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My sister Kate


I guess I should start out by telling you that I am 54 years old, and my wife of 28 years just died a year ago. I have been a successful insurance salesman for 30 years. In that time, I made a lot of money and I have been investing it all along. I am now worth several million dollars but no one except my wife and my stock broker knew that. I now do my investing on-line so no one but me knows what I am worth. My wife and I never denied ourselves anything we really wanted but we have lived modestly. We have a 15 by 30 pool in the back yard and a cabin in the mountains, but other than that nothing everyone else doesn't have.

My sister Kate, who got pregnant and married at 18, and her husband have always lived from paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes his foolish spending or gambling would get them in financial trouble and I would find out about it. I tried to make it clear to her that I had more money then she would think, and that any time she got in trouble financially she should let me know and I would help her out. She only asked for help a couple times when she really needed grocery money in order for her and kids to eat. We had always got along even as young children and teenagers. I never considered her little pest or pain in the ass, she was always my little princess. I used to help her out with her school work, protect her against boys that were becoming obnoxious. We always got along very well, and I did love her, but as a sister. We never did anything sexual while we were young.

If you were to see my sister in the mall you would probably not even notice her, she is average height with mid length brown hair, and wears baggy, loose fitting clothes. There is really nothing about her that would attract attention to the casual observer. Understand there is nothing unattractive about her, she is just a plain Jane. That is from outward appearances, when you know her she is a beautiful person. She is always upbeat and fun to be around. Over the years I have seen her in a bathing suit in our backyard pool and I can assure you she has a fantastic body, very nice tits and a nice round little ass. Since she has been living here I have frequently seen her in her tight fitting workout clothes. She works out every day for at least an hour. When her kids were younger her daughters used to kid her son, because mom could do more pushups than he could. I once saw her rip off 30 pushups without slowing down. When fixing breakfast she often times passes between me and the light pouring in the kitchen window, which makes her otherwise decent pajamas practically transparent. I have on several occasions found myself thinking, I really would like to fuck that woman. Then I have to give myself a mental slap for thinking about screwing my sister. The thoughts have come more and more frequently lately, and the slaps less severe.

Anyway her husband, Jim, died three months ago. After the funeral everyone came to my house because she and Jim lived in a one bedroom apartment, and there wasn't really enough room for the typical after burial gathering. Her 3 children had all married young and were starting down the same paycheck to paycheck existence that their parents lived, so they were not going to be able to help her out. As we were sitting around talking, her oldest daughter mentioned that she would have to find a new apartment since they had gotten a eviction notice. It seems Jim had bet the rent money on a football game.

I told Kate not to worry about finding a place to live since I lived in a three-bedroom house all by myself. I told her she could stay with me until she got back on her feet. We decided that she might as well start staying that night rather than going home to the empty apartment, and spending the night alone. Everyone agreed that probably would be a good solution to her problem. After everyone left we watched a movie on HBO, then she went to bed in the guest room that she had picked out for herself. I had piece of cake and a glass of milk and then went to bed myself. I was unable to fall asleep immediately, and was still awake when about 15 to 20 minutes later Kate knocked on the door.

After she came in she asked me, could sleep with me tonight and please hold her. She said she was scared about the future and didn't know what was going to become of her. She had never been anything but a wife and mother and had no idea how she was going to support herself from now on. I knew that this was totally innocent request, she only needed comforting. So she got into bed and laid with her back to me, and I held her. I told her to stop worrying about her financial future that she would have no financial problems from now on. I had, and I'm sure she had no indecent thoughts about the sleeping situation. However when I awoke in the morning I had my hand on her breast, and it was a handful, with what felt like very large nipples, and a hard on pressed firmly against her ass. I immediately knew that she was awake, but wasn't doing anything about it for fear she would wake me up in this embarrassing position. I made some noises and rolled over as though still asleep. She immediately got out of bed and went to the kitchen. A few minutes later I could smell coffee brewing. I got up and when to the kitchen and said that the smell of coffee had woke me up. We each had come coffee and she fixed breakfast for both of us. That was the only thing of a sexual nature that happened between us for the three months that she lived with me prior to her birthday.

I had seen enough of her to appreciate the fact that she had an excellent body had it to a belonged to a 20 year old girl. For a 50 year old woman she was out of this world fantastic. Anyway on her birthday I decided to take her out to celebrate. We left in the late afternoon and went to a indoor miniature golf course that also had arcade games. We then went to dinner at a local surf and turf restaurant. Before dinner I had a couple martinis, and she had a couple Manhattan's. We had wine with our dinner, and one after dinner drink each. From their we went to a private club that I belong to. It's a dimly lit cheaters kind of place. They have a small group there on Saturday nights that plays, old sexy romantic dance music, the type of songs that Julie London might sing. We had a couple drinks and did some dancing.

A brother and sister had no business dancing together the way we were dancing. I was holding her as close to me as I possibly could. I could actually feel her nipples against my chest. The whole situation,the romantic atmosphere, the drinks and especially the closeness of our bodies was causing me to become aroused. I could feel my dick starting to get hard. Fortunately at that moment, a guy I knew asked to cut in. We stopped dancing and separated our bodies as I answered him. I told him no way, Kate and I are old family friends that have known each other from childhood, and this was our first date. And I had no intention of sharing the most beautiful woman in the room not even for one dance. OK she isn't really beautiful, but any woman that makes your dick hard just by dancing is temporarily beautiful.

After he left she asked me why I didn't tell him she was my sister, I told her I didn't want anyone to know that I danced with my sister the way we were dancing. She just laughed, and said "yea, your probably right, they might think it was incestuous". Then she pulled me closer, no not closer, we couldn't have gotten any closer. She put her hand on my butt and pulled us tighter together. She also wiggled her hips a little bit rubbing against my semi hard cock. She had to feel it rubbing against her belly. Then she stopped dancing, but she kept wiggling and kissed me. It wasn't a sisterly kiss either, by the time the kiss ended I realized I was rubbing my hand all over her cute little ass. The music only lasted for another 20 or so seconds and we sat down at my request, actually so I could cool off. We danced a couple more dances, but I was careful not to hold her quite so close. She said let's go home and watch a movie. When we got home she went to fix some popcorn and I turned on HBO. We got settled on the couch and she said it feels awful chilly in here. I got up and checked the thermostat and sure enough it said 60. I tried to get the heater to come on but it wouldn't. That night was supposed to be a hard freeze down to about five or 10 degrees.

It was 9 o clock on Saturday night and I knew I was not going to be able to get the repair man out that night. I called him anyway and he said he would be out about 8 the next morning. He had installed the system 3 years ago and could reach everything thru the garage so he said he wouldn't even wake me up, but would fix it and mail me the bill. She said she wanted to borrow some of my long John's to wear to bed that night because it was going to be awfully cold. I told her she won't need them, she was going to sleep with me in my room. She said O Frankie you naughty boy. I said no, seriously, you know that fireplace insert in my bedroom, well it's actually a gas heater that works quite well. She said "oh, okay", but she sounded disappointed, "I'm going to get a blanket and get my pajamas on so we can cuddle on the couch and watch a movie". She went to get her flannel pajamas and a blanket, I went to put on my pajamas and then to the kitchen to get the champagne that I had previously put on ice.

When she returned we settled in to watch a movie. We were half laying, half sitting on the couch with her half on top of me and I had my arm around her, to help keep us warm. We were eating popcorn, sipping champagne and watching the movie, which was a very sexy movie. It was about a community college teacher who has an affair with one of her students, who was a male stripper. At one point, after Kate put her champagne glass down on the table and then moved back against me her breast ended up in my hand. I started to move my hand away, but she said no leave it there, it feels good to be held intimately. The big scene was approaching on-screen and sexual tension was mounting. I realized that I was rubbing my fingernails all over her breast, and my other hand was rubbing the top portion of her thigh. The sexual tension in the living room was approaching that which was on-screen. We were both quite intoxicated and just continued on the way we were.

When the student finally entered his teacher, Kate said oh I know that felt good. At that point we both realized what we were doing, and in fact Kate had rolled her leg so that I was now stroking the inside portion of her upper thigh. We were both thoroughly aroused. She turned around and straddled me, sitting on my lap on her knees and kissed me on the lips. She said, Frankie do you love me, I said yes Princess I love you. Then she kissed me again, a long passionate, deep kiss. She said I mean do you really love me? I said yes I do. Then she said, "then take me to your bed". Now if she had said let's go to bed, she could have meant, we need to stop this and go to sleep. But "take me to your bed" could only mean one thing. I said "but sis", she interrupted me to say, your little sister is a sexually mature woman with a very big need, you always take care of your little sister, don't stop now.

She reached down and took my very hard dick in her hand and said don't tell me you're not aroused, this is not what you guys call a morning hard on, like you had the first night I slept here. I think you will like my body, check out these tits, she said. Then she pulled her top off over her head, and said you'll love these or hate them depending on how you feel about big nipples. They were beautiful, they were bigger than I thought, they must be three quarters of an inch long. I was speechless, all I could do was start sucking. I wasn't even trying to get her whole tit in my mouth I was just sucking on the nipple. She said "oh I guess that means you like them, or least that one, you need to do the other one too".

After I started on the other one for little bit she said now they're both wet, and you can only keep one at a time warm in your mouth, so we have to go to the bedroom, or one of my tits will freeze and fall off. I can tell you wouldn't like that. The whole time I was sucking she was playIng with my dick. She then got up and still holding onto my dick led us into the bedroom. She was probably ready to be entered right then, but I always enjoy making a woman really, really hot. I kissed and licked nearly every part of her body. I spent a lot of time sucking on her marvelous tits. I just could not get enough of those nipples. She had her first organism as I was sucking on her tits and had two fingers in her pussy while rubbing her clitoris with the heal of my hand. She was an extremely passionate lover. The whole time I was kissing and licking her she was telling me how good that felt, oh that's nice, yes like that,it feels so good, she kept telling me how wonderful I was making her feel.

After she came down from her first organism she said, thank you I needed that, I have been so happy living here with you,the only thing missing to make me a totally happy woman was the sex. She said, I really like sex, sex is God's gift for poor people to make their life as good as rich people's. She said you'll find out I am a real sexual animal I love fucking and sucking. As she was telling me this I was sticking my fingers in her pussy and getting them wet and then licking my fingers off. She said "if you like the taste of me why not eliminate the middle man or fingers in this case, and eat me, please eat my pussy". Actually that's what I was planning on doing next anyway so I got my face between her legs and started giving her a demonstration of my best pussy licking technique. I did the usual licking and sticking my tongue inside her as far as I could get it.

Also her clitoris was sticking out far enough that I was able to capture it with my lips and tickle it with my tongue. Every time I caught it and touched it with my tongue she got a little more wild pulling my face to her pussy and urging me on verbally. But what drove her over the edge was when I started licking her slit from bottom to top over and over again very rapidly, my tongue stayed good and wet just from her fluids. I must have made a couple dozen trips from bottom to top when she had another big orgasm. When she settled down she said now its your turn. She had me sit on the edge of the bed and she knelt on the floor in front of me and started sucking on my cock. It didn't take long and I was was ready to blow a load. I warned her it was coming but instead of taking it out of her mouth she started running her lips rapidly back and forth over just the head. The feeling was incredible. It was without a doubt the best blow job I ever had, and she swallowed the whole load. She got back up on the bed next to me and we cuddled, but she was still playing with my half hard dick. She said did you like that, I call it a lip fuck. I told her it was the best I had ever had, and she said that made her feel good because she really enjoyed pleasing her man and I was now her man completely. She said she was going to call what I did a lip licking.

She said she wanted to do a lot more lip licking and lip fucking in the future, but right now it felt like we were ready for bonus time. My dick was again fully hard because of the Viagra I had taken. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide and said "come on lover mount up ,I promise you a good ride". I got into position above her and was ready to enter her, but decided to give her a last chance to change her mind. I said are you sure you want to go ahead, we haven't crossed the final line yet? As I was saying this she shifted her butt and legs around a little bit and I was afraid she was going to say we better not do it. I was ready to kick myself in the ass for giving her the chance to change her mind. Instead what she had done was planted her heels on the bed, then she reached up to took my dick in her hand and thrust her hips up burrying me to the hilt, as she said, too late, yes we have.

Viagra allowed me to keep it up like a young man but it doesn't enable you to cum as often as a young man. We fucked for an hour, before I came again. I don't know how many times we changed positions but it was frequently. She was incredible. We fucked in every position imaginable and she kept telling me how good everything felt. Believe me a man does not get tired of his woman telling him how good he is making her feel, how much pleasure he is giving her. We both lost count of how many times she had an orgasm. When I finally came the second time we were doing it doggy style. After I dumped that load in her hot quivering pussy we both collapsed exhausted on the bed. We held each other and promptly fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning it was about 10 clock and she was crying. When she saw I was awake she said, "I'm so sorry, I know I acted like a slut". I was devastated, I thought I had found the ideal sex partner in my sister. Now apparently it was going to be a one night thing. I held her and told her not to feel bad we were both at fault and we would just pretend this never happened and put it behind us.

She said we can't pretend it never happened, it did happen. I said okay we will blame it on the alcohol and promise that it will never happened again. She said "it was the alcohol, Jimmy always said I acted like a whore when I had a few drinks in me". "And besides I want it to happen again, I'm just ashamed of the way I acted and talked, using the dirty words I used, I am afraid you will think I am a whore. If we can make love again I will be more restrained and lady like." As she said this she started playing with my dick again. I said "O, thank God. I thought you meant you were sorry we did it". I told her she had scared me, I thought that I had just found and lost, the best piece of ass in the world, in a period of 12 hours. She said you really think I'm the best piece of ass in the world, well just don't go trying to find out by trying all the others. You're mine, and this is mine, she squeezed my dick. Tell me the truth, you don't mind the way I acted and talked.

I told her not in the least, if she didn't act and talk the same way the next time we made love I would have to pour alcohol down her throat. I told her, her enthusiasm and talking was stimulating for me, and the more she acted like slut, if she had to use that term, the more I could please her. She wiggled, my once again, hard dick a little bit and said I think you're ready please me now. I said, only if you tell me what you want me to do. She said, I want you to make love to me. I said wrong words. She said, I want you to fuck me. I said, right words, climb on. She climbed on and lowered herself on my dick. We started to make love again. We didn't speak for the first couple minutes because we were busy kissing. She was grinding her pelvis against mine, stimulating her clitoris. After we broke the kiss I asked her what part of me do you like best. She said I love your cock. I asked her where does she like it. She said buried in my hot pussy. I told her to keep talking like that, tell me what you like, and what you want, and we won't need any alcohol today.

She said fucking and sucking you is what I want, I want you to fill my pussy and my mouth with your cum. Then she started to shudder and said here I go again. When I felt her pussy twitching and jumping I exploded into her. She collapsed onto me and we started kissing again. We were telling each other how much we love each other and which body parts we were particularly fond of. After 10 minutes or so she said come on, I need to fix you breakfast. You're going to need your strength this afternoon. I popped another Viagra with my breakfast, and we went back to bed, for another couple hours of steady fucking. Well, it wasn't steady fucking, we did the lip lick and the lip fuck as well, but mostly it was fucking. About 4:00 she said we need to get up because the kids will be over about 6:00 for a birthday party. Her kids arrived and we had dinner, then later cake and ice cream, and her oldest daughter commented that "Mom you look absolutely radiant, you look like you're feeling better than you have in years". I suspect, that she suspected what had happened. But I have to say she didn't appear to be upset about it, she appeared to be quite happy for her mother. After the kids left we immediately went back to bed for another incredible sexual session.

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When I awoke the next morning I could smell the coffee and the bacon cooking. I went to the kitchen and started kissing her and rubbing her tits,and her ass, telling her how much I loved her and her fantastic body. I asked what she was planning for dinner, she said, what would you like? I told her something that could be delayed or put off because I felt sure that I would want a pussy pie appetizer when I got home. She said, well in that case, I will have a cold plate of crab legs, shrimp, potato salad and cole slaw so that you don't have to hurry through your appetizer. But your appetizer will be hot, I don't serve cold pussy. Then she said, that will give me the opportunity to have a cum cocktail as an appetizer. And that's what we did that Monday evening. After dinner we both sat in my recliner kissing, hugging, and petting while watching TV for about an hour, then went to bed for yet another night of screwing. I had taken another half of a Viagra, I don't know how much it is safe to take, so I was still hard when she had her last orgasm. She was on top and just collapsed down onto me. She was kissing my neck, telling me how wonderful I made her feel. She asked if I wanted her to roll off of me. I told her no, I wanted to sleep this way. She said what a wonderful way to go to sleep, with a pussy full of cock. I told her she was going to be a wonderful wife. She said, would you marry me if I wasn't your sister? I told her absolutely, in fact, I'm asking you now, will you marry me? She said, yes I will, I do. Then I said, I now pronounce us husband and wife, till death do us part. I asked her where she would like to go for our honeymoon, she said she had always wanted to go to Disney World. I told her consider it done, I'll make arrangements tomorrow.

I told you this story as though today was Tuesday but it was actually six months ago and it has been the most incredible six months of my life. She has not changed a bit, alcohol is not needed. She is a sexual animal and I love every minute of it.

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