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Om fucked my girlfriend in front of me...


Hi I am John again with the second part of Om fucked John. I gave it a different title as I found the first one to be awkward.
Om had left in the morning and I was exhausted so I went to sleep. But soon woke up as guilt had conquered my mind and I wanted to talk to someone. I thought of Anne, my girlfriend. She had been very supportive in the past and we were going to get married in the near future. I called her up but she was busy and said that she wont be able to meet that day. I kept watching movies, listened to music. Then my brother called up to say that they won’t be coming today. They would reach the next day in the evening. It was 6 P.M. and I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything at all. I would remember Om and get disturbed. Suddenly my train of thoughts was stopped by the sound of the doorbell. I hurried to see who it was. I flung open the door and was astonished to see Om again.
‘You….’ I stammered.
‘Yesterday you had enjoyed, let me enjoy today….’ He said with a devilish smile.
‘Please Om, I am already feeling guilty…. Not again….. please leave me….’
But he stubbornly got in.
‘There is nothing to be guilty about… its between two of us….’
I didn’t know what to say. Loneliness was killing me, so I thought he would be a company….
‘You want a drink… but only one. You become a beast when you are drunk….’
And we laughed.
‘Bring it on baby…’ Om smiled.
He pulled of his tee, displaying his macho hairy chest. That again gave me goose bumps.
‘What are you up to?’ I frowned.
‘What you were upto yesterday….’
‘See Om….’
‘Don’t argue so much Jaan….’
‘I am not Jaan … I am John…’
By now he unzipped his jeans, and pulled my hand. He sat on the sofa.
‘Om go to the bedroom. What if someone comes and finds you like this….’
‘You also come with me…’
‘First you go…’
‘We’ll go together…’. He lifted me up in his arms as he would carry a lady.
I pleaded him to leave me, but he didn’t budge.
He took off his jeans displaying those mighty hairy thighs and that iron rod behind his speedos so hot and so hard.
He pulled me and threw off his underwear. His large cock was erect waiting for me. He put my hand on the burning rod. I felt a rush of adrenaline flow through my body.
‘C’mon darling rub it caress it suck it….’
But he didn't let me go. I became helpless and prepared myself to obey me. I licked his pubic balls and ran my tongue all through to the top of the penis.
'You might have sucked and licked a lollypop... its the same thing here....'
‘Now suck it jaan….’ Saying this he pressed my head towards it and with his hand he shoved it into my mouth.
Again I went with the wind and started enjoying the job.
‘You are not a good cock-sucker, someone needs to teach you. Is this the way you sucked it yesterday.’
‘I didn’t much suck it, as you made me suck it. You literally fucked me in the mouth…’
‘Wow, that’s a great idea….’
‘No Om please, don’t do that…’
‘You need to learn how to suck a cock…’
‘Should I teach him…’
My eyes were wide open. It was Anne. She has a spare key so she entered without even waiting to call me up.
‘Who is she…?’ Om enquired.
‘I am Anne, his girlfriend…I would be happy to teach him how to suck a cock…’
I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know what to say.
She readily held Om’s large cock, looked at it and praised it.
‘Your penis is very large and looks delicious….what’s your name…?
‘Om…So go on baby, let me fill you with my manliness….’
Anne kissed his dick with delight. She licked it like a lollypop. She began tasting it , ran her tongue all over it and then sucked it. They both caressed each other. Om took off her top. Now she was wearing bra and her skirt. Whenever Anne pulled out the penis to say something, Om would pull her by the hair and again shove in his large and hot penis into her mouth. She panted.
‘Learn this John, next time you’ll have to suck like this.’
Anne kept sucking it delightfully, until they both stopped for a while…
Anne rested her head on his hairy thigh,caressing his enormous penis. Her lips had some drops of the man’s cum. She licked them up. I felt awkward.
‘Om you are hard on…never had such an experience…Aaah… I am your slave….’
I was getting irritated.
‘We never had this kind of a thing between us…’ I complained.
‘Inspiration, dear….You bloody cock-sucker.’ She replied sarcastically.
She was still caressing his balls kissing them and licking his penis.
Om pulled her up in his arms and they started kissing and smooching each other. He pulled off her skirt. Anne caressed his wide chest and got deeper and deeper into him. He now pulled off the strap of her bra and dig his lips on her breasts. She sighed and moaned and kept kissing him. They were now tossing and turning in the bed wildly.
When it was unbearable, I went up and tried to stop Om. He pushed me aside.
‘Om please stop this, what are you doing….?’
He didn’t seem to listen so I pulled him by his arm. But he pulled it off and pushed me away again. He had taken off her bra and threw it on my face. I couldn’t bear this and again went and held his arm.
‘Anne let me first see him….’ Om said to her. His cock was hard on. He pulled me on the bed and stripped me off. I tried to escape but couldn’t move out of his hold. I was under him again, my chest on the bed and his enormous hard and hot cock ready to tear my ass and fuck me.
‘No Om please don’t ….Aah leave me… let go… please….ohhh…nooo….’
By now the tip of his cock had pierced me and I cried in great pain.
‘Om please … don’t push it deeper its hurting…aah….’
But Om was furious, as I had disturbed his pleasure. He pushed it and kept applying more force. I was again feeling the heat of his penis.
This Indian man was irresistible, when he was onto something. His hot body was moving wildly making me vibrate. We were shaking violently. A man was being fucked by another man. And the worse part was that it was happening in front of Anne. He slapped my butts now and then and kept on his rhythm. I kept pleading and crying but he didn’t seem to listen. Now it was no use, as he had already ejaculated into me. I realised that Anne was also clinging to him and they were lip-locked all this while. That’s why he didn’t say anything but kept moving his cock to and fro into me tearing my ass.
We were two men with one woman, but actually it seemed to be two women with The Man. I kept moaning in pain as my ass was bleeding. He had torn it apart.
But it didn’t seem to affect the two as they started tossing and turning by my side on the bed. He had started fucking her hard and she was crying for more and more. Om fucked her to his heart’s desire and then left the two of us and went away. I was neither in a position to nor had any wish to talk to her. She dressed up and left and we’ve never met since then. Though I heard Om had started visiting her, He even fucked me up a couple of times. Sometimes in the gym, sometime in a hotel. Once he even took me to India. I have no preference for guys, But Om rocks.

Posted : 23/04/2011 4:34 pm

I would like to know if anyone liked or disliked my post. plz reply.

Posted : 28/04/2011 3:12 pm

Great going, please keep it up,

and i think you must post all story in one thread, as there are so many stories and it would be very difficult to find second part of story somewhere else.


Posted : 30/04/2011 5:49 am

I will take care of that in future.

Posted : 02/05/2011 3:30 am