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My Two Lesbian Daughters


“ No don’t stop girls. I wanted to see you.”


“Well I can’t help it. I need to see it. The time I saw you I was so shocked by it, I completely put it out of my mind., And now we talk about it, and well you are my daughters, so It’s nothing that I haven’t seen, well….. oh well you know what I mean.”

“But mom we…it’s…..”

“It’s what? Weird? I don’t think we should get started on weird! Besides I am the only one who knows your secret, so I thought I should get to see it.”

She seemed very adamant, and there was no point in arguing.

“Well If you can take it, it doesn’t bother me.” I said

“Me either” said Danielle

“Well ok, then let’s get on with it shall we?”

Danni and I resumed our positions in each others pussies and were soon back in the groove of things. I was finding it so arousing having my mother watching as her two little girls ate each other out. I knew Danielle felt the same. We really began to put on a show for her, spreading each other apart so she could really see what was happening. We began to moan louder than ever, and shout lewd encouragement at one another. The more we played the roll, the more turned on we became. We were so lost in our play that we didn’t realize mom had left. After we both came we wondered where she went. We both thought the whole thing to be strange, and decided what moms motivation really was. Without bothering to dress (it seemed pointless now) we crept down the hall to her room and opened the door.

Posted : 28/04/2011 6:56 am