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My ordeal at the theatre began as a complete nightmare


My ordeal at the theatre began as a complete nightmare. I soon realised that I was now in a situation I was unable to control. Rather naively I had signed a contract which I hadn't read properly which resulted in being 'sold' to a rather unscrupulous man. I had no way of escaping; as they had told me in no uncertain terms that my parents would be told of my 'job. I would never ever put them through the shame of that, so had no choice but to concede.

As I sat in a side room, waiting for Jerome to come in and 'prepare' me for my audition, I thought back to my time in Japan. It all seemed so unreal somehow. I should have been more alert to the fact as to why Anthony approached me. I was only a lowly secretary...Why would he want me? How did they decide they wanted me? The only thing that kept flashing back in my mind was a situation that occurred several weeks before I met Anthony.

Mr Yukio, my pig of a boss, had demanded that I remain at work one evening. He had arranged a small cocktail party for a few of his more important clients and wanted me to be there....I supposed as an incentive to lure his clients into placing more business his way. I knew our clients were mainly men and I also knew although they worked hard they also played hard. They liked to let off steam, relax and bond at these parties. Several of my colleagues had attended previous parties and had felt humiliated with the attention they were treated to. But I refused! I would not be used in this way.

He was really annoyed and threatened me that he would fire me. I knew he wouldn't as I was too invaluable for his business so stuck to my decision and refused to attend. Ultimately it was an empty decision anyway.....the party was cancelled (Mr Y told me some of the clients were unable to make it) but, for some reason, he didn't seem too upset with me. I wonder now whether he arranged for me to be 'chosen'.


"I knew this one was going to be 'special'" thought Richard. Initially, when she was brought to my attention, I wasn't sure whether we would be able to control this one? The fact that she refused to attend one of our parties had annoyed me at first but, once I'd seen the video footage and reports from our Japanese clients, I knew she would be ideal for my films. Lately, my backers were getting a little dissatisfied with my latest protégés and I knew I needed some new blood...some one a little more feisty! Anna - Although typical Japanese in her demeanour she did not have the usual Japanese figure. My backers were always looking for something out of the ordinary and with Anna's slim honey coloured body but huge tits she was ideal. What worried me most was that she may get to enjoy the experience??

I hadn't liked the way she seemed to just accept her fate and felt she would be too compliant. That was not my intention. I wanted her to rebel....but to eventually take what she was going to be given but with total humiliation! I felt she would get into her role too easily. Perhaps it was now time to play my 'Ace' card.

Knowing that Anna had been taken to the small room at the rear of the stage I called out to Jerome. "Jez, come here a minute will you?

As he approached, I could see he wasn't a happy man. But I had to keep him occupied whilst I got the girl out. I knew he'd set his heart on having this one...I could tell by the lascivious look on his face. He could be a mean son of a bitch when he didn't get his own way and although what I had planned for her wasn't pleasant I also knew if he got carried away she'd be no good to me in future.

"Yes boss!" he replied." I was just about to see to the girl."

"Leave it Jez" I said, inwardly smiling at the look of amazement on his face. "I have something better for you" I said, pointing at the set in the corner. Whilst Anna had been ranting away, I had arranged for David to bring along a couple of young ladies we'd recently invited to join us. They were two spoilt sisters I'd had my eyes on from a nearby country estate in Surrey in Central England. Lady Tara and Lady Sara something or other....... Both, to my intimate knowledge, were anal virgins....Both were natural blondes and both were blessed with legs reaching up to their massive tits. ... Just the kind I knew Jez loved.

I had prepared them both....having given them a small amount of sedative (just enough to dull their senses but not to knock them out), stripped them completed and suggested the film they were auditioning for, involved them pleasuring each other. I'd also arranged for two 'minders' to watch over them and make sure they didn't run off before satisfying Jerome.

We both looked over to see they were well into their role...stretched out on the bed, side by side but head opposite end to each other. Seeing the look of pure lust on his face as he looked towards them I knew I had chosen well.

"Thanks boss" was all he said, as he strode over towards the bed.

"Edward, can you make sure Anna is dressed and returned back to the apartment please? I'm not sure she is suited to this particular film and I may have made a mistake telling her what she would be expected to do. I want to film her full shock and total humiliation with her expected new role.


Expecting the worst, I was surprised when I saw Edward come in and say "Get dressed Anna. Ms Grant has some clean clothes for you to put on. You will be returned to the apartment and I will see you later."

"What?" I thought. "But I thought......"

"Just go home Anna" replied Edward, his 'cut glass' accent more pronounced than ever. "I think Richard is a little disappointed with you and needs to rethink your future with the company."

I wasn't sure what to think now....Relief? or Disappointment? But I stood and left the building as quickly as I could before they changed their minds. Perhaps I would now be sent home?

Returning home with Ms Grant, I immediately noticed that there didn't seem to be many people around. So I slipped upstairs and into my empty bedroom. Before settling on the bed (I was both mentally and physically exhausted for some reason?) I glanced across at the large full length mirror attached to the wall next to Ms Grants room. I looked at myself in amazement!!

Staring back at my reflection I could see the outline of my body through my shift dress; the high heels and heavily made up face. I had never before worn such clothing and certainly never wore make up like this. But to my surprise, I actually liked what I saw. I slowly slipped the dress over my shoulders until it fell to the floor, leaving just my leather bra and thong exposed.

As I started to stroke myself I could feel my body reacting to my touch. I circled my big breasts and pulled on my hard bullet-like nipples sticking out through the small holes. Leaning down I brought my breast up to meet my mouth, licking my hard nubs.......I unconsciously moved my legs apart, noticing how where once my panties would have stayed in place - held by my bushy expanse of pubic hair, the gusset now slid freely across my smooth bare skin. My fingers automatically stroked over the slight indent between my pussy lips and I noticed a small spreading stain under my finger. I looked up at my reflection in the mirror and saw that the more I stroked my pussy, the more I felt my leather bound breasts tremble. At first the tight leather had been uncomfortable but now, tightly moulded to my skin, they felt good...almost a part of me. I loved the way my nipples forced themselves out of the minute holes.

I continued to stroke and touch my most intimate parts until realising that this was wrong and that I was acting like a total slut. I swiftly moved into the bathroom to shower but was unaware that I had been watched.....


"The boss was right to choose this one" he thought to himself, standing behind the mirror, looking at her pleasure herself. "She looked as if she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Were she to realise she was being watched, I'm sure she wouldn't be so ready to do the same? "What do you say Kenta?" I asked, turning to a large Japanese man standing next to him.

He hesitated for a minute, just taking in the fact that she now had her whole hand inside the narrow strip of silk covering her pussy and one of her fingers had disappeared inside herself. "I think my dear little sister has suddenly realised what she's missing eh Ed?" he laughed. "I'm looking forward to peeling away her thong and exposing her juicy 'manko' ....... Looking around at the various gentlemen around him and noticing their puzzled faces he continued "Pussy! Cunt! Whatever you want to call it...." he laughed. "Has Carol (Ms Grant) prepared the room as instructed Edward? And is Dr Norton still on hand?"

"Yes" replied Edward. "They've both completed Richard's instructions and are just waiting for something to happen."

As he spoke, he saw the door open and Carol step inside with a tray holding a small glass of milk and a couple of small biscuits. Leaving it on the table beside the bed, she moved into the bathroom and said to Anna "Hurry up in there girl. I've left you a small snack on the table. When you've finished showering help yourself and then rest for a while but remember Anna, don't remove the bra yet."


As I approached the bed I saw the small glass and for some reason felt a little wary. They had backed off pretty easily and I'm sure, if Richard had been truthful when he said he'd spent a lot of money on me, he wouldn't let me go so easily. I wasn't that naive! Maybe they had drugged the milk? I therefore opted not to drink it and just nibbled on the 2 biscuits before lying back on the bed. Within minutes I had fallen fast asleep.

Carol re-entered the room together with Dr Norton. He quickly moved towards the bed and grabbed hold of Anna's nipple and twisted it. she made no sound. "Yes Carol. It's worked exactly how I thought it would" said Dr Norton. One biscuit would have done the trick but two??? Fantastic!!

Her initial drowsiness will wear off soon so we must be quick."

Before turning her over, Carol slipped her finger into a small pot of rich red cream and proceeded to smooth it over her hard nubs until they were coloured a deep red and stood out prominently against the deep brown leather. They then swiftly turned her over face down so the top half of her rested on bed but slipped two huge pillows under her belly. This had the effect of raising her bottom high. Each taking a hand they tied a wrist to the top bed posts ...tightly so her arms were tightly stretched wide. Her tightly enclosed breasts were pressed down hard on the quilt cover. They then pulled her knees up towards the pillows and slipped a noose around each knee. The other end of each rope was tied around the small posts underneath the centre of the bed. As they pulled the ropes tighter it had the effect of stretching her legs out even wider. Dr Norton stood at the foot of the bed looking down at her. Not only were her ass cheeks pulled apart but he could almost see her clit embedded deep in her pussy. "I think we'll wait until she wakes for the next part Carol" said Dr Norton.


"Ah Anna. You're awake. Today's the day you're going to star in your first ever movie ok?" said Dr Noble, looking at the wakening figure on the bed. You remember why you're here don't you Anna?"

I heard his voice and knew at once who was speaking. I had forgotten nothing so, thank god, they hadn't drugged me" I thought. "I feel a little uncomfortable Dr Norton" I muttered, my face pressed against the sheet.

"No worries Anna. It won't be for long. The sooner we get into the scene, the quicker we'll be finished. You understand?" he replied. "I have the cameras rolling and the crewmen on standby and time is money.

Unwilling, but at the same time feeling myself tremble (whether in fear or apprehension) at the thought of having sex in front of a camera, a woman moved to the side of the bed and said to me "Hi Anna. I'm Shelley, the director."

I could feel myself redden as I saw her looking at my naked body in this open position. I was mortified with the thought of being so exposed in front of another woman, let alone Dr Norton. Suddenly, I realised that they weren't the only people in the room, as I heard several sounds from around the room. I could feel tears well up in my eyes......my heart was beating faster and faster. My whole body was being openly displayed......and I knew I was about to used for someone's gratification.

"Carol, I don't think we've put enough lip gloss on Anna. She needs more than that if she's to look good on camera. Perhaps Dr Noble would like to assist?" she continued, a wry smile on her face.

"What a strange thing to say" was the first thought that popped into my head. "Perhaps Dr Norton is practiced in the art of ladies facials?" I heard the movement of feet and assumed he would move along the head of the bed and kneel down to attend to my lips. But he didn't approach me? Strange? Instead I heard movement at the foot of the bed and felt the bed move as someone rested themselves at the foot, between my open legs. "Oh god! What's happening?" I thought, as I felt fingers gently resting on my pussy lips, opening them a little more. Then....pressure on them!!!! I realised now what was happening. Someone was applying lipstick to my pussy lips??????? I was almost crying with the shame!

"Well, now that Anna is ready I want everyone in their place and ready to film this scene" cried Shelley. The main lights went down a little but I could feel a warmness seeping though me...from my feet, all the way up my legs towards my painted pussy.They had obviously set up a main beam light to focus directly on me! I was so ashamed of myself for being in this situation.

I felt someone on the bed but was unable to see who it was. I felt their hands trailing up my legs and softly massaging my bottom. I heard him? He made a low guttural sound as I felt his fingers play with my sex. I felt him lean forward and say "You like my fingers Anna? Would you prefer my cock inside you....I truly wanted to say 'No!' but was unable to say these words. His hands were working their magic on me...now not only on my pussy but were sliding in and out of my puckered hole.......I felt myself yielding to him, urging him to go further and further.....until suddenly I heard myself say "Oh for god sake fuck me! Please fuck me??"

"Tell me exactly what you want Anna?" he asked quietly.

For some reason his voice seemed familiar however I was too far gone to try to think about who it was. "I love having your finger in my ass......" I started to say but before I could continue, felt my hips jerk and the urge to close my legs but was unable to do so. I felt him stroking my now wet slit with his fingers, and knew he was deliberately touching my clit every time. I could tell by his actions...his arrogance of movement that he was enjoying himself at my expense but couldn't help but shout out "Oh god, I'm going to cum...FUCK ME!!!..Take me in the ass, please?" But he just slid further down and continued tickling my ass causing me to moan even louder.

Kenta was ready by this time. Normally he would have taken a lot longer to prepare someone for anal sex however here was this beautiful woman, his own sister, begging him to fuck her smooth rounded ass. He could see her legs twitch in anticipation as he bent over her and roughly pulled her buttocks even further apart. Anna continued to moan as he continued to probe the tight hole with his tongue.

"Oh YESSSSS..do it now!...I need my ass fucked....I need to feel your cock split me open and fill me with your cum!!!" All reasoning was gone by now. I just needed release and quick!

Her hole felt incredibly tight and he could feel an initial resistance but before he could make any move, Anna lunged herself backwards. He heard her scream as he felt his hard purple cockhead slip past her sphincter and slide deeply into her ass. Her cries and screams spurred him on to thrusting his length in and out as hard and fast as possible. Every time he pushed inside her he could feel his balls slap her pussy.

"Oh God....I'm cumming!" Anna heard herself shout, his hot fluid filling her up. As our bodies spasmed I felt him soften and strangely felt a sense of disappointment that he had finished.

As he withdrew he caught a quick glimpse of Anna's open and distended asshole leaking his cum.

"What do you want now Anna?" he asked.

"I want you to eat from my ass! I want your face smeared with my pussy juices and, most of all, I want to see myself on film doing it!" I can't believe I'm saying this?" thought Anna."What madness is making me say these things?" Before I could go any further I felt the ropes slacken around both my wrists and knees until I was free! the pillows were pulled away from under me, with the effect of turning me over. I could now see who had just fucked my ass....


"Wow!!" she thought." This has got to be one of the best close up scene's we've ever captured however I mustn't be hasty. We've still got the final moments of the scene to capture. I'm pleased about how the zoom lens cameras highlighted every part of her. Her rounded ass and shaven pussy are going to make us millions." I smiled to myself thinking that Richard would be happy with this.

Anna obviously hadn't realised that the cameras were still rolling. As she turned and looked up she saw a large naked Japanese man - obviously the man she had just asked...no, begged, to FUCK her ass, she suddenly realised who it was. The scream started low in her chest but quickly built up to a roaring crescendo. until she felt a sharp slap across her face, and stopped. "Kenza" she cried, reluctantly.

"Yes, little sister. Your big brother! It was your brother you've just asked so eloquently to fuck you...to take your virgin ass" he laughed. "Did you like the feel of my fat cock inside you? Did you enjoy feeling my fingers inside your tight puckered brown hole?" he continued.

All the time he was talking, I could feel myself become more and more uncomfortable...Not just uncomfortable but mortified. I had just fucked my own brother. My breathing became erratic as I struggled to come to terms with what had just happened.. I felt tears running down my cheeks as my body shook with my sobbing. God, I wanted to die! "Kenta....Why?" I pleaded.

"Oh my little naive one" he replied, reaching out and training his hand across my sensitive pussy. I flinched at his touch which, I quickly found out was the wrong thing to do. "That will be the last time you rebel against me, Ama! (Bitch)" he shouted, leaning forward, raising his hand a slapping down hard across my leather bound breasts. Continuing he said "You were always so prim and proper. I've looked forward to this day for so long Anna. I used to watch you take your shower...watch as you soaped those massive tits and ached to take them in my mouth but most of all, I decided that that ass was mine!! and, if could make some money out of doing it then so be it!" he laughed.

As I lay back listening to his words...shocked and stunned to realise that they were also turning me on I hadn't taken much notice when two of the film crew had sat me up and placed me cross-legged in the middle of the bed. I suddenly looked around to see at least 6 men with both hand held and mounted cameras surrounding me. Shelley was directing them to catch every single angle, the nearest guy had his camera practically between the top of my legs. I knew he was filming the spunk that was escaping.

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Happy with Anna's reaction I stepped back to let Richard move forward. I was grateful to him for the opportunity I had been given to fuck my little sister and let me keep a copy of the tape for my own use. However, he didn't realise that I had made a few arrangements of my own, with my friends back home. I knew Anna would be returned home at some stage and planned a few of my own surprises for then.


On camera it was an incredible scene seeing her total and undeniable humiliation. She knew her cameramen would record her genuine disgust for what she had just done but she also knew, her enjoyment would shine though and be recorded. Not only had she got a scene of true debauchery in the bag but she had also captured a situation Anna would be ashamed of for the rest of her life.. This was Shelley's forte.....a situation she revelled in. Shelley got off on seeing other being humiliated...and knowing Anna had just succumbed to her brother's sexual deviances made her feel almost like cumming herself.


Watching Anna being humiliated, I knew I had chosen well. It couldn't have been better!

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