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Henry was quite the satisfied man lately... he had gotten revenge on a tormenter and on a girl that had scorned him, he had a sex partner whenever he wanted one, and he was feeling the steady rush of power. Tonight was going to be different though, tonight he wasn't going looking for revenge, he was going looking for pleasure. Of course pleasure would include the same amount of control, he wanted the kind of girl that would never have gone for him. He wanted her worshiping at his feet, taking his cock anywhere he wanted to put it, doing perverse things just to please him...

Who cares if he was using artificial means? The end effect was still the same, and he still felt good.

So that night he went to one of the local bars where the prettiest and sexiest girls were. He wasn't there for more than five minutes when he spotted the one he wanted... leggy with long hair, a flashing smile, breasts that strained in the tight confines of her shirt, and a humorous glint in her eye. Watching as she laughed and joked with her friends, he decided that she most definitely was the one that he wanted... now he just had to figure out how to get her without causing any suspicion.

About half an hour later she went to the bathroom and he had the brilliant inspiration to follow her. There was no one else there, the bathroom was in a back hall, and as she came out he sprayed her full in the face.

"Go to your friends," he ordered her when she was ready, "Tell them that you've met a nice guy and you're going out to a movie with him. You'll see them tomorrow. Then come outside the front door."

He waited for her, then led her to the car hoping that none of her friends would follow. Luck was holding with him, none of them did. Once they got to his house he plied her with alcohol, making sure that she had plenty to drink. When she woke up tomorrow morning she might not remember everything and what she did remember she'd think that it had all been the alcohol...

"Do a sexy strip-tease for me," he told her, sitting on the couch, "Dance seductively and touch yourself while you're doing it..."

The pretty girl started swaying to the music, her hips gyrating as if she was already being plugged by his dick... slim hands pulled her shirt over her head. Encased in a sexy, lacy bra were two gorgeous globes, she ran her hands up her smooth stomach and cupped them as she moved back and forth. Turning around she undid her bra so that the straps fell and exposed her bare back, teasing him as she bent forward and her ass swayed while her bra fell to the floor. Turning she was playing with her breasts, making her pink nipples hard and pointy. Henry groaned as she played with her breasts, it was incredibly hot to watch her touch herself at his command.

"Now the skirt," he moaned, opening his own pants and freeing his dick to play with himself. The show was much too erotic for him to keep from giving himself some kind of feeling of relief. She shimmied the skirt down her legs, revealing a lacy black thong that would have matched the bra she'd already removed; for a moment he almost wanted her to put the bra back on so that he could see them together... but he was getting much too horny for that.

"Show me your pussy slut..." his eyes were roaming over her body, molesting her with just his gaze as she pulled the thong off, revealing her shaved pink pussy, "Bring it over here..."

She stepped right in front of him as he spread her legs with his hands, pushing his face between her thighs and licking up her pink slit. Moaning she humped her hips against his face as he ate her, tasting her sweetness on his tongue and enjoying the fact that he hadn't even had to order her to be horny. Enjoying her honest reaction he continued to lick and suck at her pussy, sliding two fingers into her hot little hole and pressing on her g-spot. Above him she gasped and moaned, her hands sliding through his hair and pressing him more firmly into the space between her thighs. Smugness swept through him as she began to cum, her legs clamping down on his face and shaking as she cried out with pleasure. It was all the more exciting because it was genuine.

When she stopped cumming he pulled his sticky lips away from her pussy, "Climb on top of me and ride me."

He pulled down his pants a little more to get the best impact as she straddled his thighs, her moist pussy pressing against the head of his dick. As she began her erotic slide down his pole he moaned, she was incredibly tight and her breasts were now right on level with his face, giving him a great view. Leaning forward, he sucked one pink nipple into his mouth as her pussy connected with his crotch, spasming in pleasure as she was completely filled and her swollen clit pressed against his groin.

Grinding her body down on top of him as he began to molest her breasts, she moaned with pleasure as his dick stirred her insides. Henry mashed her breasts with his hands, leaving hickeys all over them as he sucked on her flesh and bit down on her nipples, his sexual energy causing him to become incredibly rough with her. Not that his brutality at all inhibited her response, she threw back her head and rode him harder and faster, her pussy clamping down hard on him as she fucked.

Using all of his muscles, Henry wrapped his arms around her waist and stood up, feeling her sink completely onto his dick as her legs wrapped around him and held tight. With her bruised and sore tits pressed against his chest, he walked over to the wall with slow and careful steps, trying to concentrate as her pussy convulsed around him. Pressing her back against the wall, he began to fuck her hard with bruising speed, slamming her hips against the hard surface as he grunted and abused her body. The girl began to howl with pleasure as he fucked her hard, and he was astonished at her responses, despite the fact that he hadn't even ordered them.

Groaning as her pussy clamped down on him again, massaging his dick as she came, he threw all of his force into his final thrust, slamming her body against the wall as he began to pulse inside her. Every muscle tensed, he held her between his dick and a hard place, spurting jets of frothiness into her pussy as she moaned and writhed against him.

When his dick began to soften inside her he let her drop to the ground, holding her head and bringing her face to his sloppy groin, "Clean me."

As her soft tongue began to lick and caress at his dick and balls, he sighed in contentment, reaching down to begin abusing her tits yet again, pulling on the nipples and twisting them. Her tongue laved his balls, sucking each on into her mouth and swirling it gently; sex juices coating her tongue as she licked at him. Slowly his dick began to harden inside her mouth and she sucked eagerly, her glazed eyes focused on the task at hand, moaning around his dick as he pinched her nipples hard.

Pressing his hardening dick in and out of her wet mouth, he moaned as he got long enough to begin pressing into her throat, feeling her slight struggle against him as his mushroom head hit her gag reflex. He went deeper with every thrust, his dick elongating inside her mouth as her tongue pressed against the sensitive underside. Gripping her breasts, he squeezed them roughly, using them as leverage to pull her against his crotch, making sure that her lips pressed against his groin with every thrust.

Her continued slight struggles annoyed him though, and he found himself getting angry at her. She'd been so cooperative otherwise, not even needing enhanced pleasure in order to get off... he began to get unaccountably enraged, picking up the speed as he pushed in and out of her mouth. Suddenly he pulled out and turned her over onto all fours, his hand crashing down on her ass. Her painful cries filled the room as he spanked her hard, taking out all his conflicting feelings on her creamy cheeks, turning them a bright pink.

Grabbing a hold of her hips, he put the head of his dick against her crinkled asshole and pressed in. Although she howled with surprise and pain, her ass opened up easily before him, tight and accommodating... he realized that this was not a virgin ass that he'd just invaded. With a moan he began to fuck her ass hard and mercilessly, not giving her very much time to adjust, figuring that she needed less time anyway. As he'd thought, she began moaning much sooner than he'd originally anticipated, pushing her plump and abused ass back against him, tightening around him with every brutal thrust.

Reaching around her body he squeezed her already sore breasts, molesting them roughly as he ravished her ass... the strength of his fucking and the way he was taking out all his frustrations on her body brought him to the cusp much faster than he'd wanted to... well that was why he'd given her the alcohol. He'd be keeping her here for the night anyway. As his cum began to shoot down his dick, heading for the dark interior of her ass, he gasped out his first order that pertained to her pleasure.

"Cum for me slut... cum while I shoot my load up your ass!" As the first spurt of cum exited his dick, she began to shake and squeeze, cumming ecstatically the entire time that he was unloading into her dark hole.

Both of them groaned as his dick finished its second load of the night, softening inside her abused hole.

Her hole was to be abused many more times that night as well, during the shower that he brought her into... and then he fucked her twice in his bed and once more in her ass before they fell asleep. By the time he was finally done she was covered with hickeys and some bruises, her pussy and ass were pink and her nipples didn't soften until much later in the night. For himself, Henry's dick felt rather sore, almost chafed... but he was well pleased with the events of the night. He'd forgotten to add his cautionary spray of perfume, but it hadn't mattered... apparently the stuff worked much better than he'd thought!

The next morning the girl awoke with a gasp, he held himself still although he was now awake as well. She looked around tentatively, her tongue sliding over the roof of her mouth, tasting alcohol and sex. Carefully she touched her sore body, moaning quietly at the abuse she'd taken. As she quickly got into her clothes he heard her muttering, "Never again... I'm never drinking tequila ever ever again..."

Smiling smugly as he heard the front door closed, he rolled over and went back to sleep.

Posted : 13/11/2010 1:28 pm