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My wonderful Aunt Jea


My wonderful Aunt Jean who had first introduced me to paradise by allowing me in to her body had kept her word and arranged for me to visit her cousin. I had not long since passed my driving test when finding myself motoring across the moors of Yorkshire in an area known as Bronte Country, so named after the famous literary sisters. I could almost feel, even touch the intensity of emotions brought on by the moors and evocative of Wuthering Heights.

Perhaps though it was by my own feelings of anticipating another sexual encounter that had, and whilst driving, kept my erection hard for a good thirty minutes. Trying to remember what Jean's cousin looked like preoccupied my mind. I had met her once at a wedding but could only recall her blonde hair, very red lipstick and overlarge mouth. It was a mouth that seemed to start just below one ear and go all the way along to the other ear taking up half of her face when she spoke or smiled. She was younger than her cousin Jean by five years, which would make her 33 years old. I kind of thought of her as brash and cheap but mother had said that she had a heart of gold and to make sure that I did all the gardening work properly. That was the deal. I would work Mandy's garden during the day, stay overnight, and drive her to Aunt Jean's the following morning.

It was all smiles when I arrive shortly before 10.00am although my heart sank a little seeing how overgrown the garden had become. My spirits though lifted when Mandy came to greet me as I pulled the car in to the drive.

"Hi John. Good to see you again. Must be six years ago now. My haven't you grown? Quite the proper young man now. All muscles; not an ounce of fat. And chasing the girls I'll be bound." The words tumbled out of her.

It's always embarrassing being greeted like that and despite my lesson from Jean I felt a wave of shyness overcome me. I couldn't speak and instead gave a rather stupid smile.

"Come in, you're not shy any more. Jean has told me everything about you." she added with what appeared to be a knowing smile.

I wondered just what Jean had said, surely not about what we did. Or had she?

After a cup of tea I was set to work and was to be paid well. I would need the money when I entered college in a few weeks time. As I mowed the lawn and later pruned the hedge that bordered the garden naturally my thoughts dwelt on Mandy. I'd been right about her mouth but not about her being brash. She was dressed casually and appeared much slimmer than I remembered. At certain stages during the day she helped a little and we talked about my going to college and a variety of day-to-day things. Actually she seemed a little remote as though her mind was elsewhere.

It was early evening when I felt a slight change in her manner. She had opened the bottle of home made wine that I had brought as a present from Jean and seemed to smile a lot more. We ate a quick meal before I went back to the garden to make what would have to be a large fire to get rid of all the cuttings and leaves. Mandy watched for a while as the fire at first crackled in to life and then blazed ferociously with all the garden's cuttings.

"I'm going for a bath whilst you finish up here," she said. "Come in when you're through."

I'd started the day with high expectations of having sex with Mandy but now felt a little deflated with the ordinariness of the day. It had been so frustrating. I had thought of little else except sex and sexual matters but engaging in small talk with Mandy ruined the mood. I was though still living in hope when I raked together and threw the last of the garden rubbish on the fire.

"Hey, John, that's enough now. Come on in," shouted Mandy through an opened downstairs window.

I took off my boots and went through to her cottage-style living room. Some soft music played in the background and the lighting whilst subdued gave enough for me to see her on the sofa. In that light she looked much younger than during the day. I knew how old she was but all I was seeing was a girl in her twenties. She wore a white cotton dressing gown and I was transfixed staring at her protruding nipples. I shuddered at the thought that there was no bra. Vaguely I heard a voice.

"Come and sit here John," it said before I snapped out of my dreamlike state.

"I'm a bit dirty with all the gardening," I proffered.

"Here, just here," said Mandy tapping the sofa by her side.

I sat as instructed and very quietly. Everything had seemed okay in the garden. In my mind I'd fucked Mandy several times but now I was overwhelmed with shyness again.

"God, you smell wonderful," she said. "It's the wood smoke in your hair and on your clothes mingled with the sweat of the day's work and the warmth of the fire. It's irresistible."

Mandy put a hand across my chest and lifted herself above me to smell my hair. She played it through her fingers, burying her nose and sighing deeply. I tried to move as I wanted to kiss her but she held my head fast. Then I felt it. I could have shot off the sofa. She had kissed my ear. Not only that but with her delicious mouth had enveloped my ear in its warm wetness, her tongue searching out my inner self. My cock felt as though her tongue had gone through my ear and reached it.

"Just stay there, exactly as you are and relax," she said bringing her mouth around to mine. We kissed and our tongues danced together longingly.

My free hand found her breasts. They were quite small but I could feel that they were soft but firm and much in proportion. Her nipples were exquisite and my hand lingered before making it's way downwards.

"No," Mandy whispered and caught my hand. She replaced it on her breasts. "Not today; wished it otherwise."

I was confused and it showed.

"Today you are a very lucky young man. I'm going to give you more pleasure than you ever imagined possible. Let me take my time and enjoy all the sensations."

Whilst speaking Mandy deliberately and slowly unbutton my shirt. When it was open down to my pants she sought out my nipples and gently tugged on each one with her teeth. She licked a line down the front of my chest and back up again to my chin. She stopped and kissed my lips then returned her tongue to my chest. All the time she was looking in to my eyes wearing a naughty smile over the sexiest mouth in the world.

"The smell of your body is fantastic, so smoky that I could lick it forever."

Mandy moved her tongue back to my lips and straightened her arms. As we kissed again I felt both of her hands move to my belt and unfasten the buckle. Still kissing she slid the belt along and located the top of the zipper in my jeans. She broke away and stared me straight in the eye whilst pulling down the zipper. My cock was screaming to be released. In fact it was just screaming!

In unison I lifted off the sofa slightly and Mandy pulled both jeans and pants away. My cock sprang out hitting her in the face. She smiled and I knew that she had half planned it that way. Her left hand held the bottom of my shaft and in one slow movement her tongue did an inner circle route of her mouth. Her eyes never left mine as I stared at her actions as though hypnotised. Her eyes still stared at me when her mouth opened and gently engulfed the head of my penis. It was the only time that I closed my eyes just for a fraction of a second. Could not help it, as the sensation was impossible to bear. But no it wasn't, I could bear it but only just. I now knew what ecstasy was as her mouth made small movements and then closed over my cock sucking out my very soul. For now, for that moment my soul was in her ownership. Just a few more movements and her mouth opening and closing on me and I was at a point where I wished to remain forever but knew it was not possible. The ferocity of my climax was awesome. Mandy gagged but bravely left her mouth there to be filled and filled it was. She swallowed more than once to make room for more as my cock twitched and throbbed out more and more semen.

I could not control anything. I fell back on the sofa totally spent but still my cock twitched at intervals. Mandy had her head in my lap and still held the base of my cock so that she could feel the throbbing and twitching subside.

"Oh, how I wish that it could have been inside me," she whispered.

In all my innocence I said "I'll do it inside next."

She smiled, "You have a lot to learn, I have my period."

I looked and felt like an idiot.

"The night though is still young and I've already said that I'll give you more pleasure than you can imagine plus, you cannot believe how horny that has made me. Stay there and don't move until I come back with some oil."

What on earth was going to happen next I wondered. And what sort of oil had she gone for and for what purpose? I closed my eyes to relax for a few seconds but instead my mind sprung in to action and relived the immense orgasm of a few minutes ago.

When Mandy returned her face was glowing and I could not have known that it was with anticipation. She placed a plastic bottle of some kind of massage oil on the coffee table and snuggling up to me found my lips with hers.

"You really will never know how sexually strung out I am at this moment and how desperately I need you to do something special. Only my ex husband has been allowed this and I'm now making this a special gift for you. And me as well of course."

With that Mandy positioned herself across my lap so that her vagina pressed in to my groin and her bottom was directly beneath my face. She lifted and took off her gown to reveal her nakedness, the bare cheeks of her ass and the long inviting divide in between. Her eyes motioned to the oil so that I knew to pick up the bottle.

"Dribble it in to my ass John and use your finger to open me up," said Mandy.

Jeez, I thought. I have once read about this so it must be okay. Blindly at first but Mandy's hand was quick to give direction I dribbled the oil in to her crack before she gently guided my index finger in to her passage. I felt rather than heard her gasp and noted that her other hand had moved to her pussy. I could feel her hand move against my groin but it wasn't me that she was touching. My cock though once again sprang upwards. Mandy smiled and adjusted her position placing her gown over my lap whilst continuing to stroke her pussy.

"More oil, John. Lots more," she said.

I realised that the gown was there for a purpose and poured a generous amount of the oil downwards and worked it in.

"Two fingers now John, I'm sure I'm ready."

She was. My second finger easily slid in and I started to move both in unison, in and out.

"I'm about ready John but do three fingers to make sure."

With three fingers it felt tight and I certainly could not move them freely but I could move them. Mandy was gasping a little more frequently due I was sure to the more urgent movement of her fingers between her legs.

"Now John. Get up and then take me but please be gentle and no sudden movement."

Mandy lay face down on the sofa as I moved to mount her with my cock straining to get in to the action. I placed it at her entrance and pressed as gently but as firmly as I could. It was no good. I remained outside.

"One swift push to get inside and then stop," offered Mandy.

I did.

"Awwwwwww, stop. Don't move an inch. Just stay there," Mandy instructed. After a few seconds she added, "I'm okay now, go further."

I did. I pushed gently forward and heard Mandy fighting to catch her breath. She said nothing so I withdrew slightly and pushed in again. And then again and again. Her gasps told me it was fine and welcome. All the time though her tightness was having a fantastic effect on me. Such tightness was almost painful but not quite. The amazing pleasure was almost painful but not quite.

I lost myself and picked up a little speed. Mandy bucked and gasped crying yes, yes over and over again. It was too much and in one final lunge I saturated the inside of her ass with masses of sperm before I bucked in spasms riding that wonderful bare ass.

Mandy cried out a noise to waken the dead and fought like mad to catch her breath before her whole body seemed to collapse under me. My cock was forced out by this collapse and still hard I stroked the last vestiges of semen out of it.

We lay together for perhaps half an hour both shattered by the experience. We neither moved nor touched, nor spoke. Eventually Mandy turned around and suggested we have a shower together so that she could give me one more gift.

I must have had a very enquiring look on my face as she put a finger to my mouth to prevent me from asking her anything.

"When we've showered and laid down in bed, I'm going to suck you to sleep!"

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