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My Virgin Sister


I've been spying on my sister for about two months watching her change her clothes through her bedroom window. I never thought I'd take it any farther than just spying. She is my sister, after all. To me it's just a good way to see some tits, ass and pussy on a regular basis.

My sister and I are twins. We get along great, not like some brothers and sisters. Our dad is in the Navy, so we've never lived anywhere long enough to develop close friendships with other kids, so we've become each other's best friend by default. We're both pretty smart and have tested in the top percentile of our classes academically. We do just about everything together. We go to the movies, hang out at the mall, sometimes we even double date. I also think we have a special connection because we're twins.

During our senior year in high school, right after we turned 18, we moved to San Diego and our dad shipped out for a six-month tour of duty aboard a destroyer. Mom works as a paralegal for a law firm downtown, so we are home by ourselves after school everyday. This is our first house with a pool and that's where my sister and I spend all of our time after school. I've noticed my sister's body developing over the last couple of years but was not prepared me for the feast my eyes are getting of my sexy, twin sister in a skimpy swimsuit everyday. Her breasts had blossomed into size 34B and I can see the sexy curve of her tits disappear into the minimal amount of material that makes up her swimsuit top. Her firm, young ass rounds out the bottoms of her swimsuit in a way that would make any guy look twice.

Being around my sister in our swimsuits everyday is getting to me. I find that I can't keep my eyes or my mind off of her firm tits or her cute ass. We are playing in our backyard pool, dunking each other and generally fooling around when my sister climbs her way up my body to try and dunk me. She seems oblivious to the amount of bare skin contact between us but my cock certainly isn't and I maneuver myself sideways so she won't feel my hard-on. Her swimsuit top is stretched tightly across her breasts and when it gets wet, her nipples make pretty obvious bumps in the material. She pushes on my shoulders and lifts herself out of the water, trying to dunk me and her tits are about two inches from my face. At 18 I've had a few girlfriends, but I've never seen a sight as sexy as my sisters tanned tits right up in my face. I desperately want to see them uncovered.

We finish in the pool and my sister goes in the house to change. My cock gets hard again as I watch her tight ass wiggle across the patio toward the sliding glass door. I can't believe how badly I want to see her naked body. I tell her I'm going to check the filtration system and will be right in. Instead, I go around the side of the house to my sister's bedroom window. This side of our house has a covered walkway with lots of bushes and I position myself to see in her window without her or our nosy neighbors seeing me. I look for an opening in her blinds so I can watch her change, but the way the blinds are positioned I can only see the ceiling. I give up (for that day) and go in and change.

The next day while my sister is watching TV in the family room, I sneak into her room and adjust her blinds, leaving about a 11/2-inch gap between the bottom of the blind and the windowsill. Then I go into my room and change into my swimsuit.

"Hey Lisa, I'm going in the pool, want to go?" I ask my sister casually as I walk through the family room and out the sliding glass door.

"Sure, I'll be there in a sec," she says, getting up from the couch and turning off the TV.

That's my cue. Around the house I go. I get to her window just in time to see her entering her bedroom. She is pulling her shirt up as she closes the door. I stand there mesmerized as she tosses the shirt on her bed and begins taking her bra off. When my eyes see her creamy white mounds with inch and a half areolas and little pink nipples, my cock jumps, creating a bulge in my swimsuit. But that is nothing compared to watching her unzip her shorts and slide them down her tan legs. My sister is average height with a flat stomach and a body that curves in all the right places. She turns from the window while taking her shorts off and I'm looking at her panty-clad ass as she bends over to remove them. I'm rubbing my cock through my swimsuit to relieve some of the pressure. She hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slides them down. My god! Her ass is spectacular. Her firm, young cheeks curve just enough to make you want to grab a handful and plant kisses all over them. Bent over like that I can see some blonde pubic hair and just a hint of her pussy lips visible between her ass cheeks. I can't wait for her to turn around so I can see the rest of her. But, instead, as I'm admiring her ass, she slips on her swimsuit bottom and pulls it up. I get one last peek at her ass as she grabs the elastic on the sides of her suit and pulls them down to cover her cute round cheeks. Then she hooks her swimsuit top and is turning it around so the hook is in the back and the cups are in the front. That's when I notice she's standing in front of her dresser, which has a big mirror over it. Looking in the mirror, I get one more look at her nipple tipped mounds as she slips her arms in the straps, pulls her swim suit top up over her tits, then reaches inside each cup and adjusts herself. She checks herself in the mirror and heads out her bedroom door.

Shit! I better get in the pool fast. I was so engrossed in watching her change that I didn't think about what would happen if she saw me coming around the side of the house and I wasn't even wet yet. Speaking of cuming around the side of the house, that was going to have to wait. I'm still hard as I hit the pool at a run and swim to the deep end, treading water as she comes out of the house.

"How's the water?"

"Great, come on in!" I yell, hoping the cool water will relieve me of my uncomfortable, and obvious condition.

We stay in the pool about an hour, fooling around like we usually do. If my sister notices anything different in the way I'm acting or looking at her, she doesn't let on. I'm trying to act normal, but every time her tits get close to me I can't help but think about her pink nipples sticking out from her firm young breasts. And when she gets out and sits on the edge of the pool, dangling her lets and pushing the water sideways with her foot, I look at the crotch of her swimsuit imagining what it will look like uncovered. Fortunately, I don't have to wait too long.

When we're finished, I again make an excuse about checking the filter and run around to the side of the house. I wait awhile and I'm getting nervous that maybe my sister is coming back outside. I'm just about to abandon my position when she walks into her bedroom with a towel wrapped around her. She's taken her wet swimsuit off in the bathroom and is now dropping the towel she had wrapped around herself as she closes her bedroom door. My eyes are glued to her pussy and what a sight! It isn't the first pussy I've ever seen, but the excitement of seeing my twin sister's pussy make my cock spring to life. She has a nice v-shaped patch of blonde hair that almost covers her pussy lips as they protrude slightly downward between her legs. I'm rubbing my cock like crazy and trying to take it all in, remembering how fast she had changed earlier. But I'm in for a wonderful surprise. My sister puts on lotion after she swims - before she gets dressed.

I watch her standing naked, in front of the mirror, squeezing lotion onto her hand. She rubs her hands together and starts massaging lotion onto her arms and shoulders. I watch the way her firm tits bounce and how her nipples point right at the mirror, as she lifts her arms one at a time to rub her shoulders. I pull my cock out of my swimsuit and began seriously stroking it as she starts rubbing lotion on her stomach. She begins just below her navel and rubs the lotion up over her flat stomach and her ribs. Then she lifts her breasts one at a time, gently squeezing them as she rubs the lotion in. It looks like she lingers a little on her nipples and I watch them get hard as she slides her lotion covered hands across them. Then, to my surprise, she turns around and walks toward the window. Her bed is just under the window, but I can't see it very well because of the height of the window and the angle of the blinds. The way I've positioned the blinds, I can look straight into the bedroom, rather than down toward the floor or up at the ceiling. It doesn't matter because what she does next makes me shoot my load all over the shrubbery.

When she gets closer to the bed, she squeezes more lotion onto her hand, lifts her right foot up on the edge of the bed and rubs lotion on her leg. From my vantage point outside her window, looking under the blinds, I'm staring right into her pussy. As she shifts her leg around, rubbing in the lotion, her pussy looks like it has a life of it's own. I watch her pussy lips opening and closing, moving her patch of blonde hair back and forth as she spreads the lotion up and down her legs. I'm about four feet away from the most amazing sight I've ever seen. My cock is rock hard and I'm stroking it furiously. As she leans forward to rub lotion on her ankles, her tits hang down like cones and her nipples are pointing straight down toward her bed. When she finishes with her left leg and is lifting her right leg onto the bed, I can't take it any longer and shoot my load on the ground and the surrounding shrubbery. I finish watching her rub the lotion on her leg and when she starts to get dressed, I run into the house and into my bedroom to change clothes.

Over the next two months, I shoot a lot of cum outside her window. I make a few strategic adjustments to her blinds and even bring out the digital camcorder a few times, but watching a video doesn't come close to the live action. I know I can see her change anytime I want so I erase the video to avoid getting caught. I think I can explain being on the side of the house, but if I was ever caught with video of my naked sister I think my dad would kill me. I've occasionally watched her get dressed to go out, but nothing compares to watching her come out of the swimming pool and rubbing on lotion - and she does it every time.

Until now, my sister and I have never discussed our individual sexual activities with each other. Occasionally, my sister asks me questions about sex or things she's heard about at school and I answer her as best I can. A military father can be pretty strict, especially with a daughter and Lisa was not allowed to date until she was 17. She is inexperienced and na•ve and I'm pretty sure she's still a virgin. I always caution her to not get too sexually active, too fast. I've had a few girlfriends who have been willing to experiment, so I've eaten pussy, had blowjobs and fucked a few times, but at 18 years old, in a new High School, I haven't been getting any action lately.

Since I don't have a steady girlfriend I'm making do with my own hand outside my sister's window pretty regularly. Don't get me wrong it's a great show, but I'm getting really horny and starting to think about my sister's body in ways that a brother shouldn't. I find myself wanting to do more than just watch. I want to touch her. I kept fantasizing that she knows I'm out here and she's putting on a show for me. I know it isn't true, but it fuels my desire to touch her and have her touch me.

One afternoon when we're alone, I head around the house because my sister has suggested we go for a swim. I'm in my swimsuit and want to get a quick look at her naked body before we get in the pool. By the time I get outside her window she is down to her bra and panties. This happens quite often now, because I know how long I can take to change into my swimsuit and get around the house to see her naked. Her tits bounce a couple of times as she slips off her bra and I can't help but rub my cock through my swimsuit. She bends over to take her panties off and I get a side view of her tits hanging down. Her nipples aren't sticking out because she hadn't been in the pool or been rubbing lotion them, and her tits look like round little cones hanging there pointing toward the floor. God, how I want to touch and suck her tits and make her nipples hard! I pull my cock out of my swimsuit slowly stroke the length of it as she turns her back to me to get her swimsuit out of her dresser. As she bends over to pull her swimsuit bottom on, I see her tight, round ass with her small pussy lips hanging down. I fantasize about what it would feel like to slide my cock between those lips while she is bent over like that, burying myself deep inside her tight, virgin pussy. As she finishes putting her swimsuit on and is opening her bedroom door, I tuck my cock back in my swimsuit and turn toward the pool. The sound of her cell phone makes me turn back. I watch as she talks, but I can't hear what she's saying. She's getting really upset, walking back and forth as she talks to whoever it is. After a couple of minutes she closes her phone and throws herself on her bed, crying.

I love my sister and despite the perverted nature of my fantasies, I don't ever want to see her hurt. I want to know what's wrong and to try and make it better. I go into the house, trying to figure out a way to approach her without giving away how I know she's upset. Fortunately, she left her bedroom door open when she went back to answer her phone. As I peek in, I see my sister lying on the bed, her head buried in a pillow and I can hear her sobbing. As I watch her body heaving up and down on the bed, I walk in and asked her what's wrong.

"It's not fair! That's what's wrong!" she says, between sobs. She turns toward me and lifts herself up on her elbow. Her swimsuit top has slid to the side and I can see her nipple poking out over the top of the material.

"What's not fair?" I ask, trying to keep looking at her face instead of her half-naked body.

"It's not fair that girls have to walk such a fine line all the time. What do guys want? I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do. If we let them fuck us, we're sluts. If we don't let them fuck us, we're prick teases and if we don't let them touch us at all, we're frigid. What the fuck am I suppose to do?" She turns her face back into the pillow and begins sobbing harder.

I watch her lying there crying, trying to figure out what to say and how I can help her. As I walk over and sit on the edge of her bed, I can't help but notice how her swimsuit bottom has ridden up into the crack of her sweet, round ass. Remember, I've just seen her naked and have been stroking my cock outside her window.

I wonder who was on the phone, but as I'm about to ask her, I remember that I shouldn't even know about the phone call.

"What happened, Lisa? What brought this up?" I start rubbing her back, trying to comfort her.

"Tony broke up with me" I hear her muffled words through the pillow. "I bet he's going to start seeing that slut, Barbara."

I'm surprised. I thought Tony and Lisa made a great couple. Lisa started dating Tony right after we moved here and they've been dating steadily for the past month. Remembering that I wasn't suppose to know about the phone call, I ask, "When did this happen?"

"Just now" she says, continuing to sob into the pillow. She turns her head toward me and continues, "He called me and gave me some bullshit about us being too young to get serious and that we should start seeing other people, but I know it's because I wouldn't do this" she says as she rolls over on her back and spread her legs apart on the bed.

I'm speechless looking at my sister lying there next to me in her skimpy swimsuit, spreading her legs wide apart and giving me an unobstructed view of her barely covered crotch. A couple of pubic hairs are peeking out from the sides of her swimsuit bottom, which is stretched tightly across her pussy lips leaving very little to my imagination. Since, I've been looking at her pussy for a couple of months, I don't have to imagine much and my cock is beginning to stir inside my swimsuit.

"I mean it's really not fair! Have you ever dumped a girl just because she wouldn't let you fuck her?" She is looking up at me with her innocent eyes, all red and puffy from crying. She pulls her legs back together and adjusts her swimsuit top to cover her nipple. "Well, have you?" she asks softly, sniffing back her tears.

"No, I haven't and Tony probably hasn't either. Maybe he really does think you guys are too young. Or maybe, he's just not sure what he wants." I'm trying to be as consoling as I can and I'm telling the truth about not dumping anyone.

"No! He really wants to fuck me. He told me so last night, but I said no! Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should have let him have what he wants. God knows I wanted to fuck him, too. I was so hot and so wet it was just as hard for me to stop as it was for him. But, I've just always wanted the first time to be with 'The One'. You know? And I like Tony a lot, but I'm not sure I love him or that he's 'The One'. What do you think Jack, should I have just let him fuck me? Would that have made me a slut? I try so hard to let him do what he wants without becoming a prick tease"

As she's asking this, my sister turns on her side toward me and starts crying again. I reach over and put my arm around her and she starts sobbing into my shoulder. I lie down beside her and hold her close while she cries. As I'm lying there, I'm becoming increasingly aware that I'm on my sister's bed, we're both in swimsuits which leaves a lot of bare skin contact and I'm holding her in my arms as she talks about whether to fuck her boyfriend.

"Well, should I have?" she asks again as she pulls her head back from my shoulder so she can look at my face. We're still holding each other as I'm trying to decide what to tell my sister.

"No, you made the right decision. You're still young." I hesitate before I start speaking again. Picturing my sister being touched by Tony and her pussy getting hot and wet to the point where she doesn't want to stop, my cock starts to move and I slide my hips back a little so my sister doesn't notice.

"But, maybe, you know, you're teasing him a little more than you realize." I finally say.

"What do you mean?" She leans back away from me, giving me a clear view of the front of her body. She has a puzzled look on her face and I'm trying hard to keep my eyes on her face.

"Well, I'm not sure, but when you said you stopped when you really didn't want to, what had you two been doing, exactly?" I really want to help my sister, but I also want to hear the details about what her and Tony had been doing. I thought I could kill two birds with one stone.

"I'm not going to describe what we were doing, Jack. Let's just leave it at the fact that I was very hot, but I pulled back in time and the next day he dumped me." Her face is a little red and it's obvious she's embarrassed about what we're talking about. She's still leaning back and looking at my face.

"Look sis, I'm not trying to pry into your love life, but I think maybe you could use a guy's perspective on this. You think you're not being a prick tease, but as a guy, sometimes you get to a certain point, where you really can't turn back. If you stopped, I can guarantee that Tony went home and jacked-off thinking about what it would have been like. I've been out with several girls who didn't let me fuck them, but didn't send me home to jack off. Maybe if I know what you've been doing, I could offer you some suggestions on how you can help him get relief and still save your virginity." I'm really trying to help my sister, but I'm also starting to fantasize about teaching her some sexual techniques to keep her boyfriend happy. You know, I could let her practice with me so she won't be fumbling around when the important time comes.

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"Suggestions?" she said, "What kind of suggestions?" We are still laying arm in arm on her bed. She has settled back down against my shoulder and I can tell she's really thinking about what I've said.

"Well, I don't know yet. I don't know what you guys have been doing. And maybe Tony wasn't all frustrated when he went home last night. But from what you're telling me, you think he's dumping you to get laid and I think I can help you with that if you want him back." As I say this, I have my right arm around her shoulder and I'm rubbing her back. My left hand is stroking her hair.

"I do want him back. I just don't know what to do" Her right hand is running up and down my bare side and my cock is stirring again.

"Why don't you just tell me about last night. How far did you go and what did you do. Then we can see if I have any ideas for you, okay?"

"Okay, I guess that makes sense." She snuggles in closer to me and continues to run her hand up and down my back and my side.

" Well, you know I told mom I was going to the library with Sophie? Well, I did go there, but Tony met us there and then he and I went around the side of the library and sat in his car. It's dark there and no one would bother us. We started kissing and rubbing against each other and generally steaming up the windows. Tony was rubbing my crotch on the outside of my shorts and I was kissing him really hard with my tongue. After a while Tony moved his hand up under my shirt and was rubbing my tits through my bra. The last few times we went out, I let him play with my tits so I wasn't surprised when a few minutes later he unhooked my bra and pushed it up over my tits. He usually plays with my tits and my nipples, and then starts to move his hand down into my pants. That's usually when I stop him. But this time, he kept playing with my tits and pinching and pulling my nipples until I was so turned on I could feel myself getting really wet. This is the first time he's pinched my nipples like that and he just kept on playing with my tits and pinching and pulling my nipples for a real long time. It felt really good.

I was so hot that I didn't notice he'd unsnapped my shorts until he slid his hand down inside my panties. It happened so fast and I was so wet that in one motion his hand was inside my panties and his finger slipped right inside me. I was surprised by how good it felt and I was so turned on that I just kept kissing him. He had unbuttoned his shirt and he stopped playing with my tits to pull me against him. I could feel my hard nipples rubbing against his chest as he moved his finger in and out of me. God, Jack I have never felt anything like that. I was pushing my tongue in his mouth as far as I could and bouncing up and down like crazy on his finger while my hard nipples kept rubbing against his chest."

As you can imagine, her story has really turned me on. I'm hiding a raging hard-on and I notice Lisa's nipples have gotten hard inside her swimsuit and are now pushing against my chest. I can feel her breathing heavier and she keeps moving her leg up and down, rubbing her thighs together. It seems she's gotten herself pretty worked up, too. She continues,

"It was like I was totally out of control until he stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear that he really loved me and wanted me so bad.

'Lisa. I really need you, right now. Let's do it tonight' He breathed in my ear.

I was panting, but I said, 'don't do this, Tony. You know how I feel about that.'

'Oh, come on Lisa, it'll feel a lot better than my finger and you know you really want to.' And of course, he was right, I really wanted him to fuck me. And you know what's funny? If he had just kept going and had done it, I probably wouldn't have stopped him. I was that hot for him. But somehow talking about it brought me back to my senses. I stopped bouncing up and down on his finger. Instead I pushed myself down as far as I could on his finger and squeezed my legs together to keep it up inside me the whole time we were talking. Anyway, we sort of argued about it and he finally said, 'Fine, I understand. It's okay. I'm sorry I pushed you, Lisa' He pulled his finger out of me and I felt so empty. We straightened up our clothes and I went back in the library to find Sophie. Then today, he calls with this we're too young bullshit. So what do you think, Jack? Can you help me?"

A plan was starting to formulate in my mind as she was telling me about her and Tony. Or maybe it was just a fantasy instead of a plan, but I was ready to start moving toward it, cautiously.

"Geez, Lisa. No doubt that Tony had to jack himself off when he got home. Hell, I got turned on just listening to you talk about it, And I can definitely see why you think Tony will be looking for the easiest girl in school to take out real soon. But it doesn't have to be that way. You didn't mention whether you had been touching or rubbing Tony at all. Were you?"

"You mean rubbing his dick? No, I've never touched him because I thought that would really make me a prick tease." She sounds kind of sheepish talking into my neck. I'm still stroking her hair.

"Well, guys aren't always sure what a girl will do and I'm not really sure my idea will work, if you're afraid to touch him." Part one of my plan/fantasy depends on her answer.

"I'm not afraid to touch him! I just said I've never done it. I thought it would be teasing too much. Anyway what's your idea?" I was hoping she would say that, but I'm still not sure if I can pull this off. I choose my next words very carefully.

"Lisa, let's look at your situation. First, there are quite a few girls at school, sluts as you call them, who will let guys like Tony go all the way. Second, guys like Tony have sexual needs and will do pretty much anything to get those needs satisfied. Although, I really think Tony would rather satisfy his needs with you. Third, you want Tony back but you're not ready to take that big step. I think I have an answer for both of you, but I'm not sure you're ready for it."

"What? What's your idea, Jack? I'll decide whether I'm ready or not." She pulls her head back so she can look at me and I have a clear view of her left breast down her swimsuit top. Her nipple is very hard and I again have to force myself to look in her eyes.

"Lisa, what is the one thing that guys want more than anything else?"

"To get laid" she answers quickly, still staring at me.

"Nope. Of course, all guys want to get laid, but what they want more than anything else is a great blowjob. A great blowjob is every guy's fantasy. Trust me." I keep looking right in her eyes, sort of questioningly to see if she's getting my drift. She looks at me for a while, and then I see her thinking about it. She lays her head back down on my shoulder and doesn't say anything.

"Think about it, Lisa. You don't have to give up your virginity and Tony doesn't have to go home and get himself off. Or worse, get it somewhere else. All you have to do to get him back is give him the blowjob of his life."

She speaks into my neck and I can barely hear her, but her words are music to my ears, "I don't know how." She mumbles. "I've never even touched him how would I know how to give a blowjob and how could I be sure it's good enough to make him forget about Barbara, the slut?"

"You could learn." I decide to offer her a bunch of unlikely choices to make her think of the best way to learn. "You could, um, watch porn videos with blowjobs in them, although they're pretty fake. You could go out with other guys and practice until you're ready for Tony. Of course, getting a reputation as a blowjob queen is probably worse than being a slut. Well, I don't know, but a lot of girls do it, how hard can it be?" Here is where my fantasy will become reality or remain a fantasy. I just hold her tight and wait.

"Jack?" she speaks quietly into my neck.

"Yeah?" I'm trying to remain calm, but I have a feeling that my fantasy is just a breath away from coming true.

"I could practice on you"

Yes! Now to put up a little resistance so she really has to beg me.

"What? Lisa, we're brother and sister. We can't do that." I sound pretty sincere, too.

"Come on, Jack. You said you wanted to help me and I can't just start with Tony. What if I gag the first time or don't do it right? This was your idea and how else am I going to learn? Please."

Well, what can I do? My hot, sexy, twin sister wants to practice blowjobs on me. My cock is so hard by this point that I can barely hide it.

"Okay, but just until you get it perfected, because I still think it's weird."

"Thank you! I love you Jack" she throws her arms around me and hugs me, while kissing my cheek. Then, she sits up quickly, smiles at me and says, "When can we start?"

I watch her tits bounce inside her swimsuit as she sits up and I answer, "First, let's talk about exactly what we're going to do. If you want real practice, we need to make it like I'm Tony. We'll have to kiss and feel each other up. I mean, you can't just call up Tony and invite him over for a blowjob; you'll have to get him worked up like before. You also have to be able to maintain your limits like before, too. So you need to practice getting as worked up as you were when you said you would have let Tony fuck you. Even after a blowjob, he may still want to fuck you. You have to be able to resist even when you are really hot for it. Are you alright with all of this?"

As I talk, she just keeps looking at me and smiling. I can't tell what she's thinking but as soon as I stop talking she says, "You really are a special brother. I never would have thought of all that. And yes, I'm all right with it and I think it's a great plan. Now, when can we start?"

"Well, mom won't be home for awhile. We could start now unless you still wanted to go for that swim." I can't believe what's happening. I'm actually going to get to touch her tits, pussy and that luscious ass of hers that I've been jacking off to for the last two months. But that isn't all; my sexy twin sister is going to be practicing blowjobs on me! I'm in heaven! My fantasy is coming true.

"Jack, we can swim anytime and besides didn't I hear you say that you got turned on listening to my story?" Lisa is looking at the front of my swimsuit and smiling as she says this.

"Okay" I say. "We'll start with the basics. You need to get used to seeing and touching a cock and being really turned on, so I think we both need to be completely naked. Tony has already been feeling your tits and pussy, letting him see them is not a great leap, but it will be a huge turn on for him. You also need to practice keeping your limits when you are completely naked. Okay?"

I know that sounds like bullshit, but my sister immediately begins removing her swimsuit top. It takes everything I have to keep from grapping her tits. Then she leans back and lifts her ass off the bed so she can slide her swimsuit bottom off her long tan legs. Through the window her tan lines were not as obvious, but seeing her naked right there next to me on the bed I can see exactly where her swimsuit has been. The contrast between her tan legs and stomach and her creamy white ass and tits is so hot; my cock gets even harder than it had been.

"Hey, what about you, tent boy?" my sister asks, looking at the tent my cock is making in my swimsuit. "Aren't you going to take your swimsuit off?"

"Maybe you should do it." I say. "After all, Tony will likely be dressed and you'll be the one exposing his cock. Why don't you try it?" I lie back on the bed and motion for her to take off my swimsuit. She get up on her knees and moves over between my legs. She reaches up and grabs the waistband of my swimsuit and begins pulling it down. I'm staring at her tits hanging there over my legs with her hard nipples jutting out from her sexy cones. She pulls the elastic up and over my hard cock and it springs out, pointing directly toward the ceiling. She stops pulling and just looks at my cock.

"It's big, isn't it?" she says softly.

I'm about 8 inches long when I'm hard. It doesn't compare to many of the porn stars I've seen, but past girlfriends have always complimented the size and shape.

"You can touch it, it's okay." I say instead of answering her question.

She pulls my swimsuit off the rest of the way and then leans up and puts her hand around my cock. Now, I'm really in heaven! My beautiful, naked sister is kneeling between my legs and holding my cock in her hand. All I have to do is give her instructions and she'll do whatever I ask. I really want her to just wrap her mouth around it and suck me off, but I decide to take it slow and let her get used to it.

"Just play with it. Explore it and see how it reacts when you touch it. Don't be afraid, you need to learn this, Lisa."

"I'm not afraid." She argues as she leans her face closer and begins stroking my cock up and down. As she moves her hand up my cock, it twitches and she jumps.

"It likes you," I say, smiling at her "That's what I mean by exploring. Stroking it like that felt good, that's why it moved. Keep doing that and use your other hand to touch my balls."

She keeps stroking my cock up and down with her right hand and moves her left hand under my balls.

"Just cup them lightly, then drag your finger nails across them. God, Lisa, that feels really good." I lay my head back on her bed as she strokes my cock and caresses my balls. I watch her face and she seems as mesmerized by my cock as I have been of her pussy.

"If you keep doing that, I'm going to cum." I say, "It feels great, but we're not here to learn hand jobs. Keep stroking it like that and playing with my balls, but lean down and start licking the sides like an ice cream cone."

"Like this?" she asks as she begins licking the head of my cock."

Just as I'm going to tell her she's doing great, I realize I'm going to cum.

"Lisa, quick, wrap your lips around the head of my cock. I'm going to cum and you need to catch it in your mouth and swallow it. Hurry!" I'm lifting my butt off the bed and pushing my cock up into her mouth as I say this. She wraps her lips around my cock and I begin spewing cum into her mouth. Her eyes get real big as she looks at me with a questioning look on her face.

"Swallow it." I yell, "Go on and swallow, but keep your lips around my cock, there's more." And there is, it's been building up since I watched her changing into her swimsuit. She starts swallowing, almost gags but then keeps sucking on the head of my cock until I'm drained and lie back on the bed. Lisa's licking the last bits of cum off my cock and from around her lips.

She smiles at me and says, "It tastes funny but I kind of liked getting you off like that. Wow, you were really moving in and out of my mouth when you came. Did I do okay?"

"God Lisa, you did great" I say, then realize that I want these lessons to go on for awhile so I add, "for your first time." I look at the clock and see that our mom will be home in about half an hour.

"Look at the time. We'd better stop for today." I'm looking at my naked, sexy sister who is still on her knees between my legs and another thought occurs to me. "How do you feel, sis? Did sucking my cock make your pussy wet?" I'm starring at her blonde pubic patch as I ask her this.

"Yeah, it was a real turn on. More than I thought it would be. I didn't want to stop and I'm still pretty hot and wet down there."

"Let me see." I slide down and move my hand between her legs. She moves her knees apart to allow my hand to touch her pussy lips. They are soaking wet and when I run my thumb up and down her slit she moans and puts her left hand down on the bed to steady herself. She's really hot and we only have a few minutes.

"I'm going to help you feel better, sis" I say, as I push my middle finger up in her slippery, wet pussy and start rubbing circles on her clit with my thumb, still wet from her juices.

"Oh god! What are you doing, Jack? That feels incredible."

"This is nothing compared to what we'll do when we have more time. Tony isn't the only one who shouldn't have to jack himself off. You deserve your sexual release as well."

I'm not sure she's hearing me because she's moaning so loudly and moving up and down on my hand. I watch her tits bouncing and remember what she had said about how she liked Tony pinching her nipples. I reach up with my other hand and begin massaging her right tit. I get her nipple between my thumb and index finger and squeeze a little. She starts bouncing faster on my finger and I'm having trouble keeping my thumb on her clit. I push my thumb a little harder against her clit and just move it back and forth really fast, while she rides my fingers. I pull on her nipple, pinching it and stretching it out as far as it will go. I can tell she's getting close. I switch to her left tit and do the same thing, and manage to push a second finger up in her pussy while she keeps bouncing up and down as hard as she can. Suddenly, she stops moving and I feel her pussy clamp around my fingers pulsing in and out. It's like I can feel her heartbeat through her pussy walls. She grabs my hand and holds my thumb still while she pushes down hard on my soaking wet fingers. I let go of her tit and reach my hand around her back, pulling her down on me. She collapses on my chest with her head on my shoulder and my fingers still in her sopping, wet pussy.

She just lies there, catching her breath. With her naked body stretched across me, I move my hand down to her ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. All my fantasies are coming true. I've played with her tits, finger fucked her pussy and even shot my cum in her mouth. What an afternoon, and I have Tony to thank for it. But I think he'll be the one thanking me before this is over. I look at the clock again and begin pulling my fingers out of her pussy.

"Not yet, Jack. Please leave it there for a little longer," she says, squeezing her legs together to trap my fingers. "That was amazing, I didn't know anything could feel like that. You are the best brother ever!" She lifts her head and starts kissing me. It isn't a sisterly kiss, either. She's pushing her tongue in my mouth and rocking her body slightly up and down so that her nipples are lightly scraping across my chest and my fingers are sliding in and out of her slippery wet pussy.

"Lisa, we really don't have time. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise. You don't want mom finding us like this, do you?" I take my fingers out of her pussy and kiss her hard. Then, I push her back and slide off her bed. "Let's put our swimsuits on and get in the pool before mom comes home." I figure the pool will help us cool off and get rid of the smell of sex.

Later that night before we go to bed I go into Lisa's room and hand her a piece of paper. "Some homework for you on that project we're working on," I say as I smile at her. She takes the paper and reads the title "Mind-blowing Blowjob Techniques" it says in bold letters across the top of the page.

"Where did you get this?" she asks, laughing.

"I downloaded it with my file sharing software. I just searched oral sex technique .doc and there it was. Study it and be ready after school tomorrow for an "oral" exam." I tease. I go back to my room. I have my own homework to do. When I was searching for blowjob techniques, I also discovered sensual oral techniques for eating pussy. I figure if I'm going to take this to the next level with Lisa, I had better have great technique, too.

After school the next day, Lisa and I walk home together.

"I can't wait until we get home," Lisa says, "I'm really looking forward to our practice, today."

"So am I, but I have an idea. When we get home, let's pretend I'm Tony and that you've invited him over after school. Tell him you've been thinking and would like to talk to him about what you guys were talking about the other night. Then, when you get in the house, take him into your bedroom and tell him you've been thinking about what he said. You're sorry that you haven't thought about his needs and you want to make it up to him. What do you think?" I have another reason why I want her to start thinking about her and Tony in her bedroom. When it happens, I want to watch through the window.

Posted : 13/11/2010 9:07 am

"Okay. I did my 'homework' and I think you'll like what I've got planned for you, Jack" she smiles and skips ahead of me. "Come on!"

"Just call me Tony," I say as I catch up with her and we turn up our sidewalk.

Inside the house, Lisa says, "Thanks for coming over, Tony. Why don't we go into my bedroom so we can talk while I change."

She takes my hand and leads me down the hallway to her bedroom. "Take your shoes off and sit on my bed, while I get out of my school clothes." She smiles while she unbuttons her blouse and slips it off her shoulders. "I've been thinking, Tony," she says as she unhooks her bra and slides it off her arms. Her tits bounce gently and I can see her nipples are already hard. "The way you touched me the other night felt really good but I haven't done anything to help you feel good." She unzips her skirt, slips it down and pulls it off her legs. With just her panties on she starts walking towards the bed. "I want to make it up to you, now, Tony. Stand up" She says, pulling me to my feet. She unbuttons my shirt and slips it off my shoulders. Then she unsnaps my jeans, pulling down my zipper and begins tugging my jeans down. I lift each leg so she can pull my jeans all the way off. I'm standing there in just my boxers. As she leans up to whisper in my ear, her hard nipples brushed against my bare chest. "I want to suck your cock," she whispers. "I want to make you cum in my mouth. I want to lick you clean and swallow your cum." Wow! She had really paid attention to the section on talking dirty and teasing. My cock is sticking straight out making a tent in my boxer shorts. She kneels down and pulls the elastic of my boxers out over my hard cock and slips them down my legs. She slides back up my body, rubbing her tits against me as she stands up.

"Lay down on the bed" she says, gently pushing me back. She kneels on the bed between my legs and looks at my cock. Leaning down, she rubs her tits along my thighs, catching my cock in the valley between them and slides her body forward. Her nipples graze my stomach as she slides higher until her nipples are touching mine. She starts kissing me and gently rubbing her panty covered mound against my cock. Her nipples are rubbing lightly up and down on my chest. "I can't wait to taste you" she whispers and begins kissing a trail down my chin to my chest. She is kissing my chest and sucking my nipples, first the left one and then the right one, nibbling them until they stand out hard from my chest. She keeps kissing down my stomach until she gets to my cock and plants a kiss on the end of it. My cock is rock hard and sticking straight up, as she moves her mouth down to my balls and begins licking all around them. She licks one long stroke from my balls up the entire length of my cock to the very tip and then slips just the tip in her mouth, running her tongue over the end of it while it's in her mouth.

"Do you like that?" she asks, lifting her lips from my cock "would you like some more?"

"God yes! Lisa, you are amazing" She keeps licking long strokes up the under side of my cock and nibbling the end until I think I'll explode. Then she takes my cock in her hand and begins stroking it up and down while she caresses my balls with her other hand. She slips her mouth, now moist with saliva over the end of my cock and starts gently sucking while her tongue flicks the underside of my cock just under the head. The entire sensation is incredible. I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out if she keeps this up, but I certainly don't want her to stop.

She keeps stroking and sucking my cock and playing with my balls. I feel her blonde hair brushing against my thighs as I watch her head bobbing up and down. She's creating a steady rhythm with her sucking and using her tongue to lick just under my cock head. It's driving me crazy; she is like every blowjob fantasy come true. I'm pushing up off the bed and trying to drive my cock further in her mouth, I can feel the tension building in my balls and I'm getting close. She starts stroking faster, sucking harder and flicking her tongue against my cock inside her mouth. I'm just about to shoot my load when she pulls her head off, slides her hand all the way down my cock and presses her thumb hard against the base of my cock, holding it there.

"Jesus Christ, Lisa! I was just about to cum. Why did you stop?" I'm panting and frustrated that she's stopped me from cumming.

She looks at me with a dreamy look in her eyes as she licks her lips, she says, "Trust me, Jack, I did some homework, too. I'm going to make you cum harder than you ever thought possible."

She leans down and slowing sucks the head of my cock back into her mouth. She flicks her tongue back and forth just under the head and begins stroking up and down with her hand again. She rolls my balls back and forth with her other hand and I think I've died and gone to heaven. I've never felt anything like this. My cock feels harder than I thought possible and the tension starts building all over again. It's like I'm experiencing the entire blowjob over from the beginning. It doesn't take long this time and I'm jerking my ass off the bed, driving my cock up into her mouth. She keeps right with me, stroking and sucking and playing with my balls.

"Yes, Lisa! You are fucking amazing! My god that was...What the fuck are you doing?"

She stopped again and is repeating the thumb pressure like before. "This isn't funny, Lisa. I was so close. I was just about to cum!" I lay back on the bed, panting.

"I know," she says, her face flush, "I read that this is the closest a guy can come to having multiple orgasms and I wanted to try it with you. Your cock is so hard! It is all swollen and purple on the head. I think it likes me." She smiles at me and playfully tilting her head to the side says; "Besides I'm really enjoying myself and I don't want to stop yet. Sucking your cock is making me so hot. If I let you cum this time, will you put your fingers up inside my wet pussy again, Jack, like you did yesterday?"

"Yes, just let me cum, will you?" Remembering how she looked bouncing up and down with my fingers inside her wet pussy make me even harder, if that's possible.

She again takes my cock in her mouth and gently sucks just the head, while stroking my cock with her hand. By now it's so hard and sensitive that when she starts licking with her tongue and moving her lips up and down the shaft of my cock, I'm out of control. She rubs my balls and I'm on edge wondering if she's going to stop again or finally let me cum. I'm jerking wildly, fucking her mouth and screaming for her to let me cum.

"Please Lisa! Don't stop! Please! Please! Please! I'm so close. I'm so fucking close! Please!"

I start cumming and I don't think I'll ever stop. Lisa keeps stroking and sucking and swallowing and I just keep spewing more and more cum in her mouth. She was right I'm cumming harder than I would have believed possible. It feels like my whole body is spasming as I shoot load after load of cum in her mouth. As hard as she tries, she can't swallow it fast enough and some of it runs out of her mouth and down around my cock. I finally stop cumming and fall back on her bed, panting. When Lisa finishes swallowing the last of my cum, she sucks my cock clean and lets it slowly plop out of her mouth on to my stomach. She licks down the now very sensitive shaft and starts licking around the base of my cock. It takes me a minute to realize she's licking up the cum that had overflowed out of her mouth. My god! For someone who had never touched a cock before yesterday, she is fucking amazing.

She finishes lapping up the cum and slides her body up along mine until she is lying on top of me and our eyes meet. "So," she says as she plants kisses on my face, "did I pass the oral exam? I did a little research on my own. Could you tell?" Her lips are hot and wet. She presses them against mine, I open my mouth and she pushes her hot tongue inside. It tastes funny, but then I've never tasted my cum before. "I am so hot, Jack" she whispers, touch me, please."

All pretense of me being Tony is gone. It is just us; Jack and Lisa, brother and sister, tasting the joys of incestuous love. I want her to feel as great as she just made me feel.

"I'm going to do more than touch you, Lisa. I want to taste you." Remembering my reaction to her talking about sucking my cock, I whisper what I'm going to do. "I'm going to lick you and push my tongue up inside you. I'm going eat your pussy and taste your juices. Unlike guys, they say that girls can have multiple orgasms. We're going to see if that's true."

I roll her off of me and over onto her back on the bed. Lying beside her, leaning up on my elbow and looking down at her beautiful body, I still can't believe all this is happening. My twin sister, who has just given me the world's best blowjob, is now lying there waiting for me to eat her pussy. When she is lying down, her tits look like two perfectly rounded little white mounds connected by a white line where her swimsuit top covers. The creamy, white mounds are topped with little rosebud nipples that are rock hard right now and remind me of little pink pencil erasers the way they stick out. I trace a circle around her tits with my finger, then bend my head down and take her left nipple in my mouth and start sucking. Massaging her tit with my hand, I take the nipple with my teeth, biting gently as I flick the tip of it with my tongue.

"Mmmm. That feels great!" Lisa is running her fingers through my hair and smiling at me.

After a while I switch to her right tit and give it the same treatment. While still nibbling on her nipple, I move my hand from her breast down past her stomach and into her panties. Sliding my fingers through her blonde hair, I feel the heat even before I feel the moisture. I rub up and down her slit with my finger. She is soaking wet and my finger easily slips inside her pussy. I start moving my finger in and out of her pussy and rubbing my hand against her clit.

"God, Jack! Yes!" She is moving her ass off the bed, humping my finger and holding my head against her tit. I let go of her nipple and kiss her tits and then her chin before pressing my lips against hers and slipping my tongue in her mouth. I keep kissing her hard as I slip another finger into her pussy. She is humping hard against my two fingers as I keep pushing them in and out of her and I can hear the sloshing of her juices as she starts to cum. She is bucking hard against my fingers and moaning. She clamps her legs together, trapping my fingers inside her, I can feel her pushing down hard against my hand as she works her tongue deeper into my mouth. She finally relaxes her legs, lays them back down on the bed and I can feel her pussy quivering around my fingers. I move my mouth from hers and she gasps for air.

"Thank you, Jack" she smiles, "That was just what I needed."

"That was just the beginning, sis. We've got to get rid of these panties." I whisper as I gently remove my fingers from her pussy and position myself between her legs. She lifts her ass off the bed as I slip her panties down to her thighs, then she lifts her legs in the air so I can pull them all the way off. I sit there for a minute between her legs, just staring at her. She is incredible! I'm staring at those beautiful tits that I've been watching through the window for two months and have been sucking on for the past few minutes. Her flat, tan stomach leading down to her blonde, v-shaped bush and her glistening, wet pussy lips, soaked with her juices, just inviting me to take a taste.

"You look like a goddess." I say, " You are so beautiful." I lean my face down to her pussy and lick one long stroke of my tongue from the bottom of her slit up along her pussy lips and over the top of her clit. The taste mixed with her aroma is intoxicating and I feel like I'm getting drunk on her smell. I lick her juice from all around her pussy without touching her pussy lips. I lick along the outside of her lips, gently sucking one and then the other of her pussy lips into my mouth. She keeps moving around, trying to position my tongue directly on her pussy.

"Oh my god, Jack! Your tongue feels so good. Oh, Jack, eat my pussy!" She moans, pushing her ass off the bed, trying to make better contact with my tongue.

I slide my arms behind her knees and lift her legs to give me better access to her pussy and to keep her from moving around so much. I finally slip my tongue inside and start lapping up her juices as I tongue fuck her. I'm sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy and licking all around, pushing against her inside walls. She is sloppy wet and I have pussy juice all over my mouth and my cheeks as I move my head from side to side to give her different sensations with my tongue.

"Oh, Jack! Oh, Jack! What are you doing? That is so fucking wonderful! I've never felt anything like it!"

I move my tongue up so I'm licking the top of her slit, just below her clit and slip two fingers inside her pussy. I slide my fingers in and out of her pussy as I gently lick her clit. Remembering everything I'd read about eating pussy, I suck her clit into my mouth and begin flicking my tongue across it as I keep moving my fingers in and out of her. I read that if you suck the clit too hard it can get really sore, so I suck gently, letting my tongue lightly slide over it inside my mouth. I continue to finger fuck her harder and harder with my two fingers.

"Ohh, Jack! Mmmm, Jack! Oh, God!" Lisa is moaning and moving her body around, humping my fingers and pushing her clit against my tongue. "Don't stop! I'm cumming again! Just keep doing that! Exactly that! Ohhhhhhhh God! Don't Stop!"

I'm tempted, just for a second to stop, like Lisa did with me. But I know that would be mean and wouldn't have the same effect as it did on me. I keep sucking her clit, trying to keep it in my mouth as she is humping against my face. I'm flicking my tongue across her clit inside my mouth as best I can with her moving around so much. I can't tell if I'm moving my fingers in and out of her or she's doing all the moving but she finally clamps down on my fingers with her pussy, lets out a loud moan and grabs the back of my head, holding it hard against her pussy. She is shaking and throbbing and gushing pussy juice as she cums. Her shoulders are up off the bed and she's bucking her hips up and down. As her orgasm subsides, her head falls back on the bed. Her chest is heaving up and down and when she finally releases the pressure on the back of my head, I start sucking her clit again.

"Mmm, stop, Jack" she says as she grabs my head, "it's too sensitive right now. That was... I can't describe it, Jack. You can't possibly know how that felt. You are the most amazing brother in the whole fucking world!" She has relaxed back on the bed, my fingers are still inside her pussy and I can still feel her pussy walls throbbing like a heartbeat.

"I'm going to clean you up with my tongue, like you did me." I tell her. One article I read said that if you slowly lick all the juice from around the pussy and the top of the thighs, by the time you are done, she'll be hot and ready again. I figured it was worth a try.

"I'm pretty sensitive right now, Jack. "She says dreamily as I start licking the inside her upper thigh.

"If I hit any places that are too sensitive, just tell me." I know her thighs won't be. "Is this, okay?"

"Yeah, that feels nice." She's speaking slowly and softly. "I really came hard, Jack. Whatever you were doing with your mouth and your fingers was like nothing I've ever felt before." As she's speaking, I continue to lick all around her upper thighs and her ass, where her juices ran down when I took my fingers out.

"I'm glad you liked it. I really enjoyed it too." I say, continuing to lick her. "I did a little homework of my own and experimented with some of the things I read. It seemed to work out okay."

"It worked wonderfully." She says. "Mmm, that feels real good, you licking me like that, Jack."

She's starting to move a little as I lick her. She's just slightly pushing back against my tongue and trying to move it closer to her pussy. I slide my tongue over her pussy lips and gently lick them clean of their juices. She doesn't tell me she's too sensitive, so I take a long lick up inside her pussy pulling out a tongue full of hot, pussy juice.

"Mmmmm, yeah." Is all she says as she pushes her pussy up to meet my tongue for some in and out tongue fucking. Pretty soon I replace my tongue with my fingers and I'm sucking her clit and finger fucking her just like before. This time she is totally out of control pushing her ass up off the bed, humping my fingers, shaking her head from side to side and grabbing the bedspread in her hands, curling it around her fingers.

"Oh God, Jack! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Yes! That feels soooo...." She's bucking her ass wildly in the air. My tongue flicks across her clit, which I've sucked completely inside my mouth. I'm pushing my fingers in and out and twisting them back and forth sloshing her hot juices all around inside her burning, young pussy. She pulls hard on the bedspread and her head and shoulders lift off the bed. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open and she's moaning loudly as she pushes harder against my mouth and my fingers. My face and hand are completely soaked with her juices and I'm having trouble keeping my mouth on her clit as she bounces frantically up and down on the bed. I stay with her, sucking and flicking her clit until she pushes up hard against my mouth and clamps her legs around my fingers, jerking wildly. Her juices run down my arm and soak the bedspread underneath her ass. She slowly lowers her ass and lets her head fall back on the bed. I can feel her pussy pulsating around my fingers as I let her clit slip from my mouth.

I wipe my face on a dry part of the bedspread and watch her tits rise and fall heavily as she tries to catch her breath. My cock is rock hard and if this wasn't my sister, who I'm trying to help keep her virginity, I would slip it into her steaming, wet pussy. I leave my fingers inside her as I begin tracing kisses up her body. She's still catching her breath from her orgasm and I gently kiss her rising and falling nipples, which are now rock solid points in the middle of her creamy white mounds. I continue planting kisses up her neck and onto her face. I lick her lips with my tongue, still wet from her juices and she opens her mouth and sucks my tongue inside. We kiss slowly and passionately, alternating pushing our tongues into each other's mouth exchanging saliva and pussy juice.

She relaxes her legs and lets them fall open allowing me to slide my fingers out of her pussy. I brake off the kiss and smile at her. I bring my hand up to my face and begin licking the pussy juice off one of my fingers. She laughs and says, "You're crazy, Jack." Then she takes my hand and starts licking the other pussy soaked finger, "but I love you and I love what you do to me."

"You're crazy too and I love you. I love every part of you. I especially love how you taste. I could eat you all day and never get tired of it." It's the truth. Her sweet nectar is the biggest turn-on I've ever experienced; I love eating her young pussy and driving her out of control. "Your body is so responsive, Lisa. You're going to have to be careful about how you let guys touch you."

"My body is responsive to you, Jack. I can't seem to get enough of you." She looks at me, starts to say something and then stops. She reaches down and puts her hand around my rigid cock, gently running her fingers up and down the shaft. "Looks like you're ready for more."

"Yeah, eating you really turned me on! I could use another of your world famous blowjobs before you go off to get your boyfriend back. I get so turned on just looking at you, touching you, holding you and of course tasting you. Would you suck me off again, Lisa?"

Posted : 13/11/2010 9:08 am

"I don't really want to suck you off again, Jack." She says quietly, as she keeps lightly stroking my cock. "I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me, Jack.

I can't believe I'm hearing right. My twin sister, who I've been fantasizing about as I spied on her through her window, is now asking me to fuck her delicious, young pussy. But I'm having second thoughts. If I fuck her, then there goes the reason for the blowjob lessons and her concern about letting Tony or other guys fuck her. I've been thinking that if she gave her boyfriends blowjobs but didn't let them fuck her she'd be coming home to me hot and horny after her dates. If I take her virginity now, there's less reason for her to put limits on what she'll do with them and less opportunity for me.

"Lisa, what about keeping your virginity. What about waiting for 'the one' like we've been talking? We're only doing this to give you blowjob practice to get Tony back from Barbara the slut, right" Even as I say it I realize that we've already gone much farther than simple blowjob practice. I want her more than I've ever wanted anyone. I really don't want to share her with any boyfriends.

"Jack, I don't care about Tony, now. He can have Barbara, the slut. Right now, I'm aching for you to slide your hard cock up into my burning, wet pussy. Don't you see, Jack? You're the one. I want you to take my cherry. Please, Jack. Do it for me. Please."

She moves her hand down from my cock shaft and is playing with my balls. I'm hard as a rock and know her pussy is as ready as it is ever going to be for her to lose her virginity with as little pain as possible.

"It might hurt a little at first." I say, "It might be better if you're on top and lower yourself onto me so you control how fast it goes."

"I trust you, Jack and besides it's like a swamp down there right now, after what you've been doing to me. I think you'll slip right in without much problem, don't you." I laugh at her description of herself and kiss her hard on her lips.

"I love you, Lisa." I tell her as I pull my mouth from hers and look her in the eyes. "I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you." I slowly slide my cock head inside her pussy. I had positioned myself over her as we were kissing and now I watch her face as I gently push it in further. "You are the most beautiful, sexy, delicious girl in the whole fucking world." I say, pushing very slowly inside her well-lubricated little hole. She smiles at me and raises her knees up off the bed spreading her legs further apart. She is really tight but her juices help me easily slide about half way up inside her. She starts kissing me again and pulls her feet up off the bed wrapping them tightly around my ass. She pushes down on my ass with her heels and lifting herself off the bed, pulls me the rest of the way inside. My balls are touching her ass when I push her back down on the bed and just hold her without moving so she can get used to my cock inside of her. She is so tight and the inside of her pussy is so hot against my cock it feels like her juices are boiling.

"It feels wonderful, Jack. Your cock fills me up like your fingers never could. Fuck me, Jack. I'm ready for you to really fuck me." She relaxes her legs and moves her feet back onto the bed, keeping her knees up and her legs spread wide apart.

I slowly pull the entire length of my cock out of her tight, hot pussy until just the head is inside. Then, just as slowly I push it all the way back in. She is steaming hot and so tight that it feels like a thousand needles are massaging my cock. I repeat the slow sliding in and out until she is arching her back and raising her pussy up to meet my strokes. It's like a dream. I'm actually fucking my sister! My cock is sliding in and out of my twin sister's tight, virgin pussy. No one will ever feel her pussy like I'm feeling it right now. I start moving in and out faster.

"Yeah, Jack, faster like that. I want you to fuck me faster and harder."

My sister is now raising up her ass and matching me stroke for stroke. Her hands are gripping my back pulling me tightly against her. My face is buried in her neck and my arms are under her shoulders with my hands holding her body from sliding up the bed as I slam my cock harder into her pussy. My balls are slapping her ass and she's grinding her clit against me as I plunge deeper and deeper into her hot, virgin hole.

"Keep going faster, like that. Don't stop, Jack. Don't stop. Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh God! Jack! Jack! Pleeeeeeeeas don't stop!! Ohhhhhhhh." She is clawing at my back and screaming as we keep up the pounding rhythm of our lovemaking. I'm getting close and I'm trying hard to keep up with her as she arches up and down faster and faster pushing my cock in and out of her tight little pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, Don't stop, Jack! I'm cumming!" she wraps her arms around me and holds me tightly to her. I pound into her as hard as I can. My balls are slapping against her ass and I can actually hear my cock moving in and out of her sloshy, wet pussy. When her flaming, hot pussy walls clamp down on my rigid cock, it puts me over the top and the first load of cum to ever touch her virgin pussy is squeezed out in spasmic bursts from my hard, throbbing cock. She bucks and shivers as our orgasms meet each other in a climatic push and she wraps her legs around me holding me deep inside her.

We are both panting and I can feel her chest rise and fall against mine. I turn my head and kiss her gently on the lips. We stay tensely pushed up against each other waiting for our orgasms to subside. My cock is fully spent inside her and I can feel her pussy pulsating around it. I relax a little as I lay there on top of her catching my breath. Neither of us says anything for a long time. We just hold on to each other basking in the afterglow of her first time. Lisa is the first to speak.

"That was wonderful, Jack!" she says, turning her head to look at me. "It didn't hurt at all. You were so gentle and so loving. And of course, you had gotten me so hot." She's smiling up at me with her head tilted to one side and says, "So, still think being with your sister is weird? Do you think what we're dong is wrong?"

"It isn't weird, Lisa. What's weird is that you're so incredibly sexy you make me forget about any girl I've ever been with or even fantasized about." I say, kissing her on her lips. "I really love you, Lisa and I don't want to stop what we've started."

"Neither do I, Jack. You've made me into a woman today. I want you to keep making me feel like a woman.

"What will be wrong is if we let ourselves get caught." I say, looking at the clock. "Speaking of which, we better get ourselves and your bed cleaned up. We have about another hour before mom gets home. I think we should take a shower."

"Together?" she asks, smiling up at me.

"Yes! And then we need to wash your bedding and air out your room. It smells like sex in here. Tomorrow we need to remember to pull back the covers and fuck on the sheets instead of the bedspread."

"Tomorrow? So you're already planning ahead, huh? What have you got in mind for tomorrow? Are you going to assign more homework for tonight?" She asks, laughing.

"Yes. Tomorrow, the day after and the day after that and the day after that." I answer, "And since you're such a good student and you got extra credit for your additional research last night, I want you to do some more research tonight. I want you to look up all the different sexual positions you can find and then make a list of the ones you want to try. I already know of two that I want to try. I really want to do it with you on top so I can watch your sexy tits bouncing up and down and play with your nipples while we fuck. And you have such an incredibly beautiful ass, Lisa, that I can't wait to fuck you from behind and look at the curves of your ass while my cock slides in and out of your pussy."

"Wow! I'm getting wet again just thinking about it. Or maybe I'm just still wet from everything you've already done to me. I can't wait, Jack. Let's take that shower now, then I can get started with my research." She pushes me over onto my side, swings her legs over the edge of the bed and stands up. "Come on" she says, pulling me up off the bed.

I follow her down the hall into our bathroom. It feels weird for the two of us to be prancing around the house naked but I love it. Our bathroom has a bathtub and shower combination with frosted glass doors. Lisa slides the door open and leans in to turn on the water. I playfully smack her bare ass while she adjusts the water temperature.

"Watch it!" She says smiling. She steps into the tub and I follow her. We stand facing each other with the shower spray hitting her back. She picks up the soap and lathers it up in her hands. I love the feeling of her soapy hands as she begins rubbing them over my shoulders and down my chest. She soaps up my chest then runs her hands down my stomach and soaps my cock and balls, rubbing her slippery hands up and down my shaft. When my front is slick with soap, she reaches her hands around my waist and begins soaping my back. She leans into me, rubbing her tits against my slippery chest as she runs her hands down across my lower back. Her nipples are hard and her tits feel great slipping back and forth across my soapy chest. Her hands move lower, cupping my ass cheeks as she grinds her pussy hard against my soapy cock.

"God, Jack." She sighs, "Is it always like this? I mean, you've been with other girls right? You've fucked other girls? Is it always like this, that you just can't get enough of each other?" She is rubbing her slick, sudsy body up and down against me as she squeezes my ass cheeks.

"It's never been like this, Lisa. Yes, I've fucked a couple of girls, but none have ever been like this. I never loved anyone like I love you and I've never had another girl who made me feel this good." I lean my face down and our lips meet in a long, passionate kiss.

I take the soap and begin soaping Lisa's back and shoulders. I slide my hands up and down her back pulling her tighter against me. Her slippery tits are crushed against my chest and my cock is sliding all over her pussy mound as we grind our soapy bodies together. I grab her ass checks, massaging them as we rub up and down against each other. Finally, I move her arms down to her sides and turn her around sliding my soapy hands up over her tits from behind. I massage her tits, pulling her back against me and sliding my cock up and down between her ass cheeks, slick with soap. I run my hands over her nipples pinching and squeezing her tits as I continue to slide my cock up and down against her ass.

"Mmmm," she says, leaning forward and pushing her ass harder up against my cock. She bends forward at the waist and puts her hands against the tile wall. My hands slide down her body, rubbing her stomach and then her thighs. She moves forward a little and my cock head slides down between her ass cheeks until it is almost touching her pussy lips.

"Put it in me, Jack." She says, looking back over her shoulder at me. "Put your cock in me and fuck me here in the shower."

I slide my hand over her ass and push down my cock until just the head slips inside her pussy lips. Before I can move, Lisa pushes against the wall and thrusts her ass back against me, impaling herself completely on my rock hard cock. I'm pushed into her up to my balls and I can feel her firm round ass cheeks rubbing against me as I begin pumping in and out.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard!" She says, rocking back and forth against my cock. I grab her hips with both hands and start slamming my cock into her slippery, wet pussy like a battering ram. She braces herself against the wall with her hands as I keep pounding and pounding my long, hard cock deep into her tight, young pussy. This is my fantasy come true. I'm fucking her from behind, enjoying the view of her sexy ass curves.

"Ohhhh... God... Fuck... me... Jack... Fuck... Me... Ohhh... Jack" Lisa shouts each word on every down stroke of my cock. Her voice is shaky and she's panting as I continue to hammer into her relentlessly. I can feel my climax building and I'm holding back as long as I can, hoping Lisa is getting close. I keep up the furious pace; driving my cock into her sopping, wet pussy. Finally, I can't hold it. I slam into her as hard as I can, pulling her hips against me and shooting my load deep into her tight love canal. Lisa grinds her ass against me and is thrusting her pussy against her hand. I didn't notice that she had slipped one hand between her legs and was frantically rubbing her clit while I had been pumping my cock into her.

"Ohhh, Jack! I'm cummming, too!" She pushes her ass back harder against me and I can feel her pussy quivering around my cock as her orgasm hits. I hold her against me as she rides out wave after wave of pulsating pleasure. When she stops moving, her knees buckle under her and I'm barely able to hold her up. I ease my cock out of her and lower her down into the tub, sliding down next to her while the shower spray washes over us.

"It just keeps getting better doesn't it, Jack? I love you so much!" she says and starts kissing me again.

We finally make it out of the shower, clean up Lisa's bed and are watching TV by the time our mom gets home.

Lisa does her homework and over the next few weeks we fuck every day after school. Lisa's transition from an inexperienced, naive virgin to an adventurous, insatiable lover is amazing. We experiment with every position she can find on the Internet. Everyday we give each other head, fuck in a new, creative position and then take a shower or jump in the pool together before mom comes home from work. Some of the positions take us to new heights and some make us laugh as we twist our bodies trying to duplicate pictures or instructions she has printed out. I like positions where she's straddling me and riding my cock. Whether it's on a chair, the bed or the living room coach, I love watching her tits bounce up and down and see the expression on her face when she cums.

Lisa loves it when I'm dominating her, pounding into her when she can't move. She especially likes lying on her back with me pushing her legs up over her head while I hammer her from above. She likes getting fucked from behind too, with my cock ramming into her hot, little pussy while I hold her hips with my hands. But nothing compares to the day she surprised the hell out of me by asking me to tie her up and fuck her. She comes into my room with strips of scrap cloth from mom's sewing room, wearing nothing but a shit-eating grin on her face.

"Jack, you won't believe what we're going to do today." She says, teasingly. She asks me to tie her legs to the corners of my bed and tie her hands over her head. Then, following her instructions, I tease and pinch her tits and lightly run one finger up and down her pussy lips without ever penetrating her or touching her clit. I just play with her body, running my hands over her stomach, biting her tits, feeling her legs and fingering her pussy lips for over thirty minutes. She is soaking wet and bucking her ass up from the bed trying to suck my finger into her pussy. I'm really getting into the game and won't let her get any satisfaction, no matter what she says.

"Please, Jack. That's enough! Just stick your finger in me or your tongue or your cock. Please. The teasing worked, Jack. I'm burning up. Feel my pussy. Feel it inside. It's on fire! Come on Jack, please! It wasn't supposed to go on this long."

I don't answer her. I just keep teasing. What an erotic sight she is tied to the bed with her arms stretched over her head and her legs spread wide apart. Pulling her arms up makes her creamy white mounds look almost flat against her chest. Her normally pink nipples are bright red little knots from being pinched and bitten. I get a comb and run it through her beautiful blonde pubic hair like I'm grooming a puppy. Her pussy lips are glistening and her syrupy juices are running down between her ass cheeks. My cock is hard as a rock and throbbing for release. Finally, I move my head between her legs and licked one long stroke up her pussy lips, enjoying the sweet taste of her thick creamy nectar.

"Yes, Jack! Thank you, Jack. Please eat my pussy!" She relaxes her ass back on the bed and tries to pull her knees up, but can't move them with her legs tied to the bed.

"I will lick your pussy, Lisa, but you're going to have to earn it." I pinch her nipples again as I move up the bed and straddle her body, sliding my cock up between her tits. I sit there, enjoying the feel of her tits around my cock and the look on her face questioning what I'm talking about.

"You will suck my cock for exactly two minutes." I say, "That will earn you one long lick of your pussy. For every two minutes of cock sucking, I will lick you one time. If you suck especially good, I might consider sticking my tongue in your pussy." I slide up further until the head of my cock is inches from her mouth.

"That's not fair, Jack! You should eat me for two minutes for two minutes of cock sucking!"

"Take it or leave it, Lisa. I can just keep doing what I'm doing or I can just get off rubbing my cock between your tits and not touch your pussy at all. You're really in no position to negotiate." I tell her, sliding my cock back down between her tits.

"Wait, Jack! Okay, you win." She says, opening her mouth so I can slide my cock in. I know how much Lisa likes being teased and I'm confident this game will build her up to a record-breaking orgasm. I check my watch and push my cock into her mouth. She sucks and licks my cock for two minutes and I reluctantly pull it out.

"Good Job, Lisa" I say, moving down her body and positioning my face between her spread-eagled legs. Starting just above her asshole, I slowly lick one long stroke up between her lips, pushing my tongue deep insider her drenched pussy and up over her clit. I lap up as much juice as I can and want to go back for more, but decide to continue the teasing a little while longer.

"Oh God, Jack! Please lick me some more. That felt so good! Please, Jack!"

Without saying anything, I move up her body and again push my cock in her mouth. She sucks harder than before and I'm really getting off on her cock sucking when the two minutes are up. My cock is throbbing when I pull it from her mouth and move down to lick her pussy again. This is supposed to be teasing her, but I'm not sure how long I would be able to keep going. After I lick another deep, long stroke, I let my tongue linger inside her pussy and she lifts her ass off the bed to try and push it in further. I decide to change the game a little, hell; I'm making it up as I go along anyway. I move my body up over hers and slide my cock up inside her sopping, wet pussy. I just hold it there, putting my weight on her so she can't move around. Her pussy muscles are contracting tightly around my cock as I whisper in her ear.

"For the next two minute sucking session, you're going to lick your pussy juice off my cock." I whisper to Lisa. "Here's a sample taste." I say, pushing my tongue deep inside her mouth. It is taking everything I have to hold still and not pump my cock in and out of her tight, over-heated pussy as she sucks on my tongue. Ever since the day she first licked my fingers after I finger-fucked her, Lisa has loved the taste of her own juices. She likes kissing me after I've eaten her and she's more than willing to suck me off after I've fucked her. I know this is an additional turn on and will tease her even more.

"Oh Jack!" she begs, "Don't pull your cock out. Fuck me with it! My pussy feels good, doesn't it? It's burning, Jack. Just fuck me! I'll suck the juices off after, you know I will."

The look on her face as she pleads almost make me change my mind but I want to tease her just a little more. As I lift my weight off of her, she starts humping my cock as I slide it out of her pussy. I move up her body and slip my pussy soaked cock between her lips and start pumping in and out, fucking her mouth as she sucks the juices off. It doesn't take two minutes for me to start cumming. Lisa keeps sucking and swallowing as my cock jerks several loads of cum into her mouth. She licks me clean swallowing the mixture of my cum and her juices and I decide it's time to take care of her burning snatch.

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She bucks her ass up and pulls at her bindings as I eat her pussy, suck her clit and finger fuck her through three orgasms. As she lay there, trembling from her third orgasm, I slip my cock inside her and fuck her to orgasm number four while she cleans the pussy juice off my tongue with her mouth. She is still panting and shivering when I untie her hands and feet and hold her body against mine.

"Oh my god, Jack!" she says, trying to catch her breath, "That was awesome! I can't believe what you did to me! You know me so well, Jack. You were amazing when you wouldn't even answer me. You just kept teasing and teasing. I was so hot and I couldn't do a damn thing, not even touch myself. And then, when you made me suck my own juices off your cock and then suck them off your tongue while you fucked me! I've never cum so hard, Jack." This is something Lisa says on a regular basis. Every time she researches a new and creative twist to our lovemaking she comes harder and harder. I wonder what's next. I also wonder why the taste of her own pussy juice turns her on so much. I might have to research that.

Mondays are always the most intense days for us. We can suck and fuck all we want after school before mom comes home, but on the weekends we hardly ever get a chance. We might grope each other and steal a kiss or cop a feel, but we are never alone long enough to get each other off. By Monday afternoon we are all over each other as soon as we get inside the front door. This leads to a lot of creative love making in the living room and hallway before we finally make it to the bedroom and fuck and suck each other's brains out.

We still fuck in the shower regularly but also love fucking in the pool. I like to lean back against the side of the pool and stretch my legs out in the water while Lisa, with just her swimsuit top on, straddles my cock, sucking it deep inside her tight, young pussy. It's hard to describe the sensation of being surrounded by cool water while my cock is buried deep inside my sister's flaming, hot pussy. It's while fucking in the pool one day that we almost get caught. It's also the day that I first become infatuated with my mother's sexy body.

It's a Saturday so normally we wouldn't be able to do anything but Lisa is horny as hell and won't leave me alone. It's her idea for us to go swimming and fuck in the pool while mom is busy doing laundry and watching TV. I tell her it's too risky but she keeps teasing me, touching my cock and rubbing her tits against me all day. Around 2 o'clock, mom tells us she's going to take a nap. That's when I give in; we change into our swimsuits and rush out to the pool. As soon as we hit the water, Lisa takes off her swimsuit bottom, swims over to me and pulls my suit down. My suit is hooked around one ankle as I put my arms up on the side of the decking and Lisa impales herself on my already rigid cock. Her face is about a foot from mine as she furiously bounces up and down on my cock making waves across the swimming pool.

"How's the water?" our mom asks sticking her head out of the sliding glass door.

"Great" Lisa answers. She stops bouncing but keeps my cock buried deep in her tight, wet pussy. "The temperature is perfect and the sun isn't too hot today." I'm impressed. She's carrying on a conversation with our mom while her pussy muscles continue to milk my cock. She's acting like nothing is going on while I, on the other hand, am freaking out that we are getting caught.

"Good, I couldn't sleep so I thought I might join you two for a swim" mom says, "I'll just get my suit on and be right out."

"Great, mom!" Lisa shouts, "Wear that sexy new pink swimsuit you bought. I haven't seen you in it."

"Okay" She closes the door and Lisa starts bouncing up and down like a mad woman.

"Are you crazy?" I ask, "mom's going to be out here in a minute. We have to stop and get our suits back on." I can't believe she wants to keep fucking with mom coming out.

"Just a few more minutes, Jack." She says, panting. "It'll take mom a while to get changed. I'm so close. It won't take long."

She is watching the door, bouncing on my cock and grinding her clit against me. Just as she starts to cum, I hear the sliding glass door open. She pushes down hard, clamping her hot, quivering pussy around my cock. As mom is stepping through the sliding glass door, Lisa quickly jumped off my cock and swims away from me. We both struggle to get our swimsuit bottoms up where they belonged before mom gets to the pool.

Lisa is smiling at me and treading water in the deep end of the pool. Mom is walking down the steps of the pool near where I am in the shallow end. Our mom keeps herself in shape and looks about ten years younger than her 37 years. She's wearing a light pink two-piece swimsuit that shows off her tan, well-toned body. As I watch her get in the pool, it's easy to see where Lisa gets her sexy shape. Mom's flat stomach, the curves of her ass and her shapely legs all remind me of Lisa. Her breasts are much larger and a lot more of her tits are visible before they disappear into the small triangles of her swimsuit top. This suit must be smaller than her others because there is a creamy, white strip of skin between her swimsuit top and where her tan begins. Her swimsuit bottom is just a small V shaped piece of material covering her pussy with strings tied on the side that connect to the material covering her firm, round ass. I'm not sure why I'm noticing all this about our mom all of a sudden. Maybe it's because my sister has gotten herself off and left me with a raging hard-on.

Mom reaches the bottom of the steps and plunges into the cool water up to her neck. She shivers and jumps back up to a standing position yelling that it's cold. I watch her ample tits bounce up and down and can see the effect the cool water has had on her nipples. Her erect nipples appear to be embossed on her swimsuit top as she stands there in the waist deep water. She sees me staring at her tits and casually turns away slipping back into the water up to her shoulders. She turns back and I see her check out the bulge in my swimsuit before starting to swim to the deep end. It looks like she's smiling as she swims away. Could it be? Is my mom pleased that I'm sporting a hard-on while checking out her tits. This could be interesting.

"Let's play monkey in the middle, "I yell at my sister and my mom.

My sister swims over by me, and whispers, "As long as it's your monkey in my middle." She laughs, and then more loudly she says, "Okay, but mom's in the middle!"

It's a keep away game with one person in the middle and the other two throwing a ball back and forth. Mom's in the middle and keeps jumping for the ball as Lisa and I keep throwing it beside her and over her head. We're laughing and playing and dunking each other like a bunch of kids. Except, I can't keep my eyes off my mom's tits with her thick, protruding nipples pushing out the swimsuit material. I have a clear view of them bouncing hypnotically while she's jumping up to block the ball. When she's facing Lisa I just stare at the curves of her bikini-covered ass. My cock has stayed hard the whole time and I catch mom subtly eyeing it. Mom's getting more aggressive in trying to get the ball and I make sure there is a lot of skin contact as we dive and wrestle for it. At one point, with mom facing Lisa I reach my hands around her waist and lift her up pulling her back in the water on top of me. She's laughing as we fall backwards and I manage to push my hard cock against her ass as we tumble through the water. My hands slip up and "accidentally" brush against her tits as we both come up sputtering.

"You're cheating, Jack." She says, still laughing, "I'm not playing if you're going to cheat." She starts walking toward the steps. "Actually, I've had enough rough housing for one day. You guys are a lot younger than I am." She sits on the steps and I swim over to Lisa.

"I'll race you to the other end," I say, winking at her. She immediately dives under water and starts swimming. We both come up at the other end of the pool at about the same time and I take the opportunity to ask Lisa if she's noticed mom acting funny.

"I've only noticed you acting funny, staring at mom and constantly trying to touch her. What are you doing, Jack?" she whispers. "You aren't thinking of expanding your incestuous conquests are you?" She says smiling.

"Don't be silly." I answer, looking back at mom sitting on the steps, leaning back with her eyes closed. Then I explain to Lisa about how mom reacted to me staring at her tits and how I'm pretty sure she was smiling and looking at my bulge. "Did you notice how hard her nipples have been all day and how she keeps looking at my cock?"

"Well, dad's been gone over two months, Jack. How would you like to go two months without fucking? I know I wouldn't like it." As she's saying this, she's reached down and started stroking my cock through my swimsuit. "You are one horny guy, Jack. Is that because of mom's nipples?"

"No! It's because somebody had to get fucked in the pool and then she swam away before somebody else got to shoot his load. But now that you mention it, I've stayed hard all day staring at mom's sexy body, watching her tits bounce and seeing the outline of her hard nipples through her swimsuit. God, am I a pervert?"

"No, Jack. I've been watching mom, too. It might be my imagination but it seemed like she was intentionally putting on a show for you today. I can't envision mom taking it any further than that but if you ever do fuck her, I want to suck your cock immediately afterwards. I want to know what she tastes like!" She laughs and gives my cock a final squeeze before swimming off toward mom.

I watch Lisa get out of the pool, get the suntan lotion and sit down next to mom on the pool steps. "You're going to get burned if you're not careful, mom. That's a very sexy suit but it doesn't cover you the same way your old one did." With that she squirts a little suntan lotion onto her fingers and starts rubbing them over the creamy white patch of skin on mom's tits.

Mom looks startled and starts to sit up, saying, "Here honey, I can do that."

Lisa ignores her and just keeps rubbing the lotion over her full, plentiful breasts. "It's alright mom, you just lay back and relax. I'll keep you from getting burned." Lisa looks over at me and winks, knowing how I'd love to be rubbing that lotion around on mom's tits. Mom reluctantly lays her head back and lets Lisa rub suntan lotion on her chest. Mom is lying with her back partly on the deck and her legs in the water up to about her knees. As Lisa's fingers are massaging our mom's tits, I notice the heel of her hand keeps brushing lightly over mom's erect nipples. They seemed to push out a little further and become more pronounced with each pass of Lisa's hand.

Lisa squirts more suntan lotion on her fingers and starts rubbing it across mom's stomach. Mom's swimsuit bottom is also smaller than her old one and she has white stripes of skin across the top and down the sides of the small triangle. Lisa is massaging suntan lotion over mom's stomach and lower abdomen with her fingers while the heel of her hand lightly brushes against mom's mound. With her other hand, Lisa is rubbing lotion on mom's upper thigh and along the side of her hip where the swimsuit didn't cover. By now mom has her eyes open and is staring at Lisa. She seems to be trying to figure out if this is innocent helpfulness or a sensual massage. She can't seem to make up her mind.

"That's enough, Lisa. I'm going in the house anyway. Too much sun isn't good for me. You two need to come in soon, too." Mom says, getting up and quickly walking into the house.

"Looks like you enjoyed the show." Lisa said as she pulls my swimsuit down and starts vigorously stroking my stiff cock. She quickly slips her swimsuit bottom down, wraps her legs around me and pulls me inside her tight, wet pussy. "Now, where were we?" She asks, as I start frantically pumping in and out of her.

"That was really erotic, watching you touching mom. You are a kinky little girl, Lisa. I guess that's why I love you so much." I'm panting and pushing into her faster and faster. She thrusts her hips down to meet my strokes and in no time we are cumming together.

"Touching mom really turned me on and I'm pretty sure it turned her on too. I suspect that's why she left so fast. I don't think she knew what to make of her body's sexual reaction to her daughter touching her. I bet she's horny as hell with dad gone. And the way she was looking at your cock, I bet we could get her so hot that she'd beg you to fuck her." Lisa squeezes her sopping wet pussy around my cock as she's saying this. "I'm going to wait a while and then I'm going to seduce her for both of us."

A couple of months later, Lisa does seduce mom, but before that happens Lisa comes up with her sexiest and kinkiest idea yet.

We graduated from High School and before going to USC in the fall, mom suggests we take the summer off and enjoy ourselves. Dad is about four months into his six-month tour, which means we have the house to ourselves all day. As soon as mom leaves for work in the mornings, we crawl in bed with each other. Sometimes we just snuggle our naked bodies together and fall back to sleep, waking up later and start our fucking. Some days we stay naked all day, watching TV, doing our chores in between our fucking and sucking. One time Lisa woke up before me and made my most erotic fantasy come true by wrapping her hot lips around my morning hard-on and gently sucking me awake. If you've never had anyone suck you awake in the morning, you don't know what you're missing. It starts in an unreal dream-like state and then gradually you begin to feel the warm, wet licking and sucking sensations and before you're really awake you're humping your fully aroused cock to its ultimate climax. It's amazing and so is my sister.

Anyway, back to the sexiest and kinkiest. Late one night in the middle of summer, I'm just about to turn out my light and go to sleep when Lisa comes in my room.

"Look what I found on the Internet." She says, excitedly, shoving a piece of paper in my face. I'm not sure at first what I'm looking at but Lisa gets all animated, pointing at the couple in the picture and describing what they are doing.

"It's a harness." She says, enthusiastically, "See the woman is suspended over the bed with her legs up and her pussy pointing straight down. See these straps, they kind of cradle her just above her ass. These other straps go behind her knees keeping her legs spread apart and up out of the way. The guy is on his back on the bed and she gets lowered down onto his cock. He raises and lowers her pussy up and down his cock by spinning her around." She's talking fast and is clearly aroused by this idea. "Jack, she can spin all the way around while his cock is up inside of her. Can you imagine what that must feel like, her spinning around while they're fucking. I think it's that the most erotic thing I've ever seen. We need to make one of these, Jack. I want you to spin me around while your cock is fucking my pussy."

I can hardly believe it, but Lisa has it all figured out. She finds some straps from old lounge chairs that we can use and we make the harness and hook three ropes to it and loop them over the rafters in the garage. It takes us about a week to make it and Lisa is ecstatic when it's finally done. Several times we get so excited talking about how the harness is going to work that we shed our clothes right there in the garage and fuck on an old air mattress.

The harness consists of one large and two small loops connected together by short straps. The large loop slips around the woman's back and comes up under her arms, along the sides of her breasts and connects to a rope above her head. The two smaller loops slip over each leg, resting just above the knees and are each connected to a single rope. The straps that connect these loops to the larger one are short enough to ensure her knees are pulled up close to her chest. Finally, a solid pole about two feet long is connected between the knee straps to keep her legs spread apart. The three ropes are tied together just below the rafter. It looks kind of like a tire swing without the tire. The idea is that when the woman is strapped into the harness and spun around, the three ropes twist, raising the woman up. When it untwists she is lowered back down.

We put the air mattress on the floor and hook Lisa into the harness. It takes several tries before she is at the right height and angle. First she is leaning back too far, then, her knees aren't pulled up tightly enough. She's naked, getting in and out of the harness and my cock is getting hard just from watching her. Finally, it's just right. I spin her around a few times, twisting the rope to raise her up and I lie down on the air mattress positioning my cock under her exposed pussy. I slowly let the rope unwind, slipping my cock up into her pussy as she spins back down. It's as amazing as it sounds. Even though we'd been fucking like crazy for the past two months, she is still very tight and creates a lot of friction as she spins around my cock like a corkscrew. As I grab her legs with my hands and turn her one full rotation to the right she swirls up to the tip of my cock. Then I let her go and she twists back down to the base and keeps spinning back up my shaft. Lisa is in heaven.

"Ohhhhh yes, Jack! Spin me faster. This is fucking incredible! Keep me turning. Spin me back and forth real fast, Jack. Yeah! Just like that." Her thick cream is running down my shaft and keeping us well lubricated as I keep increasing the speed of the rotations. It feels amazing and because it isn't the straight up and down strokes that I need to make me cum, I can keep it up for a long time without climaxing. I keep spinning her back and forth, faster and faster.

"Shit, Jack! This is everything I thought it would be! My pussy is on fire!" she's panting and reaching between her legs to play with her clit. "I'm getting dizzy, Jack and it's just adding to the overall feeling. Can you believe it? I'm actually getting high doing this."

I'm spinning her so fast that I almost spin her off the top of my cock. Her lips are just barely around the tip of it and her juices are gushing around my shaft as I twist her back the other way, screwing her down to the base of my cock. When she's completely impaled on my cock like that I want to pump in and out of her but she's pressing me down against the air mattress and I have no room to move up and down.

"Oh God, Jack! I'm cumming!" She is feverishly rubbing her clit and I am twisting her back and forth as fast as I can. Her pussy seems to be trying to clamp down on my cock, but can't get a grip because of the corkscrew effect of the apparatus. "Spin me, Jack! Spin me! Spin Meeeeeee! Fuck! I'm cummming" I was frantically twisting her back and forth, literally screwing her up and down on my cock. The harness kept her from bucking like she usually does, but I can feel her pussy muscles pulsating against my cock as I twist her up and down.

"Stop! Stop me, Jack! Stop me!" Lisa was panting hard, "I need to stop." I stop twisting her and her pussy slides all the way down on my cock, crushing her wet lips against my pubic hair. I can feel her pussy muscles tighten around my cock like a vice. I slide my hands down under her ass and massage her hot, round cheeks, slick with her juices. She reaches down between my legs and starts playing with my balls. I want to pump up into her, but her weight keeps me from moving. I just lay there with her hand massaging my balls and her pussy pulsating like a vibrator around my throbbing cock.

"Get me out of this, Jack. I need you to fuck me. I need to feel your hard cock pounding me. Get me out of this harness, now." She moves her hand off my balls as I twist her all the way up and off my cock. As soon as her lips clear the tip of my cock, she gushes hot, creamy pussy juice all over me. It runs down over my balls and between my ass cheeks creating puddles on the air mattress. I roll to the side and let her twist back down. Steaming syrup is still oozing from her pussy lips as they hang a few inches above the air mattress. I can't resist tasting her and I lay on my back, positioning my mouth under her pussy. I push my tongue deep inside her saturated cunt and gently swing her up and back over my tongue as I lap up her thick nectar.

Posted : 13/11/2010 9:10 am