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My sister's cute little brunette friend


"You are such a pig," Kyla exclaimed as she shook her head at me. My sister's cute little brunette friend was miffed at me for trying to hook the front of her halter-top in order to check out her lovely, perky breasts.

"Aww, come on, don't be such a tease and let me see them," I said as I took my left hand and squeezed my hardening cock through my gym shorts for effect.

"Is your sister even home?" she replied, trying not to look down at my lap and instead look past me in the front hallway of our house.

"Come on, I won't tell anyone," I said, moving my head teasingly to make her focus on me.

She wasn't amused and sensing my sister wasn't home wanted to get out of our house. She backed slowly toward the door and reached behind her for the doorknob.

"Just a little peek, honest I won't tell," I assured her. Reaching past her with my right hand, I held the door closed. Leaning in, I rubbed my upper torso against hers and smelled her perfume. Kyla always looked hot. Today she was wearing a powder blue halter-top that encased her lovely round C cups. The halter-top ended at her mid-drift that stood bare and taut. She had lovely abs and a cute little inny with a silver dolphin piercing it. She was wearing cut off blue jeans that showed off her tan and firm legs. A pair of heeled sandals adorned her pretty feet.

Kyla loved wearing makeup and her eyes were always accented beautifully. She added glitter to make her gorgeous eyes sparkle even more then they did normally. Her lips were glossy and she went for weekly manicures, so her nails were always long and painted.

"Jeez, Jason, you don't quit, do you?" Kyla asked rhetorically, half amused and half annoyed.

"How can I with your lovely body calling out to me," I kidded and lightly touched her bare right shoulder with my left fingertips. They had an effect as she squirmed away from my touch and her body pressed into me. Feeling the heat of my body, she leaned away but the door trapped her.

"You wouldn't be doing this if Mel or your parents were home," Kyla exclaimed and the realization hit her. We were all alone and she was going to have deal with me and me alone.

"Ahhha," I joked at her logical deduction with a wink. My eyes playfully scanned the top of her round orbs as they showed above her halter-top. "We are all alone, so no one is going to know, Come on," I accented the 'Come On".

Kyla breathed hard and cast me a wry smile. We were so close I could hear her little heart beating and it was beginning to race. Her pretty jade green eyes sparkled and she looked away from my glance. Trying to slide to her left, she bumped into my right arm and sighed. "Come on Ky, what's it going to hurt to give me a little peek?" I asked as I leaned a little closer so that my pelvis held her back to the door.

"Oh my god," Kyla giggled at my persistence. She tried to play tough and stare back into my eyes but couldn't. She giggled again and her body wiggled against mine and her chest heaved.

"Are you sure no one is home?" Kyla coughed out in a meek voice that was barely audible, but was music to my ears. My cock stiffened at question.

"Hunh?" I asked, playing dumb.

"I said, are you sure no one is home?" she stated with an exhausted look on her face.

"No, my sister is home, she's upstairs," I quipped and backed away from her a couple of inches.

Kyla bit her lower lip, suddenly looking very confused. "What? Your sister's home?" she exclaimed incredulously.

"NO, were alone," I laughed at her gullibility. I smiled and watched it sink in as Kyla thought it through.

"You are such an idiot," she added and shook her head and giggled.

"Maybe, but are you going show me those beautiful titties now," I asked with a wink and drew closer to her.

'Oh my god, you are such a pig," Kyla laughed and looked around us as if there might be someone lurking around. It was just the two of us and in a momentary loss of her senses she relented and began slowly tugging her halter-top down in order to release her lovely orbs. "Are you sure no one is home?' she paused and looked me hard in the eyes.

Her eyes met nothing as my eyes and mind were locked in on her perky chest. Kyla was a walking wet dream. Her young body had matured well ahead of Melanie and the rest of their friends. She was as hot as they came and she was about to show me her lovely breasts. I nodded in the affirmative that no one was home and reached down and squeezed my aching cock through my shorts.

"You aren't going to tell anyone about this are you?" Kyla asked. She smiled at me though I didn't see it. She had learned long ago that guys were all the same. Ever since her body had begun to change she had got catcalls and looks of longing from guys, young and old alike. Hell she had even had a few women ogle her.

Playfully, Kyla rolled the fabric down slowly and watched my eyes. She was such a tease and she took her time revealing her right then her left nipples. She liked the expression I gave as I stared at her dollar size areolas and pencil eraser-sized nipples. The cool air in the hallway made her nipples stiffen and ache. A lot of her friends said they got little or no sensation through their nipples but not her; her nipples were definitely an erogenous zone. Often she would rub them and even pinch them while she masturbated to the cute boys in her magazines.

"Oh fuck, your breasts are beautiful," I told her as I admired them. "Pull your halter-top all the way down," I told her, wanting to see them without any obstacles.

Kyla sighed and then giggled. She figured I wouldn't be happy with just a peek. Pulling down her top, she rolled it at her belly just above her navel and belly button jewelry. Taking her arms, she spread them so I could see them in all their glory.

"Wow, they are real beautiful," I said, smiling at Kyla.

Kyla moved her hands to roll her halter-top back up and I stopped her.

"Wait," I said and smiled with a wink. I could see how stiff her nipples were so I knew revealing them was having some effect on her. Kyla tilted her head as if to say, 'What now?'

"Can you take you arms and squeeze them together," I said and gestured with my own arms to show her what I wanted.

Kyla grinned and tried to do as I said and as she squeezed, her left arm slipped past her boob and across her nipple.

"Oops," Kyla giggled and taking her left hand wiped at her nipple and bit her lower lip as she enjoyed the sensation. Getting her arms into the right position, she tried it again and pushed them forward for me. It made her large breasts seem even larger and I grinned as her areolas stretched and her nipples stiffened even more.

"Like this?" Kyla asked as she looked down to admire them.

'Oh yeah, that's great," I exclaimed as I enjoyed her little exhibition.

"Can I put them away now," Kyla asked sarcastically.

"Yeah," I said and paused. "Naw, can I touch them?" I asked and my eyes went back to hers. I smiled and gave her my best 'Come On' look.

"No way," Kyla said and shook her head as if she couldn't believe my audacity. She believed it and she had expected it, which was why she was so slow to roll her top back up. Kyla wouldn't admit it to anyone but she always liked her friend Melanie's older brother. She was also getting really turned on by the give and take in his families' hallway. Her nipples displayed her excitement and now he was asking to touch her. She felt a familiar tingle between her legs and sighed, "You are absolutely incorrigible."

"Come On," I mouthed with a wink after I shrugged my shoulders at her assertion. I moved closer to Kyla and slowly brought my hands up in front of her.

"You promise you aren't going to tell anyone?" Kyla moaned.

Playfully I pretended to zip my lips, close the lock, turn the key, and toss it away.

Kyla's eyes rolled and she grinned at my teasing. She smiled as my hands moved to her breasts. I cupped them in each hand and my palms covered her nipples. She gasped as the warmth of my hands radiated through her body.

I smiled at her as I kneaded her young perky breasts. She grinned and bit her lower lip. Bringing up her hands she moved to cover mine but I stopped her.

"Keep your hands by your sides," I told her and she dropped them. Her mouth whispered an 'Ooh,' as to say, 'So that's how you like it!'

"Fuck, your breasts are so firm," I said as I leaned my head into her and moved my mouth toward hers. Squeezing her breasts in my hands, I made sure to press my palms into her nipples. Letting out a moan, Kyla opened her mouth and kissed me hard on the mouth.

Our tongue's intermingled and I felt Kyla lean into me hard. Her mouth was wet and warm and I tasted cinnamon from a hard candy she must have just eaten. Bringing her hands up to my sides she pulled herself into me. We kissed for what seemed like ten minutes but was probably no more than 30 seconds. Pulling my mouth away from hers, I felt her lightly bit my lower lip for effect. Looking down at her, I saw her devilish smile and knew we could move forward.

"Can I see your panties?" I asked and playfully slid my right index finger inside her tight blue jean shorts. Pulling them outward, I looked inside and caught a whiff of her heavenly scent. She was wearing a small poke-a-dot thong, white with various vibrant red, orange, and blue dots.

Kyla was beside herself as she tried to wiggle her hips to get my finger out of her shorts. She crossed her legs in an attempt to prevent me from seeing inside. The tingle between her legs had grown exponentially after my kneading and our long kiss. She was growing wet and thought if she was at home she'd probably run to her bedroom or bathroom to take care of herself.

"Come on, let me see your little thong," I asked and brought my middle finger over to hold her shorts open wider. Kyla rose up on the front tips of her heeled sandals as I held her up by her jean shorts.

"Maybe," Kyla moaned as her eyes locked on mine and I knew what she wanted. Leaning forward, I kissed her hard. Her mouth enveloped mine and her arms came up to hold and squeeze my biceps. Dropping my left hand to the front of her shorts, I quickly unbuttoned her shorts and slowly unzipped the zipper there. Putting my hands on her sides, I began pulling down her shorts. Kyla tried to help by bringing her legs together and wiggling her hips. As her shorts slipped down, so did her thong and she grabbed it to hold it up and in place.

Once off her hips, her tight blue jean shorts slid down her legs and fell around her ankles. I broke our kiss and smiled at Kyla who waited for my next move. Leaning away from her, I looked down her hot little body and admired her little pouch between her legs. The fabric was white but didn't hide a growing wet spot.

"I need a closer look," I joked and slowly dropped to my knees. Kyla cooed and watched me as I dipped beneath her. Taking hold of her hips, I moved her against the door again and smiled up at her. "Poke-a-dots, aye," I said and moved my left hand to the top of the front of her thong. Kyla smiled and moved her legs together. I could sense her sucking in her stomach as she looked down at her thong and me.

Deftly, I tugged her thong upwards, causing the fabric to stretch and tighten across her lovely mound. She was smooth shaven all around her lovely crotch so I suspected she was bald beneath her thin thong. Pulling upward a little more, the fabric followed the crevice of her pussy lips sand slipped inside, causing her slightly engorged outer lips to pop out on either side. Above me Kyla moaned and her legs tightened, closed a little, then opened slightly.

"Wow, I love your lovely little camel toe," I joked at her reaction and tugged upward again and watched Kyla almost repeat the same wiggling, only more urgently this time. Her left hand came over to cover her mound but I slapped it away. Kyla moaned and sighed hard.

"Spread your legs a little wider," I told her as my left came over to cup her pussy.

'Ooh God," she groaned as I cupped her muff and her mound pressed into my hand and she duck walked to get her legs open wider.

Taking my left hand, I kneaded her tender little pussy lips and clitoris. Kyla responded by moaning and pushing up on the toes of her sandals then falling onto my hand.

"Let's take a look at your pussy," I said, not asking this time. Kyla was soaking through her little thong and wasn't about to say no.

I took my hand off her pussy and Kyla moaned in disapproval. She wasn't balking on me seeing her little twat; she wanted my hand back on her aching muff.

"You do it," I said from my place on the ground. Kyla looked at me and smiled at the naughtiness of it all. She bit her lower lip and her hands moved to her thong. Pulling her thong away from her body, she removed it from being lodged in between her lips. Her clit ached and she moaned as she missed my pressure there.

Looking into my eyes, Kyla smiled and pulled her panties to the side. She smiled as she watched me study her little twat as it was revealed before my eyes. Looking down she saw her hood poke out from beside her soaked thong. Taking her right hand off her thong, she firmly rubbed her moist lips and clit and felt herself cum for the first time.

"Oh Fuck," she groaned as her fingers circled her hood and gently patted it.

My cock lurched in my shorts as I watched little Kyla play with her little cunt. Taking my hands, I placed them on her knees in a gesture to her to spread her legs for me. She slipped her left leg out to the side and pushed her pelvis into her right hand. A groan escaped her lips as she felt another wave writhe through her and she thought she might come again.

"Spread your lips open," I said. I couldn't believe how turned on little Kyla was and wanted to see just how far she would go for me. As I waited for her, I tugged her thong to the floor and off her feet.

Grinning from ear to ear, Kyla looked at me and took her right hand and cupped her pussy forcefully. She looked down, from me to her hand, and slowly spread her lips. Her lips glistened from her moisture and her lovely pink hole came into view. Like she had done hundreds of times before, Kyla took her left hand and placed it over her right and using her index finger tapped her engorged clit.

'Oh my god," she moaned as she exposed herself to my prying eyes. Leaning forward, I placed my open mouth over her pussy and sucked hard. Kyla's legs reacted immediately and she dropped her hips on my face. 'Oh fuck, oh fuuu," she moaned. Her left hand left her crotch and she reached forward and cupped the back of my head to her. "Oh don't stop, please don't stop," Kyla begged as her hips bucked and she ground her pelvis into my face.

I pushed my face into her crotch and slowly moved my mouth from her moist twat to her engorged clit and wriggled it against her sensitive button. Kyla came for the second time, far more forcefully than the other time and far more forcefully then she normally did when she was alone in her bedroom at night.

"Oh god, oh god." Kyla groaned as she pulled my head forward with both hands. I sensed her urgency and pushed her right leg up in the air. Standing on one leg, she rode my face and wiggled her hips against my mouth. Playfully, I let my tongue slide between her legs and tickled her tight little asshole.

"Oh fuck," Kyla groaned and her hips dropped to increase the pressure on her young bunghole. "Oh god, don't stop licking," Kyla groaned as my nose slammed between her tender pussy lips. Kyla came for the third time, her hands alternating from holding herself up against our front door, to rubbing her pert titties, to grabbing at the back of my head. Her taut legs twitched now as she orgasmed in short, quick waves.

"Oh god, oh god, stop," Kyla groaned as her pussy became too sensitive and she needed relief. I pulled my face out of her muff and smiled up at the sleepy looking brunette. Her eyes were nearly close and her body slowly turned to the side as if she wanted to roll up into a ball. "I never came like that before," she admitted shyly in a hushed tone and her hands cupped her full breasts.

'Come on," I said as I rose from the floor and grabbed Kyla's right hand. I began leading Kyla to our living room at the end of the hallway and thought better of it. She was bottomless now and I wanted to see her lovely ass in front of me as she sauntered in her heeled sandals. Kyla noticed me looking at her butt and smiled over her shoulder. With that I gave her a hard slap on her left ass cheek and she giggled.

Arriving in my living room, I pushed Kyla forward and she fell on her hands and knees on our black leather couch. She squealed and laughed at my forcefulness. She glanced devilishly over her shoulder to see what my next move was. Her ass was pointed back at me and I took my hands to spread her lovely ass cheeks. My cock was pointing straight up inside my gym shorts and ached from the excessive blood flow and the strain of fighting against the fabric of my shorts and boxers.

Kyla's eyes caught sight of my hard on and didn't leave it. I think she wanted to see how big it was. Taking my right hand, I smoothed my hand across the lips of her pussy and found her to be drier than in the hallway. She felt my hand on her womanhood and arched her back. Rubbing my hand around, I started to get her juices flowing again.

"I'm a virgin," Kyla said and looked at my face for expression. My eyes went wide as I glanced at her. She smiled and said, "I've been with boys, I just haven't done this."

"I'll be gentle," I told her and patted her tender little snatch with a smile. Using my left hand, I began tugging down my gym shorts. My cock popped from its confinement. The slit was moist from pre-cum. I let my shorts slide off my hips and before they hit the ground, was pointing my throbbing cock at Kyla's little love box and spreading her juices around.

"Ooooh," Kyla moaned and I wasn't sure if it was because she liked seeing my cock or the way my hand and cock were getting her all moist again. She lifted her right leg off the couch to raise her hips to accommodate me. "I don't want to get pregnant," she moaned softly as she bit her lip and felt my cock head spread her tiny hole open. 'Ooh God, go slow," she asked as her left hand came back to hold my left hip.

"I'll go slowly, man you're tight," I said as I grabbed her hips and tilted them to see my cock poking at her sweet little twat. Little Kyla's ass was incredible and I fought the urge to plow her hard.

"Spread your legs," I told her as I leaned into her. My cock was about half an inch in and her juices were letting me to slip in further if only a 1/16th of an inch at a time. Turning Kyla's lovely little face to me with my right hand, I kissed her on the mouth. She responded hungrily and moaned in my mouth as my rod split her tender lips open wider.

Kyla had thought about this day a hundred times and couldn't believe her friend's perverted older brother was taking her in their living room. His cock felt so warm and hard as it worked its way in where only her fingers, a couple lucky ex-boyfriends' fingers, her hairbrush and a dildo she had been given by her slutty aunt had gone.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Kyla moaned in my mouth as my cock worked its way further. Kyla's pussy was wet but as I slid inside her it became even wetter, giving me slow but deeper passage.

"That a girl," I told her as I cupped the back of her head and pushed it into the couch.

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'Oh god, it feels so good, so good," Kyla panted and pushed her ass back into me as her twat opened up to me and allowed me to slid in. I met little resistance after I slipped in three inches so I surmised young Kyla had lost her hymen already. Slipping my cock out, I pointed at her engorged lips and slipped back in, beginning to fuck at her young cunt. 'Please don't cum in me, I don't want to get pregnant," she moaned out breathlessly and I had to laugh.

'Don't worry Kyla," I said, "I've got other plans."

"Oh God," Kyla moaned as she felt my cock begin to slip in and out of her. She put her right hand on her clit as the sensation was driving her to an orgasm. Seeing this, I increased my thrusting and gripped both sides of her hips.

'Come on Kyla, fuck me, fuck me" I told her and slapped her right ass cheek. She responded by rocking her hips and tilting her ass higher.

Kyla's pussy was growing warmer on my cock and I knew she was going to cum again. Using my hands, I spread her ass cheeks and watched her legs and little pussy lips quiver around my cock. Her asshole tightened and she began to scream. Her moans were loud and I suddenly wondered if our neighbors might hear our little tryst. Taking the back of her head, I turned it so she was face down to our couch and pushed her face into the cushions. Laughing at her predicament, Kyla moaned and groaned into the soft fabric as she came.

"Get up," I abruptly told her, as her orgasm seemed to begin to subside. Obediently, Kyla pivoted on her sandal heels. She looked at me with a smile and then spotted my rock hard cock. Reaching with her right hand, she grabbed it and immediately began stroking it.

Pulling her hand away, I threw myself down on the couch backwards so I was sitting with my legs spread. Kyla, moaned an 'Aww' at my pulling her hand off my cock and now stood looking down at me. She smiled at my openness, my hard on pointing straight up from my lap. She began to bend down between my legs but I stopped her.

"Sit on my lap," I told her and reached for her hand. She took mine and began to put both knees up on either side of my lap facing me but I stopped her. "Here do this instead," I said, changing my mind quickly. Her beautifully shaved pussy was glistening in front of me and I wanted my mouth on it again. Sliding my head to the right and swinging my legs to my left and I lay out on the couch before her.

"Make up your mind," Kyla laughed and her taut stomach muscles quivered.

"Come on, sit on my face," I said and reached for her again. Kyla thinking I wanted to have her ride on my cock turned one way and had to pivot the other way to accommodate me. Her cute little ass and pussy swinging above me made my cock throb. Reaching down, I gave it a squeeze and a quick pump.

Kyla saw me do it and grinned, "You seem to like touching yourself."

"Not half as much as I like touching you," I kidded back.

"Ho, ho, ho," Kyla said as she mounted my face. Kidding aside, we quickly melted into a steamy 69, with me burying my face in her sweet, juicy muff. As my mouth brought her closer to getting off, the harder she tried to get me off.

"Oh fuck," I groaned as Kyla's fingers played with my balls and stroked my cock hard into her warm mouth. Hearing me Kyla laughed and tried to take more of me in her mouth. Feeling this, my hands left her hips and cupped the back of her head and pushed it down on my cock. Going with it, she deep throated me as best she could and gagging, pulled her head away.

"Oh fuck, do it again," I said, loving the feeling of being engulfed. My hands gripped her head again and Kyla dipped her head. My cock slipped down her throat again and Kyla seemed to handle it better this time. Rocking my hips, I thrust upward, getting myself deeper.

Kyla pulled off of me again and I heard her giggle as she caught her breath. "Wooo", she laughed as she took some deep breaths. Her body wiggled on top of me and I kissed her on her puff lips.

Taking my hands again, I guided her head back to my cock and she took my hint and slid her mouth back onto my cock. She was teasing me and slowly lowered her mouth along my length. I could feel her mouth opening to oblige me and helped her down with my hands.

"Oh fuck, get it all, get it all," I groaned as I felt her nose in my balls and brought my legs up around her head and squeezed it. I could hear Kyla moan and giggle at her predicament. She hung there for a few glorious seconds and I felt like I was in heaven. Playfully, I began counting out loud, "1, 2, 3, 4."

Beneath me with my cock inserted deep in her throat, Kyla began to giggle harder and her throat spasmed.

"Oh fuck yeah," I laughed as she squeezed my cock with her mouth and throat. Pulling her mouth off my cock, I bench pressed her off of me and deposited her on the far end of the couch. Climbing up, I sat with my saliva-covered cock sticking straight up in my lap.

Kyla spun around on her knees to see what I was up to next and giggled, "I feel like a rag doll."

It made me laugh and my cock throbbed hard as I looked her over. Prissy Kyla was glimmering with sweat all over her near naked body, she was panting, her make up was askew, her eyeliner running down from her eyes, and she was all mine. Cupping the back of her head, I brought her mouth back to my lap. With a fake look of surprise, she bent her body down over me to take my cock back into her mouth. Seeing her eagerness, I diverted her mouth to mine and kissed her hungrily. She responded in kind and brought her right hand to my cock to stroke it. Pre-cum escaped my cockhead and my hips bucked my cock in her grip. It made her laugh and stroke faster to match my thrusting.

'Put your mouth on it," I moaned in her mouth and she broke our kiss and with a wink bowed her head to suck on my engorged cock head.

"Oh fuck," I grunted as I felt my balls begin to tighten. "Yeah that's it," I said as I thrust my hips upward and fucked her hand and mouth. "Don't stop, don't stop, I want you to make me pop," I half ordered and half pleaded. The feeling was incredible and I wanted it to last forever but was having a hard time holding back. Cupping the back of Kyla's head, I pushed downward and her hand gave way so it was just her lovely mouth I was thrusting up into.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," I groaned as my cock stiffened and my balls emptied into her lovely mouth. At first, Kyla reacted by trying to pull her head up and off my cock. She was shocked by the initial spurt, caught her breath and swallowed my goo and slid her mouth down further to catch and swallow my second and third spurts. Unbeknownst to me, she knew from past experience if a guy was going to cum in her mouth, it was best to take as much of his cock in her throat so his sperm went right down her throat, instead of hitting her taste buds.

"Oh yeah, that's it," I told her as put my left hand on my spent cock and jerked off the last drops into her hungry mouth.

Rising back up on her knees, Kyla wiped the corners of her mouth and flipped her bangs out of her eyes and took a deep breath. She had a glazed, just fucked look as she smiled down at me and watched me jerk my spent and satisfied cock. She batted her eyelashes in an attempt to get her eyes to focus.

Watching her made me laugh, "Come on, show me your tits," I teased her, bringing my right hand up to cup her left breast.

Slapping at my hand, Kyla giggled, "You're Such A Pig."

"Oink, Oink," I snorted, giving her nipple at gentle tweak.

Posted : 07/05/2011 11:16 am