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My School Principal fucked me


"Sheetal to the principal's office"

The sound of my name on the loud speaker jogged me from my daydream as I walked down the hall of my high school. I turned around to head for the principal's office. Why would he need to see me? I was a straight A student, never tardy, rarely absent. He must want me to volunteer for something, I thought as I entered the main office.

"Sheetal, I was called to the principal's office?" I said to the pinched, constipated-looking secretary behind the desk.

"Go on in, Mr. Desai is expecting you." Her tone was accusatory. She really needed to lighten up.

I walked into Mr. Desai's office to see him sitting behind his desk, doing something on the computer that I couldn't see. He looked up when I opened the door.

"Come in . Please sit down," He gestured to one of the chairs across from his desk. He turned away from the computer to face me as I sat down in the leather chair and crossed my legs. I smoothed my plaid uniform over my legs and rested my hands on my knee.

"We have a very serious problem here, Sheetal," he leaned forward and folded his hands together.

It took me a moment to catch my breath. "What's wrong, Mr. Desai?" I fiddled nervously with my white knee sock, pulling it higher on my leg.

"Sheetal, you've been accused of cheating on your English test."

I sucked in my breath and tried to breathe. "Mr. Desai, I would never cheat on a test! I'm a good student! I study very hard!"

"Well I'm afraid your exam matches another student's exactly. And it is up to me to decide who is guilty of cheating."

I opened my eyes wide and blinked to hold in the tears. "But Mr. Desai, it wasn't me! You have to believe me! If I have cheating on my record it could jeopardize my college scholarship next year!"

"I'm sorry Sheetal, but I know how important grades are to you. It makes sense to me that the pressure could drive you to cheat. I'm afraid I'm going to have to call your parents." He reached for the phone.

"No, please, Mr. Desai! Please don't call them. I didn't cheat! My parents would be disappointed and I could lose my scholarship!" I felt a tear slide down my cheek. Damn! I quickly flicked it away with my fingers.

Mr. Desai came around his desk and sat in the chair next to me. "Sheetal, don't cry." He put his hand on her knee. "I'm sure we can figure something out so that you won't lose your scholarship."

His touch surprised me and I jumped a little, uncrossing my legs. But his hand remained on my knee. He was probably just trying to calm me down.

"I know how important that scholarship is to you Sheetal, so I'm going to do everything I can to help you."

I struggled to smile, though my cheek muscles seemed frozen in anxiety. "Thank you Mr. Desai. I’ll do whatever it takes - extra credit, volunteer work, anything.”

Mr. Desai’s smile looked a little strange. His hand started moving back and forth on my thigh, in a stroking motion. “Good Sheetal. I’m glad you are so willing to resolve this. I will do everything I can to help you,” His hand started to creep up my thigh toward my skirt. "And I hope that in return, you will do whatever you can to help me."

Oh my god! He's blackmailing me! "Mr. Desai! Are you threatening me? Are you saying I need to sleep with you or be charged with cheating?!" My heart was pounding and I could feel my face burning with anger. And his hand on my thigh was so warm!

"Sheetal, you are a big girl. You need to take responsibilities for your actions. I'm just trying to help you." His hand continued its journey down between my thighs, under my skirt, to my satin panties.

I moaned in surprise. I can't do this, it’s wrong! He can't get away with this! But I seemed frozen in my chair as his palm pressed against my swollen mound. I tried to think of what I should do, but I couldn't think straight with the principal's hand on my pussy.

"Mr. Desai, this is wrong! We shouldn't do this."

He ignored my comment and all of a sudden he was kneeling in front of me, pulling my panties off. Once those were off, he tugged behind my knees so I slipped forward on the leather seat, my skirt hiked up, revealing my wide-spread thighs and bare pussy lips to his perverted gaze.

"You are a slut, aren't you Sheetal? You shave your pussy, just waiting for a man to taste you."

Before I could object, he was devouring my pussy. He flicked his tongue over my clit before sucking it into his mouth. He reached up and ripped open my blouse, causing the top button to pop off and bounce to the floor. He fondled my bra encased tits as he pushed his tongue deep into me. His hands left my tits to explore my pussy. He nipped at my clit with his teeth, thrusting first one then two fingers inside me. I began pinching my nipples through my bra as Mr. Desai's tongue nearly drove me mad. I felt a fire growing in the pit of my stomach. My breasts rose and fell whenever I could manage to breathe.

"Oh Mr. Desai! Oh God!" I moaned quietly, partly because I couldn't get enough air, and partly because I half-remembered where we were. "Please!" I begged for him to let me come.

He thrust his tongue in my cunt and a finger in my ass. I threw my head back and came like a volcano. "Uuuuhhhhhhh!" I He continued his pumping as I shuddered in the chair, riding wave after wave of the best orgasm I've ever had.

He withdrew his finger and mouth and I lay there for a moment, panting.

Mr. Desai grabbed my hands and pulled lightly, causing me to slide to my knees on the carpeted floor. We were both on our knees facing each other, when he pulled me against him and brought his mouth down on mine. His lips consumed mine. I couldn't help but thrust my hot little tongue into his. I barely noticed as he slid my blouse off and unhooked my bra.

He pulled away and sucked one of my newly bared nipples into his mouth, while rolling the other between his fingers. "You're such a hot little slut," he mumbled against my breasts. "Your tits are as incredible as I thought they'd be."

Suddenly, he stood up and unzipped his pants. "Your turn, my sexy little whore." He pulled out his hard cock. Before I even had a chance to take in its enormous size, his fingers were tangled in my hair, forcing himself into my mouth. I tried not to gag as his cock filled my mouth.

I sucked him hard as I pulled him out of my mouth. I circled my tongue around the head before sucking him back into my mouth. After less than a minute, he quickly pulled out of my mouth and hauled me up off the floor.

He bent me over his mahogany desk and flipped my skirt up onto my back. At this point, all I was wearing was my red plaid skirt and my white knee socks.

"It's time for you to get what you deserve." His cock stabbed into me like a steel rod. I gasped. The thrusting caused my nipples to rub against the wood.

"Fuck me, Mr. Desai!" I couldn't believe I was saying that! I wanted him to use me and call me a slut.

His fingers massaged my clit as his cock invaded me. "Your cunt is so tight! I've been wanting to fuck this cunt for ages." He thrust into me hard and fast, His hand was now on the back of my neck, pushing me down onto the desk.

He grunted as he came inside me, flooding me with his hot seed. I came with him, pain tightening my nipples. I was now grinding my clit against the edge of the desk as Mr. Desai pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty.

I lay there for a moment trying to catch my breath. I heard the sound of a zipper. Then I felt clothes flop onto my back.

"Better get to class, slut. Wouldn't want people to wonder."

I turned around and faced him, my face now hot with guilt and embarrassment. "Mr. Desai. What you've done is wrong, and it won't be happening again!" I clipped my bra and reached for my blouse.

Mr. Desai wrapped one hand around the back of my neck as his other hand rubbed my clit. "Actually, you'll do whatever I tell you to do unless you want the whole school and your parents to know you're a whore." He kissed me roughly.

I pushed him away and picked my panties off the floor. "Nobody will believe you, Mr. Desai. I'm a nice girl and you are nothing but a dirty old man."

Me. Desai chuckled, "Well then I'll just show them the movie."

That grabbed my attention, "Movie? What movie?"

He grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me to face his computer. "My webcam recorded everything. Just in case you weren't convince of your slutty nature." He turned me back around. "Now get to class and I'll let you know when and how you can please me next."

I stuffed my panties in my book bag and quickly smoothed my hair as I left his office.

The constipated secretary said, "Hurry back to class and behave yourself."

"Don't worry," I assure her, "I'm a good girl." I smiled sweetly and left the office, walking quickly to the bathroom before anyone noticed the cum dribbling down my thigh.

Posted : 28/04/2011 7:31 am