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Really nice legs


John and Georgia came into the room, his arm around her shoulders and hers around his waist, heads together, whispering. She looked so tiny beside him. Georgia was wearing a very short satin kimono with long sleeves. Looking at her now, nobody would ever guess she was a doctor. Very sexy. Really nice legs. She's a beautiful woman. That kimono thing is so short it barely covers her bottom. I bet she isn't wearing anything under it. John was wearing a robe and carrying a little zippered bag. Neither of them even glanced at me. It was as if I were a little fly on the wall. Of course, a fly doesn't usually have a vibrator within handy reach.

Georgia lay down on the couch with her head on a pillow, and John kneeled on the floor beside her. He leaned over and kissed her, and she put her arms up around him, moving her hand over his back and shoulders, holding him close. He started to pull away, but she took some of his hair in her hand to hold his mouth to hers. I could imagine their tongues exploring each other's mouth. As John moved his lips from her mouth to the side of her neck, Georgia sighed and relaxed, her hands resting on either side of her head. It was as if she was saying, 'My body is all yours. Please me, give me pleasure.' She raised her chin and he kissed her throat as his hand moved down to untie the sash on her kimono. Georgia didn't move; just let John do with her as he pleased. She knew that she was going to enjoy whatever he did. As he kissed from her throat down her chest he moved the kimono aside just ahead of his lips. When one of her breasts was exposed, he started kissing it. I could see her nipple rise before he even touched it. When his lips brushed it she sighed again, and the nipple got even bigger. I saw the one that was still covered rising beneath the fabric of her kimono. Then he put his mouth over the swollen nipple, and as he sucked it into his mouth Georgia made a soft sound of pleasure. I know exactly what that feels like, and I sure don't blame her for groaning. I think I do the same thing when he sucks my nipples. It feels wonderful. My own nipples are getting hard just from watching. It would feel good to touch them, but I'll save that for later.

John sucked and licked Georgia's nipples until they were very red, erect, and hard. Then he opened the kimono completely so that only her arms and shoulders were covered. As he kissed downwards, I could see a sweet look on her face that reflected the pleasure she was feeling, and her nipples stood out like little strawberries on the pale skin of her breasts. When his mouth reached her belly button he explored inside it with the tip of his tongue, she giggled a little and luxuriously stretched her arms up over her head. That flattened her breasts and made the nipples stand out even more. He kissed down her flat tummy, and came to the smooth, totally hairless mound. He licked and kissed there and murmured very softly to her. I'm sure he told her how much he likes the smoothness. He always tells me that. When his lips got to the top of her cleft, she bent one knee to expose her inner thigh, and his kisses flowed onto that sensitive area. He kissed down to the knee, then back up along the softness, and as his lips neared her pussy she took a deep breath and made a long sigh. His mouth is getting close to where she wants it, and she's getting a little impatient. I'm the same way when he does that. It's getting harder and harder to keep my hand off my nipples.

Georgia lifted her leg over his head, and John moved the ottoman against the couch so she could put her foot on it. Her knees were spread wide, and I had a perfect view of her pussy for a moment, the inner lips gleaming wetly pink between the pale, smooth outer lips. I hope my pussy looks as inviting as hers when I'm spread like that. Yummy When John moved his mouth to her pussy, I couldn't see what he was doing, but I had a good idea from my own experiences. I was pretty sure that in the next few moments his tongue was parting her lips, and she gasped and whispered something to him. The only word I could make out was 'goooood.' I know exactly what John is feeling and tasting, because I had my own mouth in that same place a couple of hours ago. Moist, a little bit salty, soft, warm. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Then he started licking and sucking her clitoris. Her knees moved even further apart, and she lifted her hips and used her hands in John't hair to get his mouth exactly where she wanted it. I don't think John needs to be shown what she wants, he knows. I like to kind of guide him, too, but he really doesn't need any help. He's an expert pussy kisser. I didn't even know what I liked until he showed me. When Georgia got him just where she wanted, she just lay back and let him make love to her. I knew he was licking her button slowly and teasingly and that she loved it. After a while, her breathing got more rapid and she gripped the pillow on either side of her head. She hissed something between her teeth, but the only thing I understood was, 'cooooommmmme.' John's nodded his head, but his mouth never left her. Georgia pulled her knees up even higher, lifted her hips to press her pussy against John's mouth, gripped two fistfulls of pillow, started breathing like a dog panting, and began her orgasm. I know what Georgia does when she comes, because she had several of them with me this morning. She gave a loud grunt followed by a long, long Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Her normally pale face and neck had turned very red. John seemed intent on what he was doing, and I was sure he was giving her the best climax he possibly could. After he let her come down, she smoothed his hair with her hands as he nuzzled her mound. She murmured, 'Ohhhh, Lover, I needed that.'

John unzipped the little bag and took out a plastic bottle of Lubriderm. He squirted some of the lotion on his finger and slid it into Georgia's vagina. She giggled and said, 'cold.' He slid another finger in alongside the first, moved them around, and it wasn't very long before she was starting to squirm. I wonder if Georgia has a 'spot' inside there like I have. I guess she did and John's finger must have found it, because she was soon making 'Oh ..... Oh .....Oh ..... ' sounds. Then he continued whatever he was doing with his finger and started licking her button. It took just a few seconds of John's finger in her pussy and his tongue on her clitoris for Georgia to start another climax. She squealed as she reached her peak. This one wasn't as hard as the first, but it seemed to last longer. Ohhhh, that is sooooo erotic. I can feel my pussy starting to get wet. Could it be only a week ago that John had to almost force me to say the word 'pussy'?

When she had come down from her orgasm, John whispered something I couldn't hear and Georgia shook her head. It apparently meant that she hadn't had enough, because he licked her button a few times then squirted some lotion on his bird finger. He slid his lubricated finger all the way into her anus, and Georgia obviously liked it because she groaned and hissed, 'Ohhhhhhhh, yesssssssss.' The ring of her anus gripped his finger tightly at first but seemed to relax as she got used to having his finger in there. John slid his pointer finger into her vagina and started moving both fingers in and out. Slowly out until just his fingertips were inside then slowly all the way back in. She smiled in a vacant way and seemed very pleased with what he was doing. He let her drift along that way for a while then slowly increased the speed of his fingers moving in and out of her and started gently licking her clitoris. Wow, she's getting it everywhere at the same time; pussy, anus, and button. I'll bet that makes her go over in a hurry. I sure would if he was doing that to me. After a short while, his fingers and tongue were working rapidly. Georgia was breathing fast, and she was gripping the pillow again when she said urgently, 'John! Oh, John, don't you dare stop now; I'm commmmiiiiiiinnnnggggg!' That last word was pitched very high, and she squealed through her orgasm. It was really erotic to see and hear another woman do that, and I realized that I had both hands up inside my shirt, was cupping my breasts with my palms and was twirling my nipples between my thumbs and fingers. My nipples were swollen and very hard, and what I was doing to them felt really good. I wanted to put one hand down on my clitoris, but I was trying to save that for later. Georgia had a hard climax, and she seemed to fall asleep after she came down. John took some Kleenex from the little bag, gently wiped the lotion off her, put her legs together, and pulled the kimono closed. He kissed her softly on the cheek, stood up, and walked down the hall. I guess he needs to wash his hands, especially his right bird finger.

Georgia opened her eyes, sat up and smiled at me, but when I started to say something she put her finger to her lips to shush me. I guess she doesn't want to break the mood by talking, and I'm sure I'd feel the same way. I've got to remember that I'm only a spectator, a little fly on the wall. I wonder what they're going to do next. I'm sure they aren't finished, probably hardly even started. She got up, picked up the Lubriderm, and sat down on the arm of John's big chair to wait for him. When John came back he sat down and Georgia leaned over to kiss him. John put his arms around her and pulled her down into his lap, and they shared a long, deep kiss. She whispered something, and I guess he agreed with whatever she said, because he smiled and nodded his head.

Georgia slid down off John's lap onto the floor, parted his knees, and kneeled between them. She untied the belt on his robe to reveal Herman, about halfway erect, laying up along John's stomach. There was a little puddle where some slippery stuff had been leaking out, and she leaned over and daintly sucked it up. She milked some more slippery stuff out of his penis and used the tip of her very pink tongue to spread it over her lips. Then Georgia squirted some Lubriderm on her hands, rubbed them together to warm it, and slid her hands up and down John's penis to coat it with the lotion. This caused Herman to grow until he was almost completely erect and more of the clear fluid started to leak from the little slit. Georgia slid her lips and tongue up, down, and around him until he was covered with a combination of Lubriderm, slippery stuff, and saliva. After that, Herman was as big as I'd ever seen him. It's still hard to believe that I can get all that inside me. I sure can, though, and I love every little millimeter of it.

Georgia leaned down a little and started licking the slick fluid down and all over John's scrotum. From the little sounds he made I could tell he really liked that. When Georgia took one of his testicles all the way into her mouth then sucked it in and out, John gasped. She was very gentle with his testicles, and she obviously knew how to handle them to give John maximum pleasure without hurting. She held a testicle sucked into her mouth and went Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and he moaned with pleasure. She did the same thing to the other one, and I could see the slippery stuff flowing out of Herman and down Georgia's fingers as she held him up out of the way. She sure knows what John likes. Well, Georgia's had a lot of practice. I want to remember every special thing she does that really gives him pleasure and try doing that for him the next time I have the opportunity. If I get more experience and learn from what she does, I'm going to be as good as Georgia is at making love to John. Maybe I can even invent something new that he'll really like. I never thought of humming a testicle, but I'm going to try it the next chance I get. I love watching them, but it sure is making me horny!

She let the testicle out of her mouth, milked some more of the slippery stuff out of Herman, and used her tongue and lips to spread it all over, then she looked up at John, slippery stuff dripping off her chin, smacked her lips, grinned, and said, 'Ummm good.' John took a folded hankie out of his robe pocket and wiped Georgia's chin for her. He called her a 'sloppy wench,' and she giggled. He put both hands on her head, pulled her mouth to his penis, and she opened wide to let him guide her mouth down over it. He took his hands off her head, Georgia made an 'O' with her lips around him, and Herman's head and about half the shaft slowly disappeared into her mouth as she lowered her head. John gasped with pleasure as he watched his penis slide between her lips.

Georgia started with just Herman's tip between her lips and then lowered her head until she had about half of him in her mouth. She started doing this slowly and rhythmically, just the way John had taught me to do it. I could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked on the upstroke. After about a dozen of those slow, sucking strokes John whispered to her that he was going to come if she kept that up. Georgia took Herman out of her mouth and blew on his dark purple head as if she was trying to cool him off. She milked him with her hand again, and a gob of whitish semen oozed out of the little slit. It was so thick that it just sat there on top of Herman. Georgia lowered her open mouth, made an 'O' with her lips just below Herman's head, and slowly pulled back to take the sticky semen into her mouth with a loud slurp. Then she looked up at John and loudly swished it back and forth between her teeth and opened her mouth to show John strings of the gooey come hanging between her upper and lower front teeth. Then she swished it a few more times and swallowed everything with an exaggerated gung. Georgia giggled and John laughed and called her a 'lewd cocksucker.' Georgia said, 'Thank you for the compliment, dear, and you know you love me being sloppy and lewd when I'm sucking your cock.' John agreed that he liked it that way, the sloppier the better, and they both laughed. They take their lovemaking very seriously, but they also have a really good time together. They seem to be totally in tune, know just what the other likes, and do just the right things to give each other pleasure. I guess only couples who have made love a lot get that way. I'm sure that loving each other the way they do is pretty important, too.

I guess Herman had cooled off enough, because Georgia went back to sucking him in and out of her mouth. After a few strokes, she pulled her mouth away long enough to look up at him and smile. A thick rope of come hung between Herman's tip and her lower lip. Then she slid her mouth down over him and slowly, slowly, slowly lowered her head. This time she didn't stop with about half of him, though. She kept going and going until she had the whole thing in her mouth. Georgia's lips were where Herman joined John's body, her nose was buried in his pubic hair, and her chin was resting on his testicles! My God, she's swallowed the WHOLE THING! She has Herman all the way down her throat! How can she do that? Why isn't she choking or gagging? Georgia kept the entire length of John's penis in her mouth, and made mfff' sounds and swallowing motions with her throat. Then, with her nose still buried in John's pubic hair, Georgia opened her mouth even wider, stuck out her tongue, and started licking his drawn up testicles. John gave a groan like he usually did when he was about to have a climax, and I thought he was going to come right down Georgia's throat. Then he grabbed a handful of Georgia's hair and jerked her head back until Herman came out of her mouth with a wet sucking sound. He seemed to be bigger and harder than I had ever seen him, and he flopped back towards John's stomach, quivering, throbbing, and jerking. John said, 'Jesus Christ, Georgia, about one more second of that and I would have come.' She smiled up at him and used the hankie to wipe off her chin and around her mouth.

Georgia reached into the little gym bag and came out with a small tube of some kind of ointment. She squeezed some of the stuff out of the tube onto Herman's hard, swollen head and rubbed it into the tightly stretched skin with her fingers. What the heck is that stuff? John always puts the lubrication inside me, so I don't think it's for that. Besides, he already put some Lubriderm in Georgia's pussy. Then she wiped the excess ointment off her fingers with the hankie and tossed it and the little tube back into the bag. She sort of crawled up into John's lap, being very careful not to sit on Herman. They put their arms around each other and had a long, deep kiss. They kissed for a while and whispered into each other's ear in between, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. John lifted Georgia onto her feet in front of him, and he kissed her tummy and breasts while he slid her short kimono off her shoulders. He sucked her nipples until they were red and swollen, then he slid off the chair onto his knees. Georgia was standing with her legs together, but John slid the tip of his tongue into the top of her hairless cleft and worked it in and out. From her reaction, I knew his tongue had found her clitoris. He licked her button for a little while then pulled her down so they were kneeling, face to face. As they kissed, Georgia pulled John's robe off his shoulders and down off his arms to that they were both naked. After the kiss she whispered something in his ear, crawled over to the comforter by the fire, and lay down on her back. Her nipples were swollen and hard, and they stuck up from her pale breasts, still wet with John's saliva. John slid over to her, pulling the little bag along, then he lay down beside her. Georgia eagerly turned to face him, John took her into his arms. He adjusted the pillow so they were perfectly face to face, their mouths hotly together, in each other's arms, and their legs slid together until they were intertwined. Oh, God, I would give anything to be in Georgia's place right now. I know just what that feels like and I love it. What they've been doing to each other for the last half hour has been foreplay, and I think watching them has gotten me as ready as they are. The crotch of my shorts is getting wet, and it feels like my pussy is absolutely gushing. It's gotten to a point where playing with my nipples just isn't enough. I just have to get out of ............. these .............. shorts. There. It's a good thing this chair is leather and can be wiped clean. The way my pussy is flowing I'd probably leave a big wet spot if the upholstery was cloth. Well, since all I'm wearing now is a tee shirt, I might as well get rid of that too. ......... that's better. It's strange how I'm not embarrassed about being in my birthday suit with John and Georgia. Of course they've both seen me naked before, and they're naked too. Besides, I'm not really naked, I have my sox on. I'm sure they've forgotten that I'm even here. They're so engrossed in each other and their lovemaking that I don't think they would notice if I fired a gun into the ceiling. Ohhhhh, my button is calling to me that it wants attention, and it's all I can do to leave it alone. I bet it's really wet and slippery, and it would feel wonderful to stroke it with my finger. I want to wait, though, and save that for when Georgia and John really get into their lovemaking. Then I just know I won't be able to leave my clitoris alone. Welllll ...... maybe just a few light little strokes with my finger ........................ Ohhh, it really is wet and slippery ...................... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....................

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In between kisses Georgia murmured something, but all I caught was, '....................... in me ............... ..... any longer, lover.' John turned her onto her back and kneeled between her parted legs, Herman was completely erect and sticking straight out with a thick rope of slippery stuff hanging from his tip. 'Oh, Lover, fuck me,' Georgia said. 'It's been sooooooo looooooong.' John leaned forward onto his hands, and she reached down between them to take his throbbing penis in her hand. He lowered himself, and she slid Herman's tip up and down between the lips of her pussy to part them. Then she put the tip right at the entrance to her vagina and lifted her legs wide and her knees high. John gave a little push and the head of his penis entered her, then he sort of teased her by pulling back a little, then pushing a little more back in, pulling back, pushing in, each time very slowly getting just a tiny bit more of Herman into her. Georgia wanted him completely in her pussy, but John was teasing her by giving her just a little at a time. The pale skin of her face, neck, shoulders, and upper chest was getting redder and redder, and I was pretty sure that meant Georgia was about to have an orgasm. She was sort of whimpering, 'Ah ..... ah ......... ah ........ah ...........' John pulled Herman almost all the way out, waited a second, then slammed it into her just as hard and deep as he possibly could. Then he started pounding the full length of that big, hard penis into her just as fast and roughly as he could, his testicles slapping against her bottom every time he rammed into her. As I watched in fascination, Georgia plunged headlong into a climax. And was it ever a climax! Her face and shoulders turned beet red, she gripped John's upper arms so tightly that her knuckles were white and I could see her nails digging into him, cords stood out on her neck, her toes tried to curl under like she was having a cramp, he eyes were tightly shut, and she shrieked through clenched teeth. Then she opened her mouth and went, 'Ung ..... ung ..... ung .......' every time John rammed into her. Georgia gave a high squeal as she reached the peak of her climax and a long moan as she came down from it. The redness started to fade from her neck and shoulders, and she stretched luxuriously with her arms over her head and went 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.' I could see little half moon dents in John's arms where she had gouged him with her fingernails. I had been so completely engrossed in Georgia's climax that, when my mind returned to reality, I found myself stroking my button hard and fast, and I was not far from having an orgasm of my own. I slowed down, let myself back off from the brink of coming, and continued to rub my clitoris just enough to keep myself excited and tingling.
John obviously hadn't had a climax, and he kept stroking Herman slowly in and out of Georgia's pussy while she recovered. She smiled up at him and said, 'Ohhhhhhh, lover, I wish I could tell you how much I needed that.' John asked if she'd had enough, and she shook her head and giggled, 'Noooo, sweetheart, you know what I'm like when we've been apart for a while. I've done without you for over a week, and I'm just getting started. I hope you've been taking your vitamins, dear. Let me up, I want to get on top for a while.'
John pulled Herman out of her, rolled over on his back, and Georgia straddled him. She used her hand to guide the tip of his penis to her entrance and slowly lowered herself until she had Herman's full length inside her. Her eyes were closed and she had a little smile of pure pleasure. She was sitting on him, then she started moving her hips around in circles. I could imagine what that was causing Herman to do inside her vagina. John reached up, cupped a breast in each hand, and started rubbing her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. Georgia's opened her eyes, but she was sort of staring off into space. John just lay there and let her move to please herself. From his reactions, what she did was pleasing him, too. A lot.
After a while, Georgia leaned forward, John put his arms around her, and they kissed. Then she whispered something in his ear. It wasn't hard to figure out what she wanted, because John reached his hand around behind her and started rubbing her anus with his fingertip. Then he lubricated his finger with some of the juices that were collecting around the base of his penis and slid the whole length of his finger into her ass. They were still kissing, and he started sliding Herman steadily in and out of her pussy. Georgia started humming, and I could see her neck and shoulders redden. After a little while, John held his penis buried in her and started moving his finger in and out of her anus. She sure seemed to like that. He continued this for several minutes, penis buried and finger going in and out. Georgia whispered something into his ear, and he started moving Herman into her pussy when his finger slid out of her ass, and out when his finger went in. She really loved that, because her neck and shoulders got very red again, and I could hear her mutter, 'Faster, lover, faster.' John started sliding his finger and penis in and out more quickly, and I could see her excitement increase as he went faster and faster. It was very exciting to watch her heading for an orgasm, and the finger I was using to stroke my button was getting harder to control. It felt so good that I stopped trying to keep it from making me come. She's about to have a climax, and there's no way I can keep from having one right along with her. I want to try and stroke my button just right so I can come when she does. Ohhhhhhhhhh, that feels sooooooo goooooood ............... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
It sure didn't take Georgia long to get there. As the pace of John's finger and penis increased until he was pounding into her, she started moving her hips in rhythm with the strokes. That was making her clitoris slide back and forth on Herman's base, adding to her excitement. When Georgia started working up to her peak, cords were standing out on her neck as she strained towards her orgasm, and she started making a growling noise. Then she started going, 'Ung ..... Ung ..... Ung .........,' every time Herman thrust into her. By that time I had scooted down in the chair so my bottom was almost at the edge, had my heels clear up on the chair, and my knees were spread as wide as they would go. As John fucked and fingered Georgia to her climax, my finger was almost flying over my clitoris, and I was squeezing, twirling and pulling a nipple with the other hand. When she reached her peak and her climax really hit, Georgia bit down hard on a mouthful of the pillow and screamed into it. I had timed my own come just right and reached my peak right along with her. As John's penis and finger went in and out of her as fast as he could do it, she continued to come and scream into her pillow. I guess I must have yelled too, because John turned his head to look at me. When he saw what I was doing he gave me a smile. It was hard to keep my eyes open during my orgasm, but I didn't want to miss seeing Georgia come and I loved the look and smile I got from John. My climax was short and hard hard HARD. I think Georgia's was hard, too, and I know it lasted a long time. Every time she comes, it gets more intense. I wonder how far she can go. When I had come down from my orgasm and was getting that nice warm, sleepy feeling, Georgia was just starting down from her peak. She pulled the corner of the pillow out of her mouth and went, 'Oh ..... oh ..... Oh ......,' as John pulled his finger out and slowed the strokes of his penis. Herman still appeared to be as big as ever and hard as a rock, so I knew John hadn't come. His testicles were still sort of hanging, not drawn up like when he's close to a climax. I wonder how long John can keep this up without coming.
Georgia's breathing finally slowed to normal, and she put her hands on John's chest and raised herself up and looked down at him. She smiled, shook her head as if trying to clear it, and said, 'Wowieeee! Yummmmiie! Ummmmmmmm! Before you ask, dear, no, I haven't had enough. I would like some nice slow lovemaking now.' She straightened up, pulled one leg forward and over John, and he held her to help her down onto her back. He was on his side holding her leg up, and his penis was still buried in her pussy. They did all that changing of position, and Herman never left her pussy. How did they do that? It was so smooth and graceful that it looked almost like a ballet. I guess it's all the experience they've had together. I love the position they're in now. It's great for slow, gentle lovemaking. Not good for kissing, though.
Georgia lay back with her eyes closed, and John started slowly sliding his big, warm Herman in and out of her. They stayed that way for a long time, just occasional whispers between them that I couldn't hear. Georgia was getting the slow lovemaking she had asked for, and I started sliding my finger in and out of my vagina in time with their rhythm. That wasn't as exciting as rubbing my button, but it felt wonderful, just right. After what must have been ten or fifteen minutes, John put a finger in Georgia's mouth to moisten it and then made little circles around her nipple with his fingertip. He did the same for the other nipple, and they both became swollen and red. When he started brushing her nipples with his fingers, Georgia sighed and put her hand on her tummy. She reached over to moisten her finger in Johns mouth, then she parted her legs a little more, moved her hand down to her smooth mound, and slid her middle finger into her cleft. I had been watching this so intently that I hardly realized that I'd inserted a second finger and was sliding them both in and out of my pussy.
Georgia started stroking her clitoris with her finger, and John continued to slip his penis slowly and steadily in and out of her while his fingers brushed her nipples. They both continued this for several minutes, slowly and gently. Georgia's face and chest started getting red, but she never said anything or moved anything but her finger on her button, slowly and steadily rubbing while John gently fucked her. Without any sounds or preliminaries she took a deep breath and let it out in a long slow sigh, and I knew she'd had an orgasm. She stretched both arms over her head, smiled over at John, and said, 'Ohhhhhhhhhh, lover, that was dreamy and nice.'
John pulled his penis out of Georgia and straddled her. Herman must have gotten really excited inside Georgia because he was hugely swollen, and his head was a dark purple. He stuck out from John at an up angle, throbbing and jerking up and down, glistening with a coating of semen and juices from Georgia's pussy. Georgia looked Herman right in his little eye as a thick dribble of come emerged and slowly dripped down towards her chest. She giggled, licked her lips, and made a smacking sound with her mouth. John lowered himself onto his hands, and put his penis right between Georgia's breasts. She took Herman in her hand and used his tip to spread the juices around her nipples, then she milked him until a little pool of slippery stuff formed between her breasts. She placed him between her breasts and held them together with her hands, making a nice warm, moist nest for Herman. John slid his penis in the slippery valley between Georgia's smooth breasts, and he soon started breathing like he does just before he comes. I guess he didn't want to come, though, because he pulled Herman away and held him, straining and jerking, above Georgia's face. She watched a thick drool of white semen drip from Herman's little slit onto her forehead. John reached down, bunched up the pillow to raise her head, and rubbed his dripping, wet penis all over her face. She seemed to like it and licked and sucked when Herman slid over her mouth. Georgia said, 'Ummmmmmmm,' and opened her mouth wide. John must have cooled off a little from when he was about to come, because he slid his penis between her waiting lips. Georgia sealed her lips in an 'O' around Herman, sucked her cheeks in, and John started moving him in and out, fucking her mouth. He told her that her mouth felt wonderful. After a few strokes he suddenly pulled his penis out of her mouth. She was still sucking, so there was a loud, wet plop when it came out. John groaned, Herman jerked up violently, and a thick stream of semen shot out of his little slit. I guess Georgia didn't want to get it in her eyes, because she shut them tight. I kept mine open, though, and it was about the sexiest thing I had ever seen. The front of that first gusher landed in her hair above her forehead, and the rest left a thick whitish line down beside her right eye, cheek, and the last of it hit on the side of her neck. She opened her eyes to see Herman jerk again, and the second spurt went all over the left side of her face. John said, 'Open wide, baby,' but she wasn't fast enough, and I watched a third gusher hit her lips and run down her cheek and chin. He stopped the powerful spurting then, but quite a bit dribbled out of the little slit into Georgia's open mouth. She reached her hand up to milk the last of the thick, white come into her mouth, then she raised her head and sucked the head clean. She swished the semen between her teeth a few times, swallowed it with an exaggerated 'gung,' smacked her lips loudly, and said, 'Ummmmmmmm, good. Thank you, lover.' She couldn't say any more, because John lowered a slightly shrunken Herman into her mouth. With her mouth full of penis, Georgia sucked in her cheeks and used her hand to milk another nice spoonful out of him. She let some of the semen dribble out of the corners of her mouth. That's just being lewd. John likes that, and I guess Georgia does, too. Huh, I do too.
My God, he was full! How did he do that? There was so much semen, it was like he hadn't come in a week. He's come a lot in the last week, though, and I mean A LOT. I should know, because he ejaculated in my pussy, in my mouth, in my hair, and mainly all over me. Lots of times, several times a day, and it seems like I must have gotten gallons if it! I wouldn't think there would be anything left in him. I guess he makes a lot of it. I think the more sex he has, the harder his semen factory works. I wonder if it has something to do with the ointment Georgia rubbed on his penis. I think I'm getting a semen obsession or something. Ohhhhhhhh, that was so exciting to watch! Mmmmmm, my fingers feel wonderful in my pussy.
I realized that I had been thrusting my two fingers into my pussy just as fast as I could while I watched Georgia and John make love, and I wasn't far from coming. All it would have taken was to add a finger on my button with my other hand. I decided that I couldn't wait any longer, and that I wanted to have my orgasm, now that John and Georgia were through. I had just started stroking my clitoris with a finger of my right hand while fingering my vagina with two fingers of my left when I stopped in surprise. Herman had grown again in Georgia's mouth, and when John pulled him out he was hard as a board and as big as he had been before John ejaculated. Georgia looked up at him, smiled, raised her head, and let about a tablespoonful of semen flow from her mouth into her cupped hand. To my amazement, she smeared it into the hair on top of her head. Then she used her fingers to scoop up the come on her face and neck and ran her gooey fingers through her short blonde hair like the semen was some kind of gel or mousse! By the time she was finished, she had most of the semen off her face and her hair was full of it. She looked into John's eyes as she licked and sucked her fingers clean with loud noises. Then she giggled, and John laughed. How did he do that? He just had a climax and Herman's already hard again. The stuff in the little tube that Georgia rubbed on Herman must be like some sort of magic potion. Well, if they aren't through, I'm not going to make myself come yet. It would sure feel good, but I want to try to have mine when they have theirs. The way John's going, though, he might not come for another hour. I hope not, though, he would be too sore for ..................... later. I guess I could have a climax now and another one when they come. No, I'll wait. Besides, even not coming feels pretty great when I'm playing with myself. Especially when I get to watch them making love. It's sure a lot better than those old porno movies of Dad's. This is live, and they're wonderful together. She is sooooooo sexy! Well, he is too. I wonder why I'm not jealous. I guess it's partly because I love them both. Also, I'm a spectator this time, a little fly on the wall, but my turn will come, and so will I! That thought made me giggle, but they were too engrossed in each other to notice. Her hair is sure a mess, but she's still beautiful.
John moved to kneel beside Georgia, and she looked up and whispered something to him. I couldn't hear what she said, but he smiled and nodded. Herman was sticking straight out and jerking up and down. Georgia sat up, gave the head of her favorite penis a little suck, and got on her hands and knees. She lowered her head and shoulders down until her breasts were on the comforter and her elbows out to the sides, her bottom sticking up. I guess this movement forced the air out of her pussy, because there was an awful noise. That made her laugh, and every laugh caused more air to come out, so there was a series of wet farting noises. John laughed and said, 'Georgia, you're a lewd, noisy bitch.' She laughed and that caused more of those rude noises. I giggled, but they didn't notice.
John crawled behind her and knelt between her legs. While he was doing that, Georgia turned her head to the side and rested her cheek on the comforter. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and smiled. I thought she had forgotten I was even here. I guess not. I think she's a little bit aware of my being here all the time. She hasn't been acting, though. She's been totally engrossed in her pleasure and giving it to John in return. I think she just remembered about me. I pulled my two wet fingers out of my pussy and sucked them, then I pulled them out of my mouth and smiled while I resinseted them deep into my vagina. Georgia isn't the only woman around here who can be lewd. She smiled again then closed her eyes, her attention again totally on her pleasure. I picked up the vibrator, put it in my mouth to moistened it, and started sliding the tip up and down between the lips of my pussy. I'm not going to turn it on. Yet.
John took his penis in his hand and guided his tip to Georgia's entrance, then he pushed just the head into her vagina. He put his hands on her hips and gently pulled her back to him, and that slid the whole length of Herman into her. They both went, 'Mmmmmmmmmm'. John pulled his penis almost all the way out then slowly slid it back in. He started a slow in and out motion, all the way out and back in until it was buried in her. He gradually started going faster, and she started pushing back towards him when he shoved in. John put his hands on her hips and started guiding her backwards to him as he pushed forward into her. This gradually got more forceful until he was really slamming into her. He would thrust himself forward and yank her back at the same time. That drove his penis hard and deep into her and it made a slap when their bodies came together. Every time his front slammed into her bottom, a shock wave would travel over her firm buns. John's chest and shoulders were glistening with sweat, and Georgia's shoulders and neck started getting red. I know what that means, she's about to come. I bet this is really going to be a big one. Sure enough, she yelled, 'Oh, God. Give it to me, John. Haaaarrrrrrrrddd!! Oh, fuuuuuuuuuckk meeeeeeeeee!' John used his hands on her hips to lift her so that only her face and arms were touching the floor. He held her back end up off the floor and slammed his penis into her and held it there. Georgia shrieked, and John asked if he had hurt her. She said in a very low voice, almost a growl, 'Oh, Jesus, that hurt. Oh, that hurt ..... hurt' Then she almost screamed, 'HURT MEEEEEEE ................. Oh, John, give it to me HARD ......... HUUUUUURRRRRT MEEEEEEEE ........ .......... OH, GOD, I'M COOOOOOOMIIIIIIIIIIIING!' John pulled his penis almost all the way out, paused a moment, then thrust violently as he jerked her backwards to meet him. There was a loud smack as their bodies collided, and I could imagine that big, iron hard penis tearing into Georgia's soft pussy. Boy, did that ever set her off! She let out a long, loud shriek, and John started slamming into her as fast and hard as he could. Smack ..... Smack ..... Smack ...... Her cheek was pressed into the comforter, facing me, and the expression on her face would have made me think she was being tortured, but I knew that was anything but torture. I pushed the vibrator all the way into my vagina and worked it around in there, but I didn't turn it on. Georgia grunted and wailed through a long, long, hard, hard climax with John pounding into her as hard and fast as he could. She finally came down and seemed to go limp. The redness on her skin faded, and she softly moaned, 'Ohhhhhhhh.' Wow! That was really a huge orgasm. Her climaxes keep getting bigger, but I don't think she can beat that one.

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