises," I replied. "Is this all or are there other little surprises crawling around?"

"That's the lot. This lovely young lady is Cathy's first, 5 year old Samantha. Say hello to Uncle Scouries sweetie," he instructed his daughter.

"Hi uncle oury," the little darling said.

"Hi honey," I said, and then looking back towards the babies, saw the three blond sisters enter, all obviously amused by my surprise.

Clara, taking charge, came over to me and taking my arm, pointed to the two babies. "The small one is Brenda, she's only five months old and is Cathy's; Annie is one and is Chrissie's; and this little sweetie is my Judy, she's just turned two, haven't you honey?" she said as her daughter shyly hid herself in the skirt of her nanny.

After quickly washing up and changing my shirt, I joined the family at the table, a table filled with platters of aromatic food. It was just the five adults eating as the children were being attended to by the young Chinese nanny. As I filled my plate from the platters in front of me I watched the three sisters and couldn't help but be zealous of my friend.

Clara had changed to jeans and tank top, a top which accentuated her wide shoulders, her lovely skin and her still high, firm breasts. Chris meanwhile had on a light summer dress in a bright flower pattern, a dress that seemed to dance over her body as she moved, her braless orbs exposed by the décolleté cut. And finally Cathy, who wore a simple white, hippie style skirt topped by an ornate two button blue vest that left her navel and breast tops bare.

At first, as we ate, the conversation was general, covering the weather, our work and local subjects, but quickly I sensed an almost urgent desire on all their parts to talk about their style of life, this subject they never spoke of outside the family. Eventually Clara broke in and asked me, "Scouries, can you talk about your stories, I think we were all stunned to read about normal families doing things like...well, you know."

"Yes," chimed in Cathy, "Incest, it's always described as some dumb back-woods yokel screwing his daughter and three of his cousins. But the stories you wrote, they're about normal people, educated and loving people, people like us."

"I was ashamed," I started, "When I went to the University, the great OSU, and the only girl I had slept with, had made love with, was my sister. I wanted to show people I was normal and I did all the things young men do. Christ Rod, you know. We fucked like mad that year, and I tried every sexual variation known. And yet, when school ended and I returned home, I knew my Sis, my beautiful Annie was the love of my life and my home was always going to be where she was. So just like you guys we've set up a life, a lifestyle that allows us to be who we are."

"Its hard though sometimes, isn't it," Chris said quietly. "I hate it that I can't tell my friends, my coworkers, 'Hey, I'm in love with my brother' when we're discussing our lives with each other."

"Maybe it's easier for me," I told them. "After graduating I returned home and we all decided to move, went from Northern California down to L.A. We had some money, bought a house near the beach, and I told every one we met we were married and living with our daughter and mother-in-law."

"What about Annie's daughter, your niece?"

"Ever since Annie came home with her, Patty's always called me Daddy. We let it go at first and then later, when we knew we were always going to live together, we just let it continue..."

"Will you ever tell her?" whispered Cathy.

"Yeah, but only when she's older, when she'll be better able to handle it, I don't know, understand it? We also have the baby."

"The baby?" Rod almost shouted.

"Yes, Annie and I also have a little one, Monica; she turned eleven months old just last week."

"So you do understand everything we're going through, don't you?" asked Clara. "But how have you been able to meet other families like us, I mean how did you know so quickly about Rod?"

"Remember Clara, my first sexual experience was with my sister. I think ever since then I've been on the lookout for others, looking for the signs. It's funny, when I started looking I found it's not that hard to find. Also I travel a lot, so I'm a little braver approaching people when I'm on the road, knowing I won't have to see them again if I make a mistake. My writing also has got feedback that's led to talks, to frank exchanges of confidences."

"But you sleep with other woman, have other partners?" demanded Chrissie.

"We're both highly sexed, Christ you could say incredibly, highly sexed. We like to experiment...to try different things...other partners. We're open with each other, accept the others desires. It's funny though, now we only like to experiment with people like us, families like us...oh no, don't worry, she'll be happy to hear about you."

"Are you sure she won't mind what we're going to do?" insisted Chris.

"Are you going to do something with me Chris?" I asked innocently.

As Rod and Clara laughed aloud, Chris blushed a crimson red from the tops of her tits to the top of her head, and Cathy grinning wildly, added, "Watch out Mr. Scouries, Chrissie's a wild little slut at heart. I'd lock your bedroom door tonight if I were you."

Clara, chuckling added, "But he does have a beautiful bald prick Chris; I think you're going to enjoy swallowing his smooth shaft." Turning to me she said, "Chrissie loves a big cock in her mouth..."

"How do you know his pricks shaven anyway?" the voices of both other sisters said together, and then the five of us collapsed in laughter, each of us contemplating the escapades ahead.

Later, while we were cleaning the table after the main course, we heard a wail from one of the babies and seconds later Soo showed up with Cathy's baby saying, "Mistress Cathy, baby hungry."

"OK Soo, I'll take her," Cathy answered, and after cradling little Brenda in her arms, undid the two buttons on her vest, baring her breasts completely, and brought the child to her chest, where it quickly hungrily latched on to her right nipple. I watched transfixed, my dessert, a bowl of strawberries, untouched in front of me. Noticing my stare Cathy said smiling, "Are you a breast man Mr. Scouries?"

"You've found my weakness Miss Monroe, there's nothing that turns me on more than a milk laden woman. God, my penis is throbbing just watching those lips on your nipples."

"Maybe after the baby's finished I'll let you have a sip," Cathy promised mischievously.

Holding up my bowl of berries I asked, "How about a little cream for my dessert. There's nothing better than a coating of a mother's milk on fresh strawberries."

Flipping her baby to her other breast, she agreed, saying, "Put it right here,...yes there, just softly move..."

"Don't worry Cathy, I can manage," and then confidently I milked her, my hand caressingly drawing her milk onto my berries. "There, thanks,...oops, there's a drop, I better catch it," I said, and then quickly bent and licked some milk sliding over her full orb and giving her fat nipple a light suck.

"I'm still breastfeeding too Scouries," said Chris, "Maybe we should all have a little milk on our fruit. Even Clara's still helping feed the girls." As I watched both sisters took off their tops, Chris dropping her dress to her waist and Clara just pulling her tank top over her head.

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"I'm in heaven," I said, moving my eyes from girl to girl, watching their full breasts, their engorged aureoles, their stiff nipples. Moving to Chris, my hands cupping her, I said to Rod, "Why don't you see if you can get some cream from Clara, I can feel Chris is full." Soon we were drawing liquid from the two sisters and quickly had enough for all of us.

As I drew the last drop from Chris, she stood and quickly let her dress fall to the floor and then ordered me, "Take off your clothes, I want to see you." When I was naked, I sat and let her straddle me, my rampant penis rising from between our two groins. As we fed each other, slowly putting milky berries in the others mouth; she spread her legs and moved her pussy so that it rested against my hardness. "It's only the second cock I've ever seen," she whispered, one hand snaking down to grab me.

Grasping her ass in my two hands, I lifted her up and then let her direct my throbbing penis into her pussy as I slowly lowered her. "Ohhh yes, oh you're so big, so nice," she moaned as she took my length fully in. I moved my lips to her left nipple as she started to ride me, suckling hungrily. After satisfying my thirst, I lifted Chris and laid her gently back on the table and with her legs hanging I smashed rhythmically into her, each penetration drawing a deep grunt from the beautiful blond.

Looking up I saw Clara on her knees in front of her brother, sucking him as he drank from Cathy's tits. Feeling Chris's body start to spasm, her orgasm ready to explode within her, I lifted her and carried her towards her siblings, lifting and dropping her repeatedly until her juices bathed my spurting organ. I held her, both of us panting, as we watched Clara swallow Rod's suddenly bucking prick, savoring his cum as he came.

After dinner we washed up and then went into the family room where the five of us lounged naked on their L-shaped couch in front of the fire talking. It was fascinating to watch the Monroe's as they interacted together, they had a continual physical interaction between themselves, light caresses and touches accompanying every sentence. I was honored that they so willingly welcomed me in their loving circle.

As we sipped wine Clara proposed that I read them one of my stories, saying they wanted to hear the story from the author's mouth. After handing me a print-out of a story she had downloaded earlier from Literotica, she nestled into my side, and with Chrissie on my other side I started to read. Clara had chosen 'Blanche Captured', a sexy story of a coed captured by an older man and as I read the increasing excitement of the girls was evident as their hands and mouths started to explore my body.

Looking up I saw Rod mounted atop Cathy, slowly fucking her doggy style in rhythm with my voice. Feeling first one Monroe sister's tongue and then a second licking hungrily at my straining penis my voice wavered, and then losing my place, I halted in mid sentence. "Don't stop," begged Cathy between her grunts of sexual satisfaction, "I want to hear the ending."

"I'll read you Chapter 2 tomorrow sweetie, I've got two other things on my mind right now." Rapidly seeking out Clara and Chris's slippery slits, I probed them both with my fingers, eventually stretching them both with three fingers each as they lapped at my groin, the sisters taking turns between my cock and my balls. Finally Chris took me deep into her throat and suctioned great gobs of sperm into her stomach.

As I lay back panting, completely drained by Chris, Clara laughing, said, "I warned you Scouries, Chrissie loves sucking. Well sis, what did you think of big, bald cock anyway?"

"No hair in your teeth, that's for sure," joked Chris, "I think we're going to have to shave our little brother soon." As the three of us sat hugging we watched the final act between Rod and Cathy, their now urgent cries rising in intensity as their orgasms approached.

Finally he finished, his cries of satisfaction echoed by his sister, and as they both shakily stood we could see his thick cream leaking slowly down her inner thigh. Tired and drained, we all went to the large hot tub they had set up behind the house and soaked under the jets, letting the hot water ease our stiffness.

We spent the rest of the night in their king size bed, the five of us touching and kissing and sucking and licking and...

Before falling asleep, Clara, nestled in my arms, mumbled, "And what would Mr. Scouries like to do tomorrow?"

Drowsy, I managed to grin, kissed her nose and then said, "I think I'm going to eat some natural blond pussy tomorrow Clara, they say there's nothing like it." An hour later I awoke to Cathy crawling into the bed next to me. "Feeding again?" I asked.

"Yeah, she's always hungry, sorry I woke you."

"With you to feed me I'd also always be hungry. Listen Cathy, you and I, you know we didn't...I was going to say make love, but we definitely made love in a way... let's say"

"I know what you mean. But we did do quite a lot of things! I decided to save you for tomorrow, I was afraid you were too tired after all the attention you were getting," she said smiling. "What about tomorrow morning? Let's go for a swim when we get up and see where it leads, I think I want you all alone for a while."

Seconds later we were both asleep but when I felt a tap on my shoulder the next morning it seemed I had only been asleep for a few minutes. "Hi, pretty girl, how are you this morning?" I asked.

"C'mon sleepy head, wake up, get your bathing suit, it's beautiful outside."

Jumping out of bed, I took her in my arms and said, "I always skinny dip in the morning, we don't need suits." Hand in hand we stole from the room, not wanting to wake the others, but as we slipped through the kitchen towards the backdoor we ran into the industrious Soo Ying, already hard at work at the stove.

Scurrying to cover ourselves, we fled giggling from the room, my penis flopping as I ran. "God, I hope we didn't offend the poor girl," I gasped.

"I think she's seen worse around the house. We're never exactly sure what she's thinking, what her opinion is of our lifestyle. She does peek at Rod's prick though. A couple of times I've noticed her staring at him when he's been involved with Clara or Chris. But I think she's horny, would you like to fuck her?"

"Are you nuts? I've got three beautiful blonds to satisfy, I don't have time, or energy for another."

"That's what Rod said when I suggested it. You two guys are very similar, you know."

We ran the last few yards to the pond and I followed her, diving eagerly into the cool, refreshing water. We burst through the surface about ten yards apart and after finding the other with our eyes, slowly stroked towards each other, coming together with a kiss. As I stood, the water lapping on me at chest height, she pulled herself up on me and wrapped her legs around my waist.

"I want you in me Scouries," she said, while reaching down to grasp my rearing shaft, and then kissing me deeply, she impaled herself on me in one relaxed movement. Holding the back of her head in one hand I let the other cup her round ass, and placing a finger in her anal hole, used it to guide her movements on my cock.

It was a slow, soft fuck and Cathy came twice before my strings of sperm detonated inside her. As we floated apart I could see small, white strands of my seed carried away on the current, gone, I guessed to feed the small fish lurking nearby.

As we approached the shore, my penis still engorged, her bum swinging in front of me was too much, and I grabbed her around the waist from behind. After pulling her back into me, and letting her feel my eagerness, I slowly forced her to her knees and entered her slippery channel.

With both of us kneeling on the sand and with the water lapping at our legs, I fucked her doggy style, long, hard strokes into her centre, each piston-like penetration drawing a primal groan from the beautiful blond. As her screams echoed over the water and through the clearing I knew the rest of the family wouldn't need an alarm clock this morning.

We collapsed on the sand as the tremors of our union slowly ebbed, two humans hugging each other in contentment and thanks. We finally rose and walked hand-in-hand back to the house and settled down naked around the breakfast table on the patio. Seconds later Soo appeared, and offered, "Would you like coffee, breakfast Miss Cathy, Mr. Scouries?"

"Oh Soo, you don't have to do it. We can get it ourselves," Cathy protested, but Soo insisted and rushed back inside to cook us a full meal. "She got a good look at your penis Scouries, did you see her? You'd be doing the family a real favor if you made love to her."

"Not this weekend Miss Monroe. Maybe if you ever invite me back I'll see what I can do."

"You'll always be welcome back! It's funny, I feel like you're a member of the family already."

"I want you to come and visit me in California, you know; to meet my sister, my girls, my Mom. Annie will love you," I finished, hugging her.

Twenty minutes later the others arrived, yawning and dressed in robes. "God Scouries, what are you two doing up so early. Don't tell me you've been swimming?" Rod said while giving me a clap on the back

"Not just swimming," His sister said coyly, "But we've definitely had our morning exercise."

"Good God Cathy, you're insatiable," blurted Clara grinning, and then after sitting on my lap, added, "And how is Master Scouries this A.M."

Slipping a hand inside her robe and gently cupping a firm breast, I answered, "Couldn't be better Miss Clara. And how are you Rod, ready for a quiet day in the country." And of course it wasn't a quiet day in the country, as the three sisters insisted again and again that Rod and I show just how much we appreciated them.

That evening, as Rod and I managed to escape for a few minutes of fishing before dinner, he said, "You know Rocket, I'm not sure it was a good idea bringing you up here or not. I've had to work harder this weekend than ever before." But then, turning to me he said, "Really, I'm happy you found us. Its nice having another male around, I hope you'll come back...


I'm writing this story in July of 2005, ten years after the events described happened. Cathy and Chris and Clara and Rod all decided they wanted me to write their story, to let the world know of their lifestyle.

They're still living in their small town and spending weekends on their lovely secluded farm. They're all still very in love with each other and are happily raising their family.

I've returned often to their home, and they have all been to California, both alone and as a group. A couple of months after the events described in this story I returned to Bowling Green to install my Library Management System and one weekend I stayed in town with the pretty and inscrutable Soo Ying and made her body sing in joy – but that's another story.

My niece Patty turned 18 last October. Her Mom and I had explained our strange relationship to her when she turned seventeen and after struggling with the new reality, finally accepted it. Last month I took her on a camping trip deep in the back country of Colorado and during that week we consummated a new, full, loving sexual relationship between us.

I've told her about the Monroe's, (she knows them of course from various visits) and she's now eager to for a weekend with Rod and I... but likewise Patty's tale is another story...a story I may write soon...

The end

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