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Om fucked us in his gym


Hi I am John again, with another experience of mine. Hope you will enjoy this too.
It was 10 in the night. Om had called me up in his gym. I reached the gym there in about half an hour. The door was closed from inside so called up Om. The door opened and I saw Naresh, Om’s assistant, another Indian man but not as masculine as Om. Naresh escorted me to the secret room in the gym meant for rest. Om was fucking Christie, who was a member of the gym. She had a crush on Om, as she had shared with me quite a time back. Om was pumping his majestic cock into Christie. Christie is a gorgeous lady with the perfect figure. I never imagined she could go to such an extent for Om. Christie was moaning and whispering and sometimes screaming out the love and lust filled words for Om.
They both were panting and Om was squeezing her boobs wildly, smooching her and violently moving his hard shaft to and fro into her pussy.
‘More…More…aaah….aah….sss…Om...my man…my master….I am all yours….fuck me hard….yea…h…..yeah….aah…aah…I am your slave ….your mistress….your woman…fuck me….’
Christie was screaming.
‘Yes you bloody whore….I will fuck you …aah….you’ll never ever be satisfied with any other man…you’ll always long for me…you bitch….’ Om spoke as he pumped his enormous and huge penis deeper and deeper into her.
The violent thrusts gradually got slower and finally they stopped moving. Om moved out his penis held it and crouched over Christie’s chest and placed his hot and lust filled cock on her lips. She raised her head a bit and kissed the black snake at the mouth and then licked it and sucked it a while. Om pulled it out of her mouth and ejaculated on her face. The thick, white and hot manliness spread on her face and she began licking it off her face.
It felt like yuck!
Om stood up and got off the bed, wrapped up a towel and advanced towards me. My heart pounced seeing that macho physique in full glory. His hairy chest and tout abs, his strong and hairy arms, muscular thighs and calves all covered with hair. Not to forget the black thread that he wore around his neck and right bicep that made him look more sexy. The hairy prince, no not prince he is the king. The hairy king came up to me and spoke softly in his hoarse voice: ‘how are you jaan!’
‘W..Well…why did you call me up?’
Just then his cellphone rang. He called out to Naresh to go and bring Linda and Anne in. Anne, my former girlfriend. I looked at him and he winked.
‘You enjoy Linda, I will have fun with Anne, she is nice and lovely in bed.’ Om explained.
I felt my heart burn.
Soon Naresh was back with the two ladies. Om asked him to have fun with Christie. Naresh’s eyes were shining bright with lust.
‘Stop Naresh….’ Om called.
‘You rather take Linda with you…because Christie will not be able to satisfy you right now…..’ I looked at Om. He said, ’John, you go and fuck Christie now…’ I unbelievingly looked at Om.
‘What you cock-sucker…do as he says?’ It was Anne. I looked at her with a frown but Om pushed me towards the bed on which Christie was lying. Naresh had undressed himself and he was muscular and hairy but as I said earlier not as good as Om. Naresh took Linda onto the adjoining bed and helped undress her. He started impatiently sucking her boobs and rubbed and squeezed her. Linda started enjoying him. But I was waiting for Om to begin. Om, with only a towel wrapped around his waist had embraced Anne and Anne shyly was getting deeper and deeper into him. They looked like love birds. Om smooched her and caressed her body. She caressed his wide chest and enjoyed running her fingers though his chest hair. Soon Om took off every bit of cloth on her body and lifted her in his arms. They passed by me brushing me aside. He gently put her on the bed and removed his towel. Anne whispered the loving words and approached his cock and licked it like a lolly. She held the majestically huge and large and manly cock into her hands and run her tongue around its tip and then sucked it. The man still standing beside the bed enjoyed Anne. I was feeling shameful seeing my girl in other man’s arms. Here Christie began speaking to me.
‘Don’t yours get erect.’
‘What?’ I was awestruck.
‘A naked woman is lying before you and where are you lost…You suck. Anne told me all about that night, when you were sucking Om’s cock.’
‘She’s a liar’ I retaliated.
To show her my manliness I got over her and smooched her. Her lips tasted of Om’s cum. But I kept on kissing her. She was under me. We panted and I raised myself a bit.
‘Would you fuck me with your clothes on?’ She laughed.
I took off my shirt and then stood up to take off my jeans.
‘You are okay! But not as a man as Om… See his wide and hairy chest.. Your penis is also small….’
I was discouraged. But still to prove myself a man I got over Christie and tried to insert my cock into her pussy. But she didn’t let me do it. I smooched her and then engaged her into foreplay and shoved my penis into her. I kissed her neck and then reached her cleavage and started sucking her nipples pressing her boobs gently.
‘Om I am not enjoying ….’ Christie cried out loud.
I kept pumping my penis into her. Then I felt a strong hold round my waist and I turned around and saw Naresh who had put the tip of his huge penis onto the brim of my ass and was about to push it into me.
‘Oh no Naresh…Om see what he’s doing ….’
‘Bhai has ordered me to do it…’ He said smilingly and winked.
He climbed over me penetrating his hard cock deeper and deeper into me. He began to shake slowly shaking me along with him. My cock began moving into Christie but was not so hard. It was loosening. Christie asked Naresh to free her up and so Naresh lifted me by my waist and my loosened cock easily came out of her. Christie moved away and now Naresh began his violent jerks. I didn’t like this. I pleaded Om to get him off me but he didn’t listen and Naresh kept fucking me hard.
Om was enjoying the women around him. Anne was under him and he was into Anne and fucking her like a beast. Linda was kissing the man madly everywhere and now Christie had joined her and were rubbing and caressing and kissing and sucking their man wildly.
Naresh fucked me hard, his penis was also large and stout, hot iron drilling me. Finally he stopped moved his penis out of me and turned me over and pushed his cock right into my mouth and with his strong hand he kept pushing my head in between his thighs with his hard cock into me. He then pulled it out and poured his hot manliness all over my face. He then pulled Christie and smooched her and lay her on the bed. He then climbed over her and inserting his penis into her pussy started fucking her.
I stood up with Naresh’s cum sticking to my face and went to the washroom and washed my face. Dressed up I came out and saw Naresh on Anne and Om on Linda. I wondered at the stamina these people were having. Naresh fucked Anne and Om fucked Linda. I wanted to go but the door was locked up. I just sat there and watched the two couples tossing and turning on the beds. Christie was exhausted and sat next to me. She told me Anne had started meeting Om after that night when she saw me sucking Om’s penis. And Om and Naresh both fucked her every couple of days. Naresh lay panting on Anne, he had come. But Om was hard on and was calm only a couple of minutes later.
After they were finished, the girls moved away. Om was wearing only the towel, Naresh was in his undies, I also found my underwear and wore it. We three sat on the bed, I admiringly looking at my man, Om. His muscles flexed as he made any movements, churning up butterflies in my stomach. His hairy masculinity gave him the oomph factor. Naresh made drinks and the three of us enjoyed the drink. I began looking at Naresh, the man who had fucked me tonight and ejaculated all over my face. He was macho with well developed muscles and hairy body. But he was no match to Om’s machismo. They prepared the next drink.
‘I must be leaving now’. Saying this I stood up and looked out for my clothes.
Om’s masculine hairy arm stretched and gripped my smooth wrist.
‘The fun is not over yet, darling’, Om said in his authoritative voice. He pulled me and I stumbled and landed on his lap. He had pulled off his towel baring his masculine and still hungry beast. He lowered my speedos and my butts felt sensationalized when they came in contact with the enormously muscular and hairy thighs. Om pulled me into his body heating with lust. I was embraced in his huge arms and could feel the flexing muscles around my body. I felt uneasy due to Naresh’s presence. But Om kept on playing with me.
‘Om … its been too late…let me go…plz leave me now… I am tired and exhausted…please…’
‘Be my woman… John… Baby… you are so lovely … so lady like… I will keep you warmed up … ah…your lips are delicious…’ Om whispered and I was shy listening such things for myself. He placed his moustached lips over mine delicate ones and began sucking them. Then his tongue entered me and began mixing his tasty saliva into my mouth. I was lost in his masculine body odour and was adrenalised. I was aroused.
‘Don’t …Om… plz …. Leave me … I want to go….’ I felt his large cock expanding and getting heated up just under my butts. My heart throbbed faster sensing the intention of my Indian Man. I freed myself and slipped off his thighs onto the floor. Om stood up and I stood on my knees holding Om’s giant pillar like hairy and muscular thighs. I clinged to his thighs and kissed them. Om’s pubic balls covered with dense pubic hair dangled brushing my face. They were into my mouth and nostrils. I kissed them and licked them up. Om stroked my head.
‘Plz leave me today…’ I again pleaded.
‘Say it in my language…’ Om insisted.
‘I don’t know what to say for this…’ Though I had learnt a little bit of Hindi, I didn’t understand the most of it.
Om told me what to say. I tried to speak up what Om had instructed me to say.
‘Mujjey chodd do .. plz … Om mujjey chodd do … mujjey chodd do … Om plz…plz…’ I repeated it to appease my man.
I heard Naresh laughing loudly.
I turned around and looked at Naresh.
‘Why what’s wrong with you?’ I frowned at Naresh.
‘What you just said meant…fuck me Om plz fuck me … fuck me…’
Then Naresh instructed me to speak. And I repeated …
‘Om plz … maar lo meri gaand … phaad dalo ….mujjey ….chodd dalo … apni laundi bana lo …’
At this Naresh again laughed loudly and I understood that Naresh had been playing pranks.
Om pulled me by hair and drilled his hot masculine tool into my mouth and shoved it a little deeper and then began making to and fro motion. His cock caused a thunder storm inside my mouth, scraped it and sometimes would even penetrate deep upto my throat. I held on to my man’s strong thighs. He kept up his rhythm and mouth fucked me. My lips were stretched as his penis was too stout and hard fleshy rod. His penis tore my manliness apart once again. I was starving for fresh oxygen and just then Om filled my mouth with his hot manliness with a strong jet striking the walls of my mouth with full force down upto my throat. I swallowed it up and panted resting my head against my macho man’s muscular thighs and closed my eyes. It was exhausting. I took support of the bed and rested my head on it and sat on the floor.
I felt a strong hold holding me between my thighs from the back and thrusting me on the bed. It was Om. My legs still hung down the bed. Om removed my underwear and lifted me a little up holding my waist. My head was still resting on the bed and body hung in the air with Om holding my waist.
Om inserted his large penis into my small hole giving me unbearable pain. I cried and shouted and tears rolled down my eyes as I pleaded Om to let me go. His beastly hard, erect and hot lund (Om preferred that I call his penis as lund and my ass as gaand) drilled its way deeper and deeper into my gaand. I was torn and shredded. His lund was making violent movements inside me and was hurting me.
Just then I saw naked Naresh climbing onto the bed. I guessed his intention and in pain cried out.
‘Om plz stop him …aah … plz …oooh…. you fucking me is okay … you are my man … plz tell him ….aah…aah….’
By now Naresh pulled my head by my hair. I cried in pain holding his enormous arms and he inserted his hot, erect and enormous cock into my mouth and started making pelvic thrusts to shove it in and began mouth fucking me. The two Indian men were now fucking me. Om from behind drilling his hot lund into my soft gaand and Naresh pumping his enormous penis into my mouth. This was the most unexpected event I ever imagined. I experienced great pain. I was dangling in air, Om holding me by my waist and thrusting and making me shake in the forward direction, while Naresh holding me by my shoulders and his thrusts made me shake in the backward direction. I was fucked like a slut, a whore. I cried and cried but the two men were unaffected. Naresh cannot hold on for long and ejaculated into me his hot semen, some of it struck my face. I was again resting with my head on the bed and Om fucking me violently in my ass. Finally he too let loose his strong wave of hot manliness into me filling me up with it. He slowly moved out his lund and held my thigh and pulled me up on the bed. He lay beside me, my face into his profusely sweating wide chest. I embraced him and he wrapped me up in his arms. I licked his sweat off his enormous chest. He squeezed my butt and slapped on them and pulled my thigh over his muscular and hairy thigh. His rough hairy body was fucking my smooth body. Soon he was snoring and was sound asleep.
Now Naresh lifted me in his arms. I resisted but he didn’t budge. He took me to another bed put me on it and climbed over me and started smooching me. He was very forceful too. I resisted and opposed but all in vain. His tongue had drilled its way into my mouth forcibly and was mixing his manly saliva into my mouth. He kept sucking and smooching me hard. Then he rolled me on and made me lie with my chest on the bed and inserted his huge cock into my already lubricated ass. It slipped in easily. I felt uncomfortable under him and I didn’t like him over me. But I had no option, this robust male from India was also as irresistible as Om. He fucked me hard and moved violently inside me. He let his manliness flow into me and then moved out his cock and strangely again he put his cock onto my lips inserted it in and pumped a little and ejaculated the rest into my mouth. I felt disgusted. I didn’t like Naresh. He lay there over me, his cock in my mouth and my face between his hairy thighs with his pubic hair brushing my cheeks and lips. I heard him snoring. I lay in that position for quite a while. He again made some movements and shook his penis inside my mouth and lay still. I tried to move him away but couldn’t. After quite a time he himself turned to a side and set me free. I came up to Om’s bed and lay beside him kissing his chest. He held my butts and caressed them. I dug myself deeper and deeper into him.

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OM fucked John-Part I
I am John, 28 years old, a straight guy, fair and handsome with athletic build, blue eyed and blonde hair. There happened to be a stormy night, two years ago, when I was 26 that has left a scar on my manhood. That night it was raining heavily and I was alone at my home as everyone had gone for a function in a nearby town for two days. My friend Om, who was about 22 years then, was stuck in the rain and could not get back to his house that was far off, as he was on his bike. He called me up and asked if he could spend that night at my place. I told him to come. Om is very popular among the girls, because of his charming but aggressive nature, his dark and stunningly handsome looks and muscular body. He is a lady killer. He works as a gym instructor and belongs to a middle class family, while my family is affluent. I drive a car even then girls prefer to sit on his bike.
Okay! Now the doorbell rang and I went and opened the door. Om was standing right in front of me, all drenched up and water was dripping off his clothes. His white shirt, completely wet, was sticking to his body, making every curve visible. His hair were strewn. He likes to trim his beard, and that stubble gives him a sexy look.
He came in and I closed the door. He put his helmet and bike keys on the table and I went away to get him a towel. When I came he had taken off his shirt and jeans. I stood in awe. I had seen him bare for the first time and he looked glorious without them. His wide and well chiseled chest was covered with hair, attractively patterned, that gathered down the bottom of his chest to flow out in a narrow stream upto his naval where they spread around and down under his brief. His thighs were huge and calves very strong all covered with hair. His biceps were flexing as he moved to wipe off the water off his body. He was wearing a black thread round his neck and bicep. That somehow enhanced his manhood. The large bulge behind his underwear indicated the size of his manly tool. It was enormous. Om looked at me, and winked smilingly ‘ what happened John dear, where are you lost darling!’
No..Nothing…You have a great body..man!
Stay away…I am not that type…!
Neither am I…!
And we both laughed. He wrapped up the towel around his waist and took of his underwear. He demanded a bottle of scotch.
I offered to get him clothes, but he refused saying that he was comfortable that way. So, I brought a bottle of scotch and cooked up some chicken nuggets. We started the drinks. I enquired about his encounters with the girls. He started telling me proudly how they sucked his penis, and went mad when he fucked them.
He made one drink after another and that too on the rocks. I had given up after my second one as I am not used to drink too much. But he kept drinking and telling me his stories, which seemed would never end.
All this while, I kept staring at his hairy body as I had started admiring it. I have a smooth body with no hair at all, maybe I was attracted to him because of that.
He was much too intoxicated and I asked him to sleep. I prepared my own bed and asked him to sleep and came out into the balcony. It was still raining. Still Om’s stories of intercourse with his women kept circulating my thoughts.
I came in and saw him lying on the bed with his legs stretched leaving very little space for the other person. I got curiously attracted towards Om and went upto the bed, moved his heavy leg and made a little space for me to lie down beside him. Om held his one palm under his head so my face closely rubbed hair in his armpit, they had an intoxicating odour. Some of them entered my mouth and I sucked them and they were salty but they tasted great and I continued. I was aroused. When I was done with the armpits I ensured that he was sleeping and then rested my hand on his hairy chest. I again felt a rush of adrenaline in my body and I raised myself a bit and rested my head on his chest. I was excited as the hair on his chest rubbed against my face entering my nostrils and mouth. I caressed his chest and sucked his nips. By now Om was aroused. He had embraced me and pressed my head hard against his chest. I was shocked and raised my head to see if Om had woken up. But he hadn’t, I sighed in relief and again rested on his chest. After sometime I decided to sleep and gave his chest a last kiss and lied on one side. But Om was not satisfied he turned towards me and dragged me onto his body. He held me against his muscular body. He then held my by my butts and gave some pelvic thrusts as if he was out to fuck me. My face rubbed against his wide chest. I ran my hands on his wide back. He then violently threw off his towel. I tried to see what he was upto but he held my head tightly onto his muscular chest, took my hand in his hand and rested it on his penis.
Oh my god…it seemed hard like a rock, hot and large. My manhood resisted and I jerked my hand off it. But Om didn’t loosen his grip on me and kept holding me tight. He stroked his penis for a while and then again pulled my hand and rested it again on his hot and hard rod. I caressed it as there seemed no other way out. It was quite large and stout. I had to run my hand along it to cover its full length and my palm felt insufficient to hold its entire girth. I was still rubbing and caressing the penis of the man who seemed to be the machismo personified and had reduced a man like me to his lust object.
He thrust my head between his muscular thighs and now his hot penis rubbed against my face. I tried to free myself but Om’s hold and desire was stronger for me move away. I saw his enormous penis and gave in as Om didn’t budge. His penis had pubic hair all around. It was stinking but he pressed me harder into it. My lips were on his pubic balls and I licked them. They tasted great and I forgot the stink. I rushed my tongue all through the length of the enormous penis and kissed its tip. Om held his penis in his hand and forced it into my mouth and pressed my head so that penis inserts deeper into me. He started rocking. His penis shoved in and out of me. I couldn’t believe I was being fucked by this Indian man, whom I used to look down upon and now I was down under him literally. He was fucking me and his hot rod was scraping my mouth. He turned and was all over me. I was struck under his big thighs moving vehemently stroking my body and rubbing my smooth body. The hard and rough man continued with his desire and I kept sucking his penis against my wish. Suddenly a strong stream of hot and sticky liquid struck in my mouth and it was filled completely with Om’s manliness. I gulped down every drop of it. Om lay that way for sometime with his penis still in my mouth. It had somewhat loosened.
When Om’s hold was loose I moved away. I was tired so lay there for sometime and decided that I’ll go into another room and sleep. But before I could move away, Om dragged me again and pulled off the knickers and tee that I was wearing. I was only in an underwear struggling to get off the clutches of the man filled with lust fucking my manhood unconsciously. He stripped me off and thrust his penis into my asshole. But it was very small for the man’s large and stout penis. He made me lie with my chest on the bed and climbed over me. His strong thighs widened my thighs to open up the hole and forcefully introduced his hard and hot tool into my little hole. I was painful and cried in pain to let me go. But Om didn’t listen to me and the tip of the large penis had entered me. The pain was unbearable, my body shook tremendously. Om kept pushing it deeper and deeper into me. Lubricated by his precum my ass gave in and within a few moments Om inserted his penis into me with forceful jerks. I was completely torn feeling a man’s penis into me. Though I was not as charming as Om, I had my followings. The women drooled over me but today I was being fucked. My penis that fucked the women was hapless as today it was Om’s penis that was in full action. He slowly began pulling and pushing his penis into me. The heat just burnt me the friction of the hard rocklike dick was unbearable. He got into his rhythm and kept fucking me hard.
I kept crying and sighing and panting, pleading Om to leave me. He thrusts got wilder and wilder and we were violently shaking. The man over me and me under him in his embrace. I was amazed at the stamina of Om. This lasted for quite a time. We were shaking badly his penis (or lund as he would call it) was moving in and out wild and hard. Later he ejaculated and filled my ass with his manhood. He still lay over me. His penis was now relaxed but I was in pain. I don’t know when did I fall asleep, in his arms all fucked up.
In the morning, Om shook me. I opened my eyes and found my self in Om’s arms.
‘What happened… John…Why are we in this condition? Did something happened in the night…?
I was ashamed and nodded my head affirmingly.
‘What…what happened?… I fucked you!’
‘Why didn’t you resist?’
‘I tried to…’
‘Why didn’t you go into another room.’
‘You didn’t let me…’
I was feeling awkward and hid my face in his wide chest.
‘Oh Om what have you done…’
‘It seems you enjoyed the night’
I put my hand on Om’s chest and moved deeper into him.
‘Oh meri Jaan, then I would like to smooch you…’
I looked at him, astonished.
‘You have lady like lips, juicy’
He winked and his hold got tighter. He raised my head and put his lips on mine and sucked. Slowly he was again lying over me sucking my juicy lips. His tongue ran into my mouth tasting every bit. I was aroused and struggled under his massive body. His hairy body was fucking every part of my smooth body.
After he was satisfied he stood up and got ready to leave. His clothes had dried up and he wore them. I offered him the breakfast but he said that he had enough in the night. I understood what he meant and blushed a little. It seemed I had accepted him as my man and myself as his sexual object.

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Om fucked my girlfriend in front of me...
Hi I am John again with the second part of Om fucked John. I gave it a different title as I found the first one to be awkward.
Om had left in the morning and I was exhausted so I went to sleep. But soon woke up as guilt had conquered my mind and I wanted to talk to someone. I thought of Anne, my girlfriend. She had been very supportive in the past and we were going to get married in the near future. I called her up but she was busy and said that she wont be able to meet that day. I kept watching movies, listened to music. Then my brother called up to say that they won’t be coming today. They would reach the next day in the evening. It was 6 P.M. and I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything at all. I would remember Om and get disturbed. Suddenly my train of thoughts was stopped by the sound of the doorbell. I hurried to see who it was. I flung open the door and was astonished to see Om again.
‘You….’ I stammered.
‘Yesterday you had enjoyed, let me enjoy today….’ He said with a devilish smile.
‘Please Om, I am already feeling guilty…. Not again….. please leave me….’
But he stubbornly got in.
‘There is nothing to be guilty about… its between two of us….’
I didn’t know what to say. Loneliness was killing me, so I thought he would be a company….
‘You want a drink… but only one. You become a beast when you are drunk….’
And we laughed.
‘Bring it on baby…’ Om smiled.
He pulled of his tee, displaying his macho hairy chest. That again gave me goose bumps.
‘What are you up to?’ I frowned.
‘What you were upto yesterday….’
‘See Om….’
‘Don’t argue so much Jaan….’
‘I am not Jaan … I am John…’
By now he unzipped his jeans, and pulled my hand. He sat on the sofa.
‘Om go to the bedroom. What if someone comes and finds you like this….’
‘You also come with me…’
‘First you go…’
‘We’ll go together…’. He lifted me up in his arms as he would carry a lady.
I pleaded him to leave me, but he didn’t budge.
He took off his jeans displaying those mighty hairy thighs and that iron rod behind his speedos so hot and so hard.
He pulled me and threw off his underwear. His large cock was erect waiting for me. He put my hand on the burning rod. I felt a rush of adrenaline flow through my body.
‘C’mon darling rub it caress it suck it….’
But he didn't let me go. I became helpless and prepared myself to obey me. I licked his pubic balls and ran my tongue all through to the top of the penis.
'You might have sucked and licked a lollypop... its the same thing here....'
‘Now suck it jaan….’ Saying this he pressed my head towards it and with his hand he shoved it into my mouth.
Again I went with the wind and started enjoying the job.
‘You are not a good cock-sucker, someone needs to teach you. Is this the way you sucked it yesterday.’
‘I didn’t much suck it, as you made me suck it. You literally fucked me in the mouth…’
‘Wow, that’s a great idea….’
‘No Om please, don’t do that…’
‘You need to learn how to suck a cock…’
‘Should I teach him…’
My eyes were wide open. It was Anne. She has a spare key so she entered without even waiting to call me up.
‘Who is she…?’ Om enquired.
‘I am Anne, his girlfriend…I would be happy to teach him how to suck a cock…’
I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know what to say.
She readily held Om’s large cock, looked at it and praised it.
‘Your penis is very large and looks delicious….what’s your name…?
‘Om…So go on baby, let me fill you with my manliness….’
Anne kissed his dick with delight. She licked it like a lollypop. She began tasting it , ran her tongue all over it and then sucked it. They both caressed each other. Om took off her top. Now she was wearing bra and her skirt. Whenever Anne pulled out the penis to say something, Om would pull her by the hair and again shove in his large and hot penis into her mouth. She panted.
‘Learn this John, next time you’ll have to suck like this.’
Anne kept sucking it delightfully, until they both stopped for a while…
Anne rested her head on his hairy thigh,caressing his enormous penis. Her lips had some drops of the man’s cum. She licked them up. I felt awkward.
‘Om you are hard on…never had such an experience…Aaah… I am your slave….’
I was getting irritated.
‘We never had this kind of a thing between us…’ I complained.
‘Inspiration, dear….You bloody cock-sucker.’ She replied sarcastically.
She was still caressing his balls kissing them and licking his penis.
Om pulled her up in his arms and they started kissing and smooching each other. He pulled off her skirt. Anne caressed his wide chest and got deeper and deeper into him. He now pulled off the strap of her bra and dig his lips on her breasts. She sighed and moaned and kept kissing him. They were now tossing and turning in the bed wildly.
When it was unbearable, I went up and tried to stop Om. He pushed me aside.
‘Om please stop this, what are you doing….?’
He didn’t seem to listen so I pulled him by his arm. But he pulled it off and pushed me away again. He had taken off her bra and threw it on my face. I couldn’t bear this and again went and held his arm.
‘Anne let me first see him….’ Om said to her. His cock was hard on. He pulled me on the bed and stripped me off. I tried to escape but couldn’t move out of his hold. I was under him again, my chest on the bed and his enormous hard and hot cock ready to tear my ass and fuck me.
‘No Om please don’t ….Aah leave me… let go… please….ohhh…nooo….’
By now the tip of his cock had pierced me and I cried in great pain.
‘Om please … don’t push it deeper its hurting…aah….’
But Om was furious, as I had disturbed his pleasure. He pushed it and kept applying more force. I was again feeling the heat of his penis.
This Indian man was irresistible, when he was onto something. His hot body was moving wildly making me vibrate. We were shaking violently. A man was being fucked by another man. And the worse part was that it was happening in front of Anne. He slapped my butts now and then and kept on his rhythm. I kept pleading and crying but he didn’t seem to listen. Now it was no use, as he had already ejaculated into me. I realised that Anne was also clinging to him and they were lip-locked all this while. That’s why he didn’t say anything but kept moving his cock to and fro into me tearing my ass.
We were two men with one woman, but actually it seemed to be two women with The Man. I kept moaning in pain as my ass was bleeding. He had torn it apart.
But it didn’t seem to affect the two as they started tossing and turning by my side on the bed. He had started fucking her hard and she was crying for more and more. Om fucked her to his heart’s desire and then left the two of us and went away. I was neither in a position to nor had any wish to talk to her. She dressed up and left and we’ve never met since then. Though I heard Om had started visiting her, He even fucked me up a couple of times. Sometimes in the gym, sometime in a hotel. Once he even took me to India. I have no preference for guys, But Om rocks.

Posted : 02/05/2011 1:20 pm

is this all true or just a way of narrating the story... seems all cooked up but very nice...

Posted : 02/05/2011 3:45 pm

Only a little of it is true and rest is spiced up!!! Just to make up a sexy story!!!

Posted : 04/05/2011 9:43 am

It seems you love dicks more than the pussy. You explain what the cock did to you in more details.

Posted : 04/05/2011 10:17 am

i'd luv to explain what your dick does to me too....! if only there is a chance!

Posted : 26/05/2011 2:41 pm