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Om Fucked Mariah


Hi I am John, once again. I am going to describe one more episode about Om and Me.
It was Christmas eve and I had thrown up a party for my friends at a hotel. Om was there too. It was a fun night. Everyone enjoyed. We had drinks, danced and gossiped a lot. After the party was over Om took me to his home.
It was small and somewhat shabby, his clothes lying here and there. Dishes and cups on the table.
‘Why don’t you get married?’ I asked him.
‘I will, the next year, when I’ll be back in India.’ Om answered.
‘Will you be going forever?’ I enquired.
‘Maybe’ Om replied recklessly.
‘And what about me?’
‘What … I can’t marry you!!!’ He said casually.
‘I am not saying that you marry me. But I am changed after that night when you fucked me.’ I explained with tearful eyes.
‘I did not do that knowingly’ Om again said in a reckless manner.
‘And what about now…’
‘You are also enjoying that.’ Om said in a harsh manner, ‘Now don’t spoil the mood, jaan.’
I also realised what I was expecting was not possible. To accept the feminism within me with a masculine cover was not easy for me and those close to me. And I had decided to hide it. It was to be just between Om and me. I just loved him. But he didn’t care.
When my train of thoughts stopped I saw Om had begun undressing himself. I forgot the struggle within me and indulged in watching the hot bod stud undressing himself. I had started to have a feeling of arousal.
Om only with his underwear on approached me, diffusing his warm manly aroma all around me and began stripping me.
When I was left with only my underwear, he embraced me.
‘Just live the moment baby. You’re my lady and I am your man tonight.’ He whispered in my ears.
He kissed my lips and his lustful tongue entered me, adulterating my saliva with my Indian man’s. He kissed me passionately and kept sucking me. His unshaven face was piercing my skin. I was in his arms, hugged tightly to his hairy body. I could feel the heat of lust ooze out of his body and warming up my body. As he moved, his rough hairy chest brushed my clean and smooth chest, churning up my desires and giving me feminine feelings. I wanted to just melt into him. He kept smooching me, thundering his tongue in my mouth.
He then picked me up in his arms, with his lips still locked on my red lips. He brought me to the bed. I had forgotten, that I had scowled at this untidy bed. I was just engaged in my man and deriving maximum pleasure that I could.
He put me on the bed and unlocked his lips from mine. He smiled at me. I blushed. My lips were all wet with Om’s saliva. I licked it. By now Om was lying beside me. His enormous and well built body was brushing mine. The woman inside me was all excited. I ran my fingers through his chest hair, I knew this gave him a manly feeling, though he didn’t need that. I began sucking his nipples covered with hair, and was damn aroused doing so.
‘So, you are not a gay.’ I asked him.
‘Not at all, darling,’ Om kissed my lips, ‘I have become, bisexual after I met you. I don’t know why I wanted you under me, from the time I first saw you and fuck you hard. I wanted your lips on my lund, and see I conquered you. Though you don’t behave like that, but I found you lady like. The woman inside you is more powerful than the man that you are.’
‘So what you did on that night was not unconscious act.’
‘I did not intend to do anything. You were aroused. Don’t you remember, you were first to suck my underarm hairs, then run your fingers on my chest and kissed my nipples. I tried to ignore, but you gave me a hard on. And once when my lund is erect, it needs to be calmed down in a proper way. I just did that.’
‘Oh, no! And I thought you were sound asleep.’
‘I was not baby.’
Om shook his penis and placed my palm on it, and I understood his instruction. I got up and held his large, erect and steaming hot lund in my hand and began licking it. I was feeling sensationalized.
‘So you fucked me consciously.’ I raised my head and asked.
Om thrust my head towards his lund and pierced it again into my mouth. I sucked it again.
‘I fucked you because you were a woman.’
‘What…?’ I again looked up.
He again thrust his lund into me and said, ‘As I said earlier, you have a woman inside you that is more powerful than the man you are. You saw me and the woman inside you got tempted. That’s all.’
‘Don’t you want to be fucked?’ I asked Om, once more taking the hot rod out of my mouth.
Om turned and got over me. My face was captured between his strong and hairy thighs and his stout lund all into my mouth. The hot piston began moving in me.
‘You like to be dominated. I gave you the chance to suck it freely and now see you are under me getting mouth fucked. And I am a strong man both inside and outside and just out to fuck and not get fucked like you. Understand.’
Saying this his movements over me got more fierce. I held his thighs and wanted to say to him to give me another chance. Om kept moving his lund into my mouth, my tongue was being scraped with that hot and hard fleshy rod. I was panting and tried to ask Om to stop, but my mouth was stretched to accommodate the large and stout penis, so unable to utter a single word. I just moved haplessly and caressed Om and kept moaning and wished he get satisfied soon and free me from this position. Om was getting more and more wild. He had held my head with both his hands in place and was fucking me hard. Gradually his pace slowed down and Om let loose a powerful stream of his hot manliness filling me up with it. I swallowed every drop of it.
I was very tired by now and Om was lying in the same position over me, with his lund which had sneaked its way upto my throat. Some moments later it again started getting harder. I understood that my Indian man lying over me is getting aroused again and going to fuck me hard.
He got off me and left some of his pubic hair sticking to my lips. I quickly removed them. Om moved to my side and holding my waist forced me to turn about with my chest on the bed. Om is aggressive and doesn’t wait for me and is always a dominating person whether in sex or other things. He won’t be bothered what I wished, he was only concerned with his pleasure. And I liked when Om dominated me. Maybe yes, I had that more powerful woman.
Om got up and brought vaseline and applied it on my hole.
‘What’s this?’ I enquired.
‘To make it easy for both of us.’ Om replied.
He slapped my butt and squeezed them in his palms. He rubbed my butts and drilled his hot rod into me. I felt enormous pain as usual and cried.
He kept trying to shove it in. He gave a powerful thrust and the hot beast entered my asshole.
‘Oh…no…Om….please…its hurting….’ I cried with pain.
The vaseline had lubricated me and Om’s lust filled fleshy rod entered me with comparative ease. Once it had entered me completely, Om began moving rhythmically with my legs spread wide apart. I was vibrating with Om’s thrusts. His powerful pelvic motion caused unbearable friction giving me a sweet pain. I started crying for more. Om got wilder and wilder. I was oscillating. Om kept fucking me to his heart’s (or I’d rather say his lund’s) content. He kept his rhythm which got slow and then he unleashed into me his gift of hot and sticky fluid. I was completely filled up with it. Om let his lund be into my gaand and after a while he moved and lay beside me grabbing me into his arms. I lay with my face on his chest feeling the sensation when his chest hair brushed my face.

His cellphone rang. He stretched his arm to pick it up and while he picked up the phone my face was in his underarm.
I stoked his chest and asked, ‘Who is it?’
Om turned and I was once again under him. His hairy chest brushed my face.
‘Mariah,’ He told me, ‘Your friend Chris’s girlfriend, whom I met tonight.’
‘Yes darling.’ He answered the phone.
‘Hellow Om. I am Mariah, we met tonight at Om’s party.’
Om had turned the speaker on, so that I could listen to what Mariah was saying.
‘Yes baby, I know, is there anything special. You called up this late.’
‘Can I meet you now, Om?’
‘Where, sweet heart?’
‘Anywhere you like. At your place, if there is no problem.’
‘Ok sweety! I am waiting for you!’
Then Om told her the address and disconnected.
‘I can’t believe this.’ I was astonished.
Om was lying by my side now, with a naughty smile on his face.
‘Chris is quite a good looking man, fair, handsome, and master of a macho body.’ I said.
‘Ahmmm.’ Om mocked me.
‘Yeah, not as good as yours. Except that your hairy body looks much more macho. In fact, you are machismo personified.’
‘Then?’ Om asked.
‘He has the ability to make any girl hook to him. He is charming and man enough.’ I explained.
‘He will be under me very soon on this very bed. I’ll show you.’
‘Oh no Om! Don’t do anything to him.’
‘He himself will come to me.’
‘That’s impossible.’
‘He had those expressions in his eyes. I kept avoiding. He also has a much more powerful woman inside him than a man he is. But now, you have praised him enough. Just to show you his manliness, I will fuck his gaand and make him suck my lund.’ Saying this he pressed my head into his thighs and drilled his again hot and erect cock into my mouth. I resisted as I was much too exhausted. So he again climbed over me and started mouth fucking me. He fucked me like a beast. But now when he was about to come, Om got over and crouched my chest and spattered his manliness on my face. With my tired hands I licked up the cream of my man’s lust.
Just then the doorbell rang. Om asked me to hurry up and get into another room. I quickly went into the adjoining room and looked through the half shut door.
Om wrapped up his towel round his waist and opened the door. He came in with Mariah. She was wearing a white top and her boobs oozed out of it. Her mini skirt displayed her waxed smooth and sexy legs. She was gorgeous and sexy.
As they got in Mariah rested her delicate hands on Om’s wide chest and kissed his neck. This was enough for Om. He wrapped her up in her arms, unbuttoned her shirt and placed his burning lips on Mariah’s bra covered curvaceous bulges and sucked them.
‘Oh Om… sss…..aaah….ummmm…..I am incomplete…fill me up….’
Om slipped down the strap of her bra and cupped her breast in his palm and softly squeezed it. Mariah moaned and hugged Om. She had surrendered herself in her man’s arms. Om was filled with lust. He took off her bra and Mariah easily let it slip out. It seemed she had come well planned, that she is going to seduce Om. But she didn’t know Om was ready to fuck her.
Om rubbed her bare boobs and Mariah moaned with ecstasy. He lifted her perfect figure in his arms and kissed his pink nipples and then began to suck her. Mariah kept moaning and crying. She was pleased beyond her expectations.
I felt jealous of Mariah. She could give him the pleasure of her boobs and her pussy to Om, and I could not. Om treated her with delicacy and was so harsh with me.
Om let her stand on the floor, still hugging her, his hairy chest crushing her soft and delicate boobs. Mariah ran her hands all through his chest and shoulders and biceps and arms feeling every twitch of muscle that flexed when Om loved her.
Om unzipped her skirt and let it drop down revealing her pink laced panty. He slowly picked her up and lay her on the bed and then climbed the bed himself. He bent over her liplocking her and caressing her large boobs. They kissed each other passionately. Om pulled her into him and she dragged wanting to amalgamate into Om. She was getting mad. Her legs moved violently as Om smooched her and rubbed her.
Still sucking her, his hand moved to her waist and then to her thigh. He rubbed her body and then slowly removed her panty. At this Mariah got wilder and her legs moved on the bed rubbing it with her heels. She was excited and aroused. Now Om pulled off his towel displaying his hard, enormous burning rod. He climbed onto her and pushed his fleshy rod of steaming lust into her pussy. She hummed as she was still liplocked with Om. Om started his slow and rhythmic thrust drilling her deeper and deeper and inciting the fire of desire in her. They were locked. Om’s body rubbed Mariah’s body buried under him. Om was getting wilder and wilder. He moved violently shaking Mariah with him. They vibrated with lust. Mariah was ecstatic enjoying her man of the night fucking her.
‘Aaah… my man …. I am …your slave … fuck me harder …. Aah….aah….mmm…sss…’ Mariah cried out loud as Om had begun kissing her neck and boobs.
The wild motions stopped as Om ejaculated and filled her up with his manliness. He lay over her.
I was getting uneasy. I thought of Chris and the mistrust she had displayed. She was not faithful. But then I remembered what Om said about Chris, but couldn’t believe.
A few moments later, I heard Om snoring. I peeped and saw both of them sleeping in each other’s arms. I lay on the bed in my room and kept thinking about Chris, then remember Om fucking Mariah. I was disturbed. I heard some noise and stood up and looked that Om was fucking Mariah again. She was moaning and shrieking under him as the man was moving with his perfect rhythm wrapping up Mariah. They were enjoying the night. I was uneasy and could not sleep. Their lust filled voices kept echoing in the room.
That night Om fucked her up six times. In the morning when I was about to come out of the room, I saw Mariah on her knees holding Om’s muscular legs and Om’s hot lund into Mariah’s mouth. She was sucking it with full vigour and passion.
I had decided that I will tell Chris all about this.
After they were contented, Om picked up Mariah in his arms and went to the bathroom for a shower and seeing the opportunity I dressed up and quickly left.

In the evening Om called up to tell me that Chris had joined his gym and was signaling him of his intentions. He said that he’s gonna rock him up the next day.

Next day in the evening Om called me up and asked me to come to his place to see Chris get fucked up. I reached there. Chris was to come an hour later. Om told me that he had signaled his acceptance and gave him his address. To enjoy the time, Om’s lund was again in my mouth and he sat on the bed and I with my knees bent on the floor between his thighs sucking my man’s enormous cock.
‘Your buddy is a gay and likes fucking and getting fucked up.’ Om said.
I silently sucked his cock, as he would mouth fuck me if I didn’t do it properly. He rubbed my head and back, and would sometime press my head deeper within his thighs, and then his lund would drill its way upto my throat. He finally ejaculated into my mouth.
After he was satisfied he made me hide in the other room.

Sometime later Chris arrived looking hungrily at Om. I was awestruck. I didn’t expect Chris to be so. Om shook hand with him and jerked him. Chris was clinging to Om, his face rubbing against Om’s chest.
‘You’ve got a marvelous body, man.’ Chris exclaimed.
‘I’ve got an enormous lund too.’ Om replied.
‘What’s a lund?’ Chris asked.
‘You call your delicate ones penis, I call my stronger one lund.’ Om said.
‘I have an enormous one too.’ Saying this he unzipped and removed his jeans and displayed his penis.’
It was smaller in comparison to Om’s.
Now Om displayed his huge one and Chris’s eyes were wide open.
‘Holy Christ! You are gonna tear me apart with this. Gosh!!! Man your penis is too large and too stout.’
‘Call it lund, my baby.’
Both men were undressed. Chris was a beefcake with lots of muscle and no body hair. In contrast Om looked stronger with his muscles and hairy body.
Chris caressed Om’s hairy chest and kissed it passionately and Om had wrapped him up in his strong arms crushing his body in his embrace.
‘You are very strong my man, aah, never had such a feeling.’ Chris cried with ecstasy.
Om held Chris’s hand and put it on his steaming rod of desire.
‘You are hot Om. Your… eh… l..l..lund is exciting.’
Chris rubbed it and kept praising it.
‘Your penis …’ Chris corrected ‘ aah lund is too hot and rocking man.’
‘Yes darling, now suck it.’
‘You are ordering me.’ Chris looked up at Om.
‘I don’t obey orders.’ Chris frowned.
‘But I make people obey me.’
Saying this Om pushed him closer to his pubic region and Chris’s face brushed against his pubic hair covered balls.
‘Ah don’t force me like this…’ Chris shrieked. He was beginning to understand that the Indian man was irresistible and he was no match to Om’s strength.
Chris licked the tip of lund and became submissive. Om pushed his lund into Chris’s mouth and Chris started sucking it.
‘Holy God! Chris was an expert at sucking cock.’ I thought.
Chris would pull out the lund to gasp for air as I knew that Om keeps pushing his lund into the other person deep into their throat. Whenever Chris stopped, Om would apply pressure and make his resume his job again. Chris was into Om’s strong hairy thighs, clinging to them and sucking Om’s lund.
‘Enjoying it darling?’ Om asked and Chris nodded affirmatively.
Now Om pulled Chris on the bed and made him lie on his back.
‘What are you doing?’ Chris cried.
Om didn’t say anything and crouching on his chest.
‘Om what are you going to do?’
Om touched his penis lips on Chris’s lips.
‘Oh no you are going to mouth fuck me… no …please…don’t do this to me…’ Chris was crying.
Om inserted his hot and erect beast into Chris’s mouth. Chris tried to move Om away but couldn’t. He lay hapless as Om was in his rhythmic movement making his lund thrust to and fro fucking Chris of his manly ego. Om’s lund fucked his mouth. Finally Om ejaculated into Chris, who gulped down the hot flow of Om’s semen.
I came out of the room. Chris didn’t notice me as he was bearing the pain caused to him by Om’s lund. Om lay crouching on Chris, his stout lund filling up the mouth of Chris.
Just then the doorbell rang. I sprang up, who could it be. Om asked me to open the door.
Now Chris noticed me and was all full of guilt and shame.
When I opened the door I saw an enormous young man standing. He stared at me and asked for Om. By now Om had heard him.
‘Hey Rana, get in.’ Om called out.
I let him get in. After locking the door I followed Rana into the room.
Rana saw Om laying beside Chris with Chris panting and Om’s lund rubbing his face.
‘Having a rocking time fucking these firangs, nice job. They deserve this.’ Rana exclaimed.
‘What is firang?’ I enquired.
‘You people, as we call you there in India. The white people, the britishers.’
‘You wanna have fun.’ Om asked Rana.
‘First let me see you fuck this huge one.’ Rana pointed to Chris.
‘You take John and have fun.’ Om directed him towards me.
I didn’t like the idea.
‘Rub it Chris, my darling.’ Om instructed.
‘You had your share of fun, now its my turn.’ Chris said panting.
‘I don’t suck cocks, I fuck asses.’ Om said harshly.
‘This is not fair.’ Chris tried to raise himself.
Om forcibly turned Chris over and climbed onto him. He separated his thighs wide apart and put his heating lund on his asshole.
‘Oh no! Om, your cock is too large and too stout for my ass. It will get shredded.’ Chris shrieked and cried.
‘I have to fulfil your lust for me, be a woman and you’ll enjoy.’
‘John please tell him not to fuck me.’ Chris exclaimed.
I did not dare to say anything. Om gave a forceful thrust and his stout beast got stuck into Chris’s ass. Om started pumping up his lust into Chris.
Chris was crying out loud and begging of mercy. Om didn’t pay heed to him and kept drilling him deeper and deeper. His thrust got wilder and wilder and Chris cried louder and louder. Chris was completely in Om’s grip and was being fucked to death.
He was throwing his arms and legs to ease up his pain, but it was all in vain.
Rana was enjoying the moment and cheered Om to fuck him harder and harder.
Now Rana was aroused and looked at me. I got frightened to see the lust filling up in the eyes of the massive man, Rana.
‘Your lips are very juicy, darling.’ He said.
‘Uh … please … leave me …’ I begged.
Rana held me by my waist and placed his hungry lips on mine. He sucked me for a while, he smelled immensely of tobacco and alcohol. I resisted.
‘Please, you are stinking, … I mean not today … some other day …please.’ I again begged of him.
Now he caught me in his enormous arms and sucked me like a beast. His tongue entered my mouth mixing up his filthy saliva into my mouth. I tried to escape but couldn’t free myself of the clutches of the Indian man.
He took me into the other room and undressed himself. He had a fine body too equivalent to Om’s. But he was much too hairy. He had dense hair on his chest, even on his shoulders and biceps. His thighs were also covered with hair and hair even oozed out of his underwear. I tried to run into the other room, he ran after me and got hold of my wrist and pulled me. He quickly in a jerk lifted me on his shoulder and advanced towards the bed where he threw me off violently. I rested on the bed with a bang and panted. By now Rana had got over me, he tore off my clothes as I resisted. I cried and tears rolled down my cheeks. He indulged himself in satisfying his hunger. He took off my shredded clothes and climbed over me. His penis touched my butts and transferred its heat into me. His penis was a little less larger and less stout than Om’s. But even then it was an enormous one. He pumped it into me and began fucking me. I was being raped. I couldn’t move in his tight clutch. He tore me up. He was shaking vigorously over me and I was vibrating due to his thrusts. Rana’s lips were kissing my neck and his extremely hairy body was scrubbing my skin. Rana was moving and I was shaking under him still begging for mercy.
I could even hear Chris’s shrill cry as he was being shaken by Om fiercely moving over him.
Rana had cum and filled me up with his hotness. He lay there, his penis stuck in my ass. He was sweating profusely and had a foul odour. I kept bearing him as my requests would have no effect. But this was also difficult to bear him. He moved out and lit up a cigarette and went to the other room where Om was fucking Chris. They had a short talk.
Rana came back into the room. I saw his penis was erect once again. He lifted me up in his arms close to his chest and carried me into the room in which Om was lying with Chris under him. Om got up pulling out his long penis out of Chris. Chris scowled and cried. Rana put me beside Chris. Om and Rana went to the sitting room and sat there talking and drinking alcohol.
Chris and me both looked at each other and said nothing. We were too exhausted and wanted rest.
Om and Rana again entered the room and Om came upto me and I was relaxed. He laid down over me and started rubbing me softly. He was smelling of alcohol too.
Chris had to bear Rana now. Rana pulled him up and dragged him to his beastly furry body. Chris shrieked and Rana filled him up in his arms and started smooching him. Chris struggled to get free, as Rana was stinking. Rana lied over Chris and then turned him over and started fucking him. Chris again cried of pain. He realised that he was here to be fucked or more precisely raped. His fantasies of pleasure had died.

These Indian men fucked us firangs Chris and me. Om fucked me twice and made me suck his dick. He ejaculated all over me.
Rana also fucked Chris a few times.
Chris had come thinking that they both will fuck each other and suck each other’s penis. But he was not left with any stamina and was only fucked and had to suck Om’s and Rana’s lund. And I was fucked by this stranger, just because I wanted to see Chris fucked up by Om.

Om had told Chris about his sexual episode with Mariah and left Chris fucked up both physically as well as mentally.

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gr8 going!!! why r u after firangs and making them fuck by the indians? reply plz.....

Posted : 10/05/2011 1:45 pm

hey i was fucked up by a robust indian man....itz just a characterisation....

Posted : 26/05/2011 2:39 pm