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My science teacher Mrs. frigita


I was a little bit weak in science. So I had tuition with my science teacher. Her name was Mrs.Frigita. u wouldn't have to c her if u had seen the tamil / malayalee actress deepa. U would bet she was her sister. The only difference between her & deepa was that she wouldn't even show a bit of her boobs, while deepa would. The whole class was very much impressed by her body especially by her boobs. They were very good & perfect in shape and size. While I was much impressed by her ass. There were 3 others too who took special classes for us Miss Jayashree who was our social science teacher, Mrs Srividya who was our maths teacher & Miss Akila who was our comp science teacher. We had class strength of around 100 with 60 boys & we conducted a questionnaire for all the 60 boys. It included who was the sexiest of the four & which part of the body they admired the most the result was Miss Akila got 8 & all 8 was for her boobs, Miss Jayashree got 12 & 10 was for her naval button & 2 for her boobs while Mrs Srividya got 13 & all 13 was for her boobs & there was 27 for Mrs friggita & 26 was for her boobs & 1 for her ass & the one who voted for her ass was none other than me. This is simply to show what a hot property Mrs Friggita was.

I will tell u how it happened. Mrs. Friggita used to have our tutions at her home .We were 3 students & the other 2 were girls. I always sat on her left side so that I could get a view of those nice firm & perfect boobs. We all used to sit on the floor. Once while teaching chemistry she gave us an equation to solve. On that particular day I sat on her right side I couldn't do the problem & so I asked her what to do further. She bent towards me to explain me the equation. Her saree fell a little bit from the right side & I saw the top part of her big, firm and shaped boobs. I could not see them fully. I was able to c the big and deep valley created by her two big mountainous boobs. She had all her attention in the explaining the equation and I had mine in her valley. This was the day, which made me eager about seeing her boobs too. From that day on I changed my mind & sat on her right side because I could get a good view of her boobs as well as her ass & I kept trying to watch either her valley or her boobs or her bra or her ass. I wasn't lucky enough to watch her nipples. But I kept trying to see it. I fucked her every night in my dreams.

I could not go to tuition for some days & when I contacted my batch girls they said she had taken a few lessons in physics. So I went to the class the next day & I couldn't c the 2 girls and so I walked into the rooms to find my teacher & there my teacher was washing her clothes. I was standing behind her & when I inquired about the 2 girls she turned around & said that they were on leave, as they had to go out of station for their summer vacation. I asked her whether it was possible for her to take the classes that I had missed. She asked me to wait till she finished washing her clothes. She was in her yellow Sleeveless nightie. It was the first time any of her students could have seen her in her nightie. She had tucked the bottom of her nightgown up into her panties so that she could wash freely. I had always thought up to then that women who wore sari never wore panties. While washing her clothes she moved her ass up & down at a steady rate. The devil that was inside me arose. Sometime her ass touched the watery floor & made her nightie wet & I was able to c her white panties with small beautiful yellow flowers on it & I thought I should have brought my video camera along with me & recorded it. I stood there & watched to c whether I could c any bras or panties in the pile of clothes. I couldn't c any on the top & when I looked behind the heap of clothes I was able to find a small heap of bras & panties since they were all in front of her I couldn't flick even a single bra or panty. In order to pick one I had to stand over there & flick one at the right moment. So I went over there & waited for the right moment & when I went over there. There was another surprise for me her nightie was that much up that I was able to watch lower part of her thighs. At this rate there was no way I was able to pick up her bra or panties. suddenly by luck the door bell rang & I thought my luck had changed but my teacher asked me to go & look who was at the door. I was reluctant & was seeing my only chance slip through. When I went over & opened the door the postman was there & he said he had a reg post for Mrs.Friggita. I said that I would sign & get the reg post. The post man didn't accept this & told to me that he would deliver it to only her. I went back & informed my teacher & she got up to attend to the postman by this time her ass was completely wet & I could c her panties clearly. My dick stood up in attention but I some how controlled it from her seeing it. Once she left I hurriedly took the pile & started smelling her bras & panties. The smell was great on her bras & the perfume tasted great while her panties were also great it tasted a little bit salty. There was another surprise for me all her bras & panties were transparent in nature & each of her bras & panties were in a pair of different color. So I knew I couldn't flick one of these & so I hurriedly went trough her bras to check her size it had all nos around size 96. I couldn't understand what It was correctly & finally I was able to get to a bra that had 36 on it. Then I remembered that the postman would get a good glimpse of my teacher's wet ass panties. if she were to turn around & so i dropped the pile & ran to the door. To my relief my teacher was signing the paper & I was still able to c her wet ass panties & so I ran like hell & stood in a position where if she turned I could easily block the view of my teachers ass from the view of the postman. I succeeded in not showing her ass to the postman. While she returned to wash her clothes I walked behind her seeing her wet ass & my dick was getting harder all the time. The floor was full of soap water & she slipped & in order to save her I caught her by her left hand & she twirled. During this whole process her breasts touched me so many time and once in holding her I placed my hand on her wet panty also. When we both fell down I was up on her and we both were laughing. In this position I touched her breasts with my hand but she didn't notice, as she was busy laughing. I tried to control my dick from touching her panties but it was no use the more I tried to control to more it got harder. After some moments she realized my weight on her and with a bit moaning and in sexy tone she told me,"Hey sathish, get up please. Your weight is crushing me." I still could not gather enough courage to propose her for sex as she was not a woman who will easily get ready for this. After she finished washing. I said ,'I don't have any work to do. I would be happy to help you.' She said ok. She said "let's bring the table from the last room". So that she could clean the ceiling. While we were going, due to lack of attention, she struck with a wall and first two button of her gown broke due to the nail on the wall but she didn't notice that. When we went to the table she bent to lift the table and there her treasure was in front of me. Suddenly her leg struck with table and she moaned with pain and she started massaging her leg by bending. I went to her from behind and asked her whether it was painful. As I bent in front of her I saw the valley that I loved seeing most of the time. They were amazing and my dick got straight up being hard rock. After some time she felt okay and we lifted the table and whenever she bent I kept watching her deep valley. After putting the table in that room she said me to bring a stool. She climbed up the stool with a broom and told me to hold its one leg. I set down and held the leg and as I watched up I saw her wet white panty sticking to her nightie and her beautiful milky thighs and my dick was increasing with full speed. After heaving a tea she said whether I was ready for the class. Since I had to masturbate immediately after these incidents I said I was tired & good-byed her and I left.

I started to collect pictures of the actress deepa & masturbated with those pics I still thought of mrs.friggita & she gave me much to masturbate than those pics.I started thinking of how to get her. We had a chapter in biology about human body's sexual organs. I got a idea from my previous experience & so I remained absent during that chapter giving reason of illness. When I heard from my two batch mates that she had finished the topic & requested her to teach the chapter and she agreed. She said to me "sathish this chapter is not a very important chapter for the exams but it was important for life". She called that Sunday evening at 7.30. That morning my parents had left the city for a wedding for on Monday. When I reached her home she was packing a bag and I became sad thinking that she might be going out. She told me to sit for a while. I sat for about half an hour and I thought my luck wasn't to be that day. She said that she was packing the bag for her son's class tour the next day morning. Since she couldn't leave her son in school that early in the morning she had asked for a friend of hers who lived close to the school to pick her son that evening & her friend came at around 8:30 & picked up her son & left. Then she sat beside me and relaxed a bit after the packing & said to me, "Sorry sathish, I have wasted your time but I forgot about the tour till this morning & I remembered it just in the morning ". she said "It's too late now and if I start now, it will take about 2 hours and it will be around 11.00 at night and your parents will worry for you.". I informed her that my parents had gone out and no one was at home. so she advised me to stay there for the night and I at once accepted it & thought my luck was that day. Then she asked me to have dinner and we went to dinning table. She was in a blue color saree that time. At first she served me from behind & while serving the food her soft firm breasts slowly caressed my face a couple of time then she went & sat on the opposite side & started having her dinner. While she served me again from that side her saree slipped from her shoulder and I saw her deep valley between her breasts. She seemed to be more smoother from inside, with white milky breasts. She interrupted my view by putting back her saree on her shoulders. After dinner at about 9.00 she took me to her bedroom and started teaching me. First of all she said me, "look Sathish, u must not be shy & be a little bit frank. You can ask me anything without hesitation." then she asked me "what do u about sex". I didn't answer anything showing that I don't know anything. She asked me "what are the sexual organs of man and woman". With a bit hesitation I replied to her that "Ma'am I don't know particular words for them". She told me to say whatever words I know. Showing a bit hesitation I said man has lora and woman has...has chut and...and balls. She saw me with a sexy and naughty smile. I also replied with a smile. Then she told the words penis, vagina & breasts. Further she asked me "sathish have u seen a breast or vagina" & again told me to be frank. I told her that I had seen breasts on star movies but not vagina. ( I have to say something to u readers I have a big collection of xxx movies at home). She told me, "that means you haven't seen xxx movies, isn't it?" I was surprised to hear xxx from her. I nodded. She got impressed by me and appreciated me. I asked her ma'am can I ask you something. She said "Of course, you can." I asked her, "ma'am, how r babies born?" She said, "During the fucking process man's semen enters a woman's vagina and that's how the process of baby begins." I acted such that I am surprised and asked, "what is semen, ma'm?" She, with surprise, said "don't you know semen! That means you haven't masturbated." I said to her that, "ma'm my knowledge is very poor in this." She explained me that semen is a thick liquid that comes out from penis and also told me that a liquid is produced in woman's vagina also. I acted as If I couldn't understand anything and I said, "ma'm I am confused." She again explained me and I responded the same. I further asked her "they say a baby is born as god's gift & how come these liquids help in the babies being born? "she said "its all nonsense & these liquids come out due to excitement". I asked her again "what makes a person exited ma'm". she said " A woman can get excited by kissing her lips, her breasts, her back, her stomach, her vagina and other parts of a body." When she was telling this I was dreaming of doing all these with her. I still kept showing confusion on my face and she was 100% sure about my ignorance and innocence in this field. She got tired explaining me theoretically. She told me fingering her self that,"See, I am a woman and I can get excited even if you slowly kiss me on my lips or neck or any where on my face".(now she desperately wanted to explain me so might not notice what she was telling me.) She said to me "would u like to try". I went near her and she stood up and then I kissed her on her cheek. She smiled and that encouraged me. I started kissing her neck taking her in my hug. In the beginning I kissed her slowly as she had said me to do, but then I became a bit faster. I pressed her in my hug and she was still smiling with a sexy smile. Now I looked in her eyes and slowly began to go nearer to him and slowly put my lips on her silvering lips and began to suck them. I kissed her for about 15 minutes and during that I didn't touch her breasts by hand because I didn't want to let her know my intention. As we finished kissing she went a bit far from me and again that smile came on her face. She asked, "have you felt excitement?" I said yes and asked her the same. She said, "yes I also got a little excited." I asked, "why we weren't able to get full excitement ma'am?" She said, "that's because u r able to c my mouth daily the excitement can increase still more if I were to feel the parts that were hidden under the clothes." I asked her "can I also get more excited? and if yes then how?" She said, "by kissing the belly button, by caressing the breasts or by touching the vagina" Then she asked "would u like to feel & kiss my stomach to get a little more excited" I nodded & so she pushed her sari & reveled her stomach & her belly button. I got down from the bed & knelled down before her & started kissing her stomach area & her belly button. Her stomach was so flat & firm u can't say she was a mother of a 6-year-old. She got carried away instaneously it was really sweet to taste her belly button. I placed my hands on her back & then slowly moved it up to her ass to get a hold of her. She made no move to remove it. She asked me shyly, "Would you like to touch my breasts?" When I replied positively still kneeling she said," then what r u waiting for! Come on." I went nearer to her and again hugged her. I slipped her saree from her shoulder and touched her breasts very slowly she was wearing a blue color blouse. I tried to insert my hand inside her blouse but since she was wearing a very tight blouse there was place for only two fingers to enter into her blouse. As I was very fond of her gully. I asked her "ma'am can I c ur gully". She agreed & with a smile bent a bit. I was not satisfied and I bent her a bit more. My dick was getting rock hard and with her permission I placed my fingers in her gully and made it going in and out. I could see her getting excited. Then after some time she got up and again I began to touch her blouse, this time a bit faster and my lips were busy kissing. I slowly started squeezing her breasts and I took her nipple in my fingers and started pressing them. She started moaning now. I brought my lips up to her boobs took her nipples in my mouth now she had her fingers in my hairs and her eyes were closed. I gathered a bit courage and started unhooking her blouse. As I unhooked one button of her blouse she requested me not to do that but as I sucked her nipples with much more pressure she could not oppose me. I slowly un-hooked her blouse. She helped me remove her blouse. Her blue transparent bra was in front of me & I was able to c her nipples hrough the bra. She had such big breasts that could not be totally held in by her bra. I in a fraction removed her bra and there her big boobs jumped out & were in front of me. She had light brown nipples which were erected about 1cm due to excitement. She pressed my head between her breasts. I stood up laid her down on bed. She was looking at me very eagerly. I could not wait much and I laid on her and started kissing her lips this time it was a perfect French kiss as our both tongues toggled with each other. This kiss continued for about 15 minutes. I went down a bit and started squeezing & twisting her breasts like they do tuning in an old radio. I took her nipples again in my mouth and started sucking her breasts very hardly. Her moaning became very loud. She was shouting, "ooouch...", "aaaahhhhhhh..","pleaaaaaaaaa as", " nooooo noooo sathish pleaaaaas do it slowly, pleaaaaaas", but that made me much horny and I started giving her bites on her breasts. Now she had totally forgotten that she was teaching me science. I kept sucking her breasts for about 15 minutes. During this she got that much excitement that her breasts became milky. I was sucking her nipple & pressing her breast hardly so I could drink very much of her milk & wildly tuning her other nipple and I felt milk coming out of those nipples too & I stopped squeezing it because I didn't want to waste even a drop of that precious liquid. I also pressed her thighs in-between by lifting her ghaghra up. Her thighs were really white. As I was sucking her now milking boobs wildly she said "sathiiiiish pleeeeese stttttop it". I didn't even give a thought of stopping it. So in order to stop me & give relief to her breasts. She said to me with hurry and hard breaths, "Tumne kabhi chut nahi dekhi na. Dekhna chahoge?" she showed me the way towards her vagina. I expected to find a transparent blue panty. I went inside her ghaghra and started sucking her panty and my both hands were massaging her thighs. Her fingers were on my head from out side the ghaghra. I removed her panty and I took my face nearer to that heavenly triangle. The strong sweet musk from her cunt drove me mad. I stuck my face into her pussy and took a deep breath to absorb her sent. I started sucking her cunt with tongue and sucked it for about 20 minutes. She moaned, It was a little bit salty but that salt also tasted like sweet because it came from her chut. She got her first orgasm in my mouth I didn't waste even a single drop & after that she came thrice in a matter of 10 minutes & she started shouting "ooo buuuuus sath buuuuus aaaaah. Now I lifted her ghaghra & for the first time I was seeing a vagina with so much of pubic hair. (not the shaved ones u get to c in xxx movies) It looked almost like a dense bush, dark & thick & I stretched the lips of her vagina with both the hands. Her vaginal hole looked too small for a mrs, it looked as if it belonged to a teenager .I was watching reddish skin inside her vagina & there was a white color substance inside her vagina & I tasted it for another 5 minutes & she came again a couple of time in my mouth. I didn't even waste a single drop of the fluid. As I stretched it too much she gave a loud moan and then requested me, "Ab mujse nahi raha jata, tum pleas chodo na muje." Her face was looking too horny and I also had became impatient. As I entered my dick in her she shouted like she was being fucked for the first time. She told me that "she had a dick in her chut nearly 5 years back because her husband had left for the U.S.". she said " she was using only vegetables these days and moreover she had been used to be fucked by a small, thin dick and my dick was too big for her". she said "All my husband did was whenever he felt like fucking me, he used to go inside me and with in a few moments he will fill me with his cum and depart". She said that's why it took so long to milk her breasts & to get her first organism Then I slowly entered my dick in her cunt & she started to moan again. Within a few insertions I came inside her she asked me "what happened & why did I come in so quickly" I replied to her "ma'am I was a virgin & she was not only my teacher in class but also in life". I inserted my dick once more. She still had a bit pain but she looked satisfied. Her cunt had became very wet and that increased my speed. I started fucking her with very high speed and her moaning became very loud. After about 15 minutes I unloaded myself into her and laid over her. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I watched her lying naked on the bed with closed eyes. Tough I had fucked her recently, that scene erected my dick again and I jumped on her. She denied this time but as I started kissing and pressing her breasts she got ready for third round. She lay down with head down & while I was slowly caressing her back & then I went down a bit & felt that tight ass of hers. It was then I remembered. I had wasted two fucking sessions without even doing what I came there to do. Although my dick was in real pain I wanted to complete my goal & so I turned her slowly & made her back face towards me. I slowly inserted my painful dick inside her asshole & she got a fright & at first she opposed. She said that "I am a virgin with my ass & it would really be very pain full". I said "I expected her ass to be a virgin". She asked me " what made u think so". I replied "when her cunt hadn't had a dick in it for 5 years. I expected her ass to be a virgin one". I tried to insert it but she still opposed. I told her "ma'am u were the one who helped me to deflower my virginity & it's now my turn to deflower ur virgin ass". She couldn't control herself for too long and I got a chance enter my dick in her ass. Well she was lying on the bed & I wanted her to stand up so that I could stroke her ass when I was having her in her asshole. So when I inserted my dick in it was real pain but it was pleasure for me as I had at least inserted my dick in her ass. It was warm & in-order to make her get up I rammed into her ass around 5 times. she started to moan & cry aaaaah eeeeee aaaaa uuuu waaaw aaaaah eeeeee aaaaa uuuu waaaw aaaaah eeeeee aaaaa uuuu waaw' a lot in pain. I asked her to bring vaseline so that I could apply it on her asshole. She got up & went to the dressing table to get the vaseline. when she was standing & bent down (doggy style)I knew this was my only opportunity to make her stand & have my dick in hers & so I inserted my dick again into her asshole & she moaned "aaaaahhhhhhhhyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" & asked me what I was doing. I told her "ma'am ur going to love this ".I asked her to pick the vaseline & give it to me & she did it. I applied it on my dick and performed the task & stroked her ass continuously. The sound it produced was really great & the ripples it produced up her ass was great & I could see my finger marks on her ass & the sound of my dick ramming into her ass was great & all this stroking made her moan even louder & she asked me for more. It encouraged me to do faster than I had done in her vagina but still it was slower when compared to the one I did on her vagina because her ass was very tight. I came inside her ass and I tried to do one more session but my dick wouldn't allow me. Satisfied, then we went to sleep in each other's hug. In the morning I had her once more ass fucked & led her to the bathroom where we both had our baths & an ass fucking session inside too. I asked her "ma'am when do u wear ur transparent bras & panties". She said "whenever I wear a sari & there was a matching transparent bra & panty set available in that color". She wore a red transparent bra, panty petticoat, blouse & saree & got ready for school. I couldn't possibly go to school on that day as I didn't have my uniform so she asked me to get her some tablets & asked me to wait in her house. I went to the chemist & showed him the name of the tablet & he asked me how much I wanted. Since my teacher hadn't mentioned how many I ordered for a dozen bottles & I took the tablets to her house & waited. I took the vaseline & hid it. When she came home I gave her the dozen bottles & she laughed & said "sathish it's almost a year's supply & my cunt is going to be red hot throughout the year" & I said "why don't we try to finish it within that time".

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