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I stumbled home at about 3:30am, struggled to get my key in the door, eventually gained entry to the house, and staggered up the stairs to my bedroom. Bouncing off both sides of the doorway, I almost fell into the bedroom and collapsed on my bed. I was so drunk, I forgot to close the door.

I lay there for a few minutes trying to steady my reeling brain. It had been a great night out with the lads, starting in the bar and moving on to the nightclub. We had all got really drunk, been quite boisterous, and had a tremendous laugh.

In the nightclub we had bumped into a group of girls who we had proceeded to chat up and buy drinks for all night. There was one of them in particular I had been flirting with, a tall blond with huge tits. Her and I had met in the corridor outside the toilets and had a passionate kissing session, during which both of our hands had wandered all over the others’ body. The girl had me so turned on and gagging for sex that I asked her if she wanted to leave with me early. She had refused, saying that she wouldn’t go away without her friends.

At some point in the night, the girls disappeared, and we all had to go home without getting anything more than some kissing and feeling up with them. Who knows why they abandoned us? All I knew was that I was home, completely drunk, and horny as hell. I try to never go to sleep loaded with this much of an unreleased sexual urge; I had to free some of it or I wouldn’t get a good sleep.

I slowly and clumsily got undressed, and lay back on my bed to masturbate away the tension in my balls. Taking my dick in my hand I started to massage it hard, imagining the big breasted girl who had abandoned me in the club after getting me so worked up.
I lay there for a while, stroking away at my cock, taking my time and enjoying the release of the pent up pressure.

Suddenly I became aware of something. I opened my eyes slightly, and, in the corner of my vision, finally noticed that I had left the door open. But the frightening thing was that there was someone in the doorway, standing watching me.

Had I been more sober I would have jumped with fright and cowered under the covers, but I was so drunk that I just looked stupidly over to the doorway with my eyes widening in shock. My hand had stopped moving, but still held onto my slightly softening dick.

Samantha, my 18 year old sister stood in the doorway. Sweet young innocent Samantha, dressed in a knee length night shirt, her shoulder length red hair tousled and messy, her green eyes wide and staring, stood there watching me masturbate. How long she had been there I could only imagine.

In my hand, my cock twitched and stiffened. Behind the drunken haze where my brain lay, I wanted to be horrified and shocked, but I was actually really turned on by the fact that my sister was watching me. My hand started to stroke up and down my shaft again as I lay there and looked over at Samantha.

Her eyes never left my hand and dick. She stepped forward into the room, slowly, nervously. She closed the door behind her, her eyes following the movement of my hand the whole time.

She slowly walked across the room to stand before my bed, looking down at my cock being manipulated by my hand. My head was whirling; I should be jumping up, forcing Samantha from the room, hiding my erect manhood from her, and certainly not continuing to stroke myself as she stood there watching. But there was something incredibly exciting about the fact that my innocent little sister was standing there mesmerised by my masturbation.

Samantha’s eyes came away from my dick for the first time, her face raised to look at mine, and in her young green eyes I saw curiosity and amazement. As I lay there looking up at her, continuing my administrations to my cock, my head filled with visions of what her young body was like under that nightshirt. For the first time in my life, I had a sexual fantasy about one of my sisters.

Samantha lowered herself, sat on the edge of the bed, and turned her eyes back to my stroking hand. She reached out tentatively, placed her hand on my wrist, and pulled my hand off of my cock. She hesitated for a couple of seconds, my dick throbbed and bulged, then she reached out and wrapped her small slender fingers around my shaft. Her touch sent an electrifying chill through my whole body.

Slowly, carefully, but with measured deliberateness, Samantha began to stroke her hand up and down my rock hard and pulsating dick. I gripped a handful of cover in each hand, my back arched in muscle wrenching pleasure, and every sinew of my body tightened. Had I still been in control, my hand would have been moving as fast as possible for these final few moments, but Samantha continued her slow controlled action, dragging the end out and torturing me with pleasure.

I could see that she was getting tired, that her arm was getting weak and slower, her grip less firm.

“I’m going to come soon, baby,” I whispered, encouraging her that the end was near.

Samantha took in a deep breath, held onto it, and pumped her hand with renewed strength.

When I came, I did so with a force and volume I had never managed to muster before. The first wave of cum erupted from the head of my cock, washing over Samantha’s hand and wrist, running around her slender lower arm and dripping on my thigh. As Samantha continued to pump my shaft, tightening her grip to force every drip of fluid from me, every muscle in my loins tightened and forced all traces of cum from me. It just kept pumping out for longer than I ever remember experiencing, and it felt better than any ejaculation I had known before; the fact that it was my sister who was administering the treatment took the feeling beyond the physical pleasure it is normally constrained to.

Samantha sighed with a happy whimper as she released the breath that she had been holding.

When Samantha’s hand finally stopped moving, and released me, I felt physically exhausted. She had not only drained my balls dry, she had sucked all of the energy and strength from my body. I lay there a physical wreck incapable of moving.

Samantha looked up at my face again. Our eyes locked and she smiled. She slowly rose to her feet, turned and walked away. As she opened the door, she looked back at me, still smiling. The door closed and Samantha disappeared.

I fell asleep eventually, and my night was full of dreams of my innocent sister. When I woke, it took me a while to figure out if I had dreamt the whole episode or if it had actually happened. Half of me felt an overwhelming dread and guilt, but the other half was so excited and turned on that my penis was actually starting to stiffen again as I remembered the touch of my sister.

Samantha had just turned 18 a few weeks ago, and was a pure and innocent girl. She had never had any serious boyfriends that any of the family knew about, and she would often show a naivety and lack of sexual knowledge rare in a girl of her age in these days. Having had a sexual encounter with such a girl was an unbelievable turn on, and my male urges and instincts were to get alone with her as soon as possible and try to take it further. But she was my sister. As her elder brother by almost eight years, I had always tried to protect and shield Samantha from boys, who I knew were only after sex, but now I found myself in the awkward position of desiring her for myself. It was all very confusing and painful on my hung-over brain. But it was also very exciting, and the thought of innocent little Samantha and me getting together was getting my manhood quite hard.

I got up and dressed, and headed downstairs, feeling quite apprehensive about how Samantha would react when we saw each other, especially if our parents or sister Gail were present at the time.

In the downstairs hallway I could hear the sounds of someone in the kitchen washing dirty dishes in the sink. I peeked round the doorway, and there was Samantha, standing at the sink with her back to me, still dressed in her nightshirt, but with her hair freshly washed and tied back in a pony tail.

I noticed for the first time how sexy the delicate shape of her neck and shoulders were, how graceful the curves were down her narrow back, over her slim waist and hips, and down over her perfectly round rear. Her legs looked smoother and more evenly muscled than I ever remember seeing them. I was getting really horny standing there examining Samantha for the first time as an object of sexual desire, but I was still unsure about whether or not I should, or even could, pursue my urges.

I silently retreated from the doorway and continued into the lounge. The room was empty. There was a note on the coffee table. I walked over and picked it up.

“Gone shopping early, so didn’t want to wake you up. Will be home lunch time” the note read, and was signed “Mum, Dad and Gail.”

Samantha and I were alone in the house. I stood for a few seconds, my mind aflame with possibilities, my logic and sense, and rational reason screaming at me to get out of the house and stay away from Samantha. But deeper and stronger than thought, I had an overwhelming urge to go into the kitchen right now and seduce my sister. Get in there right now while, hopefully, she is still possessed with whatever feelings drove her to her actions last night. Get in there while she still has whatever urges it was she had last night, and take things further.

Suddenly all resistance crumbled, and I turned and walked into the kitchen, coming slowly up behind Samantha. She must have heard me, as I made no effort to be silent, but she neither turned nor said anything. She must have known that there was only me in the house with her, and she must know that I was coming up behind her.

I stopped behind her, reached out and put my hands on her hips, and could feel her small frame trembling slightly beneath my touch.

“Good morning,” I said gently, as my hands started to run up and down her flanks.

“Good morning Jack,” Samantha replied, and I could see her hands had gripped the front edge of the sink. Her breath was quick and urgent. I hoped this was excitement and not panic.

I used my fingers to work up her nightshirt, pulling at the material until her slender thighs were bare. I pushed my hands under, running my fingertips up her warm flesh, over the straps of her panties and onto her hips, round to her flat stomach and then downward again.

“Jack, what are you doing?” Samantha asked, her voice trembling.

“Returning a favour,” I whispered in her ear as my right hand stroked down over her panties, tracing the shape of her bulge, my middle finger pressing into the widening opening between her lips. The material of her panties was getting warm and moist.

Samantha said nothing else, she simply gave a small moan, and her weight fell back onto me. I supported her body with my left arm as my right hand came back up and worked its way under the elastic of her panties, started down again into her soft pubic curls.

My fingers found her lips gorged with blood, swollen and excited, her clit hard and protruding, her opening moist and soft. My hand ran up and down, from the top to the bottom of her sexual area, my fingertips tickling every single spot of her, investigating and probing, leaving not a hair untouched or a muscle unstroked. All the while Samantha grew wetter and hotter.

Her body was getting limp, and I had to exert greater effort with my left arm to hold her upright. Lucky she was so small and slender. Through her nightshirt I could feel the large nipples of her small breasts growing and hardening in time with the softening and moistening of her vagina. Her breath was coming in short hard gasps, and her fingernails were digging into my left arm as she clung on to the support that was holding her on her feet.

My finger darted up and down her crack, penetrating her opening ever so slightly, just enough to draw out her juices and stimulate her soft inner membrane, running along her lips, and pressing and circling her clit. My finger was running up and down and round and in and out with controlled precision and speed. Samantha moaned and gasped as much as her shortness of breath would allow her, and her body was pulsing through moments of slackness that caused her to fall further into my grasp, and moments of muscle tightening tension that arched her back and raised her onto her toes.

She stood there, a helpless slave to my right hand, until she reached her climax. Her whole body tightened like steel, her back arched, forcing her shoulder blades into my body, and her head curved back as her eyes rolled into her head and her mouth opened wide in a loud scream of ecstasy. She had been quite silent up till now, but when Samantha screamed I feared that the neighbours would hear her. It was a sound so penetrating that it ran through my whole body, sending a chill of pleasure to my very bones, and spoke of great extremes of mind wrenching and physical pleasure.

I slowly removed my hand from her panties, allowed her nightshirt to fall back down, and put both my arms around her waist. I held her upright, the weight of her body loose and leaning into me.

Samantha looked back over her shoulder. I looked down into her eyes, huge green orbs all blurry and unfocused. My erect dick, which was pressed into her back, throbbed and pushed against her. Samantha smiled dreamily, turned round to face me, reached for my zipper and released my dick.

Just as Samantha’s hand wrapped round my shaft, the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway came through the window. Samantha gasped in horror.

“Mum and Dad,” she hissed, and fled from the room, running upstairs to her bedroom.

I tucked away my now shrinking manhood, and went to the door to help my parents and other sister in with the shopping they were returning with, all the while cursing them for their timing.

Over the next two weeks I grew almost insane. I desperately wanted to pursue things further with Samantha, but the chance never presented itself. I hoped franticly that she herself still had sexual urges towards her sibling, and that when the chance came, we could go all the way together.

Then one night, our other sister, Gail, was out at a friends house and staying there all night, and our parents had gone to my uncle’s house and said they would not be home till very late. Samantha was at the cinema with her friends, but I knew she would be home eventually. I sat on the sofa watching some boring movie on TV, waiting patiently.

It was getting late, and I had started to doze. I never heard the door opening, or Samantha entering the room. I was unaware of anything until I heard her saying my name.

“Jack.” Her voice penetrated the veil of light sleep that I had fallen behind.

“Jack,” she said again, louder, more insistent.

My eyes opened, to see Samantha standing before me. Naked.

She stood there, less then two feet from the sofa where I sat, her slender and delicate frame bare and pale. The slight curves of her body were accentuated by the glow of the TV at the side being the only light in the room, her small breast were firm and tight, standing out from her slight torso, the nipples huge and hard. Her hair was tied back from her face, and she stared me straight in the eyes.

As I sat there dumbfounded, unable to speak or act, she stepped forward, leaned over me and knelt, her knees straddling on either side of my thighs. My growing penis felt the pressure of her naked body pressing down atop it, exciting it more and driving it to greater hardness. Her tits pressed into my chest, and her breath washed over my face, her smell, both of her perfume and her female moistness, floated up my nostrils, sending my brain into convulsions of excitement.

My hands reached up, closing in on her sides, running up her hips and ribs, one hand going round her back to rub her fine body, the other hand coming to the front and cupping one of her tits, massaging gently and tweaking the nipple; her nipples were so big! The hand at her back ran down, running over her perfectly round buttocks, kneading gently at the soft flesh there.

Our noses were touching, both of our mouths were slightly open, my tongue protruded slightly as I pushed closer to her. Her hands grabbed my head, clamped to either side of my face, and she forced our lips together, sucking my tongue into her own mouth as she forced her own tongue into mine. For a moment we sat there, her astride me, the moistness of her dripping onto my groin, the hardness of me forcing up into her and threatening to burst through my trousers. Our mouths and tongues wrestled, pushed, sucked and slurped, kissing passionately like first-time teenagers.

Eventually I broke off from Samantha’s mouth. She whimpered in complaint, and gyrated her hips, seeking the pressure of my dick to replace my mouth as a source of pleasure.

“Samantha,” I said, “how far do you want to take this?” While I wanted to throw her to the floor and make love to my sister, I wouldn’t dare do so unless she wanted the same.

“How far?” she gasped. “All of the way Jack!” She tried to force her tongue back into my mouth, but I turned my mouth aside to prevent her doing so.

“But Samantha,” I said, “are you…you know, have you ever…?”

“I’m still a virgin Jack,” Samantha confirmed. “But I want you to take that from me, take it from me tonight. Right now.”

I was now hopelessly lost, there was nothing I could have done to stop myself any longer. I put both hands under Samantha’s rear and lifted her from me, moved forward and lowered her to the soft rug in the middle of the room.

I kissed her on the lips once more, soft and gentle, then started to move down her body, kissing and licking her neck, shoulder, breast, stomach, loins, thigh. My tongue found her wet opening and protruded and stroked with measured movements, making sure she was as wet and pliable as possible before I entered her.

I rose to my knees, unfastened my trousers and released my upright cock. I fell forward again, coming down on top of my little sister, positioned my shaft, looked her in the eyes to confirm her willingness – she smiled and nodded, her green eyes afire with desire – and thrust forward. I knew it would hurt her, so rather than drag it out, I decided to get it over with quickly, the time for lengthy lovemaking would come for us in the future. Just now we both had an urgent passion to release, and she had a barrier to cross.

As my cock entered her, pushing her open and rending her virginity, Samantha screamed in pain, cried in ecstasy, and grabbed onto me with her arms and legs, wrapped her limbs around me and dug her fingernails into my back.

She lay below me, a helpless and defenceless little form, as I pumped and thrust as quickly as I could. I slid in and out of her, her tunnel getting wetter and easier with every thrust, her muscles growing more accustomed to the sensation of penetration.

She reached her first penetrative climax at the same time as I exploded within her. We groaned together as our fluids flowed together, our muscles tightened and trembled as a single unified body, and we shared a moment of sheer bliss, the pinnacle of our built up desire, need, and lust for a forbidden and taboo lover.

We lay wrapped around each other for a time – it could have been two minutes or an hour for all I cared or knew – before I moved off of my sister’s body. I lifted myself up, then reached down and helped her to her feet. She fell against me, tired, exhausted and worn out. I tilted her head back, and kissed her, long and lovingly.

“Thank you Jack,” she said.

“No,” I replied, “thank you.”

I helped her upstairs to her bedroom, got her into her bed, and lay beside her, cradling my little sister in my arms and kissing her until she fell asleep. Once she was sound, I left, tidied up downstairs, and went to my own bed. I heard Mum and Dad getting home a while earlier, but I never let on that I was still awake.

I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the fun I was going to have in the future with my now not so innocent little sister Samantha as we explored each others’ willingness to participate in incestuous lovemaking.

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