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My Waitress


My story begins in India, I am traveling on business, for P&G, I just graduated from Harvard law school and I just received an offer to work in India, so I packed up my bags and left for the mother land. Upon arriving I was greeted by a couple of yes men, they were supposed to show me around and get me settled in my new apartment. I got to my place, and unpacked, and asked them where I could get a drink. So I went to a near by hotel and to get a beer. That is where I met Hema. Now in most stories this is the part where I would take her to a hotel room upstairs and bang the fuck out of her. But in my case I am going to tell you guys the truth, I think it is more exciting this way.

Heema was my waitress, she got me my beer, and walked off I really thought nothing of it, except that she was a very beautiful girl. The next day I went back to the hotel, and started to go back regularly a week went by and nothing, but on the 8th day I got the courage to talk to her, she was a bit cold, and did not really make to much conversation, she only answered the question I asked her. So another week went by and still nothing. So around the third week that I was in India, I was getting a bit frustrated sexually, I had not been laid since I left the states. I figured what the hell I might as well get a hooker, but before I went walking the streets looking for a whore, I went back to my favorite bar to get a beer. Heema was there and she got me my beer, but today she was a bit more social. She talked to me for a bit and I asked her if she would like to join me after she gets off, ( I was thinking I could get a hooker anytime, if this pans out I would rather have her than a lame bitch fucking me for my money.) She told me that she gets off in an hour So I waited, and an hour later she came and sat next to me and we started to chat. I found out the reason she was giving me the cold shoulder was for two reasons, one that she had a boyfriend, and two that she thought I was an NRI (non resident indian) here on vacation looking to get laid. I also found out that she has temporally broke up with her boyfriend and was free for the evening. Well we left the bar and went to Juhu Beach and walked up the sea coast, talking the whole time, (At this point I was a bit drunk and I just wanted to tear off her clothes and ravish her right there,, but I was a gentleman, and decided to see where the evening would end up) Well the evening did end up at my place, but I was alone, and so I jerked off and went to sleep. The next night I went back to the bar but this time an hour later then I usually go, this way I thought I would catch her as she was getting off her shift. When I got there there was a cold beer waiting for me at my favorite table, with a not attached to it. I read it and it said you have passed the test, and I will be waiting for you on the beach.

I quickly paided for my drink and ran to the beach There she was waiting for me in a white Salvar Chamise. I ran to her and before I could kiss her she said thanks for waiting (which i found out later , that she was glad we just talked before fucking, pointer for all the guys reading this, if you want a women, treat her like one, and not like a bitch) Well after that I picked her up and ran into the ocean I got her all wet and I could see her nipples poking out, She awesome breasts, the were round and firm, I guess with the waitress suit really covered her curves. Because she was like a model (later I found out she wants to become one) I slowly took off her Chamise, and I basked in her beautiful breast. She looked so good with only her pants on. She Then striped me naked and then we went to work. I ripped her pants off, and to my amazement I saw no bush, she wan a 90's indian girl, She actually shave her cunt.

I stood straight up and she took my dick in her right hand and then my balls in her left, and began sucking and stroking and caressing me all over. I was in total extasy, I was getting a blowjob form a beautiful girl in the ocean. I was ready to cum, I started to pull out when she opened her eyes and said not yet, I wanna taste your cum. I was so ready for that, I unloaded three weeks of cum, it was so much that she was gagging, and I could see the cum spurt out of her mouth and run down her tits. She then took me by my dick to a small hut on the beach, it was I guess poor person's place, that she rented out for the hour. I was kind of cool it had a fire in the middle of the room, and an open view of the ocean, and blocked view of the hotel. SO we could see the ocean but no one from the hotel could see us, and I am so glad, because what we would do next would have shocked the entire country.

She took my dick in her mouth again so it would speed up the process of getting me hard again. I grabbed her ass and pulled her up on top of me so I could get a 69 I licked her cunt as she sucked my dick and balls, and get this she stuck her tung in my asshole oh man I fucking came on her tits as soon as she pulled her tung out of my asshole. SO then she started to suck my dick again to get me hard and then she climbed on top of me, She rode me like a cowgirl, fucking and bucking and groaning for about twenty mins. It was so good, The I got on top and tore her pussy apart with my big dick. She let out a loud scream and I went to work. As I was about to cum she told me she wanted to tity fuck me so I pulled out and slide my dick in between her tits Back and forth in between two of the softest firmest mounds of flesh I have ever had the pleasure of fucking sucking and cuming on. Well I got some kind of will power and I told her before I wanted to cum I wanted to fuck her doggystyle So I flipped her over and went at it.
I tore her ass up slipping it into her wet pussy and then into her tight ass-hole.
I was so ready to cum so I turned her over and let out the last bit of sperm I had on her tits mouth face and hair. Then I collapsed on top of her and we went to sleep on the beach. The next morning we were awaken to the tapping of the poor man who owned the hut We quickly got dressed and left, and before I left I handed him 1000 ruppees that is all I had, but it brought a huge smile to his face.
Well me and Heema get to gather every night after she gets off work, and We have fucked in some unusual places but that will be for next time later.

Posted : 13/11/2010 1:45 pm