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My sister’s name is Neha


My sister’s name is Neha, 25 years old, 5’2” height, having soft and firm boobs (36 size). She lived with her husband in a town; 25 kms away from our house. I do not have bed intentions towards didi because I gave her respect in every aspect and she also guided me as my parents about good or bad. After six months of marriage, she came to our house to meet all of us (Mom, Dad and Me). She talked with mom and me for whole day on various topics. At 10:00 pm, all of us finished dinner and moved towards our rooms; mom and dad on their room and didi and me on my room. After few minutes, didi slept that I could hear her snoring. Suddenly, my eyes went towards her body; she was wearing a blue color salwar-suit in which she is looking very cute.

Slowly, my eyes were held on her perfect boobs, which were moving up and down, by her breathing. At this time I got sexually attracted with my sister, even she is 7 years older than me, I think to feel her body in any case. After few minutes, I slowly put my right hand on her back which was facing me; I move my hand here and there on her back to feel her skin then I move my hand towards her hips and put my hand on right hip; I massaged her both hips one by one from above her salwar, they were soft and big that will be a nice enjoyment for me. I was very much afraid to do all this to my sister but I was also enjoying all this very much. After massaging her hips I slowly put my hand on her waist from her backside; her waist is slim and soft, after few minutes I move my hand in upper direction to touch her soft boobs, my hand reached in lower portion of boobs, there I find her bra’s bottom strap from above the suit which held her nice paired boobs in good shape and position. Then, I move my hand in upper direction; I was shivering with pleasure at this time, I slowly put my two fingers on her left boob from her backside, her boob was too soft and firm that I think if her boob was so soft from above the suit then what about the naked boobs; I was pretty much excited at this time.

While sleeping, she suddenly turn towards me that her boobs now came in front of me; at her move I suddenly take off my hand from her body and reacted as I was sleeping. After few minutes, when I confirmed that she is still sleeping; I again put my right hand on her boob (Now from front) and this time I put my both hands on her boobs, I slowly press them gently from above the suit; her boobs were so big that they can’t held completely in my hand; I squeeze and massage her both boobs for about an hour, it was a nice feeling that I never had in my life because it’s my first time with a woman. Next day; the whole day will end in same manner as yesterday, after dinner the time came for which I had been waiting for whole day; the sleeping time. This time, didi was wearing a yellow color saree in which her slim and milky white waist is easily visible. Didi said to me; brother, you have to sleep now; I close my eyes as it feels to didi that I was sleeping. After few minutes, I open my eyes and saw didi; didi was sleeping at this time. She was looking more beautiful this time then yesterday night; her boobs were facing ceiling of the room. Now I start my movement towards didi; I had been more confident then yesterday, slowly I put my hand on didi’s waist; I was afraid pretty much because this was her naked portion that she can feel my hand on her body early than clothes on.

Then, I move my hand in particular potion to feel her body’s shape and size, she had a nice shaped body. After few minutes I move my hand towards didi’s boobs, I stopped for a moment and saw didi’s cutie face; her lips were juicy that I can’t control myself and put my left hand’s finger on to her lips to feel the juice after that I slowly put my lips on to her juicy lips and gave her a long smooch; I suck her juicy lips very strongly, I can feel her breaths on my nose. After this, I again put my hand on her waist and move towards her boobs, I put my hand on her left boobs and slowly squeeze both boobs one by one from above the sari and blouse. After this, I slowly pull off sari’s corner from below her arm by which her blouse could be totally visible. I put my hand on her neck and slowly start to unhook her blouse, when I opened two hooks of blouse; her beautiful and deep cleavage had in front of me; I put my two fingers between her cleavage and starts feeling her beauty of huge and soft boobs, I was feeling a wonderful feeling in my mind. Next day; didi went back to her house; next 8 months I did not see her but only talked with her by telephone. After 14 months of marriage didi gave birth to a baby in a private hospital; I went there to see didi and her child, didi’s baby was very cute and beautiful that at the same time, I cannot take off my eyes from didi who is looking very attractive and bold but it was not the time to think so. I came back to home but I was only thinking about didi; her beauty, manner, smile, eyes, etc; I do not know what was going on with me but it was clear that I have to get didi in any condition.

Next 6 months; I do not meet didi, I was feeling very alone and only thinking about didi. On a nice day; didi’s phone came to home that she want to come here to meet all of us. Mom said to me to take didi from her house to home that I went to her house and take back didi and her 7 months baby with me; mom had very excited to see didi and specially the cute baby. The whole day had end in playing and talking with her baby and didi respectively. After dinner three of us (Didi, Ayush her baby and Me) went to my room to sleep. This time; I play with Ayush for some time and then said “Good Night” to didi. Didi slept after some time but I didn’t, how can I sleep and miss the chance for which I had been waiting for several months, I close my eyes for a moment to think; suddenly Ayush start crying and when I semi open my eyes to see; I saw that didi wake up and take baby in her arm, hurriedly she open bottom three hook of blouse and pull her white bra upside so that her right boob was free in air and then she put her boob’s nipple in baby’s mouth to suck; didi’s boob was soft and milky, by watching this scene I got very excited but I control myself and close my eyes as when didi saw me, she feel that I was sleeping; after some time when Ayush and didi slept again, I open my eyes; I saw that didi was sleeping still with her boob free in air, I went closer to her and directly put my hand on her naked boob; first time I touch didi’s boob, I gave her boob a gentle massage I held her boob in my hand and start squeezing from top to bottom. Then I put her boob’s nipple in mouth and start sucking milk, milk was flowing continuously in my mouth but suddenly; didi put her hand on my head as she was feeling that her baby was sucking her breast after which she realizes that I was not her baby but the boy who was feeding her boob was me; her own brother. By realizing this she got angry and said to me “what the hell was you doing with me”, I remains quite and doesn’t say anything to her; I was feeling ashamed to face her, After that didi sat up and wear her blouse and sari properly, after some time she ordered me to sleep and then she also slept.

Next day; when I wake up I was only thinking that what happens if she told everything to mom; I was very much afraid but when I reached to other room and saw mom in nice mood, I realize that didi had not told anything to mom; suddenly didi came to particular room and saw me; I can’t able to face her that’s why I leaves the room. After one or two hours didi leave the home; I realized that she leave the home so early because of my behavior last night, after 3 or 4 days I called her on telephone; she even talked with me but not as she do before of incident so I decided to went her house to talk with her more clearly. After 2 weeks; I went to her house and when I reached there, I know that her husband could not at home. I was sitting on sofa and didi was on a single bed, her baby was sleeping in other room. After that I asked didi about her husband then she told me that he had been going to office early in the morning and comes late in the night regularly after the birth of Ayush, he even not talk me in good mood; he remains busy in her office work every time. After some time of discussion the topic went towards the night incident ~

Me: Didi, are you still angry upon me ?

Didi: Yudi, do not talk about that idiot incident.

Me: But didi, I cannot forget that incident in my life.

Didi: You have to forget that incident because what you did with me is not possible in future.

Me : But Why ?

Didi : Because you are, my brother and a brother cannot do such activity with his sister.

Me : Why can't ? A sexual activity should need a male and a female, its not matter that they are brother-sister or what. By saying this, I stand up and sit on didi's left side on the bed.

Didi : Try to understand Yudi, o.k. If you say that then I realise it but you don't know that you are just a child in front of me.

Me : I’ am, but you don't know how much I like you !

Didi : I think that you got silly that's why you are saying that you like a lady that is your elder sister and a married woman with a baby.

Me : Its can't matter for me, tell me that you also don't like me.

Didi : I’ am but its not mean that I like you in this type, its mean that you are my only brother and I should tell you about good or bed.

Me : O.k. Then why don't you give me permission to do what I want from you ?

Didi : Because it's wrong and our society can't gave anybody this permission because it's incest.

Me : I don't care of anybody !

By saying this, I got courage and I put my right hand onto her right shoulder and also put my lips on her juicy lips and start sucking them gently at the same time. Didi pull me in other side and asked me in soft voice "Yudi, I can do what you want from me but promise me that you don't tell anybody about this", I can't believe that didi was saying this to me. After saying this didi put her soft long hand onto my shoulder and start sucking my lips wildly; I was shivering with pleasure. After that didi stand up from bed and starts undressing her light green saree with a naughty smile on her face but I too stand up in hurry and stop her from doing so, I put again my lips on her and also put my right hand on her slim waist from above the saree and slowly move towards her huge soft boobs I put my hand on them and start pressing them wildly from above the saree and also kissing her at the same time, I first take her whole right boob in my hand and squeeze for almost 10 minutes; it was a feeling that I can't tell, her boobs were so soft and firmly.

After this didi put his hand on my hand which is on her boob at that time and pull off my hand while saying "my little brother firstly unhook my blouse and then enjoy", by hearing this I pull off her light green saree from her shoulder and in a meanwhile she was in her blouse and petticoat, her figure had totally visible to me, I think it was 36" 27" 34", then I unhook her blouse hooks one by one, when I unhooked her blouse her pink bra was visibly then she undress her blouse from her arms, now she was in pink bra and light green petticoat, she was looking gorgeous like never before; suddenly her baby Ayush start crying, by hearing her baby's cry didi said to me "Yudi take Ayush here from other room", I move towards other room and take the baby in drawing room where didi was sitting on the bed, I give baby to didi's arm and didi put him on her lap, firstly didi saw my face and then pop up her pink bra such that her right boob got naked; didi put boob's nipple in Ayush mouth, Ayush started to feed them continuously; while Ayush sucking milk from didi's nipple, I was only watching this and also her fully naked back except bra strap on it, her back is milky white with not a single pit; after few minutes the baby slept that didi put him on the bed. While didi was sitting on the sofa she said to me "now it's your turn my little brother", I move near to her that she put my head onto her lap and from one hand she put her nipple in my mouth, after that I suck her boob for 10 minutes and also sometime I squeeze her boob to make flow more milk from boob; then didi said to me "You sucked my boob in a manner that Ayush suck, after all you had liked my boobs as a child liked them".

After that I asked didi to unhook her bra, she replied "firstly I would undress you and then you can unhook my bra"; we both stand up from the sofa and didi put her fingers on my neck to undress my shirt, she open one by one my shirt's all buttons and after that she throws my shirt in a corner. After that she asked me to unhook her bra so that I went to her backside and put my hand on her shoulder from backside and kiss on her back after that I unhook her bra that her bra fell down; then I slowly take my both hands from below her armpits from backside and held her both boobs fully in my each hand and squeeze them for 5 minutes.

After this didi moves in my front and put her soft hand on my chest and said to me "you have a nice chest Yudi", after saying this to me she wildly kiss me on lips and pull me on the sofa while saying "now I’m totally your". I’ am laying down on sofa with jeans on my body and then didi sit on my thighs with petticoat on her body; we suck each other lips for some time and while sucking I put my hand on her waist to open the petticoat, I opened her petticoat now she also opened my jeans, we both stand up from the sofa and pull off her petticoat and my jeans from our body. After this we both again lay in that direction; she was on my top and I’m laying down, didi said to me "what's for you're waiting" and then she undo her panty and my underwear also; we were totally naked, she was looking just like a angel her pussy was pinkish and buttocks were huge. When she take my dick in her hand she replied "Yudi you have a bigger dick then your jiju", I can't wait anymore "please fuck me as deep as you can". I was very much happy to hear this from didi's mouth after that didi took my dick in her soft hand and put in front of her pussy and said to me "enter your monster in me", I gave a strong stroke such that my dick insert into her pussy; I was like a heaven at this time because now I realise the feeling that people have while fucking. At the same time didi was screaming in pain and pleasure, after that didi said "you are doing good, give me some more nice strokes; I move my waist up and down to give her more and more pleasure; I don't know from where I got energy that I was loading my didi on my thighs and also giving her wonderful strokes.

After 20 minutes; didi move from me and stand up on the floor, I too stand up and asked her "what happens didi" she replied "first of all don't call me didi insist of didi you can take my name" and for your information "nothing happened to me but I move from you to make this fuck more different", then she held me in her soft arms tightly such that her boobs have been pressing by my chest and while doing so she said "I feel very good your chest on my breast" and suck my lips again and again, at the same time I put my both hands on her firmly hips and press them wildly for 5 minutes. Then; didi asked me "can you take me on your arms", I said to her that I can try, I put my both hands on her thighs and cross them across my legs and pull didi up towards my waist such that didi put her both hands on my shoulders to take support, now she was on my waist with her pussy near my dick and chest near breast, we suck each other lips for another 5 minutes and then I said to didi as she said "Neha move your hips up and down", didi start moving her hips up and down with giving me a naughty smile. I put my dick while holding didi into her pussy and move didi's hips up and down to give her strokes, didi was moaning in pleasure, at the same time I was sucking her boobs continuously, boobs were also moving up and down such that they were soft and firmly. After 10 minutes, I move didi from me and then said to him to stand on floor while putting her hands on wall of the room.

Didi did as I said; she put his long hand on wall and stand there that her ass is facing me and her boobs were towards the wall, I went there and put my hand on her shoulder and kiss on everywhere her back, after that I held her both boobs from below the armpits and at the same time I enters my dick into her ass, she started shouted with pleasure while saying " fuck brother! Fuck your elder sister in every hole", I got excited by hearing this that I increase my fucking speed and also squeeze her boobs more passionately; after 5 minutes of fast fucking I cummed inside her with a hard load. After that we both lay on the floor for about fifteen minutes, after that didi told me to leave because it's getting late, after that we dress back our clothes and I leave didi's house in a meanwhile with a passionate lips sucking scene; at the time of leaving didi said to me with a smile on her face "whenever you need me then don't be shy and come here because I’m also love you too much but I afraid of our society but now I can't that fucking your brother is a feeling that you can't get from your husband.

Posted : 01/05/2011 4:13 pm