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Rags to Riches


Rags to Riches.

Hi Readers, this is me Rupesh, a final year Medical Student of KMC Mangalore. This story what I am penning down for you is true and it happened last year. To talk about me. I can say that I am quit a man, a six footer with an athletic body, broad shoulders, pronounced chest, tough thighs and reasonably good looks. I love girls but have never had a girl friend. I hail from a very rich family but is now left with only my elder sister as my parents passed away a few years leaving the two of us all their countless wealth. My only sister, Reema, lived with her husband in the U.K and visited me once or twice in a time frame of may be 3 to 5 years. We had a huge 6 bedroom Bungalow on the out skirts of Mangalore, close to the border of Kerala State and this is where I lived alone with only a part time care taker/cook who visited against calls and a watchman who came during night times to keep watch on the Bungalow and its premises. Driving up and down to college was fun as I loved my, completely altered 4 X 4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Guys & Gals living in Mangalore would have definitely seen this car cursing along the city with blasted rock music.

Now! Let us be honest and true. Good looking girls/ladies of different age groups and classes have always been a weakness to me, I fascinated on them and I truly appreciated and admired them, I loved sex and have always been curious to know all about sex but being of the shy kind I never ever had the guts to approach women. I believed in Sex and I believed that sex was something divine. I desperately wanted to make love to a woman but it was so far never, ever possible. May be it’s just that I dint try or may be I dint know how to go about it. There are girls who have liked me and have wanted to have an affair with me but that too never succeeded because I failed to convey my likings to them. I’ve seen women naked in movies and magazines but not in reality, I wanted to and it never happened until that very special day I still consider my very lucky day. The house I live, I considered is a blessing, it was nice for once you are in there, there is no one there to disturb or even crawl in to take a peek. It stood isolated from the rest of the city and the other houses around with its acres of surrounding land and its large compound walls. It was almost a half a kilometer drive from the main gate to the Bungalow so you can imagine the kind of privacy I enjoyed. I often had my friends coming over to spend a couple of days with me and sometimes we get so wild after drinks that we even end up screaming and shouting in the house without the fear of being watched or disturbing others.

Well! Let us now get to the story. I had finished early at college that very special day, it was a Saturday and I was in the city to pick up some stuff for myself. I had not much of plans for the day so decided to just go around the town and while away my time. Walking down the street I came across an old friend of mine and as we wished each other and shook hands my eyes caught sight of a young lady walking towards us. She was all in rags, she looked shabby and dirty, she was in a calf length pleated skirt and a top which exposed a part of her flat belly. She carried a dirty old bag which looked more like a sac and she was extending her hands to people who passed by her. I knew she was a gypsy woman in town begging to make a living and soon turned away talking to my friend. I tried to ignore her presence and forget about her existence but somehow couldn’t resist taking a second glance. I tried to concentrate else where but soon realized that I could not take my eyes of her as she looked some how special to me. Through the corner of my eyes I watched her as she approached us and soon noticed that she had a perfect body and a very attractive face. She looked young, may be just around 18 to 19. Her body looked perfect with adorable assets. She was around 5’7” tall and let’s guess her measurements to be somewhere around 34D/28/36. She had a gorgeous face but was all dirty and shabby, she looked like she had not taken a back since many months She had long dark blackish, brow hair which looked all knotted and blown off. My eyes remained locked on her and as she reached us and extend her hand begging for help. I don’t know why but I grabbed my wallet and instantly handed her a 100/- Rs. Bill. She smiled at me bowing her head and as she left us my friend immediately slapped my shoulders and said “are you nuts Rupesh? You just gave her a 100/-. I shrugged and softly said “its ok buddy, she looked poor and I thought she deserved it. We talked for a while and soon shook hands with my friend promising to catch up soon and as he left I turned around and quickly followed the young lady. I dint know what I was doing but I started to notice her from every angle and I soon decided she was one young girl with a perfect body. Strong, athletic and sexy. She had a face of an angel and I guessed to myself that she would be one hell of a performer on bed. Well! I told myself that she will need a whole lot of cleaning up. I thought about it but soon decided that, that would be something I would love to do for her. I followed her for at least an hour or so until she walked into a small restaurant and sat ordering food. I thought I will walk in too but quickly decided no for that would make things obvious.

I got back to my car and as I drove back home, I wondered about her, her looks, her body and what not, I wondered about everything I could do to her. I wondered if she was married, if she was a virgin and about where she camped, I wondered if I would ever get to see her again. I dint know the time pass by until I reached the gate of my Bungalow. That evening I sat quietly at my house bar and as I nursed through my glass of chilled beer, my thoughts once again ran over the gypsy girl and soon decided I should have her for reasons I never knew. Having an early dinner I crashed out on my bed but couldn’t catch sleep until late as I kept constantly thinking of this strange gypsy girl. I tried to guess her name and I tried to guess where she must have come from, I tried to guess a lot about her but some where down the line I fell a sleep

Being a Sunday morning I woke up at around 9am in the morning and as I lay down on the bed feeling lazy, my thoughts rushed back to this unknown gypsy woman. Her body and her looks kept haunting me and I sprang out to the bed, had a quick bath and as I sipped on my cup of coffee, I thought of a plan to succeed in her. Many thoughts came up my mind and vanished until one plan stayed and played along. Yes! I said to myself, I am going to do it; I am going to kidnap this girl no matter what happens. Well! Here’s my plan. The plan was to dress up more or less like a police man drive through the city, trace this girl, follow her close and once she is in an almost deserted area, pretend to be a cop and pull her into the car in pretence of arresting her and drive her away to my Bungalow . It all sounded easy but fear crept through me all the while as I planed things in detailed. I hoped and I prayed that things will work out well and went through my wardrobe searching for cloths to dress up like a cop. After quiet a search I found an old pare of kaki pants and a white shirt and quickly pulled them on. The pants were rather tight for me but it looked like the ones Indian cops normally wore, I pulled on a pair of brown shoes and as I turned on to the mirror to watch my reflection, I stood shocked as I looked very much like a cop. I always had my hair cut the army way so there was no need for a hair cut or a hat. I picked up a small bottle of chloroform from my home lab and tucked it into my pocket, I sat down at my lap top, quickly printed a label “POLICE”. Well I thought I might need it just in case there was a crowd on the street. I imagined if my plans would work or if it would end me up in trouble and soon left home hoping for the best to happen.

I must have driven around the city for over two hours; the city looked literarily empty being a Sunday morning. I kept going round and round the same streets but there was no where I could see the gypsy girl. I lost hopes and soon started to feel disturbed so I quietly jumped into a bar for a chilled beer. I felt unhappy but as I sat there drinking my thoughts once again ran all over the city wondering where she could possibly be and if I would ever see her again. I had my doubts because they are gypsies and are wag abounds. After having a couple of bottles of beer I got out into the streets and into my car and decided I will give it one last try. I had not much of hopes but to my surprise as I took a turn at the corner of the street I was shocked to see the young gypsy girl, the one I was looking for walking towards me from the far end of the street. She was dressed in the same old dress and was carrying the same old dirty old sac. The street was almost empty with most of the shops closed and only a few people scattered here and there. I told myself that luck was on my side and quickly pulled my car to a stop. I waited patently for her to arrive close to my car and as she did and extended her hands with a smile recognizing me from what I gave her the previous day. I Held her by her wrist, I told her begging was strictly not allowed and she was under arrest. She tried to run away but I soon snatched her once again by her wrist and commanded her to get into the rear seat. She screamed and she begged me to let go of her, People started to gather around us wondering what was going on but I quickly demanded her, caught her by her hands and her shoulder and pushed her into the back seat of the car and drove away never looking back. The young lady kept yelling and crying aloud calling for help but I slapped her tight on her face and drove away into one of the near by deserted street. Reaching an isolated area I pulled my car to a halt, quickly jumped out of the car and pulled out the small bottle of chloroform and a handkerchief, poured the chloroform on to the handkerchief and quickly slapped the handkerchief on to her tender face covering her nostrils. She struggled for a few seconds but quickly went silent and fell a sleep. I positioned her comfortably on the rear seat and soon drove away, out on to the highway and into my Bungalow. It was around 1.30 Pm. Mid afternoon when we reached home and there was no one around. I quickly parked my car in the covered car park, pulled down the shutters and quietly dragged the young girl out of the car and into the Bungalow holding her by her arms.

There was silence all around. My heart was pounding with fear. I wondered what would have happened if I was caught in the act, I wondered if any one would have noticed the number plate of my car and reported to the cops, I wondered if any one would have followed me. Fear took a toll of me but I soon relaxed pouring myself a hard shot of vodka. I sat on the rocking chair besides the girl and as my heart galloped I watched her lying on the floor unconscious. She looked gorgeous but dirty and worn out. God! I said to myself…she deserves a real clean up; she is so beautiful but look at her state. Her body was coated with dirt and dust and her cloths smelled of age, dirt and dampness. I needed to find a way to clean her up and I knew she is goanna be a sleep for at least an hour or so but that would not be enough. I knew she is never goanna to let me touch her. I knew I will need more time to get her clean and fresh so I thought of my medical expertise and soon rushed into my home lab and picked up a syringe and a bottle of anesthesia. I knew jabbing some of the fluid into her would put her to deep sleep for at least 4 to 6 hours and that would be ample time for me to do what ever I wanted to do to her. I sat there by her side admiring every curve of her perfectly shaped body and the beautiful features of her face. I poured myself a couple of drinks and when I started to feel relaxed I walked into the huge master bathroom, set up a long bench and a couple of stools, one with bathing accessories like Soap, Shampoo, Scrubs Etc, Etc. and the other for me to sit. I started to feel excited thinking of undressing her and soon adjusted my cock which was already hard and erect imagining about her lying in front of me naked.

As the drinks got through me making me feel comfortably high I rushed to my bedroom and changed into a shorts and a t-shirt, I went into my sisters bedroom and quickly checked through the wardrobe in search of some clean cloths she had left behind and soon walked back to the hall to find my Gypsy Girl still a sleep. Leaving the clean dresses on the hanger in the bathroom I rushed back to the girl on the floor and quietly knelt down besides her. The strong dirty odor from her body and her stained cloths ran through my nostrils making me feel intoxicated and dizzy, it was terrible but I dint care. I started to be impatient to see her naked body and soon wore a pare of medical gloves on each hand and pushed my left hands down under her back, my right hand under her knees and quietly carried her to the bathroom and set her lying on her back on the bench. I stood besides her and looked at her lying motionless, I wondered where to start and quietly sat besides her pulling the stool as close as possible. God! She looked dirty but I was not going to give a shit about it as my imaginations ran wild wanting me to see what was in store underneath those rags she was wearing. I reached my fingers up her breasts and slowly undid the top button of her blouse and my cock immediately started to feel stiff and hard again. One by one I undid her buttons, I closed my eyes as I did the last button and pushed the dirty fabric on either sides of her body. I desperately opened my eyes and sat there shocked, simply shocked and amazed to see one of the most beautiful pare of breasts I’ve ever seen in my life, right there in front of my eyes wrapped up in a brazier, may be three to four years old, dirty and worn out. I dint have patience to undo the hooks of her brazier so I quickly grabbed my little scissors from the shaving kit and cut the straps of pulling the dirty bra off her beautiful body. I threw the old braziers on the floor below and sat there blanks. God! What an amazing pair of breasts she had. They were firm and round, her nipples looked small, soft and untouched. The cups of her beautiful big, round and firm breasts floated over her chest facing the ceiling, her dark brown nipples in the centre of her almost dark brown areolas faced the ceiling and shone in the reflection of the lights above. Her breasts looked as though they have never ever been manhandled. My hard on was at its peak, my mouth watered and I felt like grabbing her breasts and sucking them up but I said no to myself, there was a lot that I needed to do. Her breasts looked fare and I knew she would be a fare and lovely girl once cleaned and washed up.

My next move was to get her dirty Gipsy skirt off her body. The excitement in me started to get wild. I couldn’t believe my luck and I soon reached for the lace of her skirt. I pulled them loose and started to gently pull her skirt down her waist, her hips, her thighs, her legs and out her feat. I feasted my hungry eyes looking at the young girl lying in front of my naked eyes. Her thighs looked as though they were carved out of molten butter, soft and full of healthy flesh. The tan colour of her silky thighs sent shivers up my spine; I felt like feeling them but thought it was too early. Her panties looked old and dirty and I wondered how she would look completely naked. Using the scissors I cut open her panties and slowly glanced at her most private part covered with hair. The hair over her pubic bone and all around her pussy looked as though they have never been shaved; it looked like a forest hiding her most valuable asset. This girl whom I just saw yesterday was lying here in front of me naked in my own house and I just couldn’t believe myself. I thanked my fortune and soon moved to pick up a whole lot of soaps, shampoos, scrubbers and perfumes. I picked up the hand shower and ran the Luke warm water. I was afraid she would wake up while I run the water over her but no, she wouldn’t cause the anesthesia I injected on her was one we use at hospitals during operations. I had a clean 4 to 6 hours in hand before she woke up so I decided to go ahead bathing her to one of the cleanest girls.

Pulling the hand shower close to me I checked the temperature of the water, it felt nice and comfortable and I gently pointed the shower over her feat. The water gently ran over her feat and her calf as she laid there motionless. I gathered all my courage and sprayed the warm water all over her, from her toe to her neck and then again from her neck to her toes. Her sweat along with most of the dirt that had accumulated over her body started to slowly drift and flow over and out of her body, the bench and on to the floor below. When completely wet I picked up the scrubber, applied it with a whole lot of the liquid bath soaps and started off with her feat. The rich white lather of the soap turned brown in seconds as I scrubbed her feat. Inch by inch I cleaned her feat, her calf and her thighs making sure not a speck of dirt remained over her beautiful body. I wondered what lay under those thick foam of lather and soon showered her running the dirty foam off her body. I couldn’t believe my eyes; her legs looked fresh and clean with not a scar or a mark, just shining, smooth skin. Her feat and her toes looked like those of babies. I trimmed her toe nails, cleaned them, and shaped them and it all looked fresh and beautiful. My next move was to go above, but I dint want to feel or touch any of her private parts until I felt I was ready for it. Holding the shower head in my hands I gently sprayed over her waist line and all over her hips and her flat stomach. Water ran down her sides and in through her thighs, through her long pubic hair and over her hidden treasure and I gently started to scrub her upper thighs, over her pubic bone and her flat belly. The feeling was amazing, my hard on started to feel uncontrollable and I gently squeezed my hard cock.

Wild imaginations started to override me and as soon as I made sure her upper thighs until her belly was clean and smooth, I pulled out a couple of racer blades. I pulled out my Gillette shaving cream and gently applied it all over her long pubic hair. I couldn’t believe I was doing all this but then started to slowly shave up her long, old hair. The clean skin over her pubic bone started to shine from the lights above and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. In a matter of minutes I was done with her hair on the top side of her body and now it was in between her thighs and all around her love hole. I dint know how to go about it but I sure knew that I needed to do it. I wanted this gypsy girl turned into a beautiful gypsy queen and more over I wanted her fresh, neat and clean before I laid myself on her most beautiful body. Holding her legs one by one I placed her feat gently on the floor on each side of the bench, spreading her thighs as wide as possible. The dark brown outer lips of her pussy shown in the light. It was covered with hair all over. The sight of her pussy excited me, electric current ran through my bones and I pointed the shower head spraying warm water over her cunt. The water flowed like a stream between her thighs and over her pussy and I started to scrub fresh soap in between her rich thighs and all over her moist pussy lips. Showering all over again I picked up the racer head and started to softly shave the hair around her cunt making it feel soft and smooth. Her cunt looked like a virgin baby girls, it looked fresh and clean and I felt like playing my tongue all over and in between her pussy lips. Lathering my finger I softly pulled her cunt lips and started to massage her pussy lips. There was absolutely no moments from her, she was completely unconscious, I ran my finger tips up and down her clit and then lathering more soap over her pussy and the opening of her cunt I tried to push my index finger into her. Her cunt felt tight as my finger tried its way in. Using my left hand fingers I spread open the walls of her cunt lips and pushed my right hand middle finger harder and harder and my finger gently found its way in her. I applied more and more soap and finely about and inch of my middle finger found its way into her. Her cunt felt warm and soft. I pulled my finger out and then sprayed water cleaning her cunt to its utmost. Her pussy looked like that of a new born baby girls, clean smooth and soft. I couldn’t resist my temptations, I wanted to pull out my hard and erect large cock and show it into her but there was a lot more that I wanted to do before I even thought of fucking her.

The time had come and I had to move up her body, I couldn’t wait to feel and to treat her big, firm and round breasts. Grabbing the shower head I sprayed water all over her breasts, her chest, neck and her face. Sweat and dirt dissolved and drifted off her beautiful body. I squeezed the scrubber off, of all the dirt and soap, applied fresh liquid soap, lathered the scrubber and gently scrubbed her flat belly. Her belly button looked like a bud adorning her soft stomach. In circles I scrubbed her belly and quickly reached for the lower circles of her firm breasts. Round and round and round I ran my hands holding on to the scrubber all around her breasts and over the sides of her most beautiful breasts. I adjusted the bulge in my pants every now and then as I started to feel uncomfortable with its pressure. Her breasts started to shine and glow under the light as the warm water washed down all the lather. Her nipples almost hard like buttons looked like cherry on a freshly scooped ball of ice cream. It was a treat to my eyes and I just couldn’t believe my luck. I wondered what would happen once she woke up from her unconscious state of mind and about how she would react upon seeing what I have been doing to her without her knowledge. Once I made sure that her body, from her toes to her breasts were sparkling clean I moved my hands soaping and cleaning up her shoulders, her neck, her beautiful face, her head and every single strand of her hair. Dirt dripped down on the floor from her hair but after a few repeated washes she was clean all over.

Cleaning the floor of all the soap and dirt, I got back to her beautiful body. It was time to take care of her back side. I flipped her over making her lie on her belly. Her breasts pressed against the hard wood of the bench. I placed her face side wise resting on the soft cheeks of her face and stood straight to take a look at her awesome back side. Man it is hard to explain the curves of her body. Not an extra pound of flesh, not an extra tire of flesh. Her big, round cheeks of her ass was a piece of art. They looked like it was sculptured out of wax. They looked shining and stunning. I grabbed the scrubber once again, applied fresh liquid soap and started to scrub her body starting from under her feat, her heals, her ass, in between the cheeks of her ass, her ass hole, in between her thighs and all the way until her head, I washed every single part of her heavenly body, leaving not a trace of dirt or sweat. I showered her once again and sat besides her and wondered about how she had looked a few hours ago. She had turned into a gorgeous woman now, beautiful and vibrant. I dried her body completely using a fresh towel and before I turned her over facing the ceiling. I massaged fresh, creamy bathing oil all over her Feat, her toes, her legs, her thighs, her big bottoms, her tight ass hole, her back, her shoulders and all over her neck and hands. I trimmed and shaped her finger nails one by one. I turned around her now slippery body facing the ceiling and gently applied the oil all over her starting her toes up her knees, her thighs, in between her thighs and now her cleanly shaved pussy. My mouth watered as my fingers traveled places it never did in all my life. The softness of her tender skin and the warmth of her pussy lips send thrills up my spine. My hands traveled up and over her flat belly and soon around and over her firm breasts. Making sure not to squeeze her breasts I oiled her breasts, her nipples and then her chest, her neck, her face and all over her head. I left her body absorb the perfumed oil for almost twenty minutes and then soaped her all over again and bathed her once again in slightly warm water. I brushed her teeth and washed her tongue leaving no traces of stain or smells and then bathed her couple of times, again from head to her toes. I stood besides her watching her lying if front of my eyes like a clean angel. I felt satisfied and happy with what I had done to her and soon walked away into my bed room to fetch in my wife’s old hair dryer.

Reaching back to her beautiful body, I set the stool close to her head and I blue her hair dry, I brushed and combed her hair soft and neat. She had beautiful hair, long and thick. I trimmed the edges and set it right and now to my surprise, I can tell you she turned out to be one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. I toweled her entire body dry and after I perfumed her body from her head to her toes and made sure that her armpits looked clean and hairless I gently carried her in my arms all the way up to the large guest room and laid her softly on the huge King sized bed. I stood there next to her and admired her awesome body, her perfect figure, her wonderful, firm breasts and the elegant triangle between her full thighs. I ran for my camera and captured some of the most exotic pictures of her naked body. Well Now! I started to wonder about how she would react upon awakening and sat there besides her on the bed side. I ran my finger tips over her soft skin and softly smelled her skin. She smelled awesome and my cock once again stiffened to its extreme. I squeezed my hard cock and felt like ramping its hard head into her tight hole, I wanted to ram it up her mouth but I said to myself I had to wait. I was afraid of her virginity and indeed about how clean a girl she could be and there my medical science came up into my mind all over again. I ran up to the little lab I had set up for my in house studies and experiments, picked up a syringe and needle and walked back to her. Tying a band over her arms injected the needle into her vain, collecting her blood sample. I looked at the watch and said to myself that I had at least two to two and a half hour before she could regain her concessions. Spreading a warm comforter over her naked body, I locked the door to her bed room, Locked the main door and jumped into my 4 X 4 with the blood sample and drove up to my friends medical lab as I dint have facilities to check up on transmittal deceases and AIDS. I helped my friend carry out all the tests required and soon left his lab as said he would give me a call in just an hour once the results are ready. Mind you he asked me about the blood and I told him it was mine and I was afraid about the girl I had been with a month earlier.

I drove my car back home with the fear of not knowing if any one had noticed me and the vehicle while kidnapping the girl. I started to be scared while people looked at me and my car, I was afraid but reached home with no problems. I decided not to use my car for a couple of months and soon decided to use my bike as long as I get the fear out of me. Upon arriving home I quickly rushed to the guest room and flung open the door to see if my gypsy queen was awake, I gapped into the room but there she was still a sleep. Many plans rushed and crowded my mind. I started to feel confused not knowing what to do but then I decided on planting a wireless camera in her room to stay away from her while she woke up from her long hours of sleep. I planted the camera in a hidden corner with my lap top set at the house bar; I left a bottle of water and a few pan cakes by the bed side, left a set of my sister’s clean dresses, panties and braziers on the bed side and soon left the room locking the room. I was starting to feel impatient wondering why she was not waking up but I knew I had to wait and I couldn’t help it. Taking a deep breath I walked to the bar counter, Poured myself a nice, hard drink and sat there relaxing with my eyes fixed on to the lap top screen watching my beautiful gypsy queen sleep under the large comforter. There was silence all over the house, unknown fear crept my mind as I sat there looking into the screen. I wanted to play some music but quickly backed off from it. I sat on the bar stool silent and motionless and suddenly, I threw myself on to the floor, trembling and scared, I wondered what the sound was and to my surprise, it was my phone, my mobile phone ringing. I felt the ring so loud that it could tare my ears up. I grabbed the phone and feebly answered “Rupesh Here” Hi! Rupesh this is Praveen said the voice on the other end, “There is nothing to worry yaar. You are perfectly ok, no deceases, no AIDS no nothing. Your blood is as good as pure milk buddy. Enjoy life. Praveen laughed out aloud and quickly said he had to leave and disconnected the line. I do not know how to tell you about the happiness I went through. All the trouble I had taken to get this young lady now turned out to be fruitful. I wondered about what all I could do to her beautiful body and squeezed my cock. Happiness clouded the room and I poured myself another strong one.

The time was passing by slowly. I sat there with my eyes planted on the screen and then it all started to happen. An hour had passed by since Praveen’s call and now to my surprise, I saw little moments on my gypsy queen’s fingers. I sprang up to my toes curious enough to know what her actions would be. Fear captured me as I watched her stretch her hands and then her legs. Her eyes were still tightly closed. She yarned and she stretched again and again and gently opened her eyes staring at the ceiling fan. Her face was expressionless. Her eyes blinked at the ceiling fan and she turned her body to a side and closed her eyes as though nothing had ever happened. I sat there wondering what had happened but then in a fraction of a second, she threw her body facing the ceiling, her eyes wide open, she looked this side and that side, she threw her hands over the comforter, grabbed the comforter and sprang out the bed dropping the comforter on the floor below. She stood there naked facing herself on the large mirror, she stood stunt and still for a moment, she felt her hair and her face, she ran her fingers over her breasts like she’s never seen them before, she touched and felt her freshly shaved pussy. She looked at herself in the mirror as if she had never seen herself before. It looked as though she was shocked to see herself naked, completely clean and different and in a matter of seconds she started to scream aloud, closing her eyes and covering her breasts. She quickly bent down and grabbed the comforter covering her naked body and started to yell calling out for help. I dint know what to do, I started to feel torn apart with fear while she screamed and ran all around the room and then to a corner of the room cornering herself to the safety of the comforter. She sat in a corner of the room hugging her tight and staring at the door. Tears rolled off her eyes as she sat down in the corner of the room. I felt like walking up to her to comfort her but this was not the time. I relaxed nursing on my drink with my eyes still planted on the lap top screen. An hour and a half passed by, she still sat there motion less with only her tears running out her beautiful pair of eyes. She must be feeling hungry, well I thought to myself and wished she had eaten at least something from what I had left for her.

Time passed by and I had almost finished a whole bottle of vodka. I was feeling high and I couldn’t control my urge for sex. I wanted to see her naked body and I wanted to feel and taste every part of her body. I wondered what her name would be and soon decide to walk into her room what ever be her actions and reactions. The vodka in me gave me the strength and the courage to face the consequences and I jumped on to my heals and quietly walked to her door. I stood next to the door and looked at the screen and saw her still sitting in the corner. I knocked a the door and there was no response from her, I knocked harder and harder a couple of times and then she sprang up on her feat covering herself tight in the comforter. I opened the door and slipped myself in and quickly locked the door behind me. I stood there still and she looked at me with anger and hatred. I tried to comfort her saying hello but she started to abuse me in her own language. Her language sounded familiar to me even though I dint understand a word of what she yelled. I wondered where she was from but soon decided she was from Andhra. I’ve heard stories about Andhra gypsy girls being beautiful with unbelievable features. I’ve heard many stories about them but now, I know they were just not stories but was the real truth. This gypsy girl in my captivity was beautiful, gorgeous, simply outstanding and heavenly. She was pretty in all ways with a body so elegant and graceful. Her features would out beat any of those beautiful actresses from the north and the south film world. I bet she would look a queen if only she was dressed up. My mind even went up to an extent where I thought to myself that I could get married to this gorgeous young woman.

I slowly made my advances towards her wondering what her reactions would be. I moved ahead but then she yelled at me wanting me not to get near her, she looked around, she grabbed an ashtray from the side table besides her and flung it towards me but I was quick enough to move away from it. She kept yelling at me and called out to me asking me not to go near her but I proceeded and quickly reached her and grabbed her into my arms, wanting her to be quiet. She pushed me away, she beat me, she pinched me and she scratched me, she tried to get away from my arms but I held her tight never letting her escape from my grip. When her fight got tougher and harder I slapped her and threw her on to the huge bed and raised my voice screaming at her asking her to remain quiet threatening her that I would kill her if she made any more noise. The young girl’s eyes watered and tears quickly rolled over her cheeks. She said she was sorry and begged me to let go of her. The comforter that had given her cover all this time lay on the floor and her naked body captured in eyes, the stunning curves of her body and the firmness of her breasts woke the monster in me and the cleanly shaved triangle between her thighs made my mouth water. I walked up to her and as I stood beside the large bed, my eyes quenched its thirst looking at her young, rich and full body naked from her head to her toes. She laid speechless staring at me; her body shivered as I made my advance and caught her by her wrist. She cried requesting me to let go of her but I quickly pulled my t-shirt off my body and flung it on the floor below. The young girl looked at me desperately as tears gushed out of her eyes; she covered her breasts with her hands and locked her thighs trying to cover her nudity. Holding her wrist with one hand I squeezed my hard cock and soon unzipped my fly. I rolled my shorts down below my thighs, my calf, and my ankles and kicked off the shorts off my body. She stared at me, she stared at me from head to my toes, and she looked at me as though I was a monster approaching to eat her up. She cried but her cries sounded like soft melodies music to me. I squeezed my hard and erect cock all over again and in a fraction of a second pulled my underwear off me allowing my fully erect, hard 7” long cock sail free facing the ceiling above.

For the first time in my life I was standing in front of a girl totally nude and it was the first time I was seeing a woman lie naked in front of my very eyes. I started to feel restless; I started to feel the urge and soon threw myself on the bed, next to her hugging her tight. There was a battle on the bed as she resisted my approaches, she pushed me and she tried to kick me off the bed but I grabbed her tight sandwiching her firm breasts over my hard, chest. My hard cock pressed hard against her soft thighs trying to find its way in between. She struggled hard to let herself free from my grip but I quickly held her by her hair and planted my wide open mouth cupping her soft, juicy wide open lips. Her warm saliva tasted good and her mouth smelled well and passion engulfed my mind. I bit her juicy lips and soon sucked her lower lips into my mouth. She struggled for freedom but I thrust my tongue deep into her wet mouth circling my tongue in her mouth and around her tongue. My hard cock by not found its way in between her fleshy thighs and as my pre-cum lubricated her thighs I grabbed her breasts with my right hand pinching her nipples. I noticed that her nipples had by now grown hard, erect and big, her breasts seemed to be harder than before and I knew her body was beginning to respond to my advances. I found her struggle to get away from me but soon noticed that her lips were now reacting to my kisses. Her body seemed to be more relaxed than before but she cried out every now and then wanting me to let go of her.

I continued kissing her passionately, I kissed and sucked her tongue deep in my mouth and soon found her tongue searching corners of my mouth. My hands played magic on her firm breasts and I lowered my mouth down under her neck, I kissed and sucked her ear lobes and soon licked under her neck guiding my mouth over her hard and erect nipples. With my mouth wide open I cupped her left breast sucking in her nipples as I caressed and cuddled her right breast with my hands. Slight moans floated the air and I knew she was enjoying my handling her. She rubbed her thighs up and down as my big hard cock lay sandwiched between her thighs. I had no intention of entering her cunt so I concentrated on her other beautiful assets. Sucking, licking. Biting and cuddling her breasts I gently showed my middle finger down her mouth and she sucked on it for a while but soon tried to kick me off her body trying to escape from my clutches. I guessed she would have got back to her senses and understood she was being raped. She pushed me harder trying to get away from me, she cried requesting me to let her go but I continued kissing her hard on her lips sucking in her soft lips. She kept struggling to escape but I was not going to let go of her. Wrapping her tight under my body I got hold of my wife’s dress and with force tied her hands one by one on to the bed head, I got below as she threw her body left and right trying to escape but soon caught hold of her legs one by one and tied her legs on to either corners of the bed. She begged me to let go of her but lust had captured my mind and had already made me wild. My monstrous cock, hard and erect like never before throbbed for pleasure and satisfaction. I held my hard cock in my hands and as I moved my hands up and down the shaft I looked at her naked body and licked my lips like a hungry beast. She looked helpless, desperate and scared but I got on to the bed side, gently placed my hands on her breasts and squeezed them as I climbed over her beautiful body. I ran my wet tongue up her body starting her belly button until the curves of her breasts, I twisted and turned her nipples and softly bit her nipples till they were fully hard and erect. I ran the tip of my tongue in circles on and around her hard nipples and then cupped my wide open mouth over her lips and sucked her lips deep into my hungry mouth. The hard head of my cock pressed against her belly button and all over her cleanly shaved pubic bone and I started to loose control over myself.

I could feel the lust burn in me; I could feel my hard cock ache with pain and my whole body starting to feel desperate. Holding her breasts hard in both my hands I ran my wet tongue down under her neck, her chest, the great valley between her beautiful breasts and her flat belly, I circled my tongue in and out of her belly button and tickled her and soon reached my wet, hungry tongue over her pubic bone which had by now formed a hard mount. Holding her by the cheeks of her beautifully shaped ass I looked into her eyes and quickly licked her pubic bone. I looked into her eyes and I caught her eyes look deep into mine with amusement, wondering what I was going to do. I placed my palms softly in between her soft thighs pushing them spread far apart and when I saw her refuse to do so; I forced her thighs apart and cupped my wide open mouth over her almost wet and hot cunt. She cried, she tried to let her hands and legs free and she swayed her body left and right trying to stop me from what I was doing to her. I buried my face hard in between her thighs and sucked her hot pussy with vigor and I soon felt her cunt turn moist and wet all around. She moaned and she kept crying wanting me to stop but as my tongue slipped in between the wet lips of her clit her struggle ended. She kept swaying her hips as my tongue ran its way up and down the whole length of her tight cunt. Her mouth remained wide open gasping for breath. I sucked and I licked her pussy with all my vigor as it tasted so sweet and smelled perfect. She lifted her body high above the mattress and she swayed her body left to the right and right to the left enjoying the sensations. Her cry’s had now changed into soft, sexy moans and I knew she has started to enjoy my tongue playing magic with her hot cunt. I thrust my tongue deep into her pushing and pulling my tongue in and out of her, I sucked her, licked her, bit the soft tenderness of her pussy lips. I sucked and licked her for about 20 minutes and in a matter of few minutes I heard her let go of a loud moan, her legs and her thighs trembled, her body shivered and my tongue tasted something unusual for the first time in my life. I wondered what it would be but then I knew she had got in her first orgasm. Her body shivered and quivered, her lips trembled and eye lids locked and her body lay motionless atop the mattress. It looked as though it was the very first time she had ever had such an orgasm. Sucking her hot and wet cunt for a few more minutes I decided to now change my position.

I climbed over her body holding my hard, throbbing cock in my hands as she lay motionless on the bed. I reached my cock up her beautiful face and gently slapped the head of my cock over her cheeks. My beautiful gypsy queen opened her eyes to se what I was doing and to her surprise she saw my large cock hardly inches away from her widely open mouth gasping for breath. She looked at me not knowing what my requirement was but I quickly rubbed my pre cum over her lower lips allowing her to taste it. She turned her face away and tried to let her hands free but I grabbed her by her hair and threatened to smash her face if she dint suck my hard cock for me. She started to cry swaying her head gesturing no, please no, please don’t do this to me but holding her still by her hair pushed the head of my hard cock deep in her wet mouth. She gasped for breath, she burped to puke but I was not going to let go of her. I desperately wanted her to suck my throbbing cock and started to push my cock in and out of her mouth. A few thrusts went on and I saw her lips gently wrap around my fat cock gripping the head tight in her mouth. Her reluctance ended and her tongue started to roll in circles around the head of my hard cock. The tip of her tongue searched the tip of my cock for release of my pre cum and she enjoyed the taste. I saw her try to let loose her hands and as her sucking became more and more passionate I untied the knot and let her right hand loose. To my surprise her hands quickly grabbed my hard cock; she started to pull my cock harder into her mouth until the whole length of my cock was buried in her wet mouth. She moved her head back and fro sucking me harder and harder, she moaned with every release of her breath and I started to move my body back and fro fucking her mouth.

Placing one hand over her firm breast I placed my other hand over her clean pussy. God! It was all wet and oozing with her pre cum. I could guess how hot she was by now. I knew she wanted me to fuck the hell out of her and I massaged the lips of her hot cunt licking my fingers every now and then. The sensation was mind blowing and she started to try throwing her tied up legs wide open and then clasp her thighs pressing my finger tips hard against her wet pussy. Squeezing my cock with one hand and playing with my balls she sucked and she licked my cock vigorously, her tongue rolled hard around the head of my hard cock and her lips sucked the head using all her vigor. I could feel my balls get hard with full with cum, I could feel my cock stiffen and ready to throw a whole lot of my load into her mouth. I wanted time, I wanted to fuck her forever but I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I fucked her mouth in and out, pushing and pulling as she gripped her fleshy lips tight around the hard shaft of my throbbing cock. I told her to wait and I quickly turned my body facing her pussy. I showed my hard cock back into her wet mouth and I quickly leaned forward and started to suck and lick her oozing cunt. The 69 pose was wonderful as it allowed me more space to fuck her mouth harder and harder. I could feel my hard cock hit past her throat with every thrust. I could hear loud moans floating the air. I pumped and I pumped harder into her mouth and as my tongue pierced through the walls of her clit and entered deep into her I splashed a whole lot of my heavy load of cum deep into her throat. At first she refused to accept the fact that there was something terrible flooding her mouth, she tried to desperately pull my hard cock out of her mouth but I was not the one to let go of her. I wanted her to drink in every drop of my cum but then I guess my gypsy queen got the taste of my hot cum and she enjoyed it. She held me by my ass and pulled me closer to her thrusting my cock deeper into her mouth and she sucked into her mouth every single drop of my hot cum.

I thought it was all over but as I watched her still suck on my reclining cock I felt good. I played with her breasts as she sucked on and on and played gently with my balls. I looked into her eyes and soon saw a shy smile spring up her face. She said something to me in her own language which sounded French to me. I started to feel comfortable with her and quietly asked her of her name. She turned her face away from me but I held her by her cheeks, kissed her softly on her lips which still tasted of my own cum and asked her once again, what her name was. Wearing a shy smile on her face, she said “Radha. I asked her where she was from and she replied Andhra. I asked her if she knew any other language and she said “Hindi and Tamil. Laying over her tender body I quietly asked her if she had ever done all this with another. She looked into my eyes; Tears filled her eyes and said. She has never done it before and she was scared of men because she had seen her mother being raped by two men while she was a young girl. I felt sorry for her but quickly changed the topic bringing back her thoughts into our act. I let loose her legs that had been tied up all this time and started to kiss her lips all over again. She dint show any reluctance but enjoyed every move I made. We exchanged hot, throbbing kisses and I soon started to play with her firm breasts, her nipples felt harder than before and my cock started to regain its full strength. Radha watched me as I made my advancement; she shrugged as my mouth reached for her breasts and started to fondle her nipples with my wet lips. She started to enjoy every passing moment but then, she quickly pushed me away when I attempted to guide the head of my hard and swollen cock up the lips of her hot cunt.

She held my hands pleading me not to do that, she said she was scared and she said she was not sure if my big cock would ever enter her. She said she was afraid my big cock would tare her apart and she could get pregnant. She begged me not to do it and to let go of her and promised me she would do any other thing All I thought about and needed was to satisfy my urge. I felt sad for her and her fears but the lust in me and the craving in me made me feel a blind and a deaf animal. I pushed her legs wide apart, I held her hands tight and guided the head of my hard cock at the opening of her hot and oozing cunt. I slapped the head of my cock over her wet pussy and as she gapped into my eyes I pushed my cock hard against the opening of her cunt. There was no way my big, fat cock would enter her. She begged me to let go of her but I pushed my cock harder and harder against the opening of her cunt. I spread her legs and her thighs wider and wider, I applied my saliva over her cunt and once again pressed the hard head against her cunt. Radha cried with her mouth wide open, she gazed into my eyes as if she has never seen me. Fear clouded her face, her beautiful eyes popped wide open and she screamed, abusing me. She begged me not to hurt her but I kept on pushing my hard cock into her virgin cunt. My fight to enter her seemed endless as there was no way my cock would enter her tight cunt so I quietly crawled down her body and once again started to lick her hot pussy.

In a matter of seconds I could feel her react to every stroke of my tongue over her wet cunt so I softly bit the lips of her cunt and placed my right hand index finger over the opening of her cunt. While I played my left hand over her breasts cuddling, caressing and pinching her breasts and her hard nipples I gently made advances pushing my index finger into her tight pussy which was now hot, wet and oozing. With every attempt I made she clasped her legs tight stopping me from my advances but as my licking and sucking got wilder and more and more passionate, she parted her thighs wide apart allowing me to try push my fingers in her. Soaking my index finger with saliva advanced my finger back on to the opening of her hot cunt and as I sucked the lips of her pussy hard, pushed my finger in her, little by little. With every little push she opened her mouth wide open gasping for breath but in a matter of a few minutes my finger traveled its full length into her hot, wet and tight cunt. I could feel the mussels of her pussy lips grip my fingers and I knew she was enjoying the sensation. I started to gently push and pull the whole length of my finger in and out of her cunt and I saw her sway her head left and right with excitement. Finding her comfortable with my one finger inside of her, I tried to gently push two of my fingers in but then she refused to accept it. I tried and I tried but then, with a sudden thrust I pushed both my fingers deep into her virgin pussy. She threw her legs a side with a sudden scream but then she quickly relaxed breathing in hard. There was tears flowing out her eyes and as I looked at my fingers buried deep in her I found traces of blood over my fingers and the bead sheet. I grabbed my sisters cloths and wiped her clean and soon started to push my fingers in and out of her while my tongue sucked an licked the top of her hot pussy. I knew she must be now ready to accept my hard core monster cock in her tight cunt and I gently climbed over her body as my wet tongue left traces of my saliva all the way over her belly, her stomach and reached her breasts.

I guided my hard cock once again to the opening of her hot cunt as she looked into my eyes with fear and lust. She begged me not to do it but I placed the hard head of my throbbing cock over the opening of her wet cunt and started to gently push it in. She seemed to be more relaxed now but as my big fat cock penetrated into her little by little she stared into the ceiling with wide open eyes. She shivered and her body trembled as I made my way deeper and deeper into her body. Squeezing her firm breasts, Sucking and biting her soft and fleshy lower lips I pushed and pushed my 7” hard cock deep into her hot cunt. My cock made its way into her pushing and grinding the walls of her delicate cunt, she cried and she gasped for breath and finally she clinched her finger nails into my arms as the 7” hard and thick monster made its way to the deepest end of her virgin love hole. She let loose of her grip on my arms and softly whispered, “please pull it out of me. I did exactly as told and pulled the whole length out of her hot, slippery and tight cunt. Radha stared into my eyes and as she comfortably closed her eyes, I sensed the satisfaction on her face. Well! This encouraged me to go ahead and give her the best of my passion. I placed the head of my hard and erect cock once again at the opening of her wet cunt and as I gently pushed it in deeper and deeper she looked into my eyes with lust and happiness. Tears of joy and utter satisfaction filled her eyes. My heavy shaft penetrated into her hot cunt adding friction to the soft walls and she spread her legs wider and wider allowing me enter the whole length of my iron rod. Placing my hands on either sides of her body and staring at her firm breasts float up and down with every thrust of my cock I pumped my cock in and out of her. Her mouth remained wide open gasping for breath, her eyes locked on to the ceiling, her moans echoed the large bed room and I pumped my cock harder and harder, deeper and deeper into her. I couldn’t resist the temptation to suck on her hard nipples and soon bent down sucking between my wet lips one by one her lavish nipples. Radha’s hands gripped my shoulders, her nails clinched into my skin as she looked deep into my eyes enjoying every thrust.

Holding her by her cheeks I gestured her to change position but she just kept looking into my eyes not knowing what my requirement was so I gently pulled my long and hard cock out of her oozing cunt and got down on to the floor. I extended my hands to her and as she reached for my hands I gently positioned her on the edge of the bed with her big round ass facing me. I positioned her the dog’s position and as the reflection of the lights fell on her beautiful ass I knelt down on the floor enjoying the look of her tight cunt oozing out her juices. Her tight ass hole looked perfect making my mouth water and I planted my face between the cheeks of her ass licking the delicate juices of her love, I ran the tip of my tongue over and around her tight anus and Radha’s body trembled with excitement. The rich flavor of her love juices intoxicated me and I soon held my hard coke in my hand and thrust ii into Radha’s hot cunt. The hot head of my throbbing cock rammed into her forcing her to spread open her mouth wide. I grabbed both her firm breasts with vigor and pushed in and out of her my heavy manhood. Hot moans echoed the room. Pinching, twisting and turning her hard nipples I continued thrusting my cock in and out of Radha’s oozing cunt. We cried and we moaned with pleasure we both had never experienced. We begged each other for more. The lips of her tight pussy gripped my cock harder than ever and I knew the long awaited sensation is on the verge of arriving. Squeezing and cuddling her breasts I rammed into her at fast phase. The huge bed rocked and cradled as my moment got faster and faster. My left hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head high up in the air, My right hand slapped the big fleshy cheeks of her ass while she held her firm ass up in the air allowing me pump her with ease. I held her by her waist and thrust my cock deeper and deeper. The sensation got to its highest and as she cried out a loud moan releasing a whole lot of her boiling hot cum flooding my cock in her I jetted out streams after streams of my hot cum deep inside her luscious cunt. I continued pumping in and out of her oozing cunt for as long as every single drop of my cum was deposited in her and gently pulled out my 7” master out of her. Holding my hard shaft in my hand I walked to her face and showed the head into her mouth and she sucked on it until the hardness of my cock disappeared making it soft and jelly like. We hugged each other; we thanked each other and fell on the bed taking a light nap.

Hours must have passed by as we woke up from the heavy sleep we both had drifted into. We cherished each other and I lead her under the shower for a nice warm bath. We soaped each other; we bathed each other and finally toweled each other dry and walked hand in hand to the bed room. I got her dress up in my sister’s clean cloths and together we walked into the TV room. I called the restaurant near by ordering food and pored each other some beer. She refused to drink at the beginning but I got her to enjoy the drinks. Days passed by and we became great friends. We started to trust each other. One day I drove her to Kasrakode. A neighboring town, Picked her up some fashionable dresses, couple of pairs of jeans, t-shirts, Fashionable panties and braziers and what not. I bought her everything she ever wanted. I took her to one of the best beauty saloons and got her a facial, a manicure and a pedicure done. Radha turned to be one of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She became a part of my life and she continued staying with me taking care of me, washing my cloths, cooking for me and what not? Giving each other all the very best of sex as and when we required.

We have been living together for over a year and a couple of months now. I teach her English and now watch English movies quiet often to get her learning faster. She has taken to the latest trend of dressing now watching all those TV models and if I tell you will never ever believe she once was a slum dweller. I don’t know what I will do to her when it is time for my sister’s visit, but I am sure I’m never goanna let go of her. We love each other and that is how it is going to be. Radha is now a rich Girl.

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Fantastic story! It was delightfully sensuous!

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